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This entire email is composed of 2 parts:
(1) Posting: Luna, Lunar, Lunatic, Fasting
(2) Prabhat Samgiita #126
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With the coming of the new moon, we should once again reflect on the importance of our fasting system.

Baba has given all the practices of Ananda Marga for our health and well-being. His guidelines are beneficial for every human being. One reason for this is that our Ananda Marga practices abide by the laws of nature. Everything we do is consonant with the natural world.

And this applies to our fasting system as well – it is done according to the phases of the moon. By this way we are able to grow healthy and strong and avoid disturbances to our body and mind caused by the pull of the moon.


It is commonly known that the gravitational pull of the moon affects the human body. And in particular during the periods of the new and full moon, it adversely affects the human structure.

“On and around the times of new and full moon, one may observe that the gaseous and aqueous factors in the body rise up into the head and chest, creating an uncomfortable feeling.” (Carycarya – 3)

In essence, Baba guides us above that the moon pulls the liquid portion – or the water of the body – upwards and that creates undue pressure on the “head and chest”.

So just as it is scientifically proven that the tides of the ocean are dictated by the phases of the moon, similarly the liquid factor in the human body is also affected by the phases of the moon.

During the period of the new and full moon, the pull of the moon impairs the functioning of the human body by drawing the gas and liquid upwards.

That is the well-founded idea in Ananda Marga. That is Baba’s explicit teaching.


By our system of yoga, we also know that the mind and body are highly linked. Thoughts affect the health of the body, and the condition of the body affects the mind, positively or negatively.

For example, suppose you are sitting outside and involved in a deep discussion. Suddenly a poisonous ant bites you on your leg. Even though that bite occurred on the leg – and not the head, that bit will be a distraction to the mind, and you will lose your train of thought. This is the way it works.

Generally speaking, when the physical body is affected, then the flow of mind is altered as well.

So when the body is adversely affected by the moon – due to uneasy pressure etc – then the mind is also affected. This is the common theorem. Because if there is a problem in the body then the mind will be drawn to that pain or that discomfort, in which case the mind will not function in its normal manner.

This we all know and we have seen often in the case of people who suffer from most any physical disease or syndrome. General citizens suffer tremendously in the psychic sphere due to physical illness. This always happens – unless one is properly or even highly developed in the spiritual realm etc.

But even then, even if one is highly spiritually evolved, if the entire body is put under anesthesia then the mind becomes dysfunctional. Thus, there is a very clear and direct link between the body and mind


So now we come to the point of the full moon, our fasting, and irregular and abnormal behaviour. Because when it is sure that the moon affects the body, and the body affects the mind, then it is clear that the presence of the full moon changes one’s mental condition, and hence behaviour.

This is evident by the languages as well.

The Latin word for moon is ‘luna’. And not coincidentally, that ‘luna’ is the root of the words ‘lunacy’ and ‘lunatic’.

It has long been observed that abnormal behaviour – or lunacy – increases at the time of the full moon.

More extreme types of crimes are seen during the full moon; there are more visits to counselors & social workers; hospital visits are increased; and various types of unusual behaviour is more noticeable during times of the full moon. This is the commonly human experience.

The yogic response is that since the body is negatively affected by the full moon, the mind also gets negatively affected. That is why Baba recommends we fast during the periods of the full and new moon as that will counteract the harmful effect of the new and full moon.

Baba says, “On and around the times of new and full moon, one may observe that the gaseous and aqueous factors in the body rise up into the head and chest, creating an uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, if a person does not take food at these times, these factors will be drawn down from the higher portions of the body to the lower portions, thereby alleviating the uncomfortable feeling.” (Caryacarya – 3)


So the moon certainly affects the body which then infringes upon the normal functioning of mind. Just as the affect of anesthesia on the body causes the mind to become dysfunctional.

To counteract the effect of the moon, Baba directs us to fast during the periods of the new and full moon.
By following Baba’s directive to fast during those lunar periods, we are rescued and saved from the harmful effects of the moon – both in the physical and psychic spheres.

One thing is also certain: When the physical body is adversely affected, such as during the time of the new and full moon, then sadhana is difficult. Because of undue pressure in the higher cakras etc.

Fasting alleviates the problem cent-per-cent. Because there is no excess water that can be pulled higher up in the body which creates an uncomfortable feeling in the chest and head. Hence, sadhana can easily be done.

And fasting also protects us from other ill effects of the moon such as indigestion, headaches, and, yes, lunacy.

Our Ananda Marga practice of fasting during the full and new moon periods, either 2 times monthly or 4 times monthly, keeps us physically healthy, mentally balanced, and spiritually inclined. The benefits occur in all three realms.


By Baba’s grace, by following the guidelines of 16 Points, such as fasting etc, we can move smoothly and swiftly ahead towards our cherished Goal.

Baba says, “In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the sixteen points.” (Ananda Vanii #45)

In His service,

Prabhat Samgiita

PS Introduction: This below song can be interpreted both literally as well as metaphorically. When taken literally it represent the passing of one calendar year. When view symbolically, it can be understood as moving from one phase into a whole new era: From one’s old life into a new life.

“Ek parikrama’r halo anta…” (PS 126)


By the grace of Baba, the New Year is on the horizon; it is about to come. One cycle of the seasons is complete. The days are passing; the years are flying by. Time is moving on. So many flowers have wilted and fallen to the ground; so much fruit have ripened and fallen to the earth. So many things have happened; so many events have transpired; so many life experiences have come and gone. How the year has passed.

This year was enmeshed in the very marrow of my existence; it was part of who I am. The year passed with so many joys and so many sorrows, with so much laughter and so many tears, with so much song and dance, as well as with so much disappointment and heartache. So many positive and negative things have happened in my life. Alas, this year has passed to some unknown place, waning into the far-off oblivion – now today it is gone.

Those who come on this earth – those who have taken birth – one day pass away and go. And those who have departed from this mortal world, one day return. Everyone leaves only to come back again. Those who float in the distant blue sky, return in newer and newer forms, shapes, and ways, by Baba’s grace. The New Year is on the horizon; it is about to come. One cycle of the seasons is complete, by His grace…

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