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History & Observance of This Occasion
From: “Gurucharan Deva”


This entire email is composed of 4 parts:
(1) Posting: History & Observance of This Occasion
(2) Addendum: There Must Not Be Many Dadhiici Divas
(3) Comments from Readers: Two Letters
(4) Trailer Quote: Tamasik Leafy Vegetable: Red Puiṋ Shak

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).


The day of Dadhiici Divas is upon us: March 5. This occasion holds special significance as dharmic sadhakas laid down their lives for the great cause of Ananda Marga ideology. Hence this is a day to honor those who sacrificed and a time to remember the unprecedented dedication it took to build up and establish AM ideology. It is about the rise of bhagavad dharma on this earth.

As we all know prior to ’90 under Baba’s direction many great deeds were done. Along the way many gave their lives for the great cause of dharma. We should reflect upon those sacrifices done for the sake of ideology and take up the vow that once again we should protect and propagate this grand AM ideology.

As you read this full account, bear in mind that this letter addresses how a dadhiici differs from the Christian concept of martyr as well as the Muslim approach of shahiid. This letter also lists the names of those dadhiicis in Ananda Marga who sacrificed their lives for bhagavad dharma.


Initially, Dadhiici Divas was declared in memory of those great souls who lost their lives in that tragic incident of 5 March 1967. As more struggles ensued and dedicated sadhakas sacrificed their lives for Ananda Marga ideology, Baba created the system and gave the idea that this day of March 5 will be the one single day to remember & honour all those who sacrificed their existence for the great call of dharma – AM ideology.

Initially the observation of Dadhiici Divas began with the historical sacrifice of 5 March 1967 wherein some dedicated workers and margiis were tragically and brutally murdered in a barbarous attack by the Communist Party (West Bengal). It happened in Ananda Nagar; and since then this day is held in their honour.

Yet over time Dadhiici Divas has become the day which marks the occasion to remember when any and all Margiis and WTs sacrificed their life for the great cause of AM ideology, i.e Bhagavad Dharma– irrespective of which date and in which particular manner their lives were actually sacrificed. Only one day is fixed to honor those who gave their life for the ideals of AM. And that day is Dadhiici Divas, 5 March.


Here is a more in-depth look back at the events which transpired on that fateful day of 5 March 1967 as well as the events leading up to it.

As is commonly known our Ananda Nagar was first started on over 1000 acres of land in Baglata, Purulia District West Bengal in 1964. And that time so many beautiful projects and programmes were started to materialise Baba’s vision. There were primary schools, a college, a medical clinic, a children’s home, etc. Many great projects were going on.

But by 1967 serious resistance started to come from the nefarious communist party – CPI(M). Those days the CPI controlled the entire local Purulia area and they had a wicked grip on the West Bengal Govt by controlling many high positions.

So now we can see how the tensions were mounting those days.Because on the one hand due to selfless service by our Marga wholetimers in & around Ananda Nagar, the local people / villagers were getting benefited and were coming close. And the villagers began to see how the CPI was exploiting them.

In reaction, the CPI(M) began to instigate local movements to conspire against AM. To that end, members plotted and convinced local BDO Ashok Chakravarty against our AN Ashram. Then in Aug 1966 this BDO (Block Development Officer) came to our Ashram saying he wanted to be a member of the controlling body of our AM Degree College.

When it was explained to him that unfortunately he did not meet our Ashram’s regulations for such a position, then he became quite furious and irate. Certainly, he was not acting on his own; rather he was just the front-man for the communist party. Then to counter-attack and get revenge BDO returned in Feb 1967 demanding for our Marga to support the local communist candidate in the General Elections. So our WT & Margii brothers and sisters humbly explained about our socio-spiritual approach and told that we do not support any political party, per se. In that circumstance this negative BDO was determined for revenge. In truth that BDO was but a pawn of the ruling communists.

The communists began an intensive campaign started to defame AM among Purulia locals. And one serious plot was hatched to attack our Ananda Nagar Ashram. No doubt local people had developed good relations with our Ashram due to the different service projects. But communist workers worked hard to undermine that.

And together with the BDO they sabotaged our relation with the villagers through numerous underhanded and grotesque scene.

For example the communists and the BDO secretly slaughtered many cows and stealthily spread those remains around the villages in the middle of the night. And they told and spread the rumours that the Ananda Marga Ashramites were responsible for the nefarious work. In result, Hindus were furious since they worship the cow as a goddess. And the CPI(M) told the Muslim villagers that the AM sadhus had been driven out of Pakistan and settled in Purulia with deep hatred toward Muslims, and that they would surely be stealing all their land.

So after drumming up sufficient nasty hatred among villagers, the CPI & BDO held another meeting in Susundi village on March 3rd 1967. And they made all the Hindus and Muslims present that day to swear by oath on the Mahabarata and Koran to remove AM sadhus by any means, including murder.

And fifth March was decided to be the day to carry out their dark plot. It was known by all, including AN Ashram residents, all Purulia gov’t and police officials and West Bengal gov’t that the event was planned.

Certainly Ananda Marga sannyasis appealed to both the Purulia gov’t and to police multiple times for protection and security from the oncoming doom. But all of those appeals were ignored. And just one skeletal, paltry force of police was assigned to the ashram grounds. That was the night of March 4th but it was all only to make a show etc. Proof being that by three o’clock in the morning of 5th March, Ananda Nagar was declared as being safe by chief of police. So he left to go back to Purulia, leaving behind only a small show of around thirty men.

But that too was only in show, as in morning when attack came, not one policeman raised his hand. And that terrible day of 5 March 1967, thousands of armed villagers arrived on the scene goaded by the hatred inculcated by CPI workers. And in that fury the villages swept through our Ananda Nagar ashram, destroying everything in sight.

On their horror-stricken path, hundreds of Ananda Nagar residents were seriously wounded and five were struck dead with mortal wounds. And not just killed, but butchered & mauled. Among those victims who fought bravely to defend Ananda Nagar & AM way of life were Dadas Abhedananda and Sachidananda.

Altogether, 5th March 1967 is a day never to be forgotten in Ananda Marga history. A day to recognise those who died for the highest goal.


Since that fateful occasion, many have come forward in our Marga and sacrificed their lives for the cause of bhagavad dharma including the terrible murder of 17 Wholetimers in broad day-light in the early 80’s, and after that also all such persons who sacrificed for the special cause of AM ideology are honourably called as Dadhiicis. March 5 is in their memory as well (see list in note 1).


In this way, Dadhiici Divas is known as a day of great dedication and sacrifice for the high ideal of AM ideology. It can be celebrated with due respect and regard in the following way:
(A) Half-Day Fasting
(B) Dharmacakra
(C) Slide Show: History of Struggle for Dharma in Ananda Marga
(D) Story-telling for Children
(E) Debate
(F) Poetry Readings
(G) Dance – Drama: Teach and Educate New People
(H) Talk: Review of spread of bhagavad dharma and recounting the efforts of those who sacrificed.
(I) Exhibition


The terms ‘Dadhiici’ and ‘Martyr’ are not the same thing. That is why Baba has specially given the occasion as Dadhiici Divas and not ‘Martyrs Day’ or ‘Shahiids Day’ etc. Because the term dadhiici bears a unique & special significance. Baba says:

“When Christians die for Christendom, they are called martyrs;
When Muslims die for Islam they are called shahiids;
When My children sacrifice their live for the ideals of Bha’gavat Dharma,
I call them Dadhiicis.” – 5 March, 1967

Hence in Ananda Marga, our concept of dadhiici has absolutely no relation with the Christian term martyr. Because Christian martyrs are only fighting for their selfish and narrow-minded group interest such as in the Crusades and other religious wars. Those martyrs did not sacrifice their lives for the welfare of one and all. In contrast in our Ananda Marga, those Dahiicis who sacrificed their lives did something for the upliftment of the entire humanity. So none should be confused that the greatness of the term “dahiicis” is similar to the dogmatic Christian concept of “martyr.” Rather these two titles are worlds apart.


As we know, often is the case in India that martyrs are known as ‘shahiid’, which is an Arabic word. The common Hindi or Sanskrit term – Dadhiici – is not usually used.

While giving a discourse Baba make this point quite clear.

“Those brave warriors who take part in the Islamic religious wars (jeha’dd) are called muja’hid in Arabic. Those muja’hids who give up their life in battle are called shahiid. Those who are victorious in battle are called ga’jii (if they live, ga’jii; if they die, shahiid). Similarly, those who give up their life in the Christian religious wars (crusades) are called “martyrs”. By what logic then do we call those brave progeny who give up their life for their country or for any other great cause shahiid? Instead, we can use the word dadhiici for them because Mahars’i Dadhiici sacrificed his life for the welfare of others. He did not lose his life in a jihad or crusade.” (1)

In His above Baba commentary, Baba clarifies the meaning of the term shahiid and makes an explicit distinction between (a) those fanatics who die for the limited agenda of their dogmatic religion and (b) those great souls – Dadhiicis – who selflessly sacrifice their lives for that all-expansive cosmic ideology.


On the occasion of this coming Dadhiicii Divas, we should reflect on its special significance and adhere strictly to Baba’s dharmic codes and teachings and establish Ananda Marga ideology. Please see

“Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for your Ideology. Die for your ideology.” (2)

“Life represents Ideology. Life should be sacrificed for the Ideology.” (3)

Surrendering to Him,
Gurucharan Deva


Little by little we should all be accustomed to following Baba’s below guideline and begin at least by using Deva when we sign our emails.

Baba says, “The word deva should be suffixed to the name…the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings.” (Caryacarya-1)


Here following is a list of some of the brave and courageous WTs and Margiis who have sacrificed their lives for the mission:

On 5th March 1967:
Ac Abhedananda Avt
Ac Saccidananda Avt
Ac Bharat Brc
Ac Prabhash Brc,
and Ac Avadhesh Brc sacrificed their life at Ananda Nagar.

Bhagawat Panday (Ghazipur) was killed by communists.

On 28th August 1969: Brother Ravi Sarkar sacrificed his life at Coochbehar.

LFT margii Ramdhan: Burned to death in Patna Ananda Marga school during communist attack in 1970.

Ac Tyageshvarananda Avt: Bhagalpur interrogation police killed him while in jail (1972).

Those who self-immolated and sacrificed their lives – including Ac Divyananda Avt, Ac Dineshvarananda Avt, Ac Atulananda Avt, and 5 others – during the struggle when Baba was in jail.

Massacre of 30th April, 1982 at Bijon Setu (Kolkata) in broad daylight. The following dedicated
workers were murdered by communist goondhas:
Avtk Ananda Praceta’ Ac
Ac Adhishivananda Avt
Ac Bhaveshvarananda Avt
Ac Krpashivananda Avt
Ac Artasevananda Avt
Ac Subashwarananda Avt
Ac Venketashwarananda Avt
Ac Kamaleshananda Avt
Ac Girishananda Avt
Ac Prashivananda Avt
Ac Shomnath Brc
Ac Mukul Brc
Ac Virendra Brc
Ac Subrat Brc
Ac Dhruvajyoti Brc
Ac Jagamohan Brc
Sri Ram Raghuvar at Jaipur.

Jan 24, 1988:
Ac Asitananda Avt lost his life at Gilliguchi.

April 2 1990:
Ac Asiimananda Avt (an agricultural specialist) along with four brothers were brutally butchered in broad-daylight by the CPM goondas at Ananda Nagar.

June 4 1990:
Ac Ajiitananda Avt lost his life at Pundag railway station by the attack by CPM strong arms.

September 18, 2003
Ac Abhipremananda Avt was murder by B group hitmen / assassins.

To these Dadhiicis I pay my deepest salutations.

1. Varna Vijiana, Disc 21
2. Ananda Vanii #14
3. Ananda Vanii #15



Recently (03 feb 2013), margii T wrote with great anticipation about setting up an observance on April 9 of this year in memory of the 40th anniversary of Dadhiici Ac Divyananda Avt who self-immolated on that day in 1973.

Margii T wrote: “I will further state that on April 9 will be the 40th anniversary of the Self-immolation of Mahadadhici Ac Divayananda Avt. I ask any those Ranchi margis who are angry at the programme being done by Tiljala margis to please organize a public programme near the old Legislative Building (Vidhan Sabha) to honour the self-immolation of this true disciple of our Baba.” (Margii T, 03 Feb 2013)

Actually this type of issue first came up after the 30th April massacre at Bijon Setu, Kolkata. That time many Bangla-speaking Wts requested Baba to change Dadhiici Divas from 5th March to 30th April. They reasoned that only 5 were killed on 5th March, whereas 17 were murdered on 30th April.

Baba gave His reply. He told that keeping Dadhiici Divas on 5th March is proper – all will be honoured on that date. So everyone understood the spirit and letter of Baba’s response. There were no more questions. 5th of March is the fixed date for observing Dadhiici Divas, regardless of any other past or future events.

The only thing that does happen on 30th April is a protest. But that is not a remembrance or honouring of the murdered Wts, nor is it called as Dadhiici Divas or Dadhiici Divas #2. That protest is done because still the case has not been resolved.

The request by Dadas to change the date to 30th April is very similar to the situation with the Jains. The Jains did not have any social service projects so they misdirected their entire wealth, time, energy, and resources in constructing temples because they did not know what to do other than that. Similarly, when some in AM do not have any committed work or social service project in mind, then they think every single sacrifice should be observed independently. Then there will be a maximum days for Dadhiici Divas programs.

We all know that Baba has graciously given 05 March as the singular day to honour and recognise the sacrifice of all Dadhiicis. Baba wants all Dadhiicis to be celebrated and honoured on the same day. So many have sacrificed and given their lives for the growth and prosperity of Ananda Marga, i.e. for the great cause of bhagavad dharma, and all should be remembered each year on 05 March. That is the official day of Dadhiici Divas as given by Baba.

Thus it is very curious why anyone would even think to observe other dates like April 9 etc. Ultimately, ours is a man-making mission. Our duty is to follow Ananda Marga ideology and follow Baba. To this end, there are diverse and dynamic plans and programs to manifest. We must serve suffering humanity in so many ways. That will all be put on hold if we start observing multiple Dadhiici Divas celebrations each year; that would start a trend whereby soon there will be 365 days of Dadhiici Divas celebrations. Clearly, this is not what we should do.

Best is to follow Baba’s stated declaration to remember all who sacrificed for the great cause of ideology on 05 March – that is our singular occasion to honour those who gave their lives for bhagavata dharma.



Re: Ananda Marga Is Colourful


Namaskar Gaunga,
Beautifully illustrated ! Yes, Baba has woven a beautiful garland with a huge variety of flowers having so many colors, textures and fragrances. Never before, in the history of mankind, has such a synthesis happened. Ananda marga is for all.

Thanks for the inspiration.
In Him,
Amrit Lalloo

Re: Story: Incurring Debt Ruins Mental Peace And Friendship


I want to thank you all who contributed towards composing this Mail. Its was a real “eye opener ” for me and for every one who want to be away from all such problems.


Gautam Kumar

The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic,
completely unrelated to the above material. It stands on its own as a point of interest.


Tamasik Leafy Vegetable: Red Puiṋ Shak

Here Baba guides us that the red, leafy puin shak (vegetable) is “bad for the mind” and hence tamasik.

“Some of you have possibly seen that there is a creeping leafy vegetable plant called puiṋ shák [Indian spinach] … slightly wild, and its leaves are small and blackish. This kind of puiṋ is called buno puiṋ [wild variety]. Although its nutritional value is as good as that of any other puiṋ, it is not good for patients suffering from acidity. Although all kinds of puiṋ have more or less the same qualities, it is the white puiṋ or puiṋ with light green large leaves that is relatively easy to digest. The wild puiṋ is bad for acidity, as the red puiṋ is bad for the mind.” (Shabda Cayanika – 4, Disc: 24, pt #33)

This red, leafy vegetable (puin shake) is found throughout Asia and is sold around the globe in Asian vegetable markets. However, as Ananda Margiis we should not ingest puiṋ shak as it is tamasik.

It should also be noted that in our Ananda Marga books, it is spelled two different ways:
(1) Puiṋ
(2) Puni

The first spelling is correct, i.e. puiṋ, and that is the way it is spelled in the above quote.

The second listing – i.e. puni – is not correct. That is not the proper spelling, yet it is written that way in some of our publications. See the below quote as an example.

The key point to keep in mind is that it grew ouy of rotten matter. So, although many communities treat this as a good vegetable, but for Ananda Margiis red puiṋ shak is tamasik and therefore avoided. This is commonly missed because sadhakas think that every leafy vegetable is sentient, but that is not true. Red puin shak is one such example.

“Static food: Food which is harmful for the mind and may or may not be good for the body is static. Onion, garlic, wine, stale and rotten food, meat of large animals such as cows and buffaloes, fish, eggs, etc., are static. Very often people eat food without knowing its intrinsic qualities. For example, the milk of a cow which has just given birth. Or white eggplant, khesárii pulse [horse gram], red puni [Basella rubra Linn.], or mustard leaves, all of which often grew out of rotten matter. In order to have a balanced mind and to progress spiritually, human beings will have to pay attention to the qualities of the food they eat. The idea that “I will just do my sádhaná and eat any food, proper or improper” will not do.” (Ananda Marga Philosophy In A Nutshell: Food, Cells, Physical and Mental Development)

For more information about this plant visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basella_alba


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