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Date: Mon 17, Sep 2012 21:38:54
From: Praphulla Deva
Subject: Baba Story: When I Asked Baba



At the time, I was working as an LFT in one of our Ananda Marga schools as a teacher. I had a strong desire to become a wholetimer, but had some hesitation as well.

On various occasions, by His grace, I had gotten the opportunity to see Baba. Always He told me so many things about my life: What mistakes I had made in the past, where I had been, as well as what I was feeling and thinking during specific incidents. Baba even recounted my dreams. It was quite apparent that He knew everything about me.

After being a margii for about 4 – 5 years, I began to see how Baba knew everything – not just about me, but about everybody. I used to talk with various margiis from all different areas and they told about their personal experiences with Baba. Time and again, sadhakas from diverse lands expressed how He was aware about their every thought and dealing. Regardless with whom I spoke, always the outcome was the same: Baba knew everything about everybody. That was everyone’s experience.

One day, I was blessed to have another opportunity to see Baba. During that occasion, He looked at me and said, “Do you have any questions to ask?”

I asked, “Baba, how do You know everything about everyone? How do you know everybody’s thoughts and deeds?”

Baba replied: “Parama Purusa is infinite – Everything is in His mind. At the same time Parama Purus is smallest of the small. He resides in the corner of everyone’s mind. He can see whatever they think or do. They may forget their thoughts, words and deeds, but He can never forget.”

Baba spoke, “I remain in the corner of everyone’s mind.”

Ac. Bhavashuddhananda Avt


The above story is courtesy of Ac Bhavashuddhananda Avt. My deepest thanks to Dadaji for sharing this. Following are some very inspiring guidelines and teachings from our dearmost Baba as we reflect on this devotional story.

Baba says, “He knows everything, He is omniscient, because He resides within your mind, and the things that you think or that you speak internally are all soliloquies, are then and there tape-recorded by Him. He knows everything, because He is within the mind.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 12, The Chance to Be One with Him)

Baba says, “He sees everything, He knows everything. And nothing of the past, nothing of the future is a secret for Him. There cannot be an iota of secrecy or an iota of confidentiality for Him.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 21, Unit Spirit and Cosmic Spirit)

Baba says, “He is the witness of all the worlds, all the deeds done in this universe. Nothing is secret for Him. You cannot do anything nor think anything without being witnessed by Him. If anyone says, “I am not being witnessed by anybody,” He will be witnessing this utterance. So as the witnessing Entity He is always with you. This is the greatest assurance, because when you know that He is with you, your mental strength will increase a thousand-fold, because He is always with you to help you.” (Discourse in Istanbul, Turkey, 1979)

Praphulla Deva


“A’loker ei ja’tra’pathe prabhu tumi saunge theko…” (PS 3396)


O’ Parama Purusa, on the path of this journey [1] of divine effulgence, please grace me by remaining with me all along. If, while moving ahead on the path, I stop, then please don’t leave me behind. Baba, keep me along with You, in Your close proximity.

Baba, since eternity You were with me & You colored me in Your color. Now, even in these odd hours, please do not forget this very thing: That You will remain with me all the time.

Baba, at the end of the journey only You are there because You are the Goal. And according to Your playful liila, You go on pulling everyone close to You by showering Your grace. Baba, due to Your blessing, in sadhana my mind becomes ensconced in You – I become drenched in Your divine nectar. Then my ‘I-feeling’ gets lost in You, merged in You. [2]

O’ my dearmost Baba, on this path of forward movement towards You – in all my duties and practices – please keep me at Your lotus feet. Baba, this whole entire life is a spiritual journey towards You. Baba, please keep me in Your divine shelter always…


[1] Journey: This refers to our spiritual way of living such as asana, pranayama, dhyana, sadhana and all our devotional practices related with Sixteen Points.

[2] Where one’s unit I-feeling ends, then only Parama Purusa is there. Then one will dissolve or merge into Him. So when a person becomes completely ensconced in the deepest samadhi, then in the sahasrara cakra one will taste that divine nectar, and their whole existence will be inundated with His infinite cosmic grace.

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