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Subject: Not Mermaid But Dolphin



In His walks and talks, Baba has revealed to us so many truths about this world. Margiis and non-margiis alike are awed by the way Baba speaks with such clarity, precision, and knowledge on countless subjects: Spirituality, philology, history, art, devotion, science, social life, economics, health and hygiene, and verily so many other topics.

Baba is undeniably held as an authority on all subjects. That is why it is so bizarre to read the below passage.


The following passage comes from the book – The Awakening of Women – Part 2, Section #3 (Sentimentality: A Special Quality in Women – Excerpt A 31 August 1986, Calcutta.) Baba’s name is printed on the cover so naturally all readers will attribute the following lines to Him.

“We hear about a marine creature called a mermaid, or matsyakanyá, that lives in some parts of the world. Below the navel it resembles a fish, while on the upper part are flippers; its face resembles a sea lion’s. As it is a mammal, it has teats, in the area above the navel. This creature sometimes rises out of the water for a short time showing its upper body but keeping the lower portion underwater; and then again dives deep into the sea. If one sees from a distance only its upper body and its teats, one may mistake it for a human girl. In fact it is a water mammal like a whale or a sea lion.”

“It is said that mermaids are remarkable for their extreme sentimentality. I remember many years ago some villagers in eastern Indonesia killed a mermaid. Mermaids do not have the strength or intellectual capacity to fight against humans. Many mermaids (about fifty or sixty) came out of the water and flipped themselves up on the beaches and, because they are water creatures, died as soon as they came ashore. The local people believed that they committed collective suicide to lament in a mute protest against human atrocities because an innocent member of the mermaid community was killed.”


1. Mermaids do not exist; they are mythical or fictional beings that are half human and half fish.

“A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish.” (Wikipedia)

2. The above passage is written in a way that positively asserts that mermaids exist. And the passage is attributed to Baba, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji. The editors and translators have presented the discourse in that manner.

3. Actually, in that passage, Baba is talking about dolphins, which are real animals, not mermaids, which are mythological creatures.

According to Wikipedia, “The first known mermaid stories appeared in Assyria, ca. 1000 BC.” So there is a long history of mythological tales about mermaids. In this modern, scientific 21st century, the whole world knows that mermaids are not real.

4. The above passage has been published in the book, The Awakening of Women. That gives the impression that Baba Himself spoke in this way, when it is the editors / translators who are responsible for inserting the mermaid term into this passage. That leads readers in the wrong direction.


Baba is talking about dolphins which reside in the Indian ocean and coastal areas along the Indian coastline, as well as in other rivers, seas, and oceans around the world.

So the editors / translators made a huge blunder. Baba is talking about dolphins, yet they translated it as mermaids. Dolphins are real; mermaids are fake. Everyone knows that mermaids are mythological.


These following links about dolphins clearly express that the dolphin is the deeply sentimental and emotional creature which Baba is describing in His passage, just it is the dealings of the translators that they used the term mermaid instead.




We all know that being the Taraka Brahama, Baba has perfect knowledge of all aspects of life as He Himself is the Lord of this entire creation. His books should be printed and published in way which positively reflects this truth.

Unfortunately, the insertion of the mermaid term into this discourse undermines that discourse and reflects poorly on Baba. This is surely not the way we which to present Baba’s writings to the world.

Tragically, this error is not an isolated one. There are innumerable errors in Baba’s printed and published discourses. As His disciple, one should take the firm determination and vow that Baba’s discourses are printed properly.

Here below are Baba’s teachings on importance and accuracy of scripture:

“If one is not able to give the people proper guidance, then at least one should not misguide them. One must not divert them from the proper path by exploiting the tender and delicate sentiments of the human mind. In the physical world there should be a strict controller as a shástra – and it is better to have a strong personality than a written book – but in the mental sphere the scripture and the person who upholds the scripture have equal importance as far as their utility and practical value is concerned. There must be an excellent and all-embracing philosophy, in which there should be no loophole in any sphere of mind as far as possible.” (1)

“When the sole purpose of scripture, i.e. dharmasha’stra is to establish the human beings in the stable, exalted position of spiritual ideation, it must be practical, rational, infallible and universal. It must be based on deep eternal truths. It must be a’ptava’kya. A scripture is a guided entity.” (2)

“Do this, don’t do this – to prescribe these dos and don’ts of life is the duty of sha’stra. And why does the sha’stra prescribe those things? For salvation and liberation sha’stras prescribe these dos and don’ts of life.” (3)

“The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless.” (4)

In Him,


On the title page of “The Awakening of Women” the names of two translators are given: “Translated by Ac Vijayanada Avt and Avtk Ananda Ruciira Ac.”

We do not know how such a mistake entered this book, but clearly the translators were involved somehow. Now is the time that those currently involved in the publishing of Baba’s books should send out an errata page about this error.

Without that, the book might be reprinted in the near future without making any updates. That would only deepen and prolong the problem.


1. Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 14
2. Tattva Kaomudii – 2
3. Subhasita Samgraha – 21
4. Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 14

The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic, completely unrelated to the above letter.
It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Beware of Diplomacy

Baba says, “The versatile Dronacarya was well known for his diplomacy in addition to his famed mastery of the art of weaponry and different scriptures. It is said that he concealed certain parts of this knowledge of weaponry and scriptures from his disciples but taught them to Arjuna. Supposedly he taught Arjuna diplomacy as well. The sages, saints and learned philosophers never considered diplomacy to be a good thing. It was their firm opinion that it led to the degradation of humanity and the decay of spirituality. In their opinion, just as a thief is caught by a thief, an exorcist is killed by a ghost, a snake charmer dies of snake-bite, similarly a practitioner of diplomacy is destroyed by diplomacy.”

“This is what happened in the case of Dronacarya. His son’s name was Ashvaththama, and Ashvaththama was also the name of an elephant killed in the Mahábhárata war. Dronacarya was informed of the death of Ashvaththama, the elephant, when Yudhisthira proclaimed ashvaththámá hatah [Ashvaththama is dead]. When he said iti gaja [the elephant] in a soft voice, the drums and tom-toms were loud enough that Dronacarya could not hear that portion. He thought that it was his son, Ashvaththama, who was dead. He became so upset on the battlefield that he was killed in the battle.” (Shabda Cayaniká Part 5, Disc: 28)

Note: The same thing happened with Ac Sarvatmananda Avt when he employed diplomacy to destroy others. Ultimately he himself was destroyed. And there are so many examples of this. For instance, Ac Rudrananda Avt has long been using diplomacy tactics to serve his own ends, and now Dada Rudrananda himself is lying face down in the mud. After the recent episode in Ananda Nagar, Rudrananda is planning on abandoning the Ananda Nagar DMS grounds permanently. He tried hard to capture that site but he had gone down in defeat. Baba’s above teaching is very important. Those using diplomacy to destroy others invariably meet their own destruction.

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