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Subject: How Western Civilisation is Going to Fall
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PS Intro: This song symbolizes the holy advent of Mahasambhuti. When
He comes He infuses His divine vibration throughout each and every pore
of this expressed universe– in which case everything blossoms into
something positive.

In this present era, the divine vibrational wave
which Baba has emanated through His varabhaya and januspharsha mudras is
transforming everything. Now we are witnessing the divine results of
this across the entire planet. Everyone’s whole way of thinking is
changing from dogma-centered to God-centered. People are becoming
neo-humanistic. This grand transformation is going on everywhere; it is
not limited just to our AM society. Rather the entire globe– all human
beings– is involved.

This below song represents the grand idea that
when Taraka Brahma comes then there is a holistic shift of
consciousness. Negative people become afraid and good people rise up
courageously and become firm on the path of dharma. This type of grand
transformation is taking place right now, by Baba’s grace. And that is
exactly what this song says.

“Esecho nat’araj anekdiner pare a’j…” (PS 4595)


O’ Nataraj, O’ Lord, after ages and ages You have come today. It is
Your grace. O’ Dhurjat’i, Your matted locks are dancing so beautifully.
In all the three lokas, in the three realms, the demons are fearful and

O’ Divine Entity, by Your grace You have transformed everyone. Those
who were sleeping, those downtrodden who were neglected and humiliated
in the world, those without respect or recognition in the society, and
those humans who were feeling defeated and sunk in woe– they have all
become awakened due to Your auspicious advent. By Your grace their
drowsiness has been smashed. They have gotten new life. Now they are
full of happiness and joy. O’ Lord, You are so gracious.

O’ Divine Entity, Your drum, bugle, and horn are resonating all
around. In all the ten directions and across the entire horizon, Your
victory call is resounding. O’ Prabhu, the feeling of dharma has been
aroused among all. Everyone has understood what is vice and what is
virtue– what is dogma and what is rationality. By Your grace the people
have experienced a shift of consciousness. Their outlook has become
dharmic and spiritual. O’ my Lord, by Your grace the eclipse of the moon
has been removed. Now the darkness is gone. You have made everything

O Lord, You have done everything for us; I do sastaunga pranam at
Your alter…


When any society is powerful then naturally those inhabitants think
their place at the top will last forever. Those in Rome thought the
Roman empire would last forever, same with those living in the Egyptian
empire. Neither could conceive of their collapse. And that is the case
with all such cases, including today’s western civilization.

The basic rule is that those at the top think that their greatness will
endure across time and space – indefinitely.

With that complacency comes indulgence. They think no matter what they
do their place at the pinnacled point is reserved forever. Invariably
however, that situation changes. Their place at the top cannot last.
With the rise of indulgence etc, it is not long before that society is
struggling hard to lift its own jaw off the ground after its hard fall
into the crust of the earth.

We should look back at the past and apply those principles to today’s
western society. For years – i.e. centuries – the west has been exerting
its will, controlling others, and gaining a higher and higher stature.

By examining Baba’s precepts, it is quite apparent that the fall of
western civilisation is imminent.


In His discourse, “The Future of Civilization”, Baba looks back at
various civilizations that were at the top – they seemed to have no peer
– yet they fell.

This happened to the Arabs, the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Greeks, the
Romans. They all fell. And in His discourse Baba points out the cause.

They fell either to due internal demise, i.e. weakness stemming from
their own society, or due to external influence, i.e. by attacks from
the outside. Most often though it was a combination of the two.

In general it is the advancement of science that puts a particular
civilisation at the top. This was the case with the Egyptians and it is
the case of today’s western civilisation as well. The Egyptians had the
pyramids, mummies and so many other engineering and scientific feats.
They seemed unparalleled in so many ways – yet they fell – they were
overrun by outsiders.

Similar is the case of the Romans. They had everything in terms of
advancement and progress, but due to internal dissension they met their
demise. Due to all kinds of extreme social disparities, such as slavery
etc, their society crumbled as there was massive unrest from within due
to the “haves” and “have nots”. By that point, they were no match for

Baba says, “The Christian or Roman civilization was also considerably
higher on the ladder of development. Yet they were lacking in social
outlook. There were no feelings of fraternity and equality. The slave
system was rampant and human feelings were on the wane. Furthermore, the
lack of a proper socio-economic theory generated a kind of fascist
mentality in them. Those rolling in luxury and adverse to labour became
indolent. Naturally they were defeated by a stronger and more strenuous
force.” (AFPS-6)

Baba’s main point is that either due to their own complacency or
indulgence ruling societies fall prey to outside invaders who are more
vigilant and disciplined, or due to lack of social equality and social
unrest a society implodes from within. Or it may be due to a combination

Another factor that comes into play is that of metamorphosis. This is
when a ruling civilization slowly, even unknowingly starts to adopt
other ways until finally over time they have totally changed from the
society they once were.

In the past, so many ruling society fell from power for these reasons.
Nobody could imagine their demise, but it happened. The situation is
strikingly similar to the west today.


To some or more degree, all of the above indicators are rampant in the
west. Due to indulgence and complacency they are getting beat at their
own game of capitalism; due to extreme disparity of wealth there is
growing social unrest, and little by little the west is leaving their
own principles of life and adopting eastern ways of doing.

For all these reasons and more, today’s western society is heading for a
big fall. Those aware about Baba’s teachings will not be at all
surprised – and they will be best in position to help others.


The way things are headed in the west either it will implode internally,
be overrun externally (or a combination thereof), or metamorphose into
something totally different. At present all these things are going on.

1) Due to extreme capitalism there is vast disparity of wealth. This
creates huge internal dissension. When the common people can no longer
afford hearth & home, nor food and drink, then that society is on the
brink of disaster. This is what we see happening in the so-called
developed or advanced nations in the west.

2) The selfishness and materialism of the west is also ruining the
mentality of the people. Now more than ever before there is a wave of
psychic diseases and troubles, everything from extreme angst and
frustration to depression to suicide etc.

3) The west is losing ground to “developing” nations in all the realms
that led them to the top. The financial debt to the eastern world is a
huge burden and can easily lead to their being swallowed up by a severe
economic collapse. In which case western nations will surely fall prey
to others.

Note: The above points speak to either internal demise or external
encroachment. And if we analyse further the current conditions in the
west, this list will grow by dozens and dozens of points. The above is a
mere sampling of indicators.

4) This next point deals with metamorphosis. At present, Christianity is
taking a hard hit in the west. People are no longer the ardent followers
they once were. Many are token Christians and are actually more
interested in eastern ways such as yoga and Buddhism etc. They label
themselves as Christian yet all their life habits are slowly moving
toward eastern life practices. This methodical transformation is well
underway. So many Christian followers practice yoga or meditation and
not only that but the Christian establishment has come up with their own
form of yoga. With this ongoing trend, the rituals and traditions of
Christianity will only be an afterthought as the whole society has
metamorphosed into something else. This will be a slow, gradual approach
until the transformation is mostly complete. We might see such a radical
change in as short as two decades.

All the above presentations speak to the impending fall of western
civilisation as we know it. We should prepare ourselves so we are not a
hapless victim of its fall, but rather a knowledgeable observer who can
help and guide others.


It is not that every society must fall. That is not the natural order.
Baba has given the key ingredient needed in order for any society to
flourish across time and space. So long as these six factors are
present, then that society will continue to be a healthy, stable, and
prosperous one.

Baba says, “The six factors which guide society, which make it vibrate
in bliss and dance in bliss when its different entities realize the
fullness of existence in every fibre of their existence, are the
s’ad’ara’h sama’ja cakra [six spokes of the social cycle].” (NKS, Disc: 26)

Those six are: (1) spiritual practice, (2) spiritual ideology, (3)
social outlook, (4) socio-economic theory, (5) scripture and (6) preceptor.

Baba says, “The entire social structure is dependent on these six
factors.” (AFPS-6)

Thus, to the degree those six factors are present is the degree to which
that civilization is stable. To the degree those factors are absent is
the degree to which that society is prone to fall.

Baba says, “About one thousand five hundred years ago, Arabs were very
developed in science. But they were defeated by the Islamic wave, for
they were lacking in the six aforesaid factors, while the latter had at
least five of them.” (AFPS-6)

At present, western civilization is severely lacking in most every
category. The big fall that is bound to take place in the west is not at
all a surprise to those familiar with Baba’s guidelines.

Baba says, “In the future also, for want of the six factors of bhati
(progress) the extinction of a concerned group of people is sure to
happen.” (PNS-6)

We should prepare ourselves mentally and be vigilant. Then we will be in
the best position possible to help and serve others during this
difficult time. If we too are swallowed up in shock, then we will not be
able to render our social and moral duties and bring relief the suffering.

One thing to note here, just because the west falls does not necessarily
mean that there will be a great rise of the east. To succeed, one must
not just defeat or take over another, but that society also must
inculcate the six spokes. So it is not that the eastern hemisphere is
necessarily set-up for a long and prosperous rule. Tragically, the east
also is moving towards western values. So we should keep that in mind as


There is no question that the vacuum created by the fall of western
civilisation needs to be filled by the tenets of Ananda Marga. Baba has
fully given all six spokes in our AM philosophy. There is no want –
there is no lacking principle.

Even though there is no lacuna in AM teachings, groupist leaders have
dragged in dogmas like Mahaprayan and scriptural distortions and by
that we have lost at least two of the six spokes. This is indeed not
just a tragedy but a danger as well.

Unfortunately at present we have not been able to integrate Baba’s
teachings into our own living patterns within AMPS. Within our own
acarya structure itself there is social disparity, social unrest. There
is a class of haves and there is a class of have-nots. Plus we suffer
from other weak points due to our own shortcomings, such a wide-spread

Such problems stem from those groupist leaders – because most margiis
and wts in AM have a pure heart and wish to see Baba’s teachings implemented.
Only the group leaders are a problem, So long as they are not rectified and alive,
then their presence is tantamount to having cancer in the body. It must be
cut away, otherwise survival is not possible.

The only remedy is to look anew at Baba’s divine guidelines and bring
those into being in our individual and collective life. Failing that we
will meet the same fate as so many civilizations in the past. Whereas if
we are able to sincerely involve in AM ideology, then it is sure that
ours will be the path of success. There is no doubt about it.

Baba says, “Where these factors [six spokes of the social cycle] are
present, there the movement is to wards ananda or divine bliss, and due
to this movement the chance of their elimination becomes nil. Such
groups which have the six factors in their possession will be able to
produce sadvipras.” (PNS-6)


By Baba’s grace He has blessed us with all the teachings and abilities
to bring about a thriving civilisation. By adhering to His tenets and
following 16 Pts our Marga will be able to lead the humanity into that
bright new era.

Because the west as we know it will not last much longer.

Baba says, “March ahead and wage war against all difficulties, every
impediment. Victory is sure to embrace you. Difficulties and
encumbrances cannot be more powerful than your capacity to solve them.
You are the children of the great Cosmic Entity. Be a sadvipra and make
others sadvipras also.” (PNS-6)



To gain greater knowledge on this critical topic, it is highly advisable
to carefully review and study Baba discourse, “The Future of
Civilization”, which is printed in PNS-6 and AFPS-6. It is also
available via the electronic edition of Baba’s books.

The Place of Occult Powers in AM

Baba says, “In spiritual life as well as in ordinary life, if one
retains simplicity it is helpful for the attainment of God; through this
one’s life and mind become filled with the effulgence of Parama Purusa.
This is the supreme attainment. Spying out every nook and cranny of the
eight occult powers is another name for stupidity.” (SC-2, p.149)

Note: Unfortunately in the general society people think that occult
powers themselves are the essence of spirituality. Indeed, devoid of
occult powers, such persons do not have any concept of spirituality. In
AM however it is different; it is not like that. In our Marga devotion
gets utmost importance.


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Baba says, "The Cosmological Nave is called Krs'n'a, because He attracts everything. Krs'n'a means "the supreme charmer", "the supreme attracter", who attracts everybody towards Him with the help of His -- what? His supreme flute. That supreme flute is Krs'n'a. He creates universal acoustic waves, and those waves bring people towards Him; that is why He is called Krs'n'a

Date: 19 Nov 2009 06:02:37 -0000
From: “Gregory Hamick”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Mystery in the Field of Devotion


“A’ka’shabhara’ a’jake ta’ra’…” (P.S. 2523)


The sky of this amavasya night is filled with the stars. The sweet
breeze, like nectar, is blowing mildly. The mind is floating from the known
to the unknown world in divine ecstasy– towards its destination. Ensconced
in His ideation, my mind is getting lost.

The lily flower is constantly looking towards the sky; the aroma of
flowers is emanating all around. They have forgotten their awareness about
their own existence. And remain restless in the attraction of one call.

In Your longing I am sitting alone and counting the stars. I understand
that by Your grace I have lost myself in this beautiful atmosphere and the
attraction of Your love. You are ever gracious You are always remaining by
my side and guiding me. Baba, on this amavasya night my heart is yearning
and longing for You…


In His each and every expression and action Baba is goading and guiding our
minds towards a more subtle & deeper understanding– in all the spheres of
life: physical, psychic, & spiritual etc. This every AM sadhaka knows.
Thus when Baba has personally supervised and guided the best artists of
Bengal to create specially hand-crafted, detailed dioramas depicting the
lives of Lord Krsna and Lord Shiva, then we know that those dioramas must
hold great significance and value.


One time, however, I was visiting Tiljala and looking at those very
dioramas of Krsna and Shiva in Baba’s special museum room. On that
occasion, some others present were commenting how many of the dioramas
which Baba designed depicting Lord Krsna were of a similar style as those
ritualistic paintings made by dogmatic Hindu communities.

And as we all know, in those ritualistic scenes, the dogmatic Hindus
regularly portray Krsna as a remarkably charming and attractive youth who
lovingly cared for and maintained close and intimate relations with the
young maidens of Vrindaban. Krsna is commonly shown this way in religious
Hindu pictures.

So when Baba’s own approach in His personally designed dioramas about Krsna
is similar in presentation, then that raises some highly intriguing
questions. Please consider the following.


In our Ananda Marga, Baba is very strict about male-female relations.
Nearly everything in our Marga is distinguished and divided according to

First and perhaps foremost is that there is a totally distinct and separate
department in AMPS exclusively for women– i.e. WWD (Women’s Welfare
Department). That stands as one monumental way in which everything on the
organisational plane is done separately between males and females.

Then in our AM education system, all of the instruction imparted after
primary level is done in single-sex classrooms and homogenous learning
institutions. In AM schools, males have other males as their peers and are
taught by male teachers etc. And same is the case for female students.

Plus sadhana instruction in AM is only given from male to male and from
female to female. Dadas handle the initiations of all the brothers; and
Didis teach meditation to all the sisters. Everyone is well aware that Baba
has very carefully instituted this system.

In addition, at our social functions, males and females are not at all
encouraged to intermingle; rather Baba warns us against such practices.
(Ref: CC-1)

Then, at dharmacakra male and females sadhakas sit in different rows and do
their dances separately.

And even in the sphere of Guru-disciple relation, things were carried out
differently with regards to one’s gender. For example, no individual margii
sister or Didi would receive PC (personal contact) by themselves. Rather it
was always done as a small group– with other sisters present. They did not
go into Baba’s room alone for PC. Whereas with brothers that was the
standard program.

So, in general, our entire way of life in AM is divided according to
gender– along male-female lines. That is, each has their special and
distinct role.

And top of all, Baba was extremely strict if that boundary was crossed.
More explicitly, in the unfortunate event that anyone ever engaged in
illicit relations with members of the opposite sex then Baba became
furious. He always dealt very, very seriously with such cases.

So from start to finish, in our Marga males and females each have their own
separate and distinct role. The demarcations between the sexes is very


Keeping all of the above in mind it is very curious to think why Baba has
created specially designed dioramas which intricately show Krsna tenderly
communicating with the young maidens of Vrindaban in such an intimate
fashion. That is a point of intrigue. Here is another aspect of the puzzle
to consider.


In general, in Indian culture, there is a long history and established
tradition of very dignified and separate relations between males and
females. For hundreds and thousands of years, male-female relations have
been kept quite distinct. The open and free mixing of males and females is
not condoned in traditional Indian society. And if that boundary is
transgressed, then those guilty parties are shunned by the society– until
the matter has been fully rectified.

So male-female relations in traditional Indian village life are very well
delineated. Indeed, even after marrying, all the males of the household
sleep in one separate structure together. And all the females of the house
stay in an entirely different area. So from this view it is clear that the
Indian subcontinent follows a Tantric oriented life– where males and
females honourably live their lives in a separate fashion. Of course all
these rules and guidelines were originally given by Lord Shiva and Lord
Krsna. And in that way the Indian sub-continent grew up according to the
Tantric code.


So traditional Indian life is not at all like in some other places around
the globe such as in certain western areas like GT sector etc where males
and females are openly seen kissing & touching one another on the streets
and gallivanting around town together. In India none of this is at all


All this raises the very interesting question: Why is it that the Divine
Personality whom religious Hindus reverently worship and adore as the
Supreme God incarnate is, time and time again, depicted in such a way–
Where He, i.e. Krsna, is being extremely friendly with and compassionately
attending to the personal needs of the maidens of Vrindaban. And why are
Baba’s own diorama moving along this similar theme. This is a very curious
phenomenon. Especially when in the Indian society and in AM such strict
mandates about the sanctity of male-female relations are in vogue– ie the
separation of the sexes.


For a more detailed view of this entire situation and discussion, here is a
brief description of but one of Baba’s beautifully designed dioramas about
Lord Krsna’s days in Vrindaban.

In one particular diorama, the young Krsna with his long flowing hair is
shown sitting under a tree in the forest with one leg delicately crossed
over the other knee. The flowers of the forest are in full bloom and Krsna
is elegantly dressed in colourful gowns. He is also wearing a flower
garland around his neck; in His hand He is preparing to play His divine
flute. And His gaze is very intent and focused. In the background there is
a picturesque flowing river and overhead the brilliant sun is shining
brightly. And in that romantic scene, the young Krsna is surrounded by no
less than 10 young, attractive maidens of Vrindaban– all dress in
beautiful saris. They all look as though they are completely enamoured with
the handsome Krsna. Some of the young maidens are standing very close by
looking at Him directly, while others have their eyes closed and just seem
to be treasuring the moment. Two of the maidens are sitting in line with
Krsna, both playing the sitar. And by looking at the whole scene, one thing
seems sure: They all look like they are totally captivated and enamoured by
Krsna’s beauty and charm.


Then there is another diorama that shows an even more intimate scene. In
this next diorama, there are huge, majestic mountains in the background and
in the foreground the forest is full of flower blossoms. The whole spring
scene is alive: two deer are moving along the forested riverbank; beautiful
swans are swimming about; lotii flowers are in full boom. And right there
in the front & center, at the confluence of two deeply blue rivers, Krsna
and one young maiden, are standing upon one grand floating lotus flower.

Surely the special maiden along with Krsna is none other than Radha. And
the enchanting Krsna is standing in a beautiful pose– with some toes
pointed toward the ground– and He is playing His divine flute. And beside
Him, one young maiden is intimately holding on to Krsna. Her tender cheek
is up against his broad shoulder, and her arms are around his waist and
torso. And her half-closed eyes are looking up towards Krsna. And Krsna
Himself is adorned with flower garlands and He seems to be ‘lost in the
moment’ as He is casting a far away gaze. Altogether the scene is brimming
with love.

So the above representations are but a couple of Baba’s many magnificently
made dioramas about the days of Lord Krsna in Vrindaban. And as is quite
apparent, Baba is openly showing the beautiful Krsna accompanied by the
close companionship of the young maidens of Vrindaban.


Here again it should be emphasized that the above described dioramas are
not something which were brought to Baba as a gift. Rather with His own
precious time, Baba imparted explicit and detailed instructions to the most
talented artisans available to specially craft these dioramas. And
throughout the 1980’s, over the course of many months and years, these
remarkable dioramas were made. And each one is beautifully set in a wooden
case and enclosed with glass. And all are displayed in Baba’s specially
allotted museum room– just outside His own personal bedroom. Plus we can
say that the dioramas are the only pieces in Baba’s entire museum which
were made by Him personally. Everything else in the museum is a gift or
requested item from a near or far distant land. Whereas the dioramas He
personally designed. Clearly then Baba has given great importance to this
project. These dioramas are meant to be specially treasured.


Evaluating the entire subject, it becomes more and more interesting why
then Baba has given such tremendous value to these hand-crafted dioramas
when many of the dioramas strikingly present the young Krsna intimately
engaged in the company of the fair maidens. Because we all know that in AM
Baba emphasizes over and over again that there must not be the free mixing
between males and females.


After leaving Tiljala that time I stayed with various family acaryas who
shared their thoughts with me about this.

They told me that the field of spirituality is something very high and
quite a mystical thing for the common people. Everyone is certainly aware
that sadhana and spiritual life are extremely important– this is well
accepted. But how the height of that spirituality is expressed and what is
the magnitude of sadhana is not commonly known.


Then they said: Suppose you wanted to tell an ordinary citizen from the
west about the sweetness of a particular item such as ghur (molasses). Then
in that case one cannot use rasagolla as a comparison or model. Because
people in the west are not commonly aware about rasagolla. That rasagolla
will not give them any hint or insight that ghur is also wonderfully sweet.
Because both those items– ghur and rasagolla– are unknown to them.
Whereas if one says to those western citizens that ghur is as sweet as
chocolate, then everyone in the west will easily understand that ghur is
something very delicious and tasty. Because all are aware about the special
sweetness and wonderful taste of chocolate.

In that way, the family acaryas explained, that when teaching any person
about a a new subject, then one must always proceed from what they already
know and then proceed to that point which they are not aware about. Then
that will make the matter clear and the topic at hand will become better


Similarly those family acaryas told, that the inner depths and hidden
meaning of sadhana and spirituality are not commonly known. The greatness
and special longing of sadhana and dhyan is mostly an unknown phenomenon.
Thus to unveil this and bring the realm of devotion into the public domain
and to present the intimate wonders of sadhana to a greater number of
people, Baba had to associate spiritual life something that was commonly
known to all.

And from east to west and from north to south, each and every human being
understands about the great attraction between males and females. This
comes within everyone’s realm of understanding. People commonly think that
the male-female attraction or sexual attraction is one of the strongest
forces on this earth. They see it manifest each and every day of their
lives. It is a common sight in the regular society.

In that case, in order to unveil and display the inner secret meaning of
devotional life and dhyana, in order to explain the tremendous magnetic
attraction between bhakta and Bhagavan, Baba has used the well-known
subject of male-female relations. Because everyone understands that the
attraction towards the opposite sex is something very strong.

This analogy or this comparison creates a link that enables people to begin
to understand that deep sadhana is also like this. By this reference, it
can begin to be understood or contemplated by some that when a devotee has
strong love for their Ista then that type of strong magnetic attraction
comes in dhyan. That is one of the inner manifestations of dhyana.

But this type of realisation is not an ordinary point; many cannot grasp
this idea. It is a very high thing that is only known to a few blessed
sadhakas. It is something very great to aspire to– something which is not
even experience by most margiis etc. So without any type of explanation the
large majority of the population could never imagine the inner joy and deep
attraction of sadhana. But by this type of comparison with human sexuality,
then that opens the gateway for some people’s understanding about the
wonders of devotional life.

So without that type of known reference– i.e. without comparing deep
spiritual sadhana with the attractive force between males and females–
then the inner secrets of sadhana would remain something totally far away
and unknown to the human psyche. Whereas through the analogy of the
attraction of the opposite sex, then some people can begin to understand
that in the practice of deep sadhana there is some special feeling and
force of great attraction. But again this is a very high ideal and cannot
be understood by the entire general public etc– or even by regular sadhakas.


Considering the whole matter, by thinking deeply on the topic then we can
understand that in those dioramas the depiction of Lord Krsna with the
young maidens of Vrindaban is something totally symbolic. Baba is not
espousing the glories of the free-mixing of the sexes but rather He is so
carefully unveiling the inner secrets of devotional life and dhyana.


This following teaching by Baba sheds more light on this entire subject.
Baba says, “The Cosmological Nave is called Krs’n’a, because He attracts
everything. Krs’n’a means “the supreme charmer”, “the supreme attracter”,
who attracts everybody towards Him with the help of His — what? His
supreme flute. That supreme flute is Krs’n’a. He creates universal acoustic
waves, and those waves bring people towards Him; that is why He is called
Krs’n’a. And microcosms come in contact with Krs’n’a with the help of that
particular expression of sentient vidya’ shakti which is known as Ra’dhika’
shakti. And when with the help of Ra’dhika’ shakti the microcosm comes in
contact with the nave Krs’n’a Purus’ottama, then we say it is the union of
Krs’n’a and Ra’dha’. Krs’n’a is not a male being of Vrindavan, and Ra’dha’
is not a lady. You should understand it properly…it is the divine force,
and it is the devotional principle, it is devotion.” (AV-23, p.21)


About all this there is much more to be said. Certainly many other sadhakas
have their own special insights to share. Suffice to say here then that in
those dioramas which Baba has specially designed, He is most beautifully
teaching one and all about the deep and inner secrets of devotion and
dhyan. From this perspective, that erases any mystery or ambiguity about
why Baba has depicted Krsna that way in His dioramas. Because based on the
current level of human understanding and awareness, that reference was the
best way to begin to teach people about the great intimacy, love, and
attraction that can be had in sadhana and devotional life.


Here is Baba’s gracious assurance that in our own personal sadhana we will
all experience the great heights of true devotional love.

Baba says, “You will certainly achieve that supreme stance and enjoy divine
blessedness. You are sure to enjoy it, my sons and my daughters.” (AV-23,



Here below Baba makes a clear-cut differentiation between mundane
allurement (ka’ma) and true spiritual love (prema).

Baba says, “If one’s attachment is channelised towards any supra-psychic or
spiritual object it may be called ‘prema’ or love’. But love in the
physical and psychic spheres is called `ka’ma’ and not ‘prema’… Ka’ma
means the endeavour to obtain certain things in the physical and psychic
levels. So bhakti and prema are only applicable in the case of Iishvara.
This ever-flowing mental thought-wave channelised towards Iishvara is the
highest human achievement.” (V-7)

Ananda Marga sadhana is about the cultivation of such devotion or such
prema. And by His grace we will all reach this pinnacled point.

Baba says, “Prema is the attraction for Parama Purus’a overcoming the
attraction for all other finite objects. Those who are endowed with such
divine love are bound to receive the grace of Parama Purus’a — they need
not worry about it. If they practise the spiritual cult regularly…Those
who arouse devotion through action and knowledge are certain to attain the
grace of Parama Purus’a.” (SS-18)

Food Problems and Their Solution II

Baba says, “In the event of shortages in the food and accommodation of the
population of the world, people will convert uncultivated land into new
arable land, increase the productivity of the soil by scientific methods,
produce food by chemical processes with earth, water and air, and if this
earth decreases in its productivity, then land seeking human beings will
migrate to different planets and satellites and settle there.” (PNS-13, p.45)


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Clean kitchen. Clean bedroom. Clean body?

Clean kitchen. Clean bedroom. Clean body?

From: “Marc Pele”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Neither is Absolutely Good…
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 13:08:27 +0000


“A’mi pather hadish pa’i ni, ta’i toma’r pa’ne cali ni…” (PS 1338)


Baba, in the past I did not get the direction of the proper path.
Because of that I could not come close to You. Your and my relation was hidden in
dark. I was not aware about You. In that past I could not get Your
introduction. And I could not link up in our close intimate relation
which, in reality, has been going on since a very long time.

In my misunderstanding, I was thinking that nobody is mine, and that to
feel love and affection is not my fate. I was thinking that my life does
not have any value. That I will not get respect in my life, just it will
be filled with disrespect and neglect.

Baba, today You have blessed me and changed everything. Now I feel that
my life has become meaningful, because You are mine. My heart is filled
with Your love.

Baba, by Your grace I surrender at Your lotus feet, O’ Baba…



These days east is becoming more like west and west is becoming more
like east. That is the general trend clearly visible in the daily living
patterns of modern society.

In India, western fashion and corporate life, not to mention fast-food &
cocktails, are becoming highly sought after things, whereas in the west,
more and more are turning to eastern philosophies and even adopting
practices like idol worship etc.

So a “grand melange” or big mix is going on.

However to blindly jump from one side of the spectrum to another is just
to fall into another dogma. So all should pay heed and be astute, lest
one fall into a new pothole.

At the same time we should remember that our AM is entirely new and
quite different from the on-going patterns of east and west.

Baba says, “Ananda Marga is a revolution. It is not only a spiritual
revolution but also an economic, social and mental revolution. The
economic system, the social structure, the trend of thinking and the
spiritual practices prescribed in our Ananda Marga are not only new but
something quite different from the established ideas and practices in
these spheres of life.” (PNS-11)

Thus while our AM teachings reflect dharma in all respects, totally free
from dogmas and hypocrisy, the ways of the east and west are riddled
with such incongruities.


1. WOMEN IN INDIA: In India, for centuries females have been honored and
revered as mother and worshiped as those who grant life to others. Thus
women seemingly enjoy a goddess-like stature in India, yet side by side
those very same females are bared from leaving the home, and not given
even basic human rights. Plus people are willing to pay huge dowries to
marry their daughter bur are then unwilling to spend one rupee on the
education of that female. So from top to bottom females are not treated
as equals in day-to-day life and instead are often forced to live the
life of a subservient being. Clearly, then this is one living
contradiction or incongruity.

2. CLEANLINESS IN THE WEST: On the outside, everything in the west looks
neat and clean, i.e. well-organised and taken care of. The roads and
houses are well-maintained and most things are quite orderly. One might
be led to believe then that the standard of shaoca in the west is quite
high. Yet on points of basic hygiene the west suffers quite terribly.
For instance, toilet paper – not water – is used for cleaning the
backside and that is certainly a dirty manner. Then there are other
common problems that are fairly common such as not clearing the bowels
upon awakening, long and dirty finger nails, obesity, and other such
habits and illnesses.

3. PETS IN USA: At present in the US, people’s pets (dogs, cats etc) are
treated extremely well. People feed their dog organic dog food, bring
their pets to spas for massages and shampoo, and when they go on
vacation then their bring their dog or cat to a pet resort so their pet
will get treated like a king or queen. All of this costs big bucks too.
And if anyone abuses their dog then they may even be sent to jail. So
from the outside it looks like animals are treated very well in the US.
However, in this very same land, most of the people eat animal flesh on
a daily basis, advocate hunting, and allow millions upon millions of
innocent animals to live in factory farms where they are tortured,
poisoned, debilitated, drugged, and ultimately butchered and killed. So
there is extreme hypocrisy within the US about “animal rights”.

4) SPIRITUALITY IN INDIA: As we all know there is a long-standing
tradition of high spiritual values in India where reverence to God and
oneness of the universe are quite pervasive ideals. Yet in the same land
where all are acknowledged as being reflections of the Supreme, the
terrible caste system was put in place which differentiates the value
from one human being to the next. Thus there is the inherent
contradiction of oneness of life and a completely stratified society.

5) RACISM IN AMERICA: In the past year, an African-American was elected
President of the US. It looks like then that the US is a land of
equality and equal opportunity where all races are honored and
respected. But in this same land, racism rages on a daily basis in the
form of hate crimes, murders, cheating, theft, hirings and firings,
violence and hatred. This stands as a clear-cut manifestation of the
duality with regards to race, equality, safety, and opportunity.

6) RELIGION IN THE US: The world over the US is looked upon as the most
technologically developed nation where so many inventions & innovations
have taken place in the material sphere: space travel, cars, planes,
computers, etc. Technology is king, logic is supported, and superstition
is disregarded. That said, within this same land, so many schools are
barred from preaching the scientific theories of Darwin and instead
religious fundamentalists insists that the dogma of creationism be
preached in the classroom, and not scientifically supported studies.

By all of the above, it is quiet clear that neither east nor west has
their stamp on the truth. Both are lopsided in their own ways and both
suffer from serious contradictions, despite their good qualities.


However, at present both are in the mode of copying one another.

Copying the good points is fine, such as vegetarianism, women’s rights,
human suffrage etc, but it does not stop there. They also copy each
other’s dogmas and ways of pseudo-culture.

With the spread of eastern philosophies in the west, so many false ideas
are being adopted in the name of yoga and spirituality. All of a sudden,
dogmatic kiirtans and idol worship are grabbing the attention of
America’s youth and young professionals and on the other side of the
planet, anything & everything remotely related with Hollywood and cheap
pseudo-culture fashion like dating and open sex is being gobbled up in

And there are so many other examples from dress to language to food to
you name it.

So by copying one another, it is not just the good things that are
embraced. All too often dogmas are also emulated due to people’s blind
attraction for either “anything American” or “anything Indian”.

Of course this entire phenomenon is not just limited to the US and
India. Many other places and communites are involved in the sharing of
each other’s dogmas. Every country is involved to some or more degree.
This letter focused on the US and India as these two lands historically
represent polar-opposites, or the extreme opposite of one another.


Here we have to remember that no society is wholly perfect and proper –
goaded by service mentality, high-minded ideals, and rationality.
Rather, both in the east as well as in the west, so many degrading and
backward things are prevalent. And now with more travel and internet
access, those bad things are also getting spread around the globe.

Only, by Baba’s grace, is our Ananda Marga way of life totally new and
original and beyond the limitations and distortions of east and west.

Baba says, “Ananda Marga is not a change merely due to the cycle of time
but a revolution, a radical change – in the true sense. Never before in
the entire history of this world or the universe, if it could be known
to mortals, has a system of life fully embracing the economic, social,
mental and spiritual spheres ever been correlated in such closely knit
society as in Ananda Marga.” (PNS-11)

By His grace, our Marga ideology is entirely new. It did not merely a
collection of the various things of east and west – both good and bad.
Rather AM is based purely 100% on rationality. What things from the east
and west that were in harmony with AM ideals were adopted. But not just
that – so many new things have been given. Sixteen Points is new – the
idea of having a spiritual path also give socio-economic teachings is
totally new – many of our sadhana lessons are new – and so much more.

When neither east nor west is entirely good, then it demands that
something different, i.e. the teachings of Ananda Marga given by Taraka
Brahma, be placed before the humanity. This is the only way to make
progress and move ahead.


No society is wholly perfect, only our AM ideology is perfect so by
Baba’s grace we must strive to follow His teachings and not anything
from east and west per se. Doing the latter means only inviting more dogma.

Baba says, “Though the human society is one and indivisible, still there
are certain differences in the attitudes to life and the world between
the East and the West. Both have their distinctly different mentalities.
The East is predominantly subjective in outlook, whereas the West has a
mainly objective bent of mind. The East, throughout its development, has
maintained a subjective approach, whereas western countries put great
stress on objective development. Too much emphasis on either one of
these approaches is not conducive to the all-round growth of the
society. We can build up an ideal society only on the basis of a happy
adjustment between the subjective and the objective approaches. Here is
the greatness of Ananda Marga ideology.” (PNS-18)



For years and years in the US, so many people spent money on “extras”
when in fact their basic necessities and needs were not met. Money went
to cigarettes and alcohol as opposed to household needs and clothing for
the children. People spent extravagantly on cars yet overlooked buying
proper, healthy food. People spent huge money on cosmetics to “look
good” rather than affording themselves the opportunity to lead a healthy
life. So money has mostly been misspent, chasing after prestige and
superficial things instead of truly making one’s life better. And now,
that same dogma and misunderstanding is spreading across India as they
take the internal vow to become like America.

Plus there are so many issues like this one:

For instance the US government and its citizens draft so many public
policies to help the “poorer nations” yet within their own borders of
the US, there is homelessness and starvation in nearly every city, not
to mention a slew of other social problems.

Note 2: OUR DUTY

Thus none should think that any country is perfect or good. Peace and
unity will only result where AM ideology is followed – nowhere else.

Baba says, “Remember, until every person in the universe accepts the
Ananda Marga ideology, you have no opportunity to rest.” (CC-2,
‘Miscellaneous’, pt#6)


“Baba says, “Whatever a man is to do in his spiritual life he is to do–
why? Because he is in love with the Supreme Entity. Love is the first
word, love is the starting point, and love is the last point.” (AV-12,
p. 13)

Note: Baba’s above guideline is very beneficial for sadhana. However
these days some innocent or simple people just do meditation for “mental
peace”. And ever worse some wts do sadhana for show– to pose themselves
as someone great. Such workers do hardly an ounce of sadhana when they
are alone; but when they go to margiis’ houses then in Hollywood style
they sit in meditation for a long time. All done in order to put
themselves on display and create one show that they are highly elevated
sadhakas. Certain margiis do a similar thing when they attend retreats.
But by looking at the on-going conduct of such margiis one can
understand how far they are really doing sadhana or not. It is just like
if you are approaching one animal at night. At first you may think that
it is a tiger or a lion, but when that animal makes its weird ‘Huan,
Huan’ sound, then you know that it is just a jackal. Same is the case
when being around those types of few margiis and wts who put on a show
of sadhana. By their conduct and dealing they just expose themselves etc.


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