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From: “Divyajyoti Deva”
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Subject: Who Should Sing Samaj Songs
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:59:21 +0000



Everyone knows that Baba has come to uplift the masses and ensure that all are respected and none are neglected. A key element of this endeavour is Baba’s samaj theory – and with it His samaj songs. By this way, every community is encouraged and becomes empowered to stand up in a dignified manner.

Clearly, Baba’s samaj theory stands firmly on the great pillars of universalism, neo-humanism, and Prout. About this, there is no scope for debate.

The following then is a brief look at His dynamic samaj program – and His samaj Prabhat Samgiita songs – so we can practically see how they serve to bring welfare to each and every community at the expense of none: All are benefited – the entire humanity.

Then each and every disciple and lay person will best understand the inner spirit and force of Baba’s special samaj songs.


In this era of extreme capitalism and mass-produced pseudo-culture, a potent tool is needed to protect various peoples and cultures from being enveloped and swallowed up by the dominant, exploitative, economic machine. Already, native populations and minorities have been made to feel inferior by the dominant class. On points of language, dress, finances, and religion etc, they have been taught that they are not as good. Once this type of inferiority complex has been set in the mind, the ruling class can proceed effortlessly with their exploitative machinery. To some or more degree, this has happened with each of the local populations outlined below. The only way out is to inject them with new prana and vital energy.

Baba’s samaj movement and samaj songs serve this very purpose. Baba encourages the inherent greatness of one and all and does not allow any community to become depressed, sunken, or lost in the mire of an inferiority complex. Because the samaj songs encourage the dharmic qualities and mother tongue of all of each and every population.

Indeed, it is by this method that we may maintain the integrity and dignity of so many communities that are on the brink of disaster.

(A) The native peoples of North & Central America and Canada have mostly lost their language and are sitting on the outskirts of society or on their allotted reservations, sunk in dismay and depression – over-run by Euro-Americans and western capitalism. One of the main ways to lift them up and restore their courage and confidence is through Baba’s samaj system. By celebrating the inherent value of their mother tongue and singing the glory those native leaders who stood up and fought against exploitation, then each of these communities will regain their stamina and once again feel proud of who they are and strive to advance.

(B) Similarly, the aborigines and Maoris of Australia have been steamrolled by the ruling culture and they have lost their pride and dignity. So for them to survive they need a huge injection of positive feeling. And the samaj movement and samaj songs achieve this very goal.

(C) Likewise in the Philippines, or perhaps we should say in Maharlika, the Spanish invaders effectively dismantled much of the local customs and with the imposition of American pseudo-culture, the situation has become even worse. A big boost is needed to preserve the native languages of this area. Baba’s samaj songs are the perfect solution to infuse the needed dynamism and hope.

(D) In India also, centuries ago the Britishers imposed their mother tongue on the entire sub-continent, and by that way so many Indian languages were ruined and tossed aside. The situation has become so bad that to this day when any of the Indian languages are spoken – whether it be Bhojpuri, Bengali, Magahii, or Hindi etc – then in any single sentence or paragraph, so many English words are used. Because it is prestigious to use English words and disgraceful to speak only in one’s village tongue. By this way, so many local languages have been compromised and even cast aside – and so many communities have been made to feel inferior.

(E) And in Africa, so many nations and innumerable peoples are facing the same epidemic. Their local language, tales of heroism, knowledge, and legacy are just being entirely lost and forgotten as the language of trade and modernity has become either English, or French, or Portuguese etc.

(F) Likewise those descendants of the old slave communities in the US have been crushed to the bone. Today’s American black population has not only lost their language, but they are embarrassed by the tone of their skin and the shape of their hair. For this reason, nearly all Black women straighten and uncurl their hair to resemble that of white women. Here again Baba’s samaj songs will help instill a sense of pride in this defeated community.


Baba has given one very special yet simple technique for making every samaj song appropriate for everyone to sing.

Here below is a song related with Amra Bengali sama’j (socio-economic unit):

“Madhur ceyeo a’ro madhur a’ma’r ba’nla’ bha’s’a’…” (PS #4766)


Compared with sweetness, my Bangla language itself is even more sweet. This is the language of my pra’n’a. In my arteries and veins and blood, the vibration of this language is resonating…

This was the way in which members of Amra Bengalii would sing and understand this song.

How would this song be relevant for others to sing? The members of various samajas would sing this same song by placing the name of their own language and samaj in the lyrics. That means samaj members would remove the phrase “Bangla language” and insert their own mother tongue like Swahili, Korean, Spanish, or Dutch, as the case may be. This was done in front of Baba Himself in reporting, per His direction.

By this way, each samaj song is universal in nature and all are benefited. Baba’s samaj songs inject a sense of well-being and pride within all peoples and all communities, ensuring all have the strength to live side by side, helping one another yet also maintaining their own dignity and culture.


Baba has graciously given His samaj movement of socio-economic groupifications to bring dignity, pride, and well-being to each and every community on this earth. And by this way we are sure to cultivate that great global family bound in sweet ties of neo-humanism and sublime spirituality.

Baba says, “PROUT’s system of socio-economic groupifications is a comprehensive approach to the socio-economic problems confronting society. If people adopt such an approach, society will move along the path of progress with increasing speed, overcoming all bondages and hindrances. Human society will enjoy a bright and glorious future.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13)

Baba says, “The use of non-local languages as the medium of instruction only results in the suppression and subjugation of the local language and inevitably means the suppression of the local culture. This in turn leads to psychic demoralization, inferiority complexes and a defeatist mentality. Whenever the sentimental legacy of a group of people is undermined, they become easy prey to the economic, political and psycho-economic exploitation of vested interests. Such a strategy of cultural suppression was adopted by the English, French, Dutch, Spanish, American and other colonial powers. If local people develop a sublime awareness of their cultural heritage they can readily throw off all psychic inferiority complexes which prevent them from attaining socio-economic self-reliance.” (A Few Problems Solved – 9, Socio-Economic Movements)


In Him,


“E kii prahelika’ e kii kuhelika’…” P.S. 1769


Baba, what is this liila You are making, what is this dilemma. O’ my Lord, I know that You are everywhere, but even then my heart is dry. I am surrounded with frustration – by this fog of hopelessness. No doubt, You are remaining with me, but You did not allow me hold You. Even then, by Your grace, this much I do know: You love me. Just I do not feel that in my heart at present. Baba, Your divine effulgence is lost in the oblivion. The resonating melody of the viina is filled with the tears of my life. Baba, please come in my life and remove all my bondages. Please remove all my blackness, impurities, and dogma, whatever I have. Baba I love You. And this much I also know- That You also love me. O’ my Lord, please look towards me. I have offered my everything at Your lotus feet. Please do not leave me remaining crying in darkness. Baba, please come in my heart, in my mind, with Your sweet smile. Baba, only You are my shelter…

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