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Date: Mon Aug 22 2011 15:38:11 -0000
From: P. Deva
Subject: Be Aware of…


PS Intro: This following Prabhat Samgiita works in two ways. (1) Baba is depicting the idea behind the advent of Parama Purusa as Mahasambhuti in the play of His divine liila. And (2) this song refers to Baba’s divine appearance in dhyana.

“Na’m na’-ja’na’ ma’na’ na’-ma’na’ rauniin parii ese pa’she…” (P.S. 2983)


One shining, colorful angel of unknown name has come close to me. This angel was not concerned about getting respect or not. Just it came to me. Its eyes were glowing with golden effulgence, and this divine angel told something to me.

The angel told: ‘My abode is in the divine world yet to accomplish the work & for the welfare of all, I move around this entire universe. And all those who love me, I pull them close.’

‘Without stopping I move continuously around this entire universe.’ And the angel also told that, ‘In the bond of love, I get caught also. And I float in the flow of divine songs.’

From the divine world one angel has come and it graced me and told me all the secrets of its advent…

Note: In this song Baba is using the allegory of an angel, yet in true sense He is talking about Himself. Thus, although the word– parii– literally means ‘angel’, but in Prabhat Samgiita the real meaning of the term parii is: Baba the Parama Purusa.


There are two types of being in society that are the cause of untold harm to humanity in the form of casteism, civil wars, and the persecution of women, among others. We should know who these people are and put a stop to their misdeeds.

Our goal in AM is to bring welfare to our entire human family. To achieve this, we must be fully aware about any and all who try, or have tried, to undermine humanity. So we have to take a careful look back and see what has happened in the past, as well as clearly view what is happening at present– only then can we properly understand the scene.

And again, the whole goal is bring benevolence and peace to all peoples of the globe – verily that is what Baba wants that we should do.


Each and every land, country, town, and province has its history. And tragically, in all places certain individuals have done terrible harm to the society. No region is exempt from this.

For example, in Islam, it was decided that three or four women are equal to one man; in India, women were forced to jump to their death on the burning embers if their husband died before them; and in the western world, women neither had the right to work or vote for centuries on end. Thus in all parts of the globe, terrible crimes were done against women.

And indeed, in each and every place, the common people – from women to workers, from blacks to babies, from aborigines to artisans – have suffered and undergone terrible torments and abuse.

Not only that, so much infighting has occurred in countries such as Honduras, Kenya, Pakistan, Morocco, and so on. Such division and destruction has happened in nearly every nation. Is it the fault of the common people in all these places – or is there some other contributing factor.

For us this is a burning question, because in order to deliver a united humanity to the people, we must know who and what has been the cause of so much torment, division, and destruction.


If we look carefully, it is quite evident that there are two types of creatures who are most responsible for all these problems: (1) Politicians & (2) jinanis (intellectuals).

Time and again, these two types of creatures have done tremendous harm to society due to their own narrow selfish interest. Yet oddly enough, these very same creatures– politicians and jinanis– have garnered much respect in society.

And still today, they continue to get such prestige.

But in AM, Baba severely warns us about such type of beings.

Here below Baba clearly states that it was the intellectuals (jinanis) who imposed the horrific caste system on the society.

Baba says, “The caste system is a creation of the cunning intellectuals of the Medieval Age. In the Vipra Era they wanted to perpetuate their privileged position for their descendants. To achieve this end, those cunning intellectuals wrote thousands of books and compiled thousands of God-centred verses only to show that the caste system is a creation of God. This was a psychological way of infusing the illogical idea [of casteism].” (PNS-4)

Indeed in the Hindu religion and in all the religions they use similar tricks. In the name of their god they exploit the masses. It may be that one should accept their fate as being a shudra, or a slave, or a poor man. In all cases they are told to accept their lot in life as this is the edict of god.

And here in the next passage Baba shows how it was the intellectuals who duped the people into following wrongful teachings and cheap religious edicts.

Baba says, “The cunning intellectuals of the past imposed the importance of blind faith on the minds of their gullible followers. They told them to obey the teachings, rational or irrational, otherwise there would be no respite from the endless suffering of human life, no other path to take them to the eternal bliss of heaven.” (AMIWL-7)

With regards to politicians, Baba says that they are the cause of so much infighting and civil war.

Baba says, “Politicians want to accomplish everything through their grandiloquence. By identifying the weaknesses in others and by resorting to bombastic language, they incite one section of people against another so that they can usurp the seat of power and cling to it. Human beings will have to remain vigilant against persons of this type.” (POD #26)

Thus when the big politicians of Washington DC invade this or that land, then most often civil war results. And after WW-2 when the allied powers drew up plans & boundary lines in the Middle East & India, it was they who set the stage for disgruntlement among the masses. And similar things happened during the partition of India. The British leaders incited choas between the Hindus and Musilims who had otherwise been living side by side for centuries.

So there are countless instances where a few crooked politicians created communal riots among the masses.

And here again Baba explicitly warns us about the no-good ways of politicians.

Baba says, “Politicians are of no use to society because they are engaged in the business of mudslinging and nothing else…The motive of the politicians is only to capture power. They befool the public with high-sounding words. Therefore it is necessary that the public should be politically educated, because in that case politicians will not be able
to cheat them.” (PNS-4)

So in order to build up that great human society, we must be careful and pay heed to Baba’s words. Otherwise we will not be able to accomplish our goal.

Here it should be noted that common people are incapable of doing such harm. It takes a certain cunningness to dupe, deceive, trick and exploit. Most people have no such mind to behave in this manner.


Verily in so many ways Baba goes to great lengths to warns us about the dangers and horrors caused by jinanis (intellectuals) and politicians.

Because it is not the simplicity of the common people that leads to the suffering of the masses. Rather is the is fertile brain of these two groups of exploiters– jinanis and politicians– that have meted out untold harm to humanity.

Baba says, “It is a mere interpolation arising out of the fertile brain of an opportunist Vipra or intellectual, it can never bring real knowledge to people, but will sow seeds of disharmony and dissension in the human society. For instance, the scripture of a certain community states that the earth is fixed and the sun in moving around it. This assertion is of course absolutely wrong scientifically. If an erudite scientist points out this mistake, the orthodox followers of the scriptures will brand him or her an atheist. The scriptures of other communities proclaim that only the followers of their religion are the favourite children of God and others are damned heathens. To kill them is not at all a sin, rather one will attain a permanent place in heaven after their death. Such scriptures are very detrimental to human society.” (TK-2)


Yet in the society, these two groups walk and prance around the globe– drawing huge praise and respect from the people. So many politicians and so many intellectuals draw thousands to their halls when they step up to the microphone. From crooked presidents and ministers, to religious priests, to the brains behind corporate exploitation, all these people
get huge respect and prestige in the society. The people essentially fall at their feet, yet these are the very beings who are the cause of so much injustice in the world. That is the irony of it all.

Verily it is not always easy to recognise such cheats. Especially the common people get duped by the tall talks of such opportunists: cunning intellectuals and hypocritical politicians.

And that is why on countless occasions Baba warns us to be careful with these two types of creatures.


Unfortunately, we cannot think that all these problems are only going on outside the Marga. In our AMPS there has been so many dogmas imposed on us by such jinanis: From Mahaprayan to Fake Ananda Vaniis, from the distortion of scripture to dogmatic tiirthas. Some have said all Baba’s books are from the “original Bangla”. Indeed so many false ideas have
been thrown around our AM society.

But even then that is not all. The infighting of groupism is nothing but the result of the political shenanigans of a few power hungry souls. The common margiis and field workers have no desire to fight with other margiis. But lines were drawn by top level groupists due to their political greed, and in result avadhutas have been killed, margiis have been arrested, and so much harm has been done.

So just as the common society has suffered at the hands of such intellectuals and politicians – by issuing false edicts about women etc and by pitting one side against another such as what they did in the Middle East after WWII or in India in 1947 – these same poisonous antics have occurred in our Marga as well.

This we have all seen.

Thus to build up a proper Marga and to deliver welfare to the humanity, our eyes must be keen to the the hellish ways of such intellectuals and politicians. That is Baba’s repeated warning. Only then will we be able to accomplish of goal of delivering peace on this dusty earth.

So such types of persons must not be trusted– not one ounce. No outside AM nor inside AM.


Is there any hope for such jinanis and politicians. Can these people with their fertile brains do anything decent for the society.

Basically, after taking power out of their hands and exposing their defects to all so that they cannot hurt the humanity any further, the only way to rectify these two creatures is if they dedicate themselves to Parama Purusa and cultivate a feeling of neo-humanism. Then and only then can they become assets to the society. Failing that, they will always be the source of terrible division and suffering.

So there is hope for such jinanis and politicians, but we must be super careful.

First we must make these troublemakers naked in the eyes of the people so that the common citizens are no longer in awe of and duped by these two creatures. And secondly, ample pressure must be applied to force these politicians and jinanis to follow the codes of dharma– and nothing but.

That is Baba’s warning and only by this way can we build a bright new humanity.


By Baba’s grace, we will be able to undo all the horror and harm committed by these jinanis and politicians and create that bright new humanity.

Baba says, “Renaissance people will have to raise their voices against this, and they will have to do it now – they will have to do it immediately. And I also desire that you all should move on the path of Renaissance, which is fully supported by rationality, from today – from this very moment. Let victory be yours.” (PNS-9)


To Become Great

Baba says, “If your longing for money, and your longing for name or fame is converted into longing for Parama Purusa, then even ordinary mortals can get transformed into great souls.” SS-17 (H) 1 January 1986


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Subject: Re: Goenka: I Have No Interest in Revolutionary Marriages
Date: Sat 25 Jun 2011 17:29:36 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Deva



One of the key points of building one human society is our revolutionary marriage system which was specially given by Baba. This is an essential way for bringing people together and creating a harmonious society.

As has been clearly detailed in earlier postings (see links below), the Goenka clan has resisted Baba’s divine guideline of revolutionary marriages. Instead they have glued themselves to their own caste and community. This has been going on from generation to generation.

Yet, by His below teachings, Baba guides us that revolutionary marriages are needed in order to do AM pracara and build a healthy social order. Without revolutionary marriages, these two aims cannot be achieved. We see then how important they are.

You can decide for yourself the quality of the person who intentionally rejects Baba’s teaching and instead arranges caste marriages.

One margii has contributed the following teachings by writing a summary in English of Baba’s below quotes from Hindi discourses. (Note: If you are unable to read the Hindi font in this email, kindly refer to the attached PDF file.)


Baba says, “You will have to struggle against dogma. And not just by saying dogma is bad, no. By your own actions, you will have to show you reject dogma. I will tell all that we need to create a human society as soon as possible.
Everywhere in the world A’nandama’rga praca’ra will have to be done even more strongly. And for this, two things are needed. For creating a society more and more revolutionary marriages are needed. … And those who are guardians, mothers and fathers, have your sons and daughters do revolutionary marriage and thereby show that you are against dogma. You should fear no one. If your duty is not accomplished by individual effort, then move ahead collectively. There is no cause for fear. I am with you.” (Summary of the below Hindi)

तुम लोग dogma के ख़िलाफ़ सङ्ग्राम करते रहोगे | और केवल—मुँह से बोलोगे कि dogma ख़राब है—सो नहीं | अपने करके दिखला दोगे कि—तुम dogma को नापसन्द करते हो |

हम तो सबसे कहेंगे कि हम लोगों को जल्द से जल्द समाज बना लेना है | और, दुनिया में सर्वत्र आनन्दमार्ग का प्रचार और ज़ोरदार करना है | इसके लिए चाहिए दो | समाज बनाना है, इसलिए अधिक से अ&
#2343;िक revolutionary marriage चाहिए | …

और, जो लोग guardian हो, माता-पिता हो, अपने बटे-बेटी को revolutionary marriage करके दिखला दो कि—तुम dogma के ख़िलाफ़ हो | घबड़ाओ नहीं, किसी से डरो नहीं | अपने वैयष्टिक प्रयास से अगर नहीं हुआ, सामूहिक प्रयास से करो
; | घबड़ाने की कोई बात नहीं है | और हम तोरा सिनी रो साथ छियो |

क्रान्तिकारी विवाह
(Kra’ntika’rii Viva’ha, Deoghar, 08 Jan 84 General Darshan)

Here is another of Baba’s divine teachings on this key point.

Baba says, “Get more and more revolutionary marriages done. And, what should brave youths and their parents do? Put an ending to casteism, pulverize it to dust with the force of their blows. Build one human society, and deliver the message of Ananda Marga to all the corners of the world. And for this, maximum whole timer workers are also needed. So create more and more whole timer workers. And by creating more and more revolutionary marriages, make the society strong.” (Summary of the below Hindi)

अधिक से अधिक revolutionary marriage करा लो | और जो हिम्मतवार लड़के हैं, वे, उनके guardian, उनके माता; वे लोग क्या करें ? जात-पाँत को लात से ख़त्म कर दो, चूर-चूर कर दो | एक समाज, एक दल, एक मज़बूत समाज बना लो और हम लो& #2327;ों को दुनिया के कोने-कोने में आनन्दमार्ग का पैगाम पहुँचा देना है | इसलिए अधिक से अधिक सङ्ख्या में whole timer worker की भी जरूरत है | कोई whole timer worker बनो | कोई revolutionary marriage करके समाज को मज़बूत बना दो |

(14 Jan 1984, Patna)
Ram Sahay





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Date: 19 Jun 2011 09:19:25 -0000
From: “Manoj Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: Goenka: I Have No Interest in Revolutionary Marriages



Note: This entire letter has been attached as a PDF file. So if anyone is unable to read the Hindi font portion of this email, they can reference the attached file.

Yes I fully support this letter. It is astonishing that someone given top prizes and high stature in AM is at the same time a firm believe in the dogma of casteism. The position of the Goenka / Agarwal clan is untenable.

As Baba says in the following quotes: Be aware of such hypocrites who outwardly brag about their greatness in AM yet internally eat, breathe and sleep in the dungeon of casteism.

These people are that type of stone that resides in the bottom of the river – always immersed in water – but could never get drenched. Those stones are dry as a bone inside. Similarly, such persons lived with Baba under the banner of Ananda Marga, but they could not soak up those teachings, instead their minds remained as dark as a dungeon.

Nobody gets inspiration from the conduct of such persons. The straight-forward approach is to follow silent action with these people until they mend their ways.

Indeed, I am quite outraged by this entire episode of Goenka casteism & elitism. If an ordinary or new margii were to do like this then I could ignore the matter. But when a senior margii is following the Hindu caste dogma, then that is appalling.

Please review these following quotes from Baba and see how He strongly opposes this dirty dogma of casteism. The transcription of the original Hindi is noted below for your reference.

Manoj Deva



Baba says, “Everyone on this earth is a child of Parama Puruśa; no one is big or small. All are related as brothers and sisters. As far as castes are concerned, no one is high or low. How can the children of the same Father be of five hundred different castes? All people are of the same caste. Everyone is by birth of the same caste as their father. So keep away from those who discriminate in terms of caste; keep far from the reach of their noose. Why? Because those who believe in caste, do not believe in Parama Puruśa. If five people are of five different castes, then what is the caste of Parama Puruśa? Can He be of five castes? No, that is not possible. So bear in mind that those who believe in caste, do not have genuine belief in the Supreme Father. How can people of five hundred castes have one and the same father? So I say those who believe in caste, do not believe in the Supreme Father, and those who believe in the Supreme Father do not believe in caste.” (Discourses on Krśńa and the Giita, “Mucyate Bhavabandhanát”; First Published in Ananda Vacanamrtam – 16 (Hindi))

(Note: Although the above English translation has been approved by Publications Dept and printed in the book Discourses on Krśńa and the Giita, the translation is a bit sloppy. There are various terms like “earth”, “birth” etc which Baba did not say yet which appear in the above translation.)

For your ease and convenience, here is another translation for your review.

Baba says, “Indeed, everyone is brother and sister. No one can is of high or low caste. Can the children of one father be of five hundred different castes? Everyone is of one caste; the caste of the father is the caste of all the children. Beware of those who believe in the dogma of casteism. Do not get trapped in their ways. Why? Because those who believe in the dogma of casteism, they do not have any reverence for the Supreme Father.”

[Ma’rgiis– “Baba, Baba, Baba!!”]

“Because, if five people are of five different castes, and their father is Parama Purus’a, then what is the caste of Parama Purusa? Will He be of five castes? Never. So remember, those who follow casteism, do not believe in the Lord. How can five hundred people of various caste, all have the same Father? It means they do not believe in Parama Purus’a. In contrast, those who believe in Parama Purus’a as the Supreme Father do not follow caste dogma.” (summary of the below Hindi)

सब तो भाई-भाई हैं | कोई ऊँच जात, कोई नीच जात तो नहीं हो सकते हैं | एक बाप के बेटे, क्या पाँच सौ जाति के हो सकते हैं ? सब एक जात के हैं | बाप का जो जात बेटों का वही जात | जात-पाँति जो करते हैं, उनसे दूर रहो | उनके चङ्गुल से दूर रहो | क्यों ? न, जो जात-पाँति मानते हैं, वे परमपिता को नहीं मानते हैं |

[मार्गी लोग—“बाबा, बाबा, बाबा !”]

क्योंकि, पाँच आदमी अगर पाँच जात हुआ, तो उनके पिता परमपुरुष, उनका जात तब क्या होगा ? क्या वे पाँच जात के होंगे ? सो तो नहीं | तो, जो मनुष्य याद रखोगे जात-पाँति मानते हैं, वे परमपिता को नहीं मानते हैं | क्योंकि पाँच सौ जातिवाले मनुष्य के एक पिता कैसे हो सकते हैं | इसलिए परमपिता को नहीं मानते हैं | और, जो परमपिता को मानते हैं, वे जात-पाँति नहीं मानते हैं |
मुच्यते भव बन्धनात्‌
Mucyate Bhava Bandhana’t
10/31/79 Kullu
(Published: Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 16, Chapter 03)

Here below is another of one of Baba’s teachings on caste dogma wherein He claims one cannot be both an adherent of caste dogma as well as a believer in Parama Purusa.

Baba says, “There is one Supreme Father for every living being. So there should not be any feeling of high and low between humans. So many times I have told you that those who believe in the caste system do not believe in Parama Purusa. Why? The sons of one father cannot be of many castes. Those who believe in caste dogma disregard Parama Purusa. Those who believe in the Cosmic Father will never surrender at the alter of caste dogma. Follow one ideal. You cannot keep your feet in two separate boats. Either believe in Parama Purusa or believe in the dogma of casteism. It is impossible to believe in both. A stone vessel is by definition made of stone. “A stone vessel made of gold” is a utopian idea; it is totally impractical. A stone vessel can never be made of gold. Similarly, supporting both Parama Purus’a and casteism is an impossibilty. Humans will have to tread on only one path. (summary of the below Hindi)

हर जीव के पिता एक परमपुरुष हैं | इसलिए मनुष्य में उच्च-नीच का भेदभाव रहना नहीं चाहिए | कई बार मैं कह चुका हूँ कि जो मनुष्य जात-पाँति मानते हैं, परमपुरुष को वे नहीं मानते हैं | क्यों ? न, एक पिता के पुत्त्रों का अनेक जात नहीं हो सकता है | और, जात-पाँति माननेवाले परमपिता को नहीं मानते हैं | और, परमपिता को माननेवाले जात-पाँति नहीं मान सकते हैं | एक को रखना है जी | दो नाव पर चलने से नहीं चलेगा | अगर जीना है, अगर आगे बढ़ना है, तो एक नाव पर चढ़ना है | Either परमपुरुष को मानो, या जात-पाँति मानो | दोनों मानोगे, नहीं हो सकता है | पथरौटी पत्थर की होती है, सोने की पथरौटी नहीं हो सकती है | तो, मनुष्य को एक ही राह पर रहना चाहिए |

आध्यात्मिक साधना के साथ मानसिक स्तर का सम्पर्क
A’dhya’tmika Sa’dhana’ ke Sa’th Ma’nasika Star ka’ Samparka
6/27/80 Saharsa
(Published: Subhasita Samgraha, part 14, Chapter 09)



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Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 20:02:37 -0000
From: Niranjan Deva
Subject: Goenka: I Have No Interest in Revolutionary Marriages



Many of you may recall the story of Sanjay Goenka and how he was totally undeserving of and wrongly awarded the prize of “Best Bhukti Pradhan” at the January 2011 DMS.

A link to that letter of 26 Apr 2011 is appended below for your easy reference.

Now here is more news about that same Sanjay Goenka and his family. This letter is also quite revealing about his “dedication” to AM ideals and how far he was deserving to get the prize of “Best Bhukti Pradhan”.



Once, during seminar in Tadepalligudem, I asked Sushil Goenka Dada, who has a nephew-uncle relation with Sanjay Goenka, why he had come to the seminar on the third day. Why did he not come earlier for the start of the seminar.

Note: Here it should be understood that Sushil Goenka runs the family business, i.e. a large factory, in Hyderabad. Yet he comes to Tadepalligudem fairly regularly as OP Goenka runs the factory there. Thus it was expected that Sushil would be present for the entire seminars it was in his known area. That is why I asked why he had been absent the first two days.

Sushil Goenka replied, “I have been in Delhi to attend the marriage of the daughter of one margii named Vijay Agrawal.”

Note: Vijay Agrawal is a well-known and respected margii and according to Goenka he belongs to the same community, i.e. marwarai business community of India. As people learn more about Agrawalji’s actions, they may reevaluate how much respect he truly deserves.

I inquired, “Was it a revolutionary marriage?”

“Dada, in our community, no such marriage is allowed.” That was the reply uttered by Sushil Goenka.

It then became quite clear how far he follows AM ideals.


Why was it so clear? Because it is only when people feel extremely comfortable with their manner and ways that they will overtly tell things about their own life that others might find to be improper or even despicable.

For example, those in the mafia will openly brag about killing and murdering common citizens because those mafia men are very comfortable with the fact that they murder other humans. They are so involved and accustomed to killing that they do not care what others think about this. So they would openly tell others about it.

Similarly, because of his strong allegiance to caste dogma, Sushil Goenka was very frank in telling that he and his family totally shun Baba’s system of revolutionary marriage.

Here the whole point is that only someone very comfortable with caste dogma can openly and shamelessly proclaim his strong allegiance to caste marriage to a fellow Ananda Margii. Such is the lowly psychic status of Sushil Goenka on this matter. The man has not an ounce of shame about this – only pride.

Furthermore, Sanjay Goenka, with whom he has uncle-nephew relation, overtly supports caste marriages for his entire extended family. Sanjay Goenka Dada knowingly and unflinchingly contravenes Baba’s explicit guideline. As a senior member of the family, it is Sanjay Goenka Dada who has perpetuated and approved this dogma of caste marriages. Indeed he is more wedded to his dogmatic Hindu caste than to Baba’s dharmic and divine teachings. Yet this same Sanjay Goenka was awarded the “Best Bhukti Pradhan” prize at the January 2011 DMS.

It is also known by many that Sanjay Goenka Dada is not very involved in AM teachings or activities. Just he mingles with margiis on occasion. So here again it is most surprising that this same Sanjay Goenka was awarded as “Best Bhukti Pradhan” in front of one and all at the January DMS.

And really, this point of blatantly disregarding Baba’s system of revolutionary marriage is too much.


As we know Baba has taken great trouble to wipe out the dogmatic caste system. And one of the main techniques Baba has prescribed is inter-caste marriages. In those early days of AM, the Hindu establishment strongly opposed Baba and destroyed the land and personal property of countless Ananda Margiis who strictly adhered to Baba’s system of revolutionary marriage. There are countless tales of struggle and strife in this regard.

Because as we all know, rooting out an age-old dogma is not easy. It takes the advent of a great Personality like Taraka Brahma to guide society and wipe out such dogmas. Without that, harmful dogmas like the Hindu caste system continue on for centuries. Baba has graced humanity by opposing and eradicating this heinous dogma.

Yet now, people from the Goenka family are re-implementing this crude dogma under our very eyes. They are more concerned about the their prestige and the so-called purity of their own caste, i.e. marwarai business community of India, than they are about adhering to and following Baba’s dharmic ideals. That is why Sanjay Goenka and his whole clan openly disregard Baba’s revolutionary marriage system.

Then, beyond belief, this very same Sanjay Goenka is awarded the prize of “Best Bhukti Pradhan.” How does this work? Such people are a slur on AM yet they are treated as class “A” margiis. Their behaviour is awful yet they are given the top prize. What message are those at the helm trying to give to margiis: “Become worthless and get the top prize”.


Here Baba strongly condemns any and all who follow caste dogma and disregard the revolutionary marriage system. Such persons “do not believe in Parama Purusa” – those are Baba’s exact words. Please read His following guideline.

Baba says, “Everyone on this earth is a child of Parama Puruśa; no one is big or small. All are related as brothers and sisters. As far as castes are concerned, no one is high or low. How can the children of the same Father be of different castes? All people are of the same caste. Everyone is by birth of the same caste as their father. So keep away from those who discriminate in terms of caste; keep far from the reach of their noose. Why? Because those who believe in caste, do not believe in Parama Puruśa. If five people are of five different castes, then what is the caste of Parama Puruśa? Can He be of five castes? No, that is not possible. So bear in mind that those who believe in caste, do not have genuine belief in the Supreme Father. How can people of five hundred castes have one and the same father? So I say those who believe in caste, do not believe in the Supreme Father, and those who believe in the Supreme Father do not believe in caste.” (Discourses on Krśńa and the Giita, “Mucyate Bhavabandhanát”)

In clear-cut language, in His above teaching, Baba definitively guides us that those following Hindu caste dogma do not believe in Parama Purusa. There is no middle ground. Where there is casteism there is no belief in Parama Purusa. That is Baba’s exact teaching, nay warning. Thus one should keep oneself millions of miles away from the dogma of casteism.

Here following is Baba’s fundamental teaching from Caryacarya about marriage. Once again, one is not to pay heed to caste dogma in the case of marriage.

Baba says, “While arranging a marriage [in the case of that kind of marriage], the guardians should not consider the caste or nationality of the bride and bridegroom.” (Caryacarya-1)

Thus Baba’s stand is perfectly clear. Yet, the Goenka clan, like Sanjay and Sushil, is pointedly committed caste marriages. It is a shame.


Baba has blessed us with all the practices to lead a dharmic life. So it is not at all appreciated if one family – like the Goenka family – follows their caste dogma with regards to marriage and totally ignores Baba’s revolutionary marriage system.

More about this is written below in “Note #1”.

But already you have the essence of the story. Sanjay Goenka has blatantly overlooked Baba’s marriage system yet still he gets huge respect and wins the award of “Best Bhukti Pradhan”.

Rather the prize should go to the one who sincerely follows Baba’s grand teachings in all realms of life. That is Baba’s distinct teaching.

Baba says, “It is action that makes a person great. Be great by your sádhaná, by your service, by your sacrifice.” (Ananda Vanii #20)

Baba says, “Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning, your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal.” (Ananda Vanii #13)



Many margiis around the world know of SS Goenka, i.e. Shyam Sundar Goenka, also known by his pen-name of Hamrahi. SS Goenka is very active on email and he shares the same forefathers as Sanjay and Sushil Goenka. Most specifically, Sanjay is the grandson of SS Goenka’s elder brother B.K. Goenka.

SS Goenka also does not have or follow the RM system. People mistakenly think Geonka Dada is a top-notch margii. But in reality we have to question this. After all, his family never does intercaste marriages. Rather they do one special trick.

Within the entire Goenka clan, their sons and daughters are not married to any Ananda Margii families. So they just marry their children into their marwarai business community. And then only after the marriage is performed, they are initiated into AM. This is their devious method of not paying heed to Baba’s system of revolutionary marriage (RM). Yet such persons hold themselves to be the vanguards of Baba’s holy teachings. Everyone can decide for themselves how far this is hypocrisy or not.

They preach the intercaste marriage system to others, but they themselves do not follow it.

They want to be looked upon as being ideal – and some naive margiis believe that the Goenka clan follows all Baba’s guidelines perfectly. But rational margiis have a different understanding.

Up till now the Goenka clan has not done any RM, and they have no plan to do so in the future either. You can ask more about their caste marriages with SS Goenka Dada (sgoenka.amps2@gmail.com).

Here are some other key note facts about the Goenka / Agrawal clan:

– Sanjay Goenka and Sushil Goenka are nephews of SS Goenka.

– Vijay Agrawal stays in Mumbai and SS Soenka is the maternal uncle of Vijay Agrawal.

– SS Goenka is the youngest among his brothers and sisters. That is why all his nephews are only a little younger then he is.

– SS Goenka is now 72 years old. Vijay Agrawal is around 60 years of age.

– Vijay Agrawal has two sons and two daughters. Both daughters got married a few years ago. Both have kids. The younger daughter got married almost two years ago. She stays in Delhi. The elder daughter was married in Mumbai and has two kids. None of these marriages were RM.

– The mother of Vijay Agrawal is the elder sister of SS Goenka. She does not like Ananda Marga and she is a strong, traditional Hindu Marwari follower. Vijay Agrawal has two daughters and two sons. One daughter got married with a different caste – this was the first intercaste marriage in his family but the wedding was solemanised as per the Hindu system, not our revolutionary AM marriage ceremony. The other daughter married within that same Marwari caste. Arunanshu is the eldest son of Vijay Agarwal and a few months ago he got engaged to a girl from a different caste. He will be just the 2nd person of the entire Goenka / Agrawal clan to marry someone from a different caste. Arunanshu has promised us that he will marry as per our Ananda Marga revolutionary system. At present, he is facing strong protest from his grandmother (mentioned above) who is the sister of SS Goenka. Let us see whether Arunanshu becomes the first person to get married as per our AM system or not in the Goenka / Agarwal family.


It is generally known that Sushil Goenka is basically a goody-goody margii. Many may recall that when Sushil Goenka comes to dharmacakra or akhanda kiirtan, then he cries and weeps loudly, and sometimes afterwards he even tells others that, “I got samadhi.” But by his actions and overall manner, we can verily see that this is not true. Even then no one says this openly to him. When he says he got samadhi, then we just nod our heads and say “yes”.


it is also known to many that Sanjay Goenka bribed the police to harass and bring false cases (theft & burglary) against the innocent margiis of Karnool. Those margiis of Karnool were opposing Savitananda on dharmic points. So when Sanjay Goenka hired the police to “deal with” those Karnool margiis, then Sanjay Goenka got in the “good book” of Savitananda. That is why Savitananda is very pleased and overwhelmed with joy; and that is why Savitananda requested Ranchi leaders to give the top prize of “Best Bhukti Pradhan” to Sanjay Goenka.

Here it should also be noted that when those innocent margiis of Karnool were harassed and arrested by the police, then they were “booked” by Ashok Reddy, who is Savitananda’s loakika brother-in-law, i.e. the husband of Savitananda’s laokiks sister. Ashok Reddy himself is not a true margii in his day-to-day life, just he acts like he is king of the Marga when he has to harass others.

By this story of Sanjay Goenka bribing the police, it is clear that the next time anyone hires some “hitmen” or goondhas to terrorise the other group, then those at the helm will grant that margii the high prize at DMS.


After reading this letter kindly forward this to both Sanjay & SS Goenka. Here are their email addresses for your easy access:

Sanjay Goenka: sanjay@fff.co.in

SS Goenka: sgoenka.amps2@gmail.com




“Toma’r pathe cali a’mi, kon ba’dha’y pechoba na’…” (P.S. 1390)


Baba by Your infinite grace I am moving forward on Your divine path. By Your grace I do not care about any types of obstacles. I will never look behind in frustrated mood. You are my everything; You are my Goal; You are my sadhana. Baba, fortified with the strength of Your divine name my life is moving. Your name is like the lamp on my path of forward movement. By Your grace You have made me realise that there is no comparison to the strength which is residing in Your holy name.

Baba, by this way days and months are passing. Our closeness is getting more and more intimate, by Your grace. In my heart I realise that You are my everything. Baba because You are and I am. Except this I do not know anyone. By Your grace I am moving on Your path without bothering about any sorts of hindrances. It is Your grace…

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From: “Shantatma Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Story: When Baba was 12 Yrs Old

Date: Sun 24 Apr 2011 14:33:02 +0530




One day when Baba was around 12 years old, He was sitting in front of

His house

when one middle-aged man appeared on the road. The man was standing

silently on one leg with his palms together.

(Note: This is one-legged stance is a particular body posture or mudra

used by so-called brahmins to show deep reverence when they pray to

their god. However, this person in the road was not a “brahmin”, but

rather a so-called harijan or untouchable. The man was standing in this

position to show his own lowly status and express great respect to the


The place where Baba was sitting was slightly higher than the level of

the road, as the front yard of the house and entryway were raised up.

The man looked at Baba and said, “Where is the respected master of the

house?”. The man was referring to Baba’s esteemed father.

The young Baba eagerly called to the man and asked why he was standing

in the road.

Baba then graciously invited the man to come up and sit next to Him on a

mat that had been placed on the ground.

The man replied, “That higher ground is not my place. I am a harijan so

I cannot sit up there – on a mat on higher ground.”

Baba politely responded, “I am inviting you. As long as I am here there

is no problem. You are welcome to come sit here. Please come.”

The man became very scared and said, “I am not going to do that.”

Baba gently pleaded, “What is going to happen (wrong) if you come and

sit here – it is my request.”

The man replied, “If I sit there I will be beaten.”

Baba kept insisting and pleading for the man to come up and take a seat

and He promised that He would not allow any harm to come to the man.

Baba said that my father will be back in one hour and you are welcome to

wait here with me.

Ultimately, the man refused and left the scene.


The young Baba was unhappy seeing how this aged man was totally bound

and shackled by caste dogma. The caste system had made the man believe

that he was sub-human, inferior, low, and worthless.

It was on that day that Baba took the strong vow to remedy the situation

and create a human society based on universality where all are treated

as equal human beings. That moment Baba decided to eradicate all caste



As we all know there are so many horrors, injustices, and humiliating

aspects of the caste system that have been entrenched in Indian society

for thousands of years. Today, by Baba’s grace, things have improved a lot.

But in that pre-World War II era when Baba was still a boy, most caste

distinctions were thriving.

Baba says, “The evils of the caste are nowhere better known than in

India.” (AFPS-7)

Note: We all know that similar evils exist in the form of racism,

communalism, and overall hatred in all parts of the globe, whether it be

genocide in Africa, gang rapes in Los Angeles, or street violence in

France etc.

Some examples of caste denigration in India include:

So-called low caste people would wear a degrading cow-bell around their

neck so as to warn others that an “untouchable” was coming down the

street. Then general citizens would be sure not to touch that low caste

being and not even let their shadow touch them.

So-called low caste people were also made to wear a broom attached to

their backside so that the dirt or mud road would not be polluted by the

feet of those so-called untouchables.

And here Baba points out other horrors about the caste system:

(A) In this below quote, the so-called low caste people were brutally

punished and tortured if they heard vedic chants.

Baba says, “The Antyaja Shu’dras, if they even heard the Vedic chants,

or the controlling Vedic mantra aum, or the Savitr Rk mantra, would be

committing a great sin and molten lead would be poured into their ears

so that their hearing would be destroyed forever.” (NSS, Disc: 5)

It goes without saying that it was absolutely forbidden for such

so-called lower caste people to go to any temple and worship etc.

(B) Here Baba points out how the caste system deemed shudras to be the

lowest of the low.

Baba says, “Even the Supreme Entity, that formless omnipresent Parama

Brahma who equally belongs to all, who is the light of all light, the

dearest and nearest One, is also denied. It has been said in the above

shloka that the Vipras [Brahmans, intellectuals] have been born out of

the mouth of Brahma’ [the Creator]; the valorous Ks’atriyas [warriors]

have emerged out of His hands; the Vaeshyas [capitalists] out of His

thighs; and the Shuudras [labourers] out of His feet.” (APH-5)

(C) In this below paragraph, it is shown how low caste people were not

even allowed to get their own water from the well if they were thirsty,

for fear that they would pollute the water. They had to wait and hope to

be given water by others.

Baba says, “The prince alighted from his horse and, saluting him, asked,

“O Brother! Are you in difficulty”? Before the man could answer, the

prince understood from his countenance that he was thirsty and, as he

had not drawn water even though he has a bucket and rope by his side, he

must be a so-called “untouchable”. So that prince himself raised a

bucket of water and said to him, “Methinks you are thirsty. Drink this

water and then tell me of your needs”. The man drank water to his

heart’s content.” (GL)

(D) Here below Baba further points out the humiliation thrust upon the

so-called lower caste people.

Baba says, “Hundreds of dogma were imposed on people: “Do not do this,

it is prohibited. If you do it you will go to hell.” The effect of such

a statement was to inject a fear complex into people’s minds. According

to mythology, the so-called upper castes were born from the mouth of

god. It was stated that the so-called low caste people were not entitled

to wear shoes on their feet or carry umbrellas over their heads in upper

caste neighbourhoods.” (APH-5)

More about cast distinctions have been cited in the notes after the

signature. Suffice to say here that casteism struck deep into the psyche

of the people.

Baba says, “For centuries so-called low caste people have lived a life

of humiliation and insult, and consequently their minds have become

inert. Tragically, they accept this condition as the result of their

fate.” (PNS-17)

By Baba’s grace He has taken the vow to remove all caste distinctions,

and this has been a tremendous boon for our human society.


As one might recall, the first PA in Ananda Marga was PK Chatterjee and

he was a brahmin by birth. Those days Baba was still living in his

mother’s house and when PK Chatterjee would arrive then all the members

of the house would come and touch PA’s feet, because he was born of

higher caste than Baba’s loakik family.

Then in secret, in that same house, PK Chatterjee would massage Baba’s

feet, recognising Baba as the Sadguru. Such is the liila of Parama Purusa.

Here the point is that casteism touched all aspects of Indian society,

even within Baba’s own house.

Then that fateful day Baba told His mother that casteism was totally

unjust and that He would wipe it out entirely.

She replied, “Oh my son, in the past so many people have made similar

declarations but nobody could change it. In that case what can You

really do.”

Baba’s mother was not aware of Who He is, so that was another part of

the liila.

As Ananda Margiis we understand well who Baba is and how He has

graciously set the wheels in motion to eliminate casteism and so many

harmful isms from this earth.


Baba step by step tore down the caste system through two distinct

methods: His practical programs and by illuminating this world with His

spiritual vibration.

On the practical side, here are a few things Baba has done.

1. He gave tantric diiksa (spiritual initiation) to all people,

irrespective of their birth etc, and made acaryas out of both so-called

untouchables and so-called brahmins. Our acarya culture is a mix of all

peoples, wherein even so-called untouchables who became acarya receive

pranam from others.

2. Baba insisted that no one (i.e. so-called brahmins) entering AM could

keep their sacred thread and sacred hair. Those things had to be cut off.

3. Baba instituted inter-caste and inter-race marriages, i.e.

revolutionary marriages. This was a huge change because in India even

the Muslims adhered to the caste system, whereas throughout the Islamic

world caste system is not followed.

So by the above programs and more, Baba graced this earth by undoing

thousands of years of caste distinctions and injustices. And with His

neo-humanism, He has set the stage to wipe out similar injustices all

over the globe. Because each and every land has their own issues of

hatred and exploitation.

Of course the brahmin priests were furious with Baba as they felt He was

making attacks on their Hindu way of life. They felt severely

threatened, yet Baba did not yield. By His grace He has spread the ways

of manav dharma and one human society to all.

Thus both through His practical programs and all encompassing grace, He

has cleared the pathway to wipe out casteism and all isms and hatred

from this earth entirely.

And it all began on the fateful day when the simple man stood out in

front of Baba’s house. That was the way Baba chose to unfold His liila.


By Baba’s grace our Ananda Marga is based on the universal sentiment of

one human society where are all treated with equal love and respect.

This grand idea is reaching every aspect of human life, by His grace.

Baba says, “In our Ananda Marga, the entire human race is considered one

family, bound by the common bonds of love. In A’nanda Ma’rga, one

introduces oneself as a mere living being, so here it is impossible to

establish anything but a caste-less society.” (TK-2)




Baba’s below example graphically displays how caste distinctions seep

deep into the mind and ruin the human intellect.

Baba says, “Repression directly affects the subconscious mind. Gradually

the psychic structure is severely damaged, and finally the mind is

totally changed. The result is that people are inflicted with a

defeatist psychology and an inferiority complex. Let me give you an

example. The headmaster of a Harijan school once asked a student to

fetch him some drinking water, but the boy did not move. Instead he

asked a non-Harijan friend in a low voice to do as the headmaster

requested. But the headmaster intervened and asked the boy why he would

not comply with the request. The student replied, “Sir, I am an

untouchable by caste. How can you drink water touched by me?” This is an

example of how repression can bring about a change in the psychic

structure.” (PNS-17)


Here Baba is showing how even the great Shankaracarya was prone to caste

distinctions as he did not want to be touched or polluted by a so-called


Baba says, “Lord Shankaracharya was an erudite scholar. He has

over-thrown Buddhism and revived Brahmanya religion, but there was a

lack of full harmony between his principles and practices. Once after

having a dip in the Ganges at Kashii, he was returning towards the road

and he saw an untouchable walking with a number of dogs. For fear of his

body being touched he attempted to bypass them. Then the untouchable

said: “O Lord! Is this the result of your principle that there is only

Brahma and nothing else? You are known by the name Brahmajina’ni. The

feeling of differentiation is developed even by treating a pariah as

mean.” (SS-1)


In this below example, even small kids were indoctrinated into the

superiority of the caste system and older people were forced to bow down.

Baba says, “Even a five- or six-year-old boy from the so-called upper

caste would extend his feet to accept pran’a’m from an eighty-year-old

man of a lower caste. Those young boys did not feel the slightest prick

of conscience or humanity. This was the ill result of caste

distinctions. But today that opportunistic structure of casteism has

already been destroyed, it can collapse at any moment.” (SC-11)


“Ke ghumiye a’che tumi ja’n, d’a’k diye ya’o…” (P.S. 2179)


Baba, as the Savior and Controller of the whole universe, You are well

aware about who is sleepy and drowsy, and who has lost the path of divine

effulgence. Baba, You know everything.

Those who have lost the Goal, You always call them and show them the

right path. Those who are crying bitterly after facing their defeat, with

Your divine compassion You graciously show them the proper path for their

forward journey– and help them move ahead. Baba, You are the Sadguru.

Hence those who remain forgetful about You as well as those who are

always calling You with deep adoration full of longing and tears, with both

these two opposite types of people, You shower Your divine grace on all–

without any differentiation.

Baba, Your grace is for everyone. But crude people are not realising that

You are gracious on them also. Whereas devotees realise. That is the

difference. Baba, You grace everyone; Your greatness & glory is beyond



About the Wealthy

Baba says, “It must always be remembered that the value of money lies in

its proper use. If more money is accumulated than what is necessary, it

becomes valueless for want of use. To the extent that you keep idle and

valueless money with you, to that extent you become responsible for the

injustices done to the hungry and the naked. Your valueless hoard will

have to be made valuable by providing opportunities for use by others.

Those who do not know the right use of money on the basis of the

exchange of mundane resources are in fact the enemies of society.”

(HS-1, p.41)


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Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 12:04:43 -0000 (GMT)
From: Jayashrii
Subject: Watch Out! This Tragedy Can Happen Anywhere


“Jeo na’ ogo prabhu, anek katha’ a’che ba’kii…” -P.S. #683


Baba, oh Prabhu please do not go away. Please remain with me– I have
many a tale to tell You. Please come to my home. Please understand this
unique opportunity: I am all alone in the house. Nobody is here, so
please come.

Baba, in pleasure and pain, during both negative and positive
situations, all the time I am calling You. And always I am remembering
Your name. During all the 24 hours, whatever I do, my hands are always
busy in work but my mind is at Your lotus feet. I remember You; it is
Your grace. Even if I risk losing everything I want You to my heart’s

Baba, You understand my entire situation but You never console me. I
am surrounded by the darkness these days. I do not have any happiness.
Baba I do not want anything from You, only this much I want: That You
please come close and sit beside me. The doors & windows of my mind are
always open in longing for You, waiting for Your arrival.

Baba my Lord, please do not go away leaving me deserted. Always
remain in my heart…


Bullying is a growing problem in schools where bigger, mean-spirited
kids physically assault and/or mentally harass their peers. Whereas it
used to only happen in the hallways of schools, now it happens
throughout cyberspace and the digital world as well as via
person-to-person contact in schools and neighborhoods. That makes life
extremely difficult for victims.

Tragedy struck recently when one victim of bullying, 14 yr old Phoebe
Prince (MA, USA), took her own life by hanging herself in her own house
after undergoing a particularly harsh week of bullying tactics. The news
article is appended below for your review.

That small town never imagined such a horrifying tragedy could take
place in their midst. But it can. And it can happen near you as well. So
beware and take proper precautions.

We should all carefully watch our children and be intimately aware of
what is happening in their lives, especially those in their early teens.
Open communication and loving support are two of the main ways to ensure
school bullying does not affect the life of your children.

Then of course there are pathways of community action and school


There are two parallel running themes that most endangers youths to the
perils of bullying.

1) Children affected by materialism view school more as a venue for
dating and sexual presentation than anything else. This leads to
jealously, name-calling and fighting.

2) A lack of parental love leaves kids without a base or foundation in
life. In that case their school life is their entire support system.
Hence when school bullying occurs, they have nothing left to fall back on.

Both of the above can be explored more deeply and explained at length.
There are facts, statistics and studies available.

Suffice to say here that capitalism draws most moms out of the house for
full-time work endeavours in which case they are rarely around their
children. Secondly, when the whole pseudo-culture media market revolves
around sexual allurement and body image etc, then naturally young
impressionable kids are deeply molded in this way, especially in this
cell phone, internet era.

Wherever capitalism abounds, all kinds of social issues like school
bullying are bound to crop up. Unfortunately now capitalism is only
spreading more and more.

Everyone should be alert. Below my signature please read the tragic case
of the young Phoebe Prince who took her life. The report is from the
Boston Globe.



By Kevin Cullen
Globe Columnist / January 24, 2010

Like a lot of kids her age, Phoebe Prince was a swan, always beautiful
and sometimes awkward.

Last fall, she moved from Ireland * *into western Massachusetts, a new
town, a new high school, a new country, a new culture. She was 15, when
all that matters is being liked and wearing the right clothes and just
fitting in.

She was a freshman and she had a brief fling with a senior, a football
player, and for this she became the target of the Mean Girls, who
decided then and there that Phoebe didn’t know her place and that Phoebe
would pay.

Kids can be mean, but the Mean Girls took it to another level, according
to students and parents. They followed Phoebe around, calling her a
slut. When they wanted to be more specific, they called her an Irish slut.

The name-calling, the stalking, the intimidation was relentless.

Ten days ago, Phoebe was walking home from school when one of the Mean
Girls drove by in a car. An insult and an energy drink can came flying
out the car window in Phoebe’s direction.

Phoebe kept walking, past the abuse, past the can, past the white picket
fence, into her house. Then she walked into a closet and hanged herself.
Her 12-year-old sister found her.

You would think this would give the bullies who hounded Phoebe some
pause. Instead, they went on Facebook and mocked her in death.

They told State Police detectives they did nothing wrong, had nothing to
do with Phoebe killing herself.

And then they went right back to school and started badmouthing Phoebe.

They had a dance, a cotillion, at the Log Cabin in Holyoke two days
after Phoebe’s sister found her in the closet, and some who were there
say one of the Mean Girls bragged about how she played dumb with the
detectives who questioned her.

Last week, one of the Springfield TV stations sent a crew to South
Hadley High to talk to the kids.

One girl was interviewed on camera, and she said what was common
knowledge: that bullies were stalking the corridors of South Hadley High.

As soon as the TV crew was out of sight, one of the Mean Girls came up
and slammed the girl who had been interviewed against a locker and
punched her in the head.

The Mean Girls are pretty, and popular, and play sports.

So far, they appear to be untouchable, too.

South Hadley is a nice, comfortable middle-class suburb that hugs the
Connecticut River nearby and a certain attitude.

“Things like this aren’t supposed to happen in South Hadley,’’ said
Darby O’Brien, a high school parent, wondering why the bullies who
tormented Phoebe are still in school. “And so instead of confronting the
evil among us, the reality that there are bullies roaming the corridors
at South Hadley High, people are blaming the victim, looking for excuses
why a 15-year-old girl would do this. People are in denial.’’

School officials say there are three investigations going on. They say
these things take time.

That doesn’t explain why the Mean Girls who tortured Phoebe remain in
school, defiant, unscathed.

“What kind of message does this send to the good kids?’’ O’Brien asked.
“How many kids haven’t come forward to tell what they know because they
see the bullies walking around untouched?’’

They were supposed to hold a big meeting on Tuesday to talk about all
this, but now that’s off for a couple of weeks.

O’Brien is thinking about going to that meeting and suggesting that they
have the kids who bullied Phoebe look at the autopsy photos.

“Let them see what a kid who hung herself looks like,’’ he said.

Last week, Phoebe was supposed to visit Ireland, where she grew up, and
she was excited because she was going to see her father for the first
time in months.

She did end up going back to Ireland after all, and when her father saw
her she was in a casket.

Phoebe’s family decided to bury her in County Clare. They wanted an
ocean between her and the people who hounded her to the grave.

Phoebe Prince Update:

Nine Teens Charged in Girl’s Suicide

March 29, 2010 5:04 PM

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (CBS/AP) Nine teenagers face charges for allegedly
hounding and harassing 15-year-old Irish immigrant Phoebe Prince,
bullying her to the point where she hanged herself to end her misery.

Out of the nine teens, two boys are charged with statutory rape and they
and a clique of girls are facing charges including stalking, criminal
harassment and violating Phoebe’s civil rights.

School officials are not charged even though authorities say they knew
the girl was being bullied and they didn’t stop the harassment even
after Prince’s mother came to two of them with her concerns.

Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel said the events before
the teen’s death on Jan. 14 were “the culmination of a nearly
three-month campaign of verbally assaultive behavior and threats of
physical harm” widely known among the student body.

The 15-year-old was insulted and threatened almost from her first day at
South Hadley High School, bullying her in the halls, library and through
text messages. Prince was harassed for having a short relationship with
a popular boy in school.

On the day she hung herself, Prince was pelted with a beverage container
and cursed at as she walked home from school.

Scheibel said the harassment began in September, occurring primarily in
school and in person, although some of it surfaced on Facebook and in
other electronic forms. At least four students and two faculty members
intervened to try to stop it or report it to administrators, she said.

Prince’s family has since moved away from the area.

Some students accused of participating in the bullying have been
disciplined by the school and will not be returning to classes.

The teens who face criminal charges under the indictments announced
Monday are:

Sean Mulveyhill, 17, of South Hadley. Charged with statutory rape,
violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury, criminal
harassment and disturbance of a school assembly.

Kayla Narey, 17, of South Hadley. Charged with violation of civil rights
resulting in bodily injury, criminal harassment and disturbance of a
school assembly.

Austin Renaud, 18, of Springfield. Charged with statutory rape.

Ashley Longe, 16, of South Hadley. Charged as a youthful offender with
violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury.

Sharon Chanon Velazquez, 16, of South Hadley. Charged as a youthful
offender with stalking and violation of civil rights resulting in bodily

Flannery Mullins, 16, of South Hadley. Charged as a youthful offender
with stalking and violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury.

Three 16-year-old South Hadley girls, whose names were not released,
face delinquency charges that include the civil rights offense, criminal
harassment and disturbance of a school assembly.

Love For All

Baba says, “The sense of differentiation and distinction are of no value
to devotees. For them, all become one, all discriminations disappear.
Only human beings can have this type of mentality and that is why they
are superior to all other beings.” (AV-7, p.12)

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To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 16:37:04
From: “Hank & Rita Tomasson”
Subject: Unpublished Unique Handwriting of Baba


“Tumi eso go, eso go, eso go, a’mi hrday-duya’r khule diyechi…” (P.S.


Baba, by Your grace I have so much longing in my heart. Baba, I am
anxiously waiting for You. By Your grace I have kept the door of my
heart open for You. Please come, please come, please come and reside in
the deep core of my heart. Baba, You have taken all the nectar from my
flower blossom which I had been saving for You. Baba, You have taken,
You have taken. Baba, year after year has passed– so many sweet,
loving memories have been lost in the oblivion. But You did not come.
Time passes like this. Baba, so many divine songs that I have song for
You have been swept away into the vast expanse. But You did not come.
Even now, I am eagerly waiting and looking constantly towards the path
of Your arrival. Baba, I am desperately waiting and looking forward to
hearing Your footsteps. Baba, by Your grace I am always moving forward
towards You. Sometimes my speed is fast, by Your grace. And sometimes
due to my lethargy, my speed is quite slow. But by Your grace always I
am moving ahead on Your path, singing Your song with deep longing for
You. Baba in Your divine tune and melody and with the rhythm of
devotional yearning, by Your grace I am always ideating on Your supreme
thoughts and blissful tales. Baba, please be gracious and come; my
heart is always open and longing for You. Baba, please grace me and
reside eternally in the depths of my heart and become my own…


Our Ananda Marga is 100% rational in all respects – firmly based in the
ways of neo-humanism.

In 1961, Baba delivered one unique teaching – in the form of a
handwritten message – that ensures the well-being of all peoples and
protects the dignity of the entire humanity.

Till today, this special teaching has not been published in any of our
AM books, pamphlets or magazines.


Here is the hand-written message which Baba has written in both English
and Hindi:

“Propagandists of communalism, provincialism, casteism, lingualism and
any other ism should be strongly dealt with even if it is found that
their charges are properly established.” – Baba (8 Jan 1961)

Such are the words Baba Himself penned on that day. It is a great
teaching for all, especially those who are the vanguards of society.

In each and every era, various groups or communities have tried hard to
exploit and demean another people, and in that process the exploiters
have come up with all kinds of justifications and logic, but Baba’s
above guideline wholly rejects all such attempts.

In a phrase, Baba’s guideline does away with all kinds of stereotypes.

Let’s together investigate the full impact and scope of Baba’s above
handwritten guideline.


Baba’s above guideline offers a strong response to all those who indulge
in stereotypes. As we all know, a “stereotype” is when a person or group
makes a blanket statement about another community based on their own
biased views.

For instance, a person might proclaim:

– Black people are dumb; or,

– Females are too weak to be leaders; or,

– Jewish people are stingy, i.e. not generous $$; or,

– Muslims are terrorists; or

– Hairjans are dirty and uncultured; or,

– Mexicans are thieves.

These are the types of “stereotypical” statements that some proclaim.
And in many cases, they may even have the data, facts, and figures to
back up their claim. Yet Baba’s staunch guideline from His handwritten
message is that we should firmly reject such charges.

For instance, about black people, a white supremest will say that by
nature black people are stupid and do not finish school. To support
their claim, that white supremest might present data from Harvard
University that shows that many black people drop out of high school,
very few go to college, and that many black people in the US end up
impoverished or in jail. Based on these established facts, the supremest
concludes that black people are dumb. Such racists, like this white
supremest, use real facts to justify their view(s).

However, Baba’s guideline is that even if “their charges are properly
established”, we should never accept the ways of racism etc. That means,
it may be true that more black people in the US do drop out of high
school and end up in jail, but one must never indulge in the racist
belief that therefore black people are only “half-human” or dumb. That
is not the proper conclusion as there are many factors involved.

Proof being that the same high school dropout rate would apply to white
students if they faced similar circumstances like financial hardship,
neighborhood crime, and a slew of other issues that have been rampant in
black neighborhoods after centuries and decades of racial discrimination
and unfair treatment.

It is our duty to attune our minds to the myriad of social injustices
that forced black people into such a desperate position. That is the
direction we should look and then remedy the situation accordingly. The
answer is not to indulge in racism and wrongly conclude that black
people drop out of school because they are dumb.

Thus, in no way, shape or form, should we give credence to such
stereotypical statements that play into one community pushing down or
exploiting another. Whether those statements are about the nature of
women, the ways of people from a particular nation, or the behaviour of
those in a specific religion or caste etc, we are to firmly stand by our
principles and keep a neo-humanistic outlook, never giving way to crude
beliefs based on caste, group, religious, or national sentiment etc.


Unfortunately, there are similar things going on today in our Marga.
Because of the grand diversity of life in AM and Baba’s special system
of posting workers, the scene in AM is far, far better than that of the
general society, even then we can find hints of racism or lingualism etc.

For instance, if any group in AM tries to enhance their prestige by
promoting their language or their area as being the best and the most
unique in the world, then that stand cannot be at all appreciated. We
must wholly reject such views.

That means if certain Bengali Wts and margiis proclaim that Amra Bengali
is the most important or best samaj and therefore all others are “second
best”, then we should reject their claims. The Bengali speaking leaders
may argue that only their language is 92% Sanskrit, or that Baba wrote
thousands of Prabhat Samgiita songs in Bengali, or that their race is a
unique blending of the four races etc. They may present all these types
of facts to show that workers from Bengal are most venerable and great.
But it is totally wrong to say that Bengali wts are the best or that
Amra Bengali samaj is the top. Because such statements are based on
“isms” like racism and lingualism. In that case those people (i.e.
propagandists) should be dealt with strongly. That is Baba’s exact

“Propagandists of communalism, provincialism, casteism, lingualism and
any other ism should be strongly dealt with even if it is found that
their charges are properly established.” – Baba (8 Jan 1961)

All stereotypes are baseless as they are based on some type of ism. We
should be vigilant when dealing with such type of propagandists. That is
Baba’s exact teaching.


If we look from a different perspective we can see that Hindi group
leaders proclaim that any worker from Bengal is a spy and not to be
trusted. Such groupists view people based on groupist affiliation and
geo-sentiment. Thus, the Hindi or EC leaders are no less guilty of this
disease than those workers from Bengal.

The striking point is that in AM, geo-sentiment is dominant. All the
various Wt groups have been formed on this basis. No doubt they have
their logic to support their racist views etc, but whatever logic they
give should be discarded. Because they are just manipulating certain
facts to support their own narrow-minded ism.

If we see critically, then most of the key posts of a particular group
are given to people of their area or to those who have surrendered their
faith to that particular geographical place.

It is just like if an Afghan man surrenders himself to US supremacy then
and only then can he get a high post – otherwise he will just be thought
of as a terrorist.

Right now, in almost whatever direction we look, we can see groupist
leaders justifying their case and placing greater importance on their
chosen area, at expense of other places and peoples. That is the current
situation in AM and it is this that we should oppose. That is Baba’s


One key point to remember is that each and every area has mix of good
and bad people – everywhere it is like this. In Bengal, there are many
good people as well as bad persons, i.e. criminals and thieves, etc.

So no area, race, caste or group can proclaim themselves as the revered
ones or the best above all others. If anyone does like this it means
that they are are adhering to groupism, racism or some other ism. No
matter what logic they give, we should treat that as straw and throw it

Unfortunately, some people never tire of praising that their own group
and some dumb people feel fortunate or honoured to receive those ideas.
In that we they get totally duped and become groupist pawns. However, we
should never get caught up in the belief that a certain group, language,
or region is really blessed and better than others.

Everywhere there are those who are blessed and those who are sinners. It
is not a functions of race, birth, language background, or birth etc.


By Baba’s grace He has blessed us with all the teachings in life to
build up a healthy human society and overcome all racism, casteism, etc.
We are to take a firm stand against those who indulge in stereotypes.
That is Baba’s distinct teaching that He wrote down that day in 1961.
And it is as true today as it was then. We should all pay heed.


Money and Peace

Baba says, “With the acquisition of money people still feel that they have
nothing; in spite of possessing a huge amount of money they often beat
their chests in despair. So it is not money they seek– what they truly
desire is peace, not happiness. But it is only rarely that people attain
peace in life…The answer [then] is that by attaining Parama Purus’a one
no longer has any unsatiated hunger or unqueched thirst.” And that is the
stage of perfect peace. (SS-12, p.38)


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