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Happy New Year to all – to everyone – our entire family! [1]

We should read this following Ananda Vanii given by Baba, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. This is His direct blessing – an original A’nanda Vanii. Why should we settle for a fake Ananda Vanii. The following can be read on 1 January 2012.

“The only creed of a spiritual aspirant is to love the Universal Consciousness and the creation. One must not be guided by any national, caste, linguistic or religious sentiment and must not tolerate any fissiparous tendency.” (A’nanda Va’nii #16)

AM-GLOBAL Moderators

[1] Entire family: This refers not just to all human beings, but also the animal kingdom, the plant world, all animate beings and inanimate objects, and the expressed and unexpressed universe, i.e. this entire creation. All are part of our family.

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Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 22:12:49 +0530
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Priyanath C Mittra”
Subject: Who Can Think This Is…


“Prabhu toma’r liila’ apa’r, buddhite ke bujhite pa’re…” (PS 507)


O’ Prabhu, Your divine liila is beyond all human comprehension. Merely relying upon one’s own minute intellect, who can understand Your vast cosmic liila– no one. Baba, You are present in form as well as in the unexpressed universe. You reside within everything and You are also surrounding each and every one. Baba, You are infinite.
Baba, by Your grace You are present in the depths of the deep blue ocean as well as in the whiteish fog of the tall mountain peaks. Whereever I look or see and even in the places that I cannot see, everything resides within Your mind.
Baba, You are present in the poreless stone and lac and You are also present in the revolving seasons. You are in the mobile as well as immobile entities; You are everywhere. Baba, whatever I think and even what I do not think, everything resides within Your mind. Baba, You are so vast.
Baba, Your liila is fathomless; I long for Your causeless grace; Baba, I want Your shelter, please grace me…



One by one we are undoing and getting rid of the dogmas which have hounded our Marga since 1990. Things are most definitely moving in a positive direction. As we all become more ideologicall aware and set Baba’s ideal as the gold-bar standard, then naturally dogmas that certain people draggged into the Marga or invented by themselves will be dismantled.


We all know that the original and true Ananda Vaniis are golden bullets of inspiration that inspire us to move ahead, overcome all obstacles, and lead the humanity into the new crimson dawn. So Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are truly unique.

Even then some “leaders” are thinking that they can create their own false versions– and have come up with a tainted formula for doing so.


Some may be thinking that:’Because Ananda Vaniis are small, since they are just one or two paragraphs, so therefore to make one new Ananda Vanii, just take one Baba’s discourse and select one tiny paragraph out of that. And that will be an “Ananda Vanii”.’

A few may be thinking in this above distorted manner.

And indeed if anybody sees superficially then they will say that ‘Ok, true Ananda Vaniis are generally one or sometimes two paragraphs. So the ruling group or subgroup did fine by collecting some excerpts or quotations from Baba’s long discourses. So on the basis of size, their fake Ananda Vanii is ok.’ This is just one misguided outlook.

So some may get confused because the the length of the true Ananda Vaniis and the length of the fake Ananda Vaniis is the same. That is to say, the length of Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis are one or two paragraphs, and the random pre-published lines that group leaders select for Fake Ananda Vaniis is one or two paragraphs. And then they stick on the name– Ananda Vanii– when in fact what they are sending out is just a Fake Ananda Vanii.

Here the main idea is that on the point of length or the counting of words, certain quotes and true Ananda Vaniis may be similar. But length is not the criteria to evaluate this situation. If you start valuing this by its length, then that will be a foolish approach.


For example, suppose, you chop the trunk of the elephant and you start calling it a horse, who can believe that? Or, suppose you chop from the legs of the camel and then start calling it a cow, just because both are the same size. This type of logic, only babies or crazy people can accept. Not anyone else.

Or take the example of a car. Suppose you remove two wheels from that car, and with the remaining two wheels you proclaim that “This car is now a motorcycle. Because it has only two wheels. As, a motorbike has also two wheels and now this car only two — so it is now a motorcycle.” All this type of reasoning is nonsense.


Surely this approach will be a foolish approach if anybody does the above. Just as having two wheels is not the only criteria of a motorbike, similarly in the true Ananda Vanii, its length is not its only criteria. It has many more things such as orginality, completeness, and so much more which we never find in those Fake Ananda Vaniis which are mere selections from a bigger discourse. Baba designated the true Ananda Vanii as something unique– as “Ananda Vanii”. So, this is unparalleled.


It is known that when Sarvatmanandaji was initially struggling to find out some formula to create his fake Ananda Vaniis, then he finally devised his plan & he called a CC meeting in order to generate group support.

And during the CC meeting they were all were thinking of a solution to continue the tradition of Ananda Vanii. After long discussion, then one great idea was put forth by one of Sarvatmanandji’s trusted pawns. He told, “Don’t worry. Here is a unique idea to create fake Ananda Vaniis. Because the length of Ananda Vanii is small, one or two paragraphs. So take Baba’s discourse. Select one or two paragraphs. And the length of this new paragraph is the same as that of real Ananda Vaniis. And then just call this new para as ‘Ananda Vanii’.”

Listening this, all the CC Purodhas clapped and accepted this idea. And since then, this selection of a few paragraphs from Baba’s discourses and passing to margiis as a new Ananda Vanii of “Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiiji” of every year, is coming.

And other groups have since adopted this same model of Fake Ananda Vaniis. So now multiple fake Ananda Vaniis are being presented each time. This is the ongoing drama by such group and sub-group leaders.


Of course now after critical analysis margiis are realizing that (A) Ananda Vaniis and (B) certain quotes of the discourses, are two different things, not one.

1) Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are unique teachings not repeated from earlier discourses;
2) Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are complete unto themselves; they are not part of a greater chapter;
3) Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis were a special message both for that’moment as well as for eternal time; only Parama Purusa Himself can give such a teaching;
4) Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are self-contained truths;
5) Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis were hand-written Parama Purusa Himself.

In contrast, a quoted passage or an excerpt from a discourse does not fulfill the above stipulations that comprise an Ananda Vanii.

In other words we can say, the current formula to produce fake Ananda Vaniis is similar to these above noted animal examples. Take some discourse and select one or two paragraphs and put the title “Ananda Vanii” and date it ‘1st January, such-and-such year’. And – “Here it is, ready. New Ananda Vanii”. How easy it is.

But those who are rational margiis and WTs, they understand that taking some paragraphs of Baba’s discourse is just one quote. Neither it is a full discourse, nor is it as pointed and conclusive as a true Ananda Vanii. So at any cost, Baba’s quote cannot be called as “Baba’s Ananda Vanii”. And they cannot be collected together with the “Ananda Vanii Samgraha” book.


Altogether we have 74 true Ananda Vaniis that are of eternal value. It is from this original collective given by Baba Himself that we should select an Ananda Vanii. Baba would handwrite those Ananda Vaniis on a piece of paper. They are totally unique

So we have to think. Carrying dogma is not good. Ultimately it will be thrown out by future Ananda Margiis. Because Baba says, “Dogma no more no more”.

Here following is this divine teaching of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. If we follow this, then no problem will remain on our path of forward movement as the Fake Ananda Vaniis and other dogmas will be gone

Baba says, “There are many good people in the society– noble people engaged in noble deeds– who are not ready to fight against wrongs and injustices. This sort of passive benevolence does not really promote the cause of human progress in the world.” (AV 8, p.51)


By Baba’s infinite grace and with the strength of many devoted margiis and wts our Marga is going to rise up tall. None should think that our AM will be forever sunk in groupism & dogma. It is sure that soon it will be dharma exemplified.

Baba says, “Under no circumstances should human beings be pessimistic. That is why I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that optimism is life.” (AFPS-3)



Just as we cannot create a Fake Supreme Command from a few paragraphs of His discourses. In the same way, we do not have the right to create some fake Ananda Vaniis.


True Ananda Vaniis are unparalleled, full of spirit, and they give the clarion call of marching song and victory. So that is the greatness of Ananda Vanii.


In the real Ananda Vaniis of Baba, He is inspiring strong fighting tendency. To overcome injustice and exploitation in the society. But the so-called Ananda Vaniis since 1991 never deal on this societal point. Or if they do, it is directed towards fighting against the opposite group, when Baba’s idea is that we should not fight amongst ourselves, but rather against dogma– i.e. against dogmas like Fake Ananda Vaniis.


We must be alert. We should take it seriously that in the name of Ananda Vanii, certain groupist factions are trying to mislead margiis. To avert and fix the situation of this current Ananda Vanii problem, we have to depend on the real original treasure of true Ananda Vaniis. Such true Ananda Vaniis are the eternal source of our inspiration.

Negative Teacher

Baba says, “Karna’s teacher was Parasurama. One day Parasurama and Karna were engaged in a conversation. Parasurama for some reason or other was tired, and he fell asleep, laying his head on Karna’s lap. At that moment a deadly insect gave a sharp bite to Karna’s thigh, and it started bleeding profusely. Karna was in great pain, no doubt, but he neither made any sound nor moved his legs even in the slightest, lest it should disturb the sleep of his guru…Later, when Parasurama woke up, he wanted to know why there was so much blood. Karna said, ‘This bleeding is due to the biting of a deadly insect on my thigh.’ Parasurama asked him, ‘Then why didn’t you make any sound, or move your legs, or even wake me up ?’ Karna said in reply ‘I didn’t do all those things because it would have disturbed your sleep. To disturb my guru’s sleep would be a sacrilege on my part. Hence I refrained from doing anything like that.’ Then Parasurama said to him, ‘Since you have so much power to endure pain, certainly you were not born in a vipra family.’ Parasurama was under the mistaken impression that Karna was a vipra by birth…’So you must have been born in a Non-Brahmin Family’ said Parasurama.” (MHB, p.62-3)

Note 1: In the above teaching it is clear that the teaching of Parasurama was inappropriate and sinful. Because he was selecting his students on the basis of caste. A proper teacher never commits such sin. On this silly ground, Parasurama cursed Karna and kicked him out from the ashram.

Note 2: Similar sinful things are going on in our present AM society. If any WT is not an ardent follower of a particular group then they will not get kapalik sadhana or vishesh yoga from those groupist leaders. Such “leaders” who are depriving others of their spiritual rights are sinners.

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Date: 02 Dec 2011 022:18:-4 -0000
From: “Shivadayal Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Who Makes Fake Ananda Vaniis


Prabhat Samgiita #1115

A’lokera’ oi jharn’adha’ra’y ke go ele tumi aja’na’
Dyylokera oi suvarn’a’bha’ya diye gele more preran’a

A’ma’ra atiita saba tumi ja’na, bhavis’yatera ja’l tumi bona
A’ma’ra manera saba katha’ bojha, a’mi ta’r kichu bujhi na’

Yata ka’ja kari tava kari, toma’ya krpa’ya tomarei sma’ri
Kabe tumi mora dhara’ debe prabhu, tumi ja’n a’mi na’


O’ Unknown Entity [1], who are You who has come with the grand flow of effulgence and the golden radiance of the Divine world and given me inspiration.

You know my entire past, and You plan my entire future. You know all about me. You understand all my mental thoughts, but I know nothing about me [2].

Whatever I do, I do for You [3]. With Your grace I remember only You [4]. O’ my Lord, when will You come within my reach. You know, but I do not know… [5]


[1] Unknown Entity: Here the devotee is talking with Parama Purusa and calling Him unknown because the bhakta thinks that, “Yes, I know Parama Purusa, but I do not know Him completely.” For this reason, the bhakta is addressing Him as “unknown.” When one knows Him 100% then that sadhaka actually becomes one with Him. Then one’s unit identity is no more. So long as one has their own individual unit consciousness, then one cannot claim that they know Parama Purusa completely. In that case, to some or more degree, He remains “unknown.”

[2] I know nothing about me (a’mi ta’r kichu bujhi na’): People generally think they know everything about themselves; but, in fact, there is much they do not know. A person cannot remember what they ate for lunch 10 days ago or what they were thinking in a particular place at a particular time. People cannot recall all their dreams or life experiences of this life, let alone events from past lives. Nor are they aware about what will occur in the future. That is why in a poetic way we can say, “I do not know anything myself.” Why? Because in truth people are hardly aware about themselves. Yet Parama Purusa knows everything. That is why Baba would constantly remind sadhakas about what they were doing and thinking at particular times in their life. In comparison to His knowledge about us, we do not know anything about ourselves.

[3] Whatever I do, I do for You (yata ka’ja kari tava kari) : This is the expression of devotion. In the worldly sphere, people commonly do everything for their own self-satisfaction and ego. This is what we see happening most of the time. People eat, drink, work, play, shop, and interact for their own unit gain and pleasure. This is the way most ordinary humans behave. And to be honest, animals also follow this pathway; they do for their own self.

Those who are bad people are motivated by self-interest but by their actions they inflict harm on others. For this reason they are worse than ordinary humans and worse than animals as well.

Elevated beings, i.e. devotees, do each and everything to please Parama Purusa, not for self-interest. True Ananda Margiis do not even want to even harm their enemies. Rather the aim is to rectify wrongdoers and not take vengeance against them. That too is a service to Parama Purusa because those depraved people are also expressions of Him.

Here the whole ideas is that only bhaktas are motivated by the aim of serving and pleasing Parama Purusa. Ordinary and crude people cannot think in this way – nor can animals.

[4] By Your grace, I only remember You (toma’ya krpa’ya tomarei sma’ri): When people read Baba’s books and Ananda Marga philosophy, or get inspired by attending a retreat etc, then they think, “I should remember always remember Him and repeat my ista mantra all the time.” Indeed people get all kinds of good ideas. But how easily they forget those good ideas as well. Their inner desire is to remember Him and always do mantra japa, but the next moment, hour or day they forget. That is why it is said that His grace is needed in order to remember Him all the time. Without His grace no one can get success in this endeavour.

[5] Overall Theme Song:

In the first stanza, the central idea is that when Parama Purusa comes in the life then He gives tremendous inspiration. Any and all feelings of frustration, depression, and dejection automatically slip away. When Parama Purusa comes in life then everything becomes blissful. One’s days become full of exuberance and inspiration.

The second and third stanzas of this song represent the feeling of prapatti vada, or surrender theory. Parama Purusa is controlling everything while the bhakta merely surrenders to His sweet will. Parama Purusa knows and manages everything. What He plans, that happens.

So the sadhaka thinks: “I should work according to the energy He has instilled within me. Whatever I do for the betterment of society is His work. With his energy I am completing my allotted tasks. The ultimate doer is He. My duty is to do sadhana and totally depend on Parama Purusa. It is up to Him when I reach the Goal. He will certainly be gracious.”

This is the high degree of surrender expressed in this song.

Here the main idea is that the sadhaka is doing sadhana with deep longing of getting Him but ultimately it all depends on the grace of Parama Purusa. Without His grace, nothing happens. When He showers His grace then people gain realisation, otherwise not. That is why it is said, “Guru krpa hi kevalam” and “Brahma krpa hi kevalam”, i.e the grace of Guru / Brahma is everything. Only Parama Purusa knows when the bhakta will reach the Goal. One must surrender to His will and follow His teachings; all the rest is up to Him.


This entire letter is about the situation regarding our A’nanda Va’niis

Because on this upcoming New Year’s Day of Jan 1, 2012, one or more of the leading factions will fabricate and distribute their own fake Ananda Vanii. And this is one dogma which should not be allowed to continue in our Marga. Only Baba’s original teachings are part of our AM shastra, not any groupist ploys such as the Fake Ananda Vaniis.

The New Year’s DMS is just four weeks away – all should vigorously engage in ensuring the name and manner of Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis remain true by objecting to all such Fake Ananda Vaniis.


Baba has graced us with a full and complete collection ofA’nanda Va’niis. Just as His teachings of A’nanda Sutram are complete, similarly His collection of A’nanda Va’nii is perfect unto itself. No more need be added in the post 1990 era — rather that would taint the collection.

So the tragedy is that since 1991 various groupist opportunists in Centre and certain factional leaders have injected their own Fake A’nanda Va’niis onto the scene. Obviously no real margii can accept these in their heart; that much is sure.

For everyone’s awareness here following is a little look at the psychological & mental make-up of those who are making these Fake Ananda Vaniis. And thereafter we will review the dharmic qualities of Baba’s authentic Ananda Vaniis.


We all know that there are three types of disciples. And now we are going to see which type of disciple will abide by Baba’s teachings and protect the integrity of His Ananda Vaniis, as well as which type of disciple goes against the Guru by creating their own Fake Ananda Vaniis.

“A grade” disciples, learn all the things while they live at the lotus feet of Guru they . And when those “A Grade” disciples go away from the physical satsaunga of the Guru, then they keep all those teachings which they learned in their heart and they follow and propagate them accordingly. Such disciples maintain the integrity of Baba’s Ananda Vaniis.

Grade B Disciples learn some of the things from the Guru and when they leave His presence they may or may not follow those teachings, but they will not propagate anything that goes against Guru’s instructions.

Whereas those who are “C grade” disciples, for them the situation is entirely different. When they sit at the lotus feet of Guru, it appears as though those “C grade” disciples understand and are following whatever Guru tells. But when they go away from the company of the Guru then they leave all those things behind. Means they leave empty-handed; whatever Guru has taught them gets washed away from their mind. So such C-Grade disciples do not follow Guru’s teachings rather; they do something opposite. Such persons invent their own Fake Ananda Vaniis and distribute them around the globe.

This very type of phenomenon Baba has fully discussed in various discourses.



There is no scarcity of examples of such C grade disciples. We have seen them in our life and we will see them in future also. About such C grade disciples, when they were physically close with Guru it looked like they are A grade & neo-humanistic. But now their color has been exposed; their true color came and they forgot all those things what our Guru taught. Instead, groupism is rampant; and factionalism, lingualism, and so many isms are raising their ugly head and spreading poison all around– thus polluting the entire margii society.

They want to capture even simple margiis and tie them up in the serpentine noose of groupism. Only almighty Baba is saving the situation.

Furthermore such C grade disciples ruin the Prabhat Samgiita by putting various filmy dancers and female heroines’ pictures on His divine Prabhat Samgiita cassette covers. Indeed such C grade disciples have made so many nuisances. They created dogmatic tiirthas and holy lands, memorial, and dogma after dogma. Not only that, they are seriously involved in curtailing margiis’ rights.

Plus we will see in future how they will collect certain shlokas from Baba’s various books like Shabda Cayanika, A Few Problems Solved, Prout, and Namah Shivaya Shantaya etc, and issue those things as Ananda Sutram. And this they will do in the interest of their own faction or group.

The above are all the tainted works of C Grade disciples. Plus these lowly disciples also invent Fake Ananda Vaniis.


In the case of fake Ananda Vaniis groupist people are collecting various quotes in the favour of their group interest and wrongly labeling them as Ananda Vaniis. This we have seen since 1991.


But those who are A grade disciples, they know that Baba’s each and every thing is unique in its own way. Thus for us as human beings who have comparatively very little capacity, how much can one understand about Guru’s greatness. So what right do we have to manipulate His writings and teachings. Because He Himself specially designated a select number of His teachings as Ananda Vaniis. He Himself has made His Ananda Vaniis as one bright sparkling entity like a shiny star. Then we do not have right to interchange those them. Means some teachings He has given as Ananda Sutram, some as Prout, and some as Shabda Cayanika etc. So true disciples will respect and abide by Guru’s instructions. And only lesser or fake disciples will mix those things according to their own selfish convenience.


Here is another point. History bears this testimony that Baba himself wrote all those Ananda Vaniis in His own handwriting. And he did not do just one like this; but time after time for many years Baba continued to write those Ananda Vaniis with His own hand. All senior margiis are aware about those things. But in the case of discourses, Baba never did like this. Countless discourse He has given and always He was speaking and devotees were writing. Whereas Ananda Vaniis are relatively few in number and written by hand. So discourses are discourses and Ananda Vaniis are Ananda Vaniis. Each have their own specialty and distinction.

So there is not only 1 reason but so many reasons that make Ananda Vaniis as something unique unto themselves. Any sincere devotee will certainly not ruin or manipulate them. But about the present situation here are some more facts.


Our Guru is Brahma Himself– an ordinary human being. His teachings should be taken seriously. This is one of the major characteristics of the proper disciple. Means what Guru says, we should follow. And in due course of time you will understand that what Baba says, that is truth, meaningful. So we should see what is the validity of the so-called Ananda Vaniis on this very point. That will make it more clear.


There are many points to say, but here is the central point. The true Ananda Vanii which is given by Baba, is complete in itself. It is a full discourse.

For example, this following true Ananda Vanii is just a couple of lines.

BABA says, “Struggle against evil forces is life. We have to remember this fact once again on this threshold of a happy New Year.” -Ananda Vanii #9 So the above Ananda Vanii is one entire and complete discourse which was given on 1 January 1959. And it has eternal value; it is timeless.

Hence it cannot be altered, nor can its title be changed. And you will not find these above two lines, in any of the discourses. You will not get it anywhere. Because, this true Ananda Vanii given by BABA is complete unto itself. Nowhere you will find it in Baba’s other discourses.

So the whole message here is that true Ananda Vaniis are not the part of any discourse. They are a discourse unto themselves.

And Baba titled such types of discourses as “Ananda Vaniis”. So we cannot call Ananda Vaniis as any other thing. They are full and complete discourses- per Baba’s design.

So when Baba has named Ananda Vaniis as individual discourses, as true disciples our duty is to accept that. In contrast, if anybody thinks that they can make and fabricate their own Ananda Vaniis and haphasardly grabbing parts of other discourses, then such infamous characters are C grade disciples, or worse.

The sole point is that when Baba has beautifully named these as “Ananda Vanii”, then we should accept that and keep it as it is. We should respect Baba’s view and guideline and no C grade disciple should create their own Fake Ananda Vanii.

Baba’s style of discourse has its own importance. Usually discourses are fairly long explanations on certain subjects. In contrast, the “Ananda Vanii” collection has a different aim and charm. It is short and striking like an arrow. It is one discourse unto itself. It is not the part of any discourse.


In true course, each and every thing which Baba has given, has its own inherent charm, beauty, and attraction. Its own uniqueness. Just like, some of Baba’s poetry is available in children’s stories also. And He named it as children’s stories. That will be a blunder if we will include those things in Prabhat Samgiita. And thereby try to increase the number of Prabhat Samgiita from 5018 to something more than that. Indeed that would not be good.

Likewise, we know that each and every literature like Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Namami Krsna Sundaram, Ananda Vacanamrtam, etc, it has its own beauty and importance. We do not have the right to alter it. Some ignorant persons, those who do not understand, if they are trying to ruin something, then we should try to correct them.

The point at hand of course is clear: that the fake Ananda Vaniis which Centre is issuing is not Ananda Vanii. Rather they are a quote, a section of a pre-existing discourse. But those in Centre have painted such quotes of various discourses as “Ananda Vanii”. This is the manipulation that is going on and has been going on since 1991 in the name of Ananda Vanii.


One related point is when one well known Didi collected hundreds of quotes from Baba’s books, and she printed them as “Light Comes”. As a very small pocket book type. And I was in that reporting session where Baba supported that work.

But can you imagine if that Didi foolishly would have given the name of that “Light Comes” pocket book as “Ananda Vanii Collection”. That means the “Light Comes” book would have been projected as “Collection of Ananda Vaniis”, then what would have been the situation?

So when Centre and various sub-groups are issuing a few paragraphs according to their choice, if we call it as “Ananda Vanii” — if this very approach of Centre is accepted, then why not the book “Light Comes” should be treated as “Collection of Ananda Vanii”. Why not? So the question is serious. But those who are dogmatic, they don’t like to think on this very point.

Perhaps because of lack of devotional heart, such people do not understand that as a devotee, our duty is to keep Guru’s things intact. We should not allow anybody– like C Grade disciples– to ruin it.


We should take guideline from this following Baba’s teaching.

BABA says, “The characteristic of good people is to fight against injustice, to firmly adhere to truth and righteousness, to protect the helpless and fight against all evil persons. Those who are merely simple and are of a meek and goody-goody nature are not good people.” (A Few Problems Solved part 5, p.28)

So we should all stand firm and uphold the ideal that Baba’s teachings should not be misrepresented. So Ananda Vaniis and quotes are two different things. They cannot be interchanged.


How to Stay Fit

Baba says, “All glands need regular and proper exercise…systematic and rhythmic dances are those useful exercises…In the absence of the proper exercise of those glands, people lose many capacities at an early age– especially the capacities of deep thinking and of sustained recollection…Considering all this– considering the location of the glands, and the effect of chandas and mudra’s– Shiva invented a unique and perfect dance: tandava.” (NSS, p. 23)

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Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 22:34:26 -0700
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Mahendra Deva
Subject: What to Believe


Intro to PS: This following song is unique in its own special way. Here Baba, in an indirect manner, is talking to the devotee and consoling him about his situation.

“Jale bhara’ a’nkhi yadio toma’r…” (P.S. 1445)


O’ my dear, I can see that Your eyes are filled with tears. Please tell me why you are so sad– such that You could not even manage to attend to your basic duties. Which divine Entity came and stole Your heart. He left, took away Your heart, and He did not return. Who is that who did that to you.

Even then please don’t cry, that very divine Entity will come again. No doubt He left you alone and He went off to some far distant place. And He does not come close these days. But that type of strength He does not have that He can keep Himself away forever. Yes, He keeps Himself distant from You; but your love He has not forgotten nor can He ever forget. He will surely come again.

O’ my dear, please tell me why you are so sad. Who has stolen Your heart; in whose longing are you crying. That Ajana Pathik, that divine Entity loves You very much, you should know…


Nowadays, we all receive news nearly every moment from all parts of the globe. The news arrives via internet, discussions, blogs, emails, text messages, television, cell phone conversations, and indeed in all kinds of ways.

A key point in all of this is how to gather, receive, and best understand that news. How are we to know what is true and what is false.

Here I am not just talking about news of the general society, but news from within our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha as well. Please read the following for tips and guidelines; kindly share your perspective too.


If the person or place from where you are gathering your news is faulty, or if that person is getting their news from a weak source, then you may be receiving incorrect news. This especially happens when the person telling you the news does not himself realise that what he is telling you is faulty. So with an earnest mind and sincere voice he conveys news to you, yet the information he is repeating is itself spoiled. This is one common way that wrong ideas get propagated.

For instance, some religions or religious sects preach that the world was created in six days. The priests propagate this notion. In response, their followers carry this message to all whom they meet. Because in their heart they believe this dogmatic and false notion. This is the way it often works.

Indeed, when the source of the news is himself devious, then news may reach your ears via other people yet you may not even realise that those things are incorrect. It happens.

Here are more practical examples to make this perfectly clear.


In communist nations, the leaders would project their false propaganda – booming their message again and again. They repeat their incorrect messages over and over until the common citizens hold those ideas to be true.

Baba says, “Communism has survived long after the death of Marx. It survived only due to the force of arms and constant booming. If constant booming is done for something, then people start thinking that there must be some truth in what is being propagated. For example, if someone continually says that Gopal is a very bad boy, then people will eventually believe what they are being told. Gopal will become a bad boy in their eyes even if in fact Gopal is really a good boy. Communists are doing constant booming about their theory. Due to this people are being brainwashed, and at this stage it is very easy to inject incorrect ideas into their minds. By constant booming of their wrong theory they are creating their supporters.” (Prout Nutshell-15, Defects of Communism – Section C)

And indeed not only did the communist leaders create followers, but those innocent yet brainwashed followers would repeat and discuss those same ideas with others. In this way, the spread of those faulty notions multiplied.

Here is another example.

Around 700 years ago, the political and academic leaders in Europe told everyone that the world was flat. In turn, everyone talked about the earth as if it was really flat. But even though the common people repeated and discussed this faulty concept again and again – they are not to be blamed. The source of their information was not correct.

These are but a few examples from the general society where the common people unknowingly spread false news to others. The root cause is that they are being fed faulty ideas which they hold to be true.


In our Ananda Marga also such things occur.

For instance, there are numerous margiis who think that the observance of mahaprayan is OK and they are telling their friends to participate because it is “consistent with AM philosophy”. In that case, how can one accuse those innocent margiis of spreading dogma. It is not their fault.

Rather some Dada injected this dogma and told them to celebrate mahaprayan and those people did not read AM scriptures to find out the truth. So they got misled by that hearsay. Hence those margiis still participating in the archaic and dogmatic mahaprayan function are not to be blamed. They were given faulty instructions.

Then of course there are margiis who belong to a specific group. Whatever group they join then they are taught certain defective ideas – even dogmas – by those group leaders. This applies to all the groups. They indoctrinate their followers into their own agenda items.

For instance, take the case of the various tiirthas or so-called holy sites. One group says that Jamalpur tiirtha is the “holiest place” and another group says that Tiljala is the “holiest place”. Some think one place is the most important and others think another place is the “holiest”. They each think that Baba is tied to their so-called holy land and resides there. For the margiis then, it all depends upon which group they are most influenced by.

Likewise, various groups spread their own Fake Ananda Vaniis. They each think that theirs is God’s message of that day. But if really that is Baba’s Ananda Vanii, then why are all three different – each group with their own.


In this following teaching, Baba describes the irony of how various religious factions or sects each claim to offer the supreme truth, yet each faction offers a different message.

Baba says, “The supporters of each and every scripture say, “Ours is the message of God, it is the supreme word.” Then if all the scriptures are messages of the same Supreme Being, why do they vary from one another? The Supreme Being is one, and if all the scriptures are messages of that single Supreme Being, then there should not be any variation amongst themselves. This shows that those scriptures are not the messages of that Supreme Being.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 24, Longing for the Great)

Similarly, the theology of various groups differ from one other yet each claims that theirs is the message of Baba. And this leads to serious problems.

Each group promotes their own false propaganda – or their own separate set of “truths” – which gets repeated again and again until all the margiis in their group buy into that propaganda. By this way, margiis of different groups grow very far apart because they are all adhering to a different “truth”. Thus the schism deepens.

In this way there are many examples of how each group does booming about their own false notions to their followers. Each group claims to be the path of truth yet all have distinctly different approaches.

In reality however, the universal truth is always the same, not many. Here are some common examples:
(a) 2 + 2 = 4; it will never be that a 2 + 2 = 3, 6, or 9.
(b) a triangle has 3 sides; it will never be that a triangle has 11, 12, or 14 sides.
(c) a healthy dog has 4 legs; it is not the case that a fit dog has 1 or 7 legs.

These statements are true in all conditions. They are singular in nature not plural. There are not multiple truths. The truth is one.

Same is the case with Ananda Marga ideology. It is one dharmic truth – not many.



As Ananda Margiis we must be able to discern between truth and falsehood, otherwise we will be misled. According to Baba we must use our viveka or discriminating faculty.

Baba says, “Now, human beings are capable of judging between right and wrong because their minds are somewhat developed, but the minds of creatures other than humans are not so developed. Because of their undeveloped minds, they cannot follow the path of rationality, the path of discrimination, which almost every human being can. Those who say that there is no need of study – “Leave your books aside!” – are incorrect. Study is essential, knowledge is essential, and association with learned and enlightened people is essential. Listening to learned discourses, studying and understanding the scriptures, all have their importance.” (Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect, Disc: 3)

Thus, by educating oneself about Baba’s divine teachings, then that sadhaka will be able to develop the requisite viveka and hold the course of dharma and not be swayed by groupist agendas.

If however anyone fails to adhere to Baba’s tenet and does not study AM ideology, then their plight will be similar to that of the bird in Baba’s below teaching.

Baba says, “But animals less-evolved than humans are incapable of this. They cannot follow the path of rationality or conscience. The more-developed animals merely follow the path of sentiment. When an animal likes something, it runs after it; when it does not like it, it does not run after it. For instance, a dog runs toward a piece of bread without looking to either side. Or, for example, some grains of rice are spread under a net. Suddenly a bird catches sight of the grains and alights on the ground. It thinks: “Let me go down and eat them!” So it is caught in the net. But had it pursued the path of rationality, it would have thought: “Hmmm, rice is strewn in such a remote woodland! This is unnatural. There is neither a village nor rice fields nearby – so this is indeed strange. Let me think this over for a while… Aha! A net has been spread and ropes are laid on all sides. I must not alight there!” This is the way of logic. But if it follows the path of sentiment it will alight and be caught in the net…” (Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect, Disc: 3)

Finally, in His next teaching, Baba warns us about falling prey to any kind of sentiment like groupist sentiment.

Baba says, “If someone moves along the path of sentiment instead of the path of rationality, there is a hundred percent probability of great danger. Those who move along the path of sentiment do not discriminate between the proper and the improper, but merely silently accept all superstitions surrounding the goal towards which they have been running. Even the least question regarding propriety or impropriety does not arise in their minds, because they are moving along the path of sentiment.” (Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect, Disc: 3)


In this critical situation, where all the group’s are fast propagating their own gospel, then the only way to keep firm to the path is to study Baba’s divine teachings. Baba took great pains to give so many discourese. Only when one is cent-per-cent familiar with Baba’s eternal guideline can one keep away from the group agendas. We are not to believe on hearsay. Otherwise, one is to be misled by this or that dada and get lured following a particular group, instead of Baba’s dharmic teachings. Hence, as Baba guides us, study is very important. That is the only way to uphold and protect AM ideology.

Baba says, “Study is essential, knowledge is essential, and association with learned and enlightened people is essential. Listening to learned discourses, studying and understanding the scriptures, all have their importance.” (Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect, Disc: 3)


Health Guideline = Food In-take

Baba says, “Dyspepsia originates from unbalanced food habits. Eating when one is not hungry or only half-hungry is harmful in this disease. So is eating rich food for days together, using intoxicants, eating tasty food out of greed alone, not taking rest after the meal before running off to the office, or taking a bellyful of food…” (YT, p.3)

1. In the life it often happens that when one feels hungry food is not ready; and when one is not hungry then one gets food to eat. This is the common problem. Especially in the case of most of Wts because of their traveling routine they depend on others’ or they face various inconveniences. So according to others’ schedule etc so it becomes very difficult to take food in a timely way– at the proper time food. That is why the tragedy is that the major percentage of Wts are suffering from one or more diseases. And unfortunately they end up leaving this world prematurely. Or they end up passing their day in a diseased and crippled condition totally feeble and bed-ridden. These are the common outcomes. So we should take lesson from all this and follow Baba’s teachings and guide others to do the same.

2. Some innocent persons are thinking that since they are not drinking liquor or doing drugs then it means that they are not using intoxicants. But we should remember that tea and coffee are also intoxicants.

3. To properly follow this above rule Baba has given the code that one should not take more than 4 times per day, but the general society is moving in a completely negative way. Many persons have the bad habit of chewing gum all day long etc. Earlier I thought only a few kids were involved in this dirty habit, but now it we can see that the problem has become more general. Because and at retreats and seminars even Dadas and some Didis are also chewing gum like wild goats. But by this dirty habit when all day long one is swallowing saliva then saliva producing glands become dry. Then when the real need is there then those glands cannot secrete saliva. That is why people suffer from various diseases. Because without saliva food cannot be properly digested and undigested food causes so many toxic effects in the body. So we should follow Baba point of maximum 4 times and four items.

4. ‘Rich food’ means the food which one cannot digest such as high fat, oily food– rich in fatty oily contents. Here ‘rich’ does not mean costly or not. it may be that rich foods are very cheap. The point is that eating rich, oily food invites the disease of obesity. This problem is quite common in the general public and also in our vast margii family. Everyone knows that obesity is the root cause of many kinds of diseases and that nowadays it is an epidemic.

5. In this modern era when everyone is feeling a shortage of time and people are just rushing from one work to another work, then they do not care to take rest after food. And that becomes the root cause of various diseases related with indigestion. The first of which is hyper-acidity. Sometimes this causes serious damage when one negative growth or side stomach or side pocket gets created. Then food sits there and rots and then people die from this.

6. When one takes rest after food then they can moderate their right nostril and ensure that it is open. But if after food they are just running to work then they cannot manage to keep the right nostril open in which case digestion is impaired.

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Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2011 21:42:37 -0700
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Mahendra Deva
Subject: Lal Bujhakkar’


“Loke bale tumi dekha’ da’o na’, tave ele kii kare…” (PS 1893)


O’ Parama Purusa, people are telling that You are not visible. When
people say like that then how is it that You have come here in front of me
and I am seeing You.
O’ Parama Purusa, people are telling that You do not care about logic
and reasoning. That there is no explaining how You manage Your affairs and
that Your liila is beyond logic. Then how is it that You have graced one
and all & You are showering everyone with Your divine nectar. How has this
started happening.

Baba, whenever I see You then I always request You to make me Yours. And
when I say like this, then I see with my own eyes and I hear with my own
ears how You come close and shower me incessantly with Your infinite grace.
Baba, I am so meagre; You are so vast. I am bound up by my own
limitations. Even then You love me. Baba, by Your sweet touch all the
negativity and impurities get removed; and everything becomes pure. By Your
grace, the fragrant flowers blossom in each and every nook and corner of my
mind. Baba, people are telling that You are invisible and that You cannot be
seen; but by Your grace You have come to me. O’ my dearmost Baba, this is
all due to Your cosmic grace and infinite compassion…


Some time back or so one topic was raised on an email network and someone gave their own interpretation about one Prabhat Samgiita. Such errors should not be repeated in the future.

Let’s start with one story.


One morning in a remote community all the villagers woke up and to their
great surprise they saw huge round marks in the ground– big circular
indentations in their field. This was indeed something very peculiar and
strange for them. Immediately they all began to give their own explanations
and theories about what had happened. Some were telling that ghosts had
come, others were telling that the inside of the earth was getting soft,
and in that way various persons had their own haphazard logic and
reasoning. But no single villager’s reply could satisfy everyone in the
entire community who had gathered in the field that day.

So finally someone suggested to go get Lal Bujhakkar’– one famous
pundit in the village whose name literally means, ‘one who has all the
answers’. And everyone present immediately agreed that indeed Lal
Bujhakkar’ would be able to give the best and most perfect answer.

So they sent someone to get him and when Lal Bujhakkar’ arrived on the
scene he started smiling and said, ‘Oh, this is so easy, you mean you
people do not know what these round spots are’. They all shook their head
no. Then Lal Bujhakkar’ told that, ‘These are deer footprints’. Then
everyone was in shock and wondered how could these huge round marks be deer
footprints. Because everyone is well aware that deer have small feet– small

Lal Bujhakkar’ smiled again and clarified, ‘It’s simple. Now it is
spring season. And just as all of you do your dance and tie ankle bells to
your feet to celebrate the arrival of spring, similarly the deer do the
same. During the night they attach huge round rocks to their hooves and
then dance around joyfully to celebrate the arrival of spring season. And
since there is not a lot of free space in their jungle, so they came to
this open field to do their dance. That is how all these big, deep, round
marks were made on the ground.’

Hearing this the villagers immediately became deeply impressed by Lal
Bujhakkar’s astute and comprehensive answer; and they were all very proud
he was in their village. With that, they all dispersed, completely
satisfied that they had heard the correct answer.

About an hour or two later, some government officials from the Forestry
Department arrived in a jeep and began investigating the big round marks in
the ground. Immediately the villagers wandered over to talk to the
officials as they were very eager to show off their knowledge to the
government personnel. Then in all seriousness the villagers began
explaining to the officials that it was so interesting how the deer were
dancing here in the night with smooth rocks tied to their feet. And the
villagers were talking on and on about how intriguing it was that the deer
were doing their dance in the night to celebrate the arrival of spring.
They told their entire story to the officials; they did not overlook a
single detail.

Hearing all this, the forestry officials were stunned by the ridiculous
explanations given by the villagers and they immediately asked the
villagers where they got these crazy ideas from. Proudly the villagers all
told that the great Lal Bujhakkar’ was the one who told them this. The
officials told them to bring Lal Bujhakkar’ to the scene; so the boys of
the village went to get him.

When Lal Bujhakkar’ arrived he also told the officials his original
story how the deer were dancing with rocks tied to their hooves. And the
forestry officials interrupted him and told that this is most preposterous
thing they had ever heard. The officials then revealed that, ‘These marks
are not from deer dancing with rocks tied to their hooves. These big marks
in the ground are elephant footprints.’ The Forestry officials continued to
explain that, ‘One zoo from a neighboring state lost their elephants and
those elephants obviously came through this field in the middle of the
night’. This was the very logical– & indeed correct– answer given by
those forestry officials.

In that way the villagers came to know that everything that Lal
Bujhakkar’ told was entirely false– and ridiculous.

The whole point being that in this world jinanis– like Lal Bujhakkar’–
often propose fancy theories and give an array of concocted logic to
support their claim, when in actuality their statements do not contain one
ounce of truth. Because the hard reality is one thing and their cockeyed
proposals are something else– opposite from the truth.

Unfortunately nowadays in this modern era, this world is full of Lal
Bujhakkar’ type of people. So we should always base our thoughts on Baba’s
teachings and be ultra-careful of those putting forth their own theories.


A similar type of event once came to pass on margii-mail– where one
jinani type of person interpreted something in a totally topsy-turvy
way, i.e. completely backwards. Specifically this jinani gave his
public assessment that Prabhat Samgiita #1047 is a song about death–
i.e. that the sadhaka in the song is praying for his own death. This was the
idea put forth. When in fact the real meaning of the song is
the direct opposite. Because in Baba’s Prabhat Samgiita #1047, the sadhaka
is embracing a new pathway in life.


The thing is that each and every Prabhat Samgiita perfectly mirrors Baba’s
divine teachings– one of which is that our AM is the path of bliss.

“A’nanda’ddhyeva….a’nandam’ prayantyabhisam’vishanti.”

Baba says, “This quinquelemental world has been born out of bliss, is being
maintained in bliss…” (NKS)

So in the above shloka Baba describes how life is one blissful journey–
where each and every day of our existence is filled with bliss: Singing His
divine name and dancing in the showering of His grace. So in AM life is
something sweet & joyful– blissful.

We never think that we should pray for our death or harbour any type of
suicidal thoughts. Nor do we think that life is painful or that only after
death will we be happy. This is not our way– this is not Baba’s teaching;
& no Prabhat Samgiita follows this negative approach.


But see here how they missed the meaning of this Prabhat
Samgiita. Because he was proclaiming that song #1047 is a song about
someone’s death– thus painting life as one dark, morose event.

Here are a few lines of the English translation of the song so everyone can
see for themselves how they made a blunder and interpreted the song
in the wrong way. PS #1047 says:

Let me go as a silent one…
I bid my pranam to everyone…

So good bye for today…

The night is ending, the dawn is blossoming.
Let me go out, let me open the door.

So with just a little bit of common sense, anyone will understand that the
sadhaka in the above song is embarking on a wonderful new pathway in life–
leaving behind the darkness of old. So this optimistic song is about
someone entering a bright new phase of life where ‘the dawn is blossoming’.
That is the flow of the song and that matches up nicely with Baba’s entire
perspective about life.

But one jinani is proclaiming that the above song is about death.

So instead of linking up with the blissful teachings of Ananda Marga, this
jinani wrongly interprets the song in his own morose way. And by his
interpretation, the ‘blossoming dawn’ means death, and the phrase ‘Let me
go out’ is the person praying to die. Thus by the jinani’s analysis,
each and every line of the song takes on a morbid meaning.

So by his entire interpretation, the pundit paints life as one
terribly negative experience where the only escape is to pray for one’s own

Of course, every Ananda Margii knows that Baba strongly warns us never to
refer to life in a negative manner.

Baba says, “Don’t compare life to a pool of muddy stagnant water. Life
resembles an ever-flowing spring…” (Ananda Vanii #6)

Thus Baba guides us that life is something entirely positive and vibrant.

Anyone can see then that the jinani is going against Baba’s basic,
fundamental guideline. Because they are describing life as something
totally negative, sorrowful, and stained– like muddy stagnant water etc.
So they are way off the mark.


Rather when ideating on and singing Prabhat Samgiita #1047, we can think of
it in a variety of positive ways.

For example we can view this song as a time when someone has decided to go
for WT training. Where they are saying good-bye to their old, mundane
friends and preparing to embark on a blissful journey as they dedicate
themselves to a life of blessedness. This is one way to interpret the song.

Or the song can refer to someone who has just taken initiation into Ananda

Or the song can be about someone who is retiring from their mundane job and
now they will lead a life of 100% service to humanity.


All these types of interpretations are moving in sync with our AM
perspective on life.

Thus there are numerous ways to interpret Prabhat Samgiita #1047 that link
up the spirit of Ananda Marga. And those with a devotional mind will
naturally move in this direction. This is the natural way for all Ananda

Only Lal Bujhakkar type of persons will drift away– taking the matter in
their own particular direction, that is away from our AM way of life.


By Baba’s grace life is something very special, very wonderful, and very
positive– full of hope and optimism. This is life according to Baba’s
supreme definition. And each and every Prabhat Samgiita follows this pathway.

Baba says, “Under no circumstances should human beings be pessimistic. That
is why I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that optimism
is life.” (AFPS-3)



On a few different occasions Baba has told that not all people are capable
of interpreting and explaining Prabhat Samgiita. In particular Baba
describes that one’s mind must be above the vishuddha cakra– means one’s
mind should be spiritually vibrated. Otherwise one will interpret the song
in a crude, mundane type of way.

Because everything in life– including Prabhat Samgiita– can be seen or
understood in multiple ways. So those whose mind is not up to the mark will
misinterpret the song each and every time. This is Baba’s warning.

That is why Baba guides us that only those whose minds are drenched in
spiritual ideation should take up the job of explaining Prabhat Samgiita–
all others such as this jinani avadhuta should step aside and keep mum.

BABA warns us, “If one is not able to give the people proper guidance,
then at least one should not misguide them. One must not divert them from
the proper path.” (NSS, p.197)

Think On This

Baba says, “Human Society is one and indivisible, don’t try to divide it.
Each and every individual should be looked upon as the manifestation of the
Cosmic Entity.” (Ananda Vanii, #21)

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Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 21:27:46 -0500
From: RJ Deva
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Diplomacy in AM: Useful & Sinful


PS Intro: In this following song Parama Purusa is posing His questions &
speaking directly to the devotee.

“Kon aja’na’r buk theke ele, korn asiime bhese ja’o…” (PS 2222)


From which unknown bosom have you come and what is your goal. In which
direction are you floating. You must know you are not meagre or
insignificant. You are the expression of Cosmic Consciousness. He has
created you according to His desire; You are within Him. Now tell me what
you want; what are your desires and longings. You should know that your
Goal is the Parama Purusa.

For ages You remained oblivious of your own existence; era after era
passed like that. You were seeking the answer to all your worries,
anxieties, and problems externally. You were trying to find happiness
outside; and, you were trying to quench your thirst and satisfy your
hunger from material things. You never tried to look within.

Everything is hidden within you. Look within and you will get
everything. Just you have to turn your eyes from outside to inside.
Divert your vision from external to internal. The Divine Entity– who is
your everything, who is your shelter– He knows each and everything
about you. He knows your past, present, and future– everything.
And He loves you too.

Your future is situated in Him up to eternity. Yet forgetting this
eternal and divine truth, what are you looking for. Do not waste your time.

The Divine Entity has bestowed you with human life. Utililse it to satisfy
Him. Do everything according to His wishes. By this way your coming on
this earth will be successful…


As a community, we need to take a clear-cut look at how diplomacy has
been used in AM.

The common belief is that since Lord Krsna used diplomacy then we in AM
may do so as well. This outlook particularly applies to certain workers.
Of course as the Taraka Brahma, all Lord Krsna’s dealings were dharmic;
the same cannot always be said of others.

In the name of satya, some spread lies and falsehoods for their own
agenda and petty gains. In that way, the practice of satya becomes tainted.

In the name of diplomacy, one commits crimes and sins, yet they remain
totally oblivious that they will face ghastly consequences and negative
samskaras – now in this life and the next also.

Such is what happens when people use “satya” and diplomacy for their own

Some mistakenly justify that since Baba has given one such teaching of
diplomacy in His Ananda Vanii series, then they may freely engage in
diplomacy. But here is the proper explanation and use of Baba’s teaching
of diplomacy.

All should be cent-per-cent clear on this critical issue and be able to
apply it to present day events in our Marga. Certain cases are outlined


First off, let’s explore two critical examples of the use of diplomacy
from the Mahabharata era. Because, diplomacy can be used for both sinful
and dharmic purposes.

When in the name of guru daksiina, Dronacarya requested the thumb of
Ekalavya, then that was a very nasty and selfish maneuver. Dronacarya
did this because he did not want to touch to a lower caste student – and
Ekalavya was a so-called untouchable. Due to caste superiority,
Dronacarya senselessly and wickedly ruined Ekalavya’s career.

Baba says, “Shockingly, in the name of guru daksina (sacerdotal fee for
the master), Dronacarya demanded the thumb of Ekalavya) and thereby
spoiled the brilliant career of Ekalavya…And as a result of his
discriminatory treatment of his disciples, Dronacarya had a serious fall
in the battle.” (Disc MHB)

Dronacarya used diplomacy in a harmful and gross manner and thus had to
pay the consequences. Such misuse of diplomacy cost Dronacarya his very

Baba says, “Dronacarya was neither an ideal man nor an ideal teacher. So
it became imperative to eliminate such an acarya from society. That’s
why Shrii Krs’n’a resorted to duplicity and advised Yudhisthira to
announce before the assembled people in deceptive language, “Ashvatthama
hatah iti naro kunjaro va” – “Ashvatthama is killed. This may be
Ashvatthama the man or may be Ashvatthama the elephant.” The Ashvatthama
who was killed was in fact an elephant, not Ashvatthama, the son of
Dronacarya. But the announcement was made in such a way that Dronacarya
was convinced that his son was killed, and was overcome with grief. It
was easy for the Pandavas to slay him.” (Disc MHB)

In this second case, under the guidance of Lord Krsna, Yudhisthira
purposely employed ambiguous language for the sake of dharma and the
well-being of the people. His righteous action has been approved by Baba.

Thus diplomacy, when wrongly used for self-interest, or for the devious
motive to harm others, will lead to one’s demise, as in the case of
Dronacarya’s dealing with Ekalavya; and when used properly, diplomacy is
a great tool of dharma wherein one’s action will bring welfare to the
entire society & whole humanity, as in the case of Yudhisthira.

Here we have to remember that diplomacy and satya are for universal
well-being. That means it must not be limited to benefit of a particular
group or subgroup or even section of humanity like the Christians
society, B group society, or Hindu society.


Here then is Baba’s divine teaching on diplomacy. We should understand
it and apply it to events going on in AM since 1990.

Baba says, “The most valuable treasures on the path of human progress
are honesty, simplicity and spiritedness. In no stratum of life should
you allow the standard of honesty to deteriorate. In no situation,
except during the struggle for dharma, should you indulge in diplomacy
or duplicity. In other words you must keep yourself straight in all
other strata just as in sasta’unga pran’a’ma, and remain vigilant that
the fire of your spiritedness is under no circumstances buried beneath a
heap of ashes…” (A’nanda Va’nii #54)

We should all be acutely aware how and when to use diplomacy as well as
when it must not be used.



Just see the history…

When good margiis around the globe raised the banner of margii rights,
scriptural distortion, bhukti pradhan rights, and dogma of mahaprayan,
then they faced all kinds of abuse and torment from those at the helm.
Let us see if this was proper use of diplomacy or not.

(I) Mahaprayan: In the early post-1990 period, a few people raised the
point that the dogmatic mahaprayan program undermines the sanctity of
Guru. Baba is eternal, beginningless and endless, yet the dogma of
mahaprayan mandates that Baba is gone. So good margiis came forward to
oppose the mahaprayan program – not for their own interest or gain but
for the proper representation of Guru.

In response, certain top Dadas would externally they say something in
the name of diplomacy such as Mahaprayan is the way to give reverence to
Guru and sing kiirtan, but internally they have the devious agenda based
on their own geo-religious sentiment.

Indeed they waged a veritable war against such margiis who opposed the
dogma of mahaprayan. In the name of their supposed dharmic cause, Dadas
used all kinds of diplomacy against those margiis in order to strip them
of their posts, isolate them, and blacken their careers. Those Dadas
took such harsh measures in order to protect their geo-religious
sentiment of making Kolkata into a Mecca and to bring in huge dollars.

(II) Scripture Distortion: Here is another classic case of the misuse of
diplomacy. In the early and mid-1990s, one Dada infamously ordered
“Translated from the orginal Bengali” to be printed on the title page of
every AM book, irregardless of whether Baba delivered those discourses
in Bengali or not. Their agenda was to highlight and glorify their own
language, not Guru’s teaching.

Externallly said they are following Baba and that Baba confided behind
closed doors that we should do like this, but internally such Dada are
thinking and doing for their own language sentiment and community. First
they want everything translated into Bengali and then into other
languages, even if the discourse was originally given in English or
Hindi or any other language.

Here again, margiis opposed such wrongdoing and in reaction certain
leading Dadas used diplomacy and “satya” to ruin the name of such
margiis. The margiis valiantly wanted Baba’s teachings to be printed “as
is” with proper reference and presentation of the original language.
Their approach was noble and dharmic.

But those top Dadas fought tooth and nail to tear such margiis to shreds
by ousting them from our AM society. They thought that for their own
gain they could employ crude diplomatic tactics. In the end they
themselves were ousted by their own false tactics of expulsion etc.

(III) And there are so many other examples: Fake Ananda Vaniis, misuse
of service project funds, Fake Bhukti Pradhan Manual,
Memorials/Tiirthas, and more.

For instance, such Dadas created Fake Ananda Vaniis for their group
interest where the message to margiis was just to do sadhana, keep
quiet, and not fight or oppose groupism. That was their inner motivation
but externally they talked how their Fake Ananda Vaniis were dharmic
representations of Baba’s ideas. So this was all their diplomacy –
nothing more.


In all such cases, groupist leaders mercilessly employed diplomatic
tactics to protect their own status, power and agenda and fend off
margiis who wished to see Baba’s teachings remain pristine.

Internally they have their own geo-political agenda to grab post and
power etc, yet externally they are painting a rosy picture of doing and
dying for Guru and ideology. Their ways are not at all straightforward..

Internally they want to hold a top post and externally they say they are
serving Guru.

However, using diplomatic measures for one’s own gain is not sanctioned
by Baba nor part of our dharmic code. For this reason, those leaders had
to face the consequences – and still they are facing them.

Tragically, since 1990, those in positions of power in our Marga –
regardless of their groupist affiliation – have badly misused Baba’s
teaching of diplomacy for their own petty gain.

They should be aware that they must face the consequences. There is no
other option – they cannot escape prakrti.


Baba’s Ananda Vanii #54 is more about “honesty, simplicity and
spiritedness” than anything else. Baba is guiding us that all must
adhere to these tenets, “except during the struggle for dharma”.

That means our each and every dealing should be truthful, straight,
pure, and free of all kinds of duplicity and hypocrisy.

Unfortunately, those top group leaders failed to absorb this point. They
forgot to be true in life. All they got from that vanii is that they can
engage in diplomacy.

But that is not Baba’s teaching. Baba’s guideline is that for the sake
of dharma (i.e. universal well-being and benevolence), one may resort to
diplomacy to fight against crude immoral forces, but beyond that one
should be very straightforward in their dealing.

The groupists however thought that their dharma was to rule and in that
case to tighten their grip on power, they can do all kinds of crooked
diplomacy. This is what they think – we can see by their actions from
1990 up till today.

With that in mind, such Dadas have employed all kinds of crude
diplomatic tactics against countless innocent margiis.


Baba warns us that those who misuse diplomacy for their own gain or
wrongly revert to such tactics against good people will be doomed. That
is also part of His guideline.

Baba says, “Do not hurt an honest person even slightly.” (CC-2, Society,
Pt #43)

That is why today we see many groupists facing the boomerang effect and
adverse reactions to their own misdeeds.

None should fall in this depraved state. We should be 100% honest in all
spheres of life and think 1 thousand times before resorting to diplomacy.


By Baba’s grace everyone should be aware that if they are doing for
their own group interest then they will have to bear the burden and
consequences for lives together on end for their misdeeds. One must not
misuse diplomacy for their own gain. They will invite negative samskaras
and have to face all kinds of harsh reactions.

For post, power, and mundane gain one must not indulge in diplomacy.
That is the distinct warning Baba is issuing in Ananda Vanii #54.

Diplomacy is solely for the cause of eternal welfare not for fleeting
mundane gain. Then one can lead a truly dharmic life.

Rasa Deva


As you may be aware, Baba issued lengthy purports for all or most of His
Ananda Vaniis during the time of DMC. That means the Ananda Vanii would
be read in various languages and then an involved explanation would be
given. For this particular Ananda Vanii about diplomacy, Baba counseled
Vijayananda and what Baba told in Bangla, Dada he repeated in English….

Furthermore, Baba both questioned and corrected Vijayananda to ensure
the message was proper. Many senior sadhakas have notes from these
occasions in their journals and diaries from DMC. Some of the purports
for the Ananda Vaniis may have been recorded as well.

Finally let us remember that those who use diplomacy in the wrong way
will invite their own destruction. Diplomacy is only for universal
well-being of all.

Health Guideline

Baba says, “Deafness is not a disease by itself, unless it is
congenital. It is an after-effect or reaction to some other
ailment…Excessive use of quinine or similar poisonous medicines for a
long time reduces the power of hearing.” (YT, p.43)

Note: The intake of allopathic medicines contribute significantly to
deafness. One can see this reaction especially in the case of small kids.

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From: “Motilal Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2011 15:28:34 +0500
Subject: Bangalisation of Prout Books


Baba has given this following song to warn those who are demons in human form, who by their nefarious work are destroying the peace by spreading poison and bringing disaster.

“Manus’ manus’ ha’ra’ye hunsha kotha’y calecho tumi.
A’ka’sh ba’ta’s bis’iye diye narak kare marttyabhu’mi…” (PS 1190)


Why have you lost your rational sense and started moving on the path of annihilation and ruination. You made this golden earth poisonous with the domination of your disastrous theories, i.e. the dogma of groupism etc. You threw away the high ideals of spirituality and you forgot the eternal truth that whatever strength you are getting, that is coming from Him…Parama Purusa…Baba… He is the source. So you lost the sense and you do not like to understand that, to pulverize your ego, the trident of Parama Purusa is active…


Note: This letter details the wrongs done to our Prout publications including Prout Nutshell part 19, Prout Nutshell part 20, and Proutist Economics. In addition, this letter examines how one group – in particular – has committed permanent wrongs to Baba’s divine teachings, mostly done to highlight their own samaj. Please read the following and keep for your future reference. Only through our collective efforts, along with Baba’s grace, will we be able to set everything right.

Ours is a universal society aimed at projecting Baba’s ideals to one and all. So we have to be vigilant when any impediment within the Marga crops up and steers things in a different direction. Please read the following and together we can decide what should be done.


Here is the situation: One group has altered and distorted Baba’s Prout books in order to highlight their own samaj. Let me explain further.

Specifically, two editions of the “Prout in a Nutshell” series, i.e. parts 19 & 20, were intentionally dyed in the colour of Bangalisation – i.e. extreme preference towards the A’mara’ Bengali samaja at the expense of Baba’s entire samaj theory.

In these two books (PNS 19 & 20) there are 13 full discourses dedicated to Bengal – and hardly a mention of any other samaj. This gives the false impression that the A’mara’ Bengali samaj is the only samaj on the planet, or that Baba only gives importance to this samaj. But this is not the case at all. At present, there are 241 samajas around the globe and Baba in His own unique way gives equal importance to them all.

But after 1990, led by the heavy hand of Sarvatmananda, one group blatantly stuffed the pages of our Prout books exclusively with discourses on Bengal while discarding other samajas entirely. Indeed in Prout in a Nutshell parts 19 & 20, there are 17 discourses in total. And of those 17 discourses, 15 of those discourses address a particular samaj. And of those 15 samaj discourses, 13 of those those discourses are exclusively about Bengal. That means 87% of the samaj discourses in those two books are about A’mara’ Bengali samaj. And interestingly enough, both Prout Nutshell 19 & 20 were printed just after 1990 when Sarvatmananda had full power.

So it is clear that with a partial hand someone’s intention was only to highlight the Bangalistan area at the cost of other places. This is the wrong someone did to Baba’s Prout Nutshell series, parts 19 & 20.


To make things look “natural”, those at the helm those days included one samaj discourse on Bihar and one on Ireland. After all it would look too obvious if 15 out of 15 samaj discourses in those books were on Bengal. So they did included two other samaj discourses to make things look legitimate. Plus, Prout Nutshell part 21 contains no samaj discourses. And indeed this is the common tendency. When you want to distort something, then hide the fake or foul things in the middle, not at the end. Sarvatmananda understood this theory well. With the few Prout books first published after 1990, he followed this theorem exactly.

But we are not befooled by his “decoy”.

Because we know that Baba delivered hundreds of discourses on so many samajas. Baba always expressed maximum interest in every samaj. But this fact Sarvatmananda did not wish to recognise. So he personally gave the order to fill PNS-19 and PNS-20 with discourses on Bengal. And all other samaj discourses were left out of those Prout publications.

In fact, one other decoy maneuver he did was print Baba’s numerous discourses about other samajas of India in the name of Raghunathji. This was another trick used by Sarvatmananda to give less priority to other samajas and highlight on Bengal. After all if you make it look like Baba the Sadguru only spoke about Bengal – and ignored all other samajas – then Bengal stands in the spotlight all by itself.

Note: A reference to the “Raghunath Book” – which is really Baba’s book – is listed in a note at the bottom of this letter.

Here the whole idea is that one group leader wanted to make it look like Baba gave utmost importance to Bengal, as if Bengal is the topmost and all others are second rate.


Yet we all know, the spirit of Baba’s teachings and Baba’s practical approach is completely universal in all respects.

Whatever samajas Baba visited and even those places He did not physically attend to, always Baba recognised the value of and encouraged the development of all samajas. Toward this end He regularly gave dictations about the plans and programs to execute in the various samajas of the world. And Proutists from all over the globe personally noted down and received these guidelines directly from Baba Himself. Indeed Baba gave tremendous import to all samajas.

Those aware know that Baba’s Proutistic teachings are related with so many aspects of the development of the numerous samajas of this earth. He addressed topics such as agriculture, industry, irrigation, trade, culture, history, dance, archeology, music and so much more. Baba spoke in great detail about a wide and diverse collection of samajas. He personally designated large amounts of time for this.

Tragically, one group made sure that Baba’s important guidelines about other samajas did not get place in the Prout Nutshell series. They made sure that only the Bengali samaj was given the spotlight in the Prout books.

Because as well all know, the first edition of Prout Nutshell parts 19 and 20 were printed after 1990. Thus those group leaders at the helm selectively chose – according to their own agenda – which discourses to place in those Prout books. It was a case of clear-cut manipulation. The proof being that there are 241 samajas on this earth. Baba gave equal importance to all. Yet 87% (13 of 15) of the samaj discourses in PNS 19 & 20 deal with only 1 single samaj: A’mara’ Bengali.

This was done in such a way that in the future if anyone reads Prout, then they will conclude that Baba only cared about Bengal.


Some may raise the point that if this is so important why did no one oppose this wrong earlier. Here we have to remember that immediately after 1990, Sarvatmananda’s reign was in full storm. He was raging battles in all kinds of directions and ruling with an iron fist. It was the reign of terror. Anyone who opposed any wrongdoing was humiliated, exiled, victimised, and ultimately eliminated. Plus there were so many injustices being carried out, that people were just trying to survive. As bad as things are now, those days it was 1000 times worse. There was one totalitarian leader ruling the Marga and he had his Wt gangs to support him. In that case no field worker or margii dared oppose any wrongdoing.


In this harsh atmosphere, along with B group’s deep seated desire to impose their Bengali Raj, they made sure that only Baba’s teachings related with Bengali areas got the upper hand. Only their own samaj discourses were highlighted in the Prout Nutshell books. And Baba’s talks about other samajas did not get the place– they were neglected and rejected outright.


Because if you look at the Prout 19 and 20 then you will find 13 separate discourses / chapters which are exclusively related with the Bengali samaj. While Baba’s divine discourses about the samajas of South India, North India, and Western India – not to mention all the other parts of the globe – were essentially discarded from these Prout books.

But Baba has given similar guidelines to all those samaj leaders from other parts of the globe. Indeed Baba used to call them from far just to give special guidance about their samaj. Yet due to B group’s interference, only the Bengali samaj plans, programs, and guidelines given by Baba have been published in Prout 19 and 20.

Why were Mara’thi samaj, Tamil samajam, Kannada samajam, Chhattisgarhii samaj, Dogari samaj, Nagpuria samaj, Maharlika samaj, Mauri samaj, and all those several dozens of samajas discarded from the Prout books? I think now the answer is becoming clear. Why were 87% (13 of 15) of the samaj discourses in Prout Nutshell 19 & 20 only about Bengal? I think now the answer is becoming clear.

Everyone knows that Baba’s guidelines for these aforesaid samajas were given, but they were never allowed to have a place in the Prout books. Only Bangalistan got the place.

The reason being that those days in 1991-92, B group was controlling everything and they wanted to create an inferiority complex in the minds of margii members of other samajas. By this way they could keep ruling and put their samaj on top. So they deftly created the false impression that Baba has given special preference to Bengalistan by only including the Bangal samaj discourses in the Prout series. Sarvatmananda thought by this way he could best continue his group supremacy.

But the fact is that Baba guided equally to all the samajas.

Clearly then this is one type of deliberate distortion to Baba’s Prout teachings. It is nothing but a black stain that only discourses related with the area and planning of Bengal were placed in Prout 19 & 20.

Till today B group does not have an iota of repentance for what they have done. They distorted the Bhukti Pradhan manual, wiped out margii rights, ruined the ACB system, invented expulsion as a weapon, gave birth to Fake Ananda Vaniis, implemented mahaprayan dogma, created religious tiirthas (holy land dogma) and so much more.

And they have imposed their dogmatic vision of Bangalisation unto Baba’s Prout books. But even then that is not the totality of their ill deeds.


Here is another pertinent example how B group has altered Baba’s books and manipulated His discourses on samaj.

A case in point: In the Proutist Economics book a total of 104 pages got dedicated for the Bengali samaj, and only 18 pages were allotted for all the five (5) samajas of Bihar. And Baba’s talks on innumerable other samajas were discarded entirely. By this manipulation, so many of Baba’s teachings related with the development of samaj did not get place in Prout.

Thus the distortion done to Proutist Economics is a carbon copy of the distortion done to Prout in a Nutshell parts 19 & 20.

Here the point is that wherever they got the chance to distort Baba’s Prout teachings in the favor of their Bangalisation dogma, they seized the opportunity. In particular, those Prout books first printed after 1990 were wickedly distorted.


All this gives proof that since long B group has been strategizing and executing their plans of group dominance wherever and whenever they got the opportunity. Theirs is a long term plan not only to rule the Marga but to permanently scar and litter Baba’s divine teachings with their various dogmas like Bangalisation and related distortions.

Indeed their plan was so deep-rooted that even after their fall from power, many of their distortions and dogmas still stand: Destruction of BP Manual, Bangalisation of Baba’s Discourses, Fake Ananda Vaniis, Expulsion as a weapon, Mahaprayan dogma etc. The list is quite long.

In contrast, the other groups just wanted power – and that washes away relatively easily. When those group leaders reform themselves or pass on, then their lust for power is gone from this earth.

But from day 1 this has not been the case with those Bengali leaders. From the outset they had a deep-seated plan to permanently infuse all kinds of dogmas into AM society and Baba’s books. They actually wanted to change Baba’s teachings – permanently. As bad as the other groups are – no other group did like this.

Indeed it was only B group that brought this whole other agenda to the table. Only they planned on permanently deleting, manipulating, and distorting Baba’s divine AM ideology. What dogmas they implemented in a few short years of their reign may take generations to remove. This is a big, big problem. No other faction did like this. Only B group led by Sarvatmananda imposed such dogmas and distortions.

Still today we are dealing with the mess they created – and tomorrow we will be as well. Because with a few short brush strokes Sarvatmananda and Co permanently changed so many of Baba’s divine teachings:

1. Fake Ananda Vaniis, 2. Fake BP Manual, 3. Dogma of Mahaprayan insertion into appendix of Caryacarya, 4. “Translated from Original Bengali” into countless books, 5. Expulsion as a weapon, 6. Ruination of Prabhat Samgiita via filmy cassettes, 7. Tiljala as a Tiirtha site, 8. Destruction of the ACB system, 9. Wrong system of translation, 10, Bangalisation, 11. Elimination of Margii rights and so many more systematic and permanent wrongs.

This is the great gift that B group has bestowed on our AM society: The gift of dogma and ruination of Baba’s teachings.


Baba is the Supreme Neo-Humanist who guides and loves all samajas. It is unthinkable to believe that Baba only likes one samaj. But that is what B group wants the world to believe.

So the main idea we must convey is that all Baba’s Prout books should reflect His universal love for all peoples in all places and all samajas. To promote the dogma that He was partial to Bengal is to undermine Guru’s standing.

Together, with a rational mind, we must decide how Baba’s Prout books should be reformulated. It cannot be that PNS 19 & 20 contain 13 discourses on Bengal. Nor do I suggest that all the A’mara’ Bengali discourses be removed and replaced by discourses on other samajas.

As His disciples we must find the right balance and method for printing Baba’s Prout discourses to ensure that they reflect the spirit and totality of His universal teachings for humanity. And all those devoted margiis who took notes from Baba’s various samaj meetings must come forward with those writings. Already many samaj leaders are involved in this great work and more should participate. This is the way to safeguard Baba’s teachings and demonstrate that He has given discourses and guidelines on all the samajas.


At the cost of the sanctity of Baba’s treatises on Prout and the welfare of our Marga the crimes committed by B group must not be allowed to continue. The day has come for all margiis to come forward waving the banner of neo-humanism, doing away with narrow-minded, groupist traditions.

Baba says, “You must awaken those who do not realise the facts, and make them aware. Let the ideals of neo-humanism reach their ears, and be implanted in the core of their hearts. With their liberated intellects they will throw all their illusions into the dustbin.” (NH-LOI)



These are the thirteen (13) discourses in Prout Nutshell 19 & 20:

Prout Nutshell 19
East Wet Theory
Economic Exploitation of Bengal
Talks on Bengal – Section A
Talks on Bengal – Section B
Talks on Bengal – Section C
Talks on Bengal – Section D
Talks on Bengal – Section E

Prout Nutshell 20
Economic Self-Sufficiency for Bengal
Northeastern India
South Bengal
Contai Basin Planning

Anyone looking at these books will think that Baba only cared about Bengal or that Baba was just one limited social theorist. That is the main problem with what B group has done.

The reality of course is that Baba is Parama Purusa incarnate. He cares for and loves all equally. He has equal regard for every samaj. This spirit must be reflected in Baba’s Prout books. To highlight only one samaj is a grave injustice against Guru; it is a crime and a sin.

As His disciples we must ensure that Baba’s books fully reflect His teachings. So we have to sit collectively and think how our books on Prout should be formulated. Not all the Bengal discourses need be removed, nor do all the hundreds of other discourses about various other samajas be placed in the Prout Nutshell series. But whatever we choose to do, it must reflect Baba’s universal care for the entire humanity.

And side by side, naturally all of Baba’s samaj discourses and notes will have to be printed in some form. But the way things are right now is not at all good.



This letter details how they printed Baba’s discourses and talks in Raghunathji’s name because those discourses were about other samajas, not A’mara’ Bengali. To minimize the importance of those talks and the respective samajas, they put them in the name of a disciple. And when Baba spoke about Bengal then it was printed for all to see in Baba’s name.


Allopathic Medicines Not Good

Baba says, “When people take allopathic medicine to cure a disease, the medicine disturbs the ecological balance of the body because more negative microvita get concentrated at the point of the disease. Allopathic medicines do not kill diseases — diseases die by their own natural death. Although the medicine may check the disease, the increased concentration of negative microvita can overcome the effect of the medicine. In fact, the increased concentration of negative microvita caused by allopathic medicines creates many new types of diseases, and due to this, two or three new diseases are presently being created every decade. So what is the solution to this problem? Our approach should be two fold — external and internal. Externally we should take medicines to check diseases, but internally we should perform spiritual practice.” (MVNS, p.136)

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