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From: “Bhavatiita”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 21:23:14 -0500
Subject: Like Analogy of Goat And Pumpkin



As Ananda Margiis, we are so blessed to have come in contact with Baba – the Sadguru. And one of our main endeavours is to serve Him by spreading His teachings, maintaining their authenticity and integrity.

To that end, we are to do pracara, explain His scriptures, and involve in so many engagements. Already many good margiis and wt’s have made great strides in this arena – much positive work is going on.


In our Ananda Marga, Baba has given a wide variety of books, Some are easier to understand than others. For instance, comparatively speaking, the Ananda Vacanamrtam series is simple and easy, whereas Idea & Ideology, Yoga Psychology, and Ananda Sutram are quite difficult. Without a clear understanding of such texts, one should not try to interpret them as they will only confuse and mislead others. That is Baba’s warning.

Baba says, “The scriptures should always be interpreted by qualified scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating thinkers. If one tries to interpret a profound scripture with superficial knowledge, the interpreter appears ridiculous and the audience is confused.”

“There are some people who are neither scholars, nor philosophers, nor penetrating thinkers, but merely wander about interpreting scriptures as a means of livelihood [psychic and / or economic]. They utterly fail to present the proper matter in the correct perspective before the audience…[and] do more harm than good to the society.” (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 14)

Unfortunately, one Wt has written a “Commentary Book” (CB), and instead of properly explaining Baba’s divine teachings, the author moves in another direction.


As an example, let us take a look at one of Baba’s original teachings from Ananda Sutram. In His spiritual treatise, Baba reveals the special secret behind the appearance of Sadguru in the life of a sadhaka in sutra 3-8.

3-8 Muktya’ka’unks’aya’ sadgurupra’ptih.

“Purport: When a vehement desire for emancipation wakes up in a person, he attains his sadguru [true spiritual preceptor] on the strength of that desire.” (Ananda Sutram)

Thus, Sadguru comes only when the aspirant has a deep desire to realise Him.

Also embedded within this special sutra is the supreme idea that Brahma Himself is the Sadguru – not any other lower being or entity.

Baba says, “What is the Sadguru? The word “sat” means “that which undergoes no change”…“Sat”. Now, the entity by whose grace one comes into contact with sat (sat, the non-changeable entity, the non-changeable stance, the non-changeable nuclear entity around which so many electrons move) – that entity, or rather, that framework through which Parama Purus’a is working or Ta’raka Brahma is functioning, is the Sadguru.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-3)

From His above guideline, it is quite clear that Sadguru is that singular Divine Entity, i.e. Parama Purusa Himself – no one else, no other lesser teacher. Taraka Brahma is Sadguru.

Hence there are two highly significant features to this sutra 3-8. The first being that Sadguru comes when the aspirant has the strong longing to attain Him, and the second being that Sadguru is Brahma Himself.


But see what this “Commentary Book” (CB) does to this special sutra.

In an attempt to explain Baba’s sutra 3-8 about the arrival of Sadguru, the “Commentary Book” gives all kinds of examples and stories about so-called gurus like Swami Ramananda, Totapuri, and Ram Mohan Roy’s guru. In each of these instances, the “CB” puts forth a “dramatic story” how these dogmatic gurus – who themselves are spiritual aspirants – came to their disciples. This is the way the “CB” attempts to explain sutra 3-8 about the arrival of Sadguru.

– “At the time Swami Rama was the greatest teacher in Benares, but since Ramananda was a Hindu and Kabir was a Moslem, Ramananda would not take him as as disciple…[Kabir] fell at Ramananda’s feet…and Ramananda had to take him as his disciple.”

– “Then one day the master Totapuri appeared, and he became Ramakrsna’s guru.”

Verily, these above examples from the “CB” have nothing to do with the real meaning of Baba’s sutra 3-8.

Because in His spiritual treatise, Ananda Sutram, Baba is explaining the whole of Ananda Marga ideology, including the appearance of Sadguru. And as we all know, Taraka Brahma is that Sadguru – that is what our Ananda Marga ideology says and that is what every Ananda Margii has realised.

Yet that “CB” explains sutra 3-8 by using tales about dogmatic Hindu gurus like Swami Ramananda & Totapuri as proof of how Sadguru comes – as if such so-called gurus are the equivalent of the Ananda Marga standard of Sadguru.


As we know, in Ananda Marga, the whole concept of Sadguru is a sublime ideal – on no other path is Brahma the guru. Whereas, in Ananda Marga it is like that: Brahma is the Guru; Baba Himself is the Sadguru. That is why our tantric path of Ananda Marga is wholly unique and has no equal. Because Brahma is the Sadguru.

In Ananda Marga, we are trying to show the world that the path of Ananda Marga is pure dharma where the Preceptor or Sadguru is Brahma.

This sutra (3-8) is not difficult to understand for any sincere margii. Because their life and their coming onto the path of Ananda Marga, and taking initiation & accepting Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji as the Guru, is verily the living representation of this sutra. Their account is this sutra in story form. Baba has graciously put their story in sutra form. In one phrase this sutra is your story how you came into Ananda Marga. You had this longing in your mind and then By His grace you got the Sadguru and the path. He is guiding and helping you to reach unto the Goal.

Yet the “CB” is making it look like getting the Sadguru is just like getting any ordinary teacher or joining any dogmatic path. That is like comparing pure gold with mud. The two cannot even be compared. In an attempt to explain sutra 3-8, the “CB” is equating Sadguru with various so-called gurus. This will only misinform and misguide readers.


Along these lines, one critical point is that if the disciples of Swami Ramdeva, Asharam Bapu, Shankaracharya, Mahesh Yogi, Ravishankar, or Satya Sai Baba and all sorts of thousands of “gurus” read this text then they are bound to think that they got the Sadguru. This book legitimates all those so-called gurus as being Sadgurus. So rather than striving to attain the real Sadguru, those innocent followers will be duped into thinking that theirs is the Sadguru,


None should think that the incorrect explanation of Sadguru is the only problem or mistake in that so-called Commentary Book – far from it.

Rather, that “CB” veers away from the path on nearly every sutra which Baba has given by (a) equating Baba’s divine teachings with those of Christ, (b) telling that following dharma twice a day for 5 minutes is enough when Baba says that dharma must always be followed, (c) not recognising Prout as part of Ananda Sutram when in fact Baba has used the entire 5th chapter of Ananda Sutram to put forth Prout, (d) and indeed on nearly each and every page there are dogmatic explanations to Baba’s blemishless teachings.

Tragically, all these mistakes and errors are being passed onto the reader by this “CB”.

That is why many are telling that this “Commentary Book” must be removed from our Training Centres and removed from our jagriti bookshelves – as soon as possible. Because this “Commentary Book” is not preaching the ideals of Ananda Marga, rather in the name of Ananda Sutram and in the name of Ananda Marga, this book is putting forth dogmatic rituals from so many religions.

Understanding Baba’s high spiritual ideals is not easy – especially in this materialistic era, so the common people are apt to rely on others’ explanations. Yet when people refer to “CB”, they are getting something that will lead them away from the ideals of Ananda Marga. Unfortunately.


All of Baba’s teachings are sacred – especially those which talk about getting Sadguru as the Guru and coming onto the path of Ananda Marga. Because this is the most unique aspect of Ananda Marga: Brahma is the Guru.

Yet the “CB” undermines this insinuating that any dogmatic teacher or so-called guru is the equivalent of Sadguru.

By Baba’s grace, we have all come onto the path of Ananda Marga due to His infinite love and compassion and here below, in a phrase, Baba graciously describes this unique and wonderful event of coming in contact with the Sadguru.

Baba says, “It is the special grace of Brahma to appear as Sadguru and teach spiritual practice to human beings. Is it not His special grace when Brahma attracts a person?” (Subhasita Samgraha-1)

Surrendering to Baba – the Sadguru,
Bhavatiita Deva


Baba says, “At the time of initiation or shortly afterwards, those who do not have a Sanskrit name should be given one by the ácárya/á. The word deva should be suffixed to the name…the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings.” (Caryacarya-1)


As many of you may be aware, this so-called Commentary Book CB) was written by Didi Ananda Mitra. The actual name of her “CB” book is, “The Spiritual Philosophy of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti: A Commentary on Ananda Sutram”. The book has been printed twice: 1981 & 1998. Unfortunately, in that 17 year gap between the first and second printings, not a single mistake was repaired.

And now 14 more years have passed and still these same faulty teachings have not been repaired.

Needless to say there has been ample opportunity to fix these errors, but some have reported that Didiji is not interested because she does not make a lot of money from this book. So she is perfectly happy to keep her faulty “Commentary” book as is, even though many good margiis have pointed out the defects of her so-called analysis.

All in all, Didiji initially tried hard to write a decent book, but the topic is just beyond her capacity to explain. Ananda Marga philosophy is deep and she could not manage. Her attempt is akin to a goat trying to swallow a whole pumpkin. The goat simply lacks the capacity. Same is the case with Didiji in her attempt to explain Ananda Sutram.

Her approach is pramatta – just bogus and bad from beginning to end.

That is why even though this “Commentary Book” has been used in our WT Training Centres, and in so many other places for years and years, now more and more are now realising that this “Commentary Book” is not what it purports itself to be.

Here Baba perfectly describes what happens when someone of lesser calibre attempts to explain His divine teachings.

Baba says, “The scriptures should always be interpreted by qualified scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating thinkers. If one tries to interpret a profound scripture with superficial knowledge, the interpreter appears ridiculous and the audience is confused.”

“There are some people who are neither scholars, nor philosophers, nor penetrating thinkers, but merely wander about interpreting scriptures as a means of livelihood. They utterly fail to present the proper matter in the correct perspective before the audience…[and] do more harm than good to the society.”

“[They] interpret the scriptures just to exhibit their intellect – to procure for themselves a certificate of erudition. They remain far from the living spirit of the scriptures.” (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 14)

There are some like Didiji whose livelihood may not come from direct economic gain but rather from social gain. Didiji did not make a lot of money from her book, but she did gain a high degree of social status. And with that enhanced social status she garnered respect, land grants, and large financial donations etc.


This letter has been written with everyone’s welfare in mind. Those sincere seekers looking for proper guideline about Ananda Sutram will gain the proper understanding of sutra 3-8, and related topics. Didiji herself will be benefited because by this way she can improve her own standard. She will then be able to serve others better. In contrast, if nobody points out Didi and she does not face any healthy criticism, then she will not grow and she will be a burden to the society by disseminating wrong teachings etc. With this healthy criticism, Ananda Mitra Didi will became an asset to the society. It is with this positive feeling in heart and mind that this letter has been written.


Side by side, Didi Ananda Mitra created a master unit allegedly in her own name. It is a rather myopic outlook. She cannot conceive of the idea that she herself is mortal and will one day die. And after her death that MU will go in the hands of non-margiis, not AMPS. Didiji created her own kingdom in her own name, all of which will be lost.

Those who are emotionally attached think that because Ananda Mitra started the MU then it belongs to AMPS. But legally that is not the way it is. One day, this will all get dragged into the courts.


If you are interested in receiving more postings which clearly delineate the defects of Ananda Mitra’s faulty Commentary, simply email the editors of this network and they will gladly send you some of the many letters on this topic.


By His grace, we are the blessed travelers of the path of Ananda Marga and it is our sacred duty to properly explain His teachings and highlight His glory – the specialty of Sadguru. Because only in the tantra of Ananda Marga is Brahma the Guru.

Here is the story of how one margii attained the Sadguru, by His grace, and entered onto the path of Ananda Marga.



“A’mi ga’n geye ja’i, mor kon sampa’da na’i…” (P.S. 3610)


Baba, by Your grace I go on singing the song. I do not have any type of quality or wealth other than this. I do not have lots of capital or a huge collection of virtues. Just I am completely dependent upon Your karuna’ and krpa’. My future is entirely in Your hand. Whether You allow me to remain close or push me away, it is up to You. But this much I know, that I am Yours. You have given me the gift of voice and that I am using for singing Your glory. And You have given me a heart which is full of yearning and love for You. You have filled my heart with the sweet nectar of devotion. Having all these things, again and again I surrender my whole existence unto You. Please grace me and keep me along with You…

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