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Subject: History: Story How Shraddhananda Dada Was Chosen as PP
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Here is an important history of our Ananda Marga and is critically related with the situation in which we now find ourselves, as well as the post 1990 history of Ananda Marga.


Here is one old mythological story which provides one glimpse as to how the face of our Ananda Marga changed since 1990. Please read the following.

Long ago in one kingdom there was one King who was extremely unhappy with his eldest daughter. She did not obey him plus she was constantly arguing and creating problems in general. Hence the King was furious with her. So to teach her a lesson the King came up with one plan. He decided that as he himself was responsible for arranging his daughter’s marriage, then he would select the most foolish person in the kingdom to be her husband. By this way she might realise her past mistakes and arrogant ways.

With this in mind, the King promptly sent out all sorts of volunteers, horsemen, & scouts to search out the most foolish person in the land. Quickly then reports were coming in from all the ten directions. And every day the King was hearing the news from his ministers about who could be the “perfect match” for his daughter– i.e. who was that most foolish person.

But thus far no one could satisfy the King’s demand. So the King called for the search to go on until the proper candidate was found.

In that setting, in depths of one forgotten jungle, 2 expert scouts from the King’s army came across one remarkable scene; indeed they were shocked to see what was going on. There they found that one very simple, illiterate villager was high up in a tree, standing on a branch that was around 40 feet above the ground. And this fellow had one big saw in his hand and step by step he was vigorously cutting the branch. But that was not all because as this fellow engaged in his cutting, he had placed himself on the wrong side of the limb– the part that was to be cut from the tree. That’s why the scouts were watching this scene with great interest. Because by now the branch was more than 50% cut and still the foolish fellow was standing on the wrong side. Means this simple villager had foolishly perched himself on the side of the branch that, with just a few more strokes of the saw, would come violently crashing down to the ground.

Without wasting any more time, the two scouts gave a quick look of confirmation to one another and then the senior scout immediately called out to the tribesman high up on the branch. And the scout gestured for him to stop his work and come down from the tree.

Then the scout told him that, ‘Congratulations, you are a prime candidate for becoming a royal relation’. And feeling quite satisfied that indeed they had found the most foolish person in the kingdom, the scouts quickly embarked on the long journey to bring their chosen person back to the King’s palace by horseback.


Up to that point the King had already been presented with the tales of many a foolish person, but he had rejected all. None were foolish enough. So when the King heard that his two expert scouts had returned from the depths of the jungle with one very qualified candidate, then he was very anxious to hear the story that what this person was doing. So he told his
ministers to have the scouts come immediately to his court.

Then in slow, deliberate language the senior scout recounted the entire scene to King. How the unsuspecting villager was very high up in the tree– and cutting the branch with a big saw– and 40 forty feet off the ground– and completely oblivious that he was on the wrong side– and the branch was bending– and still the foolish fellow was fully involved in cutting– and
the branch going to fall– and cutting was going on more and more– and still he was completely unaware of what was going to happen– and forty feet above the ground– the branch was making creaking noises– and he was standing on the side that about to fall– and…

The king listened in amazement & near disbelief that how foolish this person was. And even before the scout had finished the story, with tears of joy and laughter in his eyes the king exuberantly cried out, ‘Yes, indeed this is our man; he is the most foolish person in the kingdom. He will serve my purpose. He will be the one to marry my daughter’.


So this is one mythological story yet it is quite applicable to one certain event in our Marga. Because in a similar fashion, those days in 1990 Sarvatmanandji wanted to give some very significant post to a similarly simple person whom he could easily control, and thereby exercise the authority of that post. By this way Sarvatmanandaji thought that ‘I, Sarvatmananda, will be able to execute the full authority. So it needs that I should find some extremely simple person who will abide by my every order – regardless of what I want to do’.


In that mood, Sarvatmanandji began his grand search to find that most simple person. To that end, he was inquiring all around to find the proper person – checking behind every corner and underneath each rock to find the right candidate.

Then some workers came to Sarvatmanandji and told that this was a very easy request to manage. Because “right here in our compound there is such a very simple person whom you are searching”.

They furthermore told, “And not only is he super simple, but he is from a Hindi speaking area – which is good for your overall strategy.”

In that fateful moment, Dada Shraddhananda was selected as PP Dada in October 1990.

The first thing Dada Sarvatmananda told Shraddhanandji was, “For the sake of the organisation, you must support me in all that I do.”

PP Dada’s reply was, “Yes, I will.” Sarvatmanandji knew then that he had his man.

And indeed, PP did not disappoint. PP Dada gave his stamp of approval on all that Sarvatmanandji did: Inclusion of so-called mahaprayan into Caryacarya, expulsion as a weapon, destruction of margii rights – everything. Whatever Sarvatmananda wanted to do, PP Dada gave his ok.

So in all the ways, Sarvatmanandji’s choice of PP was 100% perfect for what he wanted to do. There was only one thing that Sarvatmanandji failed to understand. He lacked the foresight to know that this same PP will obediently follow any other master as well. That was the folly of Sarvatmanandji.

Just as a dog is obedient to one particular master, but if that master is changed then the dog will be most faithful to the next master. That is not the fault of the dog for doing like this, but rather the short-sightedness of the first master for not realising that this was going to happen.

So here Shraddhanandji should not be blamed.

Nalini Dasgupta


“Toma’r katha’i bha’vite bha’vite, din cale ja’y kato na’…” (PS 2264)


Baba, my days are passing thinking only about Your stories and tales. By Your grace my time is spent involved in kiirtan, asana, sadhana, svadhyaya,
and ideating on You. All day long Your divine image is floating in my mental plate– in my Guru cakra. Even then, when I sit in meditation then You do not come in my heart. It makes me think I do not have any sadhana and that is why You are not coming to me. For this reason I feel that the intensity of my sadhana is not proper. Otherwise when I sit in dhyana, You would bless me by coming.

Baba, by Your grace I feel in my heart that You love me; I can sense that You understand my painful and melancholic longing for You. By Your divine compassion I also know that You keep my ‘I-feeling’ and memories with You. Baba, I understand that You are always thinking about me and watching for my welfare. In spite of all this, Your love and my love could not merge. These two things could not become one. Baba, You have not come so I could not hold You and I could not get You very close. That is why there is an aching pain lingering in my heart.

Baba, please mold me according to Your liking so that I can realise You more deeply, more intimately. Baba, by Your grace I love You and You love me, so do with me as You wish– according to Your desire. Baba, please give me the realisation that there is no one other than You in this vast universe. Sometimes I think my worldly friends are my true saviours and that they are going to help me in my hour of need– up to eternity. Sometimes I think like this. O’ divine One, please shower me in Your grace compassion so I can realise in the core of my heart that only You are my eternal shelter. [1]

Baba, please come in my heart…


[1] “Tumi cha’r’a na’i jagate kehai…”: In this last line of the above Prabhat Samgiita the devotee wants the divine realisation that only Parama Purusa is the eternal shelter. This same type of idea has been expressed in Baba’s below teaching.

Baba says, “Because of His grace, they will get energy or strength from Him, and with that strength they will move forward. Without His grace, no one can move even a single step forward. And for this people should always remember that by their own efforts they do not make any progress, rather it is due to the wish of Parama Purus´a that they make any progress at all. It is the duty of Parama Purus´a to help them to move forward. This 100% reliance on Parama Purus´a is called ‘prapatti’ in the scriptures. Sadhakas should always maintain the spirit of ‘prapatti’…’Whatever takes place in the universe and whatever qualities I possess is all due to His grace. He is the Lord of everything; He is the machine-man, and I am simply a machine’.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 18)

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