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Related with Misleading Baba Story Posting

This is related with the AM-GLOBAL posting, Misleading Baba Story

The below story is from Dada Shamitanandji’s Book: 101 Baba Stories. Here is story #8

I used to massage Baba quite often. One night I went to Him after 10 p.m. and was massaging His feet as He slept. Suddenly Baba woke up and told me to finish massaging and go to bed, but not to go back to the Jodhpur Park office. I walked out of Baba’s room and saw Dada R there sleeping. It was winter, and very cold; in India we don’t have central heating. I couldn’t bring myself to disturb Dada’s sleep.

Baba had once said, “If I tell you something to do, you may or may not do it; but if I tell you not to do something, never do it.” He had told me not to go to Jodhpur Park, so I was stuck. I shivered with cold, and longed for my blankets
at the other office. Mentally I was getting annoyed with Baba and blamed Him for my predicament.

After fifteen minutes suddenly Baba’s door opened and He came out, shouting at Dada R. “Stupid, you are sleeping!” He said. “He is shivering with cold and he needs blankets; I told him not to go to Jodhpur Park. Get him some blankets at once.”

Then Baba smiled at me and closed the door.

Dada R gave me several blankets and, thinking about His grace and love, I went to sleep. I woke up a little late and I heard a sound — dhop, dhop — in Baba’s room. I asked Dada what – it was. He said that Baba was doing tandava. I was surprised. Recently I had wondered if Baba did tandava and kaoshikii; I doubted that He did. Dada R said that Baba did tandava, kaoshikii, and asanas very

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