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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 23:10:49 -0000
From: “Gurumurti”
Subject: Consequences of Earning by Harming Others


This entire email is composed of 3 parts:
1) Posting: Consequences of Earning by Harming Others
(2) Reader Comment: re: B Group Selling Live Aquatic Animals to Kill & Eat
(3) Trailer Quote: Deceased Can’t Receive Your Offerings
(4) Prabhat Samgiita #3378

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).


When one’s goal is materialism, then people take big steps to move towards that end. And they ultimately reach there because they think matter is everything and that is what they are focusing on. That means for them money is regarded as the cream of life. Money is the most cherished thing. And that brings them to the abode of extreme materialism.

To achieve that, then through positive or negative ways – through right or wrong livelihood, people aim to earn money. Yet, in both cases, for those with good or harmful jobs, their situation is bad. Because in either case, they are accepting money as the goal of their life. And that degenerates their mind.


All these following quotes also lead in the same direction. Namely that indiscriminately running after money will ruin one’s present life and destroy one’s future. This is Baba’s explicit warning.

Baba says, “You may know some people whose minds always run after money. You might have asked them to sit down for a while and have a chat, and been surprised by their excusing themselves, saying they were so busy and had to rush off to the stock exchange. If their pursuit of money is hampered in any way, if it eludes their grasp, if they are totally severed from it, their minds will lose their base and they will die.” (1)

Baba says, “Do not be extrovertial, do not go ahead towards your own destruction since once you have fallen into the grip of crudeness it is well-nigh impossible to get released from it. The abyss shall devour you and you shall miss the pole star of your life.” (2)

Baba says, “All crude objects on which people base their hopes and aspirations will certainly disappear one day, for the nature of this relative world is ‘ta agacchati sah gacchati’ – whatever comes goes. When people are deserted by their crude objects of desire they are eaten away by frustration and disappointment, and die a miserable death. (3)

Baba says, “I heard that once, when the currency was devalued, a wealthy jute merchant suddenly died because all the aspirations of his life were based on money. He could not face the prospect of having to part with his cherished object of desire.” (4)

Unfortunately around the globe all are running fast after the supposed glories of American materialism. Little do they know that already, much of the US population has become sunk in soot – in the pool of selfishness, where countless suffer from depression, anxiety, obesity, and so many physical and mental diseases. This is not to discredit the American people. There are many good US citizens leading honest and decent lives. The tragedy is how rampant materialism has led to the degradation and demise of so many. Wherever the seeds of materialism are sown this horrific outcome will manifest, regardless of the country or community.

So one should be critically aware and pay heed to Baba’s aforementioned warnings.

Because this is what we practically see. During the last big economic downturn in the US during 2008, many took their lives after they witnessed the extreme devaluation and melting of their financial wealth. Thus none should get allured by the horrific ways of materialism.

For money, people are willing to do anything and everything. This we see happening day in, day out. And this brings destruction – both on the individual and societal levels.


Tragically & typically, common people think that by getting money they are paving their golden future. This is their misguided outlook. In reality they are thrusting themselves onto the path of death and destruction as they sink backwards into negative pratisaincara – converting themselves into beasts and ultimately into stone etc.

Ananda Marga philosophy says, “If a person continually gloats over crude material things, his entire existence will be converted into crude matter. In mythology the story goes that Ahalya’ was converted into a stone due to his constant crude ideation. So people who accept matter as their goal, totally denying the existence of Parama Purus’a, tread the path of degeneration and become prakrtiliina devayonis [negative microvita] after death.”

Hence by rampantly moving headlong after money, people ruin their human existence and their future is bleak – torturous. Tragically, that is what the bulk of the population is doing nowadays. Even good and kind-hearted people are affected in this way.


And those who indulge is harmful ways of achieving their goal of money will have to suffer even more. They will have to undergo the negative consequences of their harmful deeds. And that is what is discussed below.


There are countless legal ways that have been invented where people sell their souls to make money. That means they indulge in harmful and lowly dealings to make money and they think it is ok since it is legal.

Now in so many places gambling has become legal and the latest projection is that in a few years legalised gambling will exceed $200 billion. Now there is legalised gambling on the internet, plus as various states and countries face financial hardship, more governments are turning to gambling to heighten revenue. Across the US, every year more states legalise and expand gambling. This is a growing issues that threatens to truly explode with the onset of increased gambling on the web.

Also in the US, some states have legalised marijuana in hopes of heightening revenue in the form of a big drug tax. In some countries prostitution has also become legal.

In the US, one of the biggest sectors of the economy remains the weapons industry. Agencies sell arms and promote wars in various “third-world” nations in order to make a strong economy. This is one of the favoured tactics of the US.

Then there are the usual array of various commodities such as cigarettes, meat, alcohol, harmful medical drugs etc – all of which are legal but have a very detrimental effect on the society. To turn a profit and increase their capital, businessmen, governments, and investors leave all scruples behind and look only at the bottom line.


Why has it become such the rage and so easy to make huge amounts of money doing indecent and degenerated things. Primarily because that is the path of least resistance. All have come from animal life and it is easy for people to submerge themselves in satisfying their base propensities. Because that path is familiar to them. Hence, there is a grand mass of consumers interested in satisfying their base propensities. Various businessmen capitalise on this opportunity.

So if someone puts pornography on the web, a huge sector of the population will seek out that site. Because their mind easily runs in that direction. The proliferation of such pornography leads to the further degeneration of the society – thus leading to a more grand industry of pornography.

That is why Baba has unleashed this following statement denouncing the ways of capitalism etc.

“Crude materialism has done much harm to human society during the last one century. It has misguided the entire human society, it has converted human beings into animals.” (6)



As Ananda Margiis, we should be extremely careful and conscientious on this matter. We should wholly ensure we do not adopt this same harmful path that is being followed by countless people around the globe.

That is why now more than ever we should pay strict adherence to Baba’s guideline of samyak ajiiva (right livelihood). Gaining money through any type of sinful or anti-social means is not at all good for one’s development.

Baba says, “So one must have a clean occupation, that is, one must not do anything antisocial, one must not encourage anything antisocial, anything that goes against collective interest. That is samyak a’jiiva in physical sphere. One may earn money by selling wine. One may earn money by stealing. These are not samyak a’jiiva. Your occupation should be neat and clean – not going against the interest of the society.” (7)

So Baba wants that we have a healthy and clean way of earning a living – and certainly most margiis are doing that.

Even then, the pressures to go counter to this mount each and every day as all around us people stoop to depraved levels in order to make a buck / dollar. But we should not be tempted or allured.


As Ananda Margiis we should keep ourselves neat and clean and guide the society as well. All should earn a clean living and pass their days doing virtuous deeds like serving others, practicing sadhana, and inspiring others along the path of welfare.

By Baba’s grace this is what is going on in our Marga; many are progressing along this benevolent path. And none should step backwards into the mud of materialism – which is surrounding us in all directions.

Baba says, “Unscrupulous people earn a lot of money from actions which are by nature sinful and harmful for the world. Human beings should not earn their livelihood in this way. Their means of livelihood should be pure and sacred and should not harm anyone.” (8)

Here more of Baba’s further teachings of the consequences one must face by earning their living by harming others.


“Those who are demons in human structure are all in categorical forms [fall into various categories]. Although these structures, these frameworks, look like human beings, they are exceptionally clever and cunning. By inculcating various sentiments, they misguide not only thousands, but millions, of people to the path of malevolence, just for some petty social status or other temptation. Common people never think deeply about this; they have not been taught how to think deeply about it; they do not ponder over it even now. Until today this aspect of knowledge has been generally unknown to the world. That is why common people, not fully understanding these cunning people, are inclined to give them undue importance. They write voluminous books about these clever people and accept their words as authentic, thus bringing about considerable harm to the society, the state and the common masses. Simple ignorant people do not realize that they themselves are being harmed or that they, being misguided by those clever people, are harming others.” (9)


“Even if one does not harm anyone physically, but simply thinks of harming someone, sam’skáras will still be created. Whatever feelings one may have for a person, good or bad, will certainly cause a reaction. That reaction will remain in potential form in the subtle mental sphere until the opportune time arrives for its expression. This is why wise people look upon this universe with an attitude of equanimity and pray for the welfare of all. Sarvesám mauṋgalam káunkśe. People who fail to do this will have to suffer endlessly for their mean-mindedness.” (10)


“Who are duśkrtas [the wicked]? Those who cause harm to innocent people either out of self-interest or group-interest are called duśkrtas. Such antisocial people are a burden on a civilized society, a black spot on society. For such people there is only dehátmaváda and dehaparińámaváda [materialistic doctrines of Charvaka philosophy].” (11)


“What a horror! Such false philosophies have taught, “Well, if we exploit the people with our intellect, what’s the harm? It is also a labour to apply the intellect, and we have the right to do so!” On the basis of this argument a handful of parasites have gorged themselves on the blood of millions of people, while countless people have been reduced to living skeletons. Such fraudulent philosophies have diverted many people from the path of morality and left them devoid of dharma, addicted to carnal pleasures – infernal creatures.” (12)


“If someone is engaged in unrighteous deeds, his neighbours should ignore his dark side, and should not repeatedly condemn him. One should say, “Well, I’m not bothered by what he says or does – that’s his own business.” But this attitude of tolerance can only be accepted to a certain extent. If the person’s sinful or wicked actions harm society and disrupt social life, one can no longer afford to be indifferent.” (13)


If anyone harms other by their livelihood, they must face the consequences. Nobody can save them from their fate. They will have to undergo those harsh reactions for the hell they caused unto others. Whether their job was legal or not, if they created harm to individuals and the society, they will have to suffer the reactions.

The concluding idea is that one must not take on work that harms others.

In Him,


Sadly, for the sake of money, people will give up everything – every shred of decency and integrity that they have and stoop to the depths.

For example, they will make themselves or their spouse naked and sell the pictures; they will kill their wife; they will sue their children; they will sell their daughters; they will cheat anybody, anytime. In sum, in this havoc ridden era of materialism, people will do anything & everything to get money.

From heaven to hell people are willing to go to any extreme for the sake of the dollar: Prostitution, gambling, arms dealing, drug trafficking, junk bond selling etc. There are so many legal and illegal degenerating approaches that people adopt to make money. This is not an exaggeration – this is really going on.

Any day one can open the newspaper, go on the web, or take a look around town and see all these things going on. Some are legal and some are illegal, but much of what people are doing in the name of acquiring money is completely outrageous, ludicrous, and destructive, either to themselves or others. I personally know of many innocent people who pass their days earning big money working for drug companies. Such companies do not want to eliminate disease; rather they want everyone to remain sick so they can increase their profits. Nowadays, there are many reports by investigative journalists who have uncovered how drug companies operate. Yet to “get by and advance “in this materialistic era, many innocent and good people spend their entire lives working in this profession.

Of course, people certainly resort to innumerable illegal concoctions as well in order to make money: Drug trafficking, child pornography, gangs, extortion, stealing, smuggling, etc.

For their own desire to acquire monetary wealth, people resort to all kinds of harmful occupations. And they will have to face the harsh and sever consequences. There is no escape.

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Subject: B Group Selling Live Aquatic Animals to Kill & Eat (Candra Deva)
Date: Th, 4 Apr 2013 02:25:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Nagaraja Rao To: AM-GLOBAL


I enjoyed reading this article. You put it all so well . I am sure you and others know that w/t ‘s are selling lot other things too . Not mentionable here in writing due to legal reasons . Perhaps it is best to not allow w/t’ s to do any sort of business at all . when they change their orangerobes and go do the business in various markets and bring the loot and change the dress it’s no longer same dada etc. Dress has been changed for other purposes also like very personal business etc. On and off of wearing dress … robes has a strong negative impact on the person and other margiis also.
Nagaraja rao USA

The section below this mark is an entirely different topic and not related with the subject matter up above.

Deceased Can’t Receive Your Offerings

“Haven’t we any social responsibility for dead persons? When the necessity arises, we should offer shraddhá for them, not barley or wheat or woollen clothes or wrappers or ghee or sesame. What can we do? As long as a man is here in our society we have a social responsibility for him. Human beings are social beings, we have a social responsibility for them. And when the leave this world and go to the other world, they go beyond the scope of our responsibility. We cannot render any service to them. Our social responsibility is over as soon as the cremation is done.”
“So what can we do? We can say “O Parama Puruśa, while that man was with us we tried our best to do whatever we could do. But now they are beyond our scope, they are beyond our jurisdiction, so please do take care of them.” This much of a request can be made by us, and nothing more than that. And the Ananda Marga shráddha is just like that. Here we require no edibles, no clothes or anything else. We offer our shraddhá, and we do nothing else, and we can do nothing else.” (Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 3 – Shraddha)

Note: Baba’s above teaching is cent-per-cent clear and straightforward. When a loved one dies, then we do not offer any physical items – neither food, nor clothing, nor anything else – for their good keeping etc. All we can do is offer our reverence and surrender unto the sweet will of Parama Purusa.

Unfortunately, B group has founded their so-called mahaprayan programme and on that occasion they offer a grand array of edibles and clothing to locals. This is their tamasik approach. Firstly, Parama Purusa is that Eternal Divine Entity so there is no question of His mahaprayan (mpd), yet annually they host such a dogmatic event. Secondly, during their mpd observance, the organisers indulge in various dogmatic offerings – food items, clothes, etc. That is why every rationally-minded Ananda Margii says that the so-called mahaprayan function is pramatta – it is “completely bad from beginning to end.” It holds no redeeming quality whatsoever. Unfortunately, they treat Sadguru as a mortal human being.



“A’ma’r e kat’hin hiya’y, a’sabe tumi ki na’ ja’ni na’…” (PS 3378)


O’ Parama Purusa, You are mine. By Your grace, I am calling Your divine Self again and again – day and night. I want Your close proximity. Whether or not You will grace me by coming to my dry heart, I do not know. If, by mistake, or by any means You come, then that does not matter – that does not count. In that case, You may not stay long. Baba, by Your grace I want You in a more close and intimate way. So that You can remain up to eternity.

O’ Supreme One, by Your grace I have decorated Your divine seat with countless lamps and with a display of light. And by Your grace with all my heart I go on singing Your song of arrival which I have composed in Your ideation, in Your tune, in Your language. Baba, please grace me by coming and taking Your seat in my heart.

O’ my Lord, by Your grace I have so many hopes and aspirations in my mind: I have so many desires and so much love for You. Among all these many desires – whether or not You will grace me and satisfy some of them – that I do not know. Only I request You to please come and satiate my eternal longing for You.

Baba, You are love Personified; I feel in my heart that You will come…

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