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From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Re: Story: Baba’s Divine Reception #2
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2012 20:33:29 +0000



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series. A link to the first letter is appended below. – Eds)


“I recall when Baba was living in Lake Gardens and Prabhat Samgiita was regularly sung to celebrate His arrival. Indeed, in those days, many times I went to see Baba in Lake Gardens. I remember that a few minutes before Baba was to come from His room, without delay the the singing of Prabhat Samgiita would start. We would all be outside, standing around His car, singing – waiting for Him. When finally Baba would exit the house to go on fieldwalk, all the Dadas and margiis were encircling that area to see Baba, singing Prabhat Samgiita. This was the usual routine.

Then Baba would graciously accept the mala and bless various margiis. Sometimes also He used to talk for a few minutes and give some guidelines. Of course all these customs He would do in a very charming manner. This was the normal scene when He was in the process to go out for His fieldwalk. Finally He would get into the car and take His seat, and the car would leave.” (Story: Baba’s Divine Reception, posted 30 Sep 2012)

By reading this, that entire scene flashed in my mind – how beautiful and devotional it was. I remember it vividly.

Baba would be upstairs in His room and VSS suddenly would inform us that Baba was getting ready and would be coming in a few minutes. Then all margiis and wts would stop whatever they were doing and quickly crowd around the entrance of the house, waiting for Beloved Baba to appear. The whole environment was charged with the sweet longing of seeing Him.

Already the driver had the car parked to that spot where Baba would come out from the house. And we would all anxiously crowd around and encircle the automobile – positioning ourselves in any way we could to see Baba when He would emerge from the house. All were involved in singing Prabhat Samgiita – everyone’s mind totally vibrated with a strong desire to see Him. With this great anticipation and devotional longing, we would sing Prabhat Samgiita and look anxiously for His divine arrival.

When we sensed that Baba would soon be coming, the devotional feeling would be even more aroused – all wishing to see Him. Finally, the divine moment arrived and He would grace us with His divine presence. He was always so sweet and charming. On many occasions, Baba would graciously stand there to talk and say something. The car was ready and the door open for Him to get in, yet Baba would grace us by moving slowly to grant us time to gaze at Him. With His beautiful countenance, He would stand there inquiring about our welfare or giving some direction, and we would cherish each and every moment with Him before He would have to enter to car and go for fieldwalk. It was such a blissful scene – even today I can recall every moment in my mind’s eye, by His grace.

Upon His return a similar scene would occur. Once the gate to the driveway opened and we knew Baba’s car was returning then we would quickly rush in and line up along the edges of the driveway. Whatever activities, duties, talks or dealings were going on stopped immediately. All were eager to get a spot to see Him. The excitement and vibration was palpable. So everyone came rushing, yet there was not much space along the driveway. There had to be enough room for His car to pass, yet all wanted to be close. Some we all managed to grab a sacred space – along that tiny area along the side of the driveway – in hopes of seeing Him. We would all anticipate His arrival, singing Prabhat Samgiita and watching for His car come in from the road.

What a divine liila it was!

Finally, He would grace us with His presence – while singing we would carefully watch Him emerge from His car. In this way we would receive Him. All were singing and some were devotionally calling and crying, “Baba, Baba, Baba. ” The whole scene was so charged with love and devotion.

It was always so enchanting to be there to receive Baba those days.

Still this divine scene is unfolding in the heart and mind of each and every devotee. In dhyana we call for Him to come close and grace us with His presence. As beautiful as it was to be there those days, often I feel that receiving Him now in Guru cakra is even more sweet. Without all the external obstacles, one can openly share and express the feeling of the heart with Him – and always He responds.

O’ my Dearmost Baba, You are ever gracious.

Karma Rasa


#1: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/09/story-babas-divine-reception.html


“Yug yug dhare ceyechi toma’re, pelum anek pare…” (P.S. 3775)


Baba, You are the most Gracious One. Age and ages passed in longing for You. After a long span of time, in the end, I have gotten You. Baba, You have graced me. It is very difficult to realise and understand Your divine play. In this liila You were keeping me in dark – so I could not come close to You.

In the morning, I was thinking that by my own interest and effort all day long I should do all sorts of works; I was foolishly thinking this is my greatness. At midday, You told me and made me realise that without Your grace even a blade of grass cannot move. That time I understood the foolish way in which I was thinking.

Baba, by Your grace – by Your karuna – this earth is revolving. All the seasons come and go. Clouds bring rain and this happens because of Your grace. By Your grace, the stars glitter in the sky and the air moves in the atmosphere. Everything happens because of Your grace. Baba, Your grace is everything.

By following jinan and karma people always lose their path. Such jinanis and karmiis degenerate – if they do not ultimately follow the devotional path. Baba, Your love is eternal. Those who love You never get defeated. Ultimately they reach You by Your grace.

Baba, because of Your grace everything happens. Baba, You are the quintessence…

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