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From: Tribhuvan Deva
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2012 21:33:17
Subject: Cemetery Sadhana In the Life of An Ananda Margii



As most Margiis are aware, the cemetery has a unique importance in Ananda Marga. Before 1945, Baba initiated 22 people – that means He created 22 disciples.

We all know that the first such disciple was Kalicharan Bandopadhyaya. And the second was, Kamalakanta Mahapatra. One special unique point about all of those pre-AMPS Ananda Margii initiations is that they were done in the cemetery – in one or another town or district.

Indeed, many clearly remember how Baba explained all this to those margiis visiting Jamalpur – and especially to those who accompanied Him on His evening fieldwalks in Death Valley. These devotional tales are imprinted deep within their heart. It was so blissful to listen to all those incidents. Even now, I feel goosebumps and waves of spiritual bliss. How sweet Baba’s smile was on those occasions. Usually Baba would recount those stories while walking, or while sitting on Tiger’s Grave. Those were blissful days.


The auspicious occasion recounted here happened in 1940 when Baba Himself attended one marriage ceremony of His laokik relatives in Betur village, in Bankura district, during the summer season. From a superficial perspective, it looks like He attended the ceremony to follow social courtesy etc, but in truth He had a different plan to execute. In His cosmic liila, Baba was making plans to initiate His second disciple, who was restlessly calling Him. That very fortunate disciple was Kamalakanta Mahapatra.

While the marriage ceremony was going on, Baba silently left the campus all alone in that midnight hour, and He quickly walked nearly six kilometers and reached to one cemetery. The reason for all this was that Baba could no longer avoid the longing and cry of the devotee, Kamalakanta.

Then, according to Baba’s desire and His cosmic liila, at that time Kamalakanta also reached to that place.


With deep love and reverence, Kamalakanta came close to Baba and sang five or six very devotional, heart-touching songs. Kamalakanta was crying with the strong desire of receiving spiritual initiation. Kamalakanta was not aware that Parama Purusa Himself had taken advent in response to the longing of devotees. Just Kamalakanta was very restless to see his Dearmost.

He was a simple devotee: How unique it is he was not aware that Parama Purus’a Himself is sitting next to him in that very lonely night in cemetery to fulfill Kamalakanta’s intense urge.

Indeed, Kamalakanta was crying bitterly, wondering ‘When will my Guru come and give me initiation? I am so unfortunate that my whole life has been wasted. I am getting old. I did not see my dearest God.’

Such a strong longing Kamalakanta had. We can say that because of this very strong longing, Baba graced him.

Here is how the scene transpired.


(Note: The following section is from Baba’s book, “Strange Experiences”, chapter 11. In this account, Baba is talking in 1st person, i.e. Baba Himself is recounting what transpired. So the “I” refers to Baba.)

I told him I had come from a certain village as part of a groom’s procession. He said, “That’s quite a distance – nearly six miles.”

“Yeah, and because of that my feet are dead tired,” I replied.

He said, “Then Babu, please lie down. I’ll massage your feet a little. After all you’ll have to walk more.”

I said, “No, let it be. You’ve come from even farther away, and surely are much more tired.”

He said, “No Babu, I don’t feel any discomfort. I told you the path is my home. Lie down, you’re just a young boy.”

“However tired I may be,” I said, “I don’t think it is appropriate for an older person to massage my feet.”

Then he said, “Then do something else instead. Put your head on my lap and lie down with your legs outstretched.”

I did just that. Then I do not know when I fell asleep… when my friend’s wedding was over… or whether people there were searching for me or not. Supremely serene, in the heart of the cremation ground with my head in a stranger’s lap, I slept. I woke up towards the end of the night. Feeling intense pain in my feet, I sat up to find that Kamalakanta was clutching my feet with both hands. My head was not in his lap, and he had placed three human skulls under my head.

“Kamalakanta!” I called. “Hey Kamalakanta! Are you listening? You’re sleeping, aren’t you? I told you, I don’t want an older person to serve me. Still you didn’t listen to me.”

(From Strange Experiences, chapter 11)


So it was that on that very night, within a few minutes after serving Baba’s feet, Kamalakanta realised that the Creator of universe has taken advent and appeared before him in that isolated, lonely cemetery.

Kamalakanta felt extreme attraction – he did not want to remain separate. He felt such a strong inner pull, saturated with deep love. So sweet and strong – the attraction was beyond description. It cannot be described with pen and paper. All we can say is that once again, in this devotional history of humanity, it proves that the strong longing of the devotee has sufficient force to bring Parama Purus’a close to him. And that is exactly what happened in the case of Kamalakanta in that cemetery on that very night.

Kamalakanta got nirvikalpa samadhi and became one with Parama Purusa. That means that by the grace of Parama Purusa he reached his Goal. So it was that in that very cemetery, Baba lovingly graced him and took all his samskaras. Thus, Kamalakanta need not come back in that very mortal frame.


One very special part of this entire scene is that in the beginning stage of attaining samadhi, in spiritual ecstasy Kamalakanta was crying and addressing Baba repeatedly: “You are Anandamurtii, Ocean of Bliss. So sweet. I don’t want to leave You.” Baba graciously accepted his call and granted him salvation.

So, this is the unique, devotional incident of the second Ananda Margii. That happened in the cemetery in the year 1940. By this, it is very clear that the cemetery has a very great importance in the life and development of each and every spiritual aspirant – sadhaka, i.e. Ananda Margii.

It also reminds us that by His fathomless grace the focal point of this life is to constantly realise and remember that Baba is the “Embodiment of Bliss’.


Here following is Baba’s great blessing:

Baba says, “You will one day become one with Parama Purus’a; you will finally attain eternal bliss. This is the absolute and supreme Goal of human life.” (A Few Problems Solved – 5, p. 34)




Note 1: During Baba’ historic trip to the Philippines in April 1969, Baba told on one field walk that doing sadhana in the cemetery is very good for beginners. Here is a transcription of that talk; plus the sound file itself is on the AM-GLOBAL blogsite along the upper left column.


In related discourses Baba says that all tantrikas go to the cemetery. And of course we know that each and every Ananda Margii is a tantrika.


“A’loker ya’tra’ pathe, tumi prabhu theko sa’the…” (P.S. 2779)


O’ Baba, please remain along with me on the path of this effulgent journey. By Your grace, do not allow me to lag behind and get caught in the crest & troughs of my forward movement. Let my pathway be smooth by Your grace.

Baba, I do not care about any bondages or samskaras. My only request is that You please give me strength to do Your work and serve You – implement Your ideals. This single request I humbly make at Your lotus feet.

O’ my Dearmost Baba, this whole entire creation is revolving round and round – propelled by the laws of karma. The great Cosmic Entity and the unit being exist in this system of brahmacakra. The divine Entity is that nucleus that the jiivas rotate around. So now Baba, in this very cycle of brahmacakra, please also include me. Make it so that I shall always remain as Your designated machine (yantra). In that way, I will go on executing Your task. Let my life be completely devoted unto You.

Baba, by Your grace, please remain with me on this journey of effulgence – all the while keeping me moving ahead in an unhindered way…

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