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Subject: Baba Story: How He Pulled Me Into Ananda Marga




Note: The below is a first-hand account from Ramchandra, an extremely senior margii from Jamalpur.

In my youth I studied in the same school as Baba but was much younger than He was. Baba graduated long before I entered.

The school was in Rampur colony (Jamalpur). When I attended high school my classmates and I used to pass by the newly constructed Jamalpur ashram. While walking by, my friends and I would keep quiet. We thought this was some type of magician’s house where people got turned into animals. That was the type of fear complex we had. We were terrified of the place.

I do not know where that idea came from, but that was the way we were thinking was those days. We were very scared and thought it best to keep distance from Ananda Marga as margiis could captivate people and bring them into their fold.


As I grew older, I became more curious about Ananda Marga. I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I wanted to go inside – though admittedly I still had a lot of fear about Ananda Marga.

So here is what I used to do.

When Baba was not present, I would seek out those margiis coming from afar and talk to them about their experiences with Baba and Ananda Marga. Those days, disciples and new people were regularly coming from greater distances to see Him. In reply to my queries, these bhaktas would tell me their experiences. One common theme I heard again and again was, “Baba knows everything.”

In this way, I would gather news, insights, and stories. That was my way of learning more about Baba and Ananda Marga without going too close due to my fear. Gradually I became keenly interested, though I remained fearful as well.

When talking to them, margiis would ask me, “How long have you been doing sadhana?”; “Are you practicing regularly?”. I just remained quiet.


After some time I came to the conclusion that I should learn and practice sadhana but not maintain any connection with Ananda Marga due to fear and public shame. I did not want to be known as someone who got brainwashed by Ananda Marga. So I concluded I would do sadhana in my home and keep distance from all AMPS organisational activities while in public. I also decided that I would not go for PC (Personal Contact), nor would I see Baba for general darshan etc. That was my plan.

So I took initiation and started doing sadhana and margiis invited and encouraged me to attend dharmacakra as well. I told, “No. I will not attend dharmacakra nor will I attend general darshan.”


One day out of curiosity I went to talk with a few newcomers about their experiences. Suddenly people started shouting, “Baba has come! Baba has come!” Then 20 – 30 people stood and formed one line. They stood there waiting. A small crowd passed by including one simple dressed man.

(Note: In my mind I was thinking that Baba was a monk. So when people started saying Parama Pita Baba Ki – Jai!!, then I was looking for a monk with matted locks, a tiger skin, and ashes on his body. But I did not see anyone like that. I had never seen Baba before so I could not recognise Him. Others were doing pranam but I did not do pranam even though I was also in that line.)

After a few minutes, after the crowd had gone inside I asked, “Who is Baba? Where is He and what does He look like?”

In my mind, I was thinking that Baba must look like one of those monks with matted locks and a long beard, armed with a trident and wearing earrings. This was the image I had conjured up in my mind about Him. I thought He must be like that. Yet the person who just passed by was a simple, ordinary looking man.

All this was going on in my mind when I asked, “Who is Baba?”

Those around me exclaimed, “That was Baba.”

Then I thought, “He does not seem to be so dangerous.” So I went inside and attended general darshan. I sat in the back.

It was very surprising for me that Baba was not scary at all. He did not abuse or punish anyone. Mostly He spoke on various topics. After attending this first time, I felt more attracted to Him and Ananda Marga.

At that point I thought that I should do sadhana very regularly and go see Baba from time to time in the ashram. But outside, I should maintain my own existence and not be associated with Ananda Marga. Otherwise, it would be very humiliating to be known as a margii. After all, those days the public image of Ananda Marga was not very favourable.


During that time of my life, it was also my manner to visit various religious functions held by sadhus and monks of different organisations. Although I was in search of true knowledge, I had no idea that Ananda Marga was the path. Because I heard so many bad things about Ananda Marga, I was hesitant to go close. On my own I would never have joined Ananda Marga. It is Baba Who pulled me, despite my concern and ignorance.

At that time, all my classmates had other interests. I was alone in my pursuit for spiritual truth.

One morning an Arya samaj conference was going on. I was aware about it but had already planned to go to the jagrti that day for general darshan. But when I reached the Ananda Marga ashram I saw that there was a delay. Morning general darshan had not yet started, and it did not look like it was going to start soon.

From that spot, I could hear the loudspeaker off in the distance from the Arya Samaj gathering.

I thought that since there was time, I should attend the Arya Samaj function and hear their pravacan. Then, later on, I would return for Baba’s darshan. That was my plan.

When I reached to the Arya Samaj gathering, the monk giving the lecture started abusing Baba and Ananda Marga. Internally, I did not at all like what he was saying. Rather I was very much disturbed hearing this fellow abuse Ananda Marga. I thought that if Baba is Himself God, then He must be listening. I wondered why Baba is not teaching him a lesson – here and now. After all, if Baba is the most powerful One and this fellow is abusing the Almighty God, then something should be done. All these thoughts were going on in my mind.

On the one the side, I was upset and deeply disturbed by hearing this man’s harsh words; and, on the other hand, I wanted to see how far, how nasty, this speaker would go. So I listened for a little while longer.

Finally, after some time, I thought I should return to our Ananda Marga ashram. Approximately 2 hours had passed. I was thinking that by now Baba has probably come and it will be time for general darshan.

So I left that Arya samaj conference and started en route to the ashram.


On my way, I met up with many margiis. As soon as they saw me they said, “Where were you? Why are you so late for general darshan? Baba inquired about you several times. Again and again, Baba was repeating, “Why has Ramchandra not come? Why has he not come?”. In this way Baba was repeatedly asking about you. So quickly go to the jagrti and see Abhedanandji.”

I quickened my pace and hurried that direction.

When I reached nearby the ashram, many others also told, “Ramchandra, where were you? Baba asked about you many times.” In their own way, not less than 10 or 15 margiis informed me that Baba was calling me.

I hastily ran and saw Dasarth ji standing outside.

Dasarth ji told me, “Baba is calling you; go see Him immediately.”

I reached there as quickly as I could.

Dada Abhedananda told me, “Baba is calling you – go in the room, do sastaunga pranam – He will give you PC!”


When I entered I did sastaunga pranam. Baba was very charming. But because I was preoccupied with news of the Arya samaj event, I thought I should tell Baba about it when I got the chance.

I wanted to give Him a full account of the Arya Samaj conference. I told half a sentence.

Baba said, “You need not worry about that. I know the whole situation. Ramchandra, you need not think about that fellow from Arya Samaj; it is not your duty to give him a lesson. Those who are bad emit bad words from their mouth. Those who are good people will always speak good things. So do not think about taking revenge. According to natural law, nature will take care of this.”

Mentally I thought that Baba knows everything.

In that PC, Baba told me so many things about my life which no one else knew. I personally felt that He knew everything about me. My secrets which nobody knows, Baba knew. All I could think is that, “Baba knows everything.”


I realised that Baba is Parama Purusa and that He remains always in the mind. What you think He knows, and He is very loving too.

From that day forward my mind was wholly transformed and I became very regular in attending all kinds of Ananda Marga programs. I was always eager to attend.

Now I see that my coming into Ananda Marga and my relation with Him is exclusively His grace. He alone changed my feelings towards Him, from being quite distant to extremely personal and close.



By the way, I entered Ananda Marga in the 1960’s. Internally I wanted to be an Ananda Margii and was attracted to Baba’s magnetic personality. I was initiated, began practicing sadhana regularly, and ultimately was blessed to receive PC with Baba.


Here are teachings related with the above story recounted by Ramchandra:

(A) In Ananda Sutram, Baba explains that when a sadhaka has an ardent desire for liberation then the Sadguru appears. The above story neatly reprsents this idea. Ramchandraji had interest and wanted a guru – for that reason he went from place to place – ashram to ashram. He avoided Ananda Marga because of its poor reputation and bad name. But all along Ramchandra had longing for spiritual truth. Without Guru’s grace he would not have entered into Ananda Marga. Sadguru is so gracious: Ramchandra had desire for mukti (liberation) but had no interest in Ananda Marga per se. Yet Baba graciously revealed Himself to Ramchandra.

3-8. Muktyákáunkśayá sadgurupráptih.

Purport: When a vehement desire for emancipation wakes up in a person, he or she attains his or her sadguru [true spiritual preceptor] on the strength of that desire.

(B) Every sadhaka should carefully review this below teaching from Sadguru.

Baba says, “This knowledge cannot be attained by reading books alone. It needs earnestness and spiritual practice. One has to pursue one’s path towards Brahma as the destination. If all the tendencies are directed towards Brahma, they will become subtler and subtler and will ultimately merge in Brahma. When there are no tendencies, there is no mind. You will go beyond the periphery of the mind. You will be released from the feeling of pain and pleasure and will ultimately attain the self.”

Tadádraśt́u svarúpe’vasthánam.

“One has to advance by making the maximum effort to keep the mind scrupulously away from vices. Never let your mind’s purity be polluted in any way. After practising this for some time, you will observe that the same mind that sustained your vile tendencies has become your greatest friend. Your mind will serve all your purposes so that you should let it have constant inspiration from your soul. Enlighten your mind with the effulgence of the soul. The absolute truth in you will automatically reveal itself.”

Rtambhará tatra prajiṋá – Pátainjala

“Those who adopt the reverse course are truly ignorant, in that as they dedicate themselves to crude objects, they gradually transform their minds into crudeness. By gradual transformation their mind-stuff reaches a stage where they cannot be called human beings. Who can say that the fire-burnt cane has been transformed into the plantain tree, and the decomposed beef has been transformed into onion through natural changes, and that the rice-water has produced tańd́uleraka leaves? Likewise, no one will be able to recognize you as a human being in your degenerated condition.”

“Therefore, do not absorb yourself in crude thoughts or allow yourself to be carried away by impulses and tendencies. The extroverted tendency and the dedication to these crude objects are sure impediments to the realization of self.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 1, Spiritual Practice and the Cosmic Science)


“Toma’re bhule bhesechi akule, karun’a’ karo he krpa’nidha’n…” (P.S. 2206)


O’ Parama Purusa, O’ Baba, remaining forgetful about You, my whole existence is floating aimlessly without a Goal or direction. By this way, my life is getting wasted. O’ love-Personified, merciful, ever-gracious One, please save me by showering Your compassion on me. My days pass in meaningless pursuits – negative works. I remain oblivious about the gift which You have bestowed upon me. I remain forgetful about Your grace.

Baba, You have graciously sent me on this earth to do Your work – to fulfill Your desire, to follow Your command, to execute Your task, to serve everyone, to make this world colorful. And to bring happiness in the life of all living beings. Baba, You have brought me for this purpose alone.

Baba, still some time is remaining in my life. If You shower a wee-bit of Your cosmic grace on me then what cannot happen. Everything is possible. My only request is that You grant me Your Varabhaya Mudra so that with that strength I will be able to execute Your task. And I will go on singing Your song and spreading Your glory eternally. Baba, my whole existence is floating aimlessly without a Goal or direction because I remain forgetful about You. My only request is that You grant me Your Varabhaya Mudra…

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