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This (see below) is done by the semitic religions. They do not think that an animal has a soul. There are other religions that may eat meat but they do not adhere to this philosophy. If you have any questions then please write.

“At one time people were told that this world is for human enjoyment only, so the existence of all the plants, of all the birds and animals, in the world is intended merely to provide objects of enjoyment for human beings. Their hopes and aspirations, their intense desire to live, their pains and pleasures, their affectionate family or community lives are simply without value. However much a baby goat may wish to live, the main consideration is how much meat that kid carries on its frame. This defective philosophy has made people ruthlessly violent – even more dangerous than blood-thirsty tigers. Tigers kill only to fill their stomachs, to preserve their physical existence; whereas human beings kill animals mostly out of greed. Generally people have resorted to hypocrisy to camouflage this instinct of greed; they have killed animals on the pretext of pleasing the gods, while actually their main motive in doing so was to please their own tongues. These are all the inevitable results of such defective philosophies.” (Namah Shiváya Shántáya, Disc: 14)

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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 23:10:49 -0000
From: “Gurumurti”
Subject: Consequences of Earning by Harming Others


This entire email is composed of 3 parts:
1) Posting: Consequences of Earning by Harming Others
(2) Reader Comment: re: B Group Selling Live Aquatic Animals to Kill & Eat
(3) Trailer Quote: Deceased Can’t Receive Your Offerings
(4) Prabhat Samgiita #3378

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).


When one’s goal is materialism, then people take big steps to move towards that end. And they ultimately reach there because they think matter is everything and that is what they are focusing on. That means for them money is regarded as the cream of life. Money is the most cherished thing. And that brings them to the abode of extreme materialism.

To achieve that, then through positive or negative ways – through right or wrong livelihood, people aim to earn money. Yet, in both cases, for those with good or harmful jobs, their situation is bad. Because in either case, they are accepting money as the goal of their life. And that degenerates their mind.


All these following quotes also lead in the same direction. Namely that indiscriminately running after money will ruin one’s present life and destroy one’s future. This is Baba’s explicit warning.

Baba says, “You may know some people whose minds always run after money. You might have asked them to sit down for a while and have a chat, and been surprised by their excusing themselves, saying they were so busy and had to rush off to the stock exchange. If their pursuit of money is hampered in any way, if it eludes their grasp, if they are totally severed from it, their minds will lose their base and they will die.” (1)

Baba says, “Do not be extrovertial, do not go ahead towards your own destruction since once you have fallen into the grip of crudeness it is well-nigh impossible to get released from it. The abyss shall devour you and you shall miss the pole star of your life.” (2)

Baba says, “All crude objects on which people base their hopes and aspirations will certainly disappear one day, for the nature of this relative world is ‘ta agacchati sah gacchati’ – whatever comes goes. When people are deserted by their crude objects of desire they are eaten away by frustration and disappointment, and die a miserable death. (3)

Baba says, “I heard that once, when the currency was devalued, a wealthy jute merchant suddenly died because all the aspirations of his life were based on money. He could not face the prospect of having to part with his cherished object of desire.” (4)

Unfortunately around the globe all are running fast after the supposed glories of American materialism. Little do they know that already, much of the US population has become sunk in soot – in the pool of selfishness, where countless suffer from depression, anxiety, obesity, and so many physical and mental diseases. This is not to discredit the American people. There are many good US citizens leading honest and decent lives. The tragedy is how rampant materialism has led to the degradation and demise of so many. Wherever the seeds of materialism are sown this horrific outcome will manifest, regardless of the country or community.

So one should be critically aware and pay heed to Baba’s aforementioned warnings.

Because this is what we practically see. During the last big economic downturn in the US during 2008, many took their lives after they witnessed the extreme devaluation and melting of their financial wealth. Thus none should get allured by the horrific ways of materialism.

For money, people are willing to do anything and everything. This we see happening day in, day out. And this brings destruction – both on the individual and societal levels.


Tragically & typically, common people think that by getting money they are paving their golden future. This is their misguided outlook. In reality they are thrusting themselves onto the path of death and destruction as they sink backwards into negative pratisaincara – converting themselves into beasts and ultimately into stone etc.

Ananda Marga philosophy says, “If a person continually gloats over crude material things, his entire existence will be converted into crude matter. In mythology the story goes that Ahalya’ was converted into a stone due to his constant crude ideation. So people who accept matter as their goal, totally denying the existence of Parama Purus’a, tread the path of degeneration and become prakrtiliina devayonis [negative microvita] after death.”

Hence by rampantly moving headlong after money, people ruin their human existence and their future is bleak – torturous. Tragically, that is what the bulk of the population is doing nowadays. Even good and kind-hearted people are affected in this way.


And those who indulge is harmful ways of achieving their goal of money will have to suffer even more. They will have to undergo the negative consequences of their harmful deeds. And that is what is discussed below.


There are countless legal ways that have been invented where people sell their souls to make money. That means they indulge in harmful and lowly dealings to make money and they think it is ok since it is legal.

Now in so many places gambling has become legal and the latest projection is that in a few years legalised gambling will exceed $200 billion. Now there is legalised gambling on the internet, plus as various states and countries face financial hardship, more governments are turning to gambling to heighten revenue. Across the US, every year more states legalise and expand gambling. This is a growing issues that threatens to truly explode with the onset of increased gambling on the web.

Also in the US, some states have legalised marijuana in hopes of heightening revenue in the form of a big drug tax. In some countries prostitution has also become legal.

In the US, one of the biggest sectors of the economy remains the weapons industry. Agencies sell arms and promote wars in various “third-world” nations in order to make a strong economy. This is one of the favoured tactics of the US.

Then there are the usual array of various commodities such as cigarettes, meat, alcohol, harmful medical drugs etc – all of which are legal but have a very detrimental effect on the society. To turn a profit and increase their capital, businessmen, governments, and investors leave all scruples behind and look only at the bottom line.


Why has it become such the rage and so easy to make huge amounts of money doing indecent and degenerated things. Primarily because that is the path of least resistance. All have come from animal life and it is easy for people to submerge themselves in satisfying their base propensities. Because that path is familiar to them. Hence, there is a grand mass of consumers interested in satisfying their base propensities. Various businessmen capitalise on this opportunity.

So if someone puts pornography on the web, a huge sector of the population will seek out that site. Because their mind easily runs in that direction. The proliferation of such pornography leads to the further degeneration of the society – thus leading to a more grand industry of pornography.

That is why Baba has unleashed this following statement denouncing the ways of capitalism etc.

“Crude materialism has done much harm to human society during the last one century. It has misguided the entire human society, it has converted human beings into animals.” (6)



As Ananda Margiis, we should be extremely careful and conscientious on this matter. We should wholly ensure we do not adopt this same harmful path that is being followed by countless people around the globe.

That is why now more than ever we should pay strict adherence to Baba’s guideline of samyak ajiiva (right livelihood). Gaining money through any type of sinful or anti-social means is not at all good for one’s development.

Baba says, “So one must have a clean occupation, that is, one must not do anything antisocial, one must not encourage anything antisocial, anything that goes against collective interest. That is samyak a’jiiva in physical sphere. One may earn money by selling wine. One may earn money by stealing. These are not samyak a’jiiva. Your occupation should be neat and clean – not going against the interest of the society.” (7)

So Baba wants that we have a healthy and clean way of earning a living – and certainly most margiis are doing that.

Even then, the pressures to go counter to this mount each and every day as all around us people stoop to depraved levels in order to make a buck / dollar. But we should not be tempted or allured.


As Ananda Margiis we should keep ourselves neat and clean and guide the society as well. All should earn a clean living and pass their days doing virtuous deeds like serving others, practicing sadhana, and inspiring others along the path of welfare.

By Baba’s grace this is what is going on in our Marga; many are progressing along this benevolent path. And none should step backwards into the mud of materialism – which is surrounding us in all directions.

Baba says, “Unscrupulous people earn a lot of money from actions which are by nature sinful and harmful for the world. Human beings should not earn their livelihood in this way. Their means of livelihood should be pure and sacred and should not harm anyone.” (8)

Here more of Baba’s further teachings of the consequences one must face by earning their living by harming others.


“Those who are demons in human structure are all in categorical forms [fall into various categories]. Although these structures, these frameworks, look like human beings, they are exceptionally clever and cunning. By inculcating various sentiments, they misguide not only thousands, but millions, of people to the path of malevolence, just for some petty social status or other temptation. Common people never think deeply about this; they have not been taught how to think deeply about it; they do not ponder over it even now. Until today this aspect of knowledge has been generally unknown to the world. That is why common people, not fully understanding these cunning people, are inclined to give them undue importance. They write voluminous books about these clever people and accept their words as authentic, thus bringing about considerable harm to the society, the state and the common masses. Simple ignorant people do not realize that they themselves are being harmed or that they, being misguided by those clever people, are harming others.” (9)


“Even if one does not harm anyone physically, but simply thinks of harming someone, sam’skáras will still be created. Whatever feelings one may have for a person, good or bad, will certainly cause a reaction. That reaction will remain in potential form in the subtle mental sphere until the opportune time arrives for its expression. This is why wise people look upon this universe with an attitude of equanimity and pray for the welfare of all. Sarvesám mauṋgalam káunkśe. People who fail to do this will have to suffer endlessly for their mean-mindedness.” (10)


“Who are duśkrtas [the wicked]? Those who cause harm to innocent people either out of self-interest or group-interest are called duśkrtas. Such antisocial people are a burden on a civilized society, a black spot on society. For such people there is only dehátmaváda and dehaparińámaváda [materialistic doctrines of Charvaka philosophy].” (11)


“What a horror! Such false philosophies have taught, “Well, if we exploit the people with our intellect, what’s the harm? It is also a labour to apply the intellect, and we have the right to do so!” On the basis of this argument a handful of parasites have gorged themselves on the blood of millions of people, while countless people have been reduced to living skeletons. Such fraudulent philosophies have diverted many people from the path of morality and left them devoid of dharma, addicted to carnal pleasures – infernal creatures.” (12)


“If someone is engaged in unrighteous deeds, his neighbours should ignore his dark side, and should not repeatedly condemn him. One should say, “Well, I’m not bothered by what he says or does – that’s his own business.” But this attitude of tolerance can only be accepted to a certain extent. If the person’s sinful or wicked actions harm society and disrupt social life, one can no longer afford to be indifferent.” (13)


If anyone harms other by their livelihood, they must face the consequences. Nobody can save them from their fate. They will have to undergo those harsh reactions for the hell they caused unto others. Whether their job was legal or not, if they created harm to individuals and the society, they will have to suffer the reactions.

The concluding idea is that one must not take on work that harms others.

In Him,


Sadly, for the sake of money, people will give up everything – every shred of decency and integrity that they have and stoop to the depths.

For example, they will make themselves or their spouse naked and sell the pictures; they will kill their wife; they will sue their children; they will sell their daughters; they will cheat anybody, anytime. In sum, in this havoc ridden era of materialism, people will do anything & everything to get money.

From heaven to hell people are willing to go to any extreme for the sake of the dollar: Prostitution, gambling, arms dealing, drug trafficking, junk bond selling etc. There are so many legal and illegal degenerating approaches that people adopt to make money. This is not an exaggeration – this is really going on.

Any day one can open the newspaper, go on the web, or take a look around town and see all these things going on. Some are legal and some are illegal, but much of what people are doing in the name of acquiring money is completely outrageous, ludicrous, and destructive, either to themselves or others. I personally know of many innocent people who pass their days earning big money working for drug companies. Such companies do not want to eliminate disease; rather they want everyone to remain sick so they can increase their profits. Nowadays, there are many reports by investigative journalists who have uncovered how drug companies operate. Yet to “get by and advance “in this materialistic era, many innocent and good people spend their entire lives working in this profession.

Of course, people certainly resort to innumerable illegal concoctions as well in order to make money: Drug trafficking, child pornography, gangs, extortion, stealing, smuggling, etc.

For their own desire to acquire monetary wealth, people resort to all kinds of harmful occupations. And they will have to face the harsh and sever consequences. There is no escape.

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Subject: B Group Selling Live Aquatic Animals to Kill & Eat (Candra Deva)
Date: Th, 4 Apr 2013 02:25:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Nagaraja Rao To: AM-GLOBAL


I enjoyed reading this article. You put it all so well . I am sure you and others know that w/t ‘s are selling lot other things too . Not mentionable here in writing due to legal reasons . Perhaps it is best to not allow w/t’ s to do any sort of business at all . when they change their orangerobes and go do the business in various markets and bring the loot and change the dress it’s no longer same dada etc. Dress has been changed for other purposes also like very personal business etc. On and off of wearing dress … robes has a strong negative impact on the person and other margiis also.
Nagaraja rao USA

The section below this mark is an entirely different topic and not related with the subject matter up above.

Deceased Can’t Receive Your Offerings

“Haven’t we any social responsibility for dead persons? When the necessity arises, we should offer shraddhá for them, not barley or wheat or woollen clothes or wrappers or ghee or sesame. What can we do? As long as a man is here in our society we have a social responsibility for him. Human beings are social beings, we have a social responsibility for them. And when the leave this world and go to the other world, they go beyond the scope of our responsibility. We cannot render any service to them. Our social responsibility is over as soon as the cremation is done.”
“So what can we do? We can say “O Parama Puruśa, while that man was with us we tried our best to do whatever we could do. But now they are beyond our scope, they are beyond our jurisdiction, so please do take care of them.” This much of a request can be made by us, and nothing more than that. And the Ananda Marga shráddha is just like that. Here we require no edibles, no clothes or anything else. We offer our shraddhá, and we do nothing else, and we can do nothing else.” (Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 3 – Shraddha)

Note: Baba’s above teaching is cent-per-cent clear and straightforward. When a loved one dies, then we do not offer any physical items – neither food, nor clothing, nor anything else – for their good keeping etc. All we can do is offer our reverence and surrender unto the sweet will of Parama Purusa.

Unfortunately, B group has founded their so-called mahaprayan programme and on that occasion they offer a grand array of edibles and clothing to locals. This is their tamasik approach. Firstly, Parama Purusa is that Eternal Divine Entity so there is no question of His mahaprayan (mpd), yet annually they host such a dogmatic event. Secondly, during their mpd observance, the organisers indulge in various dogmatic offerings – food items, clothes, etc. That is why every rationally-minded Ananda Margii says that the so-called mahaprayan function is pramatta – it is “completely bad from beginning to end.” It holds no redeeming quality whatsoever. Unfortunately, they treat Sadguru as a mortal human being.



“A’ma’r e kat’hin hiya’y, a’sabe tumi ki na’ ja’ni na’…” (PS 3378)


O’ Parama Purusa, You are mine. By Your grace, I am calling Your divine Self again and again – day and night. I want Your close proximity. Whether or not You will grace me by coming to my dry heart, I do not know. If, by mistake, or by any means You come, then that does not matter – that does not count. In that case, You may not stay long. Baba, by Your grace I want You in a more close and intimate way. So that You can remain up to eternity.

O’ Supreme One, by Your grace I have decorated Your divine seat with countless lamps and with a display of light. And by Your grace with all my heart I go on singing Your song of arrival which I have composed in Your ideation, in Your tune, in Your language. Baba, please grace me by coming and taking Your seat in my heart.

O’ my Lord, by Your grace I have so many hopes and aspirations in my mind: I have so many desires and so much love for You. Among all these many desires – whether or not You will grace me and satisfy some of them – that I do not know. Only I request You to please come and satiate my eternal longing for You.

Baba, You are love Personified; I feel in my heart that You will come…

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This entire email is composed of 3 parts:
(1) Posting: B Group Selling Live Aquatic Animals to Kill & Eat
(2) Trailer Quote: Link Between Service & Sadhana
(3) Prabhat Samgiita #2329;

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).


You may know that in many Ananda Marga units in Bengal, many Wts maintain various ponds for cultivating and selling fish in order to earn money. West Bengal is a huge fish-eating region; eating fish is such a way of life that they simply refer to fish as “water fruit.” Just as a desert is filled with cactus plants, similarly all across Bengal there are man-made and natural ponds. They are a common phenomenon. The ponds are maintained to store live fish for this community of fish-eating people.

To capitalize on the situation, certain B group Wts thought they should join in and do this as a business. Those Wts thought that selling fish to the people would be a good way to make money. Here is how it works.

Wherever they have ample space, on various Ananda Marga units they maintain large ponds that are stocked with fish. Then those Wts get the word out that the people are welcome to come and fish those ponds for a fee. Essentially, Wts sell “fishing rights” to locals, and in turn those villagers etc can come and catch and eat the fish from the pond.

The rates may vary from pond to pond, and may vary based on how many fish a person catches etc. But all along the basic idea is one: Wts charge locals a particular amount of money to come and kill the fish. You may have heard about this.

Now it is our duty to consider how far this is consistent with our ideals of neo-humanism.

As Ananda Margiis, we know that we are to honour and respect all forms of life and that we do not condone the cruel killing of any being, including fish.


Baba has given the program of pisciculture, a key system for creating ecological balance and averting and solving the water crisis. Here is how it works.

All kinds of aquatic animals like crabs, oysters, and fish etc should be cultivated in ponds and lakes. By their very presence in those water bodies, that water is cleaned and kept at an optimal level. Trees and other vegetation should be planted around those lakes and ponds. That brings shade to the area, attracts rain clouds, and very importantly, brings birds to the region. Those birds will prevent the over-population of fish, ensuring balance.

The establishment of lakes and ponds is Baba’s system for water conservation. The presence of aquatic animals is key for its success. So that is the right use of fish in the Ananda Marga model of pisciculture.

To kill and eat those fish for human consumption is a direct violation of Baba’s given system.

Prout philosophy says, “Fish should be cultivated in lakes, dams and ponds because they help conserve and purify the water. Small fish can also be cultivated in the paddy fields during the rainy season. Fish are the natural food of birds, so they are an essential part of a balanced ecology.” (1)

Prout philosophy says, “Pisciculture should also be developed in ponds and lakes. The fish help to keep the water clean and the level constant because their breathing creates water and carbon dioxide. The fish inhale oxygen along with water vapour from the atmosphere as well as dissolved oxygen from the water. They synthesize water which is exhaled into the lake. This helps to keep the water in the lake at a constant level. If many fish live in a lake, hundreds and even thousands of gallons of water will be added to the size of the lake in the course of time. Each lake should also have an attached bird sanctuary, because the fish provide food for the birds.” (2)

Thus there is no scope for Wts to sell and kill fish in the name of pisciculture. That is not Baba’s system.


Next Baba points out the hypocritical and bogus way that some humans treat animals. They superficially treat animals as friends one moment and then butcher them the next – often to get a profit. Is this not what B group Wts are doing with their fish.

“Passing through many lives as worms, insects, birds, and animals, they have undergone countless pains, miseries, tortures and humiliations. Take for example the life of a goat. A goat spends its life eating grass, until the day comes when the butcher grabs it, kills it, skins it and sells its flesh piece by piece in the market. That goat at one time had to live such a miserable life. But today it has forgotten all this. Through a process of forward movement, today it may have attained a human life.”
“Human life is more secure than animal life. Many animals live in the jungle where there is something to fear every minute; where the weak are the prey of the strong. To escape this atmosphere of fear and insecurity, many wild animals have sought refuge with human beings. They have been fed grass, leaves and other types of fodder until the right moment came to kill them for their flesh. Even today, this is generally what happens. Animals fully trust human beings; they trust them even up to one minute before their death. But when they see a person approaching them with a weapon in hand, they realize that those they had trusted as their friends are actually their enemies. Although human beings feed their animals, the love or attachment which they have for them is purely external. There is no genuine love in humans. This is how wretched animal life can be.”
“Every human being has had to pass through that sort of painful animal life in the past. But that does not mean we should be the cause of misery for those animals who have taken shelter with us today. On the contrary, we should have a merciful attitude towards them. A woman who has been badly treated or humiliated by her mother-in-law should be careful that she does not treat her daughter-in-law in the same way. Human beings should carry out their duties properly in the external world and should always ensure that no being suffers unnecessarily from any undue mistreatment. In the physical sphere, the rights of all should be protected.” (3)


As responsible human beings and as sadhakas, we should abide by Baba’s following teachings.

“We should live with the policy of “Live and let others live”.” (4)

Ananda Marga philosophy says, “For each and every living entity one’s personal life is the dearest thing. One loves one’s personal life very much. This is the rule, this is the characteristic of all living beings. But those people who understand this sentiment of living beings and love others with the thought, “I should not kill, I should not give them any trouble because they love their life as much as I love my own life”, are true sádhus and those who lack this sentiment are not sádhus, they are asádhu. Preaching the gospels of peace, and at the same time slaughtering chickens, is not a proper thing for a sádhu because the one who kills the chickens loves his life and the chickens also love their own lives. So that man lacks the universal sentiment of love. He is not a sádhu. A sádhu must be vegetarian.” (5)

Thus it is very clear that we should allow other beings to joyously live their lives, and we should not needlessly harm or kill them. That is our ethic in Ananda Marga. And that is Baba’s teaching. Certainly every Ananda Margii understands this.

Even then many of those Wt’s in Bengal have their set justification. They say, “What is wrong; we are not killing the fish; we are just charging the local people to come and catch fish on our land. If they did not fish on our land, they would fish somewhere else.” This is their rationalisation.

By that reasoning then, a villager would be able to invites goondhas (rough criminals) to come to his area and rob the local people, and in return that villager would get a percentage of the looting or booty.

So the justification given by those Wts does not hold any value.


That is not the only justification they give…

B group workers also give the false justification that by keeping such fish ponds they are following Baba’s system of pisciculture. But this is absolutely wrong. As noted above, Baba’s system of pisciculture is for ecological balance and water conservation – not the wanton killing and selling of fish. Today’s capitalistic fishing industries exploit the fish for profits etc. But that is not our way; and no one should be led to believe that is Baba’s system.

Baba’s given program of pisciculture is for ecological sustainability, animal welfare, and the benefit of all beings – bar none.


Then there are some who think that the pond will be over-populated by fish, if people do not come and go fishing in those ponds. But at about this, there is no need to worry about that. Before humans were on the planet, there were all kinds of animals all over this earth. To such persons, Baba has given the ultimate reply.

Baba says “Some people argue that animals have been created by Parama Puruśa for our food. I knew a certain person who used to say that if people do not eat goats’ meat, the world would become populated only by goats. And others said that if people don’t eat chickens, there would not be even a single inch of space on this earth – it would be filled with chickens! Now my point is, even though human beings do not eat vultures, is there a crowd of vultures in the world? How foolish such people are! People don’t eat earthworms – has there been an uncontrollable growth of earthworms on earth? Only out of excessive greed, people eat chickens and goats and are simply searching for logic to support their actions and cover up their weakness. This sort of cunning will not do. In the mobility of the psychic world, there are certain defective thoughts prevailing – that we humans are destined to rule this earth, and the creatures are destined to be ruled by us. You will have to fight against this type of psychology with the help of your strong weapon. What is that weapon? Neohumanism. All have the equal right to live here: this universe is for all. It is not the patrimony of human beings only. This is also the duty of Renaissance people.” (6)


Clearly, Baba has given the mandate that we are not to allow or encourage fishing as we are to safeguard the well-being of every animal in this creation. We should not exploit, directly or indirectly, any creature in order to make a profit etc. This is not our way.

That is why it is so shocking that our Wts are involved in the selling and killing of fish in various parts of West Bengal. Rather such Wts should stand on the moral principles of Ananda Marga and teach the people the right ideals of life through their own conduct.

But this much many B group Wts do not do. Rather than maintaining the neo-humanistic vision of Ananda Marga, and rather than living the life of a sadhu, many Wts just given in to local, pseudo-culture values, and sell fish in order to make a profit. They think that since the locals are already involved in eating fish then what is wrong.

However, what if the local population was involved in prostitution or harsh drugs like heroin etc. In those cases also, should Wts step into the business ring and try to make a profit? Should we allow or encourage that? Certainly not.

Yet that is the very attitude that is plaguing our Ananda Marga at present.


For all these reasons and more, many are saying that such Wts are using dirty money to procure their own food. They have plunged themselves into a business that is against the ethics of neo-humanism; they have adopted a profession that goes contrary to the ways of right livelihood (samyak ajiiva) since they are making money by harming and killing other beings; yet by that way their are profiting and using that dirty money to purchase their own food. This is veritably a filthy cycle.

Here are more of Baba’s teachings that guide us that no one in Ananda Marga, including our Wts, should be involved in the business of selling and killing fish etc.


Práńáh yathátmano’bhiiśt́áh bhútánám api te tathá;
Atmaopamyena bhútánám dayáḿ kurvanti sádhavah.

“Just as your life is extremely dear to you, similarly the lives of others are equally dear to them. A person who thinks thus and shows mercy on other creatures is really a sádhu, or virtuous person.” In order to become a virtuous person one need not give up one’s worldly life. When this idea dawns on one’s mind one realizes, “Why should I kill an innocent creature just for the sake of the gratification of my palate.” But then one may suddenly discover a different kind of scriptural injunction – “Oh yes, you may sacrifice animals in a particular way and the sacrificed animal will attain salvation.” People follow the scriptural injunction helplessly but in their heart of hearts they realize that the whole thing is irrational. Yet they cannot gather sufficient courage to go against the “scripture”. This sort of idea which impedes the progress of the mind is called “dogma”. A dogma arises from either a defective philosophy or a “scripture”. This sort of dogma should be rejected forthwith.” (7)


Ananda Marga teachings state: “Vultures are carnivorous birds. Yet it is found that they are not cruel or heartless. Usually, like eagles, they do not attack living humans or animals. Their habit is to eat the flesh of dead bodies. There was an incident in my childhood that I can still vividly recall. On the west of our locality there was a large field which bordered on a tributary of the Ganges. As the soil was not fit for cultivation nothing could be grown there. On the upper side of that fallow land was a mound upon which stood a large tamarind tree. A vulture lived in a nest on the tree. Beside the mound was the site for the disposal of carcasses. Cows used to graze in the field as did a few horses and sheep. Once an old cow came there and fell flat on the ground due to utter exhaustion. The veterinary doctor came and said, “The cow has no chance of survival. She is likely to die in a few hours.” The owner of the cow was a very kind-hearted man. He tried to save the cow in various ways but in vain. I noticed that as long as the cow was alive, she gently wagged her tail, even when her eyes were half closed. There was no other symptom of life, at least that is what it seemed to me. I also noticed that while her tail was wagging, the vulture stayed patiently in the tree. It came to eat the cow’s flesh only an hour after her natural death. Human beings are more cruel than vultures. Their hearts don’t melt even at the sight of tears of innocent birds and animals. Just to gratify their sense of greed, they mercilessly slit the throats of animals with sharp knives and swords and thus deprive them of the right to live, even while preaching the hollow dictates of religion.” (8)


Baba says, “Fish eat all kinds of things. Because of this, the positive qualities of those foods which they eat they may or may not get; but, certainly they get the negative qualities or defects of those foods which they eat. In addition, fish quarrel so much among themselves; they are quarrel mongers. They eat each other; they feel jealous towards one another; and also they have the tendency to wander around aimlessly in an indisciplined, disorderly manner. Because of these negative qualities of fish, since ages there has been the feeling amongst the general public that those who are fish eaters, they get contaminated by these same defects.” (9)

Amongst all of India, the most densely populated fish-eating area is Bengal. Indeed, Baba says that the main population of Bengal are kaevarta (fisherman community). There are a huge number of lakes, ponds, rivers, and water sources in Bengal; that is why fish flourish there. Thus in Bengal fish are known as water fruit. Except for very strict devoted margiis, most of them like to eat fish.


B group’s present-day manner of fishing for profits directly contravenes all Baba’s guidelines on pisciculture. His divine mandates for pisciculture stand as a broad-based ecological approach for balance and sustainability. Fish are needed for the keeping healthy and clean lakes and ponds. Those bodies of water should furthermore be surrounded by trees. Birds will naturally flock to those tress and naturally control the population of fish. This is the keen way and role of our fisheries / pisciculture system. Whereas, B group’s short-sighted, greedy and heartless way of selling and killing fish to make a profit neglects all neo-humanistic values and undermines the spirit and use of Baba’s dharmic guideline on pisciculture.

at His lotus feet,
Candra Deva

1. Ideal Farming, Integrated Farming
2. Ideal Farming, Lakeside and Riverside Plantations
3. 2 January 1979, Patna
4. Discourses on Prout, pt #1
5. Ananda Vacanamrtam – 2, Keep Company with the Virtuous
6. Prout in a Nutshell – 9, Renaissance in All the Strata of Life
7. Yoga Psychology, Instinct and Devotion
8. Neo-Humanism in a Nutshell – 2
9. Shabda Cayanika – 20, Bangla, Disc #156

The section below this mark is an entirely different topic and not related with the subject matter up above.

Link Between Service and Sadhana

“When you reach the closest proximity to the Supreme Consciousness, your mental waves will come in contact with His mental waves. Then you will understand what is to be done, and what will be the destiny of humanity in the near and distant future. Because of your spiritual progress, you will come closer and closer to the Supreme Consciousness, you will come in contact with His psychic waves. And in that state you will be able to render still better service to human beings, animals and plants.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 16 (H), p. 10-11)

Note: Without good sadhana rendering real social service is impossible.

Prabhat Samgiita

“Bha’loba’si toma’y a’mi, keno ta’ ja’ni na’…” P.S. 2329


O’ Parama Purusa, O’ Supreme One, I love You; but, I do not know why I love You. You go on pulling my heart – but what is the mystery behind this, how and why You are attracting me, that I cannot say. Baba, all I know is that You are the divine effulgence of my dark heart. By Your grace, I will never allow that effulgence to get extinguished. Baba, I will always keep Your love in my heart. By Your grace, I will always hold Your divine image in my mind.

O’ Divine Entity, all the love I have in the deep core of my heart, and all the hopes and longings I have in my mind, all these desires and aspirations of mine are revolving around You. By Your grace, they get expressed through Your songs, dance, melody, and rhythms. O’ Parama Purusa, You are the focal point of my life; You are my everything.

Baba, by Your divine grace, I feel that You are guiding each and every aspect of my existence. There is not even a single ounce of confusion in my mind. Everything is very clear. Where am I, where will I go, and from where have I come: All these types of useless questions never creep into my mind. Baba, by Your grace, I do not even want to know these things. Just I am fully depending upon You: You know everything and that everything is in Your control. For me that is enough. Baba, You are my shelter, You are my anchor, and You are the Supreme Controller of this vast universe.

Baba, You are always ever gracious on me. I love You with all my heart; my whole existence is Yours…

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Date: Wed, Jan 23 Jan 2013 21:59:44 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Satyaki”
Subject: Some Examples of Imbalanced Behaviours



Humans are basically dominated by emotion and they do imbalanced things – without using their capacity of logic and reasoning. Yet this tendency toward sentimentality does not bring greatness. There are distinct defects in the path of sentiment. According to Ananda Marga philosophy, humans should be rational; the intellect should be guided by rationality. Please read the following life examples bearing in mind the stark difference between sentiment and rationality.

“Recently in the US, there was a ghastly massacre in Newtown, CT. A gunman entered a school and killed 26 people – kids and school officials. The whole country mourned this horrific tragedy for days. Flags were put to half-mast, President Obama visited and spoke with families, and huge attention and energy was directed towards Newtown. And that was most appropriate for the nation and world to rally around the Newtown tragedy.

Yet side by side, in the US, upwards of 1173+ people (reference Slate magazine) have been gunned down since the Newtown tragedy on 14 Dec 2012. In the US, the population is 310 million (three hundred and ten million), and there are 350 million (three hundred and fifty million) registered guns, including military assault rifles like the AK-47, in the hands of common citizens. Plus there are countless other unregistered guns floating around the US population. (Note: here we are not counting guns owned and operated by police and military personnel.) And with this vast number of guns, innocent people are killed everyday.

Here the point is that so many nameless, faceless persons are gunned down on daily basis, yet those incidents often go unreported, flags are not dropped to half-mast, there are no presidential visits, and people never hear of such events. More than a thousand have been gunned down in the US since the Newtown tragedy. It would be rational to extend the same supportive and respectful measures to all homicide victims of gunfire, and other crimes.

Unfortunately the general populace is not rational and that is why such dichotomies are in vogue. If the people were guided by rationality the situation would be much different.”

Here are further examples:


(A) In the US, “right-to-life” activists are against abortion – they do not want the living baby killed in the womb. That is to be appreciated. Yet those same activists do not want to care for the baby once it is born. If that child is born into a financially poor or needy family, those activists overlook the welfare of the baby. They 100% oppose programs which aim to care for and develop the child. They show no concern if the child receives the minimum requirements of life: Food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education. Rather they blame that innocent babe for being born unto a financially poor family; they are willing to let that child suffer. Such is their emotional slant on the issue. Caring for the baby while in the womb is admirable, but it is irrational to wholly disregard the needs of that child once it is born. The rational approach is to care for the babe from the time of conception up through its formative years.

Unfortunately, the general populace is prone to the path of sentiment, not rationality; that is why this type dichotomy is going on. That is why do imbalanced and mindless things. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.


(B) Then there is another contingency that is “pro-choice” (USA) that favours abortions; they feel it is ok to destroy that living baby while it is in the womb. Yet once that baby is born, those same activists are keenly aware to watch for the welfare and well-being of that child by passing legislation to make schools better and help needy families etc. They aim to ensure that every child has the basic necessities and minimum requirements of life: Food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education. Plus, if the child is abused by its parents, steps will be taken to put the parents in jail etc. Yet if that same child is still in the womb, they fully support a person’s choice to destroy that innocent babe. Such is their emotional manner and sentimentality. The rational approach is to properly care for and respect the life of all living babies, whether they be in the womb or delivered.

Unfortunately, the general populace is not rational and that is why so many dichotomies manifest in society. That is why do imbalanced and mindless things. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.


(C) In India, worshipers of various deviis (deities) sacrifice goats and other animals in order to please their divine mother goddess – jagatjananii (mother of the world). Due to their emotional manner, such worshipers fail to realise that their chosen deity is also the divine mother of those sacrificed animals. Which mother will be happy seeing her sons and daughters slaughtered and killed in this way? Answer: No mother. No mother will take delight in watching her progeny be destroyed. But those devii worshipers think they are pleasing their mother goddess by such animal sacrifices. Because of their emotional approach, these worshipers cannot put these two points together. Due to their sentimentality, they cannot understand that the divine mother will not be pleased by sacrificial offerings. The rational approach then is not to indulge in animal sacrifice.

Unfortunately, the general populace is not rational and that is why this dichotomy is occurring. That is why do imbalanced and mindless things. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.


(D) In many so-called advanced countries around the world euthanasia is illegal. If an elderly person is suffering from a lot of pain or if someone is diagnosed from a terminal illness and they want to die, it is against the law to put that person to death by injection or other means. That is rational. However, when that same family’s cat or dog is old and sick, then they will put that pet “to sleep.” They will intentionally end the life of that pet. That is treated as humane, but if they would do the same thing with their grandfather, then it would be thought of as ghastly or criminal and they would go to jail. All beings should be given the honour and right to live the natural course of their life. That is rational.

Unfortunately, the general populace is not rational and that is why all these dichotomies are going on. That is why do imbalanced and mindless things. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.


(E) If you ask ask any pet owner if they love their cat or dog and think for the welfare of their animal, they will be flabbergasted, “Are you kidding me – of course I love my dog – he is part of the family.” Yet it is often the case that such owners neuter their pets. By destroying the reproductive glands, the animal can never fully bloom nor realise its true potential or dharma. It is not a real dog or cat, just a eunuch. The personality is not developed. Neutering also leads to various health hazards such as bone cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, hypothyroidism, urinary tract infections, and premature death etc. Such persons do not think to neuter themselves or their loved ones, only their pets.


So it is not rational to hinder and jeopardise the health of their pets in this way. But with their own emotional manner, they neuter their pets.

Unfortunately, the general populace is not rational and that is why this dichotomy is occurring. That is why do imbalanced and mindless things. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.

Baba says, “In the past many slaves were converted into eunuchs – known as khojas in Persian. If the ovaries of a female or the testes of a male are dissociated from the body, the person will become a eunuch. In a male, if the testes are separated from the body, there will be physical and psychological changes. The man will not die but he will lose the sense of dutifulness and responsibility. All the qualities associated with the testes, such as the sense of dutifulness and responsibility, will be wanting. A eunuch will not be able to grow any pubic hair or the pubic hairs will be few. Should the testes be cut off and a man made into a eunuch? Can it be considered civilized? In some countries men were changed into eunuchs, and as they did not have any sex feeling, they were posted as security guards in the harems of the rulers. This is a barbarous system and goes against fundamental human rights. It is extremely bad.” (1)


In day to day life, people engage in countless life choices based on sentiment and emotion alone, not rationality. This is not beneficial, rather harmful. It breeds double-standards, inequalities, and dogmas. It is only through the path of rationality that we can establish neo-humanistic values in our universal human society.



Ananda Marga Philosophy says, “If someone moves along the path of sentiment instead of the path of rationality, there is a hundred percent probability of great danger. Those who move along the path of sentiment do not discriminate between the proper and the improper, but merely silently accept all superstitions surrounding the goal towards which they have been running. Even the least question regarding propriety or impropriety does not arise in their minds, because they are moving along the path of sentiment.” (2)

“When it [the mind] does not follow a particular method, when it moves haphazardly, swept away by whim, it is called “emotion”.” (3)

“Sentimentality based on rationality is the strongest force in the universe. And sentimentality without rationality takes the form of, or rather the distortion of, dogma.” (4)

About supporting communal ideas: “Those who are motivated by sentiment may earn temporary applause, but ultimately people realize, “No, they committed a mistake, they did not follow the path of rationality. They themselves were caught in the current of sentiment, and they drifted the society also in that current. As a result society has been destroyed.” (5)

“Dogma is fast being replaced by rationality and reason. Human beings with their developed brains, developed nerve systems and developed nerve-cells started thinking that we are not to do something for a particular tribe or a particular clan or a particular nationality; we are to do whatever we are to do, whatever we must do, for the entire humanity of the Cosmos.” (6)

“As a human being, what should one do? One should follow the path of rationality. Rationality is a treasure of humanity that no animal possesses. And those who possess the inner asset of devotion within their hearts and follow the path of rationality in dealing with the external world, must be victorious. They alone can accomplish worthy deeds in this world.” (7)


“In the case of developed animals, sentiment exceeds inborn instinct. And more-developed beings, such as human beings, possess sentiment and rationality and the faculty of discrimination as well.” (8)

Before the division of India: “The policy was divide and rule. One party said “Jai Hind” and another party said “Takasime Hind.” One party said “Victory to India;” another party said “Divide India.” These were the slogans of the time. It was not a healthy atmosphere. This sentiment was not even geo-sentiment. It was based on emotion and mean selfishness.” (9)

“To counteract the malevolent effect of dogma-centred philosophies, the two most important factors are the development of rationality and the spread of education. Merely attending school and university classes will not necessarily have the desired effect. Stress should be placed on education which produces a high degree of rationality in the human mind, and this type of education should be spread amongst the people.” (10)

“What is required now is the elevation of human existence, the elevation of human mind and human spirit. We require no dogma – we require more reasoning, more rationality – rationality moving unto the terminus of Parama Puruśa; the Supreme Desideratum is that Universal Nave.” (11)

“As a human being, what should one do? One should follow the path of rationality. Rationality is a treasure of humanity which no animal possesses. And those who possess the inner asset of devotion within their hearts and follow the path of rationality in dealing with the external world, must be victorious. They alone can accomplish worthy deeds in this world.” (12)

“The speciality of human beings is rationality.” (13)

at His lotus feet,


1. Bio-Psychology
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When Left Hand is Used for Washing Your Backside…

Baba says, “There is a difference, however, between the cave-dwellers and the aboriginal human beings of the prehistoric period, and present day human beings. Human beings have brought more subtle beauty into the daily tasks and habitual behaviour, which they used to do in a crude way. Before eating, prehistoric human beings did not wash their hands, and they used both hands to eat. Today, we wash our hands, and use the right hand, or a spoon and fork. We enjoy eating in a more subtle fashion.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 19, The Supreme Aesthetic Science and the Cult of Devotion)

In some parts of the world people eat using both hands. That is not good aesthetically nor hygienically. Humans have two hands. One is used for cleaning the backside. So it is quite proper not to use that hand for eating purposes. The only exception can be on medical grounds or if one has only one hand. If one has two hands then only the right is for eating – not for the back side. The left hand will be for that purpose. Think of it this way: No matter how clean the bathroom sink is no one will like to use that as a bowl to hold your food and eat out of that sink.



(A) Across India, people look upon and revere cows as mothers. There are organisations, welfare institutions, NGOs, and various plans and programs wholly dedicated to protecting the sanctity and status of cows. They associate and worship cows with Gopal, i.e. Lord Krsna (see note 1). In India, cows are held in special regard. Side by side, other animals like buffaloes and street dogs are not given the same care; rather people abuse them. In particular, Indian street dogs are just kicked around and ill-treated. yet, these are all animals: Cows, buffaloes, and street dogs. The rational approach would be to respect the lives of each as living beings. But due to their deep emotional attachment with cows, they regard cows as divine beings and harass and mistreat street dogs. This is the work of human emotion, not rationality.

Unfortunately the general populace is not rational and that is why this dichotomy is occurring. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.


Here Baba point out how those who revere cows – but not other animals like buffaloes – are caught in the net of their own hypocrisy.

Baba says, “So blind were their sentiments that they refused to listen to rationality. Take the case of cows: Hindus worship cows as something holy, apparently because they give us milk. But if cows are revered as mothers for giving us milk, shouldn’t buffaloes be given a similar status? Actually, buffaloes give more milk than cows. Unfortunately, the blind religious followers refuse to listed to logic as their religious sentiment for cows has taken root deep in their minds.” (A Few Problems Solved – 2, Human Society Is One and Indivisible – 2)


(B) In the United States, people are enamoured with dogs. They pamper their dogs by giving them special cow meat and bones, fancy beds, toys, dog houses, and pay a lot of money for doggie massages, dog walks, and upscale therapies to keep their dog happy and well. They also spend tens of thousands of dollars on surgical procedures for their pets. Moreover, there are many laws that protect dogs from abuse and maltreatment. Yet, the US is primarily a meat-eating population. They slaughter and butcher cows on a mass-level to fill their bellies with the meat of those cows. Here again we see a dichotomy; both are animals yet they are treated much differently. With their emotion, humans treat their dogs as family members; that is positive as all animals should be treated well. That same regard should be extended to cows also. That would be rational.

Unfortunately the general populace is not rational; that is why this scene is taking place. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.

Baba’s following teaching is related with both points A and B:

“If you have great compassion for the world of living creatures (this is a very good quality and is indicative of tenderness of heart, it is very positive), then you can take a firm stand for the non-killing of every creature, ábramhastamba from the elephant to the ant. In this way you can encourage and inspire your fellow human beings. But if you persuade and exert pressure on people by saying that only cows should not be killed, then you will be guilty of one-sidedness. It means there is partiality in you. Why should you invite the criticism that you do not have as much love for the buffalo and goat, as you have for cows? This is certainly not correct.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 10, Chapter 10)

In India the cows are treated well while other animals are left to suffer whereas in the US dogs are treated lavishly while other animals are abused, tortured and butchered. So Baba’s teaching is applicable to both the US and India as both express favouritism towards a particular animal due to their emotional attachment.

The rational approach is to respect and honour the existential value of all beings, including all animals, not just dogs etc.

Most of the population, however, follows their own emotions, i.e. whim. See how one wealthy woman even bequeathed her entire estate – i.e. billions of dollars – to agencies caring for dogs, http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/02/us/02gift.html?_r=1& ; She did not leave even one dollar for suffering humanity.


(D) If one gender enters an official public building like a government office, then they are allowed to wear clothing that puts them in compromised positions, both on the upper and middle portions of their body. It may be that when they wear a sleeveless dress or skirt their underwear and / or undergarment is showing when they sit or stand in a particular way. Or, when they have a lower-than-usual neckline, then aspects of their xxxxx are visible when they lean this way or that. It has become common for their arms, and even armpit, to be completely bare for show. With this gender, it is fully accepted, and even encouraged and applauded to wear such attire.

In stark contrast, if the other gender enters those same offices with a sleeveless shirt, their armpits exposed, or part of their underwear showing, then they will be ostracized, and maybe even arrested and put in jail for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. Such is the stark double-standard that exists across gender with regards to dress. That is not rational. The rational approach is that one’s dress in public spaces and official places should reflect a sense of decency and dignity – irrespective of one’s gender.

Again, let me emphasize that here we are not talking about how one dresses while walking casually down the street or in their own backyard; but, rather, how one presents oneself in important meetings, formal and official settings, and even on serious news broadcasts via TV and internet. In these venues, there is a wide gap of acceptable dress between genders.

Unfortunately the general populace is not rational and that is why such dichotomies are going on. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.

This same issue is expressed in this article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-13362586


In day to day life, many incidents happen and numerous decisions are made based on sentiment / emotional manner. That approach is not at all laudable. Rather, it is an open invitation for inequality and dogma. In contrast, if we apply our sense of rationality then we can make heaven come on this earth.

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To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Giriish Deva ”
Subject: Baba Story: Caring For Animals



In 1988, during a WT reporting session for Kolkata region, Baba pointed out one worker: “After drinking coconut water why did you throw the coconut shell on somebody who was also eating?”

The Wt was shocked to hear this and wondered how could this be.

Baba reminded him of the situation: “A few days ago you were drinking coconut water. When you were done, then you carelessly threw that heavy green coconut towards the side of the road without looking to see who was there. That heavy coconut fell on one dog that was eating beside the road. But you did not care that the dog was hurt. The dog ran away crying.”

Hearing Baba’s narration, the entire scene flashed in the mind of that wt and he felt felt ashamed for what he had done. Baba rebuked him and the dada’s punishment was to beg apology by touching the feet of all the wts present. Then he promised never to commit such a sin ever again and to be kind to all creatures.




As sadhakas, we must have love and affection for the entire creation. We should be careful and respectful towards all beings. We must not hurt others, whether they be a human being, animal or plant.


When one makes a mistake and feels repentance for their wrongdoing then Baba forgives their mistake because the person understands the problem and will not commit that same wrong in the future.

But when a person commits a mistake and (a) is unaware about their wrongdoing, or (b) thinks the mistake is justified because “I have a special status”, or (c) knows it is wrong but does it anyway as he thinks no one sees or knows about it, then in all those cases Baba will certainly point out, rebuke, or punish that person in order to rectify them.

The central idea is that if one has committed a mistake and has repentance then Baba forgives the matter.



Generally speaking, if a common person behaves in accordance with the accepted social norms they are not punished by society; however, they are creating samskaras and in due course will have to face the reaction.

For instance, if a person eats meat in a country where meat-eating is the norm, they will not be blamed or punished for their action by society, but they will have to face the repercussion and experience that samskara. So while the society will not hold them accountable, prakrti certainly will.

Similarly if a person engages in pre-marital sex when the whole society is doing the same, then once again that person will not be punished by society, but that individual will undergo the reaction of their misdeed.

It is just like when the white slave owners were abusing and torturing blacks in the US, then they were not punished by society because in that era slavery was legal, but certainly those slave masters created negative samskaras and had to undergo the reaction(s).

Here the point is that even though society accepts an action as acceptable or proper, that does not mean one will not have to undergo the reaction to that action. That person will have to face their samskaras – sooner or later. There is no escape.

We can also say that Ananda Margiis will experience (or burn) their samskaras far more quickly than non-margiis. Because in this very life every Ananda Margii is going to be granted mukti or moksa, by His grace. So in this life itself every Ananda Margii will have to undergo all their samskaras.

Story of Satyam’s Untimely Death

For instance, if any Ananda Margii (dada, didi or family person) eats meat then they are culpable by our AM standards and in addition they will invite all kinds of problems and suffering. Those following a sentient diet will get blood dysentery if they eat tamasik food like meat – and some may even die. I can never forget the story of Karuna Karan – the brother of Satyam. They lived together next to the Ranchi jagrti. One day, when he was 25 years of age, Karuna Karan attended a marriage reception and feast and he ate meat. In reaction, he suffered from terrible dysentery and ultimately met his tragic and untimely death. Our margii brother experienced the reaction very quickly; in contrast, many non-margiis ate meat at that reception and were totally fine. They had to wait to experience the reaction as their progress is very slow and they will be reborn again and again.

The whole situation can be likened to this analogy.

Urinating Dog Analogy

Suppose one dog enters your bedroom and urinates in one bowl or on the bed itself, then you will notice it immediately. But if that same dog urinates outside under the tree, then if will not be evident. Here the point is that if a sentient sadhaka of the Marga indulges in illicit or crude activities, then that will pollute their entire personality. And very quickly they will suffer the reaction. In contrast, if someone living a degrading existence does something bad – or if a drunkard has another drink – then they will certainly have to undergo the reaction, but it may occur over a long period of time – even lifetimes, as they are not on the spiritual path.

Must Burn All Samskaras In This Life

In this single lifetime, every Ananda Margii must exhaust all their samskaras – good and bad. For a sadhaka to plunge into lustful or illicit sexual dealings there is no benefit for humanity. It is purely selfish indulgence. Thus the sadhaka must undergo the negative reaction in the form of venereal disease, or other sexually transmitted diseases, or humiliation etc. There is no way to prolong or escape the reaction. Whereas non-margiis will experience the reaction – over time – in due course, over several lifetimes or more.

The point being that Ananda Margiis are the vanguards of a neo-humanistic social order. By Baba’s grace we have been blessed with all His teachings on dharma. So we cannot just abandon His guidelines and follow common social trends. The consequences for that will have to be experienced. Because in this very life, every Ananda Margii will have to exhaust all their samskaras and get moksa.

How It Relates With Above Story

In the above story, the dada was negligent in his dealing with one street dog. In India, street dogs are not treated well; everyone kicks them and pushes them around. Thus the dada’s action did not contravene the social norm of the day, but he did fail to live up to our AM code of neo-humanism. For that reason he had to undergo the reaction. Baba pointed out his misdeed and graciously removed that samskara.

No Ananda Margii can say or think that, “Well, this is done in the general society so I can also do that.” This is the wrong outlook. We always have to live up to our AM standard, not any other. This applies to each and every conduct rule and guideline. Otherwise we will have to undergo the reaction in this very life itself – whereas non-margiis committing those same acts will be reborn again and again – so they will face the reactions slowly over time.


“Toma’y a’ma’y pratham dekha’ kon se atiite…” (PS 1544)


Baba, You are so gracious, You and I first met long ago in the hoary past. But this intimate gathering of ours is not written about in the pages of history, nor in the books mathematics. It is not mentioned anywhere, nor is there any record of it. Only You and I know.

Baba, our closeness is not drawn in geometry, and it is not written in pen. Indeed, there is no brush mark or painting related with our first meeting anywhere in this expressed universe. Nay, there is no carving, sculpture, or drawing that describes our intimacy.

By Your infinite compassion, we are so close. Whenever I went away and got lost in the crudity of maya, You graciously lifted me with Your divine music and sweet rhythms and held me tightly in the deep recesses of Your heart. Baba, You never left me all alone. By Your causeless grace, I am in Your eternal shelter.

Baba, You are my eternal companion. I surrender to You– at Your lotus feet…

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Subject: Where Are We


“Toma’r raune raun mishiye cale, yete ca’i sumukhe…” (P.S. 2368)


Baba, by surrendering all the colours of my mind – all the attractions and attachments of my mind – by surrendering everything unto You, I want to move on and on, by Your grace. Baba, I want to offer all my colours, vrttis, and longings at Your alter. My only desire is to move on the path, dancing according to Your rhythm, Your melody. But somehow always I am losing the

Baba, by Your grace, I am holding Your flag in my hand. You have given me the one-pointed desire, energy, and duty to follow and spread Your ideology, Your teachings. You have instilled within me the feeling that even if no one else is coming along, still I will go on marching ahead on Your path. Baba Your grace is ever-showering on my entire existence. Baba, You are always
along with me. And You are always giving me strength in my heart to march forward. By Your grace, You have filled my heart with Your inspiration and grace. For this reason, obstacles and hindrances are meaningless – they never obstruct my forward movement.

Baba, I was never alone in the past nor will I be alone in the future. By Your grace You are always along with me. And when You are along with me, then there is no question of fear. Baba, by doing Your work and singing Your song, I will go on moving on Your path of effulgence – keeping You in my heart. Baba You are always with me, You are eternally sweet and gracious…



Baba says, “Common domestic animals are individualistic by nature. They are very self-centered. One animal does not usually come to the aid of another. Domestic animals are neither sincere nor devoted to their masters. In fact, they do not have the least sympathy for their masters’ interests. Wherever they are, they live only for themselves.” (PNS-15, p.42)

There are some who suffer from this dogma – thinking that their pets are quite dedicated to them. Hence these persons are not aware of the above fact. The truth is that pets will attach themselves with whoever feeds them. You can test this theory anytime by observing any pet.

Baba’s above teaching is related not only with domestic animals but with all animals.

Actually, what to say about animals, unfortunately, these days under the negative influence of capitalism, human beings have degenerated to the level of such animals in that they are equally self-centered, living only for themselves, and not caring about others.

In (a) capitalist countries and (b) metropolitan cities around the globe, such types of people are commonly available. They are so self-centered that they never care about others – not even their own off-spring. Such crude and selfish people are worse than animals because they have been blessed with human life, but they are not living like human beings.

This entire scene is the negative outcome of capitalism – which itself converts humans into beggers of self-gratification. Capitalist-minded people are the epitome of that yet in this present era they may be regarded as common citizens. Such is the standard of society nowadays. This selfish mentality is the root cause of all the problems.

By Baba’s divine grace the tide is turning. He has infused this world with His divine vibration and quickly people are waking up and seeking to move toward the spiritual plane. This is nothing but Baba’s blessing upon humanity.


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Subject: They Are Fish Eaters


Here Baba addresses the ways and habits of fish and how that might affect one’s mental make-up.

Baba says, “Fish eat all kinds of things. Because of this, the positive qualities of those foods which they eat they may or may not get; but, certainly they get the negative qualities or defects of those foods which they eat. In addition, fish quarrel so much among themselves; they are quarrel mongers. They eat each other; they feel jealous towards one another; and also they have the tendency to wander around aimlessly in an indisciplined, disorderly manner. Because of these negative qualities of fish, since ages there has been the feeling amongst the general public that those who are fish eaters, they get contaminated by these same defects.” (Shabda Cayanika, C-20, Bangla, Disc #156)

Amongst all of India, the most densely populated fish-eating area is Bengal. Indeed, Baba says that the main population of Bengal are kaevarta (fisherman community). In total there are a huge number of lakes, ponds, rivers, and water sources in Bengal; that is why fish flourish there. Thus in Bengal fish are known as water fruit. Except for very strict devoted margiis, most of them like to eat fish.


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