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Date: 08 Dec 2012 12:09:43 -0000
From: “Ram Singh”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: “Ideological Fight?”



Note: There is a spiritual topic appended to the bottom of this letter about sadhana, pranayama, and travel. – Eds

“Certainly Sambhutyanand jii is intimately aware of the many anti-ideological and violent acts of Sarvatmanand jii, Vicitra’nand jii, and Kolkata Adm. So today, when Sambhutyanand jii is on the receiving end of such inhumane torture from the Kolkata regime, he should not only raise his own personal issues and tales of woe, he should also discuss and reveal all the black deeds done by Kolkata Adm, many of which he was directly / indirectly involved in. Some of those incidents include torturing many workers, the murdering of Wts (e.g. Ac. Abhipremananda Avt), the distortion of Baba’s books, the curtailment of margii rights, and many other black deeds.”

“Let us not forget that when Rudranand jii was central ISMUB Secretary, then Sambhutyanand jii jii was a sectorial ISMUB strong-arm. And when Sarvatmanandji became ISMUB Secretary then again Sambhutyanand jiia was a sectorial ISMUB Wt. Both in 1994 and 1997, under the leadership of Rudranand jii and Sarvatmanand jii, respectively, along with the support of Vandananand jii, Parmeshvaranand jii, respected Didi Ananda Giita and others, Sambhutyanand jii himself changed Baba’s given BP election manual, snatched away margiis’ rights, distorted Baba’s discourses as only being given in Bengali, and authored the Fake BP Manual. Indeed, Sambhutyanand jii was one of the key members of the caucus who conspired to change the BP manual. In fact, if you look at the cover of the 1997 Fake BP Manual, which is still in vogue today, it is Sambhutyanand jii’s name – and his name alone – that appears on the cover. So he was a key person in ISMUB those days, as well as the right-hand man of Sarvatmanand jii.” (From the posting: “Cry of Sambhutyanand jii)

Here below is a letter by Dada Sambhutyanandaji about his recent court case. First we should all keep in mind a few points.

1. We should not think that these people are fighting for dharma. Just they are involved in atma sukha tattva, or selfish interest and pleasure. They are fighting for their own agenda. There is no great ideal in mind.

2. So no true bhakta should fantasize that those raising such court cases are doing such a great job. Just they are involved in the fight for power.

3. Dada Sambhutyananda himself is not a fighter of dharma. All along he was the right-hand man for all those black deeds done by Ac Sarvatmanandaji. So Sambhutyanandji has his own dark and long history.

4. Sambhutyanandji was a key cog in the machinery to harass, terrorise, and push away so many wts and margiis. He was the right hand man and now he is facing the same. How ironic: Just this is the liila of Parama Purusa and the play of prakrti. After it is sad that in his old age he is suffering.

Baba says, “The matter does not end here. The wickedness, the deceit, that pollutes human society first moves along a crooked path like its masters, and finally ends up by annihilating its masters themselves. The wicked persons at the helm of affairs, who are now out to liquidate others, will one day themselves be liquidated and erased from history by their own followers. Sinful persons, by following the crooked path, contaminate the atmosphere of the universe, but ultimately that sinful conduct, in a similar crooked way, will recoil like a boomerang on the sinners themselves.” (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 10, Shivokti 10)

5. We should take lesson that if in your heyday you harass others then everything will be recorded in the diary of Parama Purusa. Due to their ego, people think that they will remain powerful forever, but look what happened. Now those same gang leaders are kicking him like a football. Sambhutyanandji never imagined this earlier – that is his unfortunate state.

6. I feel sorry for him on the human level and I have sympathy in that in his old age and deteriorating health he is going through all this trouble and torment. I have sympathy for him on the human level the same way I would have sympathy for any criminal or mass murderer who did so much harm. I extend my good wishes for Dadaji’s happiness.

Sastaunga Pranam to Baba,
Ram Singh


Here is a link to a prior letter on this topic.



From: Sambhutyananda Avadhuta

Authority of the so called ‘United Administration’ under challenge in the Court of Law. After a long wait and futile persuasion for restoration of lawful and ideological organisational setup (based on ‘Carya’carya’ & ‘Constitution’), the Kolkata Protesters filed a new suit being Title Suit No. 178 of 2012 on the last 23rd Nov 2012 in the Court of the Civil Judge (Sr. Division), Purulia. The plaintiffs Ác.SambhutyánandaAvt. and 4 others have filed the suit against fourteen(14) defendants (Ác. KingshukRanjanSarkar& others).

The issues involved in the suit are —
1. The so called election or selection of Purodha Pramukha on 25th March 2011.
2. Transfers and Postings made between 25th to 27th March 2011 and onward are illegal.
3. Formation of Central Committee on 25.04.2011.
4. Governing Body for the term 2011-12 & 2012-13.
5. United Administration.
6. Freedom of Plaintiffs for entering and staying in the Campus of AMPS at Tiljala and Anandanagar or any unit of AMPS throughout India.
7. Freedom of Plaintiffs for attending any spiritual function like Dharmacakra, DMS, MahaprayanKiirtan etc., visiting MG Quarters or Memorial in Tiljala (Kolkata) and Anandanagar or anywhere else throughout India.
8. Restoration of possession of plaintiffs of their rooms and accommodations at Tiljala Campus. Along with the suit (plaint) and injunction application has also been filed for and order of temporary and ad-interim injunction against defendants. After hearing the application for ad-interim injunction the Ld. Court has been pleased to issue so called notices against defendants to appear in the Court and explain within 15 days from the date of receipt of the notice as to why prayers of the plaintiffs as prayed for should not be granted.

Plaintiffs :
1. Ac. Sambhutyananda Avt
2. Ac. Sucetananda Avt
3. Ac. Devakrsnananda Avt
4. Ac. Harikrsnananda Avt
5. Ac. Mantrasiddhananda Avt

1. Ac. Kingshuk Ranjan Sarkar
2. Ac. Vicitrananda Avt alias Ac Vikasananda Avt
3. Ac Bhaveshananda Avt
4. Ac. Sarveshvarananda Avt
5. Ac Ravishananda Avt
6. Ac. Viitamohananda Avt
7. Ac. Mantreshvarananda Avt
8. Ac. Kalyaneshvarananda Avt
9. Ac. Trayambakeshvarananda Avt
10. Ac. Tanmayananda Avt
11. Ac. Suthirthananda Avt
12. Ac. Purnananda Avt
13. Ac. Sugatananda Avt
14. Ac. Sarvatmananda Avt

Proforma defendant: AMPS having camp central office at 527 VIP nagar kolkata.



Recently someone posed a query about doing pranayama during a commercial airline flight and here is the reply:

On a typical airline flight, the air is too dirty to do pranayama. No doubt there are varying degrees of cleanliness and dirtiness, but on the whole it is not healthy or beneficial to do pranayama on a public flight.

People are eating tamasik foods, drinking wine and alcohol, and those smells and vibrations spread throughout the cabin. There is an air purification or circulation system on every plane, but many of those tamasik smells (fish, meat, alcohol etc) and air molecules will reach your seat before going through the air purification system.

Plus there is so much bacteria floating around and so many germs that it is just not a good environment for pranayama. Flights are crowded, and people are involved in tamasik foods etc and breathing, belching, and creating flatulence etc.

All in all this is not the proper place for pranayama. Other lessons can be done, but not pranayama as you do not want to invite all that tamasik air and bacteria deep inside the lungs.

If you are the only one on the plane or if it is a charted flight only for sadhakas, then it is ok to do pranayama.

Otherwise better to find an alternate spot to practice pranayama.

For instance, many flights are short and pranayama can be done upon reaching the destination.

If one is traveling across the planet, then there is most often a stopover for several hours. During that time, one should seek out and investigate the facilities in that airport. in many airports, there is a prayer room, meditation room, chapel, or even a yoga room. These are isolated quiet spaces where talking is not allowed, and anyone is welcome to visit and perform any spiritual practice or worship that they choose. This type of place is quite suitable for pranayama and all meditation lessons.

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