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Subject: Prout Practiced in Every Ideal Family



~ Part 1 ~

In this age of extreme capitalistic greed & avarice, where materialism and the profit motive are king, it is very clear that the time is ripe for the sprout of Prout to grow and come to fruition.

Already, Prout is very much a practical philosophy that is manifest on this earth: The major tenets of Prout are being practiced by ideal families across the globe.


A true family functions off of the dual approach of service and consumption. Things are done and goods are purchased for the welfare and utilisation of those family members – not for profit. If someone is sick, the right medicine is procured: Period. And if someone is hungry then food is offered etc. There is no question of deliberating if a particular action will be profitable or not. According to their means, family members provide for everyone in their family.

And that is indeed the way Prout functions: It is based on the rational consumption and utility of resources for the well-being of all. So the ideal family unit and Prout are quite compatible.

Furthermore, no true family will ever bring vices into their home that are not needed or harmful like cigarettes, toxins etc. They will not intentionally undermine the well-being of their family in this way for their own self-interest – never.

So the manifestation of Prout as a pillar of society is not something beyond our grasp or beyond human conception. All that is needed is to apply those same Proutistic principles that are already present in our family lives to the greater society.

Now let’s take a closer look at this entire situation.



At present, the world is working off of the greedy capitalistic model. Businesses, industries, and economies all over the globe are based solely on the profit motive. That is the be-all & end-all of capitalism: So long as a business is able to make money then its presence is justified in the society.

For that reason, businesses do not care about what is needed in the society, nor do they care what is beneficial for the society. Only they are concerned with turning a profit. That is the golden ticket. With that in mind, an industry may produce all kinds of useless or even harmful products, so long as they think they can make a profit.

For instance, to increase profits, capitalists fill society with gambling halls, narcotics (illegal drugs), perverted literature, violent video games, degrading movies, harmful medicines, tainted food products pornography, and so much more. These vices and caustic items are lethal for society, even then capitalists impose them. Why? Profits. The bottom line for them is how much money they make – not the well-being and proper growth of society.

The world has grown weary of the ill effects of capitalism. Goodp people in all areas are seeking the right alternative to the exploitative and profit-oriented capitalistic system. By merely talking to people about Prout is a big step toward bringing Prout from the model of the ideal family to the general society.



Not only do capitalists inject harmful agents into the society, but there are many things that are needed but are not produced by capitalists because they are not profitable or marketable: Solar cars, cheap medicines, well-insulated homes, locally grown foods, and so many things.

For instance, nowadays doctors, drug companies and lab technicians do not research or produce medicine for uncommon diseases like vitiligo (white patches on the skin), testicular cancer, gastric lymphoma and so many more. Verily, there are so many diseases classified as “rare” where no medical research is in process because the money is not there. Basically, if less than 200,000 people suffer from a disease in the US, it is labeled as “rare” or “orphan” – in which case drug companies and medical researchers do not want to touch it as it is too costly for them, i.e. too difficult to make a big profit. So those people who contract these diseases are left to suffer.

At the same time, there are hundreds of drugs / medicines made each year for common diseases like coronary heart disease because that is profitable. Even though there are a sufficient number of medications on the market to treat those who are ill, they invent more medicines just to make a profit. Often they just transger the same medicines into a new bottle with a new label just to increase sales. Then they stop producing generic medications so people are forced to pay top-dollar for name-brand meds. And of course they rarely (or never) tell patients they can cure their hypertension entirely through lifestyle changes. Why do they not say anything? Because they do not want to lose paying customers for their products, i.e. medicines.

These are but a few of the tricks done in today’s greedy medical industry whereby needed products are missing entirely and profitable ones are mass produced because they are money-makers. The outcome: The needs of society are not met – only those at the helm increase their income.

This approach of course is not just related with the medical industry. There are so many much needed products missing from the marketplace on the whole, simply because capitalists do not think them profitable. I am sure everyone can easily generate their own list of things.

Here the entire concept is that the faulty approach of capitalism does not consider human interest and welfare, rather it just imposes its will on society in order to increase sales and make a bigger profit.

Such an approach has gone on long enough – people are looking for answers. And that solution Baba has given: Prout. And Prout is the practical approach as already ideal family members subscribe to Prout principles.


Here is another way of examining this situation. If any family member is sick, then with a compassionate heart the other members of the family will nurture and care for them. Because that person is in need of support. But in the greedy capitalistic society, when someone is in need of something, then immediately big business and corporate entities devise ways to exploit that particular weakness. For instance, if the power goes out then corporations will double the price of generators because they know people need home generators. Thus, wherever greedy capitalists find a soft spot or point of weakness in society, they exploit the situation to enhance their profits. That is the way capitalism works.

Prout, on the other-hand is not based on profit, but rather consumption. Proutists will produce more of what is needed in order to meet the needs of society. They will not exploit the situation for their own gain, but will rather try to solve the problem.

Is this not the healing balm for today’s greedy, capitalistic society.


Given today’s environment, it is clear that soon Prout will take shape on this earth.

In truth, we are much closer than we think. Already Prout is established in ideal families around the globe and soon those ideals will take shape on a broader level in society.

More about this will be shared in my next letter on this topic. Please write in with your thoughts and reflections.



Here is but one of Baba’s many teachings wherein He contrasts the greedy approach of capitalism with the rational, holistic manner of Prout.

Baba says, “Economic decentralization means production for consumption, not production for profit. Economic decentralization is not possible under capitalism, because capitalist production always tries to maximize profit. Capitalists invariably produce at the lowest costs and sell at the highest profits. They prefer centralized production, which leads to regional economic disparity and imbalances in the distribution of the population. In the decentralized economy of PROUT on the other hand, production is for consumption, and the minimum requirements of life will be guaranteed to all. All regions will get ample scope to develop their economic potentiality.” (Proutist Economics, Economic Democracy)


Introduction to Prabhat Samgiita #3007:

In this song, Baba explains how even though some sadhakas are aware about sadhana, the do’s and don’ts of life, and the disciplined system of practice, they can’t follow the cult properly because of the various pashas [bondages] and ripus [internal enemies]. However, by Baba’s grace, if in the corner of their heart there is devotion, then they will feel in their heart that the Lord will help them reach the final Goal.

In this song, Baba has come to the sadhaka and the sadhaka is communicating with Him. During the first few minutes, i.e. the first stanza, the sadhaka is speaking indirectly to Him and telling: You promised me in dhyana that You would come, and now You have come so please grace me.

Prabhata Samgiita #3007:

Ke jeno a’sia’ marme pashiya’,
Bolilo- madhu ma’se a’sibe-

Mor jata dos’a mane ca’pa’ ros’a,
S’amiya’- karun’a’- karibe-,
Bolilo- madhu ma’se a’sibe-

Path dekha’yecho path bujhiya’chi
Path dekha’yecho path bujhiya’chi
A’lasye upeks’a’ karechi—
Jene shune bhu’l pathe caliya’chi
Bharosa’- holo smita ha’sibe-,
Bolilo- madhu ma’se a’sibe-

Ja’ni mor bolite- kichu na’i,
Ja’ni mor bolite- kichu na’i,
Toma’r jinise mor bole ja’i
E moha chalana’ shra’nti ya’tana’
Bolo nirasan karibe- kabe,
Bolilo- madhu ma’se a’sibe-

Ke jeno a’sia’ marme pashiya’,
Bolilo- madhu ma’se a’sibe-


(Note: Here the sadhaka is indirectly addressing Parama Purusa as He, but the sadhaka is talking to Parama Purusa.)

One day in my sadhana someone (Baba) appeared in my mind, in my heart, and said He would come in the vernal month. He also told me He will wipe away all the sins which I committed – knowingly and unknowingly – by his karuna of dharma samiksa. He told He would forgive me for my suppressed frustration and all my shortcomings, and shower His karuna’.

(Note: Now in their conversation the sadhaka is directly addressing Parama Purusa as You.)

O’ Lord now You have come to me. You have shown me the path and taught me sadhana, 16pts, all the do’s and don’ts, and conduct rules. I understood everything theoretically and memorized it all. By Your grace I understood Your guideline; yet because of my lethargy, I neglected to follow that path. I always thought I would do dharma sadhana tomorrow but never did it in the proper way. I went on living an improper life. Knowingly, I treaded the wrong path, but because of Your love and compassion towards me, I always feel in my heart that You will gently smile [1] when You come and shower Your grace and clean me. Now You have come, so please grace me, O lord.

Baba, You have created me. This entire universe is Yours. I know I have nothing to call my own; nothing belongs to me. Even this physical body which is giving me shelter, this also is not mine. Even then I think of Your objects as mine. [2] Because of my inflated ego and false vanity, I wrongly think that all these worldly possessions which I have are mine. This infatuating deception, this agony of illusion, O my Lord, please tell me when You will dispel it.

Baba, I do not have strength to follow your path, now You have come by Your causeless grace pull me towards You on my Lord…


[1]: When you have deep, deep love for someone, then you know in your heart that when you see them, they will not think about your past mistakes but will instead express their kindness and affection. It is just like how a small child never thinks: “My mother will only calculate about my wrongdoings when she sees me after school. Instead, with her love my mom will warmly embrace me and serve me something sweet to eat.” In stark contrast, in the case of the judge and a convict, that never happens: The judge will always look upon the convict with consternation. Whereas in the loving relation between Parama Purusa and the sadhaka, when they meet He always showers His grace and kindness because at that time both feel truly happy just by seeing one another.

[2]: Commonly human beings think that the material possessions that they have are their own and they brag about that to others. People think, “I
have this property and this mansion and this prestige etc.” But they do not know that what they think is theirs does not actually belong to them. The real owner is Parama Purusa. What to say about one’s property, their first shelter,. i.e. their body, also belongs to Him.

Baba says, “This body, this mind, this wealth has been given to me by Parama Purus’a…That is, the actual owner of this body, the actual owner of this mind is He.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 14)

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