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This letter contains two parts:
1. Posting: Wt Beauty Competition: Dyeing Hair
2. Trailer Quote: Science Of Gender Allotment Of Some Gay & Bisexual Etc


Note: This letter addressed to our Wts; they should not do like this. For family margiis, they have their own personal choice. But Wts do not; they must be strict and abide by their conduct rules.

Some Wholetimers (WTs) are unfortunately coloring their hair to enhance their superficial beauty; one fine morning they will color their lips also. This is the tragic trend and way things are going. However, this is not the way out wholetime workers should conduct themselves. They should not become victims of materialism. Rather their outlook and actions should be radically different.



When the topic of having gray hair arises, they should think in this way:

“I am not worried about my gray hair; I am concerned about my entire existence. This world is temporary – those who have born are going to die. Everyone will die and one day I too will die – that day can come at any time. I have no control over this.”
“Although i am in good health, by Baba’s grace, even then this body is temporary – anytime I can die. That my hair is gray is a helpful reminder to me that this life is ephemeral – this body is very temporary. I may not see tomorrow’s sun rise. Yet I have many works to complete before I die. that is my main concern – not whether my hair is gray or not. Rather this gray hair helps me in my endeavor as it reminds me that I am not here permanently, forever.”

Those ignorant people who give so much importance to the external colours are preya + ashreyii (worshipers of preya).

With our wholetimer workers, there should not be any complex about having gray hair. They should not waste their valuable time worrying about this when they can instead vigorously involve themselves in dharmic work.


By seeing those wts colouring their hair, I become surprised and think, when will the day come when they colour their nails, lips, or other body parts. Or when will their pierce their nose, ears, or other parts beautify themselves; or when will they get a tattoo? These are the types of thoughts that arise by seeing our Wts succumb to the materialistic temptation of colouring their hair. Not only that, when will they get a face lift or starting using botox to “beautify” themselves.


In future letters, we will post the names of those wts who are dyeing their hair – some of these Wts are male and some are female. Regardless of the gender, any Wt involved in this way are sadly under the influence of negative microvita:

(Note: Devayonis are microvita; they are not something great, rather degraded.)

“They prayed to Parama Puruśa for beauty instead of for Parama Puruśa Himself. Such people, after their demise, attain the status of kinnara devayonis.” (Microvita in a Nutshell)

“The third category of devayoni is called kinnara. People who have an extraordinary fascination for beauty become kinnaras after death. They have an immense weakness for fashionable clothes, expensive ornaments and so on for they believe that if they are well dressed they will be treated as gods.” (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell – 6)

“Kinnara. “Bábá has given me everything, but I am not good-looking. I want to be very good-looking, so that people will say – No, no, no, it is very bad.” Such good persons, good souls (and they are good people, not ordinary people) after death also acquire this type of three-elemented body. They are called kinnara.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 3, Ghosts & Evil Spirits)



The basic motivation behind dyeing one’s hair etc is to highlight and show oneself in a manner based on superficial beauty. But one should not forget that the mind is one. If anyone is highlighting themselves then their entire existence is focused on their own petty I-feeling and not Parama Purusa. By that way their mind becomes smaller and smaller. That will lead them along the path of negative pratisaincara – i.e. the path of degeneration.

As one thinks so one becomes. If one indulges in their own petty-I feeling, their mind will become narrower and still more narrow. That is the practical science and that is what happens to those engrossed in their own superficial beauty.

Giving importance to one’s own self on the path of spirituality is very bad. That is why such type of activities that make the mind self-engrossed are antithetical for spiritual progress. No right-minded person – let alone one of our Wts – should destroy their future in this way.


In the past, prior to 1990, our wholetimers were ensconced in the ideals of sadhana, service, and sacrifice. Our Wt monks were glorified in this way – that was their beauty and charm. Unfortunately now some workers have turned to cosmetics and beauty parlors to shine themselves. This is the height of superficiality. This is a shocking state of degeneration. Such is the dominance and allurement of materialism that even our Wts have gotten involved in this way. Their dharmic role is to bring others onto the path of spirituality, but instead the opposite has occurred.

Certainly there are many strong and dharmic Wts in our acarya cadre, so it is sad and tragic that a few have fallen in this way. It lowers the standard dramatically.

If you are hearing this for the first time you may not believe this but if you investigate this matter you will easily discover that all that is written here is true and verily going on.

In India and in many nations, a few decades back, gray hair was looked upon as being very respectful. People were respected for their longevity and knowledge. But now the era has changed; everything has been turned upside-down. In so many parts, hair dying has become common – even a national trend due to the extreme rise of materialism. It seems that the samaj gurus have become legally blind; then how can they help others from falling in the ditch of materialism. It is our duty to save them and show the right path that superficial beauty is not everything – only Parama Purusa is everything.


It is our dharmic duty to save those treading the path of ut’a yana (path of hell). We should try to swiftly rescue them from their terrible plight. Otherwise, after certain amount of time, it is virtually impossible to bring them back onto the path of immortality (amrta yana). The time to act is now.


On this topic of Wt beauty competitions, there are many avenues we will discuss such as as visiting the beauty parlor, using cosmetics, applying artificial scent, and other superficial approaches that are contrary to WT life. And we will release the names of those involved as well.

Our workers must not go against their WT conduct rules. Unfortunately, they are wasting hard-earned money that margiis made and donated as our Wts and spending that in the beauty parlor.

“Perfumed oil should not be used.” (32 Rules for Avadhutas, pt #3)

“Any medicates soap but not cosmetic or perfumed soap should be used. (32 Rules for Avadhutas, pt #8)

“The use of things which are naturally perfumed are not prohibited, but artificially perfumed things should not be used.” (32 Rules for Avadhutas, pt #12)


“There are many people who are very fond of praising themselves by telling everyone what wonderful things they have done, but, as mentioned in this sloka, kiirtana is not for one’s own self but for Hari. Even though people are taught to do kiirtana for Hari, they still make the mistake of praising themselves too much. Sometimes their self-praise is so intense that others are obliged to say, “Please stop praising yourself so much.” They forget that their self-applause is rather boring for others. Human beings should realize that no one likes to hear the self-praise of others.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 8, The Lord Should Always Be Praised)

“Habitual exhibitionism is one of the mental diseases of humanity. The root cause of this disease is the psychology of inflating one’s personality so that others are confounded, stupefied and overawed – they become speechless and gape with wonder at that inflated personality. Leave aside the person who has some merit, some capacity – even those without the least wealth, from whom you cannot expect a single penny even if you do seven hundred sit-ups and push-ups before them – even such people seek to exhibit themselves like fools or pandits. They never even care to know whether anyone has detected them or not, or whether others are actually laughing at them behind their backs: they remain totally obsessed with themselves. They even tend to forget that the Operative Principle, which is responsible for all actions, big or small, benevolent or malevolent, is absolutely dependent on the witness-ship of the Cognitive Principle. Those who have meagre intelligence may not be able to grasp this philosophical idea, but those who claim to have some intelligence, although they understand it, want to forget it. And behind this, the same psychology predominates – the psychology of exhibitionism, the psychology of self-display.
“There is a story for children about a certain king who had an iron safe where he kept his gold coins. These coins, because of long disuse, became mouldy. One day the king spread the gold coins in the sun to dry, and a frog picked up one of the smallest pieces. At this its belly puffed up and its throat swelled up, and it began to announce in its characteristic rasping voice….[Why shouldn’t I sing – I’m as rich as a king!] At this, everyone came and asked the frog, “Well, sir, what wealth do you actually have?” Then the frog spun that little coin around at least seven hundred times, saying, “Am I less than the king?” This is an example of the psychology of exhibitionism….”

“People with this mental defect lose their power of discrimination. First, they think that since they are so great, there is no need for them to learn anything from others. As a result of this, their further progress comes to a halt. Secondly, the arrogant attitude of this asmitá banishes from their minds the humble psychology of the learner. They lose interest in learning anything useful; so not only in the world of knowledge, but also in the world of practicality, they become misfits in life because of their mountainous accumulated ignorance….”

“It is not that arrogance of this sort simply obstructs their progress. The human mind, like the human body, is dynamic. No one has come to remain here; everyone is moving – for movement is a must. Now, the mind whose further progress is blocked will also have to move this way or that; so when one must move, but the path of progress is blocked, one is compelled to move along the path of degradation. Thus the arrogance born of this asmitá will lead people towards their downfall. This arrogance, which makes them want to display themselves, forgetting all other things, is termed ahaḿkára [vanity]. The predominant vrtti behind it is aham [ego]: “I am everything, there is nothing beyond and outside me.”” (Namah Shiváya Shántáya, Disc: 10)

In Him,

Science Of Gender Allotment Of Some Gay & Bisexual Etc

“Jiivátmá is neither a male nor a female, nor a hermaphrodite. For the proper expression of one’s latent samskáras [reactive momenta] one gets reborn into the body of a woman or a man or sometimes a hermaphrodite. There is no question of high or low, superior or inferior, noble or ignoble because whatever might be the sex of the body, the jiivátmá is just the witnessing faculty of the mind it is attached to. It is unassailed by the sexual differences of the quinquelemental bodies. The unexpressed psychic reactions (samskáras) of the disembodied soul are guided by the Cosmic Mind and adjusted with a proper structure, at a proper time and a proper place, providing a congenial environment for the expression of the unrequited samskáras. Depending upon the nature of the samskáras there is either the predominance of the tendency to attract (samyojanii shakti) or the predominance of the tendency to be attracted (vibhájanii shakti). The nature of the force of attraction is to draw the object of enjoyment towards itself, and the nature of the force which is attracted is to move towards the object of enjoyment. When there is dominance of samyojanii shakti in one’s latent saḿskáras, the disembodied soul attains a female body for its outward expression, and conversely where there is a dominance of vibhájanii shakti, it attains a male body. Where there is an approximate balance between the two, the disembodied soul attains the body of a hermaphrodite. Of course, even in the hermaphrodite the balance between saḿyojanii and vibhájanii shaktis is not perfect; there is a slight tilt in favour of one or the other. That’s why some hermaphrodites are more inclined towards masculinity, and some, femininity.” (Ananda Marga Ideology & Way of Life – 7, Form and Formless)

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Before writing the news first I wish to make it clear why I am writing this letter.

Essentially, these types of issues can easily be resolved:

(1) In a healthy organisational climate, proper watch and discipline would minimise, nay eliminate, such problems. After all, we see this regularly in the general society. When any institution or organisation comes in crisis, then if that organisation is working properly they will control the situation from within. This happens all the time. Unfortunately, nowadays our AMPS organisation is dysfunctional and thus cannot fix the problem.

(2) In the past, prior to 1990, all-knowing Sadguru Baba kept a strict eye. Everyone felt His gaze and by this way, Wts were kept in line. Now that pressure is tangibly absent in the organisation.

When these two avenues are not available, then the only route left is public shame. As a disciple of Baba, that is the only pathway that remains. Hence this letter is written only with the motive of welfare: To restore the glorious status of AMPS and bring an end to one monk’s extreme degradation so he can best progress. If the monk is disciplined and this problem gets corrected, then others will learn and be forced to control themselves.

For this reason this letter has been written and shared.

As you may know, Ac Citsvarupananda Avt has been carrying out an illicit relation with DSL Agra – it is in full-swing, unfortunately. Indeed this is most troubling news that Dada Citsvarupanandji is infatuated with DSL Agra. But at the same time this is not the first such incident surrounding Dadaji.

Here I wish to describe how their relation is going on.


Generally speaking, it is common that when relation is in its early stages, the two people involved feel shy to express or show their feelings in public. They do not want others to know.

But when the degree of infatuation is above certain point then such a person loses his senses. Then they cannot differentiate between what is socially acceptable or not, they cannot think what to do or not. This happens whenever one’s vrttis become overpowered, either by anger, despair or infatuation with the opposite sex. Such is the case with Dada Citsvarupanandji nowadays.

When he phones DSL Didi, then he talks in an overt and lewd manner and forgets that others hear what he is saying. Dadaji speaks in the open with others around. Actually, his well-wishers often try and suggest to him to be more prudent in his dealings, but immediately Dada Citsvarupanandji justifies his stance and quarrels with them.

Of course this is not just about prudence – Dadaji must never do such types of things, what to speak of doing them openly. Just like one must never steal, let alone steal in front of the police. So the advice those well-wishers offer is not exact, but even then Dadaji does not listen.

Because then Dada Citsvarupanandji goes over and stays together with DSL Didi. Again others warn him about what he is doing, but Dada Citsvarupanandji says, “I can talk with anyone I wish, I am GS Dada.” So he thinks that because he has a high post he can behave in this degrading manner. It is sad and nature will not spare him.


One thing that must be noted here is that DSL Didi is the age of what his great-grand daughter would be. That’s to say, if Dada Citsvarupananda had a great-grand daughter then that great-grand daughter would be the age of DSL Didi. Such is the age difference. It is a most unfortunate situation.

All along Dadaji is very much infatuated. He goes around and in the name of other projects collects money from margiis in various places and then siphons that money to his favoured DSL Didi – to please her. This is the well-known fact. Dadaji is so engrossed and infatuated that other concerned workers have been unable to intervene and stop him. Dada Citsvarupanandji does not listen to anyone. He is utterly deaf to the voice of reason. Just he is overrun by his vrttis.

If Citsvarupananda Dada wants to lead such a life then he should go away from AMPS after tossing aside his dress. If he would do like this then there would be no need to to write such a letter.

The way things are now – this really is a big deal. No Wt should behave in this manner. Not only that, what he is doing is not even tolerated amongst family people or office personnel. No respectable family would allow a great-grandfather to indulge in such behaviours. And no company would allow their CEO to move around with opposite-sex subordinates. Commonly we read how high-ranking CEO’s are dismissed for such reasons.

Thus what is not allowed in family life and what is not allowed in the corporate world is being given scope to flourish in our AMPS – unfortunately. From top to bottom, the whole situation is quite tragic and must be put to rest – i.e. resolved.


Now margiis should come forward and help out. Please write and call Dadaji and concerned people about this. Dadaji’s dealing is quite harmful on many levels and must be stopped. Indeed, some Wts following in his footsteps have also become infatuated and collected spouses. But this is not the way for our workers.

Certainly the vast numbers of Wts are sincere, dedicated workers. So it just a few who run a muck, and for their welfare and that of the organisation, they should be stopped.

About all this I will try to write more later. Please also see these other letters about Dada Citsvarupanandji.


“Cakśuńá Saḿvaro Sádhu” O spiritual aspirant! O Bhikśu! O monk! O devotee! You should have proper control over your eyes; whatever will have bad effect on your mind, you must not see it. “Sádhu Sotena saḿvaro”. Whatever will have bad effect on your mind, O good man, you must not hear it. “Ghánena Saḿvaro Sádhu.” You should have control over your nose, “Sádhu Jibháya Saḿvaro.” You should have control over your taste. “Káyena Saḿvaro Sádhu.” You should have control over your body. “Sádhu Vácáya Saḿvaro.” You should have control over your language also; and “Savvatha Saḿvaro Bhikśu.” If you want emancipation, if you want liberation from worldly fetters, you must have all-round restraint. (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 14)


“You will protect yourself from sexual weakness and luxury.” (WT Conduct Rules, Fourteen Points, pt #12)

“Avadhuta shall treat everyone woman of the world, including his ex-wife as monther. ” (32 Rules for Avadhuta, pt #11)

“Strict vigilance is to be kept on restraint towards diet and dealing.” (32 Rules for Avadhuta, pt #23)

“No worker can keep unaccounted money (black money) with him.” (WT Rules, Six Additional Rulss, Pt 1a)

“Each worker will separately maintain the clear account of receipt and expenditure of his personal allowance and organizational money.” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1b)

“Each amount of collection should be deposited properly and drawn after submitting requisition.” (Wt Conduct: Six Additional Rules, pt# 1d)

In Him,


Dada Citsvarupananda’s problem is not new, but rather a long, deep-seeded issue. It has gone on far too long. No family or company would tolerate such things.

(A) The following report appeared in this letter of Sep 2009


It is well known that Citsvarupa’nanda and Madhuvrata’nanda are always involved in and busy with the Didi’s department. They have no time for dadas. They try to handle didis dept. Dadas comment that Citsvarupananda is CWWS of WWD and Madhuvratananda is SWWS of Didi dept. B/c of the interference of these dadas, good didis feel uneasy. Indeed it is well known that Citsvarupa’nanda’s character is not good. He is a “Majanu” brand worker. For those who are not aware, in 1976 there was a blockbuster movie in Hindi called Laila Majanu. And in the movie the lead male was infatuated and glued to the female star, Laila. Majanu’s emotional and sensual attachment was so strong. Thus nowadays when any male gets infatuated with females people label that male as “Majnu”. That is the proverb these days in Hindi. Because of Citsvarupananda’s poor dealing and deep attachment for females, he is just branded as Majanu by the mass of Dadas. This is their inside joke. It is unfortunate that such has become the fate and reputation of Citsvarupananda. Let us all hope that he can turn his life around and become a respectable cadre of Ananda Marga. That will be the best outcome. We should all help maximally in this regard. (posted 11.1.2009)


(B) Be sure to read the “Case Study #2” section in the another letter of 2009 to learn more about Dada Citsvarupananda’s way of living.



Here are further letters concerning this Dada Citsvarupananda and his past misdeeds.



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