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Date: 29 Sep 2012 21:32:18 -0000
From: “Chandra Shekhar”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: About That Famous Bogus Quote #6



~ Part 6 ~

(Note: This is the 6th letter of this series. Link to the prior 5 letters are noted below. – Eds)

First off, I wish to recognise brother Pandji’s excellent contribution to this discussion. A significant part of his letter has been reprinted below in note 1.

Here then is my reply to this bogus quote:

“I am not this physical body, this physical body is not me. If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission.”

I applaud what others have already brought to the table regarding the afore-cited quote.

This quote is nothing but the brainchild of Ac Sarvatmanandji – after he manipulated what was printed in the unofficial book, Supreme Expression I. In either case, Baba never spoke such words, rather Sarvatmananda Dada hijacked this statement to accumulate as much power as possible and bring everyone under his control.

Another thing: Some say that in the above quote mission refers to organisation and some say it refers to ideology. Regardless, the quote is fake in either case.


Parama Purusa is infinite and the mission as an organisation has a worldly structure and shape and boundary. So how could it be that an infinite Entity has merged into a small finite structure. Furthermore, now that organisation has been divided into three or parts, those who invented this quote do not like to use it anymore as it goes against their interest. Such is the hypocrisy.

Suffice to say that if mission is used to refer to an organisation – which was Sarvatmanandji’s intention – all along then the above is the reply.


And if mission is used for ideology then the below is the reply.

Ideology is not bigger than Ista – Ista is bigger. Ista does not merge into the ideology. You will not see this supported in any discourse.


So whether mission refers to organisation or ideology, it is wrong, misleading, and illogical.

The main thing is that this is a totally fake quote.




Dada Sarvatmanandji himself introduced / re-introduced this quote in October 1990 because at that time he was the organisation. He ruled over everything and he thought that by this quote everyone will be convinced fully to blindly follow and execute his order. This fake quote suited his needs well. Other Dadas who helped him in this regard included: Bhaveshanandji, Tadbhavanandji, Vratishvaranandji, Vijayanandji, Mantreshvaranandji, among others.

Some naive people may justify that the terms “mission” and “organisation” are two different things; but, practically speaking, they are not. In Bengal, mission means organisation such as the Ramakrishna Mission. And not just Bengal, the world over people talk about the Christian Missions. In these cases, they are talking about the Ramakrishna organisaton comprised of people and projects and the Christian mission comprised of people and projects. In common parlance mission means organisation.

And indeed if you read the propagandised quote it carries the same meaning – that mission is an organisation where people gather and work:

“If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission.”

So it was in that spirit, whereby mission means organisation, that Sarvatmanandji created this fake quote. His intent was: Baba has merged in the mission (i.e. organisation) and the way to please Him is to work for the organisation and follow your higher authority. This was Sarvatmanandji’s plan for keeping all power concentrated in his hands. Remember, back in late October 1990, the whole of AMPS was very different – it was a monolithic structure under the dictatorship of one person. It was not fractured; there was one person the top seat. And indeed the plan worked; nobody opposed Dada Sarvatmananda.

Here is the proof: Just a few days later Central Committee unanimously declared the Mahaprayan Divas observance as an annual pilgrimmage to Tiljala – thereby making Kolkata the focal point. The mandate was for all to come to Tiljala to observe so-called Mahaprayan; it was not allowed to observe this anywhere else – only Tiljala (Kolkata.)

Hence, just as those Hindu priests fabricated one tale that Mahaprabhu merged into the Jagannath idol in order to appease and control all his disciples, similarly Sarvatmanandji concocted that false merge in mission quote and attributed it to Baba to eyewash legions of margiis and wts. Sarvatmanandji’s plan was that they should follow his every word because he (Dada Sarvatmananda) was the organisational head and Baba had merged Himself into the mission / organisation.

And we can see that Sarvatmanandji got success.

In the next few short years, he carried out so many dastardly deeds by his mere order: Mahaprayan dogma, Fake Ananda Vaniis, Expulsion as a weapon and so much more. Sarvatmanandji did so many things because he had harnessed the obedience of workers and margiis by concocting this single quote: “If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission.” For this reason, so many listened to his every word and followed his command.

What then is the difference between Dada Sarvatmananda’s approach and that of those dogmatic priests of the Puri temple. Both fabricated outrageous tales in order to bring scores of followers under their control.

I think now the point is clear.

N. Panda


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“Ye pathe rath ca’liye chilo, se path a’ma’y dekhiye da’o…” (PS 4444)


Baba, O’ Gracious One, please show me that very path which You Yourself have prepared and moved on. Baba, I want to follow that very path
which You have made for us. The path which You have graciously decorated for our forward movement, and filled with sweet fragrance and flowers. That very path I want to know. Baba, please grace me and show me that very path. I request that You to please bestow upon me Ista nista [1] – reverence towards Ista. Baba, please grace me with ragatmika [2] devotion and bring me close to You. Shower my whole existence with the intensity and deep love of ragatmika bhakti. By that way I can serve You with an intense proximity. Baba please grace me and show me Your path…


[1] Ista Nista: This is one very blessed and devotional state.

Baba says, “When people are established in devotion, they attain a state called ‘is’t’a nis’t’a’ – devotion for one’s goal. In that stage there is but one dominant thought : ‘Whatever I do, be it social, political or socio-economic service, the motivating thought in my mind will be to please Parama Purus’a’.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 8)

[2] Ragatmika: Here Baba describes that deeply devotional approach of ragatmika bhakti.

Baba says, “Here the devotee says, ‘I serve Him, I worship Him, because I want Him to get bliss from my devotion or service or worship. I don’t want
anything for myself. I want Him to enjoy the bliss.’ This type of devotion is called ra’ga’tmika’ bhakti.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 14)

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