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Date: 07 Dec 2012 21:42:20 -0000
From: “Shanti Devii”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Children Should Know How They Came Here & Their Relation With Others



“We must consider: When and how should we guide our children about our Ananda Marga creation theory.

Should we wait until our children reach a certain age when they can understand philosophy, grasp abstruse concepts of “Idea & Ideology”, and comprehend challenging topics like jadasphota, shambhuliunga, sadrsha parin’a’ma etc?

Otherwise, when and how should we approach this topic with our kids.

After all, this is an everyday reality for most of us: What is the best way to guide our children. Because inevitably, either on the home-front, in school, or on the internet, this important topic of creation will be raised. And if we do not give a reply – or if our reply is not satisfactory to their ears – then our children will get the ‘lesson’ elsewhere.

If we don’t teach our children from where they have come, then they are bound to learn from the general society that human beings are just bones, flesh, and blood – nothing more.

That is why many margii parents, acaryas, neo-humanistic teachers, and sadhakas have concluded that, ‘Yes, we should teach Ananda Marga creation theory to our children’; and, one of the best ways is to emulate the exact manner in which Baba Himself has explained it to His simple devotees.

The content of this letter is based on Baba’s original Hindi discourse delivered in one general darshan in Patna (1965) where He explained Ananda Marga creation theory in very easy-to-understand language.” (From the posting titled: “Loneliness & Monotony Were the Cause”)

Yes, teaching creation theory to our young ones and youths is paramount. Without that they will not have a base in life.

Based on the aforementioned Patna darshan, I wish to encapsulate how we are to impart creation theory in story form to our children. It proceeds and concludes as a very simple story that should be narrated in a colourful and personal manner.

Parama Purusa was all alone. He was all by Himself. There was no one around. Naturally He wanted some companionship – someone to play with. After all, who likes to be alone – all the time? We all like to have family and friends around us. Then we feel joyous. Similarly, Parama Purusa also wanted some company – someone to laugh and smile with.

But there was nothing. He wanted to create something; He wanted to create someone, so He would not be all alone. But how?

If you want to create any toy, then material is needed like wood, plastic, metal, or rubber. And with that material you can create whatever toy you like. So Parama Purusa was alone and there was no material by which He could create various things. So He put one portion of His mind away. By doing so, the needed material was created. And that process of creating material is called saincara.

When that material was ready, He then created plants, animals, small and big birds, dogs, monkeys, chimpanzees and finally human beings. In that way, He made this creation where everyone has mind – in some the mind is less developed and in others it is more developed. All though are part and parcel of His universal family. By this way, Parama Purusa was no longer alone and humans came into existence. This is called pratisaincara.

Following Baba’s Patna (1965) discourse is such a beautiful and wonderful way of explaining this created universe. Parama Purusa was all alone and to have someone to play with He set aside part of His mind and manifested this whole cosmological order through this cycle of brahmacakra, i.e. saincara & pratisaincara.

Such is the way of Parama Purusa. He is the Cosmic Father and He loves all and He is attracting and calling all the jiivas back to Him. With His divine attraction He pulls everyone. This is the natural process that is unfolding in this universe.

This is the way our Ananda Marga creation theory works. As we introduce children to this through story, they will be greatly benefited.


Ultimately, by Baba’s grace, this entire Ananda Marga creation theory gives children a huge lift in life. Because, with this teaching, with this outlook, in that tender age of early childhood development, our children will:

(1) Gain a clear conception of who they are, as well as from where they have come. They will know they are the sons and daughters of Parama Purusa and realise they have come from Him. Having these answers set in their mind gives tremendous reassurance and confidence in life.

(2) Understand what is their Goal in life. They will know that Parama Purusa is watching over them each and every moment. By this way, they will not run around searching “hither and thither” for meaning in life, but rather know that they already have a mission and a Goal.

(3) Know what is this universe. They will feel in the mind and heart that they live in a God-centered universe and that this entire cosmic expression is the manifestation of Parama Purusa, in various ways, shapes, and forms.

(4) Have an appreciation for what their relationship is with others. They will naturally feel that since Parama Purusa is their Father, then certainly all the other things which He has created – from mountains to hilltops and from oceans to ponds, from eagles to ants and from hippos to giraffes – are valued aspects of this creation. They will feel that they are to care for those landscapes, animals, and plants since they are also the expression of Parama Purusa – Cosmic Entity. Plus our children will have the inherent idea that all their neighbors, classmates, friends, and all humans are part of the same cosmic family, since everyone has come from Him. In that case, when in a natural manner this entire Ananda Marga creation theory has been suffused in the tender, young minds of our children, then surely their life on this earth will be peaceful and blissful. Their journey will be smooth and dharmic as they will have all the tools & insight to attain success in all the realms.

By instilling the ideas and values of our Ananda Marga creation theory in the minds of our young ones, there will be less of a tendency for them to stray from the path. They will march directly up to Him and be brought on His divine Lap.


So having this creation theory established in mind, then surely our children will grow in a benevolent way and look at the world in a neo-humanistic manner. They will feel that everything is part and parcel of Him and that they are connected with all.

In that case they will never feel alone or uncared for. They will not fall prey to cynicism nor feel that ‘nobody loves me’. And they will not think that they have come here to exploit everyone else – as if this entire creation is just for their own selfish enjoyment. The demerits of a materialistic outlook will never take root in their mind – so long as our Ananda Marga creation theory is nicely conveyed them in those tender years of early childhood development.

We should not wait longer than that. And this all fits with our entire spiritual approach since Baba Himself says that our children should start learning and practicing sadhana at the age of five.

Our Sadguru says, “It is very difficult to get a human life. Only after living life after life as an insect or a worm, etc., does one attain a human body – and then only if one is very lucky. Those who utilize this body for noble deeds are few, and those who utilize this life for spiritual progress are even fewer; so as I have attained a human body, the more I utilize it for noble deeds from an early age, the better it will be. As it is difficult to attain a human body, and even more difficult to attain a body which can be utilized properly, one should start a life of spirituality from the age of five.” (8 November 1978 morning, Kolkata)

Hence from an early age Baba wants that our young ones get all the fundamentals of neo-humanism and spirituality – and that includes knowing our Ananda Marga creation theory.


By Baba’s grace, knowing our Ananda Marga creation theory, our children will easily realise their relation of love with Him and become inspired sadhakas who attain the height of human existence – life divine.

Baba says, “We have all come from Parama Puruśa – the Supreme Entity – and from the práńa-kendra, the nucleus of the universe – that is, Puruśottama. We have to return to the same place. It is like a boy who has played throughout the day away in the fields, and now that evening comes, returns home. Sádhaná is the process of returning home. The child has played outside for the whole day. As evening approaches, he thinks, “Father must have returned home. Let me also return home and sit next to him.” ” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 11, Mantra Caetanya)

At His lotus feet,


Young children embrace stories, fairy tales, and all kinds of imaginative activities. In those early years, kids do not like to be burdened with logic and reasoning. They relish the world of make-believe and various types of fables. This continues until the age of 10 or 12 when they enter into adolescence. With puberty, comes the analytical brain that thirsts for logic and reasoning. The above letter is geared towards young kids. So it does not contain all the technical aspects of creation theory. Then children would lose interest in the topic. The above was written in story form to best appeal to the young child’s mind-set.

By this entire viewpoint and perspective it is clear that there is no need to wait until children can gain an intellectual understanding of creation theory. We need not wait until they know terms such as va’yutattva, parashanti, anucchu’nya’ prakrti, bhava’nii, ka’mabiija. Rather then it will be too late and they will miss out on the essence of this teaching.

So best is to is explain how this universe was made using Baba’s easy-to-understand method as described above in their early childhood years. Then this whole concept will easily set in their heart and mind. And let us not forget that this entire method described above is Baba’s divine approach which He Himself used to explain this creation to some simple devotees back in 1965 (Patna).


Baba says that life does not begin in the delivery room of the hospital nor does it end in the cemetery. Life starts when mind is first created. Then unicellular beings come into existence. And so many births and deaths occur as that mind evolves from one being to the next, and finally one gets human form. Then it continues further until one becomes a truly great sadhaka and attains nirvikalpa samadhi. Baba terms all these births and deaths as part lives; they are like the little beads on one big mala. The full life starts when mind is first created and culminates with moksa or salvation. In that sense, one’s full life is the entire mala, not just a single bead of that mala. This posting portrays life in a grand way. It addresses the big questions: Who you are, from where have you come, and where you are going. That deeper aspect is what we want to teach youths when imparting creation theory to them. They should understand who they are, from where they have come, and their relationship with the inanimate objects and living beings of this universe. The is the true utility of teaching creation theory to youths. And that is why it should be imparted at the earliest, i.e. when they are young.


“A’mi ca’i ni toma’re ka’che kon din, tumi krpa’ kare esecho…” (P.S. 2367)


Baba, I was leading a crude, materialistic life; the divine feeling was not coming in my mind. Baba, I never tried or desired to come close to You – not anytime. O’ my Dearmost, You have bestowed Your cosmic grace on me by coming in my life.

Baba, I was completely submerged in crude life. I was not understanding anything about You – how sweet and divine You are. Baba, You have graced me by destroying my lust and worldly attachment and bringing me close to You.

Baba, in the past I wasted my time searching eternal happiness in this ephemeral, external world. With my clouded mind I was thinking that these
worldly achievements will satiate my heart. I was always busy boasting about myself and my own greatness, and bragging about my own achievements
and glory. In this way, my life got wasted.

Baba, You have graciously turned my vision from external to internal and transformed my worldly attachment into divine longing. In this way, You have graced me and opened my eyes. Now I do not have any interest to think about my own self. Baba, You showered Your causeless grace on me and filled up my dry deserted heart with Your divine love. Baba, I do not have any words to express my feeling.

Baba, prior to this, my ego was a huge burden on me. It was the cause of my all-round degeneration and downfall. Because of that ego, I never tried to move on the righteous and straight path – the path of dharma. Instead, I always chose to move on the crooked, unrighteous, and sinful path. I was just passing my existence in animal life. In that way I committed many sins.

Baba, with the showering of Your karuna You showed me the divine direction. You graciously put me on the righteous path and bestowed the energy to move ahead. This way You have made me into a human being. It is Your grace.

Baba, from my side there was no effort to come close to Your lotus feet. Only You graciously lifted me up from the mud, cleansed me, & lovingly placed me in Your divine lap…

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