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Subject: That Gracious General Darshan in Ananda Nagar



That general darshan of 31 December 1981, Baba was in a very gracious mood and the whole atmosphere was charged with His divine vibration. He was showering all with devotion and high spiritual bliss. Everybody was charmed by His magnificent presence, and accordingly Baba was especially gracious.


As some may recall that general darshan was the historic event when Baba showered His grace equally upon all: Females and males, family persons and monks. That day, He made it clear that in the spiritual realm there is no difference from one to the other. And this is exemplified by that general darshan as the end of 1981 when He graciously introduced the practice of avarta kiirtana– to one and all.

Actually just in the few months prior, this style of avarta kiirtana was first given to Wts as part of their practice for madhura sadhana. So family people were not involved.

So, the morning General Darshan of 31 Dec of 1981 in Ananda Nagar stands as the first time in history of Ananda Marga that Baba blessed family margiis to participate in avarta kiirtana. Before that it was not allowed. Baba Himself had announced that up till then avarta kiirtana was not open to family margiis.

However during that special general darshan Baba blessed family margiis to also participate in this special type of kiirtana known as avarta kiirtana. So that was a first for us family margiis.


Plus as many may surely remember, during that time in India females were not allowed to stand and dance during any Ananda Marga collective gathering – because of problems in the general society. So those days females were just sitting and chanting kiirtana; only males were dancing.

In overseas areas the situation was different, but in India prior to that day our respected sisters were just singing kiirtana from a sitting position. Certainly when they were alone, in the absence of the males and in the privacy of their own campus, then they were dancing kiirtana. But at collective gatherings females were not allowed to dance because of local social reasons.

But in Ananda Marg revolutionary things happen.

By Baba’s grace on that very day of December 31 1981, females in India also began to dance kiirtana collectively on occasions such as at DMC or in the jagrti etc. Because at that same general darshan that Baba told that it will be best if everyone dances kiirtana. And He announced that: ‘My daughters can also participate if they like’.


So in that way at that historic general darshan two dramatic points unfolded: First family persons were given the practice of avarta kiirtana; and second, females were told to start dancing kiirtana during collective functions.


Baba went on to explain Himself that avarta kiirtana is first meant to be done in the four directions and then up & down. So six directions total. He also told that the tune of the kiirtana must always be changed for each direction.

Since then avarta kiirtana has been done at all such Marga gatherings. Baba has also guided that during this practice of Avarta kiirtana the mind should be kept in sahasrara cakra, as that gives immense spiritual benefit.

So avarta kiirtana is very good for spiritual progress and it brings the sweet vibration of Parama Purusa in the mind.


As we all know, in our day to day lives devotion is very important and it is a great devotional tool to participate in Avarta kiirtana.

In contrast, during akhanda kiirtana one has to constantly walk around the Puja table and that type of circling around brings some disturbance also since one has to be aware of their external surroundings etc. But Avarta kiirtana is more serene and soft and gives a more sentient feeling.


Surely we can all remember that when Baba used to sit on the dais or in reporting or any BP meeting etc, then in His presence so many times that special type of kiirtana happened. And Baba was watching and showering His grace.

Indeed with that divine force everyone’s mind was pointed and moving in one singular direction. In that way all kinds of righteous forces were united and Ananda Marga was moving like meteor.


Among the many positive aspects of avarta kiirtana, we can say there are two broad-based, overarching benefits.

Firstly, for those who practice during daytime, they will gain spiritual energy and the quality of their sadhana will be enhanced.

Secondly, for those who practice at night, i.e. between 11:45p to 12:15a, then they will go to sleep with a distinctly positive mind-set. Bad dreams and nightmares will be wiped away and instead the mind will easily be goaded to mantra japa throughout the night. Plus, sleeping disorders like insomnia will be a thing of the past. Furthermore, upon waking the in morning one will feel fresh and spiritually vibrated.

Two more points to keep in mind to enhance the practice of avarta kiirtana. When practicing collectively then the mind should remain in sahasrara cakra and when practicing individually the system is to keep the mind in ajina cakra, though if you like you can have the mind in sahasrara cakra.


We should remember the importance of spirituality and this avarta kiirtana is a good medium to practice in our day to day life to develop a more direct link with Baba and to have His grace. This is the very easy way to link up and step forward toward Parama Purusa, towards Baba.

Baba says, “Kiirtana will always remind you that you are the affectionate children of the Supreme. In kiirtana, there is no restriction regarding time, place or person, no distinction between educated and uneducated, between black and white. So do kiirtana, sing kiirtana, chant kiirtana whenever and wherever possible.” (kiirtana is Panacea, 1982)


Another fact is that avarta kiirtana is related with madhura sadhana. The basic program is: avarta kiirtana, kaoshikii, tandava, and madhura sadhana. And it is all done during the midnight hours– after 11:15pm.


Earlier many other gurus did not allow family margiis to participate in such a practice, and in times of the vedas then so many dogmas were in vogue. Such as females were not even allowed to listen to the omnkara mantra – otherwise their ears would get blocked with molten lead in order to make them completely and permanently deaf. That was the punishment. Baba is such a Divine Guru that He has graciously blessed one and all and He has given various discourses to show that females have equal rights in all the realms including spiritual. This was a revolutionary step.

In all the dogmatic religions females do not have right to salvation. But in Ananda Marga females are equally given opportunity. So many new and dharmic practices came for females such as: Kapalika sadhana, becoming acarya etc.

Throughout the history there was terrible exploitation against both family persons and females – especially in the spiritual sphere. Ananda Marga is that special path where all have equal rights and opportunity.


Baba says, “Whatever worldly difficulties might obstruct your path, the best positive or auxiliary force is kiirtana. kiirtana helps a devotee to accelerate the speed towards the hub of the universe. Kiirtana will help you in all circumstances; if any mental trouble arises, kiirtana will help you.” (Kiirtana is Panacea, 1982)

Baba says, Kiirtana will help you in all circumstances, in all possible ways. If people do kiirtana with distinct expression of the mantra, their mouths become pure, their tongues become pure, their ears become pure, their whole bodies become pure – and when so many parts of the body become pure, the atma (self) also becomes pure. By kiirtana you become as pure as if you have taken a ‘holy dip in the Ganges’.” (Kiirtana is Panacea, 1982)



“Tumi je path diye giyechile priyo, se pathe a’jo surabhi rayeche…” -2781


Baba, even today Your sweet aroma remains lingering on that path – on the path which You have traveled. Baba, the songs which You sang so beautifully in tune and rhythm, those very songs are ever-present in the deep core of my heart. Their lingering resonance still vibrates my entire being.

O’ my dearmost Baba, I cannot ever forget Your blissful tales; it is impossible for me to forget. Your divine advent in my mind is far more significant than hundreds of lives of sadhana, & its penance. Baba, You are the most meaningful thing in my life. You have graciously presented Yourself after my hundreds of lives of searching and longing.

Baba, even if You do not remain close to me, my mind does not go far from You. By Your grace, I always remain ensconced in Your blissful ideation. Baba, keeping all my longings for You in my heart, I will go on singing Your divine songs day and night. Baba, You have made me understand this truth: That to do any extraordinary task is impossible for those who have a dry heart. Only those with innate love for You will be able to climb over the insurmountable mountains. Others cannot because in each and every sphere of life Your grace is everything. Without that nothing is possible. Baba, by Your own qualities You have bound me with Your divine love; Baba You always stay with me; You always keep me under Your shelter.

Baba, Your sweet and charming aroma keeps me thinking about You constantly…

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