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Date: 09 Oct 2012 21:49:01 -0000
From: “Sudhakar Suman”
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Subject: Some Questions and Answers Related with Prevailing Dogma



Some think that there should be an annual day of so-called mahaprayan – as if it is the duty of His followers to implement such a program. Let’s examine this issue more closely.


1. Everyone should know that Baba is not shy about talking of His physical departure. This point is important because some mistakenly think that Baba is hesitant to talk on this issue – as if it is too sensitive or too delicate and therefore He does not want to include it in Caryacarya.

Hence, some people thought, “It is our duty to include the mahaprayan program of annual remembrance in Caryacarya – because Baba does not want to discuss this sensitive issue in front of devotees.”

This is the way some think. And they give more logic.

“Parama Purusa believes that devotees will not appreciate it if He talks of His mahaprayan. So let it be done by His disciples themselves. After all, for all other occasions He Himself has given like His birthday ceremony or spring festival. But with regards to mahaprayan, that He has left for us to do.”

This is the way they think.

And indeed, with this false logic, that is exactly what Sarvatmanandji did. He invented mahaprayan and glued it into Caryacarya Part 1 as the appendix.

But all this is totally wrong. Baba has discussed His physical departure in various places such as in Senior Acarya Diary (Guru Puja section) and in other places as well. In those instances, He clearly guides us how to proceed and how to do guru puja when He is not physically manifest as Mahasambhuti on this earth.

So it is not that He is too shy or too hesitant to include so-called mahaprayan in Caryacarya.

Rather deliberately He has not put mahaprayan into Caryacarya because this type of false notion is not part of Ananda Marga ideology. He is along with us always – He has not left and He is not gone.

Thus, it is utterly sinful to add the so-called mahaprayan appendix to Caryacarya part 1 because how can we say that Parama Purusa is gone or no longer present. Rather He tells us the opposite. In thousands of discourses, Baba has said He can’t leave – His relation with us is beyond time and space – He is always with us.


2. The inventors of mahaprayan thought that just as worldly family members do not wish to discuss their death with their family, then Parama Purusa will also not like to discuss this.

Remember though that Baba is not just our family member, He is Guru and more than that – practically He has revealed everything that needed to be told. So there is no question that He was concerned or hesitant about putting this in His book. Rather it was and remains His full intention to purposely leave it out.

If one needs further proof, consider this. As a precedent, Baba Himself has written two books about Taraka Brahma or Mahasambhuti. Those books are Namah Shivaya Shantaya and Namami Krsnasundaram. And in neither of those two books has Baba mentioned the so-called mahaprayan of those two Great Personalities.


3. In our Ananda Marga, there is no such thing as a festival or annual program that is sad or sorrowful in nature. All our festivals are full of joy and bliss. Yet the dogmatic mahaprayan program has been described as “a solemn occasion” when certain leaders wrongly added the mahaprayan appendix to Caryacarya Part 1. Thus, the notion of observing mahaprayan goes against the very essence of our Ananda Marga festivals.

This stands as yet another factor how the so-called mahaprayan occasion is unideological and anti-devotional.


4. Observing so-called mahaprayan annually or observing it using another name is just one narrow-minded idea. Parama Purusa is not a particular physical body and we must not think that He has gone. The truth is that Parama Purusa is an eternal Entity and Baba remains in our heart – always.

Can any sincere sadhaka really think that Baba has gone?

In Ananda Marga, Parama Purusa always lives with us, we are nothing but His thought projection. We do not think that Parama Purusa has gone etc. This is not some dogmatic religious conception where God lives somewhere else and you cannot communicate with Him. In Ananda Marga, God lives everywhere – as well as in the inner-most portion of your heart.

This is what Baba has shown in personal contact, reporting sessions, and so many demonstrations. He is our nearest and dearest One who watches over us constantly and remains with us each and every moment.


5. The Indian dogma of Shraddhanjali is that a tomb is made for all deceased leaders – political, religious etc – and every year on the anniversary of their death a big function is held. That is named shraddhanjali. It is a Hindu dogma for the followers to remember their fallen leader, i.e. a unit being or worldly person – not Mahasambhuti.

So on the anniversary of the death, each year, thousands or more reach to that tomb to pay their respect. That is a Hindu dogma and now it has become widespread in India. The classic example is that of Mrs Indira Gandhi. Here below is a short video from a newscast which depicts how followers offer a garland every year on the anniversary of her death.

In that way all such leaders have their own tomb. And, since 1990 some started doing the same for Baba. Some have dragged the shraddhanjali dogma into Ananda Marga in the form of so-called mahaprayan.


6. Here are a few more points why it is to our disadvantage to remember and observe so-called mahaprayan each and every year.

Let us remind ourselves that Aannda Marga teachings are complete. Baba deliberately avoided marking mahaprayan as a festival day in Ananda Marga. Our scriptures are complete and He purposely did not include the dogma of mahaprayan in Caryacarya.

Plus in countless discourses Baba has guided us not to think that Parama Purusa is distant or far from us. Otherwise we will invite our extreme degeneration and follow the path of negative pratisaincara.

It is just like some horrible scene of your life – such as when your baby drowned etc – that you do not want to remember again and again- otherwise it will steal away all your happiness. Baba avoids degenerating programs like mahaprayan because Ananda Marga is the path of bliss – not the path of extreme sorrow or sadness.

Thinking that Parama Purusa is gone is most terribly detrimental, and will crudify one to stone and dirt. Our mantras all give the same idea: Parama Purusa is with us. Only avidya maya, viks’epta shatkti, says that Parama Purusa is far.

Du’ra’t Sudu’re…

Baba says, “If someone continually thinks, “Parama Purus’a is far from me”, then He will seem to be truly far from him…If in their ignorance people think that Parama Purus’a is far from them, then He may indeed remain for from them – so far that in future, even if one cries oneself hoarse, one’s cries will never reach Him… Some people think, “No, Parama Purus’a is not far from me. He is quite near. He is everywhere.”” (Subhasita Samgraha – 12)

It is our duty to always remember and cultivate the supreme truth that He is always with us.

His presence is our sadhana and this creation is His thought projection. He is the nucleus, He cannot be missing, thus it is philosophically and emotionally wrong to have a program like mahaprayan that dictates that Baba is gone.


To those who worship the mahaprayan program and have started thinking that Parama Purusa is gone, there is this last reply.

Baba says, “You spiritual aspirants, you should remember that Parama Puruśa is always with you and His grace is always with you, and you all are His loving children.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 19, The Path of Salvation)



“A’ma’r pran’a’m na’o tumi prabhu, toma’y a’mi bha’laba’si…” (2692)


Baba, O’ Prabhu, please grace me by accepting my pranam & surrender at Your lotus feet. Baba, I love You. Your divine flute goes on calling me
continuously – in my sleep, in my dreams, and in my awakened state. Baba, by Your grace I long for and search You in each and every activity. Keeping Your name in my heart, I go on fighting against all difficulties & dangers of my life. Baba, in this entire universe only You are most adorable for me. Baba, by Your grace, my body, mind, and heart have become one with You. My whole existence is saturated in You. Baba, with a smiling face You always shower Your grace on me. Whatever are my needs, You go on fulfilling them. Baba, You have removed all the cimmerian darkness from my mind. By Your causeless grace You are doing everything for me. Baba, I love You, please accept my sastaunga pranam…

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