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From: “Ramesh Dev”
Subject: Some Wts Are Like Purohitas (Priests)



In the 5th part of Tattvika Diipika published in 1957, Baba puts forth a very unique definition of an acarya. Every Ananda Margii will take great interest in seeing what Baba has told about the role of acaryas.


First, I share with you an updated version of the passage. Senior margiis gathered and made this updated, yet unofficial version, in the hope that it will be easier to read and understand.

Following that is how it was originally printed / published in 1957. Keep in mind that those days Baba’s talks were not recorded. Margiis were taking notes on what Baba spoke.

The key point in all this is that Baba brings forth many unique ideas in this passage. Please read the below passages and the commentary that follows.

Note: The actual subheading in the book is “Ácárya”.


The literal meaning of purohits [i.e. priests] are those who primarily contribute to others’ benefit and well-being, but if we see how such purohits conduct themselves in day to day life, it is clear that they give more priority to their own interests.

The purohit-dom centres round vested interest. Priestdom exploits the public in the name of religion. In contrast, the ácáryas are social workers. The social services rendered by the ácáryas constitute a voluntary duty. Ácáryas are those who teach what and how to do; and acarya means what not to do. When there are no monetary considerations, there can be no vested interest.

Ceremonies provide the chief opportunity for exploitation. Unlike in the various religions, in Ananda Marga, in absence of the ácárya, ceremonies can be conducted by the senior man present. The presence of the ácárya is desirable since he enjoys considerable esteem. Ácárya is also more conversant. He combines esteem with efficiency.

Here is then is the original version as it appears in Tattvika Diipika part 5:


“Purohits are those who primarily contribute to others’ benefits, but as a matter of fact, they give priority to their own interests.”

“The purohit-dom centres round vested interest. Priestdom exploits the public in the name of religion. The ácáryas are social workers. The social services rendered by the ácáryas constitute a voluntary duty. Ácáryas are those who teach what and how to do and what to do and acarya means what not to do. When there is no monetary considerations, there can be no vested interest.”

“Ceremonies provide the opportunity for exploitation. In absence of the ácárya the ceremonies can be conducted by the senior man present. The presence of the ácárya is desirable since he enjoys considerable esteem. Ácárya is also more conversant. He combines esteem with efficiency.” (Tattvika Diipika, Part 5)


In the above passage, Baba clearly guides and warns us that the main way that religious traders and purohits exploit the common people is by charging exorbitant fees for social ceremonies. Whereas in Ananda Marga, there is no remuneration to acaryas for such ceremonies. In Ananda Marga, Baba mandates that these ceremonies can even be performed without the presence of an acarya. That is unheard of in the various religions.


Unfortunately, nowadays in AMPS, some of the top acaryas are not abiding by Baba’s guideline. Many are charging large fees for presiding over social ceremonies.

Certainly we have many, many sincere workers in Ananda Marga – there is no question about that. Nonetheless it is our duty to identify and solve the problem cases and disturbing trends.

For instance, see how top Dadas are collecting big money on these occasions and works:

(1) To get Purodha Pramukha Dada’s so-called marriage blessing, the family must pay a large fee of thousands of rupees. Failing that, they will not receive PP Dada’s so-called marriage blessing.

Here I use the term so-called because top Dadas just created this dogma that Purodha Pramukha has the ability to bless marriages, when in fact he has no such power. It is just their bogus invention. And then they started charging margiis big money for this fake blessing. So this is a double negative: First they invented the dogma of PP Dada’s marriage blessing and then they turned it into a money-making venture by exploiting the sentiments of innocent margiis.

(2) Various acaryas also take in maximum dollars for performing marriage ceremonies. This is big business and a lucrative enterprise for some of our dadas – and perhaps some didis too. In that sense, they are carbon copies of those opportunistic purohitas.

But that is not all that our acaryas do. Unlike those religious purohitas, various Ananda Marga acaryas involve deeply in arranging marriages, i.e. finding a good match for people of marriageable age. This too they have turned into a business. They charge high fees and take commissions. Here again they completely exploit the sentiments of margii families. It is a shame and a sham.

Even then the story does not end there. Such acaryas involve so deeply in arranging marriages – carrying around photos of eligible candidates and whispering and talking etc – that their mind gets fully coloured in that desire. Until finally, they end up in some sexual escapade or get married themselves. This is an ongoing problem.

That is why Baba’s expressed system is that during reporting He would ask Wts how many marriages could they inspire family margiis to arrange. That is to say, Baba’s approach is that family acaryas and family margiis should handle all aspects of arranging marriages and performing the ceremonies. Dadas only had to ensure that family margiis were actively engaged in this endeavour. Beyond that, dadas were not to get involved in the particulars. That was Baba’s system. And that was for the protection and well-being of all: acaryas, family people, and the bride and groom.

(3) Some Dadas are also collecting large fees from margiis is those margiis want them to come to akhanda kiirtan programs. Here we are not just talking about paying for a dada’s travel arrangements etc. Rather those Dadas collect a grand fee just for showing up.

(4) In addition, acaryas are charging big money for conducting baby naming ceremonies, house blessing / house entrance ceremonies, and for all kinds of normal social functions like shraddha (death) ceremonies, birthday ceremonies, even the tree planting ceremony.

Such acaryas have became grand exploiters surrounding social ceremonies. In that case, what is the difference between some of our acaryas and those purohitas (religious priests)? They both seem to be operating in the same way.

This is clearly in opposition to Baba’s mandate for acarya life.

It is duty of margiis and sincere wts to put a stop to this – if you see such things going on (i.e. taking money for marriage blessings etc) then please report the matter.

Sastaunga Pranam to Baba,
Ramesh Deva


“A’loker utsava eso sabe…” (PS 2218)


Baba, by Your grace I am inviting all family members for this occasion. O’ my brothers and sisters, of the Great Family, come one, come all to this grand festival of light. Baba, by Your grace, I am awakening all with the divine knowledge. On this great occasion, let us all work collectively. By His grace, we will bring heaven on this dusty earth.

No one is distant: All belong to one family; all are my own. In the absence of this divine truth – unaware of this ideological understanding – even close people go distant and far away and try to destroy each other. Let human beings know who they are; they should know they have come from Parama Purusa. They are the divine children of Parama Purusa. All are kith and kin. Baba, by Your grace, on this grand festival, I am preparing and arranging everything so that everyone will know who they are – that all have come from Parama Purusa. O’ my Dearmost, I am making everyone aware of their divine relation. It is your grace.

Baba, thinking of You, I will not lag behind – not even for one second; I will never look back. I will keep my eyes fixed on the Goal, on You. Baba, I will not allow even a single person to fall back – to lag behind. By Your grace, this is my sadhana – along with the entire humanity. This grand effulgence will destroy all accumulated dirt and stains. We will enlighten the entire universe, by Your grace.

Baba, with Your causeless blessing, the impossible becomes possible. You are my Goal; You are my everything…

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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 16:04:02
From: Rukmini Verma rhk.verma@bank.trust….
Subject: Re: Widespread Nepotism & Theft in WT Cadre



~ PART 4 ~

Note: I have great respect and admiration for dear Didi Ananda Giita ji. I write today so she may resolve this issue at the earliest and be regarded with dignity and honour.

The on-going affair of respected Ananda Giita Didi having long-term relations with her laokik father – Shrii KC Bhalla ji – while she herself remains in WT dress has grave repercussions.



I appreciated the analogy in the prior letter that just as an avadhuta cannot marry a female and remain in WT dress, and just as an avadhutika cannot marry a male and remain in WT dress, similarly no wholetimer can maintain relations with their loakik father / family and remain in WT dress. The overall point being that there is no compromise ever with Wt conduct rules.

I can never forget the scene from one reporting session with Baba. There was one Dada who had great sentimental feeling for one Didi and he went to the Didi’s jagrti to see her on the pretext of her being sick. She was not sick and all-knowing Baba was certainly aware about that fact. He punished that Dada for his misdeed.

In that very reporting session, Baba declared that at any cost no Dada is allowed to visit or stay in a Didi’s jagrti or MU. Such events must not ever happen.

Baba told, “Even if the Didi’s jagrti is on fire or under attack, no Dada should go there to put out the fire or defend the building etc. Instead, Dadas should contact local family margiis near the Didi’s jagrti, and those family margiis will go and help.”

By this way, we can easily understand that Baba clearly wants that there be no compromise on Wt conduct rules.

For instance, no Ananda Margii should eat meat. However, to spare their lives, general margiis may eat meat, but not Wts. Better they should die than eat meat. That is Baba’s expressed direction. This again shows that for Wts there is no compromising their given conduct rules – not even to save their very life.


Here I wish to raise some new points concerning how to care for the parents of our Wts as well as Bhalla’s financial history. Some are wrongly claiming that he has donated all mundane wealth and property to Ananda Marga. But that is not true. Shrii Bhalla ji (i.e. Ananda Giita Didi’s laokik father) maintains a healthy, independent, and robust fiscal (financial) life. Some of those details I wish to review in this mailing so everyone has a clear picture of what is going on.

First though, let us keep the ideological fundamentals at the forefront as this is the real heart and soul of this issue: WT’s are not to maintain relations with their laokik parents / families.

“Before receiving their Wt-ship, every candidate has to take an oath that they will not maintain relations with their worldly family.

“No relationship should exist with worldly family.” (32 Rules for Avadhutas / Avadhutikas, point #9)

So for wts, they only have one family – the universal family. To further emphasize this, each worker is given a new name to reflect their full, 100% dedication to humanity. They are no longer bound by ties to their laokik family.


For instance, suppose there is a Didi named Ananda Bhakti, and when she was born into this world her laokik father was Ram Lakhan Chaturvedi and he named her Bhavana Devii. But the moment that Bhavana Devii took her oath to become a wt, then her Father became Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji. That is the oath she has taken. No longer is her father Ram Lakhan Chaturvedi. That prior connection is gone.

Those workers who, after taking this oath, still think that someone is their laokik father, laokik mother, or laokik brother etc are fake avadhutas and fake avadhutikas.

Similarly, those workers who depend upon their laokik family for financial or emotional support are misguided and a black spot on Ananda Marga. Internally, they should not feel any type of special link with their worldly relations, nor depend upon them in any way – nor provide support.


Proper acaryas follow the right code of conduct and by this way they set a sterling example and teach others. Fake acaryas preach to others with their mouth, but do not back up those words with their actions. Rather they go against. When junior wts see what is going on with those senior acaryas, then they (junior wts) make jokes about their (senior acaryas) hypocritical dealing. This sets the tone that one need not really follow the rules – just one should tell others to follow. This is not the right ethic to build a healthy and vibrant Wt cadre.” (Widespread Nepotism & Theft in WT Cadre, posted 9/9/12)

Regarding the case of Didi Ananda Giita and her long-term treatment of her laokik father KC Bhalla, we have to establish some fundamental facts to gain a clarity of understanding.

The first question is: Who is Bhalla ji. The immediate answer would be the laokik father of Ananda Giita didi. But in fact he is a dedicated, senior, and respected margii.

Now if with love and respect the greater society is watching over Bhalla ji’s health – then that is to be appreciated. At his senior age of 90 years, his care, safety, and comfort should be a high priority. But Giita Didi herself must not take her laokik father under her care and custody. That is wrong.


Unfortunately, two points are being entangled in the situation the way it is unfolding now:
(1) Some say that Bhalla ji is worthy of care because he donated all his financial wealth and property – which we now know is not true. But even if it were true, that is not reason for any Wt to break the rules and keep relations with their laokik father.
(2) Why is it that only Giita Didi’s father is being cared for – why are not all such parents of Wts given special care and attention. To only look after Giita Didi’s father because she herself has the highest post and seniority looks to be a form of cronyism or nepotism.


Let’s address the second question first:

Why only Bhalla ji? Why should we not take care of all such parents of wholetimer workers. Is it not a fact that all parents of Wts have donated their most precious possessions and loving property – i.e. their children.

If WWD had created a system in the greater society where the parents of all Wts are taken care of, then that would be rational, otherwise not. But just to allow one very senior Didi – i.e. Ananda Giita Didi – to bring her laokik father under her supervision (directly or indirectly), while so many other Wt parents remain uncared for is unjust. This smacks of favouritism and nepotism, not to mention it contravenes Baba’s given code of conduct for Wts.

Since Ananda Giita Didi is the head of WWD and has good relations with many workers and senior margiis, she should discuss among them and evolve a proper system where no Wt is inclined to break the rules to care of their laukik family member.

That is the clear and rational solution. Those aged parents of Wts should be cared for within the context of the greater society. The solution is not for this or that didi to secretly or openly care for their individual laokik family members on a case by case basis.

So Ananda Giita Didi is reaching in the wrong direction. She should renounce her ties to her laokik father and spearhead a committee and devise a system where the parents of all Wts are cared for by the greater society. This might not be formulated overnight, but that is the direction to move in. A greater system must be devised and no Wt should apply a band-aid response by breaking their oaths and caring for their laokik parents etc.


Now let’s examine the claim that Bhalla ji gave all his financial and mundane wealth to the organisation. Already, others have disputed this claim stating that Bhalla ji receives a monthly pension from the government.

Here are more details about his current financial status. Because no one should fall prey to the rumour enacted by Ananda Giita & Co that the only reason her laokik father (Bhalla) is under her care is because he has valiantly renounced all his wealth and signed it over to Ananda Marga. This is just not true.


Let’s take a simple evaluation of the matter:

(A) MONEY: As a freedom fighter in the Indian Independence movement, Ananda Giita’s laokik father Bhallaji has been receiving a pension of Rs 6000 every month from the Indian government. Still he receives this money on a monthly basis. I do not denounce Didiji’s laokik father for accepting his pension. He is legally and morally entitled to it. The smell of this is bad because respected Ananda Giita Didi and others in her camp claim that her laokik father has given everything to AMPS. Didi Ananda Giita justifies, “That is why I (Ananda Giita) am sheltering my laokik father.” To set the record straight, Didiji’s father has not donated all his economic wealth to AMPS. Rather he has a steady income, plenty of money, and perhaps much more in the bank. So Giita Didid need not live with him. Best will be if Didiji gives up her bogus claims about this – it is not befitting her stature to make up such cock and bull stories.


(B) PROPERTY: In essence, Didi Ananad Giita’s laokik father owned four properties. Three parcels or plots in Umariya totaling 10 acres, and a 2-story house in Raipur. Still, to this very day, the 2-story Raipur house is in Bhalla’s name. That itself is further proof that Ananda Giita Didi’s laokik father did not donate all his moveable and immoveable property to Ananda Marga. They continue to claim that one day he will donate the Raipur property, but at the age of 90, he still owns that house in Raipur.

With regards to the Umariya land parcels, here again there is no proof that Didiji’s laokik father signed those properties to AMPS. To prove this, Didiji has to present the land deeds and other official papers. But this she has not done. No one has seen such papers in any Ananda Marga office.

Even then, Ananda Giita tells her supporters to repeat again and again that her laokik father has renounced all his property and given it all to AMPS. It seems Ananda Giita Didi carries out this plan merely so she can remain with her father. She wrongly justifies that if he has donated everything then she can keep him on her master unit etc.

But the facts themselves do not stand in her favour. Firstly, her laokik father clearly did not donate all his wealth and property; it is just deceptive to say that he did. Second, regardless of whether he donated or not, there is no compromising any WT rule, including the rule that states that workers must not keep relations with their laokik family / father etc.

“No relationship should exist with worldly family.” (32 Rules for Avadhutas / Avadhutikas, point #9)


Here I wish to make it clear that this letter has been written in the spirit of following Baba’s teachings and helping dear Didiji. Baba tells us:

“Hence, all Ananda Margis, when they see other Margis acting against the principles of Yama and Niyama, must make them shun this habit either by sweet or harsh words or by dealing even more strictly. Thus they will have to make the society strong. Henceforth I direct every Ananda Margi to keep strict vigilance on other Ananda Margiis to make them practise the principles of Yama and Niyama.” (A Guide to Human Conduct, How to live in Society)

“From the social or human viewpoint, everybody has the right to correct the behaviour of everyone else. This is the birthright of every human being. No scholar can dispute the right of people to correct the shortcomings of those with whom they come in contact. The recognition of this right is indispensable for the health of society.” (Human Society – 1, Justice)

So with good intentions I raise this matter with respected Didi Ananda Giita. Baba wants for margiis to point out respected seniors because the wrongs those top Wts do will be emulated by others. That is the danger. For this reason, I kindly bring this matter to the fore.

As respected Didi Ananda Giita mends her ways, she will not incur papa and pratyavaya. I want her welfare – that is all. Just as with present day political leaders, those acaryas in question should rectify their conduct or step down from the post. Those are the two options.

With all sincerity, I know and expect that Didi Ananda Giita Acarya will do right by this.

In His love,
Rukmini Verma


Actually, some margiis recount how Baba Himself ordered Bhallaji (Ananda Giita’s laokik father) to keep the Umariya land in his own name and use it in his old age. Some Ananda Giita Didi supporters proclaim that her laokik father disobeyed Baba and donated half that land (5 acres) to AMPS prior to 1990. They furthermore tell that in 2003, he donated the remaining 5 acres to WWD. But again, this is all just hearsay until the actual documents are presented. To date, no legal document of registration has been put forth that shows that Didi’s laokik father has donated any land at all to AMPS.


#3: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/12/re-widespread-nepotism-theft-in-wt.html

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