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Date: 12 Oct 2012 20:49:05 -0000
From: “Manoj Shaha”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Philosophy of The Ignorant?




On Friday, I go and pray at the mosque with the Muslims. I grow my beard, eat halal meat, and perform 5 times namaz (prayer). I strictly follow all Islamic rituals and dogmas. On that day I only raise the slogan: Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. On Fridays, during Ramadhan, I fast during the day and feast at night.

On Saturday, I walk to synagogue with all the Jews and adhere to their dress code. I follow a Kosher lifestyle and adopt all Judaic rituals and dogmas. On that day, the torah is everything for me.

On Sunday, I attend church with the Christians, and refrain from any and all alcohol. I also maintain all Christian rituals and dogmas. On that day, I think only about Lord Jesus Christ.

On Monday, I go to the Sikh temple. I tie my hair on top of my head and carry a sword. I eat jhatka’ – i.e. goat killed in a swift manner – and follow all Sikh rituals and dogmas. That day I only repeat the name of Guru Nanak.

On Tuesday, I attend the Hindu temple to honor the monkey god Hanuman. I wear a shawl that says “Ra’m Na’ma'” and chant the holy mantra Ram, Rama, Ram, Ram, Rama, Ram. I follow all Hindu rituals and dogmas. And on that day, only I worship Ram.

On Wednesday, I go to the Buddhist monastery and wear their robes and follow their customs. I chant: Buddham sharanam gaccha’mi. I strictly adhere to all Buddhist rituals and dogmas.

On Thursday, I practice prayer at the Jain temple. I walk there with a broom to ensure I do not step on any organisms. And I do not eat any root vegetables or tomatoes – I follow all the rituals and dogmas of the Jain religion. On that day, I only seek the blessing of Lord Mahaviira Jain.

In this way I pass the week. I do not consider myself a part of any one particular religion. Rather, I remain a friend of them all and follow all their rituals and dogmas. That is why I am a neo-humanist.


In our Ananda Marga, there are some margiis who say that, “I am not a follower of any group, I visit every group, attend their programs, and support them psychically and economically. I am not groupist, rather I am a neo-humanist.”

Such people who attend the rituals and dogmas of all the groups think that therefore they are not in any group.

Now we have to decide: If someone follows the dogmas, rituals, and narrow-mindedness of all the groups, then is that person a neo-humanist? Is that the definition of neo-humanism?

Tell us, what do you think?



“Tumi bhul pathe cale esecho…” (P.S. 2007)


Baba, by mistake, anyhow You have lost the path and come to my home. I do not believe in fate or fortune. And this I also know: That I do not have any wealth or virtue. Your auspicious arrival is simply due to Your grace. You graced me by coming to my home – Your arrival has nothing to do with my quality.

O’ Parama Purusa, You have come here to change the burning desert into greenery. You have come to revitalise dried-up, half-dead plants and transform them into blossoming flowers and luscious fruits. Baba, with Your arrival, everyone has gotten new life. Those who were depressed and hopeless, You graciously brought a smile to their face and placed a song in their throat. By this way, You decorated them with a garland of jewels.

Baba, now I understand that only You are mine; I do not have anyone else. Except You, there is none that I can say is mine. What I have and what belongs to me, everything is Your causeless grace. I think You thought all these things and You deliberately made a mistake in order to come here to my little hut. You made this mistake knowingly and with full awareness.

Baba, You have come to my place; You have graced me. It is due to nothing else than Your causeless grace that You have come…

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