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We should all learn from this following Baba story.



In the early days when Baba was working in the Railway Office, Baba used to talk to His colleagues about His plans and programs for changing the humanity-at-large and the entire globe – in order to serve and help the suffering people.

In particular, Baba would talk about social service projects such as children’s homes, schools, medical clinics, and various other endeavors.

Hearing this, those colleagues who were margiis were thinking, “We are too few in number. What can we do, how will we be able to do this. It is just not possible.” Side by side, those colleagues who were not aware about whom Baba is, told Him, “What You are telling is very important and I have great admiration for these ideas, but without the requisite means it is all just talk. Theoretically, this is fine to discuss, but on the practical plane it is of no value. How will You ever do such things when You are working here.”

These non-margii colleagues could not imagine how Baba would ever implement such programs, let alone establish these works around the whole globe. And margii colleagues also had their concerns and doubts, though they dare not express this to Baba directly.

In reply to all this, Baba would merely say, “I am putting forth ideas and I will continue to talk to those who come around Me. Those who are interested will carry out these works. So I will continue to talk to others – I feel that to be My moral obligation.”


Here the point is that Baba Himself never indulged in or gave credence to their talk about what is or is not possible or about how steep the odds are etc. He did not give value to their pessimism.

Baba just kept to His ideological platform, principles, and vision – keeping His aim fixed on His plan.

We know that in due course Baba infused the needed vibration and created a vast organisation that is executing His grand plan, by his grace. And that organisation will grow and grow. By this way, His ideology will be established in due course.

We should always keep this story in mind when confronted by obstacles in the form of nay-sayers etc.



There are many right minded people in this world who want to do good things but they do not have ideas. So our duty is to propagate dharmic ideas, and in due course sincere and right-minded people will implement those plans. We should not think otherwise.

One should never invite any type of pessimism while talking about ideology. The aim should always be lofty. How much a single individual can do on their own is one thing, but we should not lose sight of the goal. Baba’s ideals are the goal of Ananda Marga education and all other efforts like dharma pracara, social service projects (both temporary and permanent), Prout, neo-humanism, schools etc.

A few pessimistic people who see only the organisational crisis may think Baba’s ideals are too radical to establish in the present environment. They mistakenly think that can only be done in the divine world. This is their pessimistic way of thinking.

But let us remember this.

Before 1985, who thought that the USSR would crumble so precipitously and cease to exist. Likewise, before 2011, who thought that there would be such a dramatic happening as the Arab spring where one dictator after another was taken down. No one could imagine such a turn of events. The central notion is that we should go on propagating His divine ideals without compromise. At the opportune time, right-minded people will come and momentous work will be done.

When we propagate Baba’s teachings even non-margiis are inspired by the aims and goals. Those ideas touch their heart. In turn, they start so many organisations and movements to spread and implement those concepts.


Furthermore, we all know the story where Baba says that, “If you do not do the work then I will get it done by others – non margiis even animals.” And to some degree, this is what we see going on.

On various occasions when talking about Prout, Baba simply told us to propagate the name Prout and the rest of the work will be done – even done by non-margiis.

Since Ananda Marga started, so many Ananda Marga ideals have been propagated by others because they saw what we were doing and read about Baba’s ideas. Then they started to implement those teachings too.

For instance, when Ananda Marga started in the 1950’s and 60’s, intercaste marriages were firmly rejected by the society at-large. Such villagers would attack and burn our jagrtis simply because we propagated and practiced inter-caste marriages. Those villagers were absolutely livid and furious. But see the irony. The common people have since embraced inter-caste and inter-racial marriages. Now those protesting villagers are witnessing their own grandchildren engaging in inter-caste marriages. Such is the divine liila of Parama Purusa. Indeed, since those early days, many have begun following Baba’s guideline and they are preaching others to do the same.

If we do not propagate or if we compromise on His teachings, then Ananda Marga ideology will be propagated by others. Thus, at the very least, in our discussions we must be firm; we must not compromise. By this way, we will sow the seed and support the cause of dharma.

Baba says, “I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that optimism is life.” (A Few Problems Solve – 3)

Let this be our way – certainly then our success is assured.

At His feet,


Thousands of years ago people dreamed of flying – we see proof of this in texts like the mythological Ramayana and those Puranas. And in the due course, in the 20th century this idea came to fruition. Likewise in Ananda Marga, we have the plan that one day our system of education, Prout, social service projects etc should come into form. If we do not plan or talk about it, then it will never happen.

We can see that many have started propagating the Sanskrit language and now the number of Sanskrit speakers is in the hundreds of thousands. It is been accepted and welcomed on a mass-level. That was not happening 50 yrs back. Yet Baba wanted to propagate Sanskrit and now He is doing this by other organisations.

Here the idea is that Parama Purusa fulfills His desire by any means. Everything and everyone is His creation. By that way, He can and will get the job done. Always His plan will be implemented – somehow, maybe even in the least likeliest of avenues. But certainly it will happen. This we must always remember: We should become a society of optimists.

When we discuss ideas on the internet, even non-margiis will pick up the topic and start propagating those concepts as evidenced by the recent growth and use of Sanskrit, plus so many other positive movements have been launched: Animal welfare movements, environmental activism, deep ecology, human rights, and the dignity of women etc.

Baba’s ideas are unique and we should go on propagating them, then margiis and even non-margiis will get attracted and do the same.

If we look around it becomes quite apparent that the very ideas which Baba started propagating are getting implemented throughout the society.


The ideas of Ananda Marga are based on bhagavad dharma. In this day and age, some feel that it is easy to compromise and remain sloppy in following Baba’s guidelines, but we should be careful. If we do not follow His teachings then a wrong tradition will be started and the humanity will not be benefited by the teachings of Taraka Brahma. Rather they will be led in the wrong direction. Yet it is His sublime teachings which are so highly needed for the society. So we should not be shy in propagating Ananda Marga ideals. Rather we must work hard to perfectly exemplify His rules, regulations, and guidelines.

The slippery slope – of not following Ananda Marga teachings – is easy but not safe.

Once again let us remember that we should always follow the path of optimism, and never indulge in pessimism or negativity. If our schools are not in line with and / or compromising with Baba’s educational ideals then we should raise the matter and create the necessary pressure that they should follow 100% Baba’s teachings. Never should we appreciate the status quo. We should talk on the plus points and encourage everyone that one day all Baba’s teachings and guidelines will be implemented. Our aim is to move in that direction – regardless of what others say or do.


Baba says, “There are some people who are pessimistic. They say that the society around us is very bleak, that it has no expression of vitality and that it seems that everyone is in a deep slumber. Pessimists say this because they have never made any detailed study of human history, nor do they care to. Had they done so, they would certainly be optimistic, because if they had looked carefully at the symptoms of pause, they would have realized that significant preparations were being made for the subsequent phase of speed. So under no circumstances should human beings be pessimistic. That is why I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that optimism is life.” (A Few Problems Solved – 3, Dynamicity and Staticity)

Baba says, “In the crimson rays of the early dawn floats the trumpet sound from the distant blue void. The call resounds: Arise, awake and waste no time in sleep. Tear off the fog of dogma and march on smashing under your feet the sky-kissing challenges of the rocky mountains. Remember that victory does not come by itself. Victory has to be invited and welcomed with sweat, the warmth of the blood and the fiery flames of hard labour. The task you have undertaken has to be brought to its consummation. When the mission is noble victory is sure to come. So do not sit inert wasting your valuable time. Be ready to give a fitting response to the clarion call of the cosmos. Be ready from this very moment.” (Ananda Vanii #70)


“Ba’ndhan chinr’e beriye elum kave keno ke ja’ne…” (PS 3526)


Baba, You have graciously done everything. You have shattered all my bondages, brought me out of that magical net of maya, and lifted me up onto
Your divine lap. Amazingly, You released me from the otherwise insurmountable grip of maya. Baba, it is impossible for me to understand exactly how You did it. O’ my Lord, You have smashed all the bondages and brought me out. You graced me and attracted my entire mental flow towards You so I did not get pulled towards the magical allurement of avidya maya. Baba this is Your causeless grace on me. How it happened I do not know – but now, by Your infinite compassion I am in Your eternal shelter.

Baba, from the moment You brought me under Your shelter and made me deeply attracted towards You, You became my everything. After that no longer did I did pay heed to any obstacles – or any crude worldly attraction. Instead by Your grace I moved swiftly towards You. By seeing this situation, some concluded that I was imbalanced, mad, and crazy. In their own way they tried to pull me back into their negative way of living. But by Your divine attraction I did not pay any heed to their call; nor did I get affected by the useless comments of those ignorant people. Baba, by Your grace now I am safe under Your shelter.

Baba, by Your Supreme direction, You have taught me what is important in this life. With Your fathomless love, You changed my mind: You have made me a member of Hari Pari Mandal [1]. You graced me and showed me how to offer my entire unit being at Your alter. In this magnificent display, You brought me under Your divine shelter and I got You. Baba, You Yourself made all those crude desires drift away from my mind and by Your grace now I am blissfully floating in the high tide of Your eternal form of divinity. Baba, each second of my life is like a divine oblation – giving the flowers of my heart and mind. Each and every moment I am offering everything to You in the form of Guru Puja. Baba, by Your grace my whole existence surrenders at Your lotus feet…


[1] Hari Pari Mandal: Literally means ‘circle of devotees’. In the deeper sense it is that highly devotional state of mind where all one’s longing and desires are racing towards His Supreme Self, towards Baba. When by His grace one has accepted Parama Purusa as the only Goal of their life then each and everything they do is done to please Him. In that blissful atmosphere, the bhakta is just closely revolving around His Cosmic Nucleus – not at all distracted by anything else in this created universe. So when one is in that deeply devotional flow of Hari Pari Mandal by Baba’s grace they are totally ensconced in Him and moving in His divine flow.

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