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Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 22:37:02 -0000
From: Ram Deva
Subject: Re: To Brothers and Sisters Who Feel Baba Left Them #4



~ Part 4 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series; a link to the first letter is appended below. – Eds)

“In their naivete, many dogmatic idol worshipers wholeheartedly express, “What is wrong with idol worship, for me this is my god.” This is the manner of so many idol worshipers.

By this way, they become more and more emotionally and sentimentally attached with their form of worship and innocently; and, mistakenly, believe they will achieve salvation. This is their unfortunate circumstance hope.

The reality, however, is that such dogmatic worshippers degrade themselves. That is the sad reality of their approach.

Unfortunately in our AM family, some few emotional sadhakas express a similar idea: “What is wrong with mahaprayan, for me this is my feeling with god.”

This is the response of those few people who innocently adhere to the dogmatic MPD programme. In their simplicity, and also because of their group interest, they convince themselves and get emotionally and sentimentally bound to the function of so-called mahaprayan.”

Agreed. Those dogmatic proponents of so-called mahaprayan unfortunately justify their emotional ties to the MPD programme just like idol worshippers justify their reason for engaging in idol worship. So the mentality of so-called mahaprayan attendees is similar to that of idol worshippers. Both use their logic and emotional attachment to justify their dogmatic stance. And both invite an unenviable end.


Here is Baba’s stern warning:

Baba says, “Why is idol worship faulty?”

“Ans.: An idol is nothing but the imaginative creation of the human mind, with a finite beginning and end. On the other hand Brahma is beginningless
and endless. This we can deduce through reason. This idol, this finite creation of the human imagination cannot, therefore, be the cause of emancipation of the living entities.”

“Moreover, the external idols of clay, stone and wood are composed of the five fundamental factors. Ideation on such crude objects lead human beings towards Non-qualified Consciousness; rather it will lead them towards degeneration.” (Ananda Marga Philosophy – 3)

Similarly, those who worship Mahaprayan trick themselves into believing that Baba is gone in which case their negative sadhana will hurl them into the depths of degeneration. How can they get salvation, when they do that which Baba warns not to do – they are doing the exact opposite of Guru’s wish. How then can they get salvation when they are treading the path of bondage.


Our bounden duty then is to help.

All are our brothers and sisters – so there is no question of outcasting anyone. Only we are to strive to bring the highest devotional expression in our Ananda Marga – that way all can get the benefit.

So we are to follow all those divine teachings which Baba has given: Madhuvidya (2nd lesson), Guru Puja, Guru Sakash, dhyana etc. All such practices enable us to realise and feel His close proximity in our heart. That is our approach – not any contrary ritual or manner.


By Baba’s grace, we realise in our hearts that Baba is always along with us. That is why the day is not far when this dogmatic MPD programme will be totally abandoned & finished. Because the sentient feeling of Ananda Marga is that Baba is always with us – in that case where is the scope to worship so-called mahaprayan.

“Vrnda’vanam parityajya pa’damekam na gaccha’mi…”

“I am always eternally present in Vrindavan, in the hearts of devotees. That is Guru cakra. I do not go even a little away from that. I am eternally present along with the devotees.” (Purport of PS #4425)

Ram Deva


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“Phuler ma’la’y ei avela’y dhu’la’y jharite dio na’…” – PS 3270


Baba, with deep longing and heart-felt love, I have threaded this flower garland [1] especially for You. Yet it just remains lying there untouched. Baba, please accept [2] this flower garland. Baba, so much time has passed; at least now in these late hours please accept it. Do not let it fall down in the dust and wither away.

Baba, by Your grace, the feeling of love which I have in my heart for You is incomparable – it far surpasses the love and beauty which I have felt for You in my life up till now. With this new and heightened love, I have prepared this garland for You. Baba, please do not forget to accept it. O’ my Dearmost, I have searched for You in all the nooks and corners of my mental garden and collected the sweetest flowers. With deep longing and much care, I have threaded this garland for You. Baba, please grace me by accepting it; do not let it go in vain.

Baba, being the Parama Purusa You are the divine Controller of this vast universe. Your abode is filled with gems and jewels [3]. Each and everything lies within You. I know that this garland is comparatively quite meagre. Please understand that my longing is completely saturated in this flower garland. Won’t You please accept it.

Baba I am surrendering myself at Your alter, please accept my everything….


[1] Flower Garland (Ma’la’): Here the ma’la’ symbolically represents the sadhaka’s mind involved in satisfying Him by various spiritual pursuits and lessons. By that process the feeling of surrender comes. So it is the sadhaka’s mind that is being offered.

[2] ‘Accept the Garland’: In more personal devotional language, this phrase means: O’ Parama Purusa, please grace me by coming in my close proximity.

[3] Your abode is filled with gems and jewels: Parama Purusa does not need anything; only He is hungry for love from His devotees. All the worldly things He already has in abundance. He is the Creator and Controller so by externally offering and giving Him worldly things nobody can satisfy Him. This shows that external ritualistic worship is improper.

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