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Subject: Those Who Hinder Others’ Sadhana
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 19:59:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Nagaraja Rao



(Note: This letter by Nagaraj ji is in response to brother Turiiya’s letter appended below. – Eds)

In ancient times in our history we read that rakshasas (bad people) came and disturbed the sadhu’s prayers, rituals, and meditation.

You are graced by BABA and please continue doing exactly what you have been doing. The rakshasas around you caused disturbances in an attempt to interrupt the flow of your sadhana. But their actions should only should encourage you to further to continue your dharma sadhana. By fulfilling your duty, you are bound to be victorious, by His grace.

BABA has come into this world to shower devotion upon all. According to the laws of prakrti, any and all rakshasas will certainly face the consequences of their negative deeds.

I recall that When BABA graced us with His arrival to Manila for the first time, there was continuous 24-hour sadhana by Baba’s room door. BABA loved that.

So keep up with flow of your dharma sadhana – do not be swayed by their attempts to disturb you – your approach is proper – Baba’s grace is with you.

Nagaraja Rao (USA)

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Subject: Re: About That Famous Bogus Quote #4
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 20:01:29 +0000

I recall my own experiences from being in India for DMC and reporting with Baba. In those days, to best utilise my time and prepare my mind for His divine darshan, I would sit for 10 hours of sadhana so I might receive and see Him in a devotional way. This was my approach, by His grace. Because if the mind is fickle or extroverted then one cannot feel His true sweetness. But some did not think I should be doing 10 hours of dhyana daily because it was “unbalanced.” Those who spoke like this – primarily dadas – were mainly karmiis. When in fact, doing too much karma yoga and not enough dhyana was the real cause of any imbalance for many.

Yes, there are some in the world who not only do not want to realize Baba in every sitting, but they do not want others to know Him, either! They purposely scoff and mock!

I recall one time when I meditated many hours while waiting for Baba to come to the dais and I was told later that some Didis were laughing saying,”What is he sitting like that for?! Liberation?!” When I heard that I said to myself, ‘Why of course, what else would I be sitting like that for?! We must sit each time as if we want Him now, not later on. He is our priority, not just doing sadhana as if it is a chore to check off our list of things to do for the day!’

At times, I used to do sadhana outside Baba’s Tiljala gates waiting for Him to go to Lake Gardens. So, my presence at that spot gave me a good vantage point. When He would leave I would get a front row seat to see Him. One time while doing long sadhana outside Baba’s gates in Tiljala, one Indian LFT shouted, “Baba’s coming, Baba’s coming!” I leaped up to see Him and saw that it was a false alarm. The brother was hooting and hollaring with laughter that he disturbed my sadhana in such a manner. Others laughed along with him, too. I sat down and resumed sadhana. Afterwards, I thought ‘Why would someone do that? Why would someone disturb another’s dhyana on Baba?’ I still do not have the answer except maybe they are jealous that they have not been graced by Him to sit long hours pining for Him. I don’t know.

In my home country of NY Sector, when anyone sat for long sadhanas, some margiis (mostly karmiis) thought that the sadhaka was “anti-social.” These karmiis would prefer to gossip, that is, talk about things other than Him. Or sometimes they were jealous and said the sadhaka was “showing off.”


And while many of these events occurred years ago, I have come to know these same types of things continue to go on in the organization today:

(1) In particular, one central didi becomes angry when anyone sings during paincjanya in the jagrti / Central office (Ranchi). She bitterly complains, “What are you doing! This is my time to sleep – do not make such noise! If you must sing then do it in a whisper – this is my time to sleep!” Then didiji promptly goes back to bed.
(2) Not only that, this same didi then wakes up at 7am – if she sees that others are still doing their sadhana lessons, she cries out, “Stop your sadhana, breakfast is needed, I have to be in Central Office by 8am – quick quick.” Didiji skips her sadhana and asanas entirely; she takes bath and then directly goes to take food – which others have prepared for her.
(3) The name of this Central Didi is Ananda Abhisambuddha. She is the one who sleeps late, does not allow others to practice paincajanya, and interrupts those doing longer sadhana.
(4) Many say that Ananda Niitimaya has similar habits.
(5) Then there is this point: As many know, for avadhutas, it is mandatory to do night sadhana one time per month. For tantrikas – i.e. for all Ananda Margiis – night sadhana is a very special practice. However, if any young and inspired dada or didi shows an inclination and deep interest in night sadhana, then top Wts harass and abuse that worker. They say, “This is not good – if you do more night sadhana then Baba will curse you!” So they do everything they can to discourage and mock those interested in deeper sadhana.
(6) What so speak of sadhana, even if one didi or dada is sincere in kaoshikii and tandava or half-bath, then they face abuse and ridicule from their seniors and supervisors.

Such is the “culture” that has developed in our organization. Those inclined toward spiritual practice are sidelined, abused, and alienated.

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Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 21:08:44 -0000
From: Ganesh Deva
Subject: Re: To Brothers and Sisters Who Feel Baba Left Them #2



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series; a link to the first letter is appended below. – Eds)


“The entire programme of so-called mahaprayan goes against this very fundamental point of spirituality because the MPD programme dictates that Baba is gone. That is the extreme negativity of this “mahaprayan” programme: It rules out the existence of Parama Purusa…”

This is so true – the dogmatic mahaprayan programme touches the extreme point of negativity. We can even liken it to idol worship.


In their naivete, many dogmatic idol worshipers wholeheartedly express, “What is wrong with idol worship, for me this is my god.” This is the manner of so many idol worshipers.

By this way, they become more and more emotionally and sentimentally attached with their form of worship and innocently; and, mistakenly, believe they will achieve salvation. This is their unfortunate circumstance hope.

The reality, however, is that such dogmatic worshippers degrade themselves. That is the sad reality of their approach. (See Note 1)

Unfortunately in our AM family, some few emotional sadhakas express a similar idea: “What is wrong with mahaprayan, for me this is my feeling with god.”

This is the response of those few people who innocently adhere to the dogmatic MPD programme. In their simplicity, and also because of their group interest, they convince themselves and get emotionally and sentimentally bound to the function of so-called mahaprayan.

Those Tiljala group leaders have indoctrinated various margii brothers and sisters into this programme of “mahaprayan”.

Of course most sadhakas in Ananda Marga wholeheartedly feel that, “Baba, is with me.” This is our common, fundamental approach. Only a few have fallen into the mind-set of so-called mahaprayan, i.e. Baba is far away or gone.

So it is our duty to respond to the call and help all brothers and sisters in this regard.

Because, in the end, this entire approach of so-called mahaprayan will degrade their mind. The first and final message of “mahaprayan” is that Baba is gone – away from me. This is the sorrowful outlook. In that case one will completely fall off the path of true spirituality and become a mere follower of dogma, tragically harmed by that diseased outlook. Verily such persons are inviting problems for themselves.

As we know, the truth for every devotee is: “My Parama Purusa remains with me always.” Indeed, Baba lives in the heart of His bhaktas.

So those few who think that, “What is wrong, I like mahaprayan”, sadly they are no different from idol worshippers who proclaim, “What is wrong with idol worship, I like praying to this piece of stone.”

In both cases, those brothers and sisters have unfortunately fallen into dogma; and, in both cases, such followers have allowed their mind to become emotionally attached with that unholy practice.

It then becomes very difficult to convince them to join a higher sentient approach. Because they have become wedded to their dogma and adopted the notion that Parama Purusa is not with me. It happens – that is the tragedy.

So we should help them.


Let us never forget that the justification behind following so-called mahaprayan is the same as the one used by idol worshippers. Tragically the outcome will be the same as well. Both parties will suffer, becoming one with the dust of the earth – totally unable to realise the sweet flow of Parama Purusa in their lives. According to Baba, this is their circumstance. (Please again see note 1.)

Sadly, they do not believe in the heart that Parama Purusa Baba is along with them – their mind-set is below even the first stage of realisation, i.e. below sa’lokya. That is Baba’s teaching from His book, Namami Krsnasundaram.

It is our duty to help bring them back onto the right path. All brothers and sisters should be helped in this regard – none should be allowed to wallow any longer. It is a human concern; it is a psycho-spiritual concern.

All sincere sadhakas – all disciples of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji – naturally feel that Baba is in their heart; that is why the so-called mahaprayan programme is on the wane and nearly extinct. Those few who do observe it are like idol worshipers – and it is our duty to help them.

Let us remember, spirituality means living along side one’s Lord, and that is our path in Ananda Marga.





“Khunjiya ber’a’i toma’re sada’i…ogo sakha’…” (PS 548)


Baba, I am desperately searching You in my mind, in my mental graden, O’ my dearmost Sakha [1]. My eyes are saturated with tears of love in Your longing and waiting. My eyes are searching for You, oh my Dearmost.

All the creepers and shrubs are laden with flowers and fruit. Their heavy branches have come down to touch Your feet, in total surrender. Whatever good things I have in my life, all that sweetness I am offering at Your lotus feet. The flowers of my mind are divinely saturated in their aroma. They are waiting with nectar filled in their hearts – waiting to surrender that sweetness to You, oh my Dearmost.

The sandalwood forest is spreading its sweet fragrance all around. The whole atmosphere is charged with Your divine bliss. The nightingale is busy singing the song of Your reception. The beautiful peacock is dancing alone to the melody and rhythm of its ankle bells, spreading its colorful feathers all around.

Baba, my whole existence, my entire being is ready to receive You. I am searching You with devotion and longing in my heart, in my mind. So please grace me by coming…


[1] Sakha: Baba says, “‘Samapranah sakha smrtah’. Where love and devotion are so overwhelming that it appears as if there is only one entity in two bodies, such a pair of is known as ‘sakha’. The bhakta, the devotee, is the sakha of Parama Purusa, because the bhakta can never think of Him as a separate entity from Him. Here he altogether forgets that he is separated from God. That is why Parama Purusa is also a sakha to His bhaktas and the bhakta is the sakha of Parama Purusa…You should also know– you should remember this truth – that the only well-wisher that you have in this universe…the only sakha is Parama Purusa.” (AV-6, p. 75-6)

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