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PS Intro: The specialty of this song is that it gives the grand idea how this world is dramatically colourful: Filled with negative and positive things. On the one side there is crudity and on the other side there is divinity. So when the mind is enmeshed in mundane problems & difficulties, one can find solace in the spiritual realm.

“A’lor pare a’ndha’r a’se, a’ndha’r shes’e a’lo a’se…” (PS 2596)


O’ Parama Purusa, this creation of Yours is filled with shadow and light. There is goodness and badness everywhere. The darkness comes across from the effulgence, and at the end of the darkness there is again effulgence. It is all mixed. Today the peacock of the mind weeps and tomorrow it smiles and spreads its wings and dances in joy. Life is full of ups and downs. After
sorrow, happiness comes. Such is the ebb and flow of this human existence.

There is effulgence and there is darkness. Sweetness and poison are mixed together. Life is full of joys and sorrows. O’ human beings, keep this eternal truth in mind: Life is not meant to be wasted in frustration, dejection, and hopelessness. One should utilise this human existence to realise life divine.

O’ Parama Purusa Baba, Your liila is beautiful. This earth is surrounded by effulgence; it is engulfed in Your bliss. And it is filled with a colourful panorama of chandeliers. In this world there are so many problems and miseries but above that there is divinity also. When the human heart is tormented by the shadow of crudity, wallowing in troubles and torments, this panorama of effulgence can satiate that heart. So when problems and frustrations arise, fear not, just remember that the spiritual path is the solution.

Baba, You are Liilamaya, Your liila is unfathomable…

at His lotus feet,

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