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Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2010 14:56:00 -0700
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Reynolds_HT 
Subject: Infighting In NY Sector: Margiis Are Not Fools



Here is an update, review, and course of action regarding the fight for power in NY sector. Those in other sectors should also read the below and avert such disasters in their areas.


There are two main groups battling for control of NY Sector: Ranchi represented by Vimalananda and EC led by Tiirthananda. B group has only a minor role at the moment in NY.

In a day to day manner, Tiirthananda & crew control most of the resources of NY sector; this of course is not pleasing to the Ranchi team.

Some months ago, Ranchi began taking legal action purporting themselves as the real controllers of the sector. They told they have reconstituted the current board of NY sector and laid claim to all assets and resources.

Tiirthananda’s group took this as a direct affront and started a counter case against Vimalananda & Co.

Some say that at present there are as many as three lawsuits / court cases between these two warring parties and the first one comes to trial in the first half of 2011.

As we all know, court cases are extremely costly, especially in the USA. So naturally these group leaders are appealing to “you know who” (i.e. the general margiis and workers) for financial support.


Given the aforementioned situation, all sincere margiis & wts have to think and evaluate what to do. Here are some points for consideration:

1. This fight between EC and Ranchi has nothing to do with saving Baba’s divine ideology, nor is this a form of social service.

2. This fight has been created by a few power hungry Dadas – period. Many workers have nothing to do with this power clash. Only a few mongers started this infighting.

3. It is similar to how a few greedy US capitalists wanted oil from Iraq so they attacked the country and needlessly killed large numbers of innocent Iraqi citizens. In addition, many US solders lost their lives while countless more returned home maimed. This entire offensive was launched under the slogan of patriotism. Yet, in truth it was all about money, resources, and power.

4. Margiis are not fools. Fighting this petty court case has nothing to do with bhagavad dharma. So helping either party economically and undergoing financial hardship is a dogmatic idea and the height of stupidity. With each groupist regime appealing for money, it is is just like two gangs taxing the neighborhood in order to pay for their own partying and drinking.

5. In this situation of total infighting, new margiis will leave the Marga and old ones will keep distance. It is all very unfortunate.

6. Nowhere in any of His discourses does Baba encourage infighting by giving money for a  divisive court case.

7. Remember this fight is not ideological: It is not about saving Baba’s scripture, nor is it about margii rights, nor any other genuine cause. This fighting is all about the lust of power.

8. Baba has warned not to let such tragedies take place in our Marga. For this reason He has given the teaching about the Yadava dynasty where they fought and massacred one another at Prabhash tiirtha.

Baba says, “During the time of the Mahabharata the same thing happened in the Jadu [Yadava] dynasty. …[They] started taking increasing amounts of alcohol. The resulting drunkenness caused people to quarrel amongst themselves. Eventually they killed each other at Prabhash Tiirtha and the Jadu dynasty was destroyed.” (Disc MHB)

In the past, the Yadava / Jadu dynasty was drunk on liquor. Today these group clans are intoxicated by power. They are rushing to the courts and indulged in infighting in their quest for more power and control.

We should not fuel the fire of this infighting by adding oil – i.e. giving money for their court case. Those donating for this “cause” will have to face the consequences. So be aware: Giving donations means fueling infighting.

9. Best is to individually give 2% for those in real need in your area: the poor, the hungry, the sick, the suffering. Parama Purusa resides in all, in various shapes and forms. We should serve His creation and never give money for infighting.

10. We must remember that this power struggle was not created by general margiis and this court case drama has nothing to do with philanthropy. So why should margiis pay for it.

11. Baba warns us again and again to keep ideological unity. That is why He has ordered that we chant samgacchadavam daily during collective meditation, or at minimum once in a week at dharmacakra. Why did he do so? Why did He not select another mantra? Because He was well aware that infighting was going to happen. So at least by not giving donations for this court case, you can restrict infighting – so don’t give any money, not even one penny.

12. This letter is not on the behalf of any group; this is for every margii.

13. By any angle of vision there is no veracity or reason to give a donation for infighting.

14. The entire situation is similar to two thugs who entered into your living room and started punching each other and destroying the furniture. To settle this fight one must not give in to their demands and offer them what they want. Rather get them out of the house entirely. That is the only way. Likewise – with regards to theses two belligerent parties involved in this court case – we should keep distance from them and use our money for a proper cause.

15. By no means should we support today’s group conflict and their divisive court case by giving donating money for their power struggle.


By Baba’s grace He has bestowed upon us enough sense to easily recognise the difference between the dogma of groupist infighting and the pure essence of bhagavad dharma. Our efforts and resources should always be used in support of dharma – never for dogma.


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Date: 19 Oct 2010 21:29:11 -0000
From: “G Bhaskaran Reddy”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Your Jagrti is in Queue to be Sold: Part 2




Note: This letter is part of an ongoing investigative series about the
selling of AM land. Be sure to read all parts of this report. Links to
prior letters in this series are appended below.

Retaining our Ananda Marga land is a key aspect of our growth and
prosperity. Baba warns us that no organisation can survive if they sell
off all their assets. That is why in various Procedural Orders, Baba has
declared that AM land holdings must not be sold. That is His direct



These days some of the groups not in power are telling how if they were
in power then all the land holdings would be safe and secure. Their
mantra is: “We will not sell AM land.” However, by their actions it is
very clear that all such groups support the principle & strategy of land

Today third front / EC and Kolkata factions are just making noise and
speaking out how Ranchi is selling AM land. But this is just their ploy
to befool margiis. Such EC and Kolkata group members talk as if they are
the great protectors of AM land and that they will safeguard our
properties. But the fact is that they themselves are supporters of the
anti-organizational idea of selling organizational land. They did so in
the past and they will do so in future. When in power, i.e. when given
the opportunity, they will do the same.

So margiis should not think that any leader of any group will save the
property of our Marga. Every margii and wt should be conscious, alert,
come forward and make a concerted effort to save the property of our Marga.


As you may know, Ranchi administration recently sold our very old,
beautiful, and well-established Didi master unit, A’nanda Sambodhi, in
Asansole, West Bengal, India for 50 million rupees. There are a number
of reasons why they sold it. Many say that their great plan was to get
enough money to evict their rival party from Tiljala. And ultimately
they will sell Tiljala as well. That is the plan. Thereafter, the
mahasamadhi will be transferred to Ananda Nagar. That way the tiirtha
(i.e. mahasamadhi) will be transferred to Ranchi group territory –
either Ananda Nagar or Jamalpur.

Now Ranchi is also planning on selling more lands and jagrtis that are
presently under the control of other groups. As soon as they get buyers
they will sell, sell, sell. They will use such monies for their groupist
war chest.

So everyone should be alert. We should not let our AM property holdings
to become of the victim of the present group battle.


We must remember that Ranchi & Co. have already sold one very costly
land in Pune, Maharastra, India. This sale occurred 2 years ago. Yet
this land was purchased with donations from margiis with the sole
purpose of constructing a VSS office. But now that land is gone and
margiis’ dreams have been shattered.


It has already been decided by Central Committee of Ranchi
administration to sell more land which is under their control. In
addition they plan to sell most of our vacant Ananda Marga land that
does not have any constructed buildings.

Nigama’nanda and Rudra’nanda have already sent their agent to deal with
prospective buyers. Some of these land parcels are:

(a) Brother Joshiijii of Rajasthan donated 21 acres of land near Panch
Dam in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This land is now for sale.

Plus all these lands are on the selling blocks:

(b) 2 acres of land in Gaya, Bihar near police line shooting range.

(c) 2 Bighas of land in Sasung, Latehar Dit of Jharkhanda.

(d) More than 5 acres of Master Unit property and 5 Kattha’ of costly
land in town of Chandava block, Latehar dit of Jharkhanda.

(e) Training Center MU in Nasirpur Varanasi which is just 1/2 kilometre
from Ba’ba’ Quarter Varanasii. Rudra’nanda is personally interested to
sell this MU, but at present Nigamananda Dada is objecting. Nigamananda
has emotional attachment to this place. Unfortunately his attachment
does not expand to other lands as well. The reason being that when the
mind is low and small it is hard to fathom that all lands in AM should
be protected, not just one parcel that “I am personally attached with.”
Dadaji lacks the requisite dharmic feeling; that is why Nigamananda
cannot be trusted to protect other lands.

(f) Centre has not posted any worker to the the ja’grti in Sangroor of
Ludhiana diocese for a long time. All along the ulterior motive is to
sell that ja’grti and now they are actively trying for it.

(g) There is very costly land on Delhi Dehradoon national highway on
which Nigama’nanda has cast his greedy eyes.

(h) There is vacant land in Sivan and Gopalganj dit of Bihar, that is
also on the list of sale.

(i) Nigama’nanda’s and Rudra’nanda’s sword is hanging on many Didi
properties in south India.

This list is just a fraction of the land they want to sale.


So, we margiis should not believe in any groupist leaders. We should be
united without taking the shelter of any group. By Baba’s grace we are
to raise ideological issues, be alert and conscious, and fight against
the idea of selling land of the organisation. It is our sacred duty to
save our Marga’s property from the greedy eyes and bloody claws of
groupist leaders of all factions.

We must know that when our organisation sells land then we will never
get money to buy land. No one will donate to the cause of AM land.
Because people will think that any land donated today or bought today
will one day be sold by the organisation. So the inspiration to donate
or buy land will be burnt forever. That is the very real and scary
outcome. No one will trust us to oversee our landholdings in a proper
and responsible manner. That is the “after-shock” effect of selling AM land.

Indeed in this way development of our organisation will come to a halt.
That situation is that grave.So this selling of AM land is not a simple
issue, but has far-reaching consequences. This will create a dangerous &
recurring effect for our Marga.

We have to remember that it is wholly against Baba’s explicit guideline
to sell Ananda Marga property. We must pay heed to His call.

Let us also remember that Ba’ba’ always regarded our land as dharmasthan
and this is our dharmic duty to protect our Marga’s property.


By Baba’s grace He gives the order in “A Guide to Human Conduct” that if
someone tries to capture our land then they can be violently attacked.

Ks’etrada’ra’paha’rii ca shastradha’rii dhana’paha’h
Agnidagaradashcaeva s’adete hya’tata’yinah

Baba says, ““Anyone who, by the use of brute force, wants to take
possession of your property, ks’etra-land, abducts your wife, comes with
a weapon to murder you, wants to snatch away your wealth, sets fire to
your house or wants to take life by administering poison, is called an
a’tata’yii.” If any person or a nation wants to occupy all or part of
another country, the use of physical force against such invading forces
is not against the principle of ahim’sa’. Rather, by a wrong
interpretation of the term ahim’sa’ or by interpreting him’sa’ and brute
force as identical, common people will have to suffer from loss of
wealth, happiness, or other hardships.” (Guide to Human Conduct)

By their wicked ways and cheating tactics some are selling AM lands to
gain money to use at their own disposal. They are taking possession of
AM property and using it for their selfish ends. Per Baba’s above
teaching, we are to understand that those culprits involved in selling
our organizational property are also to be treated as enemies of the Marga.


Here below Baba tells how those who set a negative example that has a
recurring effect are terrible sinners. Read the following and reflect
how this also applies to those Dadas involved in selling AM lands.

Baba says, “To kidnap Sita was an act of maha’pa’taka. But he didn’t
kidnap Sita as a thief or as a robber. He went in disguise. He went in
the form of a sa’dhu. That is, he [Ravana] created a very bad precedent,
and henceforward no kulabadhu, no lady, will pay credence to what a
sannya’sii says. They may think: ‘He may be like Ravana; he may also be
a thief – like Ravana.’ So he has set a very, very bad example, and it
will have a recurring effect on each and every lady of society. So
Ravana is a maha’pa’takii, his action is of recurring effect.” (Ananda
Vacanamrtam, Part 31)

Just as Ravana’s misdeeds set a bad and lasting precedent for the
society, and is hence considered a deliberate sinner, similarly those
who sell AM lands fall in the same category. Their sin has a recurring

Firstly, it will give the idea to other groupists in need of funds that
selling AM land is a viable option. Secondly, good people will lose all
faith and trust that those at the helm of AM will be able to properly
watch over their land. Hence no one in future will donate land to the

Thus there are two recurring negative consequences. Hence, there is no
question that – per Baba’s above declaration – such lands sellers are
grave and terrible sinners, i.e. maha’pa’takiis.


By His grace He has blessed us with the opportunity to safeguard His
teachings and AM lands. Unitedly we can fix the problem, prevent future
land sales, and reverse the damage that has been done.

Baba says, “Who else is to come and shoulder the responsibility? It is
you – you are to do everything. You are the torch-bearers of human
civilization. You are the pioneers of human march, and you are the
vanguard of a new civilization.” (AV-14)



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Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 11:55:22 -0000
From: “Motilal Pandey”
Subject: News: Boxing
To: am-global@earthlink.net



Since Pranavanandaji’s passing three months ago, a battle has been going
on here for control of the school, “Himalayan Institute of Integrated
Therapy”, in Kullu.

Ranchi, EC & B group have been trying to gain control of the school. And
each faction sent a few of their workers to Kullu just after
Pranavananda’s passing to take over the school.

Around that time, Dr Jitendra Singh of SUVA, representing EC group, also

But, at that time, there was no resolution of who should get the school,
“Himalayan Institute of Integrated Therapy”.

(Note: Unfortunately the cowardly founders of the school did not use the
name of Ananda Marga in the title of the school, due to their ulterior

Then just 2 weeks ago, we got the report that again Dr Singh came to
India, just for one week with the sole intention of visiting the Kullu
school & to convince local Margiis not to hand over the school to Ranchi

As some may or may not know, Dr Jitendra Singh has put a lot of money
into the school, “Himalayan Institute of Integrated Therapy”, at Kullu –
as have his other Laukik family members. They all financially supported
the Kullu school.

Anyone who has come here and visited the school know there is a lot of
computer equipment & other other costly items on site. Dr Jitendra Singh
came to Kullu primarily because he is worried that he will lose his
investment in equipment at the school. He still harbors the bitter taste
of what happened with the hospital at Ananda Nagar which got captured
during the group clash.

To keep the school, Dr Jitendra Singh tried to convince one EC group
Dada to go there & take charge but that Dada wasn’t interested.

In the end, still today there is boxing going on for who will control
the school at Kullu.

Now is the time the general society needs neo-humanistic teaching of
Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, and these people are extremely busy in
infighting, wasting their precious time and resources which could have
been used for serving suffering humanity.

Let Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji give these people viveka and vaeragya
so that they can understand the truth that Baba wants samgacchadhvam in
true sense.


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From: “Gagan”
Subject: NY News: Interesting Facts
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 10:56:51 -0000


“Tumi bha’lor bha’lo saba’r mukh ceye…” – P.S. 3392


Baba, among all the beauties You are the most beautiful. Baba, You look
after everyone. You have lovingly brought the divine effulgence– taking
trouble to cross the cimmerian darkness to reach here. Baba, smiling
blissfully in the rhythm and tune and showering Your divine love, You go
on fighting against innumerable obstacles in order to save the devotees.
Baba, You saturate everyone’s heart with Your divine love.

Baba, everyone is Your very close and intimate relation; no one is alien
for You. Everyone is most dear to You; everyone is the jewel of Your
eyes. Baba, by Your grace, You go on thinking and caring about one and
all. Baba, keeping everyone along with You, You go on moving forward on
Your divine path. Baba You are ever-present with everyone. You saturate
everything and everyone with Your divine love and grace. Whether it be
on those sadhakas who are calling out to You while undergoing penance on
the dark amavasya night of the nil moon; or on those suppressed people
undergoing untold suffering that was never spoken about. You fill
everyone’s heart with the soothing balm. Baba, You have graciously
lifted & lovingly placed on Your divine lap those downtrodden people who
were lying in the dust.

Baba You are most beautiful and You grace everyone immensely. Baba, Your
glory cannot be explained…


NY sector continues to be the breeding grounds for all kinds of groupist
experimentation. As you will see below, factional leaders have their own
unique modus operendi – filled with duplicity.

Actually, below are two separate but related scenarios, joined at the
hip by hypocrisy. This is a must-read for all in NY sector as well as
margiis around the globe. Because what is going on is bound to play out
in your backyard, in one way, shape or form.

CASE #1:


This first case tells the story of how top group leaders are willing to
bend all the rules and toss ideology and Ista aside for the sake of

All know that Citsvarupananda has a colorful history, checkered in many
ways. He enjoys entertaining young ladies and he has a soft spot for
money. He’ll take it any way he can.

For years, Citsvarupananda worked in Maharashtra where he knows many of
the families well – especially those who have young girls. One such
family was of Brother Diipak. Citsvarupananda was giving that family
lots of money for his own pleasure and indulgence.

Diipak, who has since passed, had around 4 children or so – two boys and
two girls, all of whom have since grown. This story centers around one
of his sons, named Sandiip.

Sandiip has a reputation for money borrowing – he’ll take money from
anyone, anytime. All in Bombay are aware about this. In the past,
Sandiip has often received payments from Citsvarupananda.

In turn, Sandiip also knew that Citsvarupananda would do anything to
make extra money. So, about three years ago, when Sandiip was getting
ready to move to the USA, he promised Citsvarupananda that if Dada will
give him 3 lakhs rupees (RS 300,000) for travel and settlement in the
USA, then he (Sandiip) will repay Citsvarupananda with the entire
principal and much, much more.

Hearing this, Citsvarupananda’s greedy eyes and ears perked up and the
deal was on.


Very soon, the first part of the deal was done: Citsvarupananda had the
3 lakhs to give Sandiip.

Apparently, that is just a casual sum for Dadaji. But to complete the
deal, Citsvarupananda had to consult his higher-ups. Because he needed
to figure out a way to keep Sandiip in the USA, otherwise his entire
investment in Sandiip would fall apart. Citsvarupananda needed to ensure
that Sandiip secured a permanent resident card (i.c. Green Card) so
Sandiip could remain in the USA and make the money to repay him.

For this reason, Citsvarupananda brought Rudrananda and Svarupananda
into the know. Dada C knew well that his bosses would be keen to make
some money and they have the clout to pull string and give approval etc.

Remember the goal was to figure out how Sandiip would work and stay in
the US by getting a Green Card.


Sandiip entered the US one year ago on an R-1 Visa that he obtained
through some temple. But the R-1 Visa does not allow a person to live in
the US permanently or work legally on a lontime basis in the US. So they
had to find a way to get Sandiip his Green Card.

Since Sandiip was a margii, the Rudrananda faction could not apply for
his Green Card because eventually word would get out that Sandiip paid
off the RN gang to apply for a Green Card. When really, the organisation
is only supposed to approve Green Card applications for wholetimers. So
team RN did not do this. They knew that so many margiis would innocently
ask for the same, and what would those Dadas say, “We will only do it if
you promise to pay us huge sums of money.” Obviously, they could not go
this route. So they had to figure out another way for Sandiip to get his
Green Card.

Now see what they did.

Citsvarupananda, with the approval of Rudrananda and Svarupananda, told
margii brother Sandiip to enroll in ASM’s (Fake Nirmegha orgnaisation
headquartered in California) fake family acarya training program. Then
team Nirmegha would end up securing a Green Card for Sandiip. They
further instructed Sandiip to just “go through the motions” and not
actually become part of Nirmegha’s fake cadre.

So Sandiip did the training and team Nirmegha never understood that they
were duped.

Sandiip’s participation was all just a sham to get a Green Card. Is that
outrageous or what.

Rudrananda of course views Nirmegha / ASM as an enemy and if anyone else
goes for her fake family acarya training then Rudrananda is ready to
wage a war against that person. Rudrananda will totally ruin that
person’s life. But for the sake of money, Rudrananda is totally
comfortable sending a margii to that same ASM brigade. Such his the
hypocrisy of Rudrananda and Svarupananda. If they think there will be a
big payout for their pocket they can compromise anything and everything.

That is why many say that theses big Dadas care nothing about ideology
and Ista. No dharmic leader would ever do a business deal by sending
someone for Nirmegha’s fake family acarya training. Remember, Nirmegha
claims to be channeling Baba and she has a bag full of fake followers,
most of whom are eager for the post. And team Citsvarupananda /
Rudrananda / Svarupananda sent Sandiip into that hell fire of dogma for
a business scheme.

It seems that for their selfish chase for money these group Dadas are
willing to do anything and everything, including sending a margii to an
illegitimate acarya training program. Indeed there is no end to their
hypocrisy. But if anyone else goes for that same ASM fake training –
without paying off Rudranana – then they will be banished for life. By a
crude payment, Sandiip became Rudrananda’s buddy and inside ally.

Sandiip is now planted in the USA, and Rudrananda & Co are greedily
swimming in delight as they get their huge payback from Sandiip.

CASE #2:


We all know about the court case in NY Sector between EC and the RN
group. For more info read:

Now let’s take a behind the scenes look at why this happened in the
first place. How is it that Ranchi lost its grip on NY sector.

Basically it all comes down to two names: Tiirthananda & Vimalananda.
Because of their personalities the balance of power shifted in EC’s
favour. Both groups are selfish, that is sure, but only one could apply
the requisite cheap charisma to grab hold of the sector.


Both Tiirthananda and Vimalananda claim to be the Sectorial Secretary of
NY sector.

First let’s take a look at Tiirthananda (formerly known as
Nirgunananda).This Dada is very intelligent and cunning. He knows and
understands how to maneuver his game according to the demands of the
people. He knows all the tricks to attract the masses. Indeed he has
every quality of a leader – the only problem is that he is going against
Baba’s idealogy. Tiirthananda does absolutely everything for his own
personal gain, i.e. for his own prestige, power, and control.

In contrast, Vimalananda is somewhat shrewd & cunning, but his hypocrisy
is quite evident. Tiirthananda is also a hypocrite, but he can hide,
whereas Vimalananda cannot.

Many say that in his life, Vimalananda has never told the truth. He will
just tell the exact opposite of what is on his mind. Actually although
he is the Ranchi SS, Vimalananda does not care about Ranchi
administration. He does not care who wins the court case in NY sector.
His only concern is his own prestige – nothing more. Even then he has
basically zero prestige in NY sector. He could not figure out a way to
beguile the margiis. With his bag of tricks, Tiirthananda has all the
prestige. Indeed Vimalananda has merely two cronies following him in NY
sector, and they are in it just for getting the post. Not a single
margii really likes Vimalananda – that’s the basis feeling.

Whereas, Tiirthananda has been able to loop most of the NY margiis
around his fingers. They “ooooh” and “aaaah” at Tiirthananda’s seemingly
magical ways – even to the degree that they are willing to do illegal
and anti-dharmic things like change the NY sector by-laws.

Regarding Vimalananda, he and Rudrananda are the same. They will never
show their inner self. They will always appear very clean and charming
in the society, never criticizing anyone. But behind people’s back, they
cut people down. They are both quite clever – but Vimalananda’s ways are
not quite as refined. That is why he lost the battle to Tiirthananda and
this the reason why Ranchi has no support from margiis in NY sector.

For this reason, Ranchi had not recourse but to wage the court case
against team EC in NY sector. They had no other way to get control of
the sector.

Let us see which group of hypocrites wins out. Of course with regards to
the court case, the big winners are the lawyers. These greedy
mercenaries do not care an iota about Ananda Marga, yet they will draw
huge fees for their so-called legal services.

Not only do groupists fall away from Baba’s teachings, but they open
support the crude ways of these greedy lawyers by giving them business.


With such groupists in power, there is only beguiling and trickery – and
lots of lip service about unity etc. Here below Baba uncovers their
entire psyche.

Baba says, “All the “isms” prevalent in today’s world can easily be
included in the category of religions [including groupism]. All the
defects of religions exist in the “isms” too. None of the political,
social or economic “isms” are free from superstition none are
straightforward; all are full of rampant hypocrisy..false piety is not
the path of dharma, leading to welfare, but the opposite of dharma, the
negation of welfare. They can be likened to asses wearing lion skins:
take away the lion skins and their their true form will be revealed.
They have no other purpose than to grab votes and usurp power. The
mentality to grab the votes first and then serve the people is not the
true spirit of selfless social service; rather, it is the mentality of
power craving materialists.” (AMIWL-7)


By Baba’s grace little by little margiis around the globe are
understanding that none of the groups can bring relief. Whether in NY
sector or anywhere else, each group is fueled by their own
self-interest, nothing else. Of course we will watch to see what happens
with the dramas with brother Sandiip and the court case, but in our
hearts we all know that the only way to establish our Marga society is
to follow Baba’s teachings.

Baba says, “You will have to advance with the true spirit of genuine
social service, because the very characteristic of dharma is to promote
the cause of welfare.” (AMIWL-7)



While groupism weaves its curvy path in NY sector, there is a huge war
going on in India. One thing that may not be known is this.

All the jagritis, buildings and lands are controlled by one or another
group. And each group is very eager to garner more followers. To that
end they chastise and threaten any margii who enters or communicates
with those from a competing camp. That means if a margii goes to a
jagrti for dharmacakra or allows a Dada to stay at their house, then
they will incur the wrath of the other groups. This makes life extremely
difficult for margiis in Delhi sector.

Now here comes the big hypocrisy. Confirmed groupist stooges are free to
associate with all the groups as they are already wedded to a particular
camp. But those good margiis who shun all sorts of groupism are
constantly under threat. If they so many as put their big toe in a
particular functions like a marriage ceremony or dharmacakra, then there
will be hell to pay by Dadas from from the other camps.

This is one of the major difficulties for Delhi sector margiis.


For those interested, here is more about the murky ways of Citsvarupananda.


Baba says: “The person who is engaged in service, if in his mind he thinks
that, ‘I have served others. Then they should also do something for me. It
will be better.’ That is not good. Rather the one serving should have this
feeling in his mind: ‘I have come on this earth to serve others. It is my
duty. But no one has any duty towards me.'” (AV-9, Ch 11 [Hindi])


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Date: Sun 28 Mar 2010 17:01:28 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: P LeTour
Subject: NY News: Came Back to Haunt


“Tumi je path diye giyechile priyo, se pathe a’jo surabhi rayeche…” 2781


Baba, even today Your sweet aroma remains lingering on that path– on
the path which You have traveled. Baba, the songs which You sang so
beautifully in tune and rhythm, those very songs are ever-present in the
deep core of my heart. Their lingering resonance still vibrates my entire

O’ my dearmost Baba, I cannot ever forget Your blissful tales; it is
impossible for me to forget. Your divine advent in my mind is far more
significant than hundreds of lives of sadhana, & its penance. Baba, You are
the most meaningful thing in my life. By Your grace, You have presented
Yourself after my hundreds of lives of searching and longing.

Baba, even if You do not remain close to me, my mind does not go far
from You. By Your grace I always remain ensconced in Your blissful
ideation. Baba, keeping all my longings for You in my heart, I will go on
singing Your divine songs day and night. Baba, by Your grace You have made
me understand this truth: That to do any extraordinary task is impossible
for those who have a dry heart. Only those with innate love for You will be
able to climb over the insurmountable mountains. Others cannot because in
each and every sphere of life Your grace is everything. Without that
nothing is possible. Baba, by Your own qualities You have bound me with
Your divine love and by Your grace You always keep me under Your shelter.

Baba, Your sweet and charming aroma keeps me thinking about You


It has been four years since one group changed the NY sector by-laws in
their own favour, and today their actions have come back to haunt them.
They are being bitten by their own deeds, yet hoping that the rest of
the sector will bail them out. All the details are clearly outlined below.


As we know, Baba’s guidelines on unity are sublime. Unity means rallying
around a common spiritual ideology and Goal.

Baba says, “Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means
unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical
unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic
ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind.” (Talks
on Prout)

Our definition of unity then is moving together toward the Supreme, not
any worldly or selfish outcome like post, power and prestige. That is
what our samgacchadhvam chant is all about: Uniting our minds for the
great cause, not any small-minded pursuit.

So unity in AM is a high endeavour.


Unfortunately, these days in AM, the word unity itself has become
misused or misunderstood as all the groups try to rally adherents in the
name of unity and one group even tried to call themselves as such.

As Ananda Margiis it is our duty to once again ignite the spirit of real
unity in our Marga. No group interest should be served, only we are to
do according to His wish.

To that end, we should clearly understand what is happening now in NY
sector, as it is a mere microcosm of what will invariably unfold
wherever groupism is in vogue.


See here what is happening in NY sector. In a nutshell let’s review a bit.

Four years ago, in the early monthly of 2006, one Dada and his group X
captured the hearts and minds of some of the senior margiis in NY
sector. In order to keep his power, that Dada convinced margiis to
change the by-laws of NY sector. Why? Because group Z who was
controlling Centre wanted to appoint a new SS. But the leader of group X
did not want this to happen. He wanted the power for himself. By
offering top posts and prestige to certain senior margiis, this Dada and
his newly made subordinates (i.e. Board of Directors) changed the
by-laws of NY sector to state that group Z could not appoint a new SS
without the clear approval of the NY Board of Directors. That was the
way things were distorted.

Time passed like this. Now, see what is going on…

In Feb 2010, group Z had enough and hired a legal team to take action
against group X and the Board of Directors of NY. The legal team sent a
letter informing the group X and his Board of Directors that they are no
longer the legal managers of AMPS in NY sector and that they had to
relinquish all AM assets etc, including their cherished posts.

Today, in Mar 2010, the Dada leading group X and his Board of Directors
find themselves in a jam. They tried to negotiate themselves out of
trouble, but it did not work. Now they have no choice but to fight back
in the courts, which is both a time consuming and costly affair. So they
have written a letter appealing to NY margiis to help out.

Of course, in this tainted era, no group is pure – neither X nor Z.

But it is ironic, that all along the lead Dada of group X and his Board
of Directors acted unilaterally to control NY sector by distorting the
established by-laws etc, and now that they are in trouble of losing
their grip (as well as a pile of money) they are appealing to the mass
of margiis, whom they’ve been treating all along as second class citizens.

Now see here what the margiis have to say about this.


At minimum, two brave and clear-thinking margiis sisters (one in NYC and
one in Los Altos, CA) have come forward and made a dharmic stand.

The sister in NYC has outlined a number of points of concern about the
way things have been been going in NY sector the last few years. Here is
what she says:

“There is no excuse from SO that margiis are not sent this information”

“As a Margii and the rest of us, we have the right to know information
about any issue concerning Ananda Marga from the existing Ananda Marga Inc.”

“How can we truly accept the legality of Ananda Marga Inc Board of
Directors when a portion of the original By Laws was changed without informing,
consulting the General Body of Ananda Marga that itself is illegal.”

“The Tenure of Board of Directors must be clear…The General Body must be
able to select / elect their officers, board of directors ETC. and there
must be an official communication…given to all members of the General

“This periodical communication should give accurate report of what is
going on…”

“Now that there is a lawsuit, WHY is it that only now the Names of the
Board of Directors appear in our Screen reaching out for help to handle this lawsuit
and LAWSUIT was never officially communicated to ALL by mail or in person
thru a meeting with the local unit.”

“Is it not hypocritical?”

That was the pointed letter from one margii in NYC.

In addition, the margii sister from Los Altos (who was one of the first
to publicly break the story) has given some excellent points. One of the
main themes in her letter is that of moral responsbility by those Board
Members. See here what this margii sister has written.

“I feel strongly that the Board of NYS should shoulder the financial
costs of their legal case since it involves them specifically and does
not in any way help the sector nor benefit general Margiis. All the
members of the Board are well able to pay their legal costs and BE
continue to do their missionary work and support their local units. I
hope the Board of Directors do not have plans to have the Margiis pay
for their own power games. I consider such, along with that credit card
for dharma pracar I keep seeing advertised, exploitation.”

By their expression it is quite clear that the mood in NY sector is not
to support any group in their contest or slug-fest for power.

Others have also come forward in this respect.

The margiis want to see the ideological expression of Ananda Marga, not
the crowing of power of any group through the US court system.

Now it is quite apparent how the selfish misdeeds of group X and their
Board of Directors has come back to haunt them. They distorted the legal
foundation of AMPS in NY sector to gain power, and now that same legal
system has come back to bite them.


Here the main ideological point and Baba’s divine teaching is that we
should never tolerate division. Group X broke away from group Z to
capture NY sector. No doubt group Z is unjust, but breaking away is not
the answer. That is a common ailment that plagues humanity.

Baba says, “As a result [of the dogma of groupism], one human society is
divided into different nations, and one nation is divided into different
religions; religions also have different castes, and caste also have
different sub-castes – what kind of situation is this? We have only
learned how to divide and subdivide humanity, and we never learned how
to unite the people. This is all due to the defective teachings of
dogmas.” (AFPS-9)

Then what is to be done. When group Z is in power and if group Z is
abusing that power, then a consciousness raising movement must happen
within the Marga about the injustices and exploitation done by group Z.
And then mass psychic pressure must be applied to group Z until they
reform their ways or leave.

That is our avenue for fighting groupism and exploitation – applying
pressure on the wrongdoers, not creating a parallel group.

Once a second group is formed that only compounds the problem and sets
the tone for more and more groups to be created. And that is what we see
happening today in AMPS. However picking up all the pieces of all these
factions is not so easy. Putting the parts back together is a difficult
job. That is why the main strategy is to keep the organisation whole and
correct the wrongs – not jump ship and create yet another faction.

Unfortunately, that is what group X did as well as so many other
factions. That only worsens matters. But they do this because it appeals
to their selfish interest. They want power and it is easy to grab the
power by creating a separate club or group and appointing oneself as the
leader etc. Their whole entire outlook is based on material lust and
control. They think they will live on this earth forever and the crowing
glory is to rule the roost. This is their manner – but it will never
bring unity, just groupist strife.

Hence an entirely new mind-set is needed. One must think, “My life is
short, I have come on this earth only for a short while. I do not want
any post or power, just I want to serve Baba and His creation and spread
His ideals.”

When one thinks in this way, then they will never tolerate any
exploitation nor will they rush to grab the chair either. They will
establish His teachings within the organisation and beyond and bring
unity amongst all beings. This is Baba’s divine guideline and this is
our way.

The whole episode in NY sector is moving in a faulty direction because
all parties involved are just interested in power and post. Their fight
has nothing to do with ideology. Their concern is not the right printing
of Baba’s discourses, nor margii rights nor proper BP elections nor the
elimination of Fake Ananda Vaniis. These factions are only in it for
their own power. That was what led group X to change the by-laws and
that is why their wrongdoing from 4 years ago has now come back to haunt


By Baba’s grace, He has blessed us with all the teachings to resolve the
current problems. All we need to do is follow His guidelines – nothing
more. Unfortunately, when various groups chase after the post at any and
all cost, then unity is but a dream. Knowing this, we should all take
concerted efforts to reform the ways of all groupists and bring about
that era of peace and happiness into our Marga.

Baba says, “However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we
encourage the exploitation of one group by another. So to avoid this
there should not be any scope for exploitation in society. And to ensure
this we have to start a new order to safeguard the interests of the
exploited masses. So for a proper social synthesis what we require is a
common philosophy of life; that is, ideological unity.” (PNS-15)



In the above letter, group X is the EC faction led by Tiirthananda and
his chosen Board of Directors and group Z is the Rudrananda/Nigamananda
faction and their selected NY SS, Vimalananda.

One thing should also be noted. For years and years, Tiirthananda and EC
were the right hand cadre of Rudrananda as they thought this would bring
them post and power. When it did not yield them any fruit, they split up
and went on their own.

So their fight is just based on selfishness, not universal welfare or
ideological unity.

One noted group not mentioned in this letter is the Tiljala faction.
Suffice to say here that they too have their stated agenda but they
could not capture or compete for power in NY sector.


Here is the list of EC’s Board of Directors of Ananda Marga, Inc. (NY
Sector). It is these people are who in danger of losing their shirt in
NY sector so all of a sudden they are appealing to others for help, when
all along they have been quite aloof all these years.

Ac. Tiirthananda Avt.
Ac. Rainjitananda Avt.
Ac. Vedaprajinananda Avt.
Avtk. Ananda Vibha Ac.
Ac. Devanistha
Vishva Deva

These letters were posted four years ago when it became known that some
in NY sector had distorted the by-laws. This is the history of what took

Health Guideline

Baba says, “In order to digest starches and carbohydrates, the saliva of
the mouth must help at the preliminary stage. Chewing food brings an
adequate quantity of saliva into the mouth. No sooner does the food
mixed with saliva enter the stomach than the liver and the pancreas are
enabled to start secreting their bile and digestive fluids. So unless
food is chewed well, the liver can never function properly.” (YT, p.1)

Note: In the fast-paced life of this 21st century, people no longer give
themselves proper time to attend to their basic life duties, such as
eating food. Instead people just rush off from one appointment to
another and “grab a bite to eat” along the way at any number of
drive-thru, fast-food places. In their hectic pace, instead of chewing
their food they just inhale their meal, nearly swallowing it whole. But
this way of “eating” is terribly hazardous to the health and invites
many diseases. As Ananda Margiis we should spread Baba’s above teaching
to the members of the general society so that they may be benefited.

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Date: Thu 10 Dec 2009 07:28:16 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Mandal.Virendra@bharata.net…
Subject: Just Like Mafia Truce

Baba Nam Kevalam

“Toma’r madhur ha’si niye eseche…” (P.S. 328)


Baba, Your sweet smile has such a strong attraction that it has
attracted everything of this created world close to You. Everyone is
rushing towards You. Your sweet smile has incomparable charm. It has
filled nectar in everything– from the throbbing sensation of the heart
up to the existence of each and every entity of this created world.
Everything You have filled with Your divine nectar. Baba, please come
with the rhythm and melody of song and dance. You have
filled all the sweet memories with Your divine nectar. Everything is so
beautiful. Baba please come in my Guru cakra in dhyana with Your sweet,
attractive, & charming form. Your love saturated eyes have filled my
heart with full content. Baba, Your sweet, attractive, & charming form
has attracted everything close to You…


The group scene in AMPS seems to have taken its course in a new
direction. For some months the group leaders were making “some
adjustments” and transitioning. Now it is quite clear they have
solidified their plans and fully embarked on their new way of doing

By reading the below report about the recently held sadhana shivir
programs in Mumbai / Alibag, as well as events leading up to it,
everything has become quite clear.


Before going into the details of the latest groupist developments, let’s
first turn out eyes in this direction as there seems to be some relevance.

When two mafia groups make their “peace” with one another, then they
delineate boundaries, claim territories, and agree not to interrupt or
intrude upon each other’s way of doing business. That means that the
“peace” or truce has nothing to do with stopping criminal activity etc.
Only it means that those mafia families will not openly clash with each
other; each will be allowed their to have their operation run smoothly,
unhindered. By this way both mafia groups can conserve their resources
(money, guns, personnel, protection etc) and fully focus on the task at
hand: Exploiting the common people. This is the common type of truce
that happens amongst the mafioso.

Read the below and see for yourself how far today’s groups in AMPS have
adopted a similar type of truce.


Here is a step-wise history and review of events spanning the last few
days & months. The entire thread is linked together.

[#1] Last weekend, there were two sadhana shivir programs held in Mumbai
on the same date: 4 – 5 – 6th of December 2009. One was organized by
Rudrananda’s group along with their margii supporters. And the other was
held by certain sponsors featuring EC and Kolkata group WTs and their
margii supporters.

[#2] At the Ranchi camp’s program, the main trainers were Savita’nanda
and Priyatosa’nanda.When margiis asked that why they organized sadhana
shivir on the same date as EC and B group, then Savita’nanda’s
unabashedly replied, “To see which margiis are on our side and which are
on their side.”

Savita’nanda further tried to impose the notion upon margiis that Puroda
Pramukha is the spiritual head of the organisation. So no one should
raise any questions about PP. The sadhana shivir was used to protect /
upgrade the weak position of Vishvadeva’nanda. How far they were
successful it was not clear.

But of course all margiis know that the post of Purodha Pramukha is a
social one not a spiritual one.

[#3] Here are some of the other main players from the other sadhana
shivir program. Mantreshvara’nanda, Kalyaneshvara’nanda,
Pranava’tmaka’nanda were
present from Kolkata. Tiirtha’nanda, Parmeshvara’nanda, Vandana’nanda, and
Artaprema’nanda were from EC or third front. Giita’ Didi was there with her



[#4] At Alibag sadhana shivirs, i.e. the ones hosted by EC and B group,
in the past such as in September ’09, the last day was spent in meetings
with senior margiis in hopes of creating unity and addressing other
problems in the organisation.

So naturally, during last week’s sadhana shivir in Alibag, all attendees
were thinking that once again such a meeting would be held amongst
margiis and Wts.

But this time, on the last day at 1 pm, the main sponsors and organizers
left and when some senior margiis started to ask about ideological
issues and unity points, then they were told that there will be not any
meeting. So margiis left the place.

[#5] But, this was not the end of the sadha shivir. After margiis left,
senior WTs of both Kolkata and EC / third front sat together. So just as
they previously
organized a big meeting on last day to address organizational issues,
they did it again this time, but they did not invite margiis to the
meeting. They did not want the margiis there – that is why they told
margiis to leave and they lied about the fact that they were indeed
having a meeting.

[#6] When margiis got the news about the meeting then many were
surprised that they were not included. Margiis began wondering why now
all the WT camps (Ranchi, Kolkata, & EC) ousted margiis from their
discussions and organized meetings amongst themselves on organizational
issues. This was the main topic of concern raised by margiis.


[#7] After marathon discussions and careful investigation, it is now
clear to all
margiis why this happened. Now all understand why both groups ousted
margiis and did not invite margiis in their meetings – neither at the
recent sadhana shivir not at other locations. Now everything is crystal

[#8] As everybody knows, the dominating mentality of all the groups is
that they all
are against margii leadership in the organization. Their aim is to keep
the margiis at bay, i.e. as followers not leaders. All the main groups
want to keep margiis as
2nd class citizens.

Their deceiving strategy the last few years has been to “collaborate”
with margiis in order to increase their own group power – not out of
true feelings of equality or respect for margiis. Because of the
intensity of the group fight, each camp tried in the past to align
themselves with margiis to increase their own factional influence and
resources. That’s all. They were merely using margiis for their own
groupist benefit.

So this is the reason why margiis were invited in the past, and now we
are going to read why all the various groups have changed their policy.


[#9] As we know, in Delhi National margii committee meeting both EC and
Kolkata dadas were invited. After Abhiprema’nanda’s murder by Kolkata
group inn 2003, this was one of the first times that Kolkata group got
the chance to engage with the greater margii society.

Then the leaders of national margiis committee enthusiastically
announced and requested Kolkata group to help organize the national
margii committee meeting in Kolkata. But it never happened. Why? Because
as a basic policy, Kolkata is blatantly against this type of margii
committee and margii leadership. That has been their approach since 1990
and it has not changed. B group’s main practice is: “Keep the margiis
subdued and under control.”

And now all the groups (Ranchi, B, & EC) have firmly adopted this same
policy as they have come together behind the scenes and created one
black pact like some mafioso truce. They basically decided that as a
policy we – the respective groups – should no longer attack one another.
We should instead grab our own booty and no longer expose each other’s
defects in public. That way we all win and we can focus on exploiting
margiis rather than clobbering each other and ruining our prestige in
front of everyone. This was the black peace they made. And in this way
the margiis have been rendered as dispensable, just mere pawns to exploit.

Here is more about it – keep reading for lots of details.


[#10] On the 30th of August, Nigama’nanda and Vimala’nanda of Ranchi
group, and Mantreshvarananda, Bhaveshananda from Kolkata met together
in Ananda Nagar and also they met with Parmeshvara’nanda of EC and
others on 1st of Sept. Then again on 26th of Oct in Ranchi, Nigama’nanda
met Parmeshvara’nanda.

This unique sequence of meetings set the stage for their newly adopted
policy: We should live together, respect each other’s territory, not
expose each others’ defects or scandalous behaviour, and not quarrel in
any way. Just we should rule over our various margii kingdoms and enjoy
the benefits.

Of course, publicly they told that this series of meetings were done to
try and create peace and unity and get our Marga back on the right path.
But the reality was something totally different.


Through all these WT groupist meetings and talks, they basically
formulated the following agenda. They realised they benefit more from
creating a static peace with one another than from openly fighting in
front of the margiis.

Here then are the major and minor tenets of their agreement. By reading
the below, we can easily see how such ruling WTs are not interested in
upholding ideology but rather maintaining their own groupist power
schema. They want to keep the status quo not set our Marga on the path
of dharmic revolution. For this reason they have no need to meet with
margiis in Alibag etc, instead the Wt groups meet among themselves,
outlining the following strategy.

(a) They will not file new court cases against each other. Going to
court has proven too costly and is a big drain on their resources in
terms of money, time and energy. Plus it dirties their own public image.
So they will not longer embark on costly new court cases to settle group

(b) They will not write mails about each other because too many Dadas
are losing their prestige among margiis. Whatever they have to say about
each other will be something good or neutral – or nothing at all. But
exposing each other’s sins and wrongdoing is no longer permitted. That
is the essence of their truce.

(c) They will not turn margiis against the other faction. Whichever
group has that margii is going to be respected.

(d) They will not highlight the characterlessness or looting scandals of
each other. Thus far this has taken a huge toll on the prestige and
reputation of all the groups. They realised that this is not in their
best interests. So whatever nonsense any group does will NOT be reported
by any other group. They figure this is the way to keep their prestige
in the eyes of the margiis.

(e) They – the various groups – will not invite margiis to act as
mediators or problem solving agents or leaders. The groupist Wts feel
that by inviting margiis to come forward then it will take away from
their own value. It was a PR strategy they were willing to try for a
short while, but no longer. They do not want margiis coming within 1000
kiloketers of any leadership role or position. They feel that just hurts
the standing of all the Wt groups. It is like admitting a weakness.

(f) They will not allow margiis to raise their voice on the issues of
scriptural distortion, the dogma of MPD, the Fake BP manual, Fake Ananda
Vanii or any other ideological issue and concern related with Baba’s
teachings and margii rights.

(g) They will keep margiis exclusively as followers, not leaders.

(h) Unity meetings or any meetings about present crisis will be
organized among
senior WTs only. Margiis will not be invited. And these talks will only
focus on how all the groups can maintain their present power. It will be
off limits to criticise any group per se.

(i) All group leaders agreed that b/c of margiis involvement in
organizational issues they have suffered a big loss to their own
prestige and power. If margiis become leaders then who will we rule?


[#11] Actually nowadays margiis are awakened to the organizational and
ideological issues and we now got the fact that all three group leaders
are power mongers, problem creators, and a terrible burden on Ananda
Marga. So we margiis are chasing all groups leaders. All groups are
feeling problem because of this awakening amongst margiis.

5 years ago Ranchi still had EC in their fold and they were turning
margiis against Kolkata. That anti-sentiment worked for the short-term.
But after sometime the Ranchi group also became an issue and the cause
of so many problems.

So after all these years, margiis have seen that all the Wt groups are
the same. All the groups disregard margii rights and blatantly go
against Baba’s divine teachings and mandates. All the groups want power
and control.

Kolkata is not in power, but still the Ranchi camp is not fixing the
distorted AM Revolution discourse which grants margii rights nor is
Ranchi doing anything to restore BP rights or fix the problems with Fake
BP Manual or Fake Ananda Vanii, nor any other ideological issue or
concern. Same thing is with third front. They are also not doing
anything to repair the curtailments of margiis rights. These things are
not even in their agenda.

For all these reasons and more, margiis nowadays know the fact and the
real face of each group. All the groups just want their own power and
wish to preserve the status quo by keeping the margiis in bondage and
indulging in their groupist ways.


[#12] This was the cause behind the secret meeting of both EC and
Kolkata group dadas at the recently held sadhana shivir in Mumabi /
Aligbag. That was why no margiis were invited because now all the groups
are teaming up against margiis. In that case, what is the need to waste
their time by talking with margiis.

Because of that so-called unity meeting, EC did not file any case
against the boards election of Ranchi group, although it was illegal.


This whole drama is going to continue at New Year’s DMS and beyond. For
the time being, gone are the days of open righting, of court cases, of
paying for police and protection, of including margiis in talks etc. The
groups are now preserving their own resources and maintaining their own
power. They understand the best way to do this is create a black peace.
Then they can live large and minimize their struggles.


So what the groups are doing nowadays is not different from a truce
called between two warring mafia families. They are not calling a truce
in order to come clean and abide by the laws of the land. They are
calling that truce because their war has been too taxing on them
financially and has hurt their image. So they made a pact. You do what
you do in your area without bothering me and I will do what I do in my
area without bothering you. I gamble, you gamble; I extort, you extort;
I rob and cheat; you rob and cheat; I do prostitution, you do
prostitution. All these things are fine and through it all we will not
cross each other.

Indeed the groups in AM are behaving no differently. The only peace they
have made is to no longer expose each other’s ills and keep all the
margiis under their control by respecting the boundaries and territories
of all the groups. Their common theme is WT superiority at all cost. By
this negative pact, margiis are pushed in the trash and Baba’s divine
teachings are utterly ignored.

Such is the way things are rolling nowadays under the latest groupist


Of course, Baba Himself strongly opposes all types of crude peace deals.

Baba says, “Wherever and as long as avidya’ remains victorious in this
fight, there, also, a special type of peace prevails which may be called
ta’masikii sha’nti [static peace].” (POD #15)

Baba says, “Static peace is definitely not desirable. Suppose a
particular group of people [H, B, EC] belonging to a particular region
oppress or attack another group of people [family margiis] of the same
region or of some other region. In such circumstances, if all others [Wt
groups] simply remain mute spectators or resort to the path of
negotiation, compromise or mutual settlement as the only solution, it
should be clearly understood that they are encouraging static peace.”
(POD #15)

By Baba’s above words is it not clear what the groups are now doing?

Their crude strategy is plain as day. They are indulged in dirty pacts
for their own prestige and power, without regard for any ideological or
moral precepts. By this way, real peace will never be made in AM, rather
things will only get worse. Because there is absolutely no redeeming
quality to black peace – never.

If any group indulges in casteism, polygamy, sex scandals, meat-eating,
alcohol consumption, destruction of Marga scriptures etc, all of that is
OK. All the groups can do what they like so long as they do not cross
any other group.

It is not that ideology should be upheld. The treaty is that all dogmas
and problems should be kept hidden and left unaddressed. If scriptures
are polluted – fine. Do not raise any issues of margii rights. Just keep
everything under the covers.

Let immorality and dogma grow, so long as it serves our purpose and
keeps us in power. That is what all the groups are doing – bar none.

By so doing, all the factions are cheating margiis and coming under the
condemnation of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.


By Baba’s grace, Ananda Margiis and good Wts are ready to stand up and
steer the true course and bring AM back onto the path of ideology. The
scene at Alibag sadhana shivr was just one more example of how the
groups are only interested in their group agenda – nothing more. They do
not care about the welfare of margiis not the sanctity of Ananda Marga.

Baba says, “In this fight, your goal is not the sin or the sinner, your
goal is the Supreme Consciousness. Anything that comes in the way of
this has to be removed mercilessly. When clouds collect around the
pole-star and cover it, your duty will be to remove the clouds and
follow the pole-star without caring to see where the clouds have gone.”


Fate of Egotistical People

Baba says, “It is only when the human beings, become puffed up with
vanity and misuse the power granted to them by Parama Purus’a, that He
steals everything from them. Hence, He is called Darpaha’rii – the
stealer of vanity…Vain people suffer a similar fate when their vanity
is destroyed as the balloon faces when its air is let out. But, does
Parama Purus’a snatch away everything from everyone? No, He takes away
only when the unit beings try to create obstructions in the flow of His
creation.” (APH-4, p.247)


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Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 12:01:06 +0530
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: News: Loot & Booty Sharing


“Bandhu a’ma’r, nikat’ a’ma’r, a’mi kii ga’ibo toma’r ga’n…” (P.S. 525)


O’ my Bandhu, O’ my dearmost, You are my very close and intimate One.
What song should I sing to please You. You know about my deep longing
for You. O’ Baba, You are my Love, You are the personification of hope,
saturated in sweetness. You are my heart of hearts– and my everything.

Baba, since that very first day when You blessed me by bringing me in
Your closeness under Your care since then by Your grace I have
understood that You are my shelter; You are doing everything for me. Also
since that very day, with Your divine touch, You have blessed me with a new
life, O’ my Bandhu and most intimate one. By Your causeless grace, my
way of living has been transformed from a worldly existence into life divine.
Since then everything has become blissful.

O’ my Lord, on that most blessed day You graciously caressed me with
Your soft lotus hand. In that atmosphere of the blissful early morning
dawn, the lotus flowers were blossoming in the pond and spreading their
sweet aroma all around. Then by Your infinite grace You pulled me very
close to You and graciously placed me on Your Lap and loved me; and by
placing Your hand on top of my head, You bathed me with Your divine
effulgence. You granted me everything. What You have done is unparalleled.

Baba, You are love personified; You are my most dear; You are my


Our AM schools and services projects are founded for the welfare of
society and to spread the divine gospel of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii.
This we all know.

To see any such project get misused or hijacked by selfish or group
interest is a direct front against Guru.

Thus Ananda Margiis across the globe should take direct and active
interest in the awful financial scandal that has taken place at our AM
Polytechnic College (Malur, Karnataka).

At present, as we speak, the groups involved are trying to keep
everything under the covers so they can continue to loot and keep their
booty. For the first time, the entire story is told here within this

Please read carefully and act according.


All may know that we have our Ananda Marga Polytechnic College (Diploma
in Engineering) in Malur, near Bengalore, Karnataka.

Students get admission in this college on the basis of big capitation
fees (donation in lakhs of rupees), and large monthly tuition fees. In
this way this institution generates a huge amount of money, more than
one million US dollars per year.

That’s why all groups have their greedy eyes on this college.


When the Kolkata administration divided AMPS, then they could not capture
this institution because all the margiis and the entire staff at the college
were against Kolkata.

The Rudrananda camp had full control over the college. It should be
noted that Parmehsvara’nanda and Vandana’nanda were also hardcore cadre
of H group those days.

But times change. When the EC group emerged under the leadership of
Parmeshvara’nanda and Vandana’nanda, then the situation at this college,
also changed.

The in-charge of the Polytechnic College was Animesha’nanda, who is
originally from Chattisgarah but he has only minimal Chattisgarhii
sentiment. He changed his loyalty to Vandana’nanda + Parmeshvara’nanda.
Plus margiis of those areas under the leadership of S.S. Goenka also
became supporters of this group.


Because of this groupism one big tussle started in the college.

The college staff divided into two groups.

(#1) One group was of Animesha’nadna + Citshiva’nanda (who went there to
give muscle support to Animesha’nanda) and some staffs of the college
teaching section, who were supporter of EC.

(#2) Other group emerged in the leadership of Arun (from Gaya, Bihar)
the hostel in-charge who has been living in the college for years. He
has group ties with Vishvanath (from Bihar, he lives there to save the
college from outside criminals), Ravi (from Gaya), Pankaj (teaching staff from
Varanasi, relative of Ravii) and other staffs of the hostel.


After some days of tussle, finally both groups captured certain areas of
the college and shifted there accordingly.

The teaching department of the college came under the control of
Animesha’nanda. He receives tuition fees from the students, pays the
teaching staff and other college staff, and “manages” the money he gets
from tuition fees and capitation fees.

The other group captured the hostel. In turn, they collect hostel
charges from the students, and basically deal with all monies related
with the hostel and living accommodations & services etc.

Animesha’nanda never had control over the hostel.




For the last 4 years, both of these two groups have been looting the
money they were getting, i.e. embezzlement. They’ve been stuffing their
pockets and personal bank accounts with the monies collected when in
fact those funds are the rightful property of the AM Polytechnic
College, not those greedy groupists.

In short, because there was no proper administration, there has been a
huge money scandal unfolding at the college. Still it is going on.

Animesha’nanda, who gets millions as capitation fees and tuition fees,
pays huge shares to his dons like Parmeshvara’nanda and Vandana’nanda,
and also to what some margiis call the “hi profile margiis” in the name
of margii meetings.

In return, all Animesha’nanda does is arrange one sadhana’ shivir per
year — that’s all, nothing more. Thus, he personally pockets huge piles
of money and tuition / capitation fees every year. This literally then
is a case of millions of dollars of embezzlement that he steals from our
AM Polytechnic College.

The other group embezzles a sizable amount from the hostel and they were
also happy with that huge amount they were saving per month. Arun is all in
all of the hostel. He has been living with his family there since years.

Here everyone should be clear that all money (after expenditure of
hostel) was being distributed to the members of group. Money was not used
for the development of college or organization.

Thus, both the parities involved are cheating the AM Polytechnic college
by grabbing hoards of monies for their personal and groupist desires.


Since years there has been a cold war at the college. Both groups have had
their greedy eyes and insatiable appetites on each others holdings and

Animesha’nanda and his goon Citshiva’nanda were always trying to capture
the hostel while the other group was always trying to capture the
teaching side of the college.

Because of this fight, there has not been a proper teaching or learning
environment at the college. Instead, our AM Polytechnic College has been
transformed into a place of cheap sentiments, politics, crookedness,
groupism and money looting.


Finally, Citshiva’nanda has started taking the hostel fees from the
Chattisgarhi students. In reply the other group started taking tuition
fees from the students of Bihar, Jharkhanda and UP.

Then Citshiva’nanda organized Chattisgarhi students living in hostel
against the hostel in-charge and his group. With the help of these students
and local hired goondas, Citshiva’nanda tried to capture the hostel.

Then the other group replied in the same manner. Hostel staffs,
Vishvanath, Ravi and students from Bihar, Jharkhanda, UP attacked on
Chattisgarhi group. After a physical fight (lathis, hockeysticks,
knives, local made guns were shown) Citshiva’nanda had to leave the

In the end, the police also came to the college to manage the unruly scene.


The hostel group then called Ranchi administration for help and the
Rudrananda camp who has been keeping a greedy eye on the money, did not
delay a moment.

Svarupa’nanda and Dharmapra’n’a’nanda (Chennai DS) went to the college.
They stayed at the college to establish a presence and control the college.

The Rudrananda camp has declared Dharmapra’n’a’nanda as in-charge of the
college. So Dharmapra’n’a’nanda and Ranchi supporter hero Sushil from
Katihar are at the college.

Nigama’nanda from Ranchi and Parmeshvara’nanda from Patna have reached
Bengalore. They are involved in arm-wrestling match with each other at
the bargaining table.

Now situation is very tense.


Now we have to investigate why – despite all these antics and commotion
– both camps are keeping quiet about all this.

Because we have to remember that whenever any member of the Rudrananda
camp / H group enters even a small ashram operated by EC or intrudes on
any small and useless issue, then the EC personnel colour the whole
internet and make it a big issue. All their e-mailers become active.
They become totally vocal.

So it is very surprising that on this big issue about the AM Polytechnic
College, where Rudrananda camp is storming and capturing the college and
where a nasty physical fight has occurred, the entire EC team is keeping

Why? They are not telling a single word. Why?

Animesha’nanda is telling that he will solve the problems and he does
not need help of any margii. Why? Is it not a point of intrigue?

When H group kicked out Parmehsvara’nanda and Vandana’nanda and others
then EC went to all margiis and begged for help and still they are crying
for help.

But in the case of this Malur Polytechnic College issue, why is it that
they do not want margiis to interfere? Why is the EC leadership of
Parmeshvara’nanda going to sit with Nigma’nanda directly to solve the
problem? Is it not strange and out of character?

The answer of all these question is: To keep all the money they have
looted and keep the scandal secret.

For this single reason, neither group wants to highlight the situation.

If margiis are alerted and come forward and look into the matter then
all will know that for the last many years millions of dollars money
have been looted and embezzled from our AM Polytechnic College by these
very groupists.

EC does not want to to reveal this multi-million dollar scandal and the
Rudrananda camp wants either full control of the college or a maximum
share in the looted amount.

Hence both group leaders are in contact to solve this problem secretly
on a give-and-take basis at the bargaining table. They prefer to make a
black pact and keep their millions as opposed to letting the margiis
know what hell has happened.

That’s why Animesha’nadna is telling margiis not to come forward and EC
supporters & e-mailers are keeping mum.


When our AM Polytechnic College is being ravaged by groupists and when
all the projects of AM are meant to be in the service of Gurudev and
humanity – not in the hands of greedy groups – then we should be alert,
ready to take action and apply pressure.

In that case it is the duty of all Ananda Margiis to unitedly rise up
and correct the situation. This much we owe our Beloved Baba. We must
not sit idle thinking others will do. It is our personal responsibility
to stand up and act.

As margiis we should not wait for an invitation from any group.

Responsible margiis, those who are not puppets of any group, should come
forward and critically look into the matter. The account books should be
audited by independent auditors and the ongoing looting and money
scandal should be stopped.

All monies earned by the Polytechnic College in Malur should be used for
the development of the college, not sucked up by groupist tycoons for
their personal gain.




Now that the news is out, we should be swift to take action. Sitting
idle amounts to sin according to Baba – a sin of omission.

Baba says, “Those who shirk duties and responsibilities do commit a
great harm to society. It is this lack of dutifulness in our country
[India] today that has caused great retardation in different spheres of
life. It has also caused spiritual degeneration. One should perform good
actions regularly, should do sa’dhana’ properly – these are the dos
which everyone is expected to perform. Those who do not pay heed to
these responsibilities do indulge in pratyava’ya. Pa’taka is the
collective name of pa’pa and pratyava’ya.” (AV-23)

Thus we should not remain still a moment longer while such groupists
pillage and destroy our Polytechnic College in Malur.


By Baba’s grace He has empowered us with the ability to take action and
change the course of events – turning bad situations into positive ones.
In this way, we must rally round and save our Polytechnic College from
the clutches of these groupist forces.

Baba says, “The very import of the history of human welfare is the
history of struggle and strife. Even the sweet gospels of peace could
not be preached in an environment of peace and composure. Devils did not
allow the apostle of peace to work peacefully – that is why I say that
peace is the outcome of fight.”

“This endeavour at the well-being of the human race concerns everyone –
it is yours, mine and ours. We may afford to ignore our rights, but we
must not forget our responsibilities. Forgetting the responsibility
implies the humiliation of the human race…” (A’nanda Va’nii #45)


Dangerous Yoga

Baba says, “Suppose, one is a great Yogii but if there is no love for his
goal, then those suspended propensities will finally be converted into
crude matter. That is, the subtle human existence becomes like iron; it
becomes like wood; it becomes like sand. What a deterioration! What a
downfall! This particular type of yoga where a yogii does not bear love for
the Supreme Entity is called ‘Hatha Yoga’ in Samskrta. It is dangerous for
human elevation.” (AV-2, p.18)

Note: Nowadays, especially in European countries, in the name of teaching
yoga certain pseudo-yoga-businessmen are busy selling their useless and
dirty things to the common public by opening various yoga and meditation
centres. But in those places citing the God’s name is untouchable. And not
only that but they teach all kinds of fake lessons such as misguided
pranayama and self-invented asanas etc. But when the Goal is not Parama
Purusa then that ultimately brings terrible degeneration. Neither is the
unassuming public aware nor are these culprits aware what hell they are
bringing upon innocent people. It is our duty as far as possible to warn
everyone for their welfare.

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