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Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2012 15:26:17 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Vinod Singh”
Subject: News: Mukunda’nanda – Repeat Offender



A most unfortunate and tragic incident has occurred: Mukunda’nanda Dada recently committed a sexual crime with a village girl in Varanasi. This is the same Mukunda’nanda who was involved in the sexual attack on a 7 yr old girl in Daltonganj just a few months ago. Those with more details of this latest crime in Varanasi should come forward. How is it that this was allowed to happen. A proper resolution is needed.

Vinod Singh




=== (A) On 21 April 2012 Ram Kumar Deva wrote:

“Recently one Dada sexually attacked a young girl from Daltonganj.
The assailant is a sectorial-level VSS worker of Delhi sector.
This attack was carried out in a most violent and gruesome manner.”

1. This unfortunate incident took place in a village about 30 kilometers from Daltonganj town. It is in Daltonganj District. The diocese is Palamu, with the headquarters being Daltonganj.

2. The assailant was Mukunda’nanda, a senior dada 50+ years of age. He is hardcore cadre of Rudra’nanda.

3. Mukunda’nanda sexually assaulted and forced himself on the 7-year-old daughter of one respected margii.

4. This dada was staying in the house of one margii when he called the child to him and started teaching her. Everything seemed fine. Dada then sent the girl’s mother to cook food for him. This gave Dada the opportunity to violently assault the girl sexually.

5. In the aftermath, the girl was admitted to the hospital with profuse bleeding. Medical experts confirmed the gory details and the horrors that this innocent 7-year old girl suffered.

6. The Dada who did this is Ac Mukunda’nanda, sectorial organising secretary (VSS) of Delhi sector.

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=== (B) On 23 April 2012 Raviindra Deva wrote:

I cannot forget how in 1970, one of the monks in the Ramakrishna Mission committed this type of devious sexual crime in rural Jaipur. The outraged villagers took matters into their own hands.

Villagers caught the monk and removed his saffron robe and put him in civil dress. Then they painted his face black, forced him to sit on a donkey, and paraded him through the town with a placard hanging from his neck which read, “I am a child molester.”

But it did not stop there.

More and more villagers joined in and they physically detained that monk and forcibly removed his reproductive organ in such a manner that the monk had to be hospitalized. News of this spread around the whole of India. The monk was shamed by his criminal dealing and will remember his misdeed his entire life.

The sexual crime by Mukunda’nanda must also be taken seriously and addressed accordingly. Thus far the villagers of Daltonganj in 2012 have not dealt with the aggressor the way those villagers of Jaipur did in 1970. How and what the villagers do is for them to decide. But allowing the crime to go unpunished is not acceptable. The culprit must be taken to task.

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=== (C) On 27 April 2012 Divya’mshu wrote:

Dada Mukunda’nanda has a sectorial level posting in VSS so he goes all around Delhi sector. Thus he has the freedom to roam everywhere. His exact posting is sectorial organizing secretary (VSS).


We found out that his immediate supervisor is Ac. Parma’nanda Avt, Chief Secretary (VSS) of Delhi sector. The next higher up is Ac Mantracetana’nanda Avt, SG (Secretary General). We should watch how they handle the situation, and not tolerate any delay or covering up. Per Baba’s system, these supervisory workers are to be held accountable.

Baba says, “Supervisory workers will have to take care of each of their supervised staff in all respects.” (WT Code of
Conduct, “Six Addition Rules”, pt #2)

Thus when Mukunda’nanda has done the unspeakable and sexually assaulted a minor, it is unacceptable for his supervisors to keep mum or try to sweep this under the rug. Merely sending Mukunda’nanda for retraining is also inappropriate given the gruesome and sinful nature of his crime.


The sexual crime against this 7-year-old margii girl took place in Daltonganj District and in Chainpur block. We have come to know the name of the exact village but for the protection of the family and respect of their privacy, I refrain from including the village name here. Thank you for your understanding.

At this point the great fear is that this dada engaged in prior attacks that went unreported. That is a distinct concern as sexual criminals are most often repeat offenders.

Social scientists and psychologists have concluded that: “Compared to non-sex offenders released from State prisons, released sex offenders were 4 times more likely to be rearrested for a sex crime.”

We cannot definitively say that Mukunda’nanda committed more sexual crimes in the past, but evidence uncovered in this recent Daltonganj attack leads in that direction. We are dealing with a highly confident and seasoned assailant. Based on the ghastly details of this crime, it does not appear to be the work of a first-time perpetrator.


Another key reason behind this nefarious encounter is Dadaji’s ongoing lack of discipline. He is highly remiss in adhering to the daily code of conduct for acaryas and avadhutas.

For instance, this Dada keeps his hair and beard very short, which goes against points #1 & 2 of “32 Rules for Avadhu’tas.” Furthermore Mukunda’nanda Dada is not strict in sentient food, nor does he follow the fasting schedule properly. Verily there are so many ways how in his day to day life he is negligent in following Baba’s assigned codes of conduct.

To put it in a more graphic way, this Dada has been leading a dual life. In the daytime, he moves among margiis in saffron robes to be venerated as an acarya and avadhuta; and then in the nighttime, and sometimes during the day also, he roves the streets in civil dress. On more than one occasion this Dada has been seen entering raucous nightclubs and late-night hot-spots, among other places he frequents.

Here it should be understood that this dada is not alone in his poor, un-acarya-like conduct. Many dadas with short hair and well-trimmed beards, especially those in India, lead a dual existence where negative habits and tamasik indulgence are common. Dadas posted in India have no reason not to keep proper longer-length hair, a minimum of 13+ inches. And the beard should be at least 3 1/2 inches in length. That is the mandate.

So dadas must have longer hair and didis must have shorter hair. More about this has been written in note 1.

The overall point is that if any acarya’s presentation does not reflect that of a yogic monk, then they are often involved in dirty and degraded dealings. Such was certainly the case with Mukunda’nanda. All this and more contributed to his demise.

Baba says, “Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a small weakness or defect in the conduct of an ácárya. Just as it is the duty of a father to educate his children properly by his good conduct, an ácárya or ácáryá should always instruct by his or her exemplary actions and words.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 31, The Conduct of an Ácárya)

By failing to follow our Ananda Marga conduct rules for wholetimers, this dada fell deep into the depths of self-destruction.


One of the disturbing ironies of this case / crime is that Mukunda’nanda himself is posted in VSS. His duty was to protect the common people from such attacks. He was to protect the defenseless; yet he himself became the perpetrator. This makes his case particularly vile.


All this begs the question, “Why does Rudrananda keep him in the fold and in the cadre?”

The answer is quite straightforward. Criminals and characterless people are very easy to command. Such persons will obey all orders from their superiors because they know that their leaders will save them from all kinds of embarrassment, shame, and difficulties. Leaders like Rudrananda will ensure poorly behaved dadas do not get a bad name and refrain from reporting them to the police. That is the unspoken trade between fallen acaryas like Mukunda’nanda and leaders like Rudrananda.

Actually these days in Ananda Marga, the top leaders want their staff to commit crimes, because then they have “dirt” on that worker and can get them to do anything. In exchange for saving them from disgrace, those fallen workers become extremely obedient to their boss(es).

That is the sole reason why Rudrananda keeps him in Wt dress.

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PS Intro: In this following song, Parama Purusa Himself is playing one beautiful liila with the devotee. He– Parama Purusa– is speaking with the bhakta who has melancholic longing for the Lord.

“Ka’r tare tumi base base ka’nd, Ka’r katha’ bha’v diva’nishi…” – P.S. 1316


Please tell me, why you are crying and why you are so restless – you have not taken any food or gotten any rest. Please tell me, for whom do you have such a deep longing; for whom are you waiting and crying bitterly. Whose story and tale are you pondering day & night. Which thief has stolen your mind and captivated you. Who has taken away the sweet smile from your face and is making you cry.

None of your things are arranged properly; everything is scattered about – lying here & there. There is only tension in your eyes – all the satiation and satisfaction has disappeared. Who created this situation. You are always telling the tale of your beloved and you are always narrating those events again and again in Your mind internally – the tale of your beloved. Who is your dearmost.

You have all the qualities and attributions & in your life – there are many things to do; but even then, forgetting all those things, you are crying and crying in longing. Is it that the Lord Himself – the Parama Purusa – is attracting You with His divine flute day and night. With that resonance He is pulling your heart and you have become restless in His longing – or what can be the reason.

Please tell me, please tell me who has taken all your peace and tranquillity of the mind and made you restless. Who has put you in great trouble by taking away your heart. Who Is your beloved who is not listening to the call of your heart…


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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 21:54:33 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Nataraj Deva” N_deva.deva@Millenia.net…>”
Subject: Possible Scam by GS




I have heard this news which I am writing below. If any reader has more information, please write.

Current GS Dada (Ranchi), Ac. Citsvarupananda Avt, recently collected a huge sum of money (25 – 30 lakhs of rupees) from various Wts and margiis as a loan.

GS Dada promised to return back the money many-fold to lenders. But now he is not willing to return any of the money back to margiis and WTs.

Rather, GS Dada is abusing and scolding those workers and margiis who ask for their money back.

Dada Citsvarupananda is trying to convince everyone that he lost that huge sum of money, i.e. 25 – 30 lakhs. Dadaji’s claim is that he already lost all the money which he borrowed; all that loan money is gone.

So Citsvarupanandji is telling everyone that he cannot return the money to them; all those margiis and workers who lent him money have now lost their money. Dadaji says: Margiis & workers should console thus themselves that they donated to the organization. That is what Dadaji is telling everyone. He is also requesting everyone not to remind him of this matter because he cannot return the money since he lost it all.

Hearing this reply from Dada Citsvarupanandaji, WTs and margiis are frustrated and furious.

If any margii has come to know more about this incident please write.



Most probably know that one lakh is equal to 100,000. So 25 – 30 lakhs is the equivalent of 2.5 – 3 million rupees. Thus GS Dada borrowed nearly 3 million rupees from margiis and workers; and now he is claiming that he lost all that money and people cannot get their money back.


“Tumi eso pra’n’e o pradiipe…” (PS no. 2535)


Baba, please come in my heart, in the deep core of my mind. You are my everything– You are my dhya’na, You are my jinana, You are my Ista. You are most sacred, holy, and sweetness Personified. Baba, You are the controller of my entire existence. Keeping Your love and divine guidance in my heart I am moving on path which You have graciously shown me. By Your grace I go on remembering Your name constantly. That is my strength of forward movement. Baba, please grace me by coming in my heart…

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Subject: Re: DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 19:15:01 +0100
From: g k roy


(Note: This is the fourth letter on this thread. Please find links to the three earlier letters below. – Eds)



I’m just shocked that all this nonsense is happening at DMS during our RAWA programs. It is really embarrassing to all the margiis as well as shameful as it is absolutely against our AM guideline.

If such a program was performed in Baba’s physical presence, then these persons (Mr Mrinal Pathak and Ac Acintanandji) would have been given a good lesson. Baba never tolerates such degrading displays.

Now that we are having this public discussion I am sure all margiis and wts will raise their voice against such programs in the future. Of course best will be if the organisers get their lesson starting today and present RAWA programs that uplift the mind to the spiritual realm.

Finally, it is quite remarkable how Ac Acintanandji became a living advertisement for the Bollywood movie scene. It seems he has lost sight of where dharma lies.

Let us all raise the voice against such degrading programs and instill Baba’s proper system.

G K Roy

On 06/17/2012 03:31 PM, AM-GLOBAL wrote:
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 14:33:26
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
From: Divyam’shu Deva



(Note: This is the third letter on this thread. Please find links to the two earlier letters below. – Eds)

The RAWA programs led by Mr. Mrinal Pathak are indeed appalling. And I also heard Dada Acintananda’s high praise of Mr. Pathak. To my ears that was most telling of how things are shaping up in our Marga these days.

We should not compete with Hollywood to “raise” the standard of our dance and dramas to the level of hell. We should not compete with the Hollywood modus-operendi, or low-level standard.


But see here how our in-charge Dada is openly praising these crude displays.

Dada Acintanandji spoke:

“Mrinal Pathakji is establishing Ananda Marga bhagavad dharma through these cultural programs. His work is unparalleled. He is a true dharmika. With RAWA, dance dharma will be established gradually. Everyone should follow in his footsteps.”


The fact is that Mr Pathak’s dance programs are strongly influenced by Bollywood sensuality. As a performance director, he takes all his cues from the materialistic movie / fashion industry. That is why there is so much pseudo-culture in his dance productions that are done under the banner of Rawa. So how could a highly posted Dada like Acintanandji think that Pathakji is establishing dharma? Dadaji’s analysis is quite disturbing……


#1: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/06/dms-news-uncultured-dance-in-cultural.html

#2: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/06/re-dms-news-uncultured-dance-in.html

#3: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/06/re-dms-news-uncultured-dance-in_17.html

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Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 14:33:26
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
From: Divyam’shu Deva



(Note: This is the third letter on this thread. Please find links to the two earlier letters below. – Eds)

The RAWA programs led by Mr. Mrinal Pathak are indeed appalling. And I also heard Dada Acintananda’s high praise of Mr. Pathak. To my ears that was most telling of how things are shaping up in our Marga these days.

We should not compete with Hollywood to “raise” the standard of our dance and dramas to the level of hell. We should not compete with the Hollywood modus-operendi, or low-level standard.


But see here how our in-charge Dada is openly praising these crude displays.

Dada Acintanandji spoke:

“Mrinal Pathakji is establishing Ananda Marga bhagavad dharma through these cultural programs. His work is unparalleled. He is a true dharmika. With Rawa, dance dharma will be established gradually. Everyone should follow in his footsteps.”


The fact is that Mr Pathak’s dance programs are strongly influenced by Bollywood sensuality. As a performance director, he takes all his cues from the materialistic movie / fashion industry. That is why there is so much pseudo-culture in his dance productions that are done under the banner of Rawa. So how could a highly posted Dada like Acintanandji think that Pathakji is establishing dharma? Dadaji’s analysis is quite disturbing.


Here are further thoughts about those Dadas involved in organising these RAWA programs.

The main in-charge of this RAWA program was Nigamananda; thereafter, Acintananda has taken over the job. So Dadaji could have put a halt to these types of programs long ago, but instead he lets them continue.

Some say Dada Nigamananda had a weakness towards opposite sex; whereas, Acintananda is certainly different from Nigamananda, but he is doing the same same thing. Nigamananda was the first to stand in support of Mrinal Pathak’s programs and now Acintananda is following suit. In that case, where is the difference?

I was thinking that Acintananda was the stronger man but it seems that in his older age he has become weak. One can only wonder what type of sannyasi thinks it good for mature girls to dance for a male audience. This is totally inappropriate and against our Ananda Marga system; yet Acintananda is appreciating this show.

It seems he also likes to carouse around with those baser propensities in an active state, otherwise what could be the reason why he does not exercise his authority to guide the RAWA programs in a proper way. Instead, he openly supports the crude display led by Mrinal Pathak.

Tragically, this is the way our RAWA cultural programs have been shaping up these days. And this is what happened at last month’s May 2012 DMS. It is indeed troubling and unfair to all involved, including those forced to watch these events. Many margiis either closed their eyes or left pandal entirely.

Divyam’shu Deva


#1: http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/06/dms-news-uncultured-dance-in-cultural.html

#2: http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/06/re-dms-news-uncultured-dance-in.html

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Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 20:36:43 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
From: Viplava Deva



This letter is related with the May 2012 DMS RAWA program. I was most definitely astonished by the report about degrading activities going on in the name of RAWA at DMS:

“All females aged 16-21 danced with their mid-section totally uncovered. That means the entire region from just above their waist to just below their chest was totally bare.”

And indeed there were so many issues of sensuality and pseudo-culture at the RAWA program led by Mrinal Pathak. I think the only way to undo this poor show and get things back on track is to once again center the mind on Baba’s divine teachings.


The “R” in RAWA stands for “Renaissance.” In the present day general society, so-called cultural activities like song, dance, drama and film have become crude. Life is fast going in the wrong direction – everything is backward. The pseudo-culture dance, drama, movies and novels that dominate the world today push the mind far, far down. “Cultural” life has verily reached its degenerated state. We should not let this same downward momentum strike at our RAWA programs. That is the height of all irony.

Baba has given RAWA because a renaissance is needed in the visual and performing arts. Without this, people cannot easily move on the path of spirituality. So Baba has brought forth a renaissance movement in the spheres of song, dance, drama, literature, and more. This is our RAWA: Renaissance Artist and Writers Association.

According to Baba, our cultural / RAWA programs are to direct the mind from the lower cakras to the higher ones; ultimately, that helps deepen one’s spiritual practices. So if any dance, music or song does not lead the mind toward divinity and instead submerges the mind towards the lower cakras, i.e. carnal and worldly attractions or animal propensities, then that is not at all a cultural program, but something else. That may be called an “uncultural” program, or you can say a “rude” program.

By this definition, who can consider the programs directed by Mr Mrinal Pathak to be true RAWA programs. We cannot. Rather Mr Pathak is forcibly dragging pseudo-culture into RAWA. And this has to stop. Once again we must focus on Baba’s aim and guidelines.



Here is what our Sadguru Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji guide us about RAWA and our cultural programs:

Baba says, “Men and women should not jointly participate in theatrical performances.” (Caryacarya-1)

Baba says, “It should be remembered that a woman’s friend is a woman and a man’s friend is a man. The more distant the relationship between men and women, the greater should be the courtesy maintained in mutual conversation and behaviour between them.” (Caryacarya-1)

According to Baba, our cultural programs must be consistent with Ananda Marga ideals and must be of a requisite standard. Baba Himself has told what constitutes a real RAWA program.


Yet, Mr Pathak is taking half-dressed, 16-21 year-old boys and girls, and mixing them together on the big stage where they touch and mingle with one another. Literally, Mr Pathak is pushing Bollywood and Hollywood sensuality on our RAWA programs. Most shocking is that the in-charge Dada Acintananda is giving verbal public support to Mr Pathak’s performances. Clearly there needs to be a change: A change in leadership by our Dadas; a change in directorship by taking the reins out of Pathak’s hands; and a change in the overall mentality so our RAWA programs again reflect Baba’s teachings.

Let’s all take a moment to further reflect on His divine guidelines for our cultural programs, and evaluate if what transpired at the recent Ananda Nagar DMS was up to the proper standard, or not.


On this point – before calculating things with our own brain – let’s see what our Guru says.

“RAWA by its sentient vibration will create a taste for spirituality in the society.” ERAWS guidebook

Baba’s guideline is that when dance or music channelises the mind to a devotional outlook and the mind starts thinking about Parama Purusa, His divine love, and parabhakti (highest devotion), then that type of display of dance and song and music is called a cultural program. It raises the mind from the ajina cakra to the sahasrara cakra. That defines a true RAWA program according to Baba.

Viplava Deva




“A’mi ha’riye giyechi korn se atiite, tumi ese prabhu path dekha’o…” (P.S. 2686)


Baba, I am moving around this lonely forest without any knowledge of the path. Indeed, I have been off the path for such a long time: I have lost the path; I do not know what to do; how to move; or where to go. O’ Prabhu, please come and show me the path. Please give me some awareness. On points of intellect and rationality I am negligible. Please arose my consciousness by showering Your causeless grace on me.

From where I have come and how I reached to my place in this life, and what is my destination and where I have to go, all these things I do not understand. I do not understand the beginning and the end. O’ Baba, O’ Ajana Pathik, please grace me and show me the path – show me how I can reach to You.

In my distant past, since the dawn of my first birth, You have known me. Baba, O’ Divine Entity, You have known me since eternity. In this created world I am floating in Your divine flow. Though I am meagre, but I am Yours. Please do not forget this truth. Please do not remain oblivious of this fact.

Baba, I have lost my path; please grace me and guide me so I can reach unto You…

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Date: Sun May 06 2012 21:58:48 -0000
From: “Shivadayal Singhal”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Baba’s Way of Starting Ananda Marga


“Eso prabhu a’ma’r ghare toma’y a’mi ceyechi…” (Prabhata Samgiita #946)


O’ Prabhu Baba, please come in my home – with a deep yearning & longing I am calling You. Baba, I want You close. Please listen to the suffering of my heart which is grief-stricken in Your absence. Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, I am living only for You; my life is for You.

Baba, You are the divine tower of effulgence on my dark path; and, You are the warmth of my broken heart. Baba, You are the quintessence of the sandalwood paste of my forehead; O’ Lord You are pure and filled with divine effulgence.

O’ Cosmic Entity, O’ Baba, You are that type of pure joy & happiness which one feels after receiving recovering something that was lost long ago in the past. Baba, by Your grace I have understood You. Baba please come close in my heart. You are my most dear. For You I have kept nectar filled in my heart. Baba, please come to me…


~ Part 1 ~


There were a few who thought that there was no long-term need for a sannyasi order (i.e. our WT cadre) in Ananda Marga. They thought that the creation of Wts was just a temporary phase and that family persons will again gain full control of the Marga.

Most notably, respected family Ac Pratapaditya fell in this category. From time to time he would write like that; and there were others who expressed this perspective as well.


Of course, we all know that family people have certain limitations and time constraints: Raising kids, professional obligations, local relations etc. Naturally it is clear that family people do not have the flexibility that wholetimers have and hence cannot do the things which WTs can do.

Anywhere, anytime those Wts can be sent from one corner of the globe to the other. And they will stay there permanently till the next order comes. They have to attend to calamities and manage the relief work and provide services etc. How can family persons take up that task when they have children, jobs, and the responsibility of running AM in their local area etc.


So if anyone is still thinking that the creation of the WT cadres is just a temporary measure because the wt cadre was not introduced in the very beginning (i.e. 1955), but rather in 1962, then they should consider 16 Points, paincajanya, kiirtan, fasting, Prabhat Samgiita, neo-humanism, master units, gurukul, tandava / kaoshiiki, and sentient food etc. These practices were also added later on, i.e. after 1955. Step by step Baba introduced all these points. Should we conclude that these “additions” by Baba are also just temporary measures.

Those with a deeper understanding know that Baba planned everything ahead of time. And when it was the opportune moment then in a methodical manner He introduced new points. It is just like how parents do not send their infants off to university for higher studies. They wait until the time is right: When the children are older.

Similarly when there was a certain need etc, Baba would introduce something new. Or, at least, on the surface it looked like that when actually He was just implementing those things which were already in His mind. So it was just a matter of how He was playing His liila.


As we all know Baba started this great organization in 1955. And initially there was no WT system. In the very beginning, in those early days there were only regular Margiis– no family acaryas or tattvikas. That time Baba was the only One involved in doing initiations. Actually He was personally doing everything. Not only initiations, but Baba was teaching asanas to the margiis and even demonstrating all the poses Himself. That was part of the beauty of those early days. But, unfortunately, those around were not thinking that Baba was Parama Purusa. They perceived Him as just an ordinary guru.

Also when going to DMC then the family margii serving as Baba’s PA would live together along with Baba in the same room. Each with their own cot side by side. So that time Baba wanted to bring people close. But those early margiis were not thinking that Baba was so great and mighty – due to that same feeling of closeness. This held a certain charm.

Of course, over time the system changed and later on PA Dada would take a room next to Baba’s. So PA would not stay in the very same room as Baba – but that was later on.

In addition, in those early days Baba was still working in His government job. During this time, He Himself had initiated many margiis, whenever He had time – after His government office hours in His personal quarters or whenever. Many are aware about how things were working that time.


Gradually many good Margiis were created by Him. Finally one tattvika training session was arranged wherein Baba started giving tattvika classes. Baba Himself was the teacher.

Around that time, Baba was delivering His teachings on AM philosophy which came into print as the books “Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy” (1955), “Idea and Ideology” (1959), Ananda Sutram (1962). Naturally it was needed to have qualified disciples to explain and spread these teachings.

For this reason He was leading tattvika classes. During the time of tattvika training there was a very strict routine with lots of discipline. Many Margiis from far and wide participated. Most of them passed and became tattvikas, by Baba’s grace. In the next session Baba blessed them and made them family acaryas.

Gradually, by this way, Baba stopped performing initiations Himself. Of course Baba remained ever-active in countless works. Indeed, He was involved more deeply because a huge number of initiations were done by the new tattvikas, and Baba was giving PC (personal contact) to new Margiis as well as expanding the organisation on many fronts.

The basic progression was:
1. First Baba was initiating new people Himself.
2. Then the system was made where margiis had to get permission from Baba before bringing a new person to Him for initiation.
3. Therefter Baba created tattvikas and then family acaryas to initiate new people. By this time Baba had stopped performing initiations Himself.


So as the community of Ananda Margiis grew, so many things were happening. DMCs were going on and many villages were blessed by Baba to host DMC – especially in Bihar and in northern Bihar. Baba was doing maximum pracar there – where He literally travelled from village to village, town to town. Baba reached many places where even travelling by bullock carts was not possible. He went by elephant – how wild it was. Human beings could not even walk there due to the deep mud. What a divine liila those days! There are countless stories recounted by margiis. How sweet and blissful it was.

(Note: This concludes part 1 of this multi-part series. Please watch for the next letter soon that further recounts the glorious and dynamic history of the formation of AMPS.)

Shivadayal Deva

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From: Amriteshwar Deva 


Subject: A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ Celebrations: Baba’s Guidelines
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012, 17:34:21



~ Part 1 ~

Note: This series of letters, “A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ Celebrations: Baba’s Guidelines”, has four parts. Each part, presented by a different margii, offers complementary ways and descriptions for celebrating Ananda Purnima. Together, these letters paint a picture for how to commemorate this grand festival. We wholeheartedly welcome your suggestions as well. – AM-GLOBAL Moderators


The auspicious and grand occasion of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ is coming soon.

The official day is Sunday, May 6 – though in many units celebrations start before then since A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ is the most significant social function in our Marga.


Of course we all know that the holy day of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ means Baba’s Birthday in colloquial parlance. And that on this wonderful and blissful occasion there is a morning and evening dharmacakra, collective bath, all-round merrymaking, and a sentient feast etc.

Yet there are also other special components to the celebration of Ananda Pu’rn’ima which Baba has outlined. Some of these are listed and described below and other margiis and WT’s are kindly requested to contribute other plans and programs which they know about that are associated with the celebration Ananda Purnima .


Here first though is one of the special ideations linked to the holy festival of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’.

A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’ signifies the advent of Mahasambhuti who has come to wipe away all the tears and fog from this dusty earth and infuse within all a sense of peace, hope, tranquility and bliss. But He has graciously come to establish the lost humanity in divinity – elevating everyone’s standard, and paving the way for the reign of dharma.


Here below are a few of Baba’s many recommendations and guidelines for how to make the occasion of Ananda Purnima an even more memorable, joyful, and charming gathering for one and all.

(A) On the grand festival time of Ananda Purnima, all types of age groups should have their own programs that will be appealing to them. Certainly there will be one central place for the entire gathering, yet at the same time specialised plans and programs for the various age divisions should be organised.

For the younger children there should be games and sports and / or a drama production etc.

For adolescents & teenagers there should be competitions in the various realms from kaoshikii and tandava to music, art, and literature. And their day should also include sporting events etc.

And likewise for adults, there should be a range of activities and programs from the devotional singing of kiirtan to service projects, plus spiritual talks, dance competitions, and general socialising.

(B) In addition, on Ananda Purnima the head of household can utilise this as the time to arrange annual new clothes for all family members. Plus there should be toys for the children and the sharing of sweet treats. By this way one and all will know that something great is happening and that Ananda Purnima is a grand event.

(C) Ananda Purnima can also be made special by offering moderate gifts and presents or cards etc to those around you as a showing of love and affection.

(D) And like that many, many more points and suggestions are there in relation with the grand and blissful celebrations of Ananda Purnima.


In this way social functions and festivals are a time for us all to move together in His divine flow, regardless of one’s standard or status. Where one and all gather round in the spirit of unity. And top of all our special duty as devotees is to propagate the greatness and grandeur of Sadguru Baba. In a phrase we can say that this is the key point behind the auspicious occasion of A’nanda Pu’rn’ima’: To highlight Baba’s greatness.

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings— That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamurtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty.” (Caryacarya II, p.1)


Amriteshwar Deva


The magnificent characteristic of all our Marga social gathering is that they welcome one and all irrespective of age, colour, race, profession, educational standard, etc, all types from all places are welcome. Indeed everyone comes together for sadhana, games, a feast, and other celebratory activities and by this way one social flow is formed thus making way for a healthy, unified human society.


On the celebratory occasions of our AM festivals like Ananda Purnima, Baba has graced us with this special blessing.

Baba says, “That which renews human existence and makes it full to the brim and overflowing with the joy of living is termed a festival…Inspire all people to live with a new spirit like true human beings. Let it inspire them with the fact that all humanity is an indivisible entity. On this auspicious day this is my inner wish.” (Ananda Vanii #48)


“A’sha’r pasara’ sahasa’ elo, a’lor tupha’n nikat’e elo…” (PS #3644)


Suddenly Baba, the Divine Effulgence, has taken advent. The cyclone of divine effulgence has come close. His divine effulgence is immense, like a huge mountain covering the entire world. The whole world is inundated with the flood of divinity.

Even in remote corners, not even an iota of darkness was left. Not even a tinge of darkness or dirt could remain in anyone’s mind. Everyone’s mind has become cleansed and purified. Parama Purusa Baba, with His divine effulgence, has taken advent and attracted everyone by the outpouring of love from His heart.

Everyone has received His special grace: Those bound in the cimmerian darkness and tied up in the deep, dark chasm, and those whose mind had accumulated dogma the size of a mountain. All are now basking in His divine grace. They have been blessed with the opportunity to look toward that divine effulgence. Their dogma and staticity vanished away with the advent of the new dawn.

Baba, the Parama Purusa, with His divine effulgence has come and showered His divine effulgence and graced everyone…

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