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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Namaskar to all on this auspicious and blissful occasion of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ – Saturday, 25 May 2013!

Wishing you a very happy and blissful occasion of devotional celebrations & merriment!!

Baba Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji is the Polestar of life: He is the inspiration, He is the sustenance, and He is the Goal. This festival day of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ marks Baba’s divine advent onto this earth.

As we know, Parama Purusa is everywhere; He is the Divine Witnessing Entity. But when humanity cannot move ahead properly on its path, when people are bewildered and do not know what to do, when right things are deemed to be wrong and wrong things are glorified up to the sky, when exploitation is rampant and all are suffering, when humanity is desperate for guidance and solutions, then at that critical hour Parama Purusa manifests Himself as Mahasambhuti. The grand occasion of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ celebrates this holy advent.

This entire creation is the manifestation of Parama Purusa. Everyone and everything is part of our universal family. By Baba’s grace, we should always keep this sweet realisation ever alive in the heart and mind.

The final fulfillment comes when the sadhaka reaches that highest goal and feels that Baba – the Divine Entity – expresses Himself through each and everything. All are none other than the expression of the Supreme.

Wishing you, and all in your area, blissful A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ celebrations.

Here is one of Baba’s original A’nanda Va’niis that we wish to share with you – this is the one we are using in our unit.

“The fact that the fortune of every individual, not only of this earth but of the entire cosmos, has been wreathed together, will have to be admitted one day by people. The spiritual aspirant has to hasten that auspicious moment by pauseless effort, service and propagation of the great Ideology. This alone is the Supreme task for the present humanity.” (Ananda Vanii #30)

Sastaunga Pranam to Baba,
Kalpatru Deva

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