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~ Part 3 ~


“During the holidays and weekends, companies organise various types of “fun” gatherings like picnics and seminars etc whereby the employees pass even their leisure time under the “protective care” of the company. They even take family vacations with their company. The whole point being that employees are led to believe that the company is actually their family. Once this idea gets set in the mind, those employees will walk to the ends of the earth to get the job done for their cherished company.”

Lately others have brought the point how big capitalists cast their spell on many of their employees. Certainly there are a growing number of citizens whose eyes are opened wide to capitalist exploitation. Yet, at the same time, those capitalists continue to control and steamroll large sections of the workforce. Their special tactic is to brainwash employees into being loyal to the company – when in reality the “company” is the huge profit-making by a few vaeshyans. All others suffer at the hands of their ruthless exploitation.

In response our approach is two fold. First, create more vikśubdha shúdras, i.e. conscious employees who possess the requisite awareness and fighting spirit to stand up to capitalist exploitation. Second, introduce and implement the workings of Prout’s cooperative system. By this dual approach, we can handily overcome the current vaeshyan rule.


Once there is a critical mass of vikśubdha shúdras wherein employees and citizens are critically aware of the capitalist exploitative machinery, the Proutistic system of cooperatives is the only way to organise society so it can permanently slip away from the grips of present day blood sucking capitalists.

Prout says, “Cooperatives, run by moralists, are the only safeguard against capitalistic exploitation.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13, p.8)

Next we learn more about important aspects & vital components of the cooperative system.

Prout says, “The success of cooperative enterprises depends on three factors: morality, strong administration and the whole-hearted acceptance of the cooperative system by the people.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13, p.8)

So the Proutist system of cooperatives is the main way to re-build the society in the socio-economic sphere. To achieve this, there must be a widespread movement amongst people to seek out a solution to the vaeshyan rule. Other key factors include an organized approach and strict moralists.


“in the cooperative model, the fair-minded earnings of the collective are rationally divided between all participants.

Prout theory states, “The total profit of such co-operatives should be distributed amongst the workers and members of the co-operative according to their individual capital investment in the cooperative and to the service they render to the production and management of the co-operative.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 14, p.46)

Thus, as Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar describes above, in the cooperative system the profits are shared based on the merit system – but all are guaranteed enough funds for the necessities of life. In that way, all members of the cooperative earn a fair portion based on their investment and work ethic. This is one of the revolutionary qualities of the cooperative model.”

The Proutistic model of the cooperative system is quite grand and dynamic. It is a win-win situation. All involved in the cooperative benefit greatly according to the degree of their activity and investment.

Plus there will be cooperatives in all aspects of socio-economic life: Farmers cooperatives, artist cooperatives, banking cooperatives etc. Here below Shrii Prabhat Ranajan Sarkar guides us about how the farming / agricultural cooperative will work:

“Cooperative managers should be elected from among those who have shares in the cooperative. Members of agricultural cooperatives will get dividends in two ways – according to the amount of land they donated to the cooperative, and according to the amount of their productive manual or intellectual labour. To pay this dividend, initially the total produce should be divided on a fifty-fifty basis – fifty percent should be disbursed as wages and fifty percent should be paid to the shareholders in proportion to the land they donated. Local people should get first preference in participating in cooperative enterprises.” (A Few Problems Solved – 9, Some Specialities of Prout’s Economic System)

Similarly, the profits and gains of every cooperative will be rationally and justly shared with all members, according to their level of involvement etc.



Currently, however, the vaeshyan era is running at high speed – and that spells disaster for employees.

Here it should be known that employee means all levels of employees from common laborers to high level managers. Some may be thinking that employee only refers to those low paying jobs. But that is not the case. Because in the height of the vaeshyan rule all get exploited – all become shudras.

Prout theory states, “Consciousness should be developed among shúdras in order to protect them from the inhuman greed of the vaeshyas. All non-vaeshyas slip into shúdra-hood on the eve of a shúdra revolution.” (Humans Society – 2, The Kśatriya Age)

The point being that even many fancy white-collar, higher level employees are getting viscously exploited and brainwashed in this current capitalist structure. Because these so-called well-paid employees work day and night to please their executives and in return are left with nothing left in their life but their job, and the mirage that they are great. When in fact they are mere lackeys for their higher ups – carrying cell phones 24 hrs per day and never getting one ounce of time to even consider and reflect upon their own life. But even then they continue on in their toil as they live out their delusion. Certainly not all employees fall in this category, as some are alert to the tendencies and tactics of capitalists. However, a large swath of the labour force are pinned down in this way.

So whether hourly wage earning employees or big-time managers, all are just pawns in the midst of capitalist exploitation. Because those cunning capitalists have convinced everyone to join their team by selling their soul. However, with every passing day, there is a growing rise of vikśubdha shúdras. As this number increases and we spread the name and ideals of Prout, the faster capitalism will meet its end.


The common theme these days is for companies to not be a mere company but rather to be “a family”. In this way they project themselves – such as the Walmart family, the Microsoft family, the Exxon-Mobil family, the Nike family etc. By this way those top CEO’s suck more of the blood of their employees.

And they get success. One reason being that in our western capitalistic countries the general populace does not have big, extended families. Nor do they maintain a strong connection with their unit family. Devoid of that, the company is able to step-in and brainwash the employees to think that the company is really their main family, and that the employees should sacrifice for the company and think first about the company’s well-being. Like this those company executives train and mold the minds of their employees in order to set the stage for massive, uncontrolled exploitation.


Indeed those manipulative vaeshyans have done such a masterful job of brainwashing and winning over their employees that if anyone tries to awaken those exploited employees then those employees become angry and lash out. In roaring fashion, they come to the defense of their company and become hostile toward any who approach.

So those employees do not like to hear any talk about brainwashing or psychic exploitation. Instead they blame that whistle-blower for being a trouble maker, jealous of their job, etc etc.

Thus when dealing with these exploited and brainwashed employees one must behave in a very delicate and psychological way. It is just like dealing with a very sick person who is not in proper health due to some disease. The mental condition of those brainwashed employees is no different from those sickly people.

This is the state of affairs nowadays.

Ananda Margiis are aware how this is all going on, and in society there is a growing number of vikśubdha shúdras who are keen to overturn capitalist exploitation. They may not know how or what to do, but they see the capitalists for who they are.

So our duty is to awaken more and more the extreme exploitation that is going on. Everyone must be made aware and society must advance into the next era.


Under the vaeshyan rule, the entire society falls into the grips of capitalist exploitation. All levels and grades of employees get exploited from upper-level management all the way on down to the basic laborers. That is what we see going on today.

Prout philosophy says, “Today the whole human society is subjected to ruthless exploitation by capitalists. Capitalist exploitation has brought the very existence of humanity to the brink of extreme catastrophe by spreading its exploitative tentacles into every aspect of human life.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13)


Next we see how through their brainwashing maneuvers capitalists have gained control of the society.

“Rapacious Vaeshyas or capitalists are taking advantage of this intellectual inertness [i.e. brainwashing] and have spread a subtle web of exploitation into every corner of society, enabling them to suck the vitality out of the collective body. Through this process the Vaeshyas are insidiously perpetuating their reign of exploitation.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13, ‘Capitalism Three Spheres’)


Throughout His Proutistic teachings, Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar has discussed the mind-set of those who get exploited by capitalist in the height of the vaeshayan era. Those who give way to this mentality are verily shudras. Unfortunately, now in the early part of this 21st century, many fall in this category.

“Shúdras live only for physical enjoyment. They neither bother about ideology nor give any value to rationality. Of the three aspects of time – past, present and future – they think only about the present. They have neither the time nor the inclination to think about the past or the future. Religion, spirituality and a genuine social system have no significance for them…”
“Shúdras are always sleeping. They can perform work only if someone wakes them up. Once the work is done, they go back to sleep. In order to maintain the cáturvarńika (i.e. shudra, ksatriya, vipra, & vaeshya) social system, some work will have to be taken from the shúdras. Consciousness should be developed among shúdras in order to protect them from the inhuman greed of the vaeshyas. (All non-vaeshyas slip into shúdra-hood on the eve of a shúdra revolution.)” (Humans Society – 2, The Kśatriya Age)


Here following Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar – the Propounder of Prout – is sounding the call how corrupt capitalists aim to root out the cooperative approach.

“The main reason for the failure of the cooperative system in different countries of the world is rampant immorality which has been perpetrated by capitalist exploiters so that they can maintain their
economic exploitation.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13, p. 8)


More and more are awakened to the extreme degree of exploitation carried out by capitalist leaders. That is enough to spell the demise of capitalism coupled with the rise of the God-centered teachings of Prout.

“We are near the last stage of the Vaeshya Era. If an impact is created, it will help the suffering humanity. It is the most opportune moment for creating an all-round revolution. This is a new sub-theory under Proutistic theory and may be called gati vijina´na – the science of dynamics in PROUT.” (Proutist Economics – Economic Dynamics – 1)

In Him,

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