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From: “Anand Sharan”
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Subject: Why Prabhat Samgiita Started in 1982
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 21:44:03



As every Ananda Margii knows, Baba first began composing Prabhat Samgiita in Deoghar on 14 September 1982. That was when His divine songs first took expression. Today is once again a celebration and remembrance of that occasion. It marks a deeply devotional gift for all sadhakas in Ananda Marga.


Actually in 1982 a few margiis & wts asked Baba why Prabhat Samgiita had not been given earlier. They expressed that it would have been good if Prabhat Samgiita had been given sooner.

Then Baba gave His reply via analogy.

He told that just as the milkman does not milch the cow prematurely, similarly in order to give Prabhat Samgiita first He had to wait for sadhakas to reach the proper standard.

It took many years for this to occur. When Ananda Margiis were finally ready, then Prabhat Samgiita was given. So, as soon as the moment was ripe, as soon as that auspicious time arrived, Baba graciously started composing Prabhat Samgiita.

Here is more about that history.


Prior to Prabhat Samgiita, all Ananda Margiis were encouraged to write and sing their own bhajans. So some sadhakas were writing songs, while others were searching for songs in various other traditions. With full sincerity, all were moving ahead in this endeavour in order to please Beloved Baba.

Unfortunately, this dual approach usually did not turn out well.

With His love, Baba was encouraging all, yet He was often be displeased by many of these bhajans, as they did not reflect the true devotional expression of Ananda Marga.

Of course, no one was singing or writing those songs to displease Him; bu,t often the meaning of those songs was inconsistent with our devotional cult. Such bhajans were sometimes far off the mark.

For example in the common society at various religious gatherings they sing songs about dogmatic themes like “heaven and hell”, or “Oh Lord I am sinner and You are great…” etc.

And in those earlier days margiis directly came from those very religions. So they innocently brought those dogmatic bhajans and were singing those songs in their mother tongue at Ananda Marga programs.

In particular at one DMC, it may have been Patna 1st January DMC, one religious-based negative bhajan was going on. The song was like this:

“Majadha’r me par’a’ hu’n…Koii nahiin saha’ra'”.

Meaning: “Baba, I am in a wild whirlpool. And caught up in that. Huge
amount of uncontrolled water. And floating away. Going to die. I do not
have any hope, that anyone will save me. I am shelterless….” Etc, etc

When Baba heard this, then with His ever-loving kindness and grace, He pointed out that such lyrics should not be sung, “You are not shelterless! Stop this song.” Immediately then Dadas interrupted and the song was stopped. Baba then sweetly explained how all reside under the loving shelter of Parama Purusa. In this manner the situation was neatly resolved and margiis started singing a different song.

All along Baba had made everyone understand that Ananda Marga teachings should be exemplified in all the ways – including our bhajans or devotional songs. So with full sincerity margiis, dadas, and didis were trying to write or find songs that were properly linking with Baba’s teachings, but they could not get success.

This was going on for the months and years prior to September 1982 – so Prabhat Samgiita did not just suddenly appear out thin air. There was an ongoing approach in Ananda Marga until finally bhaktas of were ready for Baba’s divine compositions of Prabhat Samgiita.

Baba had graciously given all sorts of opportunities until the stage was set. When the moment was right, He blessed us by starting His Prabhat Samgiita compositions.


When Baba began composing songs He beautifully brought forth the true devotional expressions of our Ananda Marga sadhana. That is the inherent charm of Prabhat Samgiita. They purely reflect a bhakta’s heart-felt feeling with Parama Purusa.

As we all know initially Baba started with the song:

“Bandhu he niye calo…”

Meaning: O’ Parama Purusa, lead me on towards the fountain of effulgence.
O’ my Bandhu, please grace me and take me along with You – on Your path.
I want to move along with You…

As we know, the term Bandhu signifies a very close relation with Parama Purusa – where one cannot bear separation from Him. Those bhaktas who feel in their heart that Parama Purusa is their Bandhu, or intimate friend, are indeed blessed. They feel that, “Without my dear Bandhu I myself cannot exist.” Such is the depth of the relation of Bandhu – one of the four main bhavas or ways of personally relating with the Lord.

This first song is the embodiment of pure devotional expression and uniquely shows how to relate and interact with the Lord.

Then in the second song – “E ga’n a’ma’r a’lor jharn’a’ dha’ra’ – the devotee is saying that this is my song of effulgence.

And on and on they go…

This was the start of something great – a Prabhat Samgiita collection of 5,018 songs that expresses the true devotional approach in Ananda Marga.

So Baba’s holy creation of Prabhat Samgiita is from darkness to effulgence. Where the devotee says, O’ Baba lead me on this very path.

About this grand topic – there is much to say. Others should write in with their thoughts and reflections about Prabhat Samgiita.

Anand Sharan


Before Prabhat Samgiita, sadhakas were unaware how they could proceed in their devotional relation with Baba. They were unsure how to express their melancholic longing: Whether they should accuse Parama Purusa about His heartlessness – that He is not responding to their calling, or whether they should tell Him that, O’ Parama Purusa, You are so unkind and You do not care about me that how I am crying’. And in so many other ways they were not sure how to proceed.

But in Prabhat Samgiita, Baba has addressed all these matters and given the answer. We are truly blessed to have this complete and perfect collection of devotional songs known as Prabhat Samgiita.


“(Toma’ke) ka’che peye tabu cena’ da’y…” – P.S. 4792


Baba, even when having You close it is hard to recognise You. You are surrounding me in different colors and shapes in the form of this entire creation; but, it is difficult to recognise You. Wherever You live – in the divine world or in the spiritual world or in the psychic world, what can I do. Nothing comes and goes in my life.

When I face the scorching heat of the burning desert or when I see the pouring rain of the rainy season, then I do not understand how they are telling the tales of Your greatness. Similarly when I see the softness of the winter season and the sweet fragrant breeze of the spring season, that time also I do not understand how they are spreading the tales of Your glory.

In the extremely cold season when staticity surrounds, it is hard to maintain proper movement in the life. That time I feel in my mind that You are hiding behind this entire the creation. The tender, colorful leaves of the spring season, and the sweet fragrance of the flowers full of nectar are pouring Your love. Baba, By Your grace I am having You in close proximity, even then it is hard to recognise You. Baba, Your divine liila is incomparable. Baba, You are all around me, but I do not recognise You…

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