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This entire posting is composed of 3 parts:
(1) Posting: Pessimists Don’t Like to Understand This;
(2) Ending Quote: Eating Style;
(3) Prabhat Samgiita #2214

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).


We all know that during Lord Shiva’s historic advent, Sadashiva Himself fought directly with the demons. He was physically fighting side by side His devotees against any and all negative forces. At that time His devotees were primitive in their understanding so they needed Lord Shiva’s direct involvement and guidance. They were not going to be able to understand or follow anything other than Lord’s direct physical involvement to save them from the hands of demons. So Lord Shiva guided them using His physical force.

During Lord Krsna’s time the situation was different. He did not need to fight physically in the Mahabharata. That is why He gave His word that He will not physically fight for either side – Kauravas or Pandavas. Instead Lord Krsna became the charioteer of Arjuna and psychically He guided everything.

In actuality then, the Mahabharata victory was nothing but Lord Krsna’s blessing. It was not the magic nor ferociousness of Arjuna’s bow and arrow. Otherwise after Mahabharata war, how is it that Arjuna was defeated by those simple village folk, ‘Bhiil’ people.

That is why it is understood that the victory of the Mahabharata came by Lord Krsna’s mere presence. That alone was enough to grant victory.



This time Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji has His own unique approach. He wants to teach His disciples that Guru’s physical presence is not needed to establish dharma. To execute the task, His blessing alone is enough. Sadguru’s blessing is all-powerful.

At time of the Mahabharata era, society was comparatively of a lower standard than today. That is why in the Mahabharata, Mahasambhuti Krsna Himself was present during the battle – to encourage and guide the people. But this time – because the overall standard of sadhakas is higher – Baba is teaching His devotees that His grace alone is enough.

Remember, when Arjuna was confused, then Lord Krsna showed him and gave him proof via His vishvarupa (universal form) that even before the Mahabharata war, all the warriors had been killed. It was all done already in the mental sphere; that was Lord Krsna’s will.

So what Lord Krsna thought in His mind, within a few days it took shape on the physical plane. So after taking physical expression, then everyone saw that dharma was established. But in true sense dharma was established as soon as Lord Krsna conceived the thought.

We all know that the Lord comes here on this earth as Mahasambhuti to establish dharma. And establishing dharma does not mean physically fighting with a bow and arrow against demons. Lord Krsna established dharma by virtue of His samkalpa. Hence human beings could see after the Mahabharata how dharma was already established but they needed Lord Krsna’s presence to guide them.

In His causeless grace Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji has established dharma by His mere wish, but this time His physical presence is not needed to guide. His grace is enough.

Accordingly, He has graciously come and given the path in the form of Ananda Marga ideology. By this way everyone has been given the ingredients for how to conduct themselves in day to day life and move ahead fighting against exploitation. So Baba has given the path as well as the inspiration, stamina and dynamism for moving ahead, and when He has showered His grace, then everything is complete. After getting everything set and done, He left this earth. And in the due course we will see the results manifest physically. All along He is still living in each and everyone’s heart eternally.

The whole idea being that Baba has fulfilled His samkalpa, and for that reason dharma is established.

Now the question is: Why is it not visible?


If you show someone a tiny seed – i.e. the size of the tip of a needle – and tell then one day it will become a great big banyan tree, then many people will not believe it. They will wonder how it is so. Yet that banyan seed contains within it the potential to grow to that size. Similarly, if you tell someone that Baba has given all the ideological ingredients and showered His grace so dharma is already established – only we are waiting for it to take manifest form, then they may stand there in disbelief. But any sadhaka will easily understand that it is true.

And that is verily what we see unfolding today. In the general society, every day, we see more and more practices and trends that reflect Ananda Marga ideals – everything from the spread of vegetarianism to the elimination of smoking in public buildings and many more aspect of life as well

So now again when we ask the question – why is it not visible – we all know the answer is very straightforward. First, it will take some time to manifest on the physical plane. Second, whatever energy He has given it is our duty to utilise that in manifesting dharma in the physical sphere.

So He has fulfilled His vow of establishing dharma and now all that is left is for us to adhere to His precepts so that vow will become visible for all to see.

Above all because He took samkalpa that is why dharma is already established.


Each and every advent of Mahasambhuti has His own style of functioning and completing His samkalpa.

For example, what Lord Shiva did was wholly unique and He executed His divine tasks differently from Lord Krsna and Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. They all have their own unique style and approach. They do not merely copy one another.

The point is that each Mahasambhuti follows His own pattern and system. As human beings, we may may not know the entire planning of how He operates, but we can see certain trends.


So no one should worry unnecessarily that the vision of our Marga will never come to fruition. Because what Baba has promised, He always fulfills. When He says that the Lord comes to establish dharma, then when He came in physical form as Mahasambhuti He established dharma. He did not leave anything undone.

“Such a figure or “Mahásambhúti”, infuses dynamism in the social body and accelerates the speed of movement. All the virtuous people in the world respond to his call and rally around him. He creates a polarization in the society: the virtuous versus the wicked. In the clash between the two groups, the virtuous people emerge victorious by dint of their special efforts coupled with the grace of that great personality. His advent itself signifies victory in the war. The mark of victory is sure to be imprinted on the forehead of the virtuous. The brave companions of this Mahásambhúti accompany him from age to age preferring to work with Him than attain their own liberation. They may or may not have great ambitions, they may or may not suffer from superiority or inferiority complexes, but there is no evil element in this world that can defeat these blessed people. Rather, in the last phase of the conflict, the evil forces are bound to accept total defeat. Therefore, to those of you marching forward on the path of virtue, the path of dharma, I say, “Keep marching on safely and without concern.”” (1)

“No one need harbour any doubt that Parama Purus’a exists to promote the well-being of all created beings. If He was not concerned about the welfare of the living unit beings, He would have remained in His unqualified stance forever and would not have manifested Himself as Ta’raka Brahma or Sagun’a Brahma. But He did manifest Himself in this way and has just showed His intention of promoting the well-being of humanity. That is why He has given the assurance:”

“Paritra’n’a’ya …”

“Now what is the necessity for His repeated advent into this world? To ensure human welfare.” (2)

“Utilizing the vibrations created for eternal time by Shrii Shrii A’nandamurtiji through janusparsha and varabhaya mudras, take yourself and the entire universe ahead along the path of all-round welfare. Omn Shanti.” (3)

Sastaunga Pranam to Baba,

1. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 7, The Transitional Period
2. PNS-11, p 59-60
3. Caryacarya – 1, ‘Concluding Words’


For those not aware, the banyan tree is one of the biggest trees on the planet – not in terms of height, but in terms of how much space it consumes. The branches grow out and then back down into the earth. In this way the banyan tree spreads across the land. Thus just a little seed manifests into this enormous tree. That is the potentiality of the banyan seed. Likewise when Baba has given the teachings, shown the path, and showered His grace, that means dharma is established. So we are to fulfill our roles with the energy He has given, and watch dharma take physical manifestation.

The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic,
completely unrelated to the above material. It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Eating Style

“Follow a system of eating. For example, first eat the bitter items, then the semi-bitter ones, then the sour and finally the sweet things. Sweets come at the end. The entire action of taking the different items is called eating.” (NKS, ’81 Edn, p.157)
Prabhat Samgiita #2214

“Toma’r pathe jete kuya’sha’ keno a’se a’nkhite…” (P.S. 2214)


O’ Parama Purusa, You have blessed me with everything. Then why is it that while following Your path, sometimes frustration and confusions come, thus making everything foggy. It is not easy to see across. Dilemmas arise in the mind as if the future is dark. O’ Divine Entity, please create more and more effulgence so that all the accumulated darkness will vanish.

O’ effulgence Personified, O’ polestar of my life, those who lost their path, please show them the way. Remove their frustration and ignorance and bring them in the right direction. Please grace me so that in Your ideation and in Your dhyana I merge myself in You, by Your grace. Please allow my entire I-feeling to dissolve into You. Without Your grace all this is not possible.

Baba, with the vibration of Your mantra, Your name, please awaken this entire world. And make me Your tool to execute Your task and fulfill Your desire. By that way with proper ideation I should only think that ‘I am involved in executing Your task, I am just a tool in Your hand’. So please go on executing Your task through me. Baba, please bestow Your grace so that I can serve everyone…

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