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Subject: Re: Like Analogy of Goat And Pumpkin (Bhavatiita)
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 23:25:07 GMT
From: Ashutosha Deva
To: am-global@earthlink.net



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series. Key sections of the first letter have been appended below in brown italics. In addition, a link has been appended for those who wish to review the initial letter on this topic in its entirety. – Eds)


Superb job. It is true what you said about how those embedded in materialism will not be able to decipher Baba’s work and will depend upon margiis to help interpret. When I was a teenager in the Sector, I met this Didi once at at UKK and was impressed with her talks on Ananda Marga ideology. I liked her intellect. When her CB book came out I wondered about the passages on Christ and other teachers but since it was being published I thought Baba O.K’d it.
Decades later, I can see the folly in her book and I wonder if these emails have been sent to her? Perhaps, some of us who have read these emails about her book have told her already? I don’t know.

Perhaps, we should keep an actual list of all the things to be overturned since 1990 so that when authority within the organization is returned to some responsible leader, we can address these issues have them taken care one by one (e.g. BP rules, margii rights, silent action towards acharyas when appropriate, wrong translations, RAWA program filth, Devashish book, Keshavanandaji’s wrong interpretation of death’ arrival, and so many more issues you have talked about over the years. Let there be a list.

At His lotus feet,
Ashutosha Deva


As an example, let us take a look at one of Baba’s original teachings from Ananda Sutram. In His spiritual treatise, Baba reveals the special secret behind the appearance of Sadguru in the life of a sadhaka in sutra 3-8.

3-8 Muktya’ka’unks’aya’ sadgurupra’ptih.

“Purport: When a vehement desire for emancipation wakes up in a person, he attains his sadguru [true spiritual preceptor] on the strength of that desire.” (Ananda Sutram)

Thus, Sadguru comes only when the aspirant has a deep desire to realise Him.

Also embedded within this special sutra is the supreme idea that Brahma Himself is the Sadguru – not any other lower being or entity.

Baba says, “What is the Sadguru? The word “sat” means “that which undergoes no change”…“Sat”. Now, the entity by whose grace one comes into contact with sat (sat, the non-changeable entity, the non-changeable stance, the non-changeable nuclear entity around which so many electrons move) – that entity, or rather, that framework through which Parama Purus’a is working or Ta’raka Brahma is functioning, is the Sadguru.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-3)

From His above guideline, it is quite clear that Sadguru is that singular Divine Entity, i.e. Parama Purusa Himself – no one else, no other lesser teacher. Taraka Brahma is Sadguru.

Hence there are two highly significant features to this sutra 3-8. The first being that Sadguru comes when the aspirant has the strong longing to attain Him, and the second being that Sadguru is Brahma Himself.


But see what this “Commentary Book” (CB) does to this special sutra.

In an attempt to explain Baba’s sutra 3-8 about the arrival of Sadguru, the “Commentary Book” gives all kinds of examples and stories about so-called gurus like Swami Ramananda, Totapuri, and Ram Mohan Roy’s guru. In each of these instances, the “CB” puts forth a “dramatic story” how these dogmatic gurus – who themselves are spiritual aspirants – came to their disciples. This is the way the “CB” attempts to explain sutra 3-8 about the arrival of Sadguru.

– “At the time Swami Ramananda was the greatest teacher in Benares, but since Ramananda was a Hindu and Kabir was a Moslem, Ramananda would not take him as as disciple…[Kabir] fell at Ramananda’s feet…and Ramananda had to take him as his disciple.”

– “Then one day the master Totapuri appeared, and he became Ramakrsna’s guru.”

Verily, these above examples from the “CB” have nothing to do with the real meaning of Baba’s sutra 3-8.

Because in His spiritual treatise, Ananda Sutram, Baba is explaining the whole of Ananda Marga ideology, including the appearance of Sadguru. And as we all know, Taraka Brahma is that Sadguru – that is what our Ananda Marga ideology says and that is what every Ananda Margii has realised.

Yet that “CB” explains sutra 3-8 by using tales about dogmatic Hindu gurus like Swami Ramananda & Totapuri as proof of how Sadguru comes – as if such so-called gurus are the equivalent of the Ananda Marga standard of Sadguru.


As we know, in Ananda Marga, the whole concept of Sadguru is a sublime ideal – on no other path is Brahma the guru. Whereas, in Ananda Marga it is like that: Brahma is the Guru; Baba Himself is the Sadguru. That is why our tantric path of Ananda Marga is wholly unique and has no equal. Because Brahma is the Sadguru.


As many of you may be aware, this so-called Commentary Book CB) was written by Didi Ananda Mitra. The actual name of her “CB” book is, “The Spiritual Philosophy of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti: A Commentary on Ananda Sutram”. The book has been printed twice: 1981 & 1998. Unfortunately, in that 17 year gap between the first and second printings, not a single mistake was repaired.

And now 14 more years have passed and still these same faulty teachings have not been repaired.



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Do You Eat Sentient Food

Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 21:08:36
Subject: Do You Eat Sentient Food
From: “Liila”



Note: This letter has essentially been written for those very strict in adhering to a sentient diet. This letter is also very appropriate for those who want to become more diligent in following a sentient diet. Those who are lazy, lethargic, and constantly compromising by eating rajasik or tasmasik foods – and have no interest in improving their eating habits – may or may not read. However, if such persons want to improve their diet they are most welcomed and encouraged to read.

In our Ananda Marga, we know that strictness and discipline are needed in life. That brings will power or iccha shakti. And with that mental force, we can reach the Goal, by His grace.

On two worldly points of discipline, Baba was most serious: Illicit sexual relations and improper food.

The reason was that both of these matters grossly affect not just the body, but the mind as well. When consumed by such vices, the mind becomes polluted and cannot concentrate on Parama Purusa. That is the undoing of any sadhaka and explains why Baba is especially strict on these points.

So we should be vigilant both on matters of sex and food. That is the main idea.

This letter focuses on one of Baba’s unique teachings from His discourses on microvita about sentient food.


We all know how Baba categories food, i.e. which food is sentient, which is mutative, and which is ta’masik. (Reference (a) Caryacarya-III, and (b) Food, Cells, Physical and Mental Development) All A’nanda Ma’rgiis are aware of these points and follow the principles accordingly.

Here, however, is one other factor that is equally important, but which may often be overlooked.

Baba says, “Strict vegetarians avoid using any container which has been used to hold non-vegetarian food.” (Microvita in a Nutshell)

In this above tenet, Baba is guiding us that even sentient food becomes ta’masik if it touches a utensil, pot, or container – or any other item – that was used in conjunction with static food.

That means if steamed vegetables are prepared in a pot used previously for fish, then those vegetables are ta’masik. Likewise if a piece of fruit is cut with a knife that was previously used to cut onions, then that piece of fruit is ta’masik.

A simple cleaning of the pot or knife will not do. Rather, that utensil or container will have to be professionally sterilized the way medical equipment is sterilized. And few have the capacity to do this.

The second option is to heat the entire pot (not just the bottom portion) to a high temperature on your own stove / oven and then soak it in some type of acid like hydrogen peroxide to destroy the residue of tamasik food. Thereafter, the pot should be washed thoroughly with a naturally abrasive cleansing agent. Finally, one should examine the pot with a magnifying glass and check to ensure it is spotless.

Failing these two approaches, every utensil, cook pot, plate, or fork that was used for non-vegetarian food is certainly off-limits for true Ananda Margiis. To contravene this code means not following 16 Points, and one will be polluting themselves by turning their sentient food into something ta’masik.

That is Baba’s strict guideline.


So we must be careful because the ramifications of Baba’s above mandate are vast.

(1) No eating at another family’s house if they fail to keep a strict sattvika kitchen.

Often times we may be invited for a meal at someone’s residence who does not keep a sentient household. That person may be a friend, colleague, laukik family member, neighbor, or whomever. In good faith and with the best of intentions, that person may offer that, “I will certainly prepare only sentient food when you come.” But that assurance is not enough. Because Baba’s mandate is that any sentient food that comes in contact with non-vegetarian containers or utensils will taint that sentient food. In that case, one should either decline the invitation, or offer to prepare and bring food to the gathering. That is the only way.

(2) No eating at any hotel or restaurant.

Already this is a WT conduct rule, and really this is something that every A’nanda Ma’rgii should follow. These days more and more restaurants are offering vegetarian fare, but in probably most cases, that food is tainted by the use of pots and utensils used in non-veg cooking. Or that food may even directly contain onions, mushrooms, and garlic.

As sadhakas, our basic rule should be: Never eat in any restaurant and never buy any prepared foods. This is the only way to ensure that what we are taking is sentient. Perhaps the only exception would be eating in an Ananda Marga restaurant.

(3) No company foods

We know that in this capitalist era, every company’s bottom line is to make money. To that end all kinds of things occur in the name of food production. One factory will be used for a vast array of food; and the same equipment used to package meat items may also be used to package so-called vegetarian items. The main issue is that entire process is an unknown to us; it is happening behind closed doors. We cannot say what is going on or how the food is handled unless we work there. That is why it is better to assume that every company taints their food in one way or another.

While we may be tempted to purchase various company products that we deem to be safe such as bread, pasta, soy yogurt or other tasty items, we really ought to look into alternative means of preparing these same items in our own homes. That is the best and the only way to really ensure that what we are eating is truly sentient. Besides, many of these items may be affected by GMO’s, genetically modified organisms.

There are many more points about this topic to consider.

It is the duty of sincere sadhakas to be very strict in their sentient food practice.

Sastaunga pranam to Baba,
Liila & Prakash


“Asiimer ma’jhe siima’ nihito a’che duyetei tumi prabhu…” (3005)


Baba, You are that Supreme Taraka Brahma. In this infinite, vast, divine effulgence there exists this limited created manifestation. And You are the Divine Lord of these two arenas: The Expressed and Unexpressed worlds. Baba, You are the Supreme tangential point. You are Supreme Hub, yet also surrounding everyone. Each and every entity revolves around You. Baba, You are filling everyone’s mind and heart. Even then You play Your liila and sometimes keep Yourself beyond the grasp and touch. Baba, You always do a magical display.

Baba, in the cosmic swing of Your divine liila, You go on swinging. If anyone tries to realise You, You make them lost in You. Baba, You never allow the flame of the divine effulgence, which You have tenderly placed in my heart, to become extinguished at any time. You are so gracious.

O’ my Parama Purusa, You are everywhere. Baba, You are in the burning fire and the cool breeze; You are in the bottom of the ocean and in the vast blue sky. You are in the smile of the stars and You are remaining in each and every thought vibration of every jiiva. You are the origin of that love which saturates my mind. You are the my Goal.

Baba, You are Taraka Brahma. You are my closest companion and my nearest & dearest One…

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