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This entire posting is composed of 2 parts:
(1) Posting: Gandhi, Bin Laden, Prout, & Ananda Marga;
(2) Prabhat Samgiita #3624.



What do Gandhism, pirate ships and Bin Laden have in common? How does Prout fit into the equation? Baba’s teachings neatly answers these questions and more.


In His teachings from Social Justice in Human Society part 1, Baba explains that whenever any society is exploited by vested interests like capitalists then in response the common people adopt one of three main avenues:
1. Appealing to human sentiment like Gandhism;
2. Applying brute force like communism;
3. Stealing and pillaging from the rich like Robin Hoods.

But none of the aforementioned avenues work; none of them are able to prevail against the capitalists.


Those appealing to Gandhism do not get success because those greedy capitalists are notoriously callous and remain unmoved by those humanistic appeals.

For instance:
(a) When those adherents of Gandhism plead, “Do not collect huge wealth which you cannot use”, then those ruling capitalists simply pay a deaf ear.
(b) Whose those Gandhi enthusiasts proclaim, “Share your wealth and feed the poor”, then those top capitalists merely look the other way.
(c) When those proponents of Gandhism say, “Build housing for the homeless”, then big corporate executives nod their head and then continue counting their net worth.
(d) When the followers of Gandhi demand, “After all are cared for then and only then can you think about your personal luxuries”, then the leading capitalists remain unmoved and continue to hoard huge wealth and extravagant personal amenities.

In short, capitalists simply ignore the humanistic appeals made by Gandhian activists. Such vaeshyas do not mend their ways.

Prout philosophy states, “No matter how much importance was given to the benevolence of the human mind by the Gandhian and Bhudan movements, or how saintly their propounders may have been, selfish and mean-minded people [capitalists] will never accept their principles.” (1)

The Gandhian theory can only be effective in some far-off dreamland, not in the hard realities of the world. Gandhism died while Gandhi was still alive; now only hypocrisy remains.

“The philosophy of Gandhi died before India got independence – it died long before Gandhi died.” (2)

Thus we see that the wealth disparity is only growing.

Poverty and slums are spreading fast across this earth as capitalists exponentially grow their wealth. There are more billionaires now than ever before, yet side by side large populations of people are homeless or living in the slums and shanty towns.

The slums of Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Manila, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Buenos Aires, and Cairo are filled with hoards of people lacking the basic necessities like running water, toilets, sewage lines, and electricity yet in those very same cities a select slice of the population is living like kings and queens in ritzy apartments with grand luxuries. But it is not even countries like Brazil, China, Philippines, South Africa, India, Argentina & Egypt that suffer from this vast disparity of wealth.

The homeless problem throughout the US is notorious and growing phenomenon: “More than 630,000 Americans, equivalent to a city the size of Boston, are homeless, according the latest national estimate.” (13 April 2013)

Plus the homeless population is burgeoning throughout western Europe and especially in Paris.

Thus in places where capitalism is thriving (China, India etc) as well as in places where capitalism has long been established (USA & Europe), there are serious issues with the disparity of wealth. And in all such areas Gandhian appeals do not even begin to address the problems. Rather, capitalists blatantly disregard their appeals. Recently, billionaires in the US led by Warren Buffet also made appeals for other billionaires to donate money after they die, but but those appeals have mostly “fallen on deaf ears.”

So the ways of Gandhism do not work. The capitalists never give in to such demands.


Those resorting to the brute force of communism do not get success with those capitalists either because they are unable to root out the seed of capitalism – they are unable to goad the mind in a proper moral or spiritual manner. Theirs is also a materialistic approach and the result is either the greed of individual or state capitalism.

Prout philosophy states, “Those who aspire to establish communistic systems either through legal methods or at bayonet point without changing the hearts of the people, without implementing development programmes and without introducing moral and ideological education to reform people’s bad habits, are also bound to fail.” (3)

The communist leaders themselves are very wealthy. Actually there is not much difference – from an economic perspective – between communism and capitalism.

Prout philosophy states, “Capitalism and communism are fruits of the same variety.” (4)

Communism is merely state capitalism where the government hoards all the money & the people are very poor; and capitalism means private ownership that creates a huge disparity of wealth between the economically elite and the common people. Thus, both harbor the safe defective mind-set: I.e. materialism.

Nowadays, we see that communism has basically failed. So the former communist nations are are aggressively pursuing capitalism. Some of the top capitalist countries are India, China, and Russia. In such places there is no safety net. There are no governmental programs to help the poor. Those without jobs, food, housing and medical care are basically left to struggle on their own or die. Yet in those same places the number of billionaires is increasing everyday.

In places like the US and Europe there is a bit of a safety net. The laborers fight capitalists, and, in turn, there are governmental services and subsidies for the poor etc. But in China and India where the common people have no such unity or power, capitalism is swallowing all.

Even then, it had to be admitted that the mere pittance given to the poor in the US is not enough to right the wrongs or quell the situation. So that also is not the answer. This just leads to a society of beggars where the poor have barely enough to survive and the rich continue to hoard huge wealth without restrictions. This leads to a static society based on indolence and inertness. What is needed is the development of cooperatives where the wealth is rationally distributed among all members, but this communism fails to do.

Here below is the response to the US and other countries that set-up social programs offer small monies to the poor, thus ensuring they remain impoverished.

“It is true that in Great Britain some of the minimum requirements of life are being provided to the people, but how great the difference is between rich and poor! Clearly their social system is capitalistic. The exploited and disgruntled people are given a small amount of sympathy to appease them. They are given a small taste of the dainties and delicacies, but their stomachs are never full.” (5)

So the safety-net set-up by capitalistic nations does not solve the problem. And with regards to communism, we can conclude that communism failed to change the psychic pablum of the people and leaders. Instead of fighting or correcting capitalism, they themselves became capitalists.


This bring us to the third and final defective methodology outlined in this letter: Robin Hoods. For those those not aware – in a phrase – Robin Hood is one who loots from the rich and gives to the poor.

Prout philosophy states, “Those that used to think it pious to loot the rich and distribute the spoils among the poor. The Robin Hoods of that era thought that their methods alone could do away with the social disparity.” (6)

Such Robin Hoods think that by looting and pillaging they can bring social equality.

Prout philosophy states, “We have seen the advent of such Robin Hoods more or less in every country of the world. But this does not lead to the solution of the problem…Capitalism cannot be destroyed merely by pillaging the capitalists, for robbery and plunder may deflate the bloated capital of the capitalists, but it cannot kill the potential of the seed of capitalism.” (7)

So these Robin Hoods too fall short of the mark. Capitalists are not swayed or changed by such looting. Rather such capitalists come up with greater ways of protecting their wealth – i.e. increased security.

Some examples of Robin Hoods that we’ve seen in the recent and distant past include:

(A) Inner city riots such as the outbreak in LA in 1992 where the poorer blacks scorched, burned and looted the city in the wake of the Rodney King decision. In that case the judge exonerated the white policeman for beating a black man, Rodney King. In turn, the people destroyed the city. Yet still capitalism thrives in LA.

(B) In centuries past and even as recent as this year, pirate ships around the world would loot passing vessels, especially the boats of the ultra wealthy.

(C) The street warfare of Paris in 2010 featured youths looting and destroying the property of the establishment. The violent youth uprising in London in 2012 led to the destruction of so much public and private property.

(D) In the late 1880’s in the US, horsemen would derail and loot luxury trains as they crossed the vast open spaces of the western US.

(D) And if you investigate, you will come across numerous examples of looters around the world.

With their subterfuge ways such Robin Hoods try hard to knock off the capitalists – as some communists also attempted – but in the end they are met with defeat – even death.

Prout philosophy states, “Violence only invites violence. So these blood sucking [capitalist] cannibals take recourse to yet bigger conspiracy in time to come and the half-witted robbers ultimately meet their destruction at the hands of such capitalists.” (HS-1)

Here again Baba reveals how such Robin Hoods get beat by the ruling capitalists.

Prout philosophy states, “The amount of punishment meted out to the [capitalist] bloodsuckers by the robbers falls far short of the mark when compared to what they themselves [the looters] got at the hands of these [capitalist] blood-suckers.” (8)

Thus in all such cases, the looters invariably meet their demise at the hands of such capitalists.

#3 ROBIN HOODS (Cont):


Now we come to the point of Bin Laden.

Although, the late Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda cells are commonly thought of as terrorists that want to destroy everything, but we have to think in this way.

al-Qaeda wants to attack the nucleus of the capitalist stronghold and destroy them in order to retrieve the wealth and re-distribute it amongst all Muslims. That is their philosophy.

They see that the Middle East gains tremendous petroleum profits and the the kings of those Arab nations maintain close ties with the US. In return the US gives those Arab royal families power, prestige, respect, as well as weapons to suppress the public.

Those close to the royal families are extremely rich while the common people and youths in those Arab nations are very poor – in spite of the huge petroleum wealth. Such terrorists like Bin Laden want to capture the power by killing the enemies (i.e. capitalists), introducing Muslim social law, and redistributing the wealth among all. This is their endeavour.

As a whole then, as per Prout’s definition, they are also a type of Robin Hood. Such Robin Hoods try to destroy capitalists. And in this particular case those capitalists are both (a) the Arab royal families and (b) the US leaders and entrepreneurs. Indeed the Arab royalty controls huge wealth and that contravenes Islamic law which states that the wealthy are wretched.

Extremist groups like al-Qaeda aim to use violence and force to destroy the capitalists and capture their wealth, and the nredistribute those riches among common Muslims.

How far al-Qaeda will get success is yet to be seen, but that is their approach. However, as Prout philosophy points out, ultimately the firepower of those capitalist forces is more than al-Qaeda can handle.

Prout philosophy states, “Violence only invites violence. So these blood sucking [capitalist] cannibals take recourse to yet bigger conspiracy in time to come and the half-witted robbers ultimately meet their destruction at the hands of such capitalists.” (9)

Thus, according to the teachings of Prout, such terrorist cells meet their defeat at the hands of those capitalists, just as happens with all the other kinds of Robin Hoods. And indeed, in the past few years we have all witnessed the killing of so many top al-Qaeda leaders, including assassination of Bin Laden. Plus, just yesterday the #2 al-Qaeda commander in Pakistan was killed by a US drone strike.

So we can see that this Robin Hood technique also fails to end capitalist exploitation.


When Gandhism, communism, and the ways of those Robin Hoods all fail, then what is the proper approach to root out capitalism.

Prout philosophy states, “Those who lack a constructive ideology will never be capable of destroying capitalism, even if they speak sweet words, use threats, or create circumstantial pressure.” (10)

The only way to win the war against capitalists is to educate the common people about the ills of capitalist economic exploitation. This brings a collective rise in consciousness where people stand up to such capitalist exploiters. Thus we see the rise of vikśubdha shúdras, or the awakened masses, who are ready to bring revolution forward.

In this case the masses are fortified with the teachings of Prout: They understand they are being exploited and have a rational approach for moving ahead.

In Prout our aim is to bring about the all-round welfare of humanity where through circumstantial pressure people adopt the path of psychic expansion and spirituality. Then all their energy will not be spent on accumulating more and more physical wealth.

Prout philosophy states, “Our approach should be to adopt a constructive ideal, and we should wage a ceaseless and pactless struggle against all anti-human and antisocial factors. We are to fight capitalism and not the capitalists. We are to wipe out this ism from human society because this ism is paralysing humanity. The capitalists are suffering from a sort of mental ailment, and it is our foremost duty to radically cure them by diverting their physical thirst towards psychic and spiritual pursuits.” (11)

One of the key operative lines in the above teaching is: “fight capitalism and not the capitalists.”

Thus the Proutistic method is to combat the diseased mentality of capitalism and not engage in a war with capitalists. Rather those capitalists are to be educated about the ills of capitalism. They are to be taught that the human mind has infinite desires and that finite material wealth can never satisfy human longing. Side by side, while this education is going on, critical pressure and stipulations need to be implemented that keep people from hoarding wealth; rather wealth is to be rationally distributed.

So the Proutistic method aims to defeat the “ism” of capitalism and not the capitalists per se. That is the road to victory.

But this fact is lost upon Gandhism, communism, and Robin Hoods. The proponents of Gandhism simply make gentle appeals to capitalists without addressing the central problem of capitalism; the communists themselves adopt a materialistic, hoarding psychology similar to capitalism; and the Robin Hoods engage in warfare against the capitalists, but not capitalism. And in this fight they will lose as capitalists invest more and more funds into creating weapons for defeating such Robin Hoods. At present, capitalists hire soldiers who sit in the safety of isolated rooms and carry out drone strikes around the globe that systematically destroy those Robin Hoods. That is how the #2 commander of al-Qaeda in Pakistan was eliminated yesterday – and verily such attacks are going on always.

So all three – Gandhism, communism, and Robin Hoods – fail to rise to the challenge. Their defective approaches fail to derail the train of capitalism.

Thus, only Proutistic teachings are the way for eliminating capitalism and bringing forth a new human society. And this is done by rationally monitoring the accumulation of wealth and forcibly goading the minds of those capitalists towards the psychic and spiritual realms.


Here below Prout philosophy explains very clearly and in more detail why those adopting Gandhian measures can never gain success in fighting the capitalists.

“Nothing would be better, if it were possible, than the eradication of capitalism by friendly persuasion and humanistic appeals. In that case the peace of the greater human family would not be much disturbed. But can it be guaranteed that everyone will respond to this approach? Some people may say that a day will come when, as a result of repeatedly listening to such appeals and gradually imbibing them over a long time, as well as through proper mental and spiritual education, good sense will prevail among the exploiters. This argument is very pleasant to hear. Such attempts are not reprehensible. But is it practicable to wait indefinitely for good sense to prevail among the exploiters? By then the exploited mass will have given up the ghost! Though the humanistic approach works in some cases, in most instances it does not produce any result; and even where it does work, it takes a very long time. So, wherever necessary, capitalism must be forced to abandon its ferocious hunger by taking strong measures.” (12)


Prout philosophy states, “Both capitalism and communism have failed to provide the proper ideological inspiration and desideratum to human beings. In the interests of the welfare of humanity, these systems should be replaced. PROUT is against the exploitation by capitalism and the false dogma of communism as both are detrimental to the all-round progress of human beings.” (13)

Prout philosophy states, “PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human society. It aims to bring about equilibrium and equipoise in all aspects of socio-economic life through totally restructuring economics. Without PROUT, socio-economic emancipation will remain a utopian dream. Only PROUT can save the world.” (14)

In Him,
Candra Shekhar

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“Toma’ri deoya’ pra’n’e, toma’ri deoya’ mane…” (PS 3624)


O’ Parama Purusa, You are the Giver of Life. This very existence of mine has been bestowed upon me by You. This very mind of mine has been given to me by You. Now by Your grace, my whole mind and heart, which have been given to me by You, are focused solely on Your meditation – ideating on You. O’ my Lord, You are my Goal and my sadhana revolves around You. I am thinking only about You. By Your grace I understand that everything belongs to You. Except You, nothing exists. You are everything.

O’ Supreme Entity, I love You so much; I am crying for You; I have so much longing for You. I want that You should come close to me – in my sadhana, in my dhyana. Besides You there is no one who is mine. I do not have anyone. But You are not coming close. Why do You remain far away, O’ Heartless One. Why do You remain forgetful of me. Why are You not coming near and instead going to some far distant place. O’ Parama Purusa, please come close; those things which I have kept in the casket of the inner core of my heart I want to whisper in Your ear. And among them, one of them is the intense desire to get You. I have so many intimate things to tell You. I have so many thoughts to share with You. My only request is that I should get You. Please be gracious.

O’ Parama Purusa Baba, due to my crude mind, for ages and ages I remained oblivious about You. I was not keeping You in my mind. Baba, I do not know how long it has been that I have forgotten You. During that time, I just danced in the rhythm of this crude material world. I was just infatuated, intoxicated, and engrossed with the mundane allurements of the relative sphere. O’ my Dearmost, today You have graced me and made me understand that I am only Yours. By Your infinite compassion, all my thoughts, plans, programs, aspirations, sorrows, happiness, desires – everything revolves only around You. Baba, You are my Polestar; You are my everything, I surrender at Your lotus feet…

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What Do You Think About Tips & Bribes

This letter contains two parts:
1. Posting: What Do You Think About Tips & Bribes
2. Prabhat Samgiita #4112;


Building a healthy society is an integral component of our Ananda Marga mission. To that end, we have to evaluate the effect of all kinds of societal interactions – including bribes and tips. Do they have a place in society?

Many may feel it obvious that bribes should be banned, but what about tips and gratuities. What is our stand on that practice? For instance when you take a taxi should you tip the driver? What if a messenger delivers a package to your doorstep or a porter carries your bag across the train station? Should you tip such professionals for doing their job?

Here we examine – through question and answer – the topic of bribes and tips, and what effect they have on the individual and the collective. This is both a societal issue and a moral one.

As disciples of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, we should clearly understand and apply the teachings of Ananda Marga ideology on these critical matters. And we should educate the society as well.


In the first step of this mode of inquiry, let’s examine bribes.

Baba’s teachings on bribes are quite clear-cut. Most every Ananda Margii understands that accepting or giving a bribe is against our moral principles and societal regulations.

Here are Baba’s teachings towards employees of different institutions:

“Do not, on any account, accept or offer a bribe.” (1)

“If someone, through pressure of circumstances compels you to offer or accept a bribe, do not forgive that person till he/she is reformed.” (2)

“If, in consideration of the power of your post, anyone offers you a present, that should count as a bribe.” (3)

Thus, in the workplace, any financial or material gift that is associated with one’s professional standing should be considered a bribe.

Regarding householders, Baba has given the following teaching:

“Do not offer a bribe to anyone. If someone through pressure of circumstances forces you to offer a bribe, do not forgive that person till he/she is reformed.” (4)

Thus whether in our professional life or personal life, whether at work or at home, in no such circumstances are we to indulge in any form of bribery – period.


Here, in this first question and answer section, are some key points about how bribes bring stagnancy in society.

1. Why are bribes bad on the level of personal growth?

Accepting bribes crudifies the mind; a person passes their day strategizing how to garner more bribes. Instead of doing their job and adhering to the righteous slogan – “dignity of the labour” – a person just becomes immersed in scheming how to gain more black money or bribes. This makes one greedy, self-centered, lazy, and small-minded. Such a person becomes extremely degenerated.

2. Why are bribes bad on the societal level?

In our collective life, bribes lead to stagnancy, partiality, distrust, and numerous other problems.

For instance, in certain countries judges will not review a case, police will not come to your assistance, government officials will not issue a permit or passport, if a substantial bribe is not given. Not only do such persons become degenerated on the personal level for the reasons mentioned above, but this brings society to a screeching halt. It basically means that people do not do the work that they are paid to do. All these aforementioned professionals – judges, police agents, and government officials – receive a salary. But for that salary they are unwilling to do their allotted work in society. To get such types of persons to do their work, in any professional field or governmental arena, a bribe must be given.

As bad as that may be, that is not the only problem. Workers will actually undermine public utilities in order to make more money via bribes. An official for the electric company will not attend to his normal duties; instead he will personally watch the electrical lines decay, or even destroy them himself. Why? Because when the people’s electrical service is interrupted then they will call upon him and offer a hefty bribe in order to have their electricity restored. As they know that is the only way to get it fixed.

For all these reasons and more, any society becomes a pool of stagnancy where bribes are the name of the game.

3. Who suffers the most in such circumstances?

Tragically, the one who suffers the most in this situation is the common person, i.e. those who cannot afford to give a hefty bribe. They will be passed over and forgotten while those wealthier people will be given preferential treatment – i.e. VIP status – for giving big bribes.

As we know, our AM ideology is in support of the common mass. Yet bribes undermine their status and quality of life.


Now we come to the next stage: tips or gratuities.

1. What are tips?

A tip is the more moderate amount of money that common people often give to taxi drivers, waiters in the restaurant, delivery men / women, barbers, hotel staff, and others. Tips are usually given to those doing more physically-oriented work, though not always.

In their defense, those workers who receive tips may think, “I am underpaid so I deserve a little bit extra.”

And indeed, out of sympathy for their plight, many do reward such labourers with a tip. Those who give tips often feel that they are expressing their gratitude and those receiving tips feel the extra-money is well-deserved. Both parties feel that tips are distinctly different from bribes. They feel bribes are illegal and under-the-table while tips are an expression of human feeling done in the open.

Here it should be noted that 99.9% of those taking bribes have the same mind-set as those accepting tips. They think their pay is not enough so they feel justified and deserving of taking bribes. This applies to judges, police chiefs, customs officials, city officials, and many others from all layers and sections of society: From manual labourers to intellectuals etc. They feel that since they are less-paid, accepting a bribe is fine.

While a tip may seem innocuous, the basic mentality and reasoning of those accepting tips is identical to those taking bribes.

2. So then what is the stand of Ananda Marga on tips?

We are 100% against tips. In our view, tips are the same thing as a bribe – no difference in quality or effect.

This may be a shock to your ears as many consider tips to be an innocuous expression of generosity and good cheer, but consider the following.

Let me first say this. I have always tipped staff and workers in ways I thought appropriate. I wanted to be generous. But tipping does not solve their problem, rather it worsens the situation of those workers. So this letter is not about being greedy and not tipping others; rather the aim is to uplift all sectors of society.

3. Why are tips harmful?

Baba does not want extra money given to anyone performing a job as this leads to the degeneration of the individual and the disintegration of society. In that sense, a tip and a bribe are essentially the same exact thing. The one receiving the tip becomes personally degenerated because all day long he is thinking about money instead of doing his job; and the problem in collective life is that tips lead to partiality. Those who give big tips receive preferential treatment, while those who do not have money to give a grand tip are forgotten and labeled as “cheap” or “penniless” or “worthless”.

That is why the common acronym for tips is: To Insure Prompt Service.

Those who tip big get treated with high respect and their every need and wish is satisfied. Those common people who do not have the funds to tip are overlooked and neglected.

In due course, people will only do their job for those who give big tips. Here again Baba’s teaching is that when money is given to a person in consideration of their post, then that is not at all proper; indeed that is a bribe.

“If, in consideration of the power of your post, anyone offers you a present, that should count as a bribe.” (5)

Tips then act in the same way as a bribe. Those who are known to give generous tips get treated differently from others. They are given the “royal treatment.”

Even then some may protest and say, “I give tips out of the goodness of my heart – not to receive preferential treatment.”

The response is: “Would you give that person money if they did not do a particular work for you.”

For instance, if you normally give a waiter (food server) a $10 tip when eating in that restaurant, would you still give that waiter $10 if you went to eat in a different restaurant.

Here the point is that one cannot give freely from the heart if something is done exclusively in consideration of another person’s job, or post, or title etc. There is some other motive operating. That is why a tip is not a gift, but rather a bribe. We will talk more about gifts further down in this email.

4. Why tips undermine a worker’s dignity and status?

When an employee does not receive a proper salary and has to rely on tips, then his position is insecure. Such a person essentially must beg, plead, and please in order to garner more and more tips. Just imagine if a nurse or teacher worked on tips only. Then they could not pointedly and confidently attend to their work of nursing or teaching. They would be too worried or concerned with pleasing their patients and students – hoping to receive some coins in a jar when the day is over. In that case the status of a nurse or teacher becomes that of a beggar. Their independent, professional status is lost. This is true of any person or profession who relies on tips. That is why it is far, far better for a person to receive a proper paying salary than rely on tips. Then their dignity and social standing are secure.

5. Why your burning house will not be saved?

Just think how terrible it will be if the police or fire department do not respond to your emergency call since they do not consider you to be a big tipper. That is the reality which even exists today in many countries. Or imagine if you went to the doctor and they refused to see because you were not a big tipper. When we think of the matter in this light, does it not create an unsettling feeling in the mind.

Viewing the situation in this manner, it is very evident that tips will bring injustice and stagnancy in the society, just like bribes. Preferential treatment becomes the rule of the day, not true human feeling.

6. Why people give big tips?

Indeed in this money-driven era, people give big tips for multiple reasons. The first being that giving a big tip is a sign that you have money. In the vaeshyan era, being a moneyed man is everything. Giving a big tip means have plenty-o-extra cash. That means you are better than the common man as well as the person whom you are tipping. People want respect, and people know that one distinct way to garner such respect is to tip big. Those who can afford it, do it. And even some poorer people who do not have a lot of money will give a big tip (when they can) just because it satisfies their egoistic desire to rise above and be respected.

Truly speaking, tipping is a very degenerated approach. It degrades both the one doing the tipping and the one receiving the tip. Money is not the value of one’s worth.

“Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning, your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.” (6)

7. Who suffers the most?

The ones who suffer the most are those who cannot afford to give a big tip. So just as with bribes, it is the common person who gets neglected and pushed aside while the “wheelers & dealers” like big business and mafioso types get the best of everything. Thus, where there are tips there is partiality, and where there is partiality it is the “common man” who is left behind. That is what tips do: They alienate and block the regular people from getting what they need. They are the ones who suffer the most.

8. What is the role of tipping nowadays in Ananda Marga?

In theory, in Ananda Marga, we do not support or appreciate the tipping system as it undermines the social fabric in many ways. Unfortunately, practically speaking, since 1990, tipping has been a way of life in Ananda Marga. The only way to gain the favour of those in-charge is by tipping. That is they way one gets special status.

To become a tattvika or family acarya, one must give a tip; to get a high posting, one must give a tip; to get a marriage blessing from PP dada, one must give a tip; to get a “spiritual boon” from dadas, then one must give a tip; to be received honourably at a gathering or event, one must give a tip etc.

Indeed, to receive any kind of special services, prestige, support, or regard, then one must tip. That is the way things work these days in Ananda Marga. If you tip dadas, then all kinds of doors will be opened for you and you will be able to receive whatever you wish. That is why many say that nowadays one’s “merit” is based on the size of the tip.

Since 1990, in Ananda Marga, merit has not been based on sadhana, service, or sacrifice; nor has it been based on following yama and niyama or 16 Points. All along since 1990, the all-important tip or financial offering / bribe is what allows one to receive favours, gain recognition, or walk in the upper echelons of Ananda Marga society.

Thus, while in theory our Ananda Marga is wholly against the notion of tipping; tragically, tipping has become the operative factor in getting whatever you want these days in Ananda Marga.

Whatever you call it it – tip or bribe – it is rampant now in AMPS life. To get anything done, or gain prestige, or get a post, or so many things, it all depends upon the tip, or financial offering. This is the very unfortunate state of affairs. And it is this trend which must be halted and ultimately reversed.


Now that we have reviewed bribes and tips we have to resolve the matter. In those countries where bribes are a way of life, then our brothers and sisters of Ananda Marga need to know what they should do. Similarly, in those areas, where tipping is looked upon as being obligatory in certain cases, then our brothers and sisters of the Marga need to know how to behave in those regions.

Here then are the recommended solutions:

(1) TIPS: As Ananda Margiis we should refrain from giving tips or gratuities to anyone for their work. Rather we should raise the slogan that such people should be paid more by their employers. No doubt this may feel uncomfortable to forgo giving someone a tip, but this is the work of the pioneer. And society will benefit greatly in the long run.

If people do not want to perform certain works for you because they know you are not going to tip them, then get your work done by other agencies or businesses. Supporting the system of tipping is not at all good as it leads to partiality and injustice for the common people. Those who tip big get special preference and those who do not have the money to tip large sums are overlooked. Plus the one receiving the tip becomes degenerated as they are always thinking about money. This is not the way to build a healthy society.

Indeed just imagine if the tips are extended to teachers in schools. In that case, if you do not give a huge tip, then those teachers will not teach your child. Here the point is that whatever field of life incorporates tips, then that will bring partiality and special treatment for a few wealthy people. That is why as Ananda Margiis we should not be involved in giving tips for work rendered. That is Baba’s strict guideline.

(2) BRIBES: As Ananda Margiis we should refrain from giving or receiving bribes and side by side we should raise awareness that bribes lead to the degradation of society. In that sense it is just like tipping – it is to be wholly avoided and public education is needed.

The only difference between tips and bribes is that in certain countries one cannot get the basic necessities of life (such as electricity, water, heat etc) without bribing local officials and administrators. Or if your house is robbed, the police will not do anything unless you offer a bribe – then they will start their investigation, otherwise not. In such situations – due to pressure of circumstances – one will have to pay a bribe. At the same time it is imperative to take a strong stand.

“If someone through pressure of circumstances forces you to offer a bribe, do not forgive that person till he/she is reformed.” (7)


[A] In the below excerpt from His short story, Baba outlines how only depraved people like the ghosts resort to bribes:

His Holiness roared, “I don’t want to hear these things; I know you have eaten them. Vomit them out! I shall eat them.”

There ensued a big scuffle between His Holiness and his disciples. An initial shouting match became a bloody battle.

The police, on being informed, rushed to the spot. They arrested both sides and dragged them to the police station.

Tarun put the lemon lozenge between his lips and teeth so that he and the chief ghost could accompany them.

After giving some hefty tips Bhutanandaji and his disciples were freed and allowed to return home. His Holiness, however, stayed at the police station to try and persuade the sub-inspector ghost that the ministers Bhutananda Singh and Bhutanarayan Sharma were his followers. It would therefore be improper for the sub-inspector ghost to accept a bribe from him. Anyway, the sub-inspector didn’t believe him and he was only released after giving the bribe.

When he returned to the banyan tree his disciples apologized. His Holiness said, “Let bygones be bygones. Let us now engage ourselves in ghost meditation.” (8)

[B] Next Baba reveals how the medical industry has become riddled by bribes.

“Countless complaints can be made against doctors and the medical profession. Although it would take a lot of space to list them all, let me briefly mention a few: patients have to settle for adulterated medicines unless they bribe the pharmacist; sweepers, orderlies and nurses do not take proper care of a patient’s needs unless they are tipped; a patient writhing in pain may be rebuked instead of being given medicine; if one does not call the doctor at least once for a personal consultation so that that doctor can earn some extra money, one may be unable to secure a bed on one’s next visit to the hospital; a medicine that is supposedly out of stock in the hospital can be illegally purchased in a nearby shop at an exorbitant price; without bribing the doctor a sick patient will not be admitted to the hospital; during the compulsory medical examination for a new job, all the medical staff put out their hand for a bribe; the doctor in collusion with the optician fails many people in their eye tests so that they will have to buy glasses; hospital patients are served food which is cheaper and of poorer quality than what they are entitled to; milk and fruits reserved for patients are consumed by the hospital staff; spurious drugs and injections are administered to patients. Such grievances are endless. Some are extremely serious, involving accusations of such irresponsibility that it is difficult to believe that people actually have these experiences.” (9)

[C] Here Baba reveals the negative reactions that come when one takes bribes.

“When people rob others, or indulge in hypocrisy, or cheat people, or indulge in tall talk day after day, they are committing original actions. When a dishonest government employee accepts a bribe it is an original action, and when his son gets sick and has to be rushed to the doctor it is the reactive action (the reaction to the original action). When his son dies he laments, “I haven’t knowingly done anything wrong. Oh, Lord, why have you given me such severe punishment.” But God did not give him any punishment – the deep sorrow he felt at the death of his child was the result of his past original actions.” (10)

[D] Baba guides us that those who indulge in bribery ruin their sadhana by thinking again and again of the bribe they hope to gain next.

“Suppose you are thinking that you will take bribe from that man. While doing sádhaná, what are you doing? “Bribe – bribe – bribe – bribe.” Just see, your propensive propulsions are channelized towards bribe which disturb the “smrti” which you want to develop. Because of coolness of the mind during your sádhaná those undesirable elements create a crowd in your mind.” (11)

[E] Baba also warns us that those involved in taking bribes can never hide – rather their wrong is automatically seen by the Divine Entity.

“Suppose a person commits a wrong by accepting a bribe. While receiving the bribe he or she thinks that no one is watching, but that is impossible. A third entity is watching everything. No one can do anything secretly in this universe. But the bribe-taker thinks the opposite because avidyá shakti has placed a veil between him or her and the Supreme Being. This is a very dangerous situation. It is just like a hare being chased by a hunter: the hare sits down and covers its eyes with its ears and, thinks, “I cannot see anything, so the hunter cannot see anything either. Hence he won’t be able to kill me.” This is a deadly mistake! Wherever one commits a wrong, be it in the depths of the ocean or in a high mountain cave, one cannot escape the consequences: one will certainly be detected one day or another.” (12)

[F] Baba uses those taking bribes to describe depraved beings who have sunk into “seventh hell.”

“There are seven shades of darkness corresponding to the seven worlds below. What are these shades? Tamah [is the first and] means simply “black”, the second is tamasá, third mahátamasá, fourth andhatamasá, fifth tamishrá, sixth mahátamishrá, and seventh andhatamishrá. What is this last, this andhatamishrá? It is the darkness in which it is not possible even to see one’s own hands. When one becomes materialistic – extremely materialistic – one’s intellect and conscience are all lost. One cannot see even the hands by which he or she accepts a bribe or holds a cup of wine. One thinks, “Whatever I do is right.” That is why it is said, Andhaḿ tamah pravishanti [“One who follows the path of avidyá falls into darkness”]. He or she will go down to rasátala. Rasátala is a stage far below even dogs and goats. Dogs and goats never go below bhuvarloka. They are far superior to those in rasátala.” (13)


It is not at all easy to reverse the prevailing trends in society. Mental force is needed. By taking a samkalpa and standing strong, it is possible to change the ways of society.

Just see how our Marga was instrumental in cracking the age-old caste system in India by creating revolutionary marriages. At first those who had an RM (revolutionary marriage) faced huge backlash from the society, but eventually that faded and now getting an RM in India is much more easily done and the dogmatic caste system is losing its grip on society.

So we should take that same type of determination with regards to tips and bribes. Then by Baba’s grace these two poisons will be eliminated from the society.

“Those who are the pioneers in such a task, what will they do? They will have to acquire far more strength than average people. The pioneers who want to travel through thick jungles will have to clear part of the jungle and build a road. Once the road is constructed, those who come behind will be able to travel easily through that jungle.” (14)

Now share with us, what is your opinion about tips and bribes.

In Him

1. Caryacarya, Part 2, Society, Point #23b
2. Caryacarya, Part 2, Society, Point #23c
3. Caryacarya, Part 2, Society, Point #23d
4. Caryacarya – 2, Society, Point #24c
5. Caryacarya, Part 2, Society, Point #23d
6. Ananda Vanii #13
7. Caryacarya – 2, Society, Point #24c
8. Under the Fathomless Depths of the Blue Sea
9. Human Society – 1, Various Occupations
10. Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 8, Sádhaná
11. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 2, Bhavámbodhipotam
12. Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 10, Vaedhii Bhakti and Shuddhá Bhakti
13. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 30, Self-Realization and Service to Humanity
14. A Few Problems Solved – 3, The Importance of Society

Prabhat Samgiita

“Tiirthe tiirthe ghuriya’ kla’nt hoye esechi dva’re…” (Prabhata Samgiita 4112)


O’ Parama Purusa, after wandering around the globe in various holy lands in search of You, I am completely tired. In this exhausted state, I have reached Your alter. Baba, be gracious, please do not turn Your face away; please do not become unhappy, angry, or furious with me. Please open the door and allow me to come inside.

O’ Supreme Entity, look towards me; my whole body is completely tired and exhausted. My feet are full of dust. Wandering around in the sun, my whole body has become completely hot and sweaty. I am totally tired and exhausted.

O’ Parama Purusa, O’ Baba, now I feel in my heart and repent how my whole life has been wasted. I was tied up in the noose of dogma. Just I was performing various rituals, wandering in holy lands, moving from one tiirtha to another tiirtha, from one Baba’s Quarter to another Baba’s Quarter, in search of You. By Your grace, now I understand that You are residing in my heart – smiling.

Baba, I am surrendering to You. Please accept me as Yours. Do not leave me to wander from one dogmatic pilgrimage to another – involved in various rituals. The path which I was traveling was dark & full of hopelessness. I wasted a lot of money, time, and energy; nothing was gained. Now I am too tired. I want Your divine direction.

In spite of moving on the negative path, by Your grace in the garden of my mind some flowers have bloomed for You. I want to offer those flowers at Your lotus feet. The creepers of hope are swinging and the feeling is coming that You will allow me.

Baba, You have graciously given me the longing for You in my heart. Now please grace me by allowing me to come close to You and touch Your feet. Baba, I am Yours and You are mine. I am surrendering everything unto You. Please accept me…

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From: “Ramlal Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Baba Story About Prout Government
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2013 23:26:08 +0530


This entire email is composed of 4 parts:
(1) Posting: Baba Story About Prout Government;
(2) Posting: Two Opposite Types of Mantras;
(3) Posting: Baba’s Procedural Order: No Co-Education Upon Entering Puberty
(4) Prabhat Samgiita #3580.

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).



Note: This short story is related with one very senior Proutist – Shrii Shashi Ranjanji, a key member of parliament with a high post and a founding member of PBI (Proutist Block of India). The following story is one key point where Sadguru Baba graciously responds to Shashi Ranjanji’s query on Prout policies. Shashi Ranjanji is also known as Shashi Ranjan Sahu.

On various occasions, I was blessed to be along with Baba while He was delivering guidelines on Prout.

We all knew that Baba’s plan was that margiis should challenge every election and run for every seat of Parliament. This was Baba’s outlined approach.

In my mind, however, I was wondering what would happen if really margiis ran for and won every seat of parliament. In that case, who would serve as the opposition group in Parliament.

For instance, in the general democratic system, there is one elected party in power. And all elected officials of that majority party will automatically and brazenly support their elected executive chief, i.e. the leader of the country. This is the norm. Yet, side by side, there are many other elected officials who are part of one or more minority groups. And it is these minority group(s) that stand as an oppositional force to the party in power. That is the way it runs. But if one party gets 75% or 80% of the seats in Parliament or Congress, then there is hardly any debate – what a leader wants do they do by voice vote. What to speak of if one group gets 100% of the seats.

Thus, if the Prout Party runs for and wins every seat of Parliament then how will there be an opposition group. Every elected official will be a Proutist and hence part of the Prout party. Then where is there scope for any opposition. This was the quandary in my mind.

So I asked Baba, “Suppose, all the members of Parliament are from the Proutist party then how will there be any opposition?”

Baba told, “Yes, there will be scope for opposition. Elected members of Parliament will pressurise those at the helm and ensure that Prout principles are followed and implemented. The loyalty of the elected leaders will not take the shape of blind support for the top post holder, but rather their loyalty will be in the form of the rational and just implementation of Proutistic ideals – in the service of the entire society. Those elected leaders will be vigilant that Proutists in the top executive offices are discharging their duties properly. On such points, there will be vigorous and open debate. That is how the opposition will be formed when Proutists have 100% of the seats in Parliament.”

I thought, “Yes, this is how we will proceed when Proutists win over all elected seats of Parliament. They will not work like general politicians wherein elected members of the ruling party blindly support the executive branch.”

At His Lotus Feet,
Shashi Ranjan


Unfortunately, nowadays in Ananda Marga, those in the executive body (i.e. purodhas in Central Office) do not appreciate any opposition from their own members, let alone from field workers and general margiis. That is why countless wrongs are going on in AMPS.

The duty of general purodhas is to keep a sharp eye on the executive body, and take them to task when they veer from Baba’s teachings. However, instead of taking dharmic stand, such purodhas are stooges. They sit there and allow top purodhas to do as they wish – wholly disregarding Guru’s mandates.

Once again, the main problem nowadays in AMPS is that healthy debate and criticism is not allowed. In that condition, general wts and margins have no voice. Top purodhas rule according to their convenience. Then sin and crime brews. In the end, they all drown in the mud of their own crime and sin.

If anyone does not understand this short explanation please write back.

in His service,


Subject: Two Opposite Types of Mantras
From: Gaungadhar ght2314@gtu…
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2013 20:44:21


Here is one very important and unique aspect about ista mantras in our Ananda Marga sadhana system. Baba has only discussed this point on select occasions – i.e. very rarely.

‘Mananat tarayet yastu sah mantrah parikiirttitah’

“Mantra is that particular word whose repetition or auto-suggestion or outer-suggestion helps the microcosm free itself of all the fetters of physical, psychic, and spiritual life.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 5, p. 96)

In His above teaching, Baba is guiding us about the important role auto and outer suggestion have in the repetition of a mantra. We all know that in the first lesson of our Ananda Marga sadhana we use a mantra. Each one of the Ananda Marga ista mantras are based either on auto suggestion or outer suggestion. At the time of initiation, based on their samskara, every Ananda Margii is given their own personal ista mantra. And that is the mantra they will use for their entire life.



So some sadhakas have ista mantras which are based exclusively on auto-suggestion; and some have mantras based only on outer suggestion. It varies from mantra to mantra.

For example, for some sadhakas, their ista mantra is based on auto suggestion. The meaning is, ‘I am that…’, i.e. ‘I am Brahma’.

So, in this case, the sadhaka is suggesting this idea to himself while repeating his mantra. And during the repetition of the first half of the ista mantra while inhaling the sadhaka thinks ‘I am’. And when repeating the second half of the ista mantra while exhaling he ideates on ‘Brahma’. The full idea is: “I am Brahma.” This is how the ista mantra works with auto suggestion. And that is what Baba is referring to in the above guideline.

Whereas in outer suggestion, the types of mantra used in first lesson are somewhat different.

In that case, Gurushakti gives the suggestion to the sadhaka, ‘you are that…’, i.e. ‘you are Brahma’. So here ‘you’ means the sadhaka, not someone else. Thus during the first half of the mantra on the inhalation the idea comes from Gurushakti to the sadhaka that ‘you are’. And on the second half of the ista mantra upon exhalation the ideation is on ‘Brahma’. The full idea is: “You are Brahma.” This is how an ista mantra works with outer suggestion.

In the Ananda Marga sadhana system, most of the ista mantras are based on auto-suggestion. It is rare to receive an ista mantra based on outer suggestion.



Thus when repeating their ista mantra every sadhaka must follow their assigned mantra – either it is auto suggestion or outer suggestion, depending on their mantra – as it is allotted by their acarya. No individual is given two mantras. Every sadhaka is given one single mantra, and that mantra is based either on auto or outer suggestion.

So one must not do both types, auto & outer. This should never be done. One has either been assigned an auto suggestion mantra or one based on outer suggestion. The one you have received is what you will use for the duration.

In select circumstances, if a mistake was made at the time of initiation, it may be that certain individuals need to have their ista mantras changed. If so, this is always done by an acarya. Beyond that, every sadhaka should always use the ista mantra given to them at the time of initiation.

Just as one should not take two different antibiotics at the same time, similarly one should not use both types of ista mantras, i.e. auto and outer. Likewise, just as one should not stand on two different moving vehicles at the same time, similarly one should not use both types of ista mantras, i.e. auto and outer.

Here every sadhaka should keep in mind that this distinction between the auto and outer ista mantras is a very subtle aspect of sadhana. Only discuss this point with those acaryas who have a very keen interest in sadhana. If you ask those wts who are fully involved in mundane dealings, business, and xyz pursuits, they will only yawn and misguide you, unfortunately. If you search you will find that there are many sincere acaryas.

Note: This matter of auto and outer suggestion is related with one’s ista mantra. So I cannot write the actual mantras here because they cannot be told openly. So it is the duty of sadhakas to communicate one-on-one with an acarya on this.


“The mind thinks with concentration, that is, the mind meditates. Regarding this faculty of thinking, if it is done in a methodical way, the result is certainly positive…But if it is not done in a methodical way, the general result is negative.” (2 June 1990 RU, Anandanagar)


The purpose in writing about auto and outer suggestion of mantra is two-fold:

(a) All sadhakas should understand the meaning of their mantra; those not aware should consult their acarya.

(b) By raising this matter, acaryas will be forced to educate themselves on the deeper aspects of sadhana.

At His Lotus Feet,


Subject: Baba’s Procedural Order: No Co-Education Upon Entering Puberty
From: Kavita@opera…
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 22:33:46
To: am-global@earthlink.net



“Some of you are aware that one central didi – herein referred to as Didi D – is extremely attached with a young man of 18 years of age, whom we shall call Mr. S. The situation is not at all ordinary – rather quite abnormal. They live together: Sleeping, eating, and going together etc. Didi D and Mr S are very linked with each other.

The reason why this is such an important matter is because this has the makings of becoming a systemic issue within our Marga. The likes of which have been the downfall of many religions and spiritual communities. We should not let our Ananda Marga suffer the same fate.”

According to the following procedural order, Didi Ananda Dyotona is disobeying Baba and contravening His stated guideline. That is very unfortunate. Didiji is doing adharmic work, incurring sin and bad samsakras, as well as ruining the life of a young man, Shubham. The whole scene is quite tragic.

Here following is Baba’s own Procedural Order which states that our Ananda Marga schools must not be co-ed once children have reached the age of puberty.



PLO no. 1A/4.2.1969

As per rules, co-education is allowed in our Schools up to Standard V. but boys who are learning in Std. V or below but have crossed twelve years of age will not be permitted to study in any of our lady managed Schools. Similarly girls who are learning in Std. V or below but have crossed 12 years of age, shall not be allowed to study in our Schools (for boys).

Feb 4, 1969

Note: Standard V is the equivalent of 5th grade or 5th class in the western system.

According to Baba’s above procedural order on co-education, there are two determining factors. If one has reached the age of 12 then that is one point to separate males and females in their schooling. Secondly, if any student has completed Standard V grade, they must be in gender-separated learning environment. So if one has completed standard V and still is not 12yrs of age, then they cannot continue into grade VI in a co-ed school. Thus, boys and girls cannot attend the same school if they are of 12 years of age or have completed Standard V grade, whichever comes first.

The real essence of the stipulation is based upon adolescence or puberty. Once the mammary glands have developed in girls and the related glands for boys, then they cannot attend the same school. That is Baba’s guideline.

So nowadays when in some parts of the world, girls and boys enter into adolescence at the age of 8, then that marks the time they must attend a single-gender school.

“Yes, I am interested in receiving the scanned PO”

The above is Baba’s procedural order. Baba has given the order and in due course GS Dada would sign and circulate it. The above is the email version. If you want a scanned copy of the actual order then click reply and paste this into the subject box: “Yes, I am interested in receiving the scanned PO”.

in Him,


For more about the situation with Didiji and Shubham click on the below link.


**** Here begins the Prabhat Samgiita ****

“Madhur mohan tumi cita-rainjan a’cho sada’ sa’the sa’the…” (3580)


O’ Parama Purusa, You are very sweet, most attractive. You have coloured my mind in Your colour. That is why You are Cita-Rainjan [1]. Always You are remaining with me side by side. You have removed the despair and filled my heart with Your love. All the darkness & hopelessness was removed by that light.

O’ Divine Entity, You are beyond the scriptures, intellect, logic, and reasoning, You are above all these; You are Alakha-Nirainjain [2], beyond description. Infinite and unblemished. Only You can shatter the bondage of avidya maya – the mirage of negative attraction – and grant salvation. Baba, You are the most charming, the most sweet, my own…


[1] Cita-Rainjan: Baba guides us & we all know that devotion is that unique ingredient which allows one to advance in the spiritual field. Without innate love for Parama Purusa one can never succeed. By Baba’s divine grace, in His role as Cit-Rainjan, He is that Divine Entity who colours and saturates the mind of sadhakas in the fountain of devotion. Baba says, “‘rainjana’, which means ‘the One who colours’ – that which colours the mind.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-1) So He is that Cosmic Being who graciously showers devotional love into the heart and mind of the bhakta. And by such overwhelming Cosmic grace, the devotee becomes immersed in Supreme bliss and comes in the closest proximity with that Love Personified Entity: Parama Purusa.

[2] Alakhanirainjan: (‘Alakh’ means ‘invisible’; ‘nir’ means ‘no’; ‘ainjan’ means ‘black spot’.) Of the infinite attributions of Parama Purusa, one of which is that He is invisible and blemishless– totally pure and perfect. That is why He is known as Alakhanirainjan. Because in this world unit beings are bound by their past actions, by their samskaras; and this creates a black mark in their mind. But being Alakhanirainjan, being both invisible and blemishless, Parama Purusa is totally beyond the realm of sense perception and beyond the realm of samskara. His mind never gets stained. He remains eternally pure and spotless.

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To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: J_deva@markwebmail….
Subject: How To Remove Misery From Your Life
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 14:23:01 -0000


This entire email is composed of 3 parts:
(1) Posting: How To Remove Misery From Your Life ;
(2) Trailer Quote: True Colour Comes Out;
(3) Prabhat Samgiita #2239;

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).


In the life of every person and in the history of every community and land, there are deeply dark aspects and painful memories, filled with despair, bloodshed, and untold suffering. One can spend a lifetime plunging themselves into those woes of misfortune and angst.



Actually, this act of looking to the past is such a common human phenomenon. On a daily basis, people tend to review past events – especially painful ones. They think how they lost their prestige at their job, or how their spouse left them, or about their parent who passed away. There are countless memories people bring into the mind which disturb their psyche. They actively do this – it becomes their habit. Yet it drastically undermines their well-being.

That is why Baba’s guideline is: Do not engage in looking into the past and recollecting those scenes which adversely affect the mind. To indulge in such type of dark thinking is not at all beneficial. It does not bear any fruit – neither for an individual nor the collective humanity.

On the personal level, Baba reminds us that we should suffuse the mind in spiritual thought and refrain from recounting past woes.

So, on the individual plane, one should strive to channelize the mind towards a pure and positive ideation, and not let the mind get caught up in the losses and pains of the past. By focusing the mind on Him, it will set the mind on the right course.



And on the collective level, in His revolutionary way, Baba has ensured that our Ananda Marga will always rise above the dark side of life.

In His discourse, ‘Our Social Treatise’, Baba says the following about our Ananda Marga social system and way of life.

“[That which is true] has been accepted, and the dark aspects of life have not been given any scope to flourish.” (1)

Let’s take a moment to investigate what Baba means by the above statement and see how this practically benefits both individuals and whole communities.



When Baba discusses the division of India, Baba pointedly analyses the defects of Gandhi’s approach and warns how we should never fall prey to communal sentiments. That is the main emphasis and teaching point.

So on the point of history, Baba’s guideline is to briefly look back, learn from those past mistakes so that they are not repeated, and move ahead in the proper direction.

In contrast, so many groups and communities indulge in harping about the past such that they become crippled and unable to move ahead. Instead they just invite frustration, anger, and hate.

African American history is taught in such a way that nearly every hateful and gory incident involving slavery has been regurgitated and given new life wherein some submerge their mind with anger and even blame whites of today for crimes committed generations ago.

Such an approach undermines our African-American (i.e. Black American) community and hinders the growth of our brothers and sisters. By this way, those frustrations live on and on, racism increases, and the flames of hatred burn high into the sky.

Baba’s approach is this: Yes, slavery happened; yes, it was a slur on the humanity; and now a new era has come so we should learn from the past and move on, and not get caught up in drowning the mind in those dark moments.

Jewish history also often involves overturning each and every stone and analysing the exact degree to which Jews have suffered. They uncover every minute detail and relive it in such a way that all those torments get dug up and take on a life of their own – infesting the heart and minds of today’s people.

And indeed, this is the way nearly all peoples recount their history. In such cases, whole communities get submerged in the hurtful memories and dark aspects of life. That becomes their living reality for the present as they bear the grudges of generations ago.

But this fateful approach does not bode well for the humanity. Rather than learning from the past, people get caught up in it, thereby shackling themselves with those dark moments.


That is why Baba distinctly opposes this type of degrading outlook on life, and has instead given a whole new way for our Marga to march ahead where we learn from the past yet move forward with an optimistic outlook. This is the delicate and dharmic balance which we must maintain.


In India – under the teachings of Shankaracarya – history was discarded outright. There was no record kept by the people. Because of this the same mistakes and errors were repeated over and over again. And ultimately, the history of India was recorded by outsiders. This is one extreme.

And the other extreme is what we see happening with the Jews and blacks in the US where there is a perpetual manner of recounting dark episodes of history over and over again, without rest. In that case, those communities get caught up in the horrors and sufferings of the past.

Hence a delicate balance is needed where we look back approximately 1% of the time, i.e. just enough to learn and track our course. Then the remaining 99% of the time should be aimed to forward movement. This is the ideal way to use history and foster a healthy outlook.

And that is neatly reflected in Baba’s below teaching.

Baba says, “[That which is true] has been accepted, and the dark aspects of life have not been given any scope to flourish.” (2)


While in our social life or collective life, it is important to look back and learn from history.

One must be extremely careful not to drown in old memories. One must not indulge in this way – a human being must look forward.

For instance, if one loses $100 or $100,000, then one must not think back again and again on this loss. In that case, life will be terrible – miserable. Yet many people fall into this thought cycle – always reliving the difficulties past. That is not healthy in individual life.

This happens now just with the loss of money, but with any type of painful memory or unfortunate occurrence. People churn those thoughts again and again: “I messed up at work”, “My sister died in that accident”, “The storm destroyed my property”, and verily there are so many horrible memories that people harbour. This only invites more pain and compounds the difficulty.


Yet in the west, entire schools of counseling, psycho-therapy, and support groups are based on reliving old habits and past harms. Whether the problem be child abuse, alcohol addiction, or any other malady or abuse, many western approaches indulge in talking about those pains – daily, weekly, monthly – thereby reinforcing those painful memories in the mind. Instead of moving beyond those tragic incidents by redirecting the mind towards a more positive or sentient engagement, those old horrors become the dominant aspect of one’s present existence. This should be avoided at all costs. Key steps should be taken to break that thought cycle and redirect the mind toward sentient and psycho-spiritual pursuits.


Baba’s world view is wholly positive in nature.

“Ánandáddhyeva khalvimáni bhútáni jáyante. Ánandena játáni jiivanti. Ánandaḿ prayantyabhi saḿvishanti”

“This quinquelemental world has been born out of bliss, is being maintained in bliss and into sacred bliss it will melt.” (3)

By infusing this spirit into the life of each and every human being, people are then able to embrace a positive outlook on life.

Ananda Marga steers clear from the Christian dogma that this world was born out of sin, such that people become tied and bound by that sinful disease.

Rather in Ananda Marga, we perpetually celebrate the finer moments of human existence and embrace the subtler aspects of human life. This is reflected by our view on history, our daily outlook, and by our festivals and holidays.

Each and every religion has days where they mourn for the hell that took place in the past, rekindling those dark and gory memories.

But Baba does not appreciate that humans should live life in such a bleak way, always plunging oneself in the misfortune of the past. That is why in Ananda Marga, each and every festival is based on merriment and joy.

“The sweetness of a festival brings new joy and vigour in life…’an occasion which gives human beings fresh inspiration to live a new life’.” (4)

Even on the point of remembering those who gave their life for dharma, we remember their glory and honor them all on the same day, once a year on Dadhicii Divas. Otherwise each and every day would become a time to mourn for the fallen and so many shrines would be erected, always reminding the people of that fateful or sad moment.


In our personal lives, we live on this earth with so many friends and family. And human beings are mortal. Naturally then we will know so many who die such that we can pass our days on this earth mourning those losses again and again, day in & day out.

To counteract this human tendency, Baba has given that the period of mourning should be for a limited number of days and then one should then move ahead in a bright new way.

He does not want that on the individual level we should also get stuck in the mire and sorrow of the past.

Unfortunately in today’s society, not only do people mourn the deceased year after year, reliving those sad moments. So many dark aspects get reported on over and over again and fill people’s mental plate.


As margiis, our revolutionary approach is to fill the world with positive ideas and optimism.

Unfortunately some in our Marga have gone so far as to reduce Parama Purusa Himself to being an ordinary mortal and they are intent on mourning the occasion again and again on Oct 21, calling it “mahaprayan”. This is also an example of allowing the darkened aspects of life to flourish – which Baba does not approve.

When Baba Himself is the Parama Purusa and is that eternal entity who remain with us always in our hearts, then where is there meaning or value in sinking oneself in the false and dark nature of so-called mahaprayan. Our ideal is to remember how Baba is with us each and every moment and not get lost in the dogmatic notion that He is gone.

So those who give indulgence to mahaprayan dogma invite a personal tragedy. With their physical eye they fail to see Baba so they think He is no longer, but the proper method is to look with the inner, spiritual eye and remember that He is always eternally present. Those who fail to embrace this divine truth invite personal tragedy and loss in their lives. That is the real danger surrounding so-called mahaprayan.


When Baba has come and graciously blessed us with all the guidelines for how to lead a dharmic life and when He Himself remains in the heart always, then truly we are fortunate. Baba has given the teaching how to regard and utilize history, both in collective life and individual life. By that way we can learn and grow – and not get caught up in the dark moments of the past. At the same time, He has given scope for setting the mind on the Supreme Goal, and moving ahead in life, always thinking of Him.


““O mendicant, look and see. Water is entering the boat that you have boarded in the hopes of crossing to the other side of the river. So get rid of that water right away.” Sinca bhikkhu imaḿ návaḿ. If you get rid of the water your boat’s load will be lightened. Sittá te lahu messyati. A human being’s burden grows along with the past…For example, perhaps you are thinking: once you were eating rich, delicious and costly foods such as háluyápuri, murg-mashallam, namkiin poláo – this is all the burden of the past… Buddha warned his mendicants who were thirsty for liberation: O mendicants, lighten the burden that lies before you.”

Yassa pure ca paccha ca majjhe ca natthi kincanam’;
Akincanam’ ana’da’nam’ tamaham’ vru’mi Bra’hman’am’.

“That person who does not carry any burden…is a true bráhmańa.” (5)


“I will call that person a Brahman whose mind does not run after any colour, who is neither obsessed by colour-laden thoughts of the past…One must free the mind from the influence of all colours.” (6)

“O sádhaka! You must forget all your past deeds, all your tales of glory or ignominy, from the memorable moment you start moving on the path of sádhaná or intuitional practice. Do not look back: you have eyes in the front of your head. As indispensable as it is to be cautious and careful, so that the self-created tornado propelling you forward does not dash you down to the ground to ensure your safe journey ahead, you may sometimes throw back a cursory glance and no more.” (7)

“Whatever be the consequence of your past deeds, your upliftment is guaranteed, if you have unflagging zeal to attain Brahma. Do not look back, look forward. Never take any limited material object for your worship. Accept only the loftiest entity for your contemplation. If your love for Him is genuine, you will ever remain in an Elysian exuberance. Pain will then mean nothing to you, nor will happiness either. When one’s movement is towards the Great, when one’s ardour is only for the Great, it is called Prema or Divine Love.” (8)

At His lotus feet,

1. Prout in a Nutshell – 16
2. Prout in a Nutshell – 16
3. Namami Krsnasundaram
4. A Few Problems Solved – 5
5. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 9, The Source of Internal Stamina
6. Namami Krsnasundaram, Disc #24
7. Subhasita Samgraha – 4, The Chariot and the Charioteer
8. Subhasita Samgraha – 3

True Colour Comes Out

“The greatest quality of a person at a meeting or debate is the capacity to convince others. The highest quality in the battlefield is ‘yudhi vikramam’, or valor in the battle. While in danger, one’s great quality is patience.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 4)

When in danger, some become paranoid and some remain patient. Depending upon their reaction, they reveal their weakness or their greatness. If when danger arrives one becomes paranoid or loses their wits, they cannot do anything – they cannot solve the problem. Rather they become a liability. Then they are not a dharmika as they are missing even the first point of dharma – i.e. dhrti (patience).

In contrast, if when in grave danger one’s rational brain is still functioning then that person a is dharmika.

Note: Here it does not mean if someone else’s house burns down and you keep calm, then you are a dharmika. That is not the idea. Rather, the point is to keep your rational mind functioning when your own house is burning down. If you can manage to keep your own mind balanced in a dangerous situation, you can resolve that issue in the best way, according to circumstances.

**** Here begins the Prabhat Samgiita ****

“Ya’ra’ toma’y bha’laba’se, toma’r tarei kande ha’se…” (PS 2239)


Baba, those who are loving You, those who are smiling and crying and dancing in Your rhythm, in their ears may my message be heard.

In my mind I have deep reverence and honor for them. Their greatness and dedication I will always remember. For such great people I move around here and there to have their proximity.

Such great persons are my own. For them my life is for. My colorful dreams take shape by coming in the contact of such great personalities. Baba those who are dancing in Your cosmic rhythm and moving according to Your dictates, such great devotees are the vanguards. And they are venerable for me…

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Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 23:22
Subject: Who Can Follow Dadaji’s “Great” Examples #2


~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This the second letter in this series. A link to the first letter has been appended below. – Eds)

“Dada Shivananda [a.k.a. Ac Samanvayananda Svt] left Baba and the AMPS organisation, and in a challenging display created his own separate organization, “Prema Marga”. That time, Dadaji established his own office in the foothills of the Himalayas at Dehradun.”

“Let us not forget that in those days, Baba was in jail. It was during those difficult times in Ananda Marga when maximum support was needed that Dada Samanvayanandji left and created his own organization to compete against Ananda Marga. The need of the hour was to stand firmly by Guru and raise the flag of Ananda Marga. Those days, so many margiis and acaryas withstood the onslaught and backlash of the negative forces, i.e. Mrs Indhira Gandhi’s exploitative machine. Margiis and wts were forced into hiding, imprisoned, tortured, and humiliated. All the while Guru was in jail. No true Ananda Margii could ever think to leave in such a moment – never.”

“Yet, in that critical moment, when Baba was in jail and workers margiis were also suffering, Dada Samanvayanandji left to enjoy his own self-created guru-ship, and establish his own separate organization: Prema Marga. So while dedicated Ananda Margiis stood by Guru, Dada Samanvayanandji fled to establish his own so-called glory. This is not the quality of a disciple, but rather a case of betrayal. Or what should we call it.”


When Guru was in jail then true Ananda Margiis bravely took a strong stand and faced a lot of trouble and suffering in various ways. We all have deep respect for them.

But what respect should one have for Dada Samanvayanandji when he betrayed Baba and left Him during that very crucial time when Baba was in jail. Then years and years after Baba was released, Dada Samanvayanandji painted his own black face with white oil paint and appeared before margiis around the mid of 1984 as a great saint, as if nobody knew about his hypocrisy and betrayal to Baba.

“In this calculated manner, Dadaji did not return to Ananda Marga in 1977 when Baba graciously pardoned and welcomed everyone. Nor, did Dada Samanavayananda return when Baba Himself was released from jail in August 1978. Weeks turned into months, and months turned into years.”

“Ananda Marga was growing by leaps and bounds. Baba performed the grandest dharma samiiksa in the history of humanity. Ananda Marga was fast spreading all around the globe. The organization was growing in size exponentially. Still Dada Samanvayananda was nowhere to be seen. Dadaji was still leading the life as “guru” in his ashram. Time and again, Dadaji’s friends like Aksarananda had pleaded with him to return, but to no avail.”

“It was not until around 1984 or so, that Dada Samanvayananda showed up…”

“All in all, Dadaji was away from Ananda Marga for 11 years. When he was needed most to help in difficult times, he was entirely absent – just enjoying the high life as a self-appointed guru.”

“Even worse, after that time, Dada Samanvayanandji never expressed repentance or remorse for what happened in those days.”

When the good days of Ananda Marga came, Dadaji returned back because his fake guruship of Prema Marga was not as beneficial / enticing as posing as a great avadhuta in Ananda Marga and befooling margiis to enhance his prestige. Such was the extent of his hypocrisy.

Then after ’90, Dadaji jumped into a very high post. Who will appreciate his hypocritical behavior. I don’t think that any true margii and worker will appreciate Dadaji’s manner.

As a brother we certainly love him, but he is not an example to follow.

In his later years, one ruling group made Dada Samanvayanandji their priest; and Dada Samanvayanandji moved all around the globe giving his sermons like the Pope of Rome. And he praised himself along with his so-called illustrious past. So he was shameless up to the very end. Never did he express an ounce of repentance for his betrayal and wrongdoing.



About hypocritical people Baba’s guideline is very strong. Please read below.

Baba says “Hypocrites must not be tolerated.” (1)

Baba says “Hypocrites are those who betray. Don’t forgive till his nature is reformed. Immediate forgiveness is a special weakness of mind. It results in worse harm to society.” (2)

“Sincerity is reflected in actions, not in words only. One who displays sincerity in words but not in actions is a hypocrite. You should not tolerate hypocrites.” (3)

Everybody in this universe can forget Dada’s back-stabbing to Marga Guru. But true margiis and Wt’s cannot.

Not forgetting means, not following Dada Samanvayananda’s negative example. No matter the circumstances one must stand with Guru and not drift away seeking glory elsewhere. Yet that is what Dadaji did. He left Baba and he left Ananda Marga.

As a brother we love him, yet as an acarya and disciple, his example is nothing but a black stain. None should fall into a similar demise. That is the learning we should take from his life on this earth: What not to do.


Here below Baba uses the analogy of a pitcher of water to delineate who is a proper disciple.

“The worst category [of disciples] are likened to pitchers placed inversely in a tub of water. Such pitchers contain water as long as they are kept in the tub, but as soon as they are taken out, all the water pours out. These disciples acquire spiritual knowledge when they are in close contact with the preceptor, but as soon as they are apart from the preceptor they forget all his teachings.”

“The best category of disciples are like pitchers positioned right side up. When such pitchers are put in a tub of water, there is water both inside them and all around them; and even when they are removed from the tub, they remain full to the brim with water. These disciples carefully preserve in the jewel caskets of their hearts whatever they learn from their preceptor.” (4)

So Baba is very specific. The lowest grade of disciples immediately forget all they have learned from the Preceptor the moment they are separated from the Preceptor. They are like the pitch that is upside-down in the tub. Once of of the tub – once away from the preceptor – they forget everything.

In contrast, the best disciples always remember Sadguru’s teachings always. They are like an upright pitcher – filled to the brim with Guru’s guidelines. Nothing gets lost – ever. Always they keep His teachings near and dear to them. Such a disciple can never think to run off in the hour of need and create their own ashram.

All should consider which category Dada Samanvayananda falls in.


In the general society, people’s quality, qualifications and attributions are measured on the grounds of superficial measures, but we do not follow such an approach in Ananda Marga.

(a) In present-day Indian Politics, brutality and hypocrisy is the criteria for gaining a high post. In the past it was not like that. There was hypocrisy but now criminal behaviour is the top-most qualification. This is a dogma.

(b) In general religious Indian psychology, the saffron robe has a lot of meaning. It gives deep respect. There is a religious teaching that “Don’t see the merit and demerit of the person who is wearing saffron dress. One must think that person is great. Whoever is using that dress is God’s representative. Don’t see their character and behaviour.” But all Margis know that this is one dogma.

(c) In the general Indian society, age is also one of the factors. White hair, white beard, wrinkled skin is one qualification. Even if that person is a hypocrite. This is also dogma.

(d) And in general capitalist society, money is the criteria to measure someone. In town, if you ask “who is most important”, the answer will be that person who is the richest. Money is the main qualification. And this is also dogma.


In Ananda Marga all these above characteristics have no value, as they are all superficial parameters that have nothing to do with the person’s behaviour and conduct. It is on this standard – i.e. conduct – that every sadhaka should evalauate Dada Shivananda / Samanvayananda. Indeed, history itself will evaluate Dadaji in this way.

“Actions and not logic establish one’s superiority.” (5)

“Conduct is the principal factor in dharma.” Be a sadácárii, a person of good conduct, and you will surely attain Paramátman.” (6)

“Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning, your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.” (7)


Here is one highly objectionable point that is completely related with this topic. As we all know Baba has graciously given Ananda Sutram as the seed teaching of Ananda Marga philosophy. Those sutras are eternal truths that perfectly outline His divine teachings and ideology. They are extraordinary and wholly unique. They come directly from Cosmic Mind and they cannot be imitated by anyone else. For any true disciple it is unthinkable to write a book of sutras that would in any way parallel, challenge, or undermine Ananda Sutram.

Yet that is exactly what Dada Samanvayanandji has done. He wrote his own separate book of sutras – titled Ananda Shatakam – which is distinct from Sadguru’s teaching.

And in his book – Ananda Shatakam – Samanvayanandji is proclaiming that if his sutras are followed then one will achieve liberation.

Ac. Samanvayanandji wrote in his book Ananda Shatakam on p.131 last para “Bhagavat….Paraman Padinca…”

Then Dadaji explained: “Those who not only read but follow the instruction noted herein (of Ananda Shatakam) with interest and care, they will surely overcome the delusion of this world and cross the stormy ocean of living in this world.” (p.131, Ananda Shatakam)

Thus Dadaji guaranteed liberation by following his personal teaching. Such is his audacity: To guarantee liberation and write a text that challenges the authority of Ananda Sutram.


Actually, Dada Samanvayanandji’s approach is nothing but an offshoot of Hindu dogma – the Hanuman Chalisa. The Hanuman Chalisa was written to impose and inject a fear complex into the general public. The aim was to force people to worship the god monkey, Hanuman.

To this end, the poet Tulsidaas wrote “Hanuman Chalisa'”. The edict was made that by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa daily, one will attain liberation. And if anyone does not recite the Hanuman Chalisa they will suffer. If the dogmatic poet of the Hindu religion would not have injected the fear complex then surely nobody would have appreciated to worship the monkey.

Human psychology is that people like to believe or pray that some divine being in human form is their god – not some monkey. So it is the power of the fear complex of that poetry that misguided / forced Hindu people to chant every day the Hanuman chalisa hymn, means the monkey god eulogy.

Following is the stanza of that dogmatic monkey god hymm: ‘Jo satbar…mahasukha hoi’. The meaning is that those who repeat those Hanuman Chalisas (eulogy of Hanuman monkey god) will get liberation and be free from all worldly problems, like money, matter, ghost etc.

So with fear Hindu dogmatic people are repeating this.

In the same way our Dada Samanvayanandji tried to impose his book Ananda Shatakam on margiis by creating a fear complex. It is obvious to all that Dada Samanvayananda did the same dogmatic technique as the dogmatic Hindu poet did.


Certainly, those living in India know very well about the monkey god Hanuman but for overseas readers let me please tell something more. The god Hanuman belongs to the ape family. He has a long tail and his face is like a monkey. It is not even a human being; Hanuman is one monkey. That is why one name of the monkey is Hanuman. And Chalisa’ means eulogy. Every Hindu dogmatic person is well aware of these things but for the benefit of overseas margiis it is meaningful to explain the matter in full.

However, the main point is that this dogma of the monkey god is deeply rooted in all fundamental Hindus’ mind. And every day they must repeat it minimum one time – especially when they feel fear of ghost. The dogma is that by repeating the monkey god name, ghosts will not come and monkey god worshippers will ultimately reach the goal of liberation and all desires will be fulfilled. And those who disrespect this will themselves burn in hell fire. Because of this dogmatic belief, Hindu people are afraid and they are repeating the Hanuman Chalisa with deep reverence.

So Dada Samanvayanandji unfortunately also suffered from the attachment to Hindu dogma. Clearly Dada carried this dogma on his head – otherwise what was the need for him to write his own separate book of sutras, that goes totally contrary. Dadaji imposed one falsehood that if any margii will believe,respects, and chants his sloka then surely they will get liberation, as if there is no need of astaunga yoga sadhana. Only his Ananda Shatakam will work as the divine ship to across the ocean of maya.

Such is the audacity of Samanvayananda Dada.


Here I close this letter with Baba’s guideline: Ananda Marga acaryas must lead by their conduct. That alone is what qualifies them as an acarya. So those whose conduct is not good are not…

“Those who have the responsibility to show the path to others should be of superlative character with the most refined conduct. They and their followers must move constantly towards all-round development and shreya [ultimate spiritual attainment]. Persons who teach such well-regulated behaviour to others by their own conduct are called ácáryas.” (8)

“An ácárya or ácáryá should always instruct by his or her exemplary actions and words.” (9)

in Him,




1. Carycacarya
2. Caryacarya – 2, Society, #6
3. Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 23, Silent Action
4. Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life -9, Tantra and Sádhaná
5. Caryacarya – 2, Sadhana, pt #15
6. Subhasita Samgraha – 21, Niiti and Dharma
7. Ananda Vanii #13
8. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 31, Conduct of An Acarya
9. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 31, Conduct of An Acarya

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To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Nalini Gupta”
Subject: History: Story How Shraddhananda Dada Was Chosen as PP
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2012 22:51:49 -0400



Here is an important history of our Ananda Marga and is critically related with the situation in which we now find ourselves, as well as the post 1990 history of Ananda Marga.


Here is one old mythological story which provides one glimpse as to how the face of our Ananda Marga changed since 1990. Please read the following.

Long ago in one kingdom there was one King who was extremely unhappy with his eldest daughter. She did not obey him plus she was constantly arguing and creating problems in general. Hence the King was furious with her. So to teach her a lesson the King came up with one plan. He decided that as he himself was responsible for arranging his daughter’s marriage, then he would select the most foolish person in the kingdom to be her husband. By this way she might realise her past mistakes and arrogant ways.

With this in mind, the King promptly sent out all sorts of volunteers, horsemen, & scouts to search out the most foolish person in the land. Quickly then reports were coming in from all the ten directions. And every day the King was hearing the news from his ministers about who could be the “perfect match” for his daughter– i.e. who was that most foolish person.

But thus far no one could satisfy the King’s demand. So the King called for the search to go on until the proper candidate was found.

In that setting, in depths of one forgotten jungle, 2 expert scouts from the King’s army came across one remarkable scene; indeed they were shocked to see what was going on. There they found that one very simple, illiterate villager was high up in a tree, standing on a branch that was around 40 feet above the ground. And this fellow had one big saw in his hand and step by step he was vigorously cutting the branch. But that was not all because as this fellow engaged in his cutting, he had placed himself on the wrong side of the limb– the part that was to be cut from the tree. That’s why the scouts were watching this scene with great interest. Because by now the branch was more than 50% cut and still the foolish fellow was standing on the wrong side. Means this simple villager had foolishly perched himself on the side of the branch that, with just a few more strokes of the saw, would come violently crashing down to the ground.

Without wasting any more time, the two scouts gave a quick look of confirmation to one another and then the senior scout immediately called out to the tribesman high up on the branch. And the scout gestured for him to stop his work and come down from the tree.

Then the scout told him that, ‘Congratulations, you are a prime candidate for becoming a royal relation’. And feeling quite satisfied that indeed they had found the most foolish person in the kingdom, the scouts quickly embarked on the long journey to bring their chosen person back to the King’s palace by horseback.


Up to that point the King had already been presented with the tales of many a foolish person, but he had rejected all. None were foolish enough. So when the King heard that his two expert scouts had returned from the depths of the jungle with one very qualified candidate, then he was very anxious to hear the story that what this person was doing. So he told his
ministers to have the scouts come immediately to his court.

Then in slow, deliberate language the senior scout recounted the entire scene to King. How the unsuspecting villager was very high up in the tree– and cutting the branch with a big saw– and 40 forty feet off the ground– and completely oblivious that he was on the wrong side– and the branch was bending– and still the foolish fellow was fully involved in cutting– and
the branch going to fall– and cutting was going on more and more– and still he was completely unaware of what was going to happen– and forty feet above the ground– the branch was making creaking noises– and he was standing on the side that about to fall– and…

The king listened in amazement & near disbelief that how foolish this person was. And even before the scout had finished the story, with tears of joy and laughter in his eyes the king exuberantly cried out, ‘Yes, indeed this is our man; he is the most foolish person in the kingdom. He will serve my purpose. He will be the one to marry my daughter’.


So this is one mythological story yet it is quite applicable to one certain event in our Marga. Because in a similar fashion, those days in 1990 Sarvatmanandji wanted to give some very significant post to a similarly simple person whom he could easily control, and thereby exercise the authority of that post. By this way Sarvatmanandaji thought that ‘I, Sarvatmananda, will be able to execute the full authority. So it needs that I should find some extremely simple person who will abide by my every order – regardless of what I want to do’.


In that mood, Sarvatmanandji began his grand search to find that most simple person. To that end, he was inquiring all around to find the proper person – checking behind every corner and underneath each rock to find the right candidate.

Then some workers came to Sarvatmanandji and told that this was a very easy request to manage. Because “right here in our compound there is such a very simple person whom you are searching”.

They furthermore told, “And not only is he super simple, but he is from a Hindi speaking area – which is good for your overall strategy.”

In that fateful moment, Dada Shraddhananda was selected as PP Dada in October 1990.

The first thing Dada Sarvatmananda told Shraddhanandji was, “For the sake of the organisation, you must support me in all that I do.”

PP Dada’s reply was, “Yes, I will.” Sarvatmanandji knew then that he had his man.

And indeed, PP did not disappoint. PP Dada gave his stamp of approval on all that Sarvatmanandji did: Inclusion of so-called mahaprayan into Caryacarya, expulsion as a weapon, destruction of margii rights – everything. Whatever Sarvatmananda wanted to do, PP Dada gave his ok.

So in all the ways, Sarvatmanandji’s choice of PP was 100% perfect for what he wanted to do. There was only one thing that Sarvatmanandji failed to understand. He lacked the foresight to know that this same PP will obediently follow any other master as well. That was the folly of Sarvatmanandji.

Just as a dog is obedient to one particular master, but if that master is changed then the dog will be most faithful to the next master. That is not the fault of the dog for doing like this, but rather the short-sightedness of the first master for not realising that this was going to happen.

So here Shraddhanandji should not be blamed.

Nalini Dasgupta


“Toma’r katha’i bha’vite bha’vite, din cale ja’y kato na’…” (PS 2264)


Baba, my days are passing thinking only about Your stories and tales. By Your grace my time is spent involved in kiirtan, asana, sadhana, svadhyaya,
and ideating on You. All day long Your divine image is floating in my mental plate– in my Guru cakra. Even then, when I sit in meditation then You do not come in my heart. It makes me think I do not have any sadhana and that is why You are not coming to me. For this reason I feel that the intensity of my sadhana is not proper. Otherwise when I sit in dhyana, You would bless me by coming.

Baba, by Your grace I feel in my heart that You love me; I can sense that You understand my painful and melancholic longing for You. By Your divine compassion I also know that You keep my ‘I-feeling’ and memories with You. Baba, I understand that You are always thinking about me and watching for my welfare. In spite of all this, Your love and my love could not merge. These two things could not become one. Baba, You have not come so I could not hold You and I could not get You very close. That is why there is an aching pain lingering in my heart.

Baba, please mold me according to Your liking so that I can realise You more deeply, more intimately. Baba, by Your grace I love You and You love me, so do with me as You wish– according to Your desire. Baba, please give me the realisation that there is no one other than You in this vast universe. Sometimes I think my worldly friends are my true saviours and that they are going to help me in my hour of need– up to eternity. Sometimes I think like this. O’ divine One, please shower me in Your grace compassion so I can realise in the core of my heart that only You are my eternal shelter. [1]

Baba, please come in my heart…


[1] “Tumi cha’r’a na’i jagate kehai…”: In this last line of the above Prabhat Samgiita the devotee wants the divine realisation that only Parama Purusa is the eternal shelter. This same type of idea has been expressed in Baba’s below teaching.

Baba says, “Because of His grace, they will get energy or strength from Him, and with that strength they will move forward. Without His grace, no one can move even a single step forward. And for this people should always remember that by their own efforts they do not make any progress, rather it is due to the wish of Parama Purus´a that they make any progress at all. It is the duty of Parama Purus´a to help them to move forward. This 100% reliance on Parama Purus´a is called ‘prapatti’ in the scriptures. Sadhakas should always maintain the spirit of ‘prapatti’…’Whatever takes place in the universe and whatever qualities I possess is all due to His grace. He is the Lord of everything; He is the machine-man, and I am simply a machine’.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 18)

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Subject: Re: About That Famous Bogus Quote #5
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 14:49:50 +0800 (SGT)
From: narayan panda



~ Part 5 ~

(Note: This is the 5th letter of this series. Link to the prior 4 letters are noted below. – Eds)


“I have merged myself with my mission.” [Both versions of the fake quote wrongly attributed to Baba contain this phrase.]

“About the above bogus quote – pages and pages can be written – but really I think no need. The reasoning is perfectly clear. That Divine Entity which is the Cosmic Nucleus and the shelter of all does not merge into any lesser entity like mission. That just does not happen. The Supreme Shelter does not Himself take shelter in anything else. No way – no how.” (About That Famous Bogus Quote, posted 9/6/12)

I support your view. Till now I was thinking it was Ba’ba’s written statement. Now, however, I understand that it simply cannot be Baba’s statment because it is illogical and contrary to the spiritual teachings of Ananda Marga.

Here I wish to raise two distinct matters.


After reading your article, I remembered Baba’s teaching from His book “Neo-Humanism – The Liberation of Intellect”. In one section, Ba’ba’ explains that devotion shouldn’t be accepted as a cult but rather as the highest mission in life. Baba Himself is the highest mission in life. So it is illogical to say that He has merged Himself with mission. He Himself is the mission. So then how could He have merged into some separate entity called mission. It is impossible.

This quote – “If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission” – is totally misleading, illogical & bogus.


Next I want to recount one incident from history and parallel that with the situation in Ananda Marga.

500 years ago, the dogmatic followers of Shankaracarya (priests of the famous Puri temple) were totally against Caetanya Mahaprabhu because Caetanya was not adhering to their caste and untouchability sentiment. Plus Caetanya had many disciples who were Muslim – this also was a point of contention for those Hindu priests of the Puri temple. So they were furious with Caetanya Mahaprabhu and vowed to make amends.

Here is what they did.

Those dogmatic followers of Shankaracarya invited the great Mahaprabhu to the Puri temple, and in a dark moment they murdered him in cold blood. To hide their sinful deed, and placate and appease the disciples of Caetanya Mahaprabhu, those Hindu priests told those disciples that the great Mahaprabhu’s physical body actually entered into wooden idol of Lord Jagannath. Those conniving priests claimed the body disappeared totally inside the wooden idol and did not return. And indeed the body was never found.

Hearing this, most of the disciples felt gloried, awed, and proud that their guru Caetanya Mahaprabhu had become one with Lord Jagannath. Or, in a phrase, you can say that they were totally duped by the chicanery of those sinful Hindu priests.

Here we have to remember that it is not at all uncommon for the masses of India to believe such mythical tales. This is the land where they firmly believe that Hanuman jumped 30 miles across the sea to Sri Lanka, and that Hanuman ate the sun thinking it be a piece of fruit etc. There is no shortage of outrageous stories that are embraced as truth by such followers.

So when those faithful disciples heard that their revered Caetanya merged into the idol of Jagannath, they believed it wholeheartedly and felt that really he is great. Little did they suspect Caetanya Mahaprabhu had been murdered by those dogmatic Hindu priests. Only a few disciplies harbored such sucpicions and they were in the extreme minority.

By this way the Puri temple priests achieved three things: (1) They effectively eliminated their enemy; (2) they effectively appeased and satisfied Caetanya’s disciples; and (3) they effectively set the stage to further guide and lead Caetanya’s disciples in the future – those disciples would respect and follow their word. Such was the tactical victory made by those sinful Puri priests.

Similarly, this so-called quote – “If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission” – has been propagandised with a similar agenda as what those crooked priests of the famed Puri temple (Orissa) propagandised after they murdered Caetanya Mahaprabhu.


In the case of Ananda Marga, Dada Sarvatmanandji himself introduced / re-introduced this quote in October 1990 because at that time he was the organisation. He ruled over everything and he thought that by this quote everyone will be convinced fully to blindly follow and execute his order. This fake quote suited his needs well. Other Dadas who helped him in this regard included: Bhaveshanandji, Tadbhavanandji, Vratishvaranandji, Vijayanandji, Mantreshvaranandji, among others.

Some naive people may justify that the terms “mission” and “organisation” are two different things; but, practically speaking, they are not. In Bengal, mission means organisation such as the Ramakrishna Mission. And not just Bengal, the world over people talk about the Christian Missions. In these cases, they are talking about the Ramakrishna organisaton comprised of people and projects and the Christian mission comprised of people and projects. In common parlance mission means organisation.

And indeed if you read the propagandised quote it carries the same meaning – that mission is an organisation where people gather and work:

“If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission.”

So it was in that spirit, whereby mission means organisation, that Sarvatmanandji created this fake quote. His intent was: Baba has merged in the mission (i.e. organisation) and the way to please Him is to work for the organisation and follow your higher authority. This was Sarvatmanandji’s plan for keeping all power concentrated in his hands. Remember, back in late October 1990, the whole of AMPS was very different – it was a monolithic structure under the dictatorship of one person. It was not fractured; there was one person the top seat. And indeed the plan worked; nobody opposed Dada Sarvatmananda.

Here is the proof: Just a few days later Central Committee unanimously declared the Mahaprayan Divas observance as an annual pilgrimmage to Tiljala – thereby making Kolkata the focal point. The mandate was for all to come to Tiljala to observe so-called Mahaprayan; it was not allowed to observe this anywhere else – only Tiljala (Kolkata.)


Hence, just as those Hindu priests fabricated one tale that Mahaprabhu merged into the Jagannath idol in order to appease and control all his disciples, similarly Sarvatmanandji concocted that false merge in mission quote and attributed it to Baba to eyewash legions of margiis and wts. Sarvatmanandji’s plan was that they should follow his every word because he (Dada Sarvatmananda) was the organisational head and Baba had merged Himself into the mission / organisation.

And we can see that Sarvatmanandji got success.

In the next few short years, he carried out so many dastardly deeds by his mere order: Mahaprayan dogma, Fake Ananda Vaniis, Expulsion as a weapon and so much more. Sarvatmanandji did so many things because he had harnessed the obedience of workers and margiis by concocting this single quote: “If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission.” For this reason, so many listened to his every word and followed his command.

What then is the difference between Dada Sarvatmananda’s approach and that of those dogmatic priests of the Puri temple. Both fabricated outrageous tales in order to bring scores of followers under their control.

I think now the point is clear.

N. Panda


(1) Here is the version of the bogus quote propagated by Ac. Sarvatmanandji and other Dadas starting in Oct 1990:

“I am not this physical body, this physical body is not me. If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission.”

(2) Here is the quote as it appears in the unofficial book – Supreme Expression I – which was published by an outside group / agency:

“If you want to see Me, do my Mission because I am merged with my Mission. I am not this physical body, this physical body is not me. I am in your hearts and you are in mine. Only devotion can demand my physical presence.” (Supreme Expression I, p. 57 (1978)

“Supreme Expression I is not an approved or official publication of AMPS. Rather it was published by an outside group. And this they readily acknowledge on the title page. There they write: “For a complete list of original books, please contact Ananda Marga publications as indicated on the following page.” This is the exact line from the title page of Supreme Expression I. So Supreme Expression is not an official book; rather it was published by an independent publishing house in the Netherlands. In that case, how could such a publication be relied on as the sole and trusted source of a supposed quote which is wholly against the ideological ethic of Ananda Marga.” (Re: About That Famous Bogus Quote #2, posted 9/15/12)


#1: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/09/about-that-famous-bogus-quote.html

#2: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/09/re-about-that-famous-bogus-quote-2.html

#3: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/09/re-about-that-famous-bogus-quote-3.html

#4: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/09/re-about-that-famous-bogus-quote-4.html


“Jyoti-ujjval pra’n’occhal tumi priyo…” (P.S. 2229)


Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, You are the Divine Controller of this vast universe. You are the brilliant effulgence – full of vitality & saturated & with the love. Baba, You are my dearmost. By Your own glory You are glorified. O’ Parama Purusa, You are ever-adorable.

Baba, I do not have the strength to catch hold of You. With my little strength and with whatever means I have, I try to catch You – but it is impossible for me. Instead I remain engrossed in my own self – unit “I”. This ‘unit I’ is preventing me from coming close to You. Baba, please transform my ‘I-feeling’, make it Yours.

Baba, with my own strength I will not be able to get You. With the thread of the spider’s web I will not be able to bind You and hold You. Please grace me, and allow Yourself to get held. This is my only request to You. Please keep this open for Your consideration.

Baba, in my mind & in my heart, I have deep longing for You – to have You close. Please grant me this by Your causeless grace. Baba, please come in my shravan, manan, niddidhyasan, & dhyana and make me Yours…

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Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2012 15:26:17 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Vinod Singh”
Subject: News: Mukunda’nanda – Repeat Offender



A most unfortunate and tragic incident has occurred: Mukunda’nanda Dada recently committed a sexual crime with a village girl in Varanasi. This is the same Mukunda’nanda who was involved in the sexual attack on a 7 yr old girl in Daltonganj just a few months ago. Those with more details of this latest crime in Varanasi should come forward. How is it that this was allowed to happen. A proper resolution is needed.

Vinod Singh




=== (A) On 21 April 2012 Ram Kumar Deva wrote:

“Recently one Dada sexually attacked a young girl from Daltonganj.
The assailant is a sectorial-level VSS worker of Delhi sector.
This attack was carried out in a most violent and gruesome manner.”

1. This unfortunate incident took place in a village about 30 kilometers from Daltonganj town. It is in Daltonganj District. The diocese is Palamu, with the headquarters being Daltonganj.

2. The assailant was Mukunda’nanda, a senior dada 50+ years of age. He is hardcore cadre of Rudra’nanda.

3. Mukunda’nanda sexually assaulted and forced himself on the 7-year-old daughter of one respected margii.

4. This dada was staying in the house of one margii when he called the child to him and started teaching her. Everything seemed fine. Dada then sent the girl’s mother to cook food for him. This gave Dada the opportunity to violently assault the girl sexually.

5. In the aftermath, the girl was admitted to the hospital with profuse bleeding. Medical experts confirmed the gory details and the horrors that this innocent 7-year old girl suffered.

6. The Dada who did this is Ac Mukunda’nanda, sectorial organising secretary (VSS) of Delhi sector.

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=== (B) On 23 April 2012 Raviindra Deva wrote:

I cannot forget how in 1970, one of the monks in the Ramakrishna Mission committed this type of devious sexual crime in rural Jaipur. The outraged villagers took matters into their own hands.

Villagers caught the monk and removed his saffron robe and put him in civil dress. Then they painted his face black, forced him to sit on a donkey, and paraded him through the town with a placard hanging from his neck which read, “I am a child molester.”

But it did not stop there.

More and more villagers joined in and they physically detained that monk and forcibly removed his reproductive organ in such a manner that the monk had to be hospitalized. News of this spread around the whole of India. The monk was shamed by his criminal dealing and will remember his misdeed his entire life.

The sexual crime by Mukunda’nanda must also be taken seriously and addressed accordingly. Thus far the villagers of Daltonganj in 2012 have not dealt with the aggressor the way those villagers of Jaipur did in 1970. How and what the villagers do is for them to decide. But allowing the crime to go unpunished is not acceptable. The culprit must be taken to task.

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=== (C) On 27 April 2012 Divya’mshu wrote:

Dada Mukunda’nanda has a sectorial level posting in VSS so he goes all around Delhi sector. Thus he has the freedom to roam everywhere. His exact posting is sectorial organizing secretary (VSS).


We found out that his immediate supervisor is Ac. Parma’nanda Avt, Chief Secretary (VSS) of Delhi sector. The next higher up is Ac Mantracetana’nanda Avt, SG (Secretary General). We should watch how they handle the situation, and not tolerate any delay or covering up. Per Baba’s system, these supervisory workers are to be held accountable.

Baba says, “Supervisory workers will have to take care of each of their supervised staff in all respects.” (WT Code of
Conduct, “Six Addition Rules”, pt #2)

Thus when Mukunda’nanda has done the unspeakable and sexually assaulted a minor, it is unacceptable for his supervisors to keep mum or try to sweep this under the rug. Merely sending Mukunda’nanda for retraining is also inappropriate given the gruesome and sinful nature of his crime.


The sexual crime against this 7-year-old margii girl took place in Daltonganj District and in Chainpur block. We have come to know the name of the exact village but for the protection of the family and respect of their privacy, I refrain from including the village name here. Thank you for your understanding.

At this point the great fear is that this dada engaged in prior attacks that went unreported. That is a distinct concern as sexual criminals are most often repeat offenders.

Social scientists and psychologists have concluded that: “Compared to non-sex offenders released from State prisons, released sex offenders were 4 times more likely to be rearrested for a sex crime.”

We cannot definitively say that Mukunda’nanda committed more sexual crimes in the past, but evidence uncovered in this recent Daltonganj attack leads in that direction. We are dealing with a highly confident and seasoned assailant. Based on the ghastly details of this crime, it does not appear to be the work of a first-time perpetrator.


Another key reason behind this nefarious encounter is Dadaji’s ongoing lack of discipline. He is highly remiss in adhering to the daily code of conduct for acaryas and avadhutas.

For instance, this Dada keeps his hair and beard very short, which goes against points #1 & 2 of “32 Rules for Avadhu’tas.” Furthermore Mukunda’nanda Dada is not strict in sentient food, nor does he follow the fasting schedule properly. Verily there are so many ways how in his day to day life he is negligent in following Baba’s assigned codes of conduct.

To put it in a more graphic way, this Dada has been leading a dual life. In the daytime, he moves among margiis in saffron robes to be venerated as an acarya and avadhuta; and then in the nighttime, and sometimes during the day also, he roves the streets in civil dress. On more than one occasion this Dada has been seen entering raucous nightclubs and late-night hot-spots, among other places he frequents.

Here it should be understood that this dada is not alone in his poor, un-acarya-like conduct. Many dadas with short hair and well-trimmed beards, especially those in India, lead a dual existence where negative habits and tamasik indulgence are common. Dadas posted in India have no reason not to keep proper longer-length hair, a minimum of 13+ inches. And the beard should be at least 3 1/2 inches in length. That is the mandate.

So dadas must have longer hair and didis must have shorter hair. More about this has been written in note 1.

The overall point is that if any acarya’s presentation does not reflect that of a yogic monk, then they are often involved in dirty and degraded dealings. Such was certainly the case with Mukunda’nanda. All this and more contributed to his demise.

Baba says, “Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a small weakness or defect in the conduct of an ácárya. Just as it is the duty of a father to educate his children properly by his good conduct, an ácárya or ácáryá should always instruct by his or her exemplary actions and words.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 31, The Conduct of an Ácárya)

By failing to follow our Ananda Marga conduct rules for wholetimers, this dada fell deep into the depths of self-destruction.


One of the disturbing ironies of this case / crime is that Mukunda’nanda himself is posted in VSS. His duty was to protect the common people from such attacks. He was to protect the defenseless; yet he himself became the perpetrator. This makes his case particularly vile.


All this begs the question, “Why does Rudrananda keep him in the fold and in the cadre?”

The answer is quite straightforward. Criminals and characterless people are very easy to command. Such persons will obey all orders from their superiors because they know that their leaders will save them from all kinds of embarrassment, shame, and difficulties. Leaders like Rudrananda will ensure poorly behaved dadas do not get a bad name and refrain from reporting them to the police. That is the unspoken trade between fallen acaryas like Mukunda’nanda and leaders like Rudrananda.

Actually these days in Ananda Marga, the top leaders want their staff to commit crimes, because then they have “dirt” on that worker and can get them to do anything. In exchange for saving them from disgrace, those fallen workers become extremely obedient to their boss(es).

That is the sole reason why Rudrananda keeps him in Wt dress.

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PS Intro: In this following song, Parama Purusa Himself is playing one beautiful liila with the devotee. He– Parama Purusa– is speaking with the bhakta who has melancholic longing for the Lord.

“Ka’r tare tumi base base ka’nd, Ka’r katha’ bha’v diva’nishi…” – P.S. 1316


Please tell me, why you are crying and why you are so restless – you have not taken any food or gotten any rest. Please tell me, for whom do you have such a deep longing; for whom are you waiting and crying bitterly. Whose story and tale are you pondering day & night. Which thief has stolen your mind and captivated you. Who has taken away the sweet smile from your face and is making you cry.

None of your things are arranged properly; everything is scattered about – lying here & there. There is only tension in your eyes – all the satiation and satisfaction has disappeared. Who created this situation. You are always telling the tale of your beloved and you are always narrating those events again and again in Your mind internally – the tale of your beloved. Who is your dearmost.

You have all the qualities and attributions & in your life – there are many things to do; but even then, forgetting all those things, you are crying and crying in longing. Is it that the Lord Himself – the Parama Purusa – is attracting You with His divine flute day and night. With that resonance He is pulling your heart and you have become restless in His longing – or what can be the reason.

Please tell me, please tell me who has taken all your peace and tranquillity of the mind and made you restless. Who has put you in great trouble by taking away your heart. Who Is your beloved who is not listening to the call of your heart…

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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 21:54:33 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Nataraj Deva” N_deva.deva@Millenia.net…>”
Subject: Possible Scam by GS




I have heard this news which I am writing below. If any reader has more information, please write.

Current GS Dada (Ranchi), Ac. Citsvarupananda Avt, recently collected a huge sum of money (25 – 30 lakhs of rupees) from various Wts and margiis as a loan.

GS Dada promised to return back the money many-fold to lenders. But now he is not willing to return any of the money back to margiis and WTs.

Rather, GS Dada is abusing and scolding those workers and margiis who ask for their money back.

Dada Citsvarupananda is trying to convince everyone that he lost that huge sum of money, i.e. 25 – 30 lakhs. Dadaji’s claim is that he already lost all the money which he borrowed; all that loan money is gone.

So Citsvarupanandji is telling everyone that he cannot return the money to them; all those margiis and workers who lent him money have now lost their money. Dadaji says: Margiis & workers should console thus themselves that they donated to the organization. That is what Dadaji is telling everyone. He is also requesting everyone not to remind him of this matter because he cannot return the money since he lost it all.

Hearing this reply from Dada Citsvarupanandaji, WTs and margiis are frustrated and furious.

If any margii has come to know more about this incident please write.



Most probably know that one lakh is equal to 100,000. So 25 – 30 lakhs is the equivalent of 2.5 – 3 million rupees. Thus GS Dada borrowed nearly 3 million rupees from margiis and workers; and now he is claiming that he lost all that money and people cannot get their money back.


“Tumi eso pra’n’e o pradiipe…” (PS no. 2535)


Baba, please come in my heart, in the deep core of my mind. You are my everything– You are my dhya’na, You are my jinana, You are my Ista. You are most sacred, holy, and sweetness Personified. Baba, You are the controller of my entire existence. Keeping Your love and divine guidance in my heart I am moving on path which You have graciously shown me. By Your grace I go on remembering Your name constantly. That is my strength of forward movement. Baba, please grace me by coming in my heart…

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Subject: Re: DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 19:15:01 +0100
From: g k roy


(Note: This is the fourth letter on this thread. Please find links to the three earlier letters below. – Eds)



I’m just shocked that all this nonsense is happening at DMS during our RAWA programs. It is really embarrassing to all the margiis as well as shameful as it is absolutely against our AM guideline.

If such a program was performed in Baba’s physical presence, then these persons (Mr Mrinal Pathak and Ac Acintanandji) would have been given a good lesson. Baba never tolerates such degrading displays.

Now that we are having this public discussion I am sure all margiis and wts will raise their voice against such programs in the future. Of course best will be if the organisers get their lesson starting today and present RAWA programs that uplift the mind to the spiritual realm.

Finally, it is quite remarkable how Ac Acintanandji became a living advertisement for the Bollywood movie scene. It seems he has lost sight of where dharma lies.

Let us all raise the voice against such degrading programs and instill Baba’s proper system.

G K Roy

On 06/17/2012 03:31 PM, AM-GLOBAL wrote:
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 14:33:26
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
From: Divyam’shu Deva



(Note: This is the third letter on this thread. Please find links to the two earlier letters below. – Eds)

The RAWA programs led by Mr. Mrinal Pathak are indeed appalling. And I also heard Dada Acintananda’s high praise of Mr. Pathak. To my ears that was most telling of how things are shaping up in our Marga these days.

We should not compete with Hollywood to “raise” the standard of our dance and dramas to the level of hell. We should not compete with the Hollywood modus-operendi, or low-level standard.


But see here how our in-charge Dada is openly praising these crude displays.

Dada Acintanandji spoke:

“Mrinal Pathakji is establishing Ananda Marga bhagavad dharma through these cultural programs. His work is unparalleled. He is a true dharmika. With RAWA, dance dharma will be established gradually. Everyone should follow in his footsteps.”


The fact is that Mr Pathak’s dance programs are strongly influenced by Bollywood sensuality. As a performance director, he takes all his cues from the materialistic movie / fashion industry. That is why there is so much pseudo-culture in his dance productions that are done under the banner of Rawa. So how could a highly posted Dada like Acintanandji think that Pathakji is establishing dharma? Dadaji’s analysis is quite disturbing……


#1: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/06/dms-news-uncultured-dance-in-cultural.html

#2: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/06/re-dms-news-uncultured-dance-in.html

#3: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/06/re-dms-news-uncultured-dance-in_17.html

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Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 14:33:26
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
From: Divyam’shu Deva



(Note: This is the third letter on this thread. Please find links to the two earlier letters below. – Eds)

The RAWA programs led by Mr. Mrinal Pathak are indeed appalling. And I also heard Dada Acintananda’s high praise of Mr. Pathak. To my ears that was most telling of how things are shaping up in our Marga these days.

We should not compete with Hollywood to “raise” the standard of our dance and dramas to the level of hell. We should not compete with the Hollywood modus-operendi, or low-level standard.


But see here how our in-charge Dada is openly praising these crude displays.

Dada Acintanandji spoke:

“Mrinal Pathakji is establishing Ananda Marga bhagavad dharma through these cultural programs. His work is unparalleled. He is a true dharmika. With Rawa, dance dharma will be established gradually. Everyone should follow in his footsteps.”


The fact is that Mr Pathak’s dance programs are strongly influenced by Bollywood sensuality. As a performance director, he takes all his cues from the materialistic movie / fashion industry. That is why there is so much pseudo-culture in his dance productions that are done under the banner of Rawa. So how could a highly posted Dada like Acintanandji think that Pathakji is establishing dharma? Dadaji’s analysis is quite disturbing.


Here are further thoughts about those Dadas involved in organising these RAWA programs.

The main in-charge of this RAWA program was Nigamananda; thereafter, Acintananda has taken over the job. So Dadaji could have put a halt to these types of programs long ago, but instead he lets them continue.

Some say Dada Nigamananda had a weakness towards opposite sex; whereas, Acintananda is certainly different from Nigamananda, but he is doing the same same thing. Nigamananda was the first to stand in support of Mrinal Pathak’s programs and now Acintananda is following suit. In that case, where is the difference?

I was thinking that Acintananda was the stronger man but it seems that in his older age he has become weak. One can only wonder what type of sannyasi thinks it good for mature girls to dance for a male audience. This is totally inappropriate and against our Ananda Marga system; yet Acintananda is appreciating this show.

It seems he also likes to carouse around with those baser propensities in an active state, otherwise what could be the reason why he does not exercise his authority to guide the RAWA programs in a proper way. Instead, he openly supports the crude display led by Mrinal Pathak.

Tragically, this is the way our RAWA cultural programs have been shaping up these days. And this is what happened at last month’s May 2012 DMS. It is indeed troubling and unfair to all involved, including those forced to watch these events. Many margiis either closed their eyes or left pandal entirely.

Divyam’shu Deva


#1: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/06/dms-news-uncultured-dance-in-cultural.html

#2: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/06/re-dms-news-uncultured-dance-in.html

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Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 20:36:43 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
From: Viplava Deva



This letter is related with the May 2012 DMS RAWA program. I was most definitely astonished by the report about degrading activities going on in the name of RAWA at DMS:

“All females aged 16-21 danced with their mid-section totally uncovered. That means the entire region from just above their waist to just below their chest was totally bare.”

And indeed there were so many issues of sensuality and pseudo-culture at the RAWA program led by Mrinal Pathak. I think the only way to undo this poor show and get things back on track is to once again center the mind on Baba’s divine teachings.


The “R” in RAWA stands for “Renaissance.” In the present day general society, so-called cultural activities like song, dance, drama and film have become crude. Life is fast going in the wrong direction – everything is backward. The pseudo-culture dance, drama, movies and novels that dominate the world today push the mind far, far down. “Cultural” life has verily reached its degenerated state. We should not let this same downward momentum strike at our RAWA programs. That is the height of all irony.

Baba has given RAWA because a renaissance is needed in the visual and performing arts. Without this, people cannot easily move on the path of spirituality. So Baba has brought forth a renaissance movement in the spheres of song, dance, drama, literature, and more. This is our RAWA: Renaissance Artist and Writers Association.

According to Baba, our cultural / RAWA programs are to direct the mind from the lower cakras to the higher ones; ultimately, that helps deepen one’s spiritual practices. So if any dance, music or song does not lead the mind toward divinity and instead submerges the mind towards the lower cakras, i.e. carnal and worldly attractions or animal propensities, then that is not at all a cultural program, but something else. That may be called an “uncultural” program, or you can say a “rude” program.

By this definition, who can consider the programs directed by Mr Mrinal Pathak to be true RAWA programs. We cannot. Rather Mr Pathak is forcibly dragging pseudo-culture into RAWA. And this has to stop. Once again we must focus on Baba’s aim and guidelines.



Here is what our Sadguru Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji guide us about RAWA and our cultural programs:

Baba says, “Men and women should not jointly participate in theatrical performances.” (Caryacarya-1)

Baba says, “It should be remembered that a woman’s friend is a woman and a man’s friend is a man. The more distant the relationship between men and women, the greater should be the courtesy maintained in mutual conversation and behaviour between them.” (Caryacarya-1)

According to Baba, our cultural programs must be consistent with Ananda Marga ideals and must be of a requisite standard. Baba Himself has told what constitutes a real RAWA program.


Yet, Mr Pathak is taking half-dressed, 16-21 year-old boys and girls, and mixing them together on the big stage where they touch and mingle with one another. Literally, Mr Pathak is pushing Bollywood and Hollywood sensuality on our RAWA programs. Most shocking is that the in-charge Dada Acintananda is giving verbal public support to Mr Pathak’s performances. Clearly there needs to be a change: A change in leadership by our Dadas; a change in directorship by taking the reins out of Pathak’s hands; and a change in the overall mentality so our RAWA programs again reflect Baba’s teachings.

Let’s all take a moment to further reflect on His divine guidelines for our cultural programs, and evaluate if what transpired at the recent Ananda Nagar DMS was up to the proper standard, or not.


On this point – before calculating things with our own brain – let’s see what our Guru says.

“RAWA by its sentient vibration will create a taste for spirituality in the society.” ERAWS guidebook

Baba’s guideline is that when dance or music channelises the mind to a devotional outlook and the mind starts thinking about Parama Purusa, His divine love, and parabhakti (highest devotion), then that type of display of dance and song and music is called a cultural program. It raises the mind from the ajina cakra to the sahasrara cakra. That defines a true RAWA program according to Baba.

Viplava Deva




“A’mi ha’riye giyechi korn se atiite, tumi ese prabhu path dekha’o…” (P.S. 2686)


Baba, I am moving around this lonely forest without any knowledge of the path. Indeed, I have been off the path for such a long time: I have lost the path; I do not know what to do; how to move; or where to go. O’ Prabhu, please come and show me the path. Please give me some awareness. On points of intellect and rationality I am negligible. Please arose my consciousness by showering Your causeless grace on me.

From where I have come and how I reached to my place in this life, and what is my destination and where I have to go, all these things I do not understand. I do not understand the beginning and the end. O’ Baba, O’ Ajana Pathik, please grace me and show me the path – show me how I can reach to You.

In my distant past, since the dawn of my first birth, You have known me. Baba, O’ Divine Entity, You have known me since eternity. In this created world I am floating in Your divine flow. Though I am meagre, but I am Yours. Please do not forget this truth. Please do not remain oblivious of this fact.

Baba, I have lost my path; please grace me and guide me so I can reach unto You…

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Date: Sun May 06 2012 21:58:48 -0000
From: “Shivadayal Singhal”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Baba’s Way of Starting Ananda Marga


“Eso prabhu a’ma’r ghare toma’y a’mi ceyechi…” (Prabhata Samgiita #946)


O’ Prabhu Baba, please come in my home – with a deep yearning & longing I am calling You. Baba, I want You close. Please listen to the suffering of my heart which is grief-stricken in Your absence. Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, I am living only for You; my life is for You.

Baba, You are the divine tower of effulgence on my dark path; and, You are the warmth of my broken heart. Baba, You are the quintessence of the sandalwood paste of my forehead; O’ Lord You are pure and filled with divine effulgence.

O’ Cosmic Entity, O’ Baba, You are that type of pure joy & happiness which one feels after receiving recovering something that was lost long ago in the past. Baba, by Your grace I have understood You. Baba please come close in my heart. You are my most dear. For You I have kept nectar filled in my heart. Baba, please come to me…


~ Part 1 ~


There were a few who thought that there was no long-term need for a sannyasi order (i.e. our WT cadre) in Ananda Marga. They thought that the creation of Wts was just a temporary phase and that family persons will again gain full control of the Marga.

Most notably, respected family Ac Pratapaditya fell in this category. From time to time he would write like that; and there were others who expressed this perspective as well.


Of course, we all know that family people have certain limitations and time constraints: Raising kids, professional obligations, local relations etc. Naturally it is clear that family people do not have the flexibility that wholetimers have and hence cannot do the things which WTs can do.

Anywhere, anytime those Wts can be sent from one corner of the globe to the other. And they will stay there permanently till the next order comes. They have to attend to calamities and manage the relief work and provide services etc. How can family persons take up that task when they have children, jobs, and the responsibility of running AM in their local area etc.


So if anyone is still thinking that the creation of the WT cadres is just a temporary measure because the wt cadre was not introduced in the very beginning (i.e. 1955), but rather in 1962, then they should consider 16 Points, paincajanya, kiirtan, fasting, Prabhat Samgiita, neo-humanism, master units, gurukul, tandava / kaoshiiki, and sentient food etc. These practices were also added later on, i.e. after 1955. Step by step Baba introduced all these points. Should we conclude that these “additions” by Baba are also just temporary measures.

Those with a deeper understanding know that Baba planned everything ahead of time. And when it was the opportune moment then in a methodical manner He introduced new points. It is just like how parents do not send their infants off to university for higher studies. They wait until the time is right: When the children are older.

Similarly when there was a certain need etc, Baba would introduce something new. Or, at least, on the surface it looked like that when actually He was just implementing those things which were already in His mind. So it was just a matter of how He was playing His liila.


As we all know Baba started this great organization in 1955. And initially there was no WT system. In the very beginning, in those early days there were only regular Margiis– no family acaryas or tattvikas. That time Baba was the only One involved in doing initiations. Actually He was personally doing everything. Not only initiations, but Baba was teaching asanas to the margiis and even demonstrating all the poses Himself. That was part of the beauty of those early days. But, unfortunately, those around were not thinking that Baba was Parama Purusa. They perceived Him as just an ordinary guru.

Also when going to DMC then the family margii serving as Baba’s PA would live together along with Baba in the same room. Each with their own cot side by side. So that time Baba wanted to bring people close. But those early margiis were not thinking that Baba was so great and mighty – due to that same feeling of closeness. This held a certain charm.

Of course, over time the system changed and later on PA Dada would take a room next to Baba’s. So PA would not stay in the very same room as Baba – but that was later on.

In addition, in those early days Baba was still working in His government job. During this time, He Himself had initiated many margiis, whenever He had time – after His government office hours in His personal quarters or whenever. Many are aware about how things were working that time.


Gradually many good Margiis were created by Him. Finally one tattvika training session was arranged wherein Baba started giving tattvika classes. Baba Himself was the teacher.

Around that time, Baba was delivering His teachings on AM philosophy which came into print as the books “Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy” (1955), “Idea and Ideology” (1959), Ananda Sutram (1962). Naturally it was needed to have qualified disciples to explain and spread these teachings.

For this reason He was leading tattvika classes. During the time of tattvika training there was a very strict routine with lots of discipline. Many Margiis from far and wide participated. Most of them passed and became tattvikas, by Baba’s grace. In the next session Baba blessed them and made them family acaryas.

Gradually, by this way, Baba stopped performing initiations Himself. Of course Baba remained ever-active in countless works. Indeed, He was involved more deeply because a huge number of initiations were done by the new tattvikas, and Baba was giving PC (personal contact) to new Margiis as well as expanding the organisation on many fronts.

The basic progression was:
1. First Baba was initiating new people Himself.
2. Then the system was made where margiis had to get permission from Baba before bringing a new person to Him for initiation.
3. Therefter Baba created tattvikas and then family acaryas to initiate new people. By this time Baba had stopped performing initiations Himself.


So as the community of Ananda Margiis grew, so many things were happening. DMCs were going on and many villages were blessed by Baba to host DMC – especially in Bihar and in northern Bihar. Baba was doing maximum pracar there – where He literally travelled from village to village, town to town. Baba reached many places where even travelling by bullock carts was not possible. He went by elephant – how wild it was. Human beings could not even walk there due to the deep mud. What a divine liila those days! There are countless stories recounted by margiis. How sweet and blissful it was.

(Note: This concludes part 1 of this multi-part series. Please watch for the next letter soon that further recounts the glorious and dynamic history of the formation of AMPS.)

Shivadayal Deva

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From: Amriteshwar Deva 


Subject: A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ Celebrations: Baba’s Guidelines
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012, 17:34:21



~ Part 1 ~

Note: This series of letters, “A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ Celebrations: Baba’s Guidelines”, has four parts. Each part, presented by a different margii, offers complementary ways and descriptions for celebrating Ananda Purnima. Together, these letters paint a picture for how to commemorate this grand festival. We wholeheartedly welcome your suggestions as well. – AM-GLOBAL Moderators


The auspicious and grand occasion of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ is coming soon.

The official day is Sunday, May 6 – though in many units celebrations start before then since A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ is the most significant social function in our Marga.


Of course we all know that the holy day of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ means Baba’s Birthday in colloquial parlance. And that on this wonderful and blissful occasion there is a morning and evening dharmacakra, collective bath, all-round merrymaking, and a sentient feast etc.

Yet there are also other special components to the celebration of Ananda Pu’rn’ima which Baba has outlined. Some of these are listed and described below and other margiis and WT’s are kindly requested to contribute other plans and programs which they know about that are associated with the celebration Ananda Purnima .


Here first though is one of the special ideations linked to the holy festival of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’.

A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ signifies the advent of Mahasambhuti who has come to wipe away all the tears and fog from this dusty earth and infuse within all a sense of peace, hope, tranquility and bliss. But He has graciously come to establish the lost humanity in divinity – elevating everyone’s standard, and paving the way for the reign of dharma.


Here below are a few of Baba’s many recommendations and guidelines for how to make the occasion of Ananda Purnima an even more memorable, joyful, and charming gathering for one and all.

(A) On the grand festival time of Ananda Purnima, all types of age groups should have their own programs that will be appealing to them. Certainly there will be one central place for the entire gathering, yet at the same time specialised plans and programs for the various age divisions should be organised.

For the younger children there should be games and sports and / or a drama production etc.

For adolescents & teenagers there should be competitions in the various realms from kaoshikii and tandava to music, art, and literature. And their day should also include sporting events etc.

And likewise for adults, there should be a range of activities and programs from the devotional singing of kiirtan to service projects, plus spiritual talks, dance competitions, and general socialising.

(B) In addition, on Ananda Purnima the head of household can utilise this as the time to arrange annual new clothes for all family members. Plus there should be toys for the children and the sharing of sweet treats. By this way one and all will know that something great is happening and that Ananda Purnima is a grand event.

(C) Ananda Purnima can also be made special by offering moderate gifts and presents or cards etc to those around you as a showing of love and affection.

(D) And like that many, many more points and suggestions are there in relation with the grand and blissful celebrations of Ananda Purnima.


In this way social functions and festivals are a time for us all to move together in His divine flow, regardless of one’s standard or status. Where one and all gather round in the spirit of unity. And top of all our special duty as devotees is to propagate the greatness and grandeur of Sadguru Baba. In a phrase we can say that this is the key point behind the auspicious occasion of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’: To highlight Baba’s greatness.

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings— That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamurtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty.” (Caryacarya II, p.1)


Amriteshwar Deva


The magnificent characteristic of all our Marga social gathering is that they welcome one and all irrespective of age, colour, race, profession, educational standard, etc, all types from all places are welcome. Indeed everyone comes together for sadhana, games, a feast, and other celebratory activities and by this way one social flow is formed thus making way for a healthy, unified human society.


On the celebratory occasions of our AM festivals like Ananda Purnima, Baba has graced us with this special blessing.

Baba says, “That which renews human existence and makes it full to the brim and overflowing with the joy of living is termed a festival…Inspire all people to live with a new spirit like true human beings. Let it inspire them with the fact that all humanity is an indivisible entity. On this auspicious day this is my inner wish.” (Ananda Vanii #48)


“A’sha’r pasara’ sahasa’ elo, a’lor tupha’n nikat’e elo…” (PS #3644)


Suddenly Baba, the Divine Effulgence, has taken advent. The cyclone of divine effulgence has come close. His divine effulgence is immense, like a huge mountain covering the entire world. The whole world is inundated with the flood of divinity.

Even in remote corners, not even an iota of darkness was left. Not even a tinge of darkness or dirt could remain in anyone’s mind. Everyone’s mind has become cleansed and purified. Parama Purusa Baba, with His divine effulgence, has taken advent and attracted everyone by the outpouring of love from His heart.

Everyone has received His special grace: Those bound in the cimmerian darkness and tied up in the deep, dark chasm, and those whose mind had accumulated dogma the size of a mountain. All are now basking in His divine grace. They have been blessed with the opportunity to look toward that divine effulgence. Their dogma and staticity vanished away with the advent of the new dawn.

Baba, the Parama Purusa, with His divine effulgence has come and showered His divine effulgence and graced everyone…

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Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 15:57:11 -0000
Subject: We Should Understand
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Satiish K Bhatia”


PS Intro: In this song, Parama Purusa Himself is directly talking with the devotee, however He has appeared in the form of one ‘parii’– (angel).

“Rauniir parii elo jiivane, bha’loba’sa’ d’hele dilo bhuvane…” (P.S. 2757)


The Angel with panoramic colours has graciously taken advent in life: It has saturated and inundated this whole universe with love. Now nobody is alien; nobody is distant; everyone is close– my own kith and kin.

The new dawn has come. Now the vast and meagre are sitting together on one seat. There is no difference between high and low. The divine Angel has captivated everyone’s heart. It has coloured everyone with its own divine colour. The Angel is showering its smile with boundless affection upon one and all and narrating the tale of divinity.

The Angel has inundated this entire universe with the flooding of divine effulgence – wiping away all cimmerian darkness. And it proclaims that, ‘I am watching over one and all with love and care. I am eternally along with each and every one through my ota and prota yoga. I will always remain with you.’ It also says, ‘Bear in mind that humanity will be victorious and the staticity will be destroyed’.

The divine Angel furthermore proclaims, ‘O human beings, keep your mind free from all complexes. Do not consider who is “high” or who is “low”. Do not think that any unit entity is lowly. Always remember that the collection of all the units is the Cosmic. No one is outside; everyone is part of the singular divine Entity. O human beings, throw away your heavy load of samskaras, wipe away the stain of the past, and surrender your heart to the Divine Entity– Parama Purusa. Victory is yours’…

Note: In the above Prabhat Samgiita, this parii – this divine angel – is none other than Parama Purusa Himself.



Baba says, “Human life is a mission; life itself is a mission; one’s very existence is a mission. A’tmamoks’a’rtham’ jagaddhita’ya ca: ‘Whatever one is to do, one is to do for a’tmamoks’a– for their own liberation– and for the elevation of the entire world, elevation of the entire human society’. One is to do both of these things; that is, these two things are one’s mission.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 30, p. 28)

By Baba’s above teaching it is clear that AMPS is not the mission. But for their selfish reasons, certain opportunist or dogmatic type of people try to misguide or take advantage of the margiis by making them think that AMPS is the mission. So this is all done for their selfish interests. Yet in Baba’s aforementioned guideline He explicitly tells us what is the mission.


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From: “Vijay Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: 16 Mar 2012 21:23:57 -0000
Subject: “I am Sure Baba is in My Group”



For a while the level of the group clash in our Marga has been at a critical phase. Each faction is fighting for their own survival & dominance, all the while thinking that Baba is supporting their party, their narrow cause. Verily, all think that “Baba is on my side”, or “I am sure Baba is in my group.” This is the very delicate – if not tragic – situation going on now in our Marga. ‘Tragic’ because this is the very same syndrome that has brought down all the various religions.


In the Shia & Sunni fight within the Muslim religion, both sides think that by killing members of the opposite faction then Prophet Mohammad is pleased. So both sides think that their preceptor is Prophet Mohammad and that the other side is an intrusion of their religion. Both have their own interpretation of Islamic law – both have their own teachings of Islam. And for that, they end up killing each other thinking that Prophet Mohammad is on their side.

Christianity is the same. All the factions think that ‘Jesus is my Lord and He is with me’, and in that rigid belief they commit all kinds of heinous crimes against other Christians. All parties feel justified in their cause and think their teachings are the real Biblical sermons. This is the height to which their conflict has reached.

So this type of battle – or downfall – is quite common amongst all the dogmatic religions. And here Baba signals how it has happened in Buddhism as well.

Baba says, “About thirty-five years ago, a war was going on between two countries, the citizens of which have the same religion (Buddhist). When the soldiers went to war, their mothers used to pray to Lord Buddha to save the lives of their respective sons. What will Lord Buddha do? Save this man or that man? Both have the same “Is’t’a,” but both parties have totally forgotten their ideology. If they were established in the ideology, they would not have gone to war. So therefore, man should follow both the ideology and “Is’t’a”. One should be an ideologist and an “Is’t’anist.” (Subhasita Samgraha-20, ‘Ideology, Goal and Devotion’)

Here the whole point is that when any religion reaches the stage of illogical fanaticism or groupism, then they appeal to their preceptor to support their selfish cause, totally forgetting the very teachings given by their preceptor. And in that way, members of the same religion fight against and even kill one another, totally transgressing all the codes and teachings given by their preceptor.

Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism are all suffering from the same problem. As they divide into various factions, each party is thinking that their preceptor is only with their group.


Unfortunately, now all the groups in Ananda Marga (AM) are marching down a similar road. Read any groupist propaganda letter or stand outside almost any AM function, and you can see such things taking place. Indeed, such battles are verily occurring in courtrooms around the globe, in various sectors, as each group tries to gain the upper hand.

For the sake of their petty interests and groupist survival, fights are breaking out over jagrtis, Master Units, Prout bhavans, retreat sites etc. All the physical properties of AM have been divided up and are being treated as battles zones. Indeed, heated battles are taking place left and right, and amidst it all, the various factions think, “I am sure Baba is in my group”. That is the very real belief that permeates their mental plate.

Yet what they forget is that what they are doing is not consistent with Baba’s teachings. They may think they have Ista, but they have lost adarsha, i.e. His teachings. And when they have lost adarsha or AM dharma, then how is it that Ista can be pleased. In that case, how is it that Baba is really in their group? So with this defective mentality they are hurting and harming other Ananda Margiis for their own selfish gain.

Tragically, this is the level of where things are at: Avadhutas have been murdered; Didis are being beaten and locked out of jagritis, land is being wrongly captured and sold, presses are being hijacked, offices are being broken into, and so much nonsense is going on. Each side is drunk in the intoxication of their own group’s power struggle, and all hail, “I am sure Baba is in my group.”

Should these groups take a few more steps down this fateful road, then they will all create their own silly interpretations of AM teachings as well. Each will have their own Ananda Sutram.

Then truly there will be no difference between their group and the various factions in the dogmatic religions.


Such groupists should stop and reflect. Because, while they may think that “I am sure Baba is in my group”, clearly such internal feuding does not bode well for their future. When a Dada is murdered, when a Didi is harmed, when Ananda Margiis are victimised and abused, then clearly someone is going to meet their fate – i.e. pay their dues.

Baba says, “If an Ananda Margi engages in harming another Ananda Margi he remains under the condemnation of A’nandamu’rtijii till his conduct is reformed.” (Caryacarya – 2, ‘Society’, pt #14)

So even though, all the groups think, “I am sure Baba is in my group”, in their own way they are all going to face Baba’s wrath. Because He does not and will not tolerate the harming or hurting of other Ananda Margiis. That is against the very teaching of Baba. Regardless of their “logic”, no factional camp is justified in such malevolent actions.


Although, things have sunk far below our AM standard, still there is hope. The various camps have yet to tear apart Baba’s teachings. Ananda Marga ideology remains in tact and singular in form. And that is what we are to follow – not any groupist conflict or factional agenda.

Indeed, our first and foremost duty is to strictly adhere to His guidelines; that is the only way to overcome groupism. When the mind is ensconced in neo-humanistic feelings, then such crude battles will never occur. Rather there will be a joining of the minds and natural unity within AM. Then all really will be doing for Baba as their actions will be according to His teachings.

So none should lose hope – nor should anyone be duped into thinking that any particular factional camp is standing for Baba and holding the flag of AM. Because no one involved in any selfish power struggle is on the path of dharma. It is certain that Baba is not in any group.


Baba has blessed us with the teachings that will serve as the guiding light for creating one Ananda Marga and leading the entire humanity unto the path of benevolence.

Baba says, “O human beings, try to understand the needs of humanity and build an appropriate social system. Do not try to do anything for your petty personal or group interests, because nothing done with a narrow outlook bereft of Cosmic ideation will last. The cruel hand of time will obliterate all your achievements and plunge them into an oblivion you cannot fathom.” (Subhasita Samgraha-1, Ch.1)

Vijay Deva


“Tumi a’ma’y bha’lo besechile, a’mi toma’r pa’ne ta’ka’i ni…” (PS 801)


Baba, You have loved me and showered me in Your divine blessing, but I did not look towards You. I did not care or pay heed to Your love. Baba, You have graciously bestowed everything upon me. But I did not give You anything in return. Drowned in my own selfishness, I did not surrender at Your alter. In spite of that You love me. Baba, You are do gracious.

Baba, in those deep, black foggy days of my life, when I was feeling helpless, isolated, and lonely, then You gently held my hand and consoled me and You lovingly kept me along with You. In bleak those foggy days, You got wounded on the thorny path, but I did not apply any ointment to ease the pain. I was so selfish.

Baba, You are so gracious, You always help me in each and every circumstance. In my sorrowful days, when in danger, and when my heart is broken, always You console me by filling my entire being with Your sweet nectar. Even then, in the grand universal arena of Your divine liila, I could not become useful in any work. Due to my own lethargy, my existence could not be utilised. Uselessly, I wasted my time. In spite of this, still You love me.

Baba, O’ my Dearest; You are my own; You are my everything; You have showered Your causeless grace and made me Yours…


Baba says, “This has been our failing: that we neglected the spiritual faculties of human life, we neglected the cardinal spiritual points of life. If we are interested today in the welfare of this beautiful universe, we should try more and more to accelerate the speed of spiritual progress. If the acceleration of spiritual progress becomes tremendous, then not only in the human world, but also in the physical, psychic and spiritual spheres of the entire world — and not only of the entire animate world, but of both the animate and inanimate worlds — there will be tremendous progress. And this is what we want. Now we are anxiously waiting for that crimson dawn on the eastern horizon.” (A Few Problems Solved-5)

Note: Generally people do not realise this very thing which Baba has explained above. To understand this fully it needs agraya’ buddhi (pointed intellect). Only those who are blessed sadhaka can understand that sadhana is the panacea.

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Date: 02 Mar 2012 20:38:03 -0000
From: “Gurucharan Deva”
Subject: Dadhiici Divas: History & Observance



The day of Dadhiici Divas is approaching March 5. This occasion holds special significance as dharmic sadhakas laid down their lives for the great cause of Ananda Marga ideology. Hence this is a day to honor those who sacrificed and a time to remember the unprecedented dedication it took to build up and establish AM ideology. It is about the rise of bhagavad dharma on this earth.

As we all know prior to ’90 under Baba’s direction many great deeds were done. Along the way many gave their lives for the great cause of dharma. We should reflect upon those sacrifices done for the sake of ideology and take up the vow that once again we should protect and propagate this grand AM ideology.

As you read this full account keep in mind that Notes 1 & 2 appended below address how a dadhiici differs from the Christian concept of martyr and list the names of those in AM who sacrificed their lives for bhagavad dharma.


Initially Dadhiici Divas was declared in memory of those great souls who lost their lives in that tragic incident of 5 March 1967. As more struggles ensued and dedicated sadhakas sacrificed their lives for AM ideology, Baba created the system and gave the idea that this day of March 5 will be the one single day to remember & honour all those who sacrificed their existence for the great call of dharma – AM ideology.

Initially the observation of Dadhiici Divas began with the historical sacrifice of 5 March 1967 wherein some dedicated workers and margiis were tragically and brutally murdered in a barbarous attack by the Communist Party (West Bengal). It happened in Ananda Nagar; and since then this day is held in their honour.

Yet over time Dadhiici Divas has become the day which marks the occasion to remember when any and all Margiis and WTs sacrificed their life for the great cause of AM ideology, i.e Bhagavad Dharma– irrespective of which date and in which particular manner their lives were actually sacrificed. Only one day is fixed to honor those who gave their life for the ideals of AM. And that day is Dadhiici Divas, 5 March.


Here is a more in-depth look back at the events which transpired on that fateful day of 5 March 1967 as well as the events leading up to it.

As is commonly known our Ananda Nagar was first started on over 1000 acres of land in Baglata, Purulia District West Bengal in 1964. And that time so many beautiful projects and programmes were started to materialise Baba’s vision. There were primary schools, a college, a medical clinic, a children’s home, etc. Many great projects were going on.

But by 1967 serious resistance started to come from the nefarious communist party – CPI(M). Those days the CPI controlled the entire local Purulia area and they had a wicked grip on the West Bengal Govt by controlling many high positions.

So now we can see how the tensions were mounting those days.Because on the one hand due to selfless service by our Marga wholetimers in & around Ananda Nagar, the local people / villagers were getting benefited and were coming close. And the villagers began to see how the CPI was exploiting them.

In reaction, the CPI(M) began to instigate local movements to conspire against AM. To that end, members plotted and convinced local BDO Ashok Chakravarty against our AN Ashram. Then in Aug 1966 this BDO (Block Development Officer) came to our Ashram saying he wanted to be a member of the controlling body of our AM Degree College.

When it was explained to him that unfortunately he did not meet our Ashram’s regulations for such a position, then he became quite furious and irate. Of course he was not acting on his ownl; rather he was just the front-man for the communist party. Then to counter-attack and get revenge BDO returned in Feb 1967 demanding for our Marga to support the local communist candidate in the General Elections. Of course our WT & Margii brothers and sisters humbly explained about our socio-spiritual approach and told that we do not support any political party, per se. In that circumstance this negative BDO was determined for revenge. In truth that BDO was but a pawn of the ruling communists.

The communists began an intensive campaign started to defame AM among Purulia locals. And one serious plot was hatched to attack our Ananda Nagar Ashram. No doubt local people had developed good relations with our Ashram due to the different service projects. But communist workers worked hard to undermine that.

And together with the BDO they sabotaged our relation with the villagers through numerous underhanded and grotesque scene.

For example the communists and the BDO secretly slaughtered many cows and stealthily spread those remains around the villages in the middle of the night. And they told and spread the rumours that the Ananda Marga Ashramites were responsible for the nefarious work. Of course in that case Hindus were furious since they worship the cow as a goddess. And the CPI(M) told the Muslim villagers that the AM sadhus had been driven out of Pakistan and settled in Purulia with deep hatred toward Muslims, and that they would surely be stealing all their land.

So after drumming up sufficient nasty hatred among villagers, the CPI & BDO held another meeting in Susundi village on March 3rd 1967. And they made all the Hindus and Muslims present that day to swear by oath on the Mahabarata and Koran to remove AM sadhus by any means, including murder.

And fifth March was decided to be the day to carry out their dark plot. It was known by all, including AN Ashram residents, all Purulia gov’t and police officials and West Bengal gov’t that the event was planned.

Certainly Ananda Marga sannyasis appealed to both the Purulia gov’t and to police multiple times for protection and security from the oncoming doom. But all of those appeals were ignored. And just one skeletal, paltry force of police was assigned to the ashram grounds. That was the night of March 4th but it was all only to make a show etc. Proof being that by three o’clock in the morning of 5th March, Ananda Nagar was declared as being safe by chief of police. So he left to go back to Purulia, leaving behind only a small show of around thirty men.

But that too was only in show, as in morning when attack came, not one policeman raised his hand. And that terrible day of 5 March 1967, thousands of armed villagers arrived on the scene goaded by the hatred inculcated by CPI workers. And in that fury the villages swept through our Ananda Nagar ashram, destroying everything in sight.

On their horror-stricken path, hundreds of Ananda Nagar residents were seriously wounded and five were struck dead with mortal wounds. And not just killed, but butchered & mauled. Among those victims who fought bravely to defend Ananda Nagar & AM way of life were Dadas Abhedananda and Sachidananda.

Altogether, 5th March 1967 is a day never to be forgotten in Ananda Marga history. A day to recognise those who died for the highest goal.


Since that fateful occasion, many have come forward in our Marga and sacrificed their lives for the cause of bhagavad dharma including the terrible murder of 18 Avadhutas in broad day-light in the early 80’s, and after that also all such persons who sacrificed for the special cause of AM ideology are honourably called as Dadhiicis. March 5 is in their memory as well (See list in note 2).


In this way, Dadhiici Divas is known as a day of great dedication and sacrifice for the high ideal of AM ideology. It can be celebrated with due respect and regard in the following way:
(A) Half-Day Fasting
(B) Dharmacakra
(C) Slide Show: History of Struggle for Dharma in AM
(D) Debate
(E) Poetry Readings
(F) Dance – Drama: Teach and Educate New People
(G) Talk: Review of spread of bhagavad dharma and recounting the efforts of those who sacrificed.
(H) Exhibition


On the occasion of this coming Dadhiicii Divas, we should reflect on its special significance and adhere strictly to Baba’s dharmic codes and teachings and establish the AM ideology. Be sure also to read note 1 explaining who is dadhiici.

Baba says, “Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for your Ideology. Die for your ideology.” (Ananda Vanii #14)

Baba says, “Life represents Ideology. Life should be sacrificed for the Ideology.” (Ananda Vanii #15)

Gurucharan Deva


Little by little we should all be accustomed to following Baba’s below guideline and begin at least by using Deva when we sign our emails.

Baba says, “The word deva should be suffixed to the name…the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings.” (Caryacarya-1)


The terms ‘Dadhiici’ and ‘Martyr’ are not the same thing. That is why Baba has specially given the occasion as Dadhiici Divas and not ‘Martyrs Day’ or ‘Shahiids Day’ etc. Because the term dadhiici bears a unique & special significance.

Baba says:

“When Christians die for Christendom, they are called martyrs;
When Muslims die for Islam they are called shahiids;
When My children sacrifice their live for the ideals of Bha’gavat Dharma,
I call them Dadhiicis.” – 5 March, 1967

Hence in Ananda Marga, our concept of dadhiici has absolutely no relation with the Christian term martyr. Because Christian martyrs are only fighting for their selfish and narrow-minded group interest such as in the Crusades and other religious wars. Those martyrs did not sacrifice their lives for the welfare of one and all. In contrast in our AM, those Dahiicis who sacrificed their lives did something for the upliftment of the entire humanity. So none should be confused that the greatness of the term “dahiicis” is similar to the dogmatic Christian concept of “martyr.” Rather these two titles are worlds apart.


Here following is a list of some of the brave and courageous WTs and Margiis who have sacrificed their lives for the mission:

On 5th March 1967:
Ac Abhedananda Avt
Ac Saccidananda Avt
Ac Bharat Brc
Ac Prabhash Brc,
and Ac Avadhesh Brc sacrificed their life at Ananda Nagar;

Bhagawat Panday (Ghazipur) near Meerut was killed by communists;

On 28th August 1969: Brother Ravi Sarkar sacrificed his life at Coochbehar;

On 30th April, 1982 at Calcutta in broad daylight, the following dedicated
people were killed by communist goondhas:
Avtk Ananda Praceta’ Ac
Ac Adhishivananda Avt
Ac Bhaveshvarananda Avt
Ac Krpashivananda Avt
Ac Artasevananda Avt
Ac Subashwarananda Avt
Ac Venketashwarananda Avt
Ac Kamaleshananda Avt
Ac Girishananda Avt
Ac Prashivananda Avt
Ac Shomnath Brc
Ac Mukul Brc
Ac Virendra Brc
Ac Subrat Brc
Ac Dhruvajyoti Brc
Ac Jagamohan Brc
Sri Ram Raghuvar at Jaipur.

Later on:
Ac Ajiitananda Avt was killed after severe torturing in the jail by the police of CPM at Calcutta;

Jan 24, 1988:
Ac Asitananda Avt lost his life at Gilliguchi;

April 2 1990:
Ac Asiimananda Avt (an agricultural specialist) along with four brothers were brutally butchered in broad-daylight by the CPM goondas at Ananda Nagar;

June 4 1990:
Ac Karunaketan Avt lost his life at Pundag railway station by the attack by CPM strong arms.

To these Dadhiicis I pay my deepest salutations.


“Tumi esechile, mrdu hesechile sudha’ d’ele…” – P.S. 2309


Baba, You came and smiled softly and graced me with the showering of Your divine nectar. Unfortunately, that time I was just engrossed in my own lustful and crude attachments; I was oblivious of Your divine presence. Neither did I turn around to look towards You, nor did I talk with You. That was my pitiful condition.

Baba, keeping my room bolted shut, in that isolated condition I was just secretly involved in thinking about my own greatness. In that crude state of mind I was constantly hankering for more and more prestige – for more name and fame. Baba, I was sitting on the shore of the black river [1] only involved in my own selfish and egotistical thoughts.

O’ my dearest One, I did not look towards so You left – but even then You graced me with Your abundant love. Baba, You are so gracious. In spite of my not caring about Your arrival because my mind was so crude, even then You showered so much grace that the whole world is dancing ceaselessly in Your divine love. Baba, the colorful flowers are ensconced & swaying in Your loving vibration and they have started blossoming uncontrollably. It is Your causeless grace.

O’ Parma Purusa, You are so magnificent & gracious; You have come and blessed me with Your divine love– You have saturated my whole existence. Baba, You are grace personified…


[1] Shore of the Black River [krs’n’a’ nadiir ku’le]: This represents that dark, negative, or degenerated state of mind where one’s mind is dominated by all kinds of crude thoughts and desires. Thus when the mind is very low and one is just hankering for prestige, and singing about their own glory, and they want that others should praise them;– Such persons are degenerated. Their mind is in the lower kosa. And they do not want to listen to anything other than the tales of their own greatness. This is what it means by sitting by the shore of the black river.

One Should Assess Oneself on the Following

Baba says, “When human beings feel that, ‘Parama Purusa is my everything’, then that is called as sharan (shelter). No being can come under the sharan (shelter) of two different Entities. So what is the meaning of Sharanagati (surrender)? When living beings give up their ‘I-feeling’ by withdrawing the mind from any other object and completely adopt the feeling that Parama Purusa alone is my everything.”

“Up to the time when any person is thinking that they are working with their own strength, then we should understand that the feeling of sharanagati has not yet come in them. And when human beings think that, ‘I am doing the work only with His strength’, it means the feeling of sharanagati has come in their mind. So when living beings start thinking that, ‘Whatever work I am doing, I am doing with His strength’, then they have the feeling of sharanagati.” (General Darshan, Patna DMC, 1970, [from audio tape])

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From: “Marc Pele”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: They Were Trustless
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 22:07:12 +0000



Note: A sound file has been placed on the AM-GLOBAL blog that serves as an accompaniment to this below letter. That sound file is called, ‘One Oath Taking Ceremony’. Visit: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/

To prepare oneself for this entire topic, please consider the following.

Suppose there is one guru who knows that some of his disciples suffer from certain flaws. That guru calls those disciples near and says, “From tomorrow onwards, you will be given greater responsibility to run the ashram and its activities; promise me that you will not sell the ashram and destroy all the programs. Can I trust you that you will not ruin the ashram?”
By making this type of statement and posing this sort of query, it is very evident that the guru does not trust his disciples. Such a statement does not at all convey a sense faith in his disciples.

Keep the above idea in mind as you read the remainder of this mail.


The present scenario unfolding now in our organisation did not come out of nowhere. There was every indication that such a splintering could and would take place. Baba certainly knew; and if we all think a little bit, it should not have come as a surprise to us either. Please understand that I have full regard and respect for our dear Dadas, only I wish to bring something to the table for everyone to consider and review.


In 1990, as you may remember, Baba was calling Dadas– groups of Dadas, especially Central Workers and other top Dadas– to Him so that they could take an oath in His presence. There was no secret this was going on, as many have heard about this program.

Those days, Beloved Baba was calling several workers or more at a time and asking them, ‘Do you promise to work for the welfare of the mission? Can I trust you to spread my ideology? Are you committed to serving all peoples? Will you keep this organisation unified? Are you to be trusted?’.

To each of these types of questions, all the Dadas present– ie the top Dadas which Baba had called before Him– were required to take an oath to that they would solemnly swear to fulfill their duty to Baba and the Ananda Marga mission. This was the scene which was unfolding in 1990. And those respected Dadas were quite proud to have been called before Baba to take such an oath. They took this to be an honor and and indication of their high commitment to Baba.


With all due respect, however, we should apply a little bit of our own cognitive abilities– by way of analogy– to understand the real meaning of having to take such an oath in the first place.

Suppose there is one guru who knows that some of his disciples suffer from certain flaws. That calls those disciples near and says, “From tomorrow onwards, you will be given greater responsibility to run the ashram and its activities, promise me that you will not sell the ashram and destroy all the programs. Can I trust you that you will not ruin the ashram?” By making this type of statement and posing this sort of query, it is very evident that the guru does not trust his disciples. Such a statement does at all convey a sense faith in his disciples.

With respect to our dear Dadas, I think all readers are by now getting the idea why Baba requested such top WTs to take an oath before Him. Before discussing this further, let’s take a look at another analogy.

Suppose, one day when a father is about to retire from his business and he is going to pass the torch of ownership of all his entrepreneurial interests and land holdings to his son, and the father says, ‘Son, I have worked hard all my life, please promise me that you will honestly watch over my affairs and take care of the family’, then does this not indicate that the father does not have full faith in his son. Otherwise, what was the need for the father to ask such a thing of his son. Such a statement or oath only comes into play, when a father feels that the son cannot be entirely trusted– or not trusted at all.

Or it is just like if there are two friends, and if one says to the other, ‘Listen, I have to go out for a few minutes, please promise me that you will not steal my belongings while I am gone’, then who is going to really think they have any friendship at all, or that the other person can be trusted. And certainly we can all think of so many other such examples– all of which point to a blatant lack of trust for the other party. In essence one is saying, ‘You are not trustworthy’.

Yet this is the very same type of oath which our All-knowing Baba requested from those top Dadas.

Please excuse me for saying so, but this oath was done because Baba was well aware about their inherent tendencies of groupism, division, and power mongering etc. With such ideas floating in their mental plates, how is it that those top Dadas were going to be able to care for the AM mission. Hence, Baba requested them to take an oath– to help steer them away from their negative desires. Yet we all know what happened, we all know how far those our revered Dadas could live up to the oath or not.


From another perspective, various other acaryas and senior margiis who were NOT asked to take such an oath in front of Baba were relieved, because they felt that having to take such an oath meant that such persons were not up to the proper standard. And indeed it looks like that is the case. There are so many decent acaryas and margiis who are truly committed to the ideals of AM, and Baba knowingly never asked them to take that oath in front of Him. Whereas those who were requested to take an oath back in 1990 are the very ones who have pillaged our AMPS and cracked it into pieces for their selfish ends.


But as life would have it, those top Dadas who took the oath– ‘I can be trusted to watch over the mission’– had their own perspective of the matter. With all due respect, those esteemed acaryas felt that it meant that they were the ones who were true to Baba.

Hence, they told everyone they knew that Baba took a special oath from them as they thought this would impress others. Indeed they traveled all over Delhi Sector and the entire globe, describing how Baba had specially called them and asked, ‘Can I trust you’ etc. So through their own eyeglasses, they thought that this was Baba’s way of telling them that they are the great ones to run the organisation. But those with a balanced mind can understand the inner truth: That having to take such an oath means that they had a weakness or mental defect. That Baba was saying, ‘You are not trustworthy’. Otherwise Baba would not have been concerned about them in that way.

And indeed, seeing what these oath-taking Dadas have done to our organisation since 1990, it is quite apparent that the all-knowing Baba did not trust them from the outset. That is why He was again and again asking them, ‘Can I trust you, can I trust you’. Please excuse me for saying so, but that is what rationality says. Many of these Dadas are our friends, but that does not exclude us from taking a proper look at the situation. After all we have come to establish AM ideology and serve the humanity, not any other reason.

Note: In AM oaths are taken when a person gets diiksa of various types. We remember our oaths everyday, but this query – “Can I trust you” – is unusual and displays a lack of trust.



Regardless, our esteemed top Dadas viewed that oath as their entitlement to running the organisation. And not only that, they thought that they should then take similar oaths from the margiis. And that is the very tradition that they started.

After 1990, thinking of themselves as the great ones, those top Dadas began calling all the margiis to their various dogmatic programs like Mahaprayan, and requested those arrivees to take an oath. Such is the grand hypocrisy that has been going on since 1990. See the irony of it all.

Those top Dadas have ruined Baba scriptures, broken the organisation into pieces, created dogmatic tiirthas, pilfered so much money, expelled so many innocent margiis, destroyed the BP system, and countless harm they have done to our Marga, yet they see themselves as being fit to insist that others be true to Baba’s teachings. As if they are the golden watch-bearers to ensure that everything is proper.

For your review, here is the oath which our revered Dadas have been taking from other general acaryas and margiis since 1990. They do this oath of ‘dedication’ or ‘rededication’ at their dogmatic Mahaprayan ceremonies and at other gatherings. The audio version of the oath has been put on the AM-GLOBAL blog:


So go to the blog and listen for yourself what they are doing, and for your convenience here below is the transcription of that very oath.

“We, say on oath, in the name of Parama Brahma and Marga Gurudeva, that we shall observe uncompromising strictness and faith regarding the sanctity of Ista, Adarsha, Supreme Command and Conduct Rules. We shall actively endeavour to promote, individual and collective well-being, to perform all sorts of actions as desired by Revered Marga Guru. We shall not allow the unity of Ananda Margiis to be jeopardised for any reason. We shall maintain the unity, even at the risk of our life. We shall not, under any circumstances, allow individual interest to stand in the way of collective interest. We shall protect, in all respects and all costs, the dignity of Margiya treasures: The sublime ideology, universal love, and unshakable unity, and the sanctity of our flag, our symbols, and the pratikrti [photo] of Marga Guru.” (Oath taken at dogmatic Mahaprayan programs)

Again there is nothing wrong with the above oath per se. Just it is painfully amusing that the ones administering this oath have utterly destroyed our Marga. They have made a mockery out of unity, they have tossed AM ideology in the dustbin, they have gone against Ista in countless ways, they have stepped on and torn up our flag, and they have time and again put their own selfish and individual interests ahead of the common good– ahead of collective interest.

Thus it is an absolute mockery for them to be administering this oath to well-intentioned margiis and acaryas. And again, the only reason Baba was asking them in 1990, ‘Can I count on you, can I trust you’ was because He was indirectly saying, ‘You are not trustworthy’. That is what He was telling those top Dadas.

Please excuse me as I know how this sounds. However, do not take my word for it, take a look at what has occurred in our organisation since 1990. All because of the lust, deceit, and selfishness of certain people whose names need not be mentioned here. You know who they are.


Here is Baba’s clear-cut warning that if the people responsible for implementing an ideology are not up to the mark, then there will be hell to pay– the society will suffer.

Baba says, “Even if there is no defect in the philosophy but the person who takes the responsibility of implementing the philosophy is full of defects, then that high philosophy will remain confined to books only. The society will rush headlong to the depths of degradation, and no one will remain to save it. The people’s copious tears will drench their clothes, and they will die, banging their heads against the closed doors of human liberation. For them there will be no escape.” (NSS, Disc 14)

Because our revered top Dadas could not implement AM ideology in their own lives, our organisation has paid the price and indeed the greater society has suffered needlessly at the hands of so many exploiters– because our Marga could not come forward and save them.


By Baba’s grace those true to Him have taken the internal vow to establish His ideology on this dusty earth. Such persons will always be strict in following His teachings. Whereas those who merely brag, that Baba asked them, ‘Can I count on you’, we now know their status. By His grace, a new era of ideology is coming in our Marga.

Baba says, “Where the question of benevolence and malevolence is concerned we will not deviate an inch from our ideology, nor will we allow others to do so.” (NSS, Disc: 14)



If anybody is having difficult and still could not understand the essence of this posting then this analogy may help.

Let’s say a husband and wife were at the airport as the husband was about to go away on a business trip. When saying good-bye, just before he was to board the plane, if the concerned husband says to his wife, ‘Please promise that you will be true to me’, who is going to think that their marriage is based on trust and fidelity.

Rather, one gets the distinct idea that the husband knows well that his wife has loose behaviour, or that she has been untrue in the past, or that she has interest in someone else. It gives the distinct feeling that ‘You (i.e. the wife) are not trustworthy’. And it is for this reason, with this doubt and uncertainty in mind, that he is requesting her to promise to be faithful. All because the wife has a distinct tendency to be unfaithful. Otherwise what was the need for the wife to take such an oath when there is a deep & trusting commitment between the two parties, between the husband and wife.

In other words if trust each other and if husband says like that there will be huge disappointment. She will cry out and be angry why he is accusing me, rather than be happy.
“Maner ma’jhe kon se ka’je a’cho balo na’…” (P.S. #2033)


Baba, You are hiding deep in the recesses of my mind. What You are actually doing there I cannot say. Just You are sitting in the depths of my mind– listening to all my thoughts. Baba You are everywhere: omnipresent. Nothing can remain hidden from You. Baba, it is impossible to hide anything from You — what a torture this is. Your liila, Your divine play, is very vast– verily immeasurable like the infinite ocean. To understand Your divine liila, is very difficult. When I go to measure the depth of Your liila, then my whole existence is lost. Only consciousness remains floating. Mind becomes one with You. And “I feeling” is lost. Baba, if You do not want to be held, please tell me what You want. Your desire is my desire, don’t you know this very fact? Baba, You are eternally hiding in my mind and heart. Nothing remains unknown to You…

Wealth and Sin Live Side by Side

Here is something to keep in mind when viewing those capitalists who are now ruling this earth.
Baba says, “The person who cannot cheat others cannot become a millionaire overnight. You know as I told many times the goddess of wealth is established in sin. Only the person who is a terrible sinner and knows how to cheat others as quickly as possible, only they can be come a millionaire. The goddess of wealth is the goddess of sin.” (Discourse: ‘Introduction of Various local Gods and Goddesses’, AV-11 [H] pg 7)

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From: “Mahendra Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Unique Comparison
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 10:12:34 +0000


“Tumi ekat’u ka’che eso, a’r ekat’ukha’ni heso…” (PS 1909)


Baba, please grace me by coming a little more close, and please smile a little softly. Baba, by Your grace, my penance to get You will remove the cimmerian darkness of my mind. That I know. And please shower Your sweet and charming smile like a full moon.

I know this cimmerian darkness of my mind is not eternal. So much mental blackness and stains, hundreds of times comes and goes from my mind. Yet this deep, all around pitch darkness, pervading everywhere, will leave while keeping its head low in defeat. Baba, You love the divine effulgence– not the darkness.

By Your grace, I will not accept defeat at any cost. I will remain holding only Your lotus feet. Whatever people may say, whatever may happen, I will remain pure and blemishless, by Your grace. Baba, You are my beginning and my end– You are my Goal.

Baba, please come close and grace me by Your divine love…


Most are aware of the recent death of North Korean leader Kim Jung IL and most know that his son Kim Jung Un has been coronated and declared the new “supreme leader”.

This posting contrasts the reign of power in North Korea with some of the trends found in our Marga since 1990.


As we know, both capitalism and communism are materialistic philosophies with one chief difference being that in communism individuals do not have personal property. There is no private ownership. Everything is owned, i.e. hoarded, by the state.

Furthermore, communism is purely atheistic with absolutely no acknowledgement of God; there is only matter. Those at the helm are completely focused on material wealth – nothing more. Because it is matter-centered, not God-centered. For them, matter is the be-all and end-all of life.

For this reason, communist leaders hold onto their top posts for as long as they survive on this earth. As individuals they do not own anything, so to enjoy all the glory, plunder and wealth, they keep their position with the state till the very end of their life. Time and again decrepit communist leaders die sitting in the top chair and ensure their progeny inherit their position.


In North Korea, the current family has been ruling for three generations. Kim-II Sung, the grandfather of this current lineage, ruled from 1948 to 1994. Upon his death all power was seamlessly transferred to his son, Kim Jung II, who ruled from 1994 to 2011.

This past week saw the death of Kim Jung II and once again the power as been passed from father to son. Kim Jung Un, the third ruler in this legacy, has since taken over the reins and been declared the “supreme ruler”. In this way this family dynasty has exploited the society and kept the power in their own hands.

Their basic approach is to hold onto the power right up until the time of the death, so they can keep their position and enjoy all the spoils, luxuries, wealth and prestige – all the while grooming their chosen son to be next-in-line for the crown. This way they can pass their wealth and privilege to the next generation.

Similar things we have seen going on in communist Cuba.


As 2011 winds down, we should be completely frank and analyse our own house.

Since 1990 so many things have happened, and now, 21 years later, we should take definitive steps to right those wrongs. To achieve that, both awareness and honesty are needed.

In theory as well as in practice, many dedicated workers in our Marga feel in their heart that Parama Purusa is everything. They keep Baba in their heart and work tirelessly thinking of Him.

Sadly, a large number of central workers follow their own separate outlook. For them matter, not spirituality, is everything and in order to keep their facilities and comforts – like cars, big bank balances, servants, prestige etc – they sit on the chair forever and ever. They are totally unwilling to give up their post. They keep it up to their death in order to cash-in on the benefits, regardless of whether they can do their job or not.

Then they use this next technique to keep the power within the “family”. Our purodhas may not have sons or daughters but they do have stooges. These purodhas do everything to ensure that after their own demise their stooges will be in power.

Considering the above, is there not a striking similarity between the North Korean dynasty and the groupist regimes of Ranchi and Kolkata. All those controlling AMPS in the early 1990’s are veritably the same people pulling the strings today. They got a taste of the power and do not want to give it up.


Those who are naive think that Baba wants central workers to hold onto the hold post up till their death. But that is not at all correct.

It is Baba’s mandate and indeed His manner that workers must not be allowed to stay in the same post for more than 3 years. Invariably they will develop some worldly attachment to that place which is detrimental for their all-round growth. That will inhibit their ability to lead the life of a monk.

For this reason, since the inception of AMPS, this rule was strictly followed: No more than 3 years in any particular post. This rule is not hidden – everybody is aware about it. Just ask any senior margii or avadhuta. This is one of Baba’s procedural orders or related codes.

Still today this rule is actively followed throughout the entire organisation, except for with our central workers. They just cling desperately onto the post in their lust for crude power just like communist leaders.


Yet Baba emphasizes that those aged, elderly persons must not cling onto the post when they are unable to carry out the responsibilities. If one is sick, or senile, or unable to manage, then they should give up the post, and their position should be handed down to a younger, more fit person. This applies even to the post of Purodha Pramukha. Those who cling to the post are suffering from a psychic disease.

Baba says, ‘To get the post, to become controller, even aged people quarrel like children. ‘I want to become prime minister, I want to become prime minister.’ It is the childish play of elderly people. What is all this. Yes, these are all mental diseases; yes, yes these are all mental diseases.” (MGD, ‘Lord of All Lords’, Patna, paraphrased from the original Hindi.)

A link to the posting detail the above guideline is cited below in the notes after the signature.



Here is another teaching from Baba wherein He is guiding workers to not worship the post but rather give maximum respect for work.

Baba says, “Workers should have dignity of the labor and not the dignity of the post. They have nothing to do with promotion, demotion, and revulsion. Whatever responsibility is allotted to them they are to do with maximum respect for the work.” (37 Workers Rules, Point #33)

Unfortunately the post 1990 leaders never adhere to this guideline from Baba.


Furthermore, today’s purodhas do not allow themselves to be transferred from their top spots. If and when they are transferred it is always to another their high-level, cabinet position. They never accept a regional or district level posting.

Since 1990 you might not have heard of any purodha leaving their post. They only leave it on their death, not before.

This is the common points that today’s purodhas share with communists. Those purodhas who capture the power stay there with the plan of dying in that chair. That is their strategy.


In this way North Korea and AM are quite similar. Some may not like to hear such a comparison, but given the conditions of the day we are forced to make such a remark.

My request is that those at the helm be reminded about following the norms, ethics, and teachings as given by Baba. They should leave their materialistic habits and give up their posts accordingly. They must pay heed to Baba’s Wt guidelines.


In all communist countries like Russia, Korea, Cuba and even in the communist state of West Bengal, those leaders never left their post, not until they were overruled or dead.

That is also the 20+ year history in our Marga.

This is not some glorious chapter. Communists follow a matter centered philosophy and that is why they are so glued to the post. But in AM, we are not post-oriented, but rather God-oriented. Someone should share this fact with today’s top post-holders.

Why do people stick to they post? Indeed only pseudo-sadhakas stick to the post, not anyone else.

Our philosophy is great; our philosophy is God-centered. But these purodhas are not heeding the tenets of AM philosophy. God should be the goal – not the post.

Please write in with your thoughts.



No one stayed in the same post for years and years. Many may recall that Pranavananda was COS (Central Office Secretary) but many times Baba transferred to him to Kullu and other places. Plus Sarveshvarananda was GS but was then transferred away from Centre. And indeed on a regular basis Baba would transfer people from Centre. There are so many cases. That is why those days nobody thought they would stay in their same post lifelong.


You might have heard that Rudrananda is dreaming to become purodha somehow before his death. He may make some plot against the current people. Dada might even pressure current the current PP Dada to resign “voluntarily”.


This first letter contrasts capitalists with communists. The first hoard wealth on the individual level, whereas communists must be linked with the state in order to enjoy the riches.


Here following is the link to the letter where Baba is declaring that those aged people must give up the post and that the failure to do so means they are suffering from a psychic disease.



Baba says, “On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured.” (PNS-8, p.19)

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Subject: My Story: How Omni-Loving Baba Attracted Me



Note: The below is a first-hand account from Ramchandra, an extremely senior margii from Jamalpur.

In my youth I studied in the same school as Baba but was much younger that He was. Baba graduated long before I entered.

The school was in Rampur colony (Jamalpur). When I attended high school my classmates and I used to pass by the newly constructed Jamalpur ashram. While walking by, my friends and I would keep quiet. We thought this was some type of magician’s house where people got turned into animals. That was the type of fear complex we had. We were terrified of the place.

I do not know where that idea came from, but that was the way it was those days. We were totally scared and thought it best to keep distance from Ananda Marga as margiis could captivate people and bring them into their fold.


As I grew older, I became more curious about Ananda Marga. I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I wanted to go inside – though admittedly I still had a lot of fear about AM.

So here is what I used to do.

When Baba was not present, I would seek out those margiis coming from afar and talk to them about their experiences with Baba and AM. Because those days, disciples and new people were regularly coming from longer distances to see Him. In reply to my queries, these bhaktas were telling me of their experiences. One common theme I heard again and again was, “Baba knows everything.”

In this way, I would gather news, insights and stories. That was my way of learning more about Baba and Ananda Marga without going too close due to my fear. Gradually I became more and more interested, though I remained fearful as well.

When talking to them, margiis would ask me, “How long have you been doing sadhana?”; “Are you practicing regularly?”. I just remained quiet.


After some time I came to the conclusion that I should learn and practice sadhana but not maintain any connection with Ananda Marga due to fear and public shame. I did not want to be known as someone who got brainwashed by AM. So I concluded I would do sadhana in my home yet keep distance from AMPS organisation in the public. I also decided that I would not come for PC, nor would I see Baba. That was my plan.

So I took initiation and started doing sadhana and margiis invited and encouraged me to attend dharmacakra as well. I told, “No. I will not attend dharmacakra nor will I go to general darshan.”


One day out of curiosity I went to talk with a few newcomers about their experiences. Suddenly people started shouting, “Baba has come! Baba has come!” Then 20 – 30 people stood and formed one line. They stood there waiting. A small crowd passed by including one simple dressed man.

(Note: In my mind I was thinking that Baba was a monk. So when people started saying Parama Pita Baba Ki – Jai!!, then I was looking for a monk with matted locks, a tiger skin, and ashes on his body. But I did not see anyone like that. I had never seen Baba before so I could not recognise Him. Others were doing pranam but I did not do pranam even though I was also in that line.)

After a few minutes, after the crowd had gone inside I asked, “Who is Baba? Where is He and what does He look like?”

In my mind I was thinking that Baba must look like one of those monks with matted locks and a long beard, armed with a trident and wearing earrings. This was the image I had conjured up in my mind about Him. I thought He must be like that. Yet the person who just passed by was a simple, ordinary looking man.

All this was going on in my mind when I asked, “Who is Baba?”

Those around me exclaimed, “That was Baba.”

Then I thought that He does not seem to be so dangerous. So I went inside and attended general darshan. I sat in the back.

It was very surprising for me that Baba was not scary at all. He did not abuse or punish anyone. Mostly He spoke on various topics. After attending this first time, I felt more attracted.

At that point I thought that I should do sadhana very regularly and go see Baba from time to time in the ashram. But outside I should maintain my own existence and not be associated with Ananda Marga. Otherwise it would be very humiliating to be known as a margii. After all, those days the public image of AM was not very favourable.


During that time of my life, it was also my manner to visit various religious functions related with all kinds of sadhus and monks of different organisations. One morning an Arya samaj conference was going on. I was aware about it but had already planned to go to the jagrti that day for general darshan. But when I reached the AM ashram I saw that there was a delay. Morning general darshan had not yet started and it did not look like it was going to start soon.

From that spot, I could hear the loudspeaker off in the distance from the Arya Samaj gathering.

I thought that since there was time, I should attend the Arya Samaj function and hear their pravacan. Then later on I would return for Baba’s darshan. That was my plan.

When I reached to the Arya Samaj gathering, the monk giving the lecture started abusing Baba and Ananda Marga. Internally I did not at all like what he was saying. Rather I was very much disturbed hearing this fellow abuse AM. I thought that if Baba is Himself God, then He must be listening. I wondered why Baba is not teaching him a lesson – here and now. After all if Baba is the most powerful One and this fellow is abusing the Almighty God, then something should be done. All these thoughts were going on in my mind.

On the one the side I was upset and deeply disturbed by hearing this man’s harsh words, and on the other side I wanted to see how far, how nasty, this speaker would go. So I listened for a little while longer.

Finally after some time I thought I should return to our AM ashram. I was thinking that by now Baba has probably come and it will be time for general darshan.

So I left that Arya samaj conference and started en route to the ashram.


On my way I met up with many margiis. As soon as they saw me they said, “Where were you? Why are you so late general darshan? Baba inquired about you 25 – 30 times. Again and again Baba was repeating, “Why has Ramchandra not come? Why has he not come?”. In this way Baba was repeatedly asking about you. So quickly go to the jagrti and see Abhedanandji.”

I quickened my pace and hurried that direction.

When I reached nearby the ashram, many others also told, “Ramchandra where were you? Baba asked about you many times.”

I hastily ran and saw Dasarth ji standing outside.

Dasarth ji told me, “Baba is calling you; go see Him immediately.”

I reached there as quickly as I could.

Dada Abhedananda told me, “Baba is calling you – go in the room, do sastaunga pranam – He will give you PC!”


When I entered I did sastaunga pranam. Baba was very charming. But because I was preoccupied with news of the Arya samaj event, I thought I should tell Baba about it when I got the chance.

I wanted to give Him a full accountt of Arya Samaj conference. I told half a sentence.

Baba said, “You need not worry about that. I know the whole situation. Ramchandra, you need not think about that fellow from Arya Samaj; it is not your duty to give him a lesson. Those who are bad emit bad words from their mouth. Those who are good people will always speak good things. So do not think about taking revenge. According to natural law, nature will take care of this.”

Mentally I thought that Baba knows everything.

In that PC, Baba told me so many things about my life which no one else knew. I personally felt that He knew everything about me. My secrets which nobody knows, Baba knew. All I could think is that, “Baba knows everything.”


I realised that Baba is Parama Purusa and that He remains always in the mind. What you think He knows, and He is very loving too.

From that day forward my mind was totally transformed and I became very regular in attending all kinds of AM programs. I was always eager to attend.

Now I see that this (my relation with Him) is exclusively due to His grace. He graciously changed my feelings towards Him from being quite distant to extremely personal and close.



By the way, I entered AM in the 1960’s. Internally I wanted to be an Ananda Margii and was attracted to Baba’s magnetic personality. I was initiated, began practicing sadhana regularly, and ultimately was blessed to receive PC with Baba.

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