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~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series. A link to the initial letter on this topic is appended below. – Eds)


“It is this next part that is of such a dubious nature:

“If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission.”

This part of the quote proclaims that the Cosmic Entity Baba (Ista) has merged Himself into yet another lesser entity – i.e. mission.

Here we have to remember that all beings emanate from the Cosmic Entity (Ista) – so Ista is the Hub of the entire cosmological order. Thus, there is nothing greater or bigger than Ista because that Ista is Purusottoma or the Cosmic Hub. So it is impossible for that infinite, Divine Hub to wholly merge into yet another hub. This is a false and ludicrous notion to think that the Cosmic Entity is merging into something else which has been created by Him.

Here again we can think:

Parama Purusa is the Supreme Nucleus and all the jiivas are ultimately merging into Him. He is the Hub & He is infinite. So when He is that Universal Hub and the final abode of all unit beings, then how is He going to merge into something else that is smaller which He Himself created, i.e. mission. Parama Purusa is infinite so how can He merge in that which is finite (mission). This is a totally illogical notion that goes 100% against Baba’s teachings on brahmacakra, or the cycle of creation. Brahma is the Ultimate Entity and does not merge into something else. Ista does not merge into adarsha; rather, Ista is the creator of adarsha.” (posted 9/6/12)

Yes, I appreciate this rational approach – that quote is philosophically wrong.

Rather this merge-in-mission quote has been notoriously grafted. Even then, some still think it is a genuine quote and are citing the unofficial book – Supreme Expression I – as if that is proof of the quote’s legitimacy. But how could a book like that be proof when it was not published by Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha.

For their understanding, here is more logic and reasoning why this quote is wrong.

1. Supreme Expression I is not an approved or official publication of AMPS. Rather it was published by an outside group. And this they readily acknowledge on the title page. There they write: “For a complete list of original books, please contact Ananda Marga publications as indicated on the following page.” This is the exact line from the title page of Supreme Expression I. So Supreme Expression is not an unofficial book; rather it was published by an independent publishing house in the Netherlands. In that case, how could such a publication be relied on as the sole and trusted source of a supposed quote which is wholly against the ideological ethic of Ananda Marga.

2. When Mrs. Indhira Gandhi lost power and the new government came into power then many, many disciples came to see Baba – thousands went to see Him. Baba would say something and margiis used to come back happy. With good intentions, they would write and publish whatever they they could remember and make that into leaflets and magazine articles. In this way, all kinds of stories and inauthentic accounts were printed. No doubt they saw Baba and certainly Baba told them something, but what they remembered and wrote down hours later is not an accurate depiction of what Baba spoke. That is the main issue and that is what happened with this passage from the Supreme Expression book.

If anyone has any more to add, please write in.



(1) Here is the version of the bogus quote propagated by Ac. Sarvatmanandji and other Dadas starting in Oct 1990:

“I am not this physical body, this physical body is not me. If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission.”

(2) Here is the quote as it appears in the unofficial book – Supreme Expression I – which was published by an outside group / agency:

“If you want to see Me, do my Mission because I am merged with my Mission. I am not this physical body, this physical body is not me. I am in your hearts and you are in mine. Only devotion can demand my physical presence.” (Supreme Expression I, p. 57 (1978)




“Adrira ma’jhe tumi himagiri, pus’per ma’jhe pa’rija’ta…” (P.S. 1685)


Baba, You are the Greatest among the great, the Sweetest among the sweet. Amongst all the mountains, Your status is like the towering Himalayas. Amongst all the flowers, You are like the most brilliant parijata flower.

Baba, with Your own hand You are touching and playing the strings of the viina of my inner core – which is situated in the depths of my heart. With Your soft, loving touch, You are arousing the divine ecstasy in my mind.

Baba, You have brought me on this earth again and again. You have inspired me to love You in infinite ways. My whole existence has always revolved around You; but even then I could never be satiated to my heart’s full content.

Now You have brought me again on this earth. And, by Your grace, I have brought a basketful of love for You. It is in my heart. O’ my Lord, please remain along with me always – day and night, always.

Among all the things which are dear, You are the Dearest. You are my Priyatama, the innermost One of my heart. Of all the things which I love, You are the most dear. You always reside inside my heart.

Baba, what way You are, it is impossible to explain through language. I do not have any words to express Your glory. So I do sastaunga pranam to You – thousands of times, infinite times, again and again.

Baba, please keep me at Your lotus feet..

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