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The last few years we have seen the pillars of capitalism soften, decay, and nearly crumble. Now the demerits and defects of capitalism seem “obvious” and “clear” to the common people. Even then many still suffer from the ways and strategies outlined below. Few can conceive that something else can work other than capitalism.

Here is one angle of how capitalism got where it is today.


Every Ananda Margii knows that Baba has given the teachings of the social cycle and that now in this present era we have reached the height of vaeshyan exploitation. The ill effects of this era are rampant and can be seen everywhere. From commercial billboards to the buying and selling of water, air etc, the extreme capitalist presence is quite palpable. Tomorrow we may even awaken to find that one company is selling gravity itself. The whole point being that the rapacious capitalist exploiters are on the prowl. And to achieve their ends they inject numerous types of complexes upon their employees in order to maximize profits. In short, they want more money for themselves.


In straightforward language it can be said the main goal of capitalists is to draw more and more blood from the common mass, i.e. to make money off of the efforts of others. In this regard, the greed and devouring approach of such capitalists knows no bounds. Their main strategy is to create a group of employees and manipulate them into working night and day. Then those bosses keep all profits for themselves. This is essentially what top vaeshyas aim to do. Hard-working and dutiful employees get virtually nothing for their all their sweat and blood. Instead, all the cream goes to those top company executives – i.e. those blood-sucking capitalists. That is the chief characteristic of the vaeshyan era – the top people gain control over most of the money while countless others do all the work.


In contrast, in our God-centered Prout system, there is no single key person who is the owner. Rather the employees themselves are owners. So however hard they work and to whatever degree they are successful, they themselves reap the benefits of their labour. In turn, they must not exploit others and they must abide by all Proutistic principles. The basic idea is that the “employees”, or, more precisely, the members of the co-op, get the direct benefit of their own output. This is part and parcel of Prout’s cooperative system.


But in the present day company system, the employees do not get anything. Instead the owners plot & invent strategies how to give them as little as possible and at the same time get the maximum in return. This is the negative mentality of those capitalist owners. And they achieve their ends by imposing a manipulative outlook upon their employees. Here is how that works.

Even though top capitalists are wreaking havoc in the lives of their employees, those same capitalists have simultaneously convinced, nay brainwashed, many of their laborers to feel obligated and verily committed to the company. This is their cunning way of brainwashing “their people” – their employees. Those bosses reached the conclusion that without completely brainwashing their employees then those “hired hands” will not work 100%.

So at the height of capitalist exploitation, those owners have successfully brainwashed many of their employees. Certainly there are some labourers, especially labour leaders, who are keen to the exploitative methods of capitalist owners. Such conscious employees who possess the requisite awareness and fighting spirit are known as vikśubdha shúdras. They put forth sustained efforts to change the system. But until, there are a critical mass of vikśubdha shúdras, the capitalist modus operendi continues on. That is the state of affairs today.

Thus, when owners use psychological strategies to befool and brainwash their staff, many of those employees become completely committed and conjure up the mistaken idea in their mind that they are only surviving only due to the good graces of their capitalist employers – otherwise they’d be struggling to manage. Such employees feel fortunate to be in the hands of their employers. This is the way it works in this vaeshyan era. This is the main qualitative difference between capitalistic and non-capitalistic labor forces. The labor force in the capitalistic era feels grateful and indebted to their employer, i.e. the same employer that is exploiting them.

So, on the one side, those capitalist bosses are breaking the back of their employees by making them work at such a vicious pace whereby they eat, sleep, and dream about their jobs. And, on the other side, those employees are feeling completely committed to those very employers.

This is the harsh reality of many employees involved in the capitalist schema. In fast-paced, western materialistic nations – and in the east wherever materialism has taken root – and in our so-called developing nations, so many working a 40 hour work week breathe the company air and sing the song of their capitalist employers.

When they return home at night, they often continue to attend to their work duties: Checking email, fielding calls, sending tweets, reviewing reports etc. That is how employers have trained their employees in this digital era. All because they have become numb to their own existence – due to extreme work pressure and stressed out conditions at the hands of their capitalist employers.

Yet those employees feel faithful to their employers. In the end, after being devoured whole by their company boss, their leftover energy is goaded toward sexual desires by the film industry or they gossip, talk, and dream about their company. So the whole affair is rather sickly; for all practical purposes the large majority of employees have sold their souls to their bosses. Only those right-minded vikśubdha shúdras understand the deceptive and manipulative ways of those capitalists. But again, until awareness mounts and more vikśubdha shúdras are created, there is no recourse.


Perhaps the saddest part is that so many of those innocent employees do not even recognise what is going on. And if you try to give them a little hint, those employees will defend the matter and state that they are being paid adequately or even handsomely by their employer. This is the extreme degree of their blindness. This is the level to which they have been brainwashed. It is like the syndrome of a battered wife who is willing to defend her abusive husband to the end of the earth. This is the way most employees operate – whether they are willing to admit it or not. And even the majority of those who “complain” about their jobs fall into this same category. Because when given the opportunity to quit and go elsewhere, they become nervous and hesitant to venture away from their employer. In that circumstance, those complainers say, “Actually, my job is not so bad”. Hence, from top to bottom, these capitalist exploiters have just about everyone under their control. That is why it is not easy to create vikśubdha shúdras.


The only way out is to truly recognise that those employers are really bloodsuckers. This is evidenced when employees adamantly maintain the approach of not giving any little extra of themselves to those capitalist exploiters. That means that one must not “buy in” to the tricks and strategies of those big bosses. That means one must not become a tool in their hands. For most, this is nearly impossible as they are brainwashed to the core. As Ananda Margiis, even then we have to be extremely careful. It is not entirely uncommon for some to even stay home from dharmacakra under the excuse they have office work to do or that they are tired and need to rest up for the work week. By that way, one can judge how brainwashed anyone is. And like that there are thousands of ways how the negative qualities of the employer-employee relation sneaks into one’s own psyche.

So we all have to be careful and keep a keen eye on our own situation as well as those margii brothers and sisters around us– to ensure that we not get drawn into the deep waters of capitalist employer-employee relations. On this point I hope others will write and share their experiences.


(A) Here below Baba points out the key role that vikśubdha shúdras play and why their presence is so vital.

“In a capitalistic social system or in a democratic structure the situation of middle-class people (the vikśubdha shúdras) is generally miserable. This is because they are the greatest critics of capitalism and the strongest opponents of exploitation. An increase in the number of vikśubdha shúdras in a society is an early omen of a possible shúdra revolution. It is therefore the duty of those who want to create a world free of exploitation to help to increase the number of vikśubdha shúdras. It will be harmful for the revolution if these people die or are transformed into shúdra-minded shúdras. All the sadvipras in the world should be vigilant to make sure that the number of vikśubdha shúdras does not decrease due to unemployment, birth control, or other bad practices or policies.” (Human Society – 2, Shúdra Revolution and Sadvipra Society)

(B) In this next teaching, Baba guides us that capitalists will stay in power for a long, long time – until that key moment arrives when there is a rise in mass awareneness. That momment is soon to be upon us – we should ready the soil.

“Vaeshyas believe that only a few people can accumulate material wealth, depriving the rest. Thus there will always be only a few vaeshyas, while those who are the objects and tools of their exploitation form the majority. Like exploited beasts of burden which carry bags of sugar, in their crippled state of mind the majority feel that they do not have the right to taste the sweetness. This feeling is the greatest ally of the vaeshyas, so directly or indirectly they always try to nurture this type of feeling in the minds of the majority. Consequently they propagate various types of isms and ethereal theories with the help of the vipras in their pay whom they have reduced to the level of shúdras. When the majority, unable to tolerate this exploitation any longer or find any other way out, desperately leap into action, the Vaeshya Age comes to an end. But it takes a long time for downtrodden people to understand that the vaeshyas are the parasites of society. Hence thorough preparation is required to end the Vaeshya Age.”
(Human Society – 2, The Vaeshya Age)

(C) Here Baba points out how in the height of the vaeshyan all others get reduced to the status of shudra – all are exploited.

“The vaeshyas increase their wealth by buying the back-breaking labour of the shúdras, the powerful personalities of the kśatriyas, and the intellect of the vipras, according to their needs. The shúdras, just like beasts, sell their physical labour in exchange for mere subsistence. Because they sell their labour, society survives and moves ahead. The powerful personalities of the kśatriyas build and maintain the social structure with the labour extracted from the shúdras. Through their intellect the vipras utilize the personal force of the kśatriyas, and through their money and capitalistic mentality the vaeshyas utilize the vipras’ intellect to increase their wealth.”
“The vaeshyas do not confront any social problem directly. Just as they buy the labour of the shúdras, the personal force of the kśatriyas and the intellect of the vipras with money, so they endeavour to solve all social problems with money. They do not win victory on the battlefield; they buy it with money. In poverty-stricken democratic countries they buy votes. As they accomplish everything with money, their vital force comes from money. They therefore take all sorts of risks in life to accumulate money. For money they can sacrifice their conscience, their sense of good and bad, right and wrong, at any moment. So in order to save the exploited shúdras, kśatriyas and vipras from the vaeshyas, money, which is the source of all their power, has to be taken out of their hands.” (Human Society – 2, The Vaeshya Age)


By propagating the name and ideals of Prout, the day is not far when the cooperative system will come into vogue on this earth where workers will be recognised, respected and honoured for their human qualities and potentialities, and not just be pawns of big bosss capitalists.

“PROUT is the only panacea. The ideas of PROUT are spreading throughout the world. This new day is yours.” (Prout in Nutshell – 18)

in Him,


Throughout His Proutistic teachings, Baba has discussed the mind-set of those who get exploited by capitalist in the height of the vaeshayan era. Those who give way to this mentality are verily shudras. Unfortunately, now in the early part of this 21st century, many fall in this category.

“Shúdras live only for physical enjoyment. They neither bother about ideology nor give any value to rationality. Of the three aspects of time – past, present and future – they think only about the present. They have neither the time nor the inclination to think about the past or the future. Religion, spirituality and a genuine social system have no significance for them…”
“Shúdras are always sleeping. They can perform work only if someone wakes them up. Once the work is done, they go back to sleep. In order to maintain the cáturvarńika (i.e. shudra, ksatriya, vipra, & vaeshya) social system, some work will have to be taken from the shúdras. Consciousness should be developed among shúdras in order to protect them from the inhuman greed of the vaeshyas. (All non-vaeshyas slip into shúdra-hood on the eve of a shúdra revolution.)” (Humans Society – 2, The Kśatriya Age)

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