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Preview: This is a story about the great power and tremendous force of Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan. It saved us from getting stuck, and perhaps even drowning, in a dangerous river.

By His divine grace, I was present when our Beloved Baba first introduced Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan mantra. It was 08 Oct 1970, when Baba was on tour and staying in Amjharia (Palamu Dist, Jharkhand). When I think back today – the entire event is crystal-clear in my mind. I can never forget that blissful occasion and the absolutely incredible scene that took place afterwards.

At the time, I was an LFT teaching in an Ananda Marga school in Medinii Nagar (Daltonganj). There were 12 students in our children’s home who attended the school. And each day after teaching class, I was the supervisor of the children’s home.


One day, DTS Dada told me to go to the Baba darshan in Amjharia along with all the children’s home boys. It was under the direct order of DTS Dada that I went along with my students.

We had a smooth journey to Amjharia where we spent blissful days in Baba’s divine presence. This marked the time Baba first gave the Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan. It was completely new. The kiirtan was extremely vibrating and it super-charged my body and mind. I did as much kiirtan as I could, as did my students.

After the program, Bhukti Pradhanji gave me the direction to go back to the children’s home with all my students.


From there I walked to the concrete road to catch the bus, but the bus was not available. Then by Baba’s grace I saw one truck and I waved my hand and requested the truck to stop. Baba heard my call and the driver stopped.

It should be understood that usually one has to wait hours and hours before a truck will stop and offer a ride. The drivers are busy and concerned about crime. But this time a driver stopped immediately. That is why I say it is Baba’s grace.

Taking Guru mantra, I requested the driver to take me and all my students to our destination. The driver readily agreed; we were all very pleased to get in the truck and start the journey home.


We had driven for some time when vehicles coming from the opposite direction warned us that up ahead in Latehar, the bridge was damaged so there was no way to cross. We were told that we must turn back and take a long detour as no vehicles could get through the river.

Hearing this, the truck driver became concerned and scared. He requested us to get down from the truck as he was going to return back and take a different route.


We all told in one voice that, “No, we have to go to Daltonganj at any cost. We are coming from a grand kiirtan program with Baba and He will take care!”

By Baba’s grace, we were in a blissful state due to the strong kiirtan vibration. Indeed we had been singing Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan the whole time in the truck. In that deeply inspired mood we firmly told and assured the driver that, “Nothing bad is going to happen – let’s cross!”

We requested the driver to move on ahead: “Let’s go via this route and make it across the river. Your vehicle will make it!” With our firm resolve we convinced the driver and he agreed.


It was not long before we came close to the river. The bridge was washed out due to heavy rains and we would have to drive through the river. The river was around 3 – 4 feet deep and had a muddy bottom.

Our driver looked up and down the bank of the river and saw that many vehicles were on the riverbanks unable to cross the river. He told, “No, this is too dangerous a situation. This truck will not make it across.”

We enthusiastically encouraged him and said that we will make it across. The driver requested us to get down to reduce the weight. He told, “I will drive across while you walk or swim across. So please get down.”

We told that him, “If we get down, then you won’t be able to cross – you will surely get stuck. We will sing kiirtan in the truck and with that force you will cross. If you try and cross alone then you will meet the same fate as the other vehicles that got stuck.”

We were speaking with full confidence and conviction and the driver became convinced and said, “Let’s try!”

Up until this point in our journey, we had been singing kiirtan the entire time. The Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan was so powerful and the vibration was very intoxicating. Baba was showering His grace. And the whole time the driver was listening and feeling the vibration, so he believed us.


Suddenly, the driver felt confident that we would make it across.

Then he drove into the river – people had told us not to go and they did their best to discourage us – but we did not budge or pay them any attention. The truck was now in the river and we heightened the volume of our kiirtan and began chanting more and more loudly with greater surrender to Baba. The current slowed and the flow of water reduced. By His grace the truck was navigating the waters well. Everyone on either side of the river was watching. We sang more and more loudly.

Then by Baba’s grace we reached the far bank and drove up to safety.

Seeing us cross successfully, other trucks and buses that were waiting to cross got the courage to drive through the river. As they attempted, again the flow of water increased – seeing this they reversed their course. It was not possible to cross so they again waited by the bank of the river. We could see them from the other side.

Watching this, the truck driver became more amazed and thrilled by the fact that we had made it across and others could not.



The driver quickly purchased sweets and distributed them among all the children. Then he gave us back the money we had given him. He said it would be sinful to accept that money. He saw first-hand that the Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan is very powerful and that we were doing dharmic work.

After hours of driving we reached Medinii Nagar (Daltonganj). The driver asked us our exact address and he kindly dropped us off directly in front of the school by late evening.


When departing the driver was very, very happy. He said, “Today I saw and realised God’s grace.” He then did namaskar and drove off.

in Baba



The above story graphically displays the power of our kiirtan mantra. When chanted sincerely with devotion, it can eliminate all kinds of disasters.

Baba says, “Now, whatever might be the physical miseries – be they natural or man-made – if people collectively chant kiirtana, the calamities are dispelled then and there. In case of natural calamities like flood, famine, drought or epidemic, or man-made calamities, miseries and tortures – if kiirtana is chanted with maximum sincerity, it will bring direct relief in no time. (16 May 1982, Kolkata, Kiirtana Dispels Calamities)

And that is exactly what we saw in the above story. By chanting kiirtan they were able to pass the otherwise uncrossable river.

Certainly, sadhakas of highest devotion – ragatmika bhakti – sing only for Parama Purusa, not for averting disasters per se. While those in a different flow may sing to avert disasters. And that is fine at least they are singing the Lord’s name. We have to remember that this world is colorful and that there are all kinds and levels of aspirants on the planet.

In the above story, however, all were singing with full faith and surrender to Guru – there was no other idea in the mind.

We should all pay heed to His below directives and chant kiirtan whenever and wherever possible – no matter how little time we may have.

Baba says, “If you have even only one minute’s time, do kiirtan for one minute. If even two or three people gather together, they can do kiirtan collectively; if one thousand people assemble together, then also they can do kiirtan.” (17 May 1982, Kolkata, Serve the Supreme by Kiirtana)

Baba says, “Instead of wasting your time in gossiping, in useless idle pursuits, you should do kiirtana even for two minutes or five minutes, whenever you get the opportunity. It is foolish to waste one’s valuable time in gossiping.” (15 May 1982, Kolkata, Kiirtana: The Panacea for all Afflictions)

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