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(1) Posting: History of Kiirtan
(2) Prabhat Samgiita #3016

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This is the story of the day when Baba first gave the Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan mantra at Amjhariya in 1970. This is of great historical and devotional importance to all Ananda Margiis.


Actually, at the time Amjhariya was the ideal spot to initiate kiirtan as other places might have led to more resistance. Baba would have had to spend a lot more time and energy persuading and convincing jinani wts. Why? Because they were essentially thinking that Baba is Guru – not more than that. They could not comprehend that Baba is Parama Purusa, i.e. Mahasambhuti. In India accepting someone as Guru is very common – every family has one or another type of guru. Whereas accepting someone as the Almighty is a totally different matter. That was especially difficult for those who were in key posts in Ananda Marga.


The proof of this is that later when kiirtan had spread all around, it was still seen that opposition came from many wts in key posts. Many of those workers left the organisation, other wts openly criticised the Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan, and some simply refrained from doing kiirtan at all for 6 months or even 1 or 2 years. Such was the case with dadas like Ac Vijayananda Avt and Ac Tadbhavananda Avt. They refused to sing or dance kiirtan for months or even a year or more.

Indeed in His book, Shraddhainjali, Ac Tadbhavananda Avt has described and clearly put in print how he was frustrated and upset by the Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan and he took a stance against it. Please read this following excerpt from dadaji’s book.

“This recitation of Baba Nam Kevalam was quite new to me and to other margiis who had not been in Ranchi. Baba was knowing the problem of my mind…Baba asked how we liked the Kiirtan of Baba Nam Kevalam. He particularly pointed out towards me. I spoke in a blunt way: “Baba, there are already many Kiirtan, such as Hare Krsna, Hari Rama and so on, so our Baba Nam Kevalam will create more controversies”.” (Ac Tadbhavananda Avt, Shraddhainjali, p.p. 74-5)

It is apparent from his expression that Ac Tadbhavananda was not in favour of the Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan; he even confronted Baba in person about it.


Knowing all this, we can understand how Amjhariya was the best place for Baba to introduce kiirtan. Furthermore, Baba did it with no wts present. Those margiis who were along with Baba in Amjhariya at that time knew that whatever Baba told was for their welfare and they followed His order without question – without any if’s or but’s. More details about this are shared below.

As we all know, Baba’s plan is to grace the masses and flood the world with devotion. All should be benefited by the advent of Taraka Brahma. So He had to give something for everybody. For that purpose, Baba gave kiirtan and Amjhariya was the best place. So Baba made the schedule and reached there.

In His divine drama, He told others He was going there “to take rest” and that there will not be any organisational work. He said that the office flow in Ranchi headquarters was too busy and that He needed to rest in a calm place.

Usually when Baba goes anywhere there is reporting, general darshan, PC, and all kinds of committee meetings etc. That was the standard manner. But none of that was scheduled at Amjhjariya. It was announced that Baba was going there to rest.


Thus only a few people were given permission to go to Amjhariya; No Wt was allowed – not PA Vishokananda, nor GS, nor VSS in-charge. It was by invitation only. Those selected were ready to do whatever Baba wanted without any hesitation. Without permission, nobody else was allowed to go. And it was not pre-announced that the new kiirtan program would be introduced. No such announcement was made at all. Everybody thought that this was going to be a time to rest; nobody knew the greater reason why Baba was going there. This was His liila.

Again, this was quite unusual, because Baba would never make a program solely to take rest and it was unheard of to make a tour program where only few people are allowed to attend or participate. Normally there was a huge crowd and all were welcomed. It was rare, even unprecedented, for Him to announce that He will take rest and no organisational work will happen.



Baba started from Ranchi to Amjhariya at 2pm on Oct 7. He was accompanied by three margii volunteers, one cook, and one driver. They reached Amjhariya by 5pm. The next day, the local family acarya Brahmadevaji came even though he knew nobody was allowed to visit. He stood outside the campus around midday and was crying out, “Baba, Baba, Baba.” Hearing this Baba asked, “Who is that?”, and later Baba granted him permission to come inside.

First Baba created the siddha mantra – Baba Nam Kevalam – and He explained it to those who were around. Then He told them to sing.

Around this time, the above mentioned family Acarya Brahmadeva went back outside to the surrounding area and told margiis to gather people, He said, “We must start chanting Baba Nam Kevalam by 12 midnight.” The date was 08 Oct 1970. Initially the kiirtan started with only a small handful of margiis; gradually more and more margiis who lived locally came. But no wts were present as they were not allowed to attend.


When the kiirtan started then Baba gave a demonstration of kiirtan siddhi. Those present heard how the kiirtan melody was emanating from the air, water, space, and from all kinds of sounds like the barking of dogs, the chirping of birds, the movement of animals, and the noise of vehicles. In each case, those sounds changed directly into kiirtan.

Where there was no sound, then that melodious kiirtan was even resonating from space. And when they blocked their ears then from inside the mind they could hear kiirtan was going on. It was divinely intoxicating and purely Baba’s blessing.

Baba explained that the siddhi in first lesson is hearing omnkara dhvani; and gaining siddhi in dhyana means seeing Baba everywhere in everything.

Similarly, there is siddhi in kiirtan: That occurs when one can hear the melodious, low-pitch of divine Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan everyhwere, in all directions, without even chanting it. Just it is resonating from all places; that is kiirtan siddhi.

That time so many got samadhi in kiirtan chanting.

In the ensuing months, Baba gave many demonstrations in DMC and people were ecstatic singing kiirtan. Baba was giving so much vibration that everyone started jumping up and down. No one could sit idle. This was especially true in the case of the DMC at Muzzafarpur (1971) as well as countless other DMC’s. Where kiirtan was held, people were blessed with great spiritual vibration and desire. In that way, the Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan spread like wildfire…

People realised that kiirtan is powerful.


Kiirtan is very important for the common mass – for everybody. That is why Baba has graciously given kiirtan; verily Amjhariya was the best place to introduce kiirtan at that moment in time (1970).

From an historical perspective, the day and the place is important; but, from a spiritual perspective we must always remember that kiirtan can be done anywhere and everywhere. It will always be beneficial.


Prabhat Samgiita

“Jiivaner uts hate je srote bha’siya’chila’m…” (P.S. 3016)


Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, since the very origin of my life – since eternity – in which current I was floating, in that very flow, You were also present. But I did not see You.

Baba, You were with me day and night, ever-awake, holding the lamp of effulgence in Your hand. But that time I could not recognise You.

O’ my dearmost Baba, still today You remain along with me. Indeed each and every single moment You decorate this grand universe in hundreds of
forms, shapes, and colors. Baba, You are always dancing in that divine vibration, but I did not see You because I was keeping my eyes closed.

Baba, since eternity You have been along with me. Today You have made me realise this very cosmic truth: I am surviving only due to Your boundless grace, affection, and love…

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