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Subject: One of the Main Causes of Balkanisation in AM


This entire email is composed of 4 parts:
(1) Prabhat Samgiita #3057;
(2) Posting: One of the Main Causes of Balkanisation in AM
(3) Reader Comment: On – Misleading Baba Story & More
(4) Trailer Quote: Searching Outside Is A Waste

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).

**** Here begins the Prabhat Samgiita ****


“A’ndha’re tumi ele, a’loy bhariya’ dile…” (P.S. 3057)


O’ Parama Purusa, You have graciously appeared in this Cimmerian darkness. By Your holy advent, everything has become filled with Your divine aura & effulgence. By Your causeless grace, all my dirt, staticity, negativity was removed in a flash. Amazingly, the Cimmerian darkness has been instantly transformed into effulgence by Your divine Presence.

O’ Supreme Entity, the clusters of clouds of confusion and dilemma which enveloped my life for ages were blown away in an instant by Your sweet momentum. The force of Your sweetness pushed them away. When my heart felt for You then no dilemma remained – they vanished. O’ my Lord You have magically removed all my burdens and pains and pulled me very close to You – in Your closest proximity. Baba, now I understand that by Your divine compassion I am never alone – nor am I ever neglected. You have graciously appeared in this Cimmerian darkness.

O’ Parama Purusa, You are always along with me close by – lovingly taking care of everything. I am always surrounded by You. Even knowing thus, I have cried. O’ My Lord, You blessed me by making me forget that cry. You are so gracious, now You are here by my side, along with me. You have graciously manifested Yourself in this Cimmerian darkness…

Baba, You have come to the darkness and illumined everything with Your light and love…


Expulsion has been a critical issue in our Ananda Marga since 1990. It has adversely affected our organistation by creating a “culture of fear” and undermining our unity – leading to terrible balkanisation. To resolve this issue we must better understand our Ananda Marga’s stand on expulsion, as well as investigate how it has been misused.


There is no scope for expulsion in Ananda Marga: As long as one follows Ista and has faith in adarsha, they can’t be expelled. That is the main idea.


The key point in this topic is that one must not go against Guru.

As we all know, Vishokananda was a traitor to Guru. As a defector, he had already categorically removed himself from Ananda Marga. Thus, his expulsion was a mere formality.

Because when one does not accept or follow Ista that means they have basically disconnected themselves from Ananda Marga at the most fundamental level. In that case their life itself is contrary to the main principle of being an Ananda Margii.

Think of it in this way:

If a person is loyal to their country then they are a citizen. And if they act in a way that is disloyal to that nation they will lose their right to live in that country as a citizen.

Likewise, if one observes non-compromising strictness and faith regarding the sanctity of Ista and adarsha, they are an Ananda Margii. If one renounces Ananda Marga ideals and plots against Ista, they have withdrawn themselves from Ananda Marga and their expulsion is a mere formality – as they have already disconnected themselves from Ananda Marga from the very root.


In essence, since 1990, whoever has been at the helm has used expulsion as a weapon to maintain their exploitative hegemony over the organisation. There have been many expulsions over the years and none have been warranted. None were done to safeguard and protect the sanctity of Ista. Those sadhakas who were expelled were whistleblowers who pointed out bad deeds going on in Centre.

They were sadhakas committed to Ista and Ananda Marga ideology. The only thing they were “guilty” of was taking a dharmic stand against wrongdoings and injustices in the upper echelons of the organisation.

Indeed, since 1990, certain key Dadas have used expulsion again and again as a tool for (a) seeking revenge (b) getting rid of dharmic whistleblowers, (c) creating an atmosphere of fear, (d) threatening and wiping away any in their path for more power, and (e) maintaing the status quo.

This is the very dark way in which expulsion has been used – and the results have been horrific.


In every organisation and community, there must be scope for the free expression of ideas. By this way wrongs can be corrected, injustices can be undone, and an environment of trust is created.

If open communication is not allowed, then by the weight of their own injustices, that organisation will crumble. So within every organisation and community, there must be adequate and ample scope for the free expression of ideas. There must be open avenues wherein opinions can be expressed and evaluated. That is an absolute need for the survival and growth of any organisation or community. Unfortunately that is missing nowadays in AMPS.

Since 1990, expulsion has been used by groupist leaders to put a clamp on open and free communication just like a communist regime does so no one will point out their atrocities and wrongful dealing.

Those who took a dharmic stand were systematically eliminated using expulsion; and, side by side, others were silenced under the threat of expulsion. That has been the harmful trend since 1990.

By veritably shutting down the air-waves and eliminating the voice of the people, the stage was set for the organisation to move along the harsh pathway of injustice after injustice, and one vengeful deed after another. All done in order to grab hold of more power and keep others at bay.



Another harmful offshoot of expulsion is the rise of splinter groups and competing factions, i.e. balkanisation. When people are expelled on false pretenses and when others are fearful of expulsion, then naturally such persons will seek out a new home. When they can no longer survive under such suppression, oppression, and repression, then they themselves will form a splinter group or competing faction. And that severely threatens unity; rather it shatters all attempts at unity.

This we have all been witnessed in AMPS since 1990. All because expulsion has been used as a weapon of revenge and a tool for destruction where innocent people have been harmed and dharmic voices have been outcaste or silenced.


There is no scope for expulsion in Ananda Marga: As long as one follows Ista and has faith in adarsha, they can’t be expelled, irrespective of what they have done. That is is the main idea.

And in the case of those who have been expelled since 1990, they were not involved in any wrongdoing or misdeed. They were firm in morality and Sixteen Points. So there is no question of any wrongdoing; they were jettisoned for blowing the whistle on unjust and corrupt dealings by various top Dadas. Because of this, such sadhakas were expelled.



Here Baba points out the long history how those in power regularly attacked and exiled dharmic persons who opposed the injustices of the ruling elite. Remember, hundreds and thousands of years of history show that whenever people stood up to exploitation and pointed out the status quo then those in power misused their authority, and harassed and outcasted them. Baba strongly condemns such dealing.

Unfortunately a similar thing has happened and is happening in AMPS, as described in the prior para. We should read Baba’s teachings to understand more in-depthly: How in the past atrocities occurred and that the same is going on at present in AMPS.

“In the Vipra era, humanity was affronted by the creation of divisions between high and low. People of high-birth would lose their caste if they merely stepped on the shadow of the so-called low-castes. Even worse, if a Vedic Brahman touched a person from a low family he was declared an outcaste. In no other age has humanity suffered such hatred and insult. Rabindranath says, “By standing aloof from your fellow man daily, you have hated the God enthroned in his heart.”” (1)

“Nor did the Samskrta scholars give any importance to Bengali: it was considered nothing short of blasphemy to translate the religious scriptures from Samskrta into Bengali. The Nabab Hussein Shah personally tried to develop the Bengali language. With his active support Krttivása Ojah translated the Ramayana, Káshii Ram Dash translated the Mahabharata and Máladhra Vasu translated the Bhágavata from Samskrta to Bengali. This caused a furor among the community of scholars. They tried to brand Hussein Shah as a saboteur of the Hindu religion because, according to them, to translate the holy scriptures into Bengali was to defile the Hindu religion. Máládhra Vasu had to bear the stigma of being a Moslem convert and was widely ridiculed as Guńaranjiṋa Khan. So incensed were the Samskrta scholars over the translations of Krttivása Ojah that he was declared an outcaste for committing an act of sacrilege. All this took place only 450 years ago.” (2)

“The Shákadviipii Brahmans spread (prasár) Ayurveda throughout northern India. In Bengal, however, there was little use of Ayurveda; mainly the Vaedyaka system was in vogue. In contrast to Ayurveda, the Vaedyaka treatises provided for the dissection of corpses; that is, the Bengali physicians did not limit themselves to the Ayurvedic theories. They paid attention to the practical side also. Later on, the demonic dogmas of the Shákadviipii Brahmans in north India extended their limiting influence over the physicians as well and slowly the Vaedyaka practitioners abandoned the dissection of cadavers. When Shrii Madhusudhan Gupta began practising western medicine during British rule the caste injunction against touching dead bodies made him a social outcaste.” (3)

“In vaedyak shástra there is a provision for the dissection of dead bodies; but in northern India, there is no such provision. Anyone doing so will run the risk of becoming an outcast. And so there is a standing rule in northern India that the Vaedyas of Bengal are not recognized as Brahmans, although, according to the liberal social system of Bengal, the Vaedyas should be recognized as Brahmans. I do not believe in casteism; I am just trying to point out the facts.” (4)

“The Atharva was mixed with Tantra at nearly every step. At one time the orthodox priests declared the followers of the Atharvaveda to be socially outcast; they said atharvánnaḿ má bhuiṋjiitháh, that is, the food of the followers of the Atharvaveda should not be accepted.” (5)



“History bears testimony that whenever a person states the absolute truth in any sphere of life, whether it be spiritual, social, economic or otherwise; sought clarification of doubts or protested against injustice and wrongs, the evil forces forthwith plotted against the person, administered poison, slandered and assaulted that person with rage, misused authority and mercilessly dealt blow after blow; but the blows boomeranged and ultimately the evil forces were annihilated by those very blows. Remember, by an unalterable decree of history, the evil forces are destined to meet their final doom.” (6)

“The unity of Ananda Margis should not be allowed to be jeopardized for any reason. Unity should be maintained even at the risk of your life.” (7)



Following is grand ideal of Ananda Marga where there will not be any exploitation or expulsion; and, where leaders will not crush whistle blowers with their steamrollers nor harrass them as ruling communists have done. The following ideal has yet to be achieved that is why such a struggle is going on.

“Ananda Marga forms a society in which laws have been framed always keeping in view the common ideal, and thereby developing the idea of the oneness of all humanity. This society is radically different from any existing society, for it provides a society with a common bond where there is no distinction, whether of class or sex, where no one can be outcast or punished so that one may not be incapable of reforming oneself, and where no laws are framed keeping in view the interest of a few individuals only. In such a society, no one would be weak or downtrodden, and no one would allow oneself to be exploited by others. Such a society had been dreamt of and spoken of earlier by moralists and idealists, but never before has a practical approach to achieve it – as has been discovered by Ananda Marga by producing people who combine all the qualities of the different economic classes of the world in one individual – been conceived of by any of the numerous thinkers or lawgivers of the world.” (8)

In His service,

1. Prout Nutshell – 7 , Social Values and Human Cardinal Principles
2. Human Society Is One and Indivisible – 2
3. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 10, The History of Bengal
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The sections below demarcated by asterisks are entirely different topics,
completely unrelated to the above letter. It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Re: Misleading Baba Story & More

Subject: Re: Misleading Baba Story & More
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 06:46:50 GMT
To: am-global@earthlink.net



I had no idea how much negativity Devashis has written in his book. The comment about BABA using avidya techniques is sacrilege and slanderous.

We must do something about this. Devashis had denigrated Guru. Baba said that we should go any length to protect the Sanctity of Ishta.

Perhaps, we need Devashis’s email and first ask him to change the passages?

We cannot assume that he gets emails from AM GLOBAL because if he did he would have changed that cover photo of Baba that we complained about a long time ago.

We must not allow any further negative comments about SadGuru!!! We should provide lawsuit for slander!!!


Link to Initial Posting:

Searching Outside Is A Waste

“…Toma’y ceyeche kato nar na’rii svadeshe videshe tiirthe ghuri
pa’yani kotha’o shato klesh vari ye na’i khunjeche antare.”

(PS #4537, last stanza)

One precious guideline is in this Prabhat Samgiita:

O’ Parama Purusa, O’ Baba, those who do not search for You within their mind do not get You. Baba, so many people are in search of You. In their ignorance they are looking for You in one country or another, wandering around various holy lands and tiirthas. Even after facing hundreds of troubles and difficulties, they do not get You by searching for You externally. They do not even get a tiny fraction of Your divine reflection. Baba, You are residing within their hearts but they can’t see…

Note: Unfortunately a few naive margiis and Wts search for Parama Purusa outside: Wandering from this tomb to that tomb, from this place to that place, and from this quarters to that quarters. In order to go close, they give large donations to the residing priests of those holy places. In that way, priests benefit economically. Tragically, those seekers cannot feel that Parama Purusa Baba resides in their heart. They cannot understand this so they do not want to see within.

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