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This entire email is composed of 3 parts:
(1) Prabhat Samgiita #2056;
(2) Posting: Food;
(3) Trailer Quote: Injustice to Mothers.

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (*).

**** Here begins the Prabhat Samgiita ****

“Toma’ke peyeo pa’i na’ keno…” (P.S. #2056)


O’ Parama Purusa, I feel in my heart that You are along with me, but even then I do not feel satisfied. I want more and more of Your proximity and presence. There should be so much closeness that there is no gap between You and me. Please grace me by coming in my mind and heart. Please remain along with me in a very intimate way in all my works. Baba, please grace me so that I can feel your eternal presence always – with more & more closeness and proximity.

O’ Divine Entity, I am surviving only because of You. My life is proceeding on by Your grace; my everything is based on You. Day and night I am deeply engaged in the work which You have allotted me. I am divinely immersed / intoxicated in the bhava of Your songs, which I have made into a garland for You. By singing Your divine songs over and over again, I have become ensconced in Your ideation. Baba, please come closer and still more close. Indeed You know the language of my heart- my inner feeling & sentiments. O’ Parama Purusa, how much love I have for You.

Baba, please grace me and please do not play Your liila of hide and seek any more. Please do not remain inaccessible – do not remain hidden and unknown. I want to have You close…

== FOOD ==

Note: This letter is related with psychic food.

We have all been blessed to come under Baba’s loving shelter and receive His divine guidelines. Human life itself is a unique opportunity and to furthermore come in contact with the Sadguru and understand and follow His dharmic injunctions is still more rare.

Baba says, “Human life is very precious, very rare; and such life is still more rare, still more precious, if it has become successful by dint of Bha’gavata Dharma.” (1)

So indeed we are fortunate and blessed to have this opportunity to follow His tenets of Ananda Marga.

However, the problem remains that human life is very short and in this modern era we are all quite busy with so many duties and responsibilities. Hence it is not easy to find the time to read, study, and understand all the many, many books which Baba has given. And without that, how are we to implement those teachings in our own lives. In that case what is one to do.

Once again, certainly it is a dilemma: We want to follow Baba in our personal lives and spread His dharmic message to all, yet for that to happen we must be intimately aware about all His teachings, but we do not have time to read all His discourses. That is the irony of the current state of affairs.

Because Baba has given thousands of discourses which appear in hundreds of different books and still there remains innumerable files of unpublished materials. In that case, how are we to climb this mountain of knowledge, understand it, incorporate it into our own lives, and ultimately teach others. It is quite a daunting task…

…but fortunately, by His grace, there is a solution that is quite practical for one and all.



In this 21st century, where the bulk of our day is filled with work and professional responsibilities, family duties, cell phone calls, health concerns, emails, spiritual duties, etc, then it is not easy nor practical to plan to sit down and ready Baba’s books for 2 hours every evening. And indeed even if we did have time to read for two hours every evening, still we could not go through all of Baba’s discourses.

His many teachings range from spiritual treatises to grammar and language, from geography to farming, from education to politics, from microvita to brahmacakra, and the list goes on and on. How are we to read & understand all these many topics, some of which are quite abstruse. Yet that is our duty as Ananda Margiis: To review, understand, follow, and preach His teachings. Without first understanding His teachings ourselves, then how can we teach others.

Clearly though, when reading is not a viable option due to an extreme lack of time, then we must come up with another avenue. And that avenue is listening to His discourses.

Here listening does not mean listening to His exact voice. Because not all of us know Bengali, Hindi, and English – plus who has access to all those tapes etc. Rather the more practical plan is to record Baba’s books in one’s mother tongue and listen to those recordings. Further down in this mail we will discuss exactly how to do this. Let’s first analyse how listening can be done in our day to day life.


The beauty of listening is that it can be done during all sorts of activities during our busy daily life.

For example, we all take bath; we all do asanas; we all cook food; we all drive or train or walk to work; we all do laundry; we all eat; we all clean our house or apartment; we all go to the toilet; we all wait on occasion to meet up with other people etc. All these things we all do. And it is not possible to sit still and turn the pages and read Baba’s books while physically involved in those activities. But, it is possible to listen to His recorded books during that time since listening does not require the use of our arms and hands etc, as reading demands.

So while cleaning, travelling, bathing etc, we are physically involved with our arms and legs but not psychically involved. In that case the mind is free to engage in something, such as listening to Baba’s bookds. Indeed the mind needs some psychic food, or pabulum, or abhoga.

Baba says, “Abhoga means occupation or pabulum. Not only the physical body but the mind also requires a pabulum; whatever object the mind confines itself to, that is its pabulum…mental pabulum is called a’bhoga.” (2)

Hence the mind always needs some food– something to think about. So while we are doing mundane chores we should involve in listening to His discourses. This psychic food we should give to our mind. By this way we can best utilise our time and learn, understand, and follow His teachings.

And if we do not give our mind something positive to think about, then it will find its own pabulum– which is not always beneficial, or can even can be harmful. One may worry unnecessarily about the future or engage in baser thoughts about money or who knows what, because– ’empty mind, devil’s workshop’.

So during our mundane duties we should fill the mind with something great and something sublime– His divine teachings in recoded form. That will be most beneficial.

Because we all know, the science of mind also dictates that ‘as we think so we become’. So what we think about is extremely important because that will shape who we are.

All this leads to a few natural conclusions:
(1) We do not have time to read Baba’s books but we have lots of time during the course of the day to listen to His books.
(2) Listening to His books gives the mind a positive abhoga, proper food, by which it can grow in a dharmic way. Plus listening is something
that can easily be done again and again.
(3) In this fashion, we will come to know, understand, follow, and be capable of preaching His grand philosophy.


Now that we have reached the fact that there are innumerable benefits to listening to His discourses, we need to come up with a practical plan in order to make this a reality.

Perhaps the best way is for all the members of a particular unit to each record one book that is relatively short– such as Caryacarya part II, Ananda Vacanamrtam, Problems of the Day, or any book of that length. The recording of the book may take a few hours time.

Once done, then everyone can make a copy of the book that others recorded. In that way, everyone’s recording library will grow quickly. Plus one can then start to trade recorded copies with margiis from other units. This type of domino effect will be very great.

Another approach is to have your computer read the book so you can listen and record it. Many computers have this facility of “speaking”, most notably Apple computers. In that case, all that is needed is an electronic copy of a discourse. Then you can order the computer to read it aloud to you.

By this way, we can all get recorded copies of Baba’s books in our mother tongue. And then our only job is to cultivate the habit of listening during our daily duties. At first, it will take a little bit of discipline to do this, but quickly the mind will get habituated and soon one will not like to do any mundane chore without having some food for the mind – i.e. one will have the desire to always be involved in listening to His sermons while doing daily duties.

By this way, our understanding of His teachings will grow exponentially plus the mind will be nourished with positive food – ever drifting in that bliss.

Note: For those who wish to have audio files in English of Baba’s books, contact us as we may be able to provide those to you.


All this goes hand in hand with Baba’s special teaching from Junior Acarya Diary where He instructs us to first study and understand the dharma of Ananda Marga ideology before reading other philosophies. That way we will know His divine guidelines and we will not be swayed by the dogma of other so-called teachings. Listing to Baba’s recorded books will help immensely in this task.

And it is the need of the day also. Because right now in Ananda Marga as to impart key guidelines to humanity on all kinds of issues from human health and spirituality to economics and water conservation. By listening to Baba’s books we will all develop a clear-cut understanding of Baba’s teachings on these critical issues and many others as well.


Human beings are manusa – psychic beings. That is Baba’s teaching. We eat physical food just a few times a day, whereas we need psychic food all the 24hrs.

By feeding our minds with Baba’s recorded discourses – the flow of our entire existence will be enhanced and we will be able to serve the humanity as well. Because we will be able to properly preach, teach, and model His words to the general populace.

This psychic nourishment enables us to grow not just today but tomorrow also. What we think now affects our future.

By saturating the mind with His sweet ideas over the course of the day through the listening of His books, our whole existence will drift in His divine vibration – in His flow. His words will be in our every thought and ultimately that will bring liberation. We will arrive and remain at His alter.


Baba has graciously given us the rarity of human life. Furthermore, by ensconcing ourselves in His thought, by psychically involving in the dharma of Ananda Marga, we will certainly reach that cherished goal. This blessed recipe Baba has given to every Ananda Margii. May we all recognise His special gift and make our lives successful.

“The books in Ananda Marga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and psychological. Certain instances of absolute knowledge are as follows – the goal of human life is the attainment of Brahma; human beings are the progeny of Parama Puruśa; this universe is created by the macrocosmic conation; matter is the crudified form of the universal mind; by dint of sádhaná or spiritual practices human beings gradually become divine; whoever is born will have to die one day; liberation is the birth right of all living beings; human society is one and indivisible; diversity is the law of nature; no two entities in this universe are uniform.” (3)

“Even after getting human life, only a few get the opportunity to listen to dharmika discourses. Among those, only a few develop the desire to practise dharma sa’dhana’. And even among these, only a few actually grasp the spirit of sa’dhana’. Those rare ones who understand, perform sa’dhana’, and reach the goal are truly blessed.” (4)

in Him,


A few fake sadhakas brag about how they utilise all their time when they are driving by listening to recorded books etc. But the humour (or tragedy) of it all is that what they are listening to is the pseudo-culture world of Harry Potter books etc. This the state of affairs nowadays. We should break this negative trend and give the mind some real food by listening to Baba’s divine discourses in the form of His recorded books. That will be the real utilisation of this human life.

1. Subhasita Samgraha – 21
2. Subhasita Samgraha – 11
3. Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell – 4, Prápta Vákya and Ápta Vákya
4. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 3

The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic,
completely unrelated to the above letter. It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Injustice to Mothers

Baba says, “Pregnant women and female animals may work half of what they usually do at other times; but under no circumstances should they be allowed to do strenuous work, as it may lead to premature delivery or stillbirth.” (Shabda Cayanika – 20)

Note: Unfortunately both in the east and in the west pregnant women are often put in physically challenging and compromising situations. For instance, many pregnant women who have career jobs in the US might work full-time right up until their delivery day. They feel compelled to work because they want to maintain their professional status and miss as little work as possible. In the east, and / or amongst economically challenged families, then again pregnant women are often forced to involved in strenuous work throughout their pregnancy. Of course, in every area, there are exceptions to this rule, but this stands as the basic trend. These types of critical situations are neither healthy, nor sustainable, nor humane; yet they are pervasive around the globe.

In comparison, women in economically wealthier families in the east, are more likely to not work and be less physically active during pregnancy. This is very advantageous for both the health of the mother and the baby. And there are certainly circumstances like this in the west as well. While this is good, economics alone should not be the sole factor for allowing women rest during their pregnancy.

Systematic steps need to be taken to ease the workload of all pregnant women. Failing that, the well-being of both mother and baby will remain precarious, at best. When the aim should be to provide a very comfortable and safe environment for all pregnant women, especially those in the latter stages of pregnancy. Not only that, a maximum amount of job leave should be given to those moms who recently delivered. But unfortunately, often working mothers return to work as quickly as possible.

One can easily imagine that when mothers do not get resting time before giving birth, then how will that same mother provide love and affection to new-born infants if they are in a rush to return to work.

This is a very sad state of affairs and is related with the future of the people all over the globe, not just in those local areas. Because without proper love, their children’s development is severely hampered – their full psychic growth will be impeded.

So this is a universal issue that needs everyone’s attention.

Baba says, “Pregnant women and female animals may work half of what they usually do at other times; but under no circumstances should they be allowed to do strenuous work, as it may lead to premature delivery or stillbirth.” (Shabda Cayanika – 20)

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