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From: Ram Gopal Deva “RamGopal63@Indianet…”

Date: Wed, 01 June 2011 23:34:08 +0530

Subject: On A Daily Basis









Some naive people think that it is too difficult to follow dharma all of the time. Rather they think dharma is something that can and should only be followed on certain grand occasions. Such are the thoughts of a few people.







Here following is Baba’s reply.


Baba says, “If one thinks that they will only follow dharma in some big events, and not in small ones, then those big events may not ever come in their entire life. It may be that in their whole life, besides their birth and death, not a single big event happens. Yet at the time of birth how can one protect dharma. At that time one is just a small infant and cannot do anything. That infant is totally unaware about the events going

on around them. Then how can they protect dharma. And at the time of death, a

person is senseless. In that case also how can they protect dharma. For this reason, dharma should be protected always. In small and big ways– even in jokes and humor dharma should be protected. Those who protect dharma, dharma protects them: Dharma raksati raksitah.” (AV-32 (H), p.86-7)


So Baba’s explanation is perfectly clear – one should follow dharma always, in all aspect of life.





Even then, some think that when those in the Marga were physically fighting the communists, then that was the main ideological fight. Since then, they reason, there has been no scope for ideological fight. It is is purely a thing of the past. And it is only when margiis & dadas again start physically fighting with those communists that the ideological fight will recommence. That is one myopic view of one Dada.





However, it is not rocket science. One can easily understand what is AM ideology and what is an ideological fight. It is very simple and straightforward.


In His neo-humanistic philosophy, Baba clearly states that an ideological fight means combatting all kinds of narrow sentiments and groupism.





In the life of each and every Ananda Margii then, this ideological fight is going on each and every moment. It is not that an ideological fight only happened in 1967 and 1982 when so many Dadas were killed by communists. Today as we speak, an ideological battle is taking place and sincere margiis are fighting this fight on a daily basis.


These are but some of the major issues of today’s ideological fight:

(a) Distortion of scripture

(b) Elimination of bhukti pradhan rights & margii rights

(c) Destruction of the ACB

(d) Expulsion

(e) Gender issues

(f) Dogma of Mahaprayan

(g) So-called holy tiirthas

(h) Fake Ananda Vaniis

(i) Victimisation


These are the main ideological issues of the day that demand our focused attention. The aim is to keep AM philosophy unaltered.





As we know some people like to glue themselves to dogma. Our duty is to free them from such dogmas and bring them onto the right path. This is also the ideological fight.


Those who believe in groups are not following AM ideology. Trying to convince them to give up their group affiliation is also the ideological fight. Naturally when selfish groupists combat each other for power, then such a clash has not an iota of ideological import. But when dharmikas, i.e. sincere Ananda Margiis, oppose groupism by holding onto the gospel of neo-humanism, then that most certainly is an ideological fight.





Here the point is that our fight for ideology is dynamic and takes places on multiple levels – always. Anyone sincerely involved in following Baba’s divine ideal is carrying the flag of ideology each and every moment. They are always involved in this dharmic fight. That is Baba’s teaching.


That is why no one can take it seriously when one Dada states that fighting the communists is the only ideological battle in life.





As Ananda Margiis, our aim and understanding should be based on Baba’s teachings whereby each and every moment we are striving to establish AM ideals on so many different planes of life.


Baba says, “Everywhere in the manifested or unmanifested universe there is a ceaseless fight going on between vidyá [ideology] and avidyá [ignorance].” (PNS-15, Talks on Prout)


Baba says, “Dharma should be protected always. In small and big ways– even in jokes and humor dharma should be protected. Those who protect dharma, dharma protects them: Dharma raksati raksitah.” (AV-32 (H), p.86-7)



Ram Gopal




Here is the Dada who is telling that only the fight against the communists is the ideological fight.


“The real ideological fight was against communist and against CBI in Baba’s physical presence.” – Shuddhátmánanda





“Maner ma’jhere base gopan kotha’ shon’o, kichui luka’no ja’y na’…” (P.S. 583)




Baba, You are sitting in the mind. You listen to all the talks & tales and feelings of the heart. Nobody can hide anything from You. What anyone thinks, You know. Baba, You are everywhere– in each and every iota of this entire universe. Indeed You are so vast & You have manifested Yourself in such a grand way, that beyond You there is no existence of anything.


Baba, You even listen to the very small talks of the mind; You take care of even the most meagre and ordinary matters– just like dust particles. You cannot forget or ignore anyone, and You do not remain oblivious of anything. You take care of everyone. You love one and all. The galaxies & stars which are floating in far away distant places, even those objects are not beyond Your touch. For You everything is close by; nothing is far. And You take care of everything.


The spring which has lost its beauty & the flower which has just bloomed, nothing gets forgotten. Everything has equal importance to You. You are everywhere. There is no place where You do not remain. Except You, there is nothing.


Baba, You are sitting inside the mind and listening to all the feelings and longings of the heart. Nobody can hide anything from You. Baba You are infinite; Baba, You are everywhere…




Where Invented


In the following quote Baba reveals the history of the “ball” which is nowadays commonly used in innumerable games and sports. The ball is originally invented in India.


The following Baba’s teaching reveals this fact.


Baba says, “The meaning of the root verb kand is ‘to wallow’. We get the word kanduka (ball) by adding ‘uk’ to ‘kand’ or adding ‘u’ + ‘ka’ to kand. Its etymological meaning is ‘that which rolls’; colloquially it refers to ‘ball’– a ball rolls. It should be remembered that the kanduka (ball) originated in this country. Originally, balls used to be made from cloth, but since cloth balls did not last very long people in ancient Bengal started making balls from the shoots of young bamboo.” (SC-3, p.70-71)



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Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 19:36:42 -0000

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Subject: Why Part of Sixteen Points








In our AM ideology and in our 16 Points, Baba has given importance to

and placed emphasis on all that is needed for the well-being and

development of humanity. As we all know, one of the four tenets of

C.S.D.K. (Pt #16 of 16 Pts) is ‘seminar’; and one of the sub-points of

‘seminar’ is knowledge of one’s mother tongue. Obviously then, knowing &

using one’s mother tongue is an integral element for building a proper

society. The only question then is what is the logic and reasoning

behind this.





Before getting started, we should recognise that in today’s world there

are more than 7000 living languages in use on this earth. And they all

carry certain unique qualities, traditions, and specialties; yet, at

present– with the rapid-fire process of globalisation and all its

mono-culture leanings– many of these languages are threatened for their

very survival.


Thus we should take a proper look at what the grand, variety of

languages bring to the humanity as well as why Baba places such a great

significance on knowing and using one’s mother tongue.





One of the main reasons that certain mother tongues are taken ‘out of

circulation’ is because one so-called higher culture wants to dominate

another so-called lower culture. And one of the best ways to break down

another culture is to render their mother tongue as valueless or rogue

etc. Because then those innocent persons are forced to give up or

abandon their mother tongue and instead learn the language of the

exploiters. This invariably creates a huge inferiority complex in

the minds of those who have lost their mother tongue. Because – out of

nowhere – they now have to learn a new language and function with that

new linguistic tool– ie. the language of the exploiters, which is not

at all comfortable for them.


Those in this present era who grew-up speaking English can hardly fathom

what it means to have to live in a society where one’s mother

tongue is not respected or accepted. It creates a huge shock to one’s

psyche and places one at an extreme disadvantage in every social setting

imaginable – from one’s work opportunities to one’s schooling ventures.

And by that way one can be easily put down, manipulated, and ultimately



That is what happened to the black slaves that were brought to the US;

that is what happened to many of the North Africans that relocated to

southern Europe; that is what happened to the Eskimos in Alaska as well

as the native people in so many lands from Australia to Indonesia. Plus

this was also the case with the aborigines of Central America. In all

these instances a certain group lost their local language due to the

pressures placed on them by a more dominant group. And by that way, the

weaker group just got exploited, pushed to the fringe, and used as a

menial labor force in that society. This is what commonly happens to

those who lose their mother tongue.


So here the point is that to give every human being the proper right of

passage and due respect, it is highly important that all languages be

honored. That means in their family life people should not be looked

down upon for what language they speak. And every person should have the

opportunity to do their primary schooling in their mother tongue as well

as get the opportunity to learn the vishva bha’sa (world language) of

the day.


Without that there will always be one or more segments of the population

that are exploited.





One other crucial aspect of keeping all the languages of the world

‘alive’ is that a language serves as the abode of knowledge of a

particular people or community. What people learn about the world and

human understanding gets incorporated into their language. That is why

each and every language– everyone’s mother tongue– carries with it

unique knowledge of the world.


Just as the Inuit (Eskimo) language has all the perfect phrases for

describing snow, so many languages carry unique insights about the

world. We have to remember much of what people know is not written

down – especially in those cultures versed in the oral tradition – in

which case their language is literally an encyclopedia of knowledge. It

may contain important facts about what leaves are medicinal in value or

what the role is of certain bugs or how the moon moves across the sky in

the summer season. So much information and knowledge is contained in the

various languages of the world.


For example, imagine how much knowledge would be lost about yoga,

devotion, and spirituality if the Sanskrit language were to die. And

indeed every language has its own special arena of knowledge.


So keeping languages alive is one very important manner of protecting

humanity’s wealth of knowledge.





In His ideological teachings of Prout and cardinal human values, Baba

always stresses the importance of one’s mother tongue. Yet as we know,

AM is not just a theoretical endeavour. Side by side Baba implements the

practical programs to keep languages alive.


One way He did this was by having the Ananda Vaniis read in all the

languages. This was one of His special ways of respecting and honouring

all languages.


And another special measure He adopted was to always ensure all Wts

remembered and gave value to their mother tongue. This is a unique

point. Because, Wts were basically supposed to forget everything about

their former worldly life from their parents to their habits etc, but on

the point of their mother tongue Baba was very keen that even Wts must

remember their mother tongue.





One of the reasons for this is that each and every person’s mother

tongue is the language of their heart. It is by this way that people

express their finer sentiments and feelings in the form of oral history,

poetry, songs, drama, etc.


Thus one’s mother tongue is a key point of human expression.





So for financial gain or economic power, one community must not be

allowed to exploit another by rendering their mother tongue as

irrelevant. This is commonly done in this present era: Sideline their

language, infuse inferiority complex, and force them to live as second

class citizens etc. But this should not be allowed to continue as it

robs people of their human rights and dignity and it stands as the

death-bed for so much human knowledge and erudition.


All in all this is a vast topic and what is written here is a mere

sprinkling. So others should also come forward and relay their practical

experiences and understanding about this most important issue of one’s

mother tongue.





By Baba’s grace, our AM will bring justice in all realms of life

including the preservation of everyone’s mother tongue.


That is why Baba has included ‘mother tongue’ as one of the aspects of Sixteen Points.


Baba says, “The best means of communicating human expressions is through

one’s mother tongue, as this is most natural. If people’s natural

expression through their mother tongue is suppressed, inferiority

complexes will grow in their minds, encouraging a defeatist mentality

and ultimately leading to psycho-economic exploitation. Thus, no mother

tongue should be suppressed.” (PNS-15)








Nowadays, many researchers in so-called first-world nations claim to

have discovered new knowledge or invented new ideas etc, when in reality

these things have been known for centuries by various native peoples.

This is the case with so many herbs and remedies in India, China, and

Philippines etc. And indeed all over the world the native populations

have deep insights into the natural world and often times scientists are

merely re-discovering or outrightly stealing knowledge that has been

known for a long time by certain native peoples. And that knowledge was

keep in tact by their language.





By preserving and protecting all the languages of the world and keeping

everyone’s mother tongue alive, it prevents hegemony of one group over

another. This is perhaps the most important element of this issue.


Baba says, “All languages must be encouraged, but this does not mean

opposing the languages spoken by others. In this context, language in

itself is of secondary importance. Of primary importance is the negative

cultural and socio-economic consequences of linguistic imperialism.” (PE)





PS Intro: This following song is about the establishment of a

neohumanistic society. It describes how sadvipra samaj gets formed and

what it will look like. Overall this song paints a picture of the

upcoming dharma ra’j.


“Jay jay jay toma’ri huk jaya…” (P.S. 4764)




O’ Divine Entity, O’ Cinmay, O’ Consciousness Personified who has

graced me by coming in this brilliant, golden, effulgent dawn: Victory,

victory, victory; victory unto You. Baba, You are everything.


On this earth, we all are witnessing the magic that has happened; by

Your divine grace our dream has come true today. Behold, this earth has

been filled with sweetness, charm, and beauty. By Your grace there is no

longer any dukha (sorrow) or santa’p (misery and suffering) anymore on

this earth. There is only the incessant flow of a’nanda (bliss); it is

flowing on and on continuously. Baba, by Your grace with the surge of

devotion, the new blood & vigour has awakened; the paranoia, threat, and

terror of exploitation is now completely gone. A new era of sentient

peace has ultimately arrived, by Your grace.


Baba, in the past by Your grace we planned that we will create a new

heaven. And now that day has come. So according to Your direction we

will go on doing Your work– all the while singing Your song to please

You. Our hands will do Your work and our heart will sing Your glory. In

that way we will move. Baba, by Your grace we will pour abundant love on

each and every unit being– on all our brothers and sisters, on all the

flaura and fauna. Baba, You have showered Your grace. That splendid day

which we were dreaming about has arrived; all the cimmerian darkness has

been dispelled. Now, by Your grace, the eastern horizon is filled with

Your brilliant, divine effulgence. Baba, we will move on in the chorus

of samgacchadhvam spirit– keeping You in our heart and singing about

Your glory…




Misutilisation of Science


Baba says, “The crises faced by society today indicates that humanity is not

encouraging the maximum utilization and rational distribution of the

mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the world. Science is

being used to develop more deadly weapons for war rather than being

channelised for benevolent and constructive purposes.” (PNS-13, p.47)


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Date: 17 May 2011 14:19:58 -0000

From: “Subhash Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: History of the Birth of…




We all know that since 1990, we have been living in an era when those at the helm issue their own fake Ananda Vaniis.

Over the years, much has been written about why these so-called vaniis are fake – and some of those points will be appended below.

What has not been talked about much is why our respected Dadas did like this. What propelled them into thinking they should create these Fake Ananda Vaniis. What are the historical forces at play?


After 1990, there was a major vacuum of power in the organisation. Someone was bound fill the void.

Of course we all know which Dada held the reins in those early days immediately after Oct 1990. We need not mention his name here. Rather we should be aware that he and every leader since has followed in this “tradition” of creating Fake Ananda Vaniis.

We should understand what started this trend as well as why it has been continued up till this very moment.


Please excuse me but the first and foremost reason why a few of our Purodha Dadas issued Fake Ananda Vaniis was power. Unfortunately, such Dadas harbored an intense urge to capture, maintain, and expand their rulership. They had to demonstrate that they deserved to be in that seat. Perhaps the best way to protect their power was to exercise it. They felt the need to flex their muscles.

To that end they did so many things:

1. Invented the dogmatic salute to PP Dada as if PP is Baba Himself;

2. Changed Caryacarya to include the dogmatic Mahaprayan program;

3. Manipulated countless bhukti pradhan elections;

4. Curtailed margii rights;

5. Victimised and expelled any and all who opposed them;

6. And so many more things they did, including issue Fake Ananda Vaniis.

Indeed creating Fake Ananda Vaniis complements their overall agenda of demonstrating their power and justifying their hold of the top chair.

First and foremost our respected Dadas thought: “I have power so I must use it, lest I lose it.”

This negative mentality gave birth to the notion of creating and making Fake Ananda Vaniis.


Once they came up with this notion that by (mis)using their new found power then they will best be able to keep it, they went one step further. And this is reflected in their creation of Fake Ananda Vaniis. They did not just create Fake Ananda Vaniis; they created Fake Ananda Vaniis with their own ulterior motive in mind.

Basically here we have a two-step process:

1) Such Dadas made these Fake Ananda Vaniis as a means of exercising their power on the throne.

2) They thought that they should “flavour” or “spice” these Fake Ananda Vaniis with their own selfish agenda. They had an ulterior motive in mind.

They promptly then began making Fake Ananda Vaniis that suited their political interest and whim.

For instance, while Baba’s dharmic and original Ananda Vaniis are filled with spiritedness, courage, and the idea of actively fighting exploitation, in contrast the Fake Ananda Vaniis invented our respected Dadas aimed to make margiis passive – even indolent. Such leaders critically withdrew all the pra’na (i.e. life-force and fighting power) when making their Fake Ananda Vaniis.

But don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself.

Here are but a few examples of Baba’s dharmic expression in His original Ananda Vaniis:

(a) “…Inspire those who are liars and criminals to live honest lives by pointing out their defects…” – Ananda Vanii #8

(b) “…Yours should be a pauseless struggle against corruption, hypocrisy and animality.” – Ananda Vanii #11

(c) “…Live for your ideology Die for your Ideology.” – Ananda Vanii #14

Now compare that with the Fake Ananda Vaniis that our purodhas have made:

(a) “everything is to undergo changes and you should be ready to adapt yourself, to adjust yourself with those changed phases.” (Fake Ananda Vanii January 2005)

(b) And like that over the years – & even in 2011 – so many of the Fake Ananda Vaniis satisfy their own group interest of pacifying margiis and / or blindly supporting their group.

Here the point is that Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are based on truth and righteousness whereas the groupist Fake Ananda Vaniis played into their own personal agenda.

So when the various Dadas come into power they create Fake Vaniis to meet their own ends. As sad as it may seem, in His below teaching, Baba best describes this nasty trend.

Baba says, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 33, Yatamána, Vyatireka, Ekendriya and Vashiikára)



Of course, our Dadas could not tell the world that they were making Fake Ananda Vaniis as a means to express their dominance. That would not be received well.

So they opted to hide their real motive behind the creation of Fake Ananda Vaniis; and they instead created their own logic which they would share publicly. And this is what they said.

Some of our senior Dadas told that Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis were old and outdated like a last week’s or last year’s newspaper. This was their false justification.

They further told that Baba gave those Ananda Vaniis on that particular day for those people present – as if Baba’s Ananda Vaniis had no long-term value. Their basic message was that Baba’s teachings in those Ananda Vaniis were no longer relevant. Hence we have to create fresh and new Ananda Vaniis.

This is the false and bogus logic which those inventors of the Fake Ananda Vaniis gave. And again their baseline message was that Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are outdated.



Here is the reply to such Dadas who claim that Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are no longer relevant to today’s world.

All Baba’s teaching were given on a particular day and date. But those teachings are not limited to that particular period. His spiritual guidelines never get old – they never lose their value.

Baba says, “The books in Ananda Marga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and psychological.” (APH-4, Prápta Vákya and Ápta Vákya)

And indeed Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are His spiritual guidelines that appear in book form.

Let’s take a closer look:

On 1 January 1976, Baba delivered Ananda Vanii #44:

Baba says, “Be firm on sixteen points. Unite all the righteous forces. All the tall talks of the evil forces will be silenced.” (Ananda Vanii #44)

According to some Purodhas, the above original and true Ananda Vanii given by Baba is now irrelevant. That is their justification for creating Fake Ananda Vaniis. But this could be nothing further from the truth.

Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis were relevant for that very day as well as far into the future as well. Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are timeless. Right now, the way to bring about dharma and silence the evil forces is to follow 16 Points strictly. That was true on 1 January 1976 and it is true today, 35 years later. And that same Ananda Vanii will remain true and relevant in 100 years and beyond.

That is why Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are timeless and meant to be used again and again. Indeed He has blessed us by giving His collection of original Ananda Vaniis that address all kinds of circumstances and situations yet also hold eternal value. This is the special quality of the Ananda Vaniis. It is not that those Ananda Vaniis were only meant for that day or for those people in attendance. Those Ananda Vaniis are not like old newspapers. Rather Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are 100% dharmic that are relevant across time, space and person.

Here is another of His original Ananda Vaniis.

Baba says, “It is action that makes a person great. Be great by your sádhaná, by your service, by your sacrifice.” (1 January 1964, Ananda Vanii #20)

This Ananda Vanii is also pure and blemishless and not at all affected by the passage of time. There is no need for groupists to create Fake Ananda Vaniis. Already Baba has given a wonderful collection of 74 original Ananda Vaniis that are as perfect and relevant today as they were on the day they were originally given.

So the notion that certain Dadas needed to create Fake Ananda Vaniis because Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are old and outdated is totally bogus.


Indeed if we accept the bogus logic that Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are old and outdated because they were delivered on a particular date for a certain limited audience, then we have to accept that logic for all of Baba’s teachings: yama and niyama, neo-humanism, Prout, microvita, Prabhat Samgiita, Ananda Sutram, kiirtan, samadhi, etc. All those topics should also be tossed aside too. After all, they were also given on a particular date to a select group of attendees.

Of course no rational Ananda Margii will agree to this. Because we know that all Baba’s teachings are timeless, including His original Ananda Vaniis.

On every topic which Baba addressed, He is speaking for the whole future of humanity, not just for a certain group at a particular juncture of time. Baba is speaking for all that is why He would insist that His talks be recorded, printed and published. Why? Because He was giving timeless teachings for the entire humanity.

So those who give the bogus logic that Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are outdated are totally off-base. This is just their false manner to wield more power.


Another harmful outcome of the Fake Ananda Vaniis is that those born or entering the Marga after 1990 will only be exposed to such Fake Vaniis. Their whole life will pass surrounded by these groupist fabrications and they will not even know that Baba has created a vast and remarkable collection of original Ananda Vaniis. They will miss out on this entirely.

Yet Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are not only timeless but they are highly applicable to a whole range of situations and circumstances. Baba was able to uniquely deliver a message that was addressed a particular topic or theme in a timeless manner.

That is why we can really say that Baba’s collection of original Ananda Vaniis will never become old. They will never be like yesterday’s newspaper. They will always provide a fresh, dharmic and vibrant message – relevant to all kinds of events and human advancement.

So it is a real shame that some are filling this earth with their Fake Ananda Vaniis. We should not allow this to happen a moment longer.


By Baba’s grace He has endowed us with a great collection of original and true Ananda Vaniis that provide the whole humanity with a set of timeless teachings. We must not allow anyone to push Baba’s Vaniis aside as they invent Fake Ananda Vaniis.

Fueled by their own self-interest and lust for power, some Dada have created their own logic for why Baba’s vaniis should not be used. No rational margii will be duped by their false justifications.

Now we all know that Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are perfect and true across time, space and person. These are the Ananda Vaniis we are to use – again and again – and their value is eternal.

Baba says, “What comes from Parama Puruśa is ápta vákya…As devotees, you should follow only ápta vákya. You should remember that the Sixteen Points are your ápta vákya..By the Grace of, by the compassion of Parama Puruśa, you have received the ápta vákya guidelines, and it is your duty to adhere strictly to the teachings and gospel of ápta vákya.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 2, The Excellence of a Bhakta)




In review, Baba’s true Ananda Vanii messages– which He has given twice annually on New Year’s Day and on Ananda Purnima– are very precise and pointed like an arrow. They are complete discourses in and of themselves. They are not part of any larger discourse and they are not just a quote or partial paragraph. Instead, Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis are 100% full & complete and stand as is. Plus they are unique and new in their own special way– never a repeat of previously released material.

In contrast, the Fake Ananda Vaniis are just a quotes selected by groupists from a previously released discourse. To understand that quote one must read the entire discourse. That quote is not meant to stand alone. To read just that quote is misleading and ambiguous. That is why those are Faike Ananda Vaniis.

Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are complete and unique unto themselves. They are pointed, timeless discourses that have universal application across time, space and person.


“Jhainjha’ jadi a’se jujhite shakati dio…” (P.S. #1783)


Baba, You are my Saviour. If in my life a hurricane or typhoon comes, then You please provide me the strength to fight and face that negative situation. And give me the strength to struggle and persevere.

Baba, if ever in my life lethargy and frustration comes, then please provide me strength to hold onto Your feet. And to go on moving on Your path. Baba, by Your grace I am treading on Your path. You please color my mind with Your color in all situations. During both pleasure and pain.

With Your divine grace, if my mind becomes radiant then it cannot be covered by staticity during times of cimmerian darkness. Please grant me strength to follow Your dictates.

Baba, please grace me and give me the force to go on marching on the path of effulgence, in an undaunted way moving ahead. And please give me strength by Your grace, to jump up and take on ever-new tasks to serve the downtrodden people.

And please bless me by Your Varabhaya mudra. So in my life, I never feel fear or cowardice to fight against demonic forces. Baba, in all the circumstances I am completely depending on Your grace. Without Your grace, nothing is possible…


Who is blessed one?

Baba says, “The man who is intelligent should, from his very childhood,

move along the path of proto-spirituality. The sooner a man starts and

moves along this path of psycho-spirituality, the better it is. He is the

blessed one.” (AV-12, p.75)

Note: With the start of this happy new year we should once again reflect

how Baba has graced us by providing us all the tools and teachings for

moving along the path of spirituality. So again with renewed vigor we

should be more firm and more sincere in our adherence to Sixteen Points.


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Date: 14 May 2011 06:27:02 -0000

From: “Bhavanath Rajpal”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: The Value of Purports



Note: With Ananda Purnima approaching (May 17) the various groups are readying to release their Fake Ananda Vaniis. Yet we all know only Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis should be used for such occasions. All should be alert about this.


Of all Baba’s divine teachings, Ananda Vaniis are some of the most rare.

His discourses number in the thousands; His talks on dharma number in the

hundreds; even His sutras of Ananda Sutram top the century mark being 125

in total. However in this universe there are only 74 original and true

Ananda Vaniis. So they are something quite unique– yet also a bit overlooked.

Here below are some important points about the great significance of Ananda

Vaniis. And in particular why we should be vigilant to get the purports of

these magnificent and eternal guidelines.

This letter investigates why the various groups must stop creating their fake Ananda Vaniis.


All along it has been the standard practice for Baba’s discourses to be

translated into as many languages as possible– but never was further

explanation given about a particular discourse by Baba Himself. Classes may

have been offered later on by this or that acarya, but Baba never would

deliver a discourse and then directly afterwards give further explanation

about that very discourse. This was not done. Reason being that His

discourses are already explanatory in nature and contain numerous stories,

analogies, and descriptions in order to make the matter perfectly clear and


In contrast, with His Ananda Vaniis the case is totally different. They are

pointed, distilled teachings given in concentrated form– hence they demand

further elaboration and explanation. For this reason Baba Himself was

delivering purports for His Ananda Vaniis during DMC itself.

As many are aware, Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are only a few lines in length and

Baba Himself would write it down in His own handwriting. And then that very

Vanii was read aloud at DMC in all the languages. Directly afterwards Baba

Himself would give a line by line explanation of the Ananda Vanii. This

would happen for half-an-hour or more. So you can imagine how much He used

to say. So He Himself would give the initial explanation and thereafter

others were invited to speak and share their understanding of the Vanii–

and during that period Baba would often interject in order to lovingly

guide the Margii speaker.

But always the system was that first the Vanii would be read in the

various languages; second Baba would provide His own explanation or

purport; and then others were also called up to comment and say something.

This was the regular pattern.

All done in this fashion because Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are so dense and

intensely concise.

Altogether His Ananda Vaniis are similar to the Samgacchadhvam mantra, Guru

Puja, etc in that a discourse is needed to provide the meaning of the

mantra. Likewise Baba was giving extended purports of His Ananda Vaniis to

provide further insight about their meaning.

So by this way we can understand that Baba’s original and true Ananda

Vaniis are very concentrated and very pointed. Treating them as ordinary

discourses is not at alll appropriate since Baba used to give explanations

or purports for those very Ananda Vaniis.


In addition, Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are similar to the case of Prabhat Samgiita

and Ananda Sutram in that Baba has given purports for each of these three

genres. Baba’s original Ananda Vaniis are about inspiration and moving

ahead whereas Prabhat Samgiita comes within the scope of aesthetic &

supra-aesthetic science and Ananda Sutram is our philosophical treatise.

But all three are similar in that they all fall in the same unique

category– as they all demand further explanation such that Baba Himself

has given purports for all these three teachings.


In contrast this quality or concentrated approach is not present in the

quotes of His regular discourses. Hence when groupist leaders take a few

lines from one of the standard discourses and falsely present that as an

Ananda Vanii then that is terribly degrading. Rather that is nothing but a

Fake Ananda Vanii. And those doing this are culprits since they are

degrading the real status of Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis.

More about this is written further below.


As we all know, Baba has given a title for all His discourses discourse.

Thus extracting lines from a particular discourse and retitling those

lines as Ananda Vanii is totally wrong. This is all non-sense as one

cannot give a quote as Ananda Vanii. Because Ananda Vanii’s are in a

totally different league. Calling such quotes as Ananda Vaniis is

violatingBaba’s system– and against Baba’s desire.


Baba is Parama Purusa and all He has given is apta vakya– eternal truth,

so why should some things be discarded or marked as being outdated or be

replaced by something entirely Fake. Rather we should celebrate the dharmic

quality and everlasting value of Baba’s original Ananda Vanii.


Baba says, “If you think that you are the child of Parama Purusa and have

come to this world to accomplish the job assigned by Parama Purusa, that

you are never alone and that you are a small baby always sitting on the lap

of Parama Purusa, why should you be afraid of anything? There is no reason

to be afraid of anything.” (PNS-7, p.63)




With Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis it is important to read

them several times in order to get the full meaning and value. Because they

are concentrated teachings of pure dharma. In contrast the present day fake

Ananda Vaniis are quite different. They are from an existing discourse and not

meant to stand alone. To understand those lines one must read the full discourse.

Whereas Baba’s true and original Ananda Vaniis are special messages that

are different from His teachings in the discourses. The main thing being

that they are very dense and full of unseen wisdom. That is why without proper

explanation many may not properly understand Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis.


All know that Baba has given purports for Ananda Sutram & Prabhat

Samgiita– as those purports have made it into book form. But nowadays the

purports of Ananda Vaniis are not at all being recognised. Some got

recorded and some not. But none are being recognised or referred to. When

surely many years worth of Baba’s purports of Ananda Vaniis were recorded

and heard by one and all in the DMC pandal itself. So these explanations

should be accepted as discourses. A call then must be put forth to recover

and print those pristine purports which Baba has given for Ananda Vaniis.


As Ananda Margiis, we know that Baba has always utilized each and every day

to bestow upon us innumerable new teachings and countless special

guidelines. Often that has come in the form of a discourse or Prabhat

Samgiita or field walk etc. In that way each and every discourse or Prabhat

Samgiita song is dated and marked where it has been given.

Of course, though, every bhakta clearly understands that the given

discourse or Prabhat Samgiita song has eternal and permanent value. No one

thinks that the discourse was only useful on that particular day when it

was given and that thereafter it has no relevance. None think in this manner.

Rather we all consider that the discourse which Baba has given is a

universal teaching that transcends time, space, and person– and that the

attached date is for record purposes only. In that way all Baba’s divine

teachings can be organised in chronological fashion yet retain their own

original integrity timeless quality.

Hence the matter is straightforward & clear.

Unfortunately, though, Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis are not

getting treated in that same dharmic fashion. Because although Ananda

Vaniis are eternal in nature and universal in application, some persons are

limiting the relevance of a given Ananda Vanii to a particular date and

year. They think that every Ananda Vanii is of January 1 of such-&-such

year or of Ananda Purnima of such-and-such year and that now it is

outdated. This is their misguided outlook.

So in that way Baba’s divine and timeless Ananda Vaniis are not getting

their duly deserved eternal status.

Yet just as Ananda Sutram is of a universal and timeless value, same is

that case with our Ananda Vaniis. They can be referred to and studied again

and again just like various sutras, but this is not being done.

Means Ananda Vaniis are not respected as being an eternal guidelines;

rather some off the mark people wrongly consider Ananda Vaniis to be

limited to a particular time and place.

Yet just as the sutras of Ananda Sutram are treated as key points of AM

philosophy, in the same way all the inspirational guidelines which Baba has

given as Ananda Vaniis deserve that same sanctified status. But instead

they are often treated as or reduced to something temporary or passing. As

if the Vanii of 1st January 1961 no longer applies to today’s world and

that that Vanii itself is just a point of history– nothing more. When true

devotees know that all Baba’s Ananda Vaniis are eternal guidelines,

applicable to numerous situations.

So that injustice has been done to our Ananda Vaniis.

Overall then we must work to restore the proper sanctity and reverence of

Ananda Vanii. Nobody tries to relegate Prabhat Samgiita or Baba’s

discourses to a specific place or person or date– thinking that they are


Similarly we cannot allow certain groupist to state / blame that Baba’s

original Ananda Vaniis have gotten old like one outdated crusty newspaper.

But some are doing like that– so that should be corrected.

Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis are times and should be contemplated

and read again and again.


“Toma’r liila’ tumii bojha, a’ro keu ta’ha’ bujhite ki pa’re…” (P.S. 722)


Baba, You are so loving and unique. Only You can understand Your divine

liila. No one except You can know the way You are playing liila. Who can

understand Your liila? Before understanding the liila of Liilamaya (Liila

Personified), I will have to realise You, the Liilamaya. In order to

understand the divine play I will have to realise You, the Controller.

Baba, You are my Heart of hearts.

Why does the sun rise in the east. And why does it always set in the

west. And why does it make a purple coloured sunset. Why do all these

things happen? Baba only You know. And why only one moon is floating in the

sky, yet by that way the night becomes effulgent with the moonlight. Why do

such things occur? Who arranges all these affairs? Why this liila? Who is

behind these things? Baba, only You know.

To know Your liila is impossible. Why snow forms on the high peaks of

the mountains; and why the color of the sky is blue; and why pearls have a

brilliant white colour. Why each and everything has its own inherent

qualities. Who can understand all this– only You Baba.

Baba, please grace me to understand and realise You. Baba to understand

Your liila is very difficult. That is why I have only one desire– to

understand You. And without Your grace it is not possible. Please grace me,

O’ Liilamaya….


Fight Against Death

Baba says, “The inner motivation of ta’n’d’ava is the following:

‘Destruction is inevitable, but I will continue to fight against

destruction through struggle’. So there is a skull in one hand and a dagger

in the other. The skull represents destruction, and the dagger represents

fight. The underlying feeling is ‘I will not surrender to destruction or

death. I will continue the struggle with this dagger’.” (9 Nov 1978 Calcutta)

1. In the aforesaid guideline, Baba is teaching the inner spirit of tandava.

2. Usually in this materialistic world, people fear death immensely.

Tandava is the solution.

3. During the daytime tandava must always be done with a skull and dagger,

as they are visible then.

4. But when it is dark, then a lit fire torch or flame (masha’la) should be

used. And the spirit of tandava should be remembered so that fear of death

will be eliminated from the mind.

5. This tandava dance is the only physical exercise of the brain.


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From: “Karma Rasa Deva”


Subject: Baba Has Given Everything…

Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 19:22:38 +0000












Our blessed holiday of Ananda Purnima is coming soon. That is one of

the most glorious occasions in our Marga. We all gather and celebrate His

Divine advent.


Unfortunately, since 1990, this highly devotional occasion has been riddled

by one dogma: The issueing of Fake Ananda Vaniis by one or more groups.


Here is the story about that and how we must rid this dogma from our AM






Since some time the discussion has going on how we can solve the problem

of the Fake Ananda Vanii. Because since 1991 every year, two times we are

receiving some quotes, wrongly named as ‘Ananda Vanii’ by the leading



So, as one solution, in our unit we collectively decided that since we

already have 74 Ananda Vaniis, originally given by Baba — then why not

choose one of these for the twice yearly unveiling of an Ananda Vanii

during Ananda Purnima and New Year’s Day.


In that case we will treat that Ananda Vanii as the guideline for the next

six months. And then we will select another one for Ananda Purnima from

Baba’s original collection, “Ananda Vanii Samgraha”.


Thus some margiis think that instead of having some groupist politicians

fabricate a Fake Ananda Vanii, in place of this it is far to select the

Ananda Vaniis from the pool of the Ananda Vanii collection.





Sarvatmanandji created one negative trend in 1991 & according to his own

selfish desire he was selecting one quote and calling it Ananda Vanii. When

in fact he was making Fake Ananda Vaniis. That is why most margiis do not

like what he did as it is against Baba’s system. So ultimately we thought

Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis is enough; let those groupist people

choose their quotes in their dogmatic approach call it what they like– but

we do not appreciate what they are doing.


Margiis requested those groupist persons to follow Baba’s system and select

an Ananda Vanii from amongst Baba’s perfect jewels of 74 Ananda Vaniis–

however because of their dogmatic mind they do not like to listen and they

got stuck up in their dogma. But by Baba’s grace, rational margiis from my

unit firmly maintained that we must adhere to Baba’s teachings. Let those

groupist people do what they are doing– but we will follow Baba.





Nowadays various margiis also give the proper logic, that as in Ananda

Sutram there are 85 Sutras. So it is very limited in number-since it is not

hundreds of thousands. Similarly we have limited DMC discourses which is

also not several thousand. And we know that only DMC discourses can be

printed as Subhasita Samgraha. Not others.


Only one Supreme Command we have, not many. Doing Guru Puja, we have only

four slokas, not hundreds and thousands. Because Baba has given everything

in a very pointed and concentrated way. So people should not feel that AM

ideology is very, very difficult to study and understand. But surely if it

would have been fifty thousand sutras in Ananda Sutram, and twenty thousand

DMC discourses, or several hundred mantras of our sadhana or several

thousand Vaniis then it would have been a problem.


But in truth Baba has made it very easy and graspable.





On the other side we see that the Hindu religion has thousands of

ritualistic things– and similar type of dogma is there in all the

religions. They do not have simple, straight-forward, pin-pointed

teachings. So they are all confused about their do’s and don’ts. By that

way, the common public thinks that to understand the scripture is not an

easy job. It is the work of priests only. Seeing the opportunity, priests

exploit the common mass profusely. To not allow this situation in Ananda

Marga, Baba gave His teaching in a very concentrated way. So that our

slogan is – “Dharma for All.”


So in the meeting it was concluded, that our duty is to follow bhagavad dharma

so we should follow those Ananda Vaniis which He has graciously given us.

And we should select each time only one from this pool. And treat it as the

present Ananda Vanii of that occasion – New Year’s or Ananda Purnima.


What is the need to select some quote and treat it as the new Ananda

Vanii. And finally add in the Ananda Vanii collection book, and go on

multiplying the number of vaniis each and every year. And in the course of

several hundred years, the number of quotes will increase to more than the

actual Vaniis. So everything will be mess, chaotic.


One other margii emphasized that in true sense there is no need to create

Fake Ananda Vaniis from random quotes. After all, that is a quote. A quote

is quote – but a piece of a different discourse whereas an Ananda Vanii is

an Ananda Vanii – a full discourse unto itself.


So quotes and Ananda Vaniis are two different things – non-interchangeable.


We know there are many sutras which Baba gave in DMC that He did not

include in Ananda Sutram. In that case we must not include those in Ananda Sutram.

Nor can we call it a sutra of Ananda Sutram.


Similarly, Baba’s quote from various discourses, cannot be treated as

Baba’s Ananda Vanii. They are not the same thing.


Discussing all these, everyone became satisfied that Baba gave total 74

Vaniis and it is enough. From there we will select, and every year we will

do like this. When the time will come then we will select another one from

this Ananda Vanii Samgraha book. So tomorrow we will have our dharmacakra

and decide what will be the Ananda Vanii for 2010 occasion of Ananda Purnima.



Karma Rasa







“Tumi yadi bha’lo ba’so keno na’hi a’so ka’che…” (PS 3039)




Baba, by Your grace, I have so much love for You. If You love me then

why don’t You come close. Baba, please come in the depths of my heart– I

am calling You. O’ Divine Entity, why are You smiling from a distance in

Your extremely charming and captivating form. Why are You not coming close

so I can hold You tightly and make You mine.

O’ my Dearmost, I have been waiting with great anticipation for Your

arrival, but, alas, You are remaining far away– beyond my reach. Baba, in

the disappointment and sadness of Your not coming, in that hopelessness the

braids in my hair have become loose and fallen. My exquisitely threaded

flower garland which I made exclusively for You has become dried up and

fallen to the ground, on the dusty floor. O’ Rupamaya [1], O’ Divine

Entity, with the tears pouring from my coloured eyes, everything in this

expressed universe is floating away.


Baba, I have heard that You remember everything and that You never

forget anything; I have heard that You keep everyone in Your mind, always.

All are Your very close. O’ Divine One, at last You have satisfied my

heart. By Your grace, You have come to me in the madhavii garden and

saturated each & every pore of my mind with Your heavenly sweetness. Baba,

You have graciously filled my heart with Your love; You have showered Your

grace and made me Yours…





[1] Rupamaya: [‘Rup’ means ‘form’ and ‘may’ means ‘consisting of’.] This is

one of the innumerable names of Parama Purusa that describes one of His

infinite qualities: Namely, how He has graciously come in the form. By His

wish He has manifested Himself and come in His charming form. That is why

one of the names of Parama Purusa is Rupamaya.




One Riddle


Baba says, “Once King Akbar said, ‘Birbal, can you please tell me something

which will make a happy man unhappy and an unhappy man happy?’ Birbal replied, ‘Aesa’ din nahi rahega’– This day will not last forever’. (AV-4, p. 80)


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From: “R Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Re: I do not Belong to any Group

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 14:16:05 +0000






~ Part 4 ~



Everyone knows that in AM we are to follow Baba. His way is our way–

not any groupist, double-groupist, or triple-groupist approach.


Unfortunately, one new syndrome has sprouted in AM where some are

claiming, ‘I do not belong to any group’, but in truth they are

double-groupists or even multi-groupists.




A person says, ‘I do not belong to any group’, yet during AM programs

they read out Fake Ananda Vaniis from all the groups. Thus they are

double groupists because they are following the dogma of two different



Here is another example.


A person says, ‘I do not belong to any group’, yet they attend both the

dogmatic Mahaprayan program as well as the dogmatic Jamalpur tiirtha

program. Hence once again they are double groupists because they are

following the dogma of two different groups.


Of course, we should not follow the dogma of any group, but now what is

happening is that in the name of not being part of any group, some are

following the dogmas of all the groups.


In this latest schema then, a person can be a double, triple, or even

multi-groupist. That is the unfortunate way things are unfolding at

present in our Marga.





The same tragedy befell dogmatic religious worshipers in India. As more

and more deities came into being, simple worshipers began honoring all

the gods. In the beginning people were following Lord Shiva, just like

Ananda Margiis were meditating on Baba. But then as time went on, more

and more deities came into being and those worshipers of Lord Shiva

began incorporating all those dogmatic deities into their prayer system,

until there became an entire plethora of gods and goddesses: So many

idols, so many pujas, so many deities etc. This type of dogmatic

pluralism is the chief downfall of religion in India. And Baba strongly

condemns this faulty approach in His discourse, ‘Omnkarnath & Ista Mantra’.


In a strikingly similar pattern, in the beginning Ananda Margiis were

only following Baba. There was no question of doing anything else. But

after 1990 groupism started and ever since more and more groups and

sub-groups are sprouting up– just like mushrooms in a cow field. In

that event, some naive and some opportunistic people have begun

following the dogmatic ways of multiple groups. They attend a groupist

seminar here, participate in someone else’s Mahaprayan program, read

another group’s Fake Ananda Vanii, go to yet another rally, support one

group’s puppet BP candidate, and so many things they are doing. They are

following all the groupist dogmas– they are double or even

triple-groupists– yet all the while proclaiming, ‘I do not follow any






This tragic phenomenon of double groupism and multi-groupism must be

completely eliminated from our Marga. Single groupism must also be

stopped. But this double and triple groupism is even worse as it

reinforces all the dogmas: Scriptural distortions, Fake Ananda Vaniis,

MPD, tiirthas, wrong seminar system, and so much other nonsense.


So when anyone says, ‘I do not belong to any group’, then we must watch

them carefully and see if in actuality they are really a double or

triple groupist. Unfortunately, this is the way things have been taking

shape lately.





By Baba’s grace, all groupism– single, double, triple, and multi– will

vanish from our Marga in the wake of following one pristine,

neo-humanistic ideology.


Baba says, “Universalism does not depend upon any relative factor, hence

it is free from the vices of ism. Ism thrives on the angle of group

interest…Those who are eager to establish peace should

shake off [groupism] and other allied isms.” (PNS-4)








Right now, huge group clash is going on, but their fight is purely personal, i.e.

according to their selfish agendas. To undertake a truly dharmic stand, certain

ideological integrity must be maintained. The below letter reviews critical

ideological issues that must be addressed.


















“Pathe pathe ghuri toma’rei smari, dekhite na’ pa’i keno bolo…” (PS 2904)




Baba, I am wandering around on the path thinking about You. In my

journey of life I am moving ahead, ensconced in Your divine ideation. By

Your grace my life is passing in this way. Baba, even then I am not

getting You. I am putting forth effort in my sadhana but I am not

getting Your close proximity nor Your sweet, divine touch. Baba, I am

not feeling Your intimate closeness in the way I desire; please tell me

why that is. Baba, Your karuna’* is my sadhana. When You shower Your

grace compassion then my sadhana is blissful– otherwise my sadhana is

dry. So I am just depending on You completely. When You shower Your

karuna’ then that is my sadhana. Baba, why are You playing this type of

liila with me– why are You not always coming in close to me in my

meditation. Why do You remain so elusive.


Baba, You are the Goal of everyone’s dhyana. You are the Ista. Baba,

You are the dearest One; You are the terminus. In everyone’s mind and

heart, You are the most venerable one: You are varaniiyo. Baba, until

one gets You, they cannot be satisfied. You are the eternal and infinite

Source. Only You can satiate everyone’s heart. That is why everyone

loves You and yearns for You. Baba, please bring complete satiation to

everyone’s mind; please light the lamp of devotion. Sometimes my sadhana

goes up; sometimes it goes down. Baba, please light the lamp of devotion

in my heart so that it remains eternally effulgent.


Baba, although I want You to come close and sit and talk with me so I can see You,

although this is my desire but You do not come close. You are not coming

according to my desire. Baba, in that case, go on playing Your divine

liila; there is no harm. Because by Your grace whenever I call You– I

easily get You in the deep core of my heart. By Your grace I see that

You are sitting there smiling. For that very reason, I have surrendered

all my love unto You. It is Your grace. Baba, I want You– You are my

dearmost. Please make me ensconced in the depths of Your ideation,

eternally forever and ever.


Baba, with Your ahetuki krpa, please shower me with Your parabhakti…





Eternal Source of Energy


Baba says, “Because each and everybody in this universe gets energy

from Parama Purusa, He is the Supreme Source of energy.”

“This earth and all the other planets and satellites of this solar

system get their energy from the sun. The sun is the source of their

energy. But He is the source of the sun’s energy. And that’s why He is


“And that’s why I have said that there won’t be any thermal death of

this universe. Because He is jvalantam, He is present, and He will be

present forever. So there won’t be any shortage of energy in this cosmic

system, though there may be a shortage of energy in some particular

portion of the earth or the cosmos.” (AV-3, p. 26-27)



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From: “Shantatma Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Re: ‘I do not Belong to any Group’

Date: Thu 17 Mar 2011 09:43:24






~ Part 3 ~



With the upcoming meeting on 25 – 27 Mar just a few days away we must

all keep ourselves alert to the central problem that has plagued

our organisation since 1990.


Here we again reflect on what it is like to be a Wt, and even margii,

in today’s factional climate as well as what it means to be part be

wholly independent of any groupist affiliation.


It is not at all easy being a Dada or acarya in this present era:

Groupism is rampant, donations are down, and so many things are going

on. So it just is not an easy, time. If one does not acquiesce to

groupist demands and factional pressures, then often Dadas are

marginalised and victimised.


That is why, in this present era, I have full sympathy and deep regard

for those who are trying to sincerely carry out their duty of acarya:

Teaching sadhana and morality, and following 16 Pts etc. And if anyone

has the courage and strength to openly declare, ‘I am not a groupist, I

do not belong to any group’, then I truly hold them in high regard.


And I hope others will also consider the above when assessing the

strength of our Dadas.





Within that niche of acaryas– amongst those who claim not to be

affected by the tidings of any group– there are a few who undermine the

sanctity of the proclamation, ‘I do not belong to any group’.


Because that particular statement carries a strong vibration, expresses

a wonderful courage, puts forth a call to dharma, yet if in saying that

one continues to follow the various groupist dogmas, then that is not at

all good. And it stains the very glory of the statement, ‘I do not

belong to any group’.


For example, if one says, ‘I do not belong to any group’, but then reads

out the Fake Ananda Vaniis from all the groups– as happened at one

retreat– then can we really say that Dada is not a groupist. Because

what should have been done is that one of Baba’s original and true

Ananda Vaniis should have been read at Ananda Purnima, not some groupist

concoction / Fake Ananda Vanii.


Similarly, come the time of the dogmatic Mahaprayan or dogmatic Jamalpur

tiirtha, then a Dada who claims, ‘I do not belong to any group’, should

not then be recruiting margiis to attend these factional programs. Yet

that is what we see happening.


And the strange thing is that, some of these so-called non-groupist

Dadas do not just partake in the events of one faction, they indulge in

the groupist dogmas of all the camps. Because by that way they get extra

money, good food, a desirable posting, and other perks. So this scene is

not at all becoming of an acarya, and it undermines those sincere Dadas

who truly are keeping groupism at arms length.





All this brings the question then, ‘What does it mean not to belong to

any group?’.


Does it merely mean not putting your name on their groupist roll call,

yet participating in all their functions: Attending meetings of every

group and rallying around all their dogmatic ceremonies like Mahaprayan

and Jamalpur tiirtha programme, manipulated BP elections, and scriptural

distortions etc. Obviously not.


Not belonging to any group means not getting mixed up in or following

any groupist dogma. That is the cent-per-cent meaning of that statements.


So if one Dada bravely ascertains, ‘I do not belong to any group’, then

we must first watch and see if they read out Fake Ananda Vaniis, or if

they take money on the side from any group, or if they convince others

to attend the dogmatic Mahaprayan programme, or if they attend any

groupist meeting.


Why do I say like this, why write such a letter. Because now, opposing

groupism has become the fashion. It is in vogue.


Hence various Dadas are telling, ‘I do not belong to any group’, as they

think then margiis will give them due respect and support them

financially etc. For that reason, various Dadas tell like that. It is a

winning proclamation: ‘I do not belong to any group’.


But that phrase is rendered meaningless the moment such Dadas attend any

groupist party as a so-called ‘outsider’ or ‘neutral person’.


That does not exist. It is just like saying that, ‘One is not part of

any crime gang, yet one accompanies various thieves of different gangs

when they rob banks or steal from old ladies etc. Then the whole idea of

saying, ‘I do not belong to any gang’ is absolutely meaningless, nay



Similarly, to say, ‘I do not belong to any group’, but then to

participate in all kinds of groupist dogmas and factional meetings is

totally hypocritical. Yet so many Dadas do like this.





And that has, at minimum two negative reactions or poor effects.


Firstly, it undermines the integrity of those Dadas who really are not

supporting any group or any factional agendas.


Secondly, it fails to support our AM mission. Because our aim is to put

forth Baba’s ideals, yet if one is mixed up in groupism in any way,

shape, or form, then it is then impossible to be an example of Baba’s

teachings. Then one can never propagate the ideals of AM.


Hence, if any Dada is giving lip service to the phrase, ‘I do not belong

to any group’, but then lending his mind and body to all kinds of

groupist propaganda from all the various factions, then their stance is

totally hypocritical. And, please excuse me, but they are ruining their



In a sense, then they are worse than groupist captains like

Sarvatmananda and Rudrananda etc. Because those group leaders at least admit

to being part of a particular camp and they only follow the dogma of

their group; whereas various Dadas say they are not part of any group,

yet then follow the dogmas of all the groups. In that sense such

so-called non-groupist are worse than Sarvatmananda and Rudranana

because (a) they are being hypocritical, and (b) they are following more






I consider the ideal of an acarya to be one of the highest things of

life, and those can only be acaryas if they are free from any groupist

tendency. Merely saying, ‘I do not belong to any group’, and then

succumbing to each and every groupist dogma like Fake Ananda Vanii and

manipulated BP elections, does not qualify one as a non-groupist, let

alone an acarya.


Baba says, “Those who have the responsibility to show the path to others

should be of superlative character with the most refined conduct. They

and their followers must move constantly towards all-round development

and shreya [ultimate spiritual attainment]. Persons who teach such

well-regulated behaviour to others by their own conduct are called

a’ca’ryas…The a’ca’rya should give direction and guidance in every

work, big or small. When he is to impart any duty to anyone, he should

be strict, strong and exact, like a diamond. He should never consider

social position, wealth, rank, etc.” (AV-31)


As Baba tells us above, a true acarya must be strict on the path of

dharma not be swayed by any group sentiment; and this must be reflected

in their conduct, not just in their parrot-like tongue that speaks, ‘I

do not belong to any group’.





By His divine grace, we will overcome this problem of groupism and the

first step is by recognising who is who. Only those who sincerely adhere

to Baba’s mandates– renouncing groupism in thought, word, and deed–

can be thought of as being true in their sadhana and mission of life.

Recognising such persons and following them will lead to greatness and

the end of groupism.


Baba says, “That is why I say that you will have to dedicate yourselves

to His feet wholly and unreservedly. You will earn godliness in

proportion to the extent that you surrender yourselves, and finally,

after merging that acquired godliness of yours in His Entity, you will

attain eternal bliss.” (Subháśita Saḿgraha Part 3)















“Toma’ke peyechi a’mi…ahetukii krpa’ kare nebe ele dhara’ dite..” -PS





Baba, You came in my sadhana with Your sweet effulgence. I got You in my

mind. I want to remain holding You up to eternity. My mind does not agree to

leave You at any cost, in any condition. I will not leave You. I did not have

proper sadhana so with Your grace, You hold me. Not because of my sadhana or

virtue. By Your causeless grace, You came down and let Yourself be held by me.

Oh Baba…




Meaning of Baba’s Blessing


Baba says, “That which leads to one’s physical, psychic and spiritual

well-being is called ‘hita’; that which leads to one’s psychic and

spiritual well-being is ‘kalya’n’a’; and that which leads to one’s

spiritual well-being is ‘ks’ema’.” (AV-8, p. 47)



Note 1: Most of the time at the end of His discourses Baba gives His

blessing, Kalya’n’amastu– “that which leads to one’s psychic and spiritual

well-being”. But unfortunately in English translated books the editors have

simply written it as “Let there be welfare”. Obviously then this is not working



Because the term ‘welfare’ is commonly used in crude materialistic

societies where there is no sense of spirituality or Godhood. And Baba’s

blessings are always related with Divine blessings; as Guru as Parama Purusa,

as Taraka Brahma, as Mahasambhuti– He blesses divinely. But that divine

quality is conspicuously absent or missing entirely from the mundane term



So when our new margiis read, “Let there be welfare”, then they may think

that it is related with a court case, or children’s problems, or getting

some unemployment bonus etc. Because even here in India the Social Welfare

Department is just one mundane group that distributes food rations at a

lower profit or helps in flood circumstances, or does other types of

external dealings etc. Means they do not do anything in the realm of

spirituality– and in all the countries it is like this. That the ‘Welfare

Dept’ is just involved in crude things.


The culminating idea is that: Baba’s blessing is divine and welfare is a

mundane term.


Note 2: Sometimes Baba gives His blessing saying Kalya’n’amastu, sometimes

Baba begins His blessing with Hita’, and sometimes with Ks’ema’, but in

each case the editors of our AMPS books incorrectly put “Let there be welfare”.


Hence the editors of the various books are responsible for such blunders.

It is our dharmic duty that such errors should be corrected according to Baba’s



Note 3: Specifically in AV-34, p.37 the mistake appears in the book like



“Kalya’n’amastu [Let there be welfare]”


So this is a wrong and misguided translation that the editors did.



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