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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 22:04:39
Subject: Threatens The Longevity of Ananda Marga
From: Jitendra
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This entire email is composed of 3 parts:
(1) Prabhat Samgiita #3233;
(2) Posting: Threatens The Longevity of Ananda Marga
(3) Trailer Quote: Kettle Drum Is Not Sentient Kiirtan – How Kiirtan Controls the Mind

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).

**** Here begins the Prabhat Samgiita ****


“Esecho a’ma’r ghare, krpa’r pasara’ ha’te kare…” (PS 3233)


Baba, by Your own mercy and compassion, You have come to my abode holding a basket of grace. Baba, Your divine advent in my home is not due to my calling – it is solely due to Your infinite love. O’ My Lord, You have taken so much trouble to come to me. You are so gracious. O’ Parama Purusa, I do not have any quality of my own – nor have I done any good work, nor do I do proper sadhana. Even then with a deep yearning in my heart I go on remembering and calling You. Baba, today You have come to my abode.

Baba, the brilliant stars of the vast, expansive sky are chanting Your divine name and singing that: ‘You are the Divine Lord, the Divine Saviour, You help everyone’. Baba, everywhere, all the time, You shower Your causeless grace on one and all. O’ Supreme Entity, You are the Controller of this entire universe. In the blue sky, the meteor and galaxies are showering their effulgence for You – to serve You, to please You. Baba, today You have come to my abode.

O’ Parama Purusa, whatever I have achieved in life is because of Your grace. I do not have any merit of my own. You have graciously showered me with Your abundant compassion and filled my entire existence with Your fathomless love. Unfortunately I did not give You anything. Baba, by Your grace, today I have placed fresh flower blossoms along with my entire being at Your lotus feet. Baba, today You have come to my abode. I am surrendering myself at Your alter…


The so-called mahaprayan gathering is not an innocuous program; rather by definition it threatens the very survival of Ananda Marga society.



There have been so many societies that have come on this earth and all wanted to survive – nay they all wanted to thrive and last forever on this earth. But the reality is that, at some point in time, each and every civilisation meets its demise and falls into oblivion.

Such civilisations of the past included the Mayan, Incas, Roman, Confucian, Greeks, Aztecs, Egyptian, Licchaviis, Vikings, Phoenicians – and the list goes on and on.

Similarly, the societies currently active on this globe also have their inherent flaws and weak links; they will not last long – let alone forever. Yet all hold the aspiration to stand the test of time.


Baba has graciously provided us with the key tenets that ensure the survival of any society. This He has done with the elaboration of the six spokes of the social cycle, or s’ad’ara’h sama’ja cakra. And these six are all present in Ananda Marga. As His disciples, we are to adhere to His guiding principles.


Before advancing any further, we should first identify what the six spokes are that ensure the preservation and prosperity of any society.

Baba says, “The six factors which guide society, which make it vibrate in bliss and dance in bliss when its different entities realize the fullness of existence in every fibre of their existence, are the s’ad’ara’h sama’ja cakra [six spokes of the social cycle]. The six are: spiritual practice, spiritual ideology, social outlook, socio-economic theory, scripture and preceptor.” (1)

Here Baba outlines the six spokes.

“Numerous factors are needed for the development of a group of people. But the following six are the most important of them.”

“There should be a spiritual ideology in the life of both the individual and the collective body. Much of your energy is misused due to the ignorance of your own self and the destination towards which you are moving. This misuse of energy is bound to cause destruction.”

“The second factor for the progress of society is spiritual cult, a Sádhaná process. Everyone has got a physical structure. The problem with every individual is to produce more and more ectoplasmic stuff by the body and then to convert it into consciousness. There should be a proper process for this conversion. Spiritual cult consists of the conversion of the five rudimental factors into ectoplasmic stuff and then into consciousness through a special scientific process. This is a process of metamorphosis. Spiritual cult therefore, is indispensable. But only spiritual ideology and spiritual philosophy will not do.”

“The third factor which is a blending of Asti (existence) and Bhati (growth) is a socio-economic theory. There should be a priori knowledge regarding the social structure, the distribution of wealth and its growth. For want of this knowledge there can’t be a solid ground for the construction of the social edifice.”

“The fourth one is social outlook. All living creatures in this manifest universe are the children of the same Cosmic Entity. They are the progeny of the same Supreme Progenitor. Naturally they are bound in a thread of fraternal relations. This is the central spirit. A socio-economic theory is of no use but for this fraternal feeling. The implementation of this theory is an impossibility without Sádhaná.”

“The fifth factor for the progress of society is for it to have its own scripture. There is a need for the company of elevated persons (satsaunga) in all spheres of life.”

“The authority whose contact means satsaunga for you is the shástra. That which elevates society by dint of sháśana is called [[shástra]]. We should have a shástra of our own. The last but not the least important factor for the progress of society is for it to have its own preceptor.”

“The entire social structure is dependent on these six factors. Bhati (growth) is meaningless without them. The weakness of one among them may jeopardize the very existence of Bhati.”

“From ancient times many groups of people came into existence. Some of them somehow managed to drag on, some became extinct and some continued to exist in a metamorphosed form. About one thousand five hundred years ago, Arabs were very developed in science. But they were defeated by the Islamic wave, for they were lacking in the six aforesaid factors, while the latter had at least five of them. The same is the case with Egypt. It was fully developed in the spheres of art, architecture and science. It is the Egyptians who made the pyramids which needed subtle geometrical knowledge. Moreover, they were also very advanced in the sphere of civilization. Despite this, they could not prevent their defeat. Today’s Egypt is the Egyptian form of Arab civilization. The cause of the death of its older form was the lack of the aforesaid six factors.”

“The Christian or Roman civilization was also considerably higher on the ladder of development. Yet they were lacking in social outlook. There were no feelings of fraternity and equality. The slave system was rampant and human feelings were on the wane. Furthermore, the lack of a proper socio-economic theory generated a kind of fascist mentality in them. Those rolling in luxury and adverse to labour became indolent. Naturally they were defeated by a stronger and more strenuous force. The destruction of the Greek and Chinese civilizations was also caused by the lack of the factors of Bhati. The Aryans could defeat the indigenous Indians only due to the latter’s lacking in the factors of Bhati (growth). They had several factors of Bhati but there was no preceptor and hence they were defeated.”

“In the future also, for want of the six factors of Bhati (growth), the extinction of a concerned group of people is sure to happen. But where these factors are present, there the movement is towards Ananda or divine bliss, and due to this movement the chance of their elimination becomes nil. Such groups which have the six factors in their possession will be able to produce Sadvipras. Sadvipras are those whose all efforts are directed towards the attainment of Ananda. They are also conscious of Asti (existence) and don’t lack in the six factors of Bhati (growth). They are strong in morality and are always ready to wage war against immoral activities.” (2)


From beginning to end, our Ananda Marga is firmly grounded in all the six spokes of society: (I) spiritual practice, (II) spiritual ideology, (III) social outlook, (IV) socio-economic theory, (V) scripture, and (VI) preceptor.

(I) here below Baba clearly declares that we have a proper spiritual cult or spiritual practice.

“The practice of Ananda Marga has been formulated to enable spiritual aspirants to search for the Supreme within their minds.” (3)

(II) Here Baba clearly states that we have an proper spiritual ideology.

“How can human hunger be satisfied in the subtlest realm? For this Ananda Marga philosophy is there…Our ideology is a happy blending of rationality and spirituality.” (4)

(III) Here below Baba clearly tells that we have a proper social outlook.

“Ananda Marga is therefore not merely an organization of idealists or moralists who preach a classless society, but a method, a system or a dharma which leads to a classless society.” (5)

“Ananda Marga has formulated a social treatise for the establishment of a congenial social structure.” (6)

(IV) Here below Baba clearly guides us that we have a proper socio-economic theory.

“PROUT is the path of socio-economic emancipation for humanity.” (7)

(V) Here below Baba states that we have a proper scripture or shastra.

“The books in Ananda Marga philosophy are all absolute knowledge.” (8)

(VI) And we have true Preceptor, our Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji.

“Ta’raka Brahma is quite a different Entity, a unique Entity, for He is spiritual preceptor, social preceptor, kaola and Maha’kaola all in one.” (9)

So in Ananda Marga, all the six spokes are perfectly met.


In addition, Baba – as the Guru, as the Preceptor – is an eternal Entity who will guide us through the ages.

“The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya’ (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamu’rtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty.” (10)

Unfortunately, those who espouse the program of so-called mahaprayan go against this divine mandate by declaring Baba is gone. That is the meaning of mahaprayan – Guru is no more.

Such an approach seriously threatens our very existence.

That is why even ritualistic Hindus never ever practice the mahaprayan of Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna – because they know well that this would spell the end of their religion, of their civilisation.

Those who advocate mahaprayan plainly tell, directly and indirectly, that Baba is gone forever with the declaration of their dogmatic mahaprayan program.

Such leaders verily remove one of the integral six spokes out of our Ananda Marga society. By taking away the Preceptor – by declaring that Baba is gone with their dogmatic mahaprayan program – they are undermining the very essence of Ananda Marga and threatening its survival.

Devotional and rational-minded margiis and acaryas can never accept such a dogmatic edict; they will never ever accept the dogma of mahaprayan in their heart.

That is why it is sure that our Ananda Marga will last forever; and that is why the dogma of mahaprayan is short-lived. It started in 1990 and has been waning ever since and soon it will be gone entirely. Rational margiis and wts will make the proper ideological stand, by His grace.


All the six spokes are alive and well in our Ananda Marga and that is why our Marga will lead humanity up to eternity. Our Marga will live on and on, so long as we safeguard each of the six spokes of the social cycle, including that of Preceptor.

“There is no power in the universe, in the heaven or in the underworld, which can annihilate Ananda Marga, because Ananda Marga is established on the solid foundation of rationality and righteousness.” (11)

“A’nanda Ma’rga is that path of progress, and that is why A’nanda Ma’rga is the only alternative for the preservation of human existence and civilization.” (12)

“Ananda Marga Amar Hai – Ananda Marga is eternal!



It is very evident however that the dogmatic mahaprayan function severely violates the six spokes of the social cycle, as it goes against the point of ‘Preceptor’. For any society to survive there must be the presence of a Preceptor, yet so-called mahaprayan proclaims that Baba is gone. That is why the dogma of mahaprayan is so detrimental to the survival of Ananda Marga.

So long as we adhere to our Ananda Marga dharma, and maintain the integrity of each of the six spokes of the social cycle, then our Ananda Marga will guide the society up through the ages. Regarding this, there is not an iota of doubt.

Baba says, “A’nanda Ma’rga is that path of progress, and that is why A’nanda Ma’rga is the only alternative for the preservation of human existence and civilization.” (13)

For any society to sustain itself, these six factors must be proper. And Baba has placed all six in our Ananda Marga society, including that of Preceptor; thus we should not let any dogma like mahaprayan – which declares that the Preceptor (Baba) is gone – undermine the very survival our AM civilisation.

Here the point is that when any of the six points becomes weak then it slowly, slowly causes the disintegration of that society like a cancer. It has happened in the past and it will happen in the future – if one is not careful.

In His love,

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The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic,
completely unrelated to the above letter. It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Kettle Drum Is Not Sentient Kiirtan

How Kiirtan Controls the Mind

Baba says, “It is advisable to play some instrument during kiirtana. A mrdanga [a kind of drum] or some similar instrument should be used , but one should not play any heavysounding instrument like a dhak [a large drum played with sticks], a dol [a loud drum] or a gong. The mind prefers to hear a sweet sound, like that of the mrdanga, than a harsh sound. Some time ago I mentioned that Bhola Mayra said that when the cawing of crows and the beating of drums stop, human ears get some relief. People do not like to hear such harsh, unpleasant sounds. The sound of the mrdanga may not be perfect, but it has one quality: it is very sweet. Thus, whenever a distracted mind hears the sweet music of a mrdanga, it returns to the proper place. A remarkable science lies in kiirtana.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 8, p. 13-14)

Note: Here are two points regarding Baba’s above teaching:

(a) During kiirtan, the mind becomes sentient and does not appreciate rajasik sounds.

(b) During kiirtan, sometimes many indriyas are involved: The mouth, ears, hands, feet, nose, eyes, and tongue. When the indriyas are involved in this way, they help keep the mind focused and bring the mind back when it runs away. Here is the philosophical and practical explanation.

In general, the mind runs towards external physicality via the indriyas, i.e. 10 motor and sensory organs. So when those indriyas are fully involved in a spiritual endeavour like kiirtan, then the mind is forced to engage in kiirtan via one or another organ.

The mind always wants to run – either by thinking a disparate thought or by stimulus received via the organs. As Baba explains above, when the organs are positively involved in a devotional practice like kiirtan, then if the mind wanders away from the kiirtan those organs will help bring the mind back to a spiritual flow.

For instance, let’s say someone doing kiirtan starts thinking about the market and what they will purchase there. Yet when the sweet sound of the mrdangam is received via the senory organs, i.e. the ears, then that sound will bring the mind back the devotional ideation of the kiirtan.

The mind can think any stray thought at any time but if the indriyas are engaged in a spiritual manner, then that will help bring the mind back. That is the special import of singing and dancing kiirtan, along with the sounds of the mrdangam and other sentient musical instruments.

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