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Date: 09 Sep 2011 21:07:45 -0000
From: “K Lingappa Deva”
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Subject: The Way Baba Prepared for Struggle



We know, and Baba has told us again and again, that life is not always smooth. One’s progress and movement is systaltic in nature – up and down. So there will always be highs and lows. Everyone will experience such patterns in their life.

This below Baba story is not just the recounting of a very devotional and tantric period in our AM history, but also a practical method for how we are to proceed in day to day life.


Those pre-emergency days in 1971 in Patna, Baba was vigorously preparing everyone for the difficulties that lay ahead. He was teaching so many do’s and don’ts and then checking those things as only a Sadguru can. The scene was both riveting and exciting, as well as full of love and bliss.

Baba, of course, did not say openly that the whole world would turn on Ananda Marga and that we would all be persecuted and put in jail. Only He hinted that there will be a time when the number of margiis will be few and Ananda Margiis will not be accepted etc. Baba was also telling margiis to start stocking extra food in the homes, schools, and jagrtis.

Hearing this though, no one was worried. We all knew that Baba was the Parama Purusa and we rightly felt that nothing could harm us. We heard Baba’s gentle warnings about the future but at the same time we did not really listen.

It is just like if the weather is perfect outside – the sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze, and there is not a cloud in the sky – then if someone says that a cyclone is coming, few, if any, will take it seriously.

Same was the case with us back in 1971. Baba was there and that was enough. We could not think that such difficult days were coming. Trouble was around no doubt, but so was He and that was enough to satisfy us and think that everything would be fine.


In the Jamalpur days, Baba graciously gave yama and niyama for our conduct and dealing – for our betterment. In that phase He, of course, also delivered so many philosophical gems like Elementary Philosophy, Idea and Ideology, Ananda Sutram, and so much more. Our do’s and don’ts in personal life though were essentially limited to yama and niyama.

Around 1971, Baba began systematically giving so many teachings related with our personal dealing and way of living – most notably 16 Points. Prior to that some wholetimers were still drinking tea etc, but in 1971 all that stopped.

No doubt, prior to 1971, some had gotten certain practices from Yogic Treatments so a few were doing fasting on occasion and / or wearing laungota etc. But in 1971, those practices and so many more became pervasive in our Marga and were made mandatory via 16 Points and other codes of conduct.

Many may remember that before 1971, in order to have Baba’s darshan, then VSS and in-charges would ensure all had perfectly memorized the Supreme Command. One had to repeat it perfectly either in Hindi, Bengali, or English. Then and only then would they be allowed to enter the darshan hall or room.

But in 1971, that changed. Then everyone had to perfectly recite 16 Points in their exact order. That time Baba also began delivering so many discourses on various aspects of Sixteen Points.


Thus it was in Patna that Baba graciously first checked our Sixteen Points in so many different ways to ensure that we were all moving and growing properly on the path. Reciting the mere list of 16 Points was not all that was expected – we also had to follow.

It went something like this.

In the 2nd half of 1971 after shifting the office from Ranchi to Patna due to extreme social tension and unrest, we would regularly arrive – almost daily – at Baba’s Quarters or the jagrti for darshan.

AM was still growing at a good clip, but not at the booming rate as months earlier because the government and newspapers were releasing and printing so much false propaganda about Baba and the Marga.

In that dramatic era, we would all file in to see Baba and when there were 20 or 30 of us, then He would graciously take His seat and we would all be inside the walled Patna compound seated in an open area focused on Him. It was all quite beautiful and charming.

And as I say, those were the days when Baba has strictly checking 16 Points as He was well aware that the Emergency was looming eerily on the horizon.


In His divine manner, Baba would look around at the margiis present and openly ask us about our practices.

But it would be done in a very special way.

Baba would say, “Gopal, show us your shaoca manjusa. You have such a beautiful shaoca manjusa. It is very nice. Show it to us so everyone may see – after all this is one of our 16 Points.”

Baba had intentionally called on Gopal because He knew that Gopal did not have a shaoca manjusa.

In response, in the course of this loving liila where Baba was watching out for the welfare of all, Gopal would feel a bit ashamed or humiliated or embarrassed, and internally understood that he would have to be more strict on the point of shaoca manjusa.

And in that way, all the other margiis present understood as well that they would have to be strict, lest they get called on in front of all.

Baba would do the same thing with the point of laungota. If anyone present was not wearing a laungota, then that was the person Baba would call upon.

Baba would say, “Oh, Chandra Mohan, I understand you are very sincere in wearing a laungota every day. Is that not so. Don’t you always wear your laungota. Tell us.”

Then everyone knew that Chandra Mohan was not wearing a laungota. Plus they all knew that if next time they did not wear one then they would get called on.

Once all the physical aspects were addressed in this way, from food to fasting to taking bath properly etc, Baba raised the standard to the psychic & psycho-spiritual planes. He would check to ensure all repeated Guru Mantra before entering the room and that everyone was doing sadhana – all lessons – as directed.

So by applying pressure, Baba was teaching and ensuring we were actively involved in 16 Points. None wanted to be pointed out so step by step, point by point, all began following. This was the way things were rolling those days. Baba was getting everyone prepared and ready.

And not only that, in His loving liila, Baba would harshly rebuke and scold in-charges and VSS for allowing margiis to enter without following 16 Points. So they in turn began vigilantly checking to ensure all margiis were wearing laungota, carrying shaocamanjusa, doing pracara and properly following all the various element of 16 Points.

By this way everyone became strong Ananda Margiis and could weather the storm that was about to come.


Now in this year of 2011, the same system applies. Sixteen Points will save us from all difficulties and keep us moving in the right direction.

Baba says, “For progress in entitative flow, one is to lead a pure life, a moralistic life, a life based on moral principles. Do not do anything bad. What is bad? Bad is that which depraves human existence. Follow a strict code of morality. Live a pure life, a neat and clean life. Be strict in 16 Points. What will happen? Your entitative flow will get
purified and will be in parallelism with your psychic wave.” (SS_12)

And here below Baba directly states that our strength and stamina will increase multi-fold by adhering to Sixteen Points.

Baba says, “The more rigidly you follow the 16 Points, the more your mental strength will increase. It will increase so much that it will be more powerful than the collective mental strength of 100,000 people. In a psychic clash they will have to concede victory to you. A person who is physically strong can fight against eight, ten or twenty people at
most, but no more than that. A psychically developed person, however, is able to fight against many more people. So you must endeavour to develop your psychic strength – this is your bounden duty. The more rigidly you follow the 16 Points, the more psychic strength you will acquire. It will not take you long.” (AV-7)

Thus in the same way that 16 Points gave Wts and margiis the strength to manage and thrive during the Emergency, today also 16 Points will fortify us in all the ways needed to spread His teachings and gain success.

Let us also not forget that Baba is watching and those who follow His teachings of Sixteen Points will be graced more and more to proceed onwards. That is also His expressed guideline.


By Baba’s grace ours is not the path of preya (mundane pleasure), but rather the path of shreya (Supreme benevolence). Sixteen Points is the way forward. Our duty is to follow and make sure other margiis are also following. Then our Marga will be strong, on both the individual and collective level.

Baba says, “…In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the sixteen points.” (A’nanda Va’nii #45)



Although Sixteen Points was formally given during the above time period in 1970-71, many of those teachings were already present in the form of various worker and margii conduct rules, Yogic Treatments, and other teachings. By giving 16 Points, Baba codified and explicitly listed all these rules and regulations into one concerted list.


“A’va’r ki re a’lo elo dhu’lor e dhara’te…” (P.S. #615)


O’ human being, behold! Ajana Pathik has come again on this dusty earth. The flood of effulgence has come. Through the medium of longing, You quench the thirst of the eyes. Look, the Lord of Effulgence has Himself come. All the minds and hearts which were crying in suffering and pain, are now dancing in joy. Because, He has come. He loves one and all, everyone. He has come here to remove the suffering, and establish dharma. Because of His advent, everything changed. The sweet breeze is blowing full of fragrance. On this dusty earth, Ajana Pathik has come…

One Should Always Remember

Baba says, “However little one’s capacity might be, if one constantly remembers that Parama Purus’a is always with him, that they are in the closest contact with Parama Purus’a, they will be able to do everything. They are not as small as they think themselves to be. And as long as they remember this closest association with Him, they can do much more than ordinary human beings. When this idea becomes permanently established in their minds, they become great. This is why no one should be disappointed or depressed in any circumstances; let everyone constantly perform great deeds, remembering that the flow of their capacity is coming from Parama Purus’a, and thus they can do everything.” (AFPS-3, p. 62)


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From: “Dayananda Deva”
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Subject: Are You Fasting on Fake Days?
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2011 20:41:12 +0530


“Tumi bha’lo ba’so yadi, eso…” (P.S. 792)


Baba, You are the most loving One. But I have hardly any devotion; that
is why sometimes I feel that You do not love me. Baba, when You love me so
much then please come close. Baba, if You are going to judge me by my
virtue and vice and based on that You will decide whether I am qualified or
not, then I do not have any hope because I only possess negative things. I
do not have any good qualities or virtues in my life. So without
considering my virtue and vice– good or bad things– please come.

Baba, the garden of my life is filled with thorns. There is not a single
flower; but, innumerable buds are there. So when You will come then those
buds will surely bloom, otherwise not– they will wither away. But on those
flowers which do bloom, then there You will remain seated. Baba, please sit
on those newly blossomed flowers.

Baba, in my heart neither I have any song nor I have longing to sing the
song. The pollen of my prana has dried up and is floating in the air. All
this happens because You are remaining distant. When I will get the
blessing of Your touch then my whole existence will be vibrated. And all
the negative things will turn into positive ones. And by that way I will be
able to serve You.

Baba, without seeing my virtue and vice please come…


Note: It seems that some are fasting on fake days. They are taking great efforts of doing tapasya by fasting yet they may not be getting the best results. Following is a very simple process to calculate the proper day.

There has been some discussion about how to select the proper Ananda Marga fasting day(s) with respect to the oriental moon calendar system. Since we all fast regularly, 2 or 4 times per month, we should understand which days are best to fast – that way we will adhere to Baba’s system correctly and derive the greatest benefit.

Following is clarification about selecting the proper tithi or lunar day, or fasting day in our AM system.



Now we all know that in our Ananda Marga we fast according to the lunar calendar. That is Baba’s given system.

However, the Ananda Marga ekadashaii (11th lunar day) does not always coincide with the traditional oriental ekadashii (11th lunar day). So we have to know the difference between these two as well as how to select the proper day.

Let’s take a few scenarios:

(1) Suppose that ekadashii (11th lunar day) begins on a Tuesday at 4am, an hour or so before sunrise. And let’s say that that same lunar day or ekadashii ends at 3am on Wednesday, before sunrise. In that case the oriental lunar calendar will declare Tuesday, not Wednesday, as ekadashii. Why? Because ekadashii was in effect at the time of sunrise on Tuesday, not on Wednesday. In this particular scenario, according to our AM system, we will also mark Tuesday as being ekadashii. Why? Because the majority of the time of the ekadashii (i.e. 20 total hrs) occurred on Tuesday. So in that circumstance our AM ekadashii coincides with the ekadashii of the oriental lunar calendar.

(2) Suppose that ekadashii (11th lunar day) starts at Friday at 8am, just after sunrise. And let’s say that the ekadashii period extends to Saturday 7am, just after sunrise. In that case the oriental lunar calendar will declare Saturday – not Friday – as being ekadashii. Why? Because at the time of sunrise on Saturday ekadashii was in effect. In this particular scenario, however, according to our AM system, we will not announce Saturday as being ekadashii. We will name Friday as ekadashii. Why? Because the bulk of the hours of the ekadashii (i.e. 16 total hrs) occurred on Friday, not Saturday. In that circumstance our AM ekadsahii will be different from the ekadashii marked on the oriental lunar calendar.

The oriental lunar calendar is only concerned with which day ekadashii was in effect at the time of sunrise – then they call that day as the tithi or ekadashii etc. But in AM we select ekadashii based on which day has more hours of the ekadashii period. This same formula applies to ama’vasya’ (new or nil moon) and pu’rn’ima’ (full moon) as well.

Now let’s take yet another example.

(3) Suppose that ekadashii (11th lunar day) starts on Wednesday at 9am, after sunrise. And let’s say that lunar day extends to 4am on Thursday, before sunrise. Then for the oriental lunar calendar, they will not declare either day as ekadashii. Because ekadashii was neither in effect during sunrise on Wednesday nor during sunrise on Thursday. But in our Marga, there will be an ekadashii. We will name Wednesday as ekadashii since the bulk of the ekadashii hours occurred on Wednesday.


To some naive persons all this talk about one day or another may seem like hair-splitting. And to those who do not fast, certainly they will not find value in this topic. But for all sincere Ananda Margiis, this topc is extremely important.

Fasting on the correct day yields great benefits. We live in a well-ordered universe designed by Parama Purusa Himself. And it is He who has designated the fasting days with our welfare in mind. It is an exact science – we are supposed to fast on specific days for a distinct reason.

Baba tells us that the gravitational pull of the moon effects the oceans of the earth as well as the liquid portion of our body. On certain lunar days that force creates disturbance in the body and draws the fluids upwards creating undue pressure on the higher cakras, thereby inhibiting the mind. By fasting on the proper day we can offset this negative effect by keeping the stomach empty, in which case a vacuum results and the higher cakras are not adversesly affected.

For these reasons and more, we should all be vigilant to fast on the proper day – not some fake day. That means critically understanding when ekadashii is on our AM calendar as opposed to following the ekadashii or tithi on the oriental lunar calendar.


The conclusion is that according to the oriental moon calendar, whatever tithi (ekadashii etc) is active at sunrise, then that entire day is declared as that tithi.

In contrast, in our Ananda Marga, whatever ekadashii has more hours on a particular day is the proper tithi.

Those who are sincere followers of our Ananda Marga upavasa system should calculate the correct fasting day for themselves. One should not depend upon anyone else’s calculation. One should have access to a local lunar almanac or website which lists the starting and end times of the lunar days in your area.

Finally, if any sincere Ananda Margii says that dashamii (10th day) on the oriental lunar calendar is always ekadashii (11th day) in our AM system, then they should be careful because this may not always be correct. And it would be unfortunate to consistently fast on the wrong day.

All in all, if anyone does not understand this topic or has any questions, then let me know and I will write more. Finding the proper day of ekadashii is easy to calculate and highly important. Otherwise one is taking great efforts yet fasting on the wrong day in which case they do not get all the benefits.



The starting and ending times of ekadashii often occur at very odd times such as in the mid morning or evening or any other peculiar time during the day. For sadhakas, this is not the reasonable or rational time to start their fast. To follow the ekadashii fasting schedule in a very literal manner is totally impractical. For this reason, a system has been introduced by Baba to name a particular day (from sunrise to sunrise) as ekadashii. And that is what we follow for our fasting day, not the timings of the ekadashii per se. Baba’s system is most practical and effective for our human living patterns.

Of course, we all know that Baba has also stated that one may fast the day of ekadashii, the day before or the day after. That much flexibility He has given; same is the case with purnima and amavasya. Those doing 4 fastings per month should ensure there is always a 3-day gap between ekadashii and purnima fasting, and ekadashii and amavasya fasting.


Here one must know that the lunar day is not 24hrs in length – it varies always. Sometimes it is more than 24 hours and sometimes it is only 10hrs. Plus a lunar year is about 10 days shorter than a solar year; that is why after every 3 solar years approximately one lunar extra month needs to be plugged in.


One website has described this phenomenon as follows:

Lunar days in the oriental calendar are called tithis. They are calculated using the difference of the longitudinal angle between the position of the sun and moon. Because of this, tithis may vary in length. Consequently, the tithi may or may not have changed by the time the day has changed at sunrise. And that is why we find at certain times a tithi being omitted, and at certain times, two consecutive days sharing the same tithi.

Steps of Civilisation

Baba says, “The first step forward in human civilization was the discovery
of fire. The second step forward was the discovery of iron. The third step
forward was the invention of the wheel. That human clan of the prehistoric
era which first discovered fire was considered the most civilized and
advanced clan of its time. Gradually the use of fire became prevalent in
all human communities. Thereafter, that community which first learned the
use of iron leapt over the boundary of the stone age, bone age and bronze
age, and was considered to have the most advanced civilization.” (SC-1, p. 86-7)

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Date: 13 Jul 2011 21:06:41 -0000
From: “Subhash Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Barely Known Point


“Tumi sudha’taraunge khelicho raunge saba’r saunge niyato…” (PS 700)


Baba, since eternity You have been playing Your divine game. By Your
grace it is filled with the vibration of colour and nectar. You are
playing with one and all – blessing everyone. Baba, You never get tired;
You never stop; You go on working day and night. Your liila is eternal.
Baba, even when there was no creation, no planets, stars or galaxies,
and also when there was no existence of the vast sky, when there was
absolutely nothing, then in that great void You were ever-present,
remaining alone. Even before and prior to the beginning of the creation
You were there, emanating with Your divine vibration. Baba Your liila
cannot be expressed in words and language. Since eternity You have been
present and You will remain forever. You are the Supreme Nucleus of this
whole cosmic cycle…


As we approach the full moon I felt this topic is most appropriate.

By Baba’s grace, I had His darshan on a few occasions – one of which was
in Patna during the year 1971. Usually when in His Presence, I would
just watch and listen intently, mesmerized by His divine aura.

On this particular occasion, the idea came in mind to note down Baba’s
words and ideas in my diary. So that is what I did.


The following is not an actual transcription for publication, but it is
an accurate review of what Baba discussed on that day. Afterwards, my
notes were checked with those of two different Dadas and PA Dada gave
his approval.

I have discussed this below topic on numerous occasions with margiis in
my unit and then I began to think that in this electronic era, more
should have access to this information. After all, everything is due to
His grace and He has come for the upliftment of all. In that case, how
can I rightfully keep this to myself or to my village locale.

I will feel especially graced if any or all of the below helps others on
the path, coming closer to His lotus feet.


Specifically, that day was the unique occasion wherein Baba clearly
described why fasting is so important for our human growth and
development and how fasting counteracts the negative effects of the
celestial bodies during certain lunar days, or tithis.

What He told in this Patna darshan is not in any of the published
material (that I am aware of) about fasting. It is not in Caryacarya
part III nor in other publications.

I have since asked many acaryas about this and they too cannot tell if
or when Baba discussed this topic in other places. So this does seem to
be quite unique material.



In this darshan, Baba began by telling that due to the pull or
attraction of certain celestial bodies like the moon and the sun, the
liquid portion of the earth rises. Baba was detailing how the tides of
the ocean and sea levels are affected by the pull of the moon on
particular lunar days, ekadhashii, or the 11th lunar day, pu’rn’ima’,
and amavasya.

(Note: Of course, the modern day sciences of geology and physics have
verified this fact. The earth’s oceans and tides are primarily
affected by the moon etc and can result in tidal waves and other
dangerous conditions.)

Then Baba began to systemically explain how even the liquid section in
our human body also gets affected on such lunar days (tithis).
Specifically the liquid portion rises up and disturbs the regular
functioning of the brain and other primary organs in the upper regions
of the body. One’s thinking and sadhana are affected on these days.

(Note: As you may know, our bodies are 70% to 75% water / fluid, so when
the liquid portion of the body is affected, its affect is quite dramatic
and can even make people to do crazy things. That is why lunacy stems
from the root luna meaning moon. Due to the effect of the moon, people
lose their mental balance. This is also recognised in the common society)



In the next sequence, Baba began detailing the effects on the cakras.
Because when the liquid portion rises up then the upper cakras are

Under normal conditions, the vishuddha cakra (5th cakra) to the
sahasra’ra cakra (7th cakra) are purely for subtle and sentient
pursuits. These cakras are totally sattvika or sentient.

The manipura cakra (3rd cakra) to anaha’ta cakra (4th cakra) deal with
both higher and lower works, both spiritual and physical activities.
Baba has classified these as being ra’jasik, a mixture of crude and subtle.

Then the two lower cakras – muladhara (1st cakra) and svadhisthana (2nd
cakra) – only deal with baser activities, as they are ta’masik in
nature. But as we all know certain crude works need to be attended to in
this life, so those lower cakras also have their purpose.

That is how Baba described it in this darshan.

Now here comes the key point:

On certain lunar days – tithis – like ekadhashii, or the 11th lunar day,
pu’rn’ima’ (full moon), and amavasya (new moon), the liquid portion of
the body rises up and disturbs the functioning of the upper cakras –
i.e. the ra’jasik and sentient cakras, which means the manipur cakra all
the way up to the sahasra’ra cakra are all affected.

(Note: Baba also differentiates between lunar days known as tithis and
solar days known as din in Sanskrit. And it is these lunar days or
tithis which create this disturbance in the body.)

On those aforementioned lunar days or tithis (ekadashii, purnima &
amavasya), due to the adverse effect of the moon’s pull and the ensuing
rise of the liquid portion of the human body, those higher cakras cannot
function normally. In turn, our entire existence is negatively affected.
Our regular and higher functioning of mind becomes impaired.



The ancient yogis – being practical scientists and researchers – knew
well that the upper cakras could not carry out their normal manner of
functioning on those tithis, so they came up with a solution.

And that solution was: fasting.

Then Baba revealed one very interesting idea. He told us that when one
fasts, a vacuum is created in the stomach – because there is neither
water nor food in the belly – and that vacuum pulls the liquid back
down. That brings relief to our entire system on these lunar days.

(Note: Many Wts familiar with Baba’s discourses that this Patna
discourse is one of the few places, if not only place, where Baba
revealed this point about creating a vacuum in the stomach.)

In that case, when fasting during those lunar days like ekadashii, then
the higher organs are no longer hampered by the liquids which would
normally rise up on those lunar days. Hence, the lungs, heart, thyroid,
brain etc can work smoothly as usual.

That is the great benefit to the physical and mental body during fasting

Baba also then gave proof of this theory. He told that those suffering
from arthritis and gout will experience worse conditions during
ekadashii and other tithis. They will not experience any remission on
these days. Because the liquid portions of the body rises up and creates
problems for such patients.

So for all these reasons and more, fasting is a necessity for human
health and vitality.



Then in a very sweet manner Baba began to discuss about the fasting
system in Ananda Marga.

He explained that our fasting days occur on the following tithis:
eleventh moon (ekadashii), full moon (purnima), and new moon (amavasya).

Then He said how He did not prescribe four fastings to family people –
just two, i.e. the two fasting days of ekadashii. That will help them
greatly in their physical and spiritual life.

Wts are required to do four fastings as they need to engage in more
spiritual activities. Baba was careful to explain that Wts are not, by
definition, more spiritual or devotional than margiis, but clarified
that due to the nature of Wt life, they have more spiritually oriented

Finally, Baba added that all family people are welcome to fast 4 times
each month, but for them it is not a requirement. Should, however, any
family person adopt the practice of fasting on purnima and amavasya,
then they will not be questioned in any way. If they desire, they may
freely do.



Baba then clarified that our fasting days are more than just days where
we refrain from taking food. Not eating is known as anashana in Sanskrit.

But that is now our approach.

We call our fasting days as upa’va’sa. Then Baba explained the meaning
several times using various examples and definitions from the realm of
linguistics, and we all repeated and replied.

Upa’ means “near”, and va’sa means “sitting”. Hence upa’va’sa means to
sit or reside or live near the Lord.

Here below is a quote from one of Baba’s published discourses on

Baba says, “Upa” is a Sam’skrta prefix. In Sam’skrta there are twenty
recognized prefixes, and one of these prefixes is “upa”. “Upa” means
“proximity”. And “Va’sa” means “to live”, “to reside”. The word
“upava’sa” means then, “to live near the Lord”. “Upava’sa” – on these
days of fasting, what are all spiritual aspirants to do? Mentally they
should live near their Lord. On all other days they are to remain
balanced between objective adjustment and subjective approach. On these
days of fasting, however, on these days of upava’sa, one remains in
closer proximity to the Lord than to one’s mundane duties. That is why
these days are known as “upava’sa”. The word “fasting” does not
represent the proper sense or proper spirit. The Sam’skrta term for
going without food is “anashana” – “ana” means not, “ashana” means
eating – not “upava’sa”. But these eka’dashii, amavasya and pu’rn’ima’
days are days of upava’sa.” (AV-6)

The above passage was given in a discourse from 1978. It nicely
complements what Baba told us that day in 1971 about upa’va’sa so I have
included it here.

Let’s now return to what Baba told us in Patna (1971).

He told us that during fasting, one may encounter difficulty in doing
intense physical labour on that day. Some people may not experience any
hardship, but for others doing tough physical tasks may be beyond their
reach. It varies person to person.

In that case on upa’vasa’, one should engage in more intellectual and
spiritual pursuits, and less in physical duties. One should goad the
mind toward higher echelons of philosophy, ideology, and devotional
life. On these days, one should sit near Parama Purusa. That is what
Baba repeats again and again.

Thus our fasting days are not just anashana (not eating), but upavasa as
we are to pursue maximally in the spiritual realm and remain with the Lord.


So these are the chief notations that were in my diary from that day.
Because this posting is written in letter format and because it is an
email etc, I have adjusted my notes accordingly, but all the facts and
points are included.

Again I will say that perhaps the two unique points from that darshan are:
(1) A main function of fasting is to free the upper cakras from the
negative effects of liquids rising up in the human body.
(2) The way this happens is that a vacuum is created in the stomach due
to a dearth of food and water and that vacuum pulls those liquids back

The principles – both physical and spiritual – of our fasting days allow
us all to progress, despite the inherent difficulties of living on this
earth. It is truly Baba’s grace that He has given a method and solution
for overcoming every problem.

By Baba’s grace He has given us all the opportunity and practices to
live eternally at His lotus feet.


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Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 07:22:36 +0530


From: “Deva_Sudhakar”

Subject: Realisation From a Train Journey




Here I want to tell my own personal story with Sixteen Points.

Although I struggle here and there in trying to follow all of Baba’s guidelines, I

have immense respect for those margiis and wt’s who properly adhere to

these points. And certainly I try each and every day to implement as many

points as I can. By Baba’s grace sadhana, asanas, fasting and many of the

points have become regular aspects of my life. In this regard, many thanks

to all A’nanda Ma’rgiis for your support and satsaunga.

Ultimately, on a larger scale, I feel following 16 Points does not just

bring welfare to the individual, but to the society at large also; in that

sense Sixteen Points is not just an individual affair, and I think many

feel this way as well.

Anyway here then is my story– or one of my stories– about Sixteen Points.


By Baba’s grace, in the confines of my own home, I have long been

habituated to doing my sadhana twice daily– just as every Ananda Margii

does. My problem would arise when I would leave the house.

For instance, it would often happen that when traveling– either for

business or for AM retreats etc– then I would refrain from doing sadhana

in public. Because I did not feel comfortable sitting and closing my eyes

in the train, or airport, or bus terminal and doing sadhana. It was not so

much that I was physically uncomfortable, but mostly I felt uneasy

mentally– always worried about what others would think of me.

So in this state of shyness and fear, I would sit there and try to do my

meditation with my eyes open– staring out into space. But of course it did

not work. Or I would bend forward as if I was tying my shoe when really

this was my half-hearted attempt to do one of my yoga asanas. And just

forget about doing my dances like kaoshikii & tandava– never!!

In this way I was nearly paralysed when trying to do my AM practices in public.

All because of my shyness (lajja) vrtti, and similar types of psychic complexes.

And the problem is that extreme shyness continued not for one day or one

week– but rather for months and years on end.


Then one day the assignment came to travel with another margii to do some

business and then the two of us were going to go together to one of our

AMURT camps. This was the proposed agenda. And I was quite happy and

excited about it.

As we started the first leg of our journey, we got slightly delayed and

sure enough we found ourselves on the train with mealtime approaching.

I hadn’t shared my hesitations about doing sadhana in public with my margii

companion, so I just acted normal as I saw him preparing to do his evening


First I saw him go to the bathroom in his business attire with his shoes

and socks on, and then a few minutes later I saw him return wearing thongs

(sandals) with his shins, ankles, and feet dripping of water. I noticed

that his pants were rolled up nearly to his knees. And when I looked at his

face and saw that there were water droplets accumulated all throughout his

beard, mustache, and on his eyelashes. In addition, beads of water were

dripping down his cheeks and disappearing into his beard. Plus his sleeves

were rolled up past his elbows and I could see that the hair on his forearms

was totally matted down and stuck to his skin since that area was still

quite wet. In sum, he had done half-bath– on the train!

Little by little, I could see he was now preparing to sit for sadhana–

right there in the compartment with everyone watching. With much

trepidation, I also began to notice that other passengers were beginning to

take notice of him and were watching him– some strangely and others in

amusement. Or so it seemed to me.

With my heart beating fast, pretending that everything was 100% normal, I

looked over at my margii brother and I also got up and walked towards the

washroom on the train. I wetted myself down as best I could and found

myself also leaving the washroom totally dripping with water, as I had not

brought a towel with me. Nor did I have sandals. So I walked back to my

seat with my bare feet on top of my shoes– not inside. And I was using my

toes to grip my shoes with each step so that I could advance ahead. Step by

step I slid forward. The whole ordeal was quite awkward and I nearly fell

multiple times, but somehow– by Baba’s grace– I made it back to my seat

without falling on anyone.

By that time, my margii companion was deep into his sadhana lessons– eyes

closed, face serene, oblivious to the world around him.

With much nervousness I began to get seated in padmasana and slyly took a

look around the compartment. It seemed to me that everyone was watching

me– looking on in disbelief that a second person (dripping with water) was

also now going to start the esoteric practice of meditation. I was

completely worried.

But with little alternative– as I did not want to skip my sadhana since I

was traveling with a fellow margii, and because my fear of skipping sadhana

in front of him was greater than my shyness of doing sadhana in public– I

took Baba’s name and closed my eyes and quickly began the mandatory

repetition of my Ista mantra, before delving into bhuta shuddhi.

At first I was quite self-conscious and was wondering if all the

passengers were still looking at me. But then to my amazement, as I focused

on my mantra, a deep serenity overcame my being and I could feel Baba’s

divine presence. With each mantra japa, the anxiety and nervousness drifted

away; by His grace, with each and every second that went by I became more

immersed in His flow.

With that sweet feeling, I calmly proceeded through all my sadhana

lessons– one by one– feeling totally ensconced in His love. I even did

pranayama before my final session of dhyana. Finally, as I got myself out

of my kneeling position after completing Guru Puja, I discreetly took a

look at my wristwatch and noticed that it was far past my usual dinner time.

Then I looked over at my margii brother and I saw that he too had just

completed his sadhana, and he had just begun putting his shoes and socks

back on. In that moment, when our eyes met, he greeted me with a warm smile.


With sadhana properly completed, I was just about to inquire about

proceeding with our normal evening routine when I noticed another passenger

coming towards us.

At this time my nervousness suddenly overcame me and I looked over at my

margii brother. He seemed quite calm and composed. When the passenger came

closer he greeted us in a very gentle and respectful way and asked if he

could join us. We of course agreed.

And then the passenger began to say that he was deeply intrigued with

meditation and that he really admired us for being so dedicated to our

practice that we did our meditation on the train. Then that passenger

called two of his friends over and suddenly there were five of us. And it

was quite apparent how these other three gentlemen were highly impressed by

seeing us do our practices and they wanted to know all about sadhana and


Thereafter in a very open way, my margii companion and I shared many things

about spirituality with them. Soon the three gentlemen were listening with

great interest about vegetarianism, meditation, health, channelizing the

mind, and all sorts of topics. Their questions seemed endless and with each

moment their admiration for us grew.

Then to my astonishment, my margii companion revealed to them that we were

actually Ananda Margiis. One of three did not seem to know Ananda Marga at

all. But the other two gentlemen told that they had read some unfavourable

things about Ananda Marga in the newspaper, but that after this inspiring

meeting they would now hold Ananda Marga in an entirely new light– with

new respect. They also said they were interested in getting initiated.

We past the rest of the journey sharing our packed vegetarian meals with

them and spoke at length about the joys and sweetness of our spiritual

path– our AM path of bliss.


When we reached our destination we all did namaskar to one another and then

the three gentlemen went in their direction with the address and phone

number of a local jagrti in hand. And the margii brother and I went in our


When we got to the street, we hailed a taxi and got in. Once inside– in

the privacy of our own taxi– I expressed to my margii companion what a

wonderful journey it had been. We had done our full routine, did lots of AM

pracara, and spent the whole train ride in His sweet flow.

And then I admitted that regrettably I generally forgo my yoga and sadhana

practices when traveling. And I told my margii companion that when I saw

him go for half-bath and come back dripping wet, then that gave me the

courage– or provided me with the circumstantial pressure– to do the same

and also begin my sadhana. Otherwise, I admitted, I would just have skipped

it all.

So I thanked him wholeheartedly for his dharmic example and sadvipra-like



With a smile, my margii companion told me that he also had something to say.

He explained that he was totally unsure of himself as he approached the

washroom to wet down his legs, arms, face etc. And he said he was equally

nervous about starting sadhana. Because he said he had never done this

before and that he too skips his practices when traveling alone.

But he figured that since he was traveling with a dedicated Ananda Margii

(that is to say me!), then he felt should move ahead by following Sixteen

Points– because he was thinking that I would do that!

He said that was why he had started his routine by doing half-bath etc and

that if he had been travelling alone he would never have done such a thing

and also would probably have skipped his full yoga and meditation program.


At that point we both broke down in laughter and gradually that laughter

turned to warm smiles. We both felt deeply indebted to Baba for providing

us with the beauty of our AM practices. We also both repented for having

skipped sadhana so many times in the past when traveling alone– all due to

shyness in public. Because on this fantastic journey, Baba had shown us

some of the beautiful things that can happen when one is strict in

following 16 Points.

So we both took the firm determination to adhere to all our sadhana

practices when traveling in the future– no matter what the public venue

might be, and irregardless of whether we were alone or not.

And thus far, by Baba’s grace I can say we have been successful– all due

to His loving countenance.


All around the globe the vibration has changed: The consciousness of the

people is rising. People are interested in spiritual ideas, in social

change, in health and well-being. In all kinds of sentient things. And in

each and every sphere our AM has the answer.

And one of the best ways to share this with others is simply to be strict

in all our practices: Sixteen Points. Because by this way we can be an

example to the world of what AM is about.

So following 16 Points– in all circumstances– really is Baba’s special

boon on us to be a medium in the establishment of His divine mission.


It is Baba’s great blessing that He has showered us in His love and given

us all the secrets for moving ahead in life– unto His divine Lap.

Baba says, “…In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we

will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete

seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and

spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the

sixteen points.” (A’nanda Va’nii #45)




Baba says, “Those who are reared in the cradle of materialistic ideologies,

feel shy or ashamed at first to sit in meditation in the presence of others.”

(Subhasita Samgraha, part 3, p.86)


Baba says, “Those who protect dharma, dharma protects them. One should always

protect dharma, in both big and small ways. If one thinks that they will only

follow dharma in some big events, and not in small ones, then those big events

may not ever come in their entire life. It may be that in their whole life,

besides their birth and death, not a single big event happens. Yet at the time

of birth how can one protect dharma. At that time one is just a small infant

and cannot do anything. That infant is totally unaware about the events going

on around them. Then how can they protect dharma. And at the time of death, a

person is senseless. In that case also how can they protect dharma. For this

reason, dharma should be protected always. In small and big ways– even in

jokes and humor dharma should be protected. Those who protect dharma, dharma

protects them: Dharma raksati raksitah.” (AV-32 (H), p.86-7)

Sometimes in our day to day habits we forget to follow dharma in small ways

such as not using water after urination or not doing bhuta yajina (feeding

animals and plants) etc, and we think that when the next Mahabharata happens

or when there is a battle to establish Prout or neo-humanism, then at that

time we will come forward wholeheartedly and fight. But we should remember that

in the beginning it is needed to follow dharma in small ways. Such as by doing

proper half-bath etc. Yet often we see that we overlook and neglect various small

points then we justify to ourselves that is fine. Because we mistakenly think

that when the big battle for dharma happens then we will be prepared. But we

should remember that such a battle may never happen in our lifetime and if it

does then only those who follow the small points of dharma will really be prepared.


“A’loker a’nanda tumi dhara’te nebe esecho…” – P.S. 3104

O’ Baba, the blissful Entity, the embodiment divine effulgence, You have

incarnated Yourself on this dusty Earth. This is Your grace. You have

saturated everything with Your divine flow of love and sweetness. You have

changed the dry and rocky heart into something very soft and loving. Baba,

Your sweet smile is unforgettable; Your voice is charming and attractive.

Baba, everyone says that they love You and that You love all. So why

then are You keeping me away. Whether You like me or not, please do not

continue to ignore me– please do not forget me.

Baba, O’ my Dearmost, You are very close. Only You make me aware how You

go on playing Your liila with my mind. Baba You are bliss Personified. You

have come on this Earth to inundate love and devotion. Baba, You have come

in my heart and mind and blessed me with the highest devotion– parabhakti…


Baba’s Mudra Photo is a Unique Gift…

Baba says, “The Sadguru is saying something, and the deaf or dumb man wants

to hear it but cannot. If one concentrates the mind on Vara’bhaya Mudra’,

there will be the direct effect of positive microvita on the auricular or

other nerve cells and also on the controlling cells, and it may be that all

of a sudden he may get back the power of hearing. One should look towards

this mudra’ and not to anything else. Microvita are radiated through this

mudra’. This is the inner secret.” (MVNS, p.65)


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Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2011 14:37:42 -0400

From: Donald_G

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Lunatic







With the recent passing cycle of the recent new moon, we should

once again reflect on the importance of our fasting system.


Baba has given all the practices of Ananda Marga for the health and

well-being of all. So what Baba has given is good for every human being.

One reason for this is that our AM practices abide by the laws of nature.

Everything we do is consonant with the natural world.


And this applies to our fasting system as well– it is done according to

the phases of the moon. By this way we are able to grow healthy and strong

and avoid disturbances to our body and mind caused by the pull of the moon.





It is commonly know that the gravitional pull of the moon affects the human

body. And in particular during the periods of the new and full moon, it

adversely affects the human structure.


Baba says, “On and around the times of new and full moon, one may observe

that the gaseous and aqueous factors in the body rise up into the head and

chest, creating an uncomfortable feeling.” (CC-3)


In essence, Baba guides us above that the moon pulls the liquid portion–

or the water of the body– upwards and that creates undue pressure on the

“head and chest”.


So just as it is scientifically proven that the tides of the ocean are

dictated by the phases of the moon, similarly the liquid factor in the

human body is also affected by the phases of the moon.


And during the period of the new and full moon, the pull of the moon

impairs the functioning of the human body by pulling the gas and liquid



That is our well founded idea in Ananda Marga. That is Baba’s explicit






In our yoga we also know that the mind and body are highly linked. Thoughts

affect the health of the body, and the condition of the body affects the

mind, postively or negatively.


So when the body is adversely affected by the moon– due to uneasy pressure

etc– then the mind is also affected. This is the common theorem. Because

if there is a problem in the body then the mind will be drawn to that pain

or that discomfort, in which case the mind will be not functiong in its

normal manner.


This we all know and we have seen often in the case of people who suffer

from most any physical disease or syndrome. General citizens suffer

tremendously in the psychic sphere due to physical illness. This always

happens– unless one is properly or even highly developed in the spiritual

realm etc.





So now we come to the point of the full moon, our fasting, and crazy

behaviour. Because when it is sure that the moon affects the body, and the

body affects the mind, then it stands to reason that the full moon and

imbalanced behaviour go hand in hand. Let’s take a closer look.


The latin word for moon is ‘luna’. And not coincidentally, that ‘luna’ is

the root of the words ‘lunacy’ and ‘lunatic’.


Reason being that it has long been noticed, that people’s crazy behaviour–

or lunacy– increases at the time of the full moon.


More extreme types of crimes are seen in this time; there are more visits

to counselors & social workers; hospital visits are increased; and various

types of unusual behaviour is more noticeable during times of the full

moon. This is the commonly held belief.


And the yogic response to this is that since the body is negatively

affected by the full moon then the mind also gets negatively affected.

That is why Baba recommends we fast during the periods of the full and new

moon as that will counteract the harmful effect of the new and full moon.


Baba says, “On and around the times of new and full moon, one may observe

that the gaseous and aqueous factors in the body rise up into the head and

chest, creating an uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, if a person does not

take food at these times, these factors will be drawn down from the higher

portions of the body to the lower portions, thereby alleviating the

uncomfortable feeling.” (CC-3)





The western scientific machine has mixed views on this point. They

mockingly write off the effect of the moon on the human mind and body– or

at the very least they say it is unproven that the full moon leads to

irregular behaviour and crazier antics by human beings.


Such scientists write off the luna and lunatic theory as being: An old,

unfounded belief by indigenous cultures; a cognitive bias; a general

misconception; and, a result of the indulgence of the mass media.


Thus various, so-called upstanding scientists claim that there is no real

link between the moon and human behaviour, between ‘luna’ and ‘lunacy’.


They mosty write it off as myth for the reasons mentioned above.


However, this is the same scientific guild that does not recognise the

importance of fasting, the benefits of vegetarianism, the presence of

microvita, the existence of mind, and so many other well known truths of



Because their body of knowledge is limited to empirical, scientific

proofs– that are often tainted by who funds the study– and not based on

intuition or practical experience, nor the teachings of Taraka Brahma.

For that reason, the traditional western scientific world will always be a

few steps behind the ways of yoga. At least until AM ideals are fully

embraced by science– but that may take a while.





Suffice to say here that the moon certainly affects both the mind and body.

And in our AM, the proof is that for this very reason Baba directs us to

fast during the periods of the new and full moon.


And by following Baba’s directive to fast during those lunar periods, we

are rescued and saved from the harmful effects of the moon– both in the

physical and psychic spheres.


And one thing is also sure, when the physical body is adversely affected,

such as during the time of the new and full moon, then sadhana is

difficult. Because of undue pressure in the higher cakras etc.


But when we fast, that alleviates the problem cent-per-cent. Because there

is no excess water that can be pulled higher up which creates an

uncomfortable feeling in the chest and head. Hence, sadhana can easily be



So in the three realms, our AM practice of fasting during the full and new

moon periods, either 2 times monthly or 4 times monthly, keeps us physically

healthy, mentally balanced, and spiritually inclined.


And fasting also protects us from the ill effects of the moon such as

indigestion, headaches, and, yes, lunacy.





By Baba’s grace, by following the guidelines of 16 Points, such as fasting

etc, we can move smoothly and swiftly ahead towards our cherished Goal.


Baba says, “In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will

have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete seeds

of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and

spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the

sixteen points.” (Ananda Vanii #45)








“Kare ja’tra’ halo shuru, bhule gechi se katha’…” (699)


Baba, when exactly my journey started I do not know; it is not in my

mind. I have completely forgotten the day when my journey towards You

started. Since many lives, by Your grace You have been attracting me– step

by step. By Your causeless compassion I am moving in that divine liila–

reducing the radius gradually and coming closer & closer to You.

How much I suffered on the way and, how many thorns pierced my feet and

hindered my forward movement on the path– that I do not remember. Those

memories are not in my mind.

On the journey towards You by Your grace I crossed the torturous fiery

blaze of the burning desert. And other times I got totally drenched from

the pouring rains of the thunderstorms. But, no matter what the obstacle,

by Your grace You always gave me the strength and perseverance to move on.

Baba, by Your grace You are always bringing me close to You.

So many spring seasons and their beauty have come and I got intoxicated

by that attraction. And in Your longing, in Your divine attraction, You

filled my heart with devotion. And by Your grace I sang Prabhat Samgiita

songs and kiirtan with heartfelt yearning and longing. In this way my life

has passed– sometimes in dark moments and sometimes in effulgent ones. But

through it is, by Your grace gradually I have reached close to You, under

Your shelter. Baba You are so gracious. Baba, You are my everything…




Relations with Others


Baba says, “Bear in mind that you have a duty towards– indeed, you owe a

debt to– every creature of this Universe, but towards you, no one has any

duty; from others, nothing is due.” (CC-II, ‘Sadhana Section, pt #3)


Note: In the dogmatic religions this idea is taught God has created this

whole universe solely for the enjoyment of human beings. That is why they

kill animals and exploit downtrodden people up to the bone without any


Motivated by this dogmatic teaching, selfish people’s mind works in that

way. Such lowly people think that, ‘Others have the duty to take care of my

situation and their own situation as well. And they should not bother me

about their own problems’. This is the way such selfish persons think.


And if due to some reason that same lowly person helps others then that

selfish person thinks that in the near future they want full return plus

interest of their so-called service. Thus there is no question of duty and

service; these ideals have no place in their mind.


Because of all this present day society’s condition is unfavourable–

bleak. All around the west these things are quite common as well as in the

big metropolitan cities of the east. The same problem is there also.

But Baba’s teaching leads in a different direction. In His above mandate

from Caryacarya, Baba is very beautifully guiding that our duty is to serve

everybody– without any expectation from anyone in return.



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From: “Mirabai _Devii”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: For Optimal Health– Part V

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 19:44:25









Note: One WT has published “tips” how to break fast and those are reviewed

in this below posting.





All around the globe there is a growing interest, and even fascination, in

human health & wellness. People are trying innumerable types of tonics,

diets, pills, surgeries, procedures, and remedies to increase their quality

of life. But unfortunately most of the public guidelines are improper and

push innocent people in the wrong direction.


By Baba’s divine grace we Ananda Margiis are in a unique position. Because

He has graciously bestowed on us all the inner secrets and special tips for

living a long and prosperous life. Among these many wonderful guidelines,

one very helpful process is Baba’s unique system of fasting & breaking

fast– as it cleanses and purifies the entire body.


In the general society most have never even heard of fasting, or never

tried it. And those who have done it often proceed via improper

instructions, thus causing more harm than good. However in Ananda Marga

Baba has blessed us with the perfect and ultimate system.





As every Ananda Margiis is well aware, Baba’s expressed teaching is to fast

from sunrise to sunrise– thus giving the body’s organs ample time for

complete rest and rejuvenation. This is one unique aspect.


And another speciality of the AM system of fasting is the special emphasis

which Baba places on breaking fast properly. On numerous occasions Baba

Himself has told that animals know how to fast but only humans know how to

break fast. The point being that there is a definite and proper way to

break fast– and this is how the toxins get removed. Thus a wrong technique

such as haphazardly breaking fast or prematurely filling the body with food

will ruin the entire detoxification process.


Hence Baba has put forth the idea that everyone should follow a rational

and systematic approach for breaking fast. And as a review here are a few

of those teachings.





[A] Baba guides us that we should give ourselves plenty of time the morning

of breaking fast to attend to our spiritual practices as well as for

the actual process of breaking fast. Doing everything in a rushed or

hurried manner and then running off to the office or catching a bus is not

at all advisable. Instead that will just create more problems as the body

is in a very delicate state and needs proper time to be re-hydrated and

energized. Hence as most of us require less sleep the night of fasting we

should rise early the next morning to give ourselves a maximum amount of



[B] Another invaluable guideline which Baba has given us is the great

emphasis He places on drinking water and hydrating the body.


Baba says, “To maintain the internal functions of the body without

hindrance and to maintain the internal liquid balance, everyone should

drink a sufficient quantity of water.” (YT, Appendix A)


And Baba continues to explain that on normal day a healthy person should

drink 3-4 liters as a baseline. So on breaking fast morning when the body

is dehydrated it is obvious that we should also drink a very “generous”

amount of water– and not just a single glass.


And, as we have all experienced, on the morning of breaking fast drinking

an ample amount of water fulfills two distinct purposes. Firstly by

ingesting a minimum of 2-3 liters of lemon salt water then the body is able

to cleanse itself from top to bottom. The toxins are pulled from the

entire body and the entire length of the digestive track is made sparkling



Thereafter by drinking fresh water the second task is accomplished.

And that is to re-hydrate the body because after a 36 hour dry fast the

body is in need of water. Thus after cleaning the body with lemon salt

water one must drink another liter or two of fresh water to properly

hydrate the body. As others have described before, this two-fold process of

water drinking has to be completed prior to taking any solid food.


[C] When the body is cleansed and hydrated then one can eat a few ripe

bananas by chewing them properly to promote smooth and easy digestion. This

will give some calories to energize the body and when these bananas have

properly settled in the stomach (approximately 20-25 minutes) one should

again drink water before taking a light meal of well hydrated rice and

vegetables or other food commonly available in your locale.


[D] So these are some of the key points yet no doubt there are various

other detailed steps about breaking fast that others have already written






The grand outcome of all of this is a dynamic and wonderful cleansing

process which consumes the entire body.


Baba says, “As a result of fasting, the poisonous and unproductive waste of

the body gets destroyed and expelled.” (CC-3)


Thus by Baba’s complete system of fasting and breaking fast all the toxins

get removed and the body becomes vibrant and pure.





Unfortunately in one small corner of our present day AM society, one WT is

preaching and publishing something different which runs counter to Baba’s

perfectly prescribed system and guidelines. For the awareness of all and to

clear the matter entirely, we should all be aware about the defective

approach being advocated by this WT.





Our WT wrote: “Break the fast the next morning after sunrise with a glass of lemon juice

(about 1/4 of a fresh lemon in a glass of water), with a little salt or honey.”


Needless to say drinking only a single glass of lemon water on the morning

of breaking fast will never ever suffice. That is like placing a tiny drop

of water in the desert. Because a mere small glass of water is nothing

compared to what the body really needs. Not to mention that one cannot

cleanse the body with that paltry amount of fluid either. In which case all

the toxins, previously undigested food, and other waste material will just

sit and linger in the body. And those dirty substances will release their

negative microvita throughout the entire body since they could not get

expelled from the body. Thus on multiple accounts this incorrect guideline

of drinking only 1 glass of water is totally wrong and harmful as it goes

against Baba’s expressed teachings. So no one should do like this and we

should warn others also. Because unfortunately one WT published this faulty

suggestion in their book.





Then that same WT wrote: “Then eat 1/2 or a whole banana slowly, biting off

small pieces and swallowing them whole without chewing.”


So after drinking only 8 ounces or 1/4 liter of water, now this WT is

recommending to eat a banana without chewing it.


Yet for sound health, Baba’s explicit teaching in Yogic Treatments book is

that all the food taken into the body must be digested properly. And part

and parcel of this process is chewing since this act of chewing awakens and

stimulates the digestive enzymes and produces saliva in the mouth– thus

allowing for proper digestion.


But on this most sensitive time of taking the first solid food after a

fast, our WT is putting in black and white that one must not chew their

food. So this is another “faux pas” or negative guideline given that is

contrary to Baba’s teaching.





The WT writer then recommends: “If possible, wait a 1/2 hour and then eat your



So lastly, after not cleaning or hydrating at all, and after not chewing a

banana, now the guideline has come to eat breakfast after just a short gap

of time, or even right away if one does not have an adequate amount of

time. Without question, this type of thing will create one “train-wreck” in

the stomach. Because in that dehydrated state unchewed food is being mixed

with a full meal of new food and that is all getting mixed into one mass

along with the toxins and waste that never got released from the system.

All of which spells disaster for any human being. No doubt this is not what

Baba means when He says that we should break fast in a proper way.





This WT erred from the path because they tried to invent their own way that

was not at all consonant with Baba’s guidelines. Otherwise what can be the

cause. And even worse is that they put those things in print– thus

misguiding all. So before following anyone’s professed recommendations we

should always evaluate how far those things are truly proper or not. This

is Baba’s warning.


Baba says, “Whatever people learn from the external world– be it from a

book of facts or a learned discourse, or any source of knowledge– is

‘prapta vakya’ or ‘relative knowledge’. It is sometimes correct, sometimes

incorrect.” (PNS-18, p. 6-7)


Thus in the world there a countless books full of wrong information like

the section of that book about breaking fast written by our WT.





Baba’s teachings are best. They are the Supreme Guideline. Thus whether in

the realm of sadhana or fasting, by following His way we will always

proceed along the road of progress and welfare.


Baba says, “Knowledge directly from the Cosmic Mind is true and beneficial

for all people in all ages and in all countries. It is called ‘apta vakya’

or absolute knowledge. The books in Ananda Marga [i.e. Baba’s books] are

all absolute knowledge.” (PNS-18)








As a general rule, it is important not to overeat and stuff oneself the

night before fasting. Certainly we have all seen how this is a common

tendency; but this type of overeating is to be avoided as it delays or even

disturbs the body’s cleansing process and makes it difficult or even

impossible to break fast properly. So to maximize the benefits of a fast

one should take care about the quantity of food taken the evening prior.





It is highly unfortunate that the involved WT has written these misguided

ideas in a published book that has been translated into multiple languages

and circulated all around the globe. Hence the problem or tragedy is

two-fold, at minimum.


Firstly, hundreds or even thousands of readers have already been

misinformed and anyone following those printed suggestions has been taught

the wrong technique for breaking fast– thus causing them harm and

difficulty. So the book was written to help others yet here the opposite

effect is happening.


Next, when this point of breaking fast is wrong then simple readers may

think that all the points in the book are wrong. This would be a natural

conclusion to arrive at. In which case the common people may also blame

that the book’s recommendation of a vegetarian diet is also harmful. Thus

this is another negative outcome or possibility.


And worst of all is that these mistakes committed by this WT were done in

the name of Ananda Marga. Because the book itself was printed by AM

Publications; and not only that but Baba’s name appears in countless places

throughout the book. So naive readers will be misled to believe that the

faulty recommendation given by the WT for breaking fast is consistent with

or part of Baba’s divine teachings of AM. Thus the public will form a poor

opinion in that regard also. Means the sloppy and misguided work of this WT

reflects negatively on our Marga. This is the yet another tragedy.


When in fact in all the spheres from relief work to meditation to human

health we are trying to project Baba’s Supreme and seamless teachings to the

general society in the best way possible yet this WT’s book is going against.





The WT who has given these “recommendations” for breaking fast is Didi

Ananda Mitra. She is the one who is misguiding others on this sensitive

issue of breaking fast. Because it is in her book “Food for Thought” (’91

Edn, pp. 78-9) that contains all these wrongful and indeed harmful directives.

















“Iisha’n toma’r vis’a’n’ bejeche, alasata’ dure sare geche…” (P.S. 2496)




Baba, Your divine call and thundering voice is resonating all around &

has removed the staticity, dogma, and lethargy from everyone’s mind. Those

negative things which were impeding the path of human progress have

disappeared into the far distant horizon. Now the degenerated state of

dogma cannot remain any longer. Living beings have gotten new life, smiles,

and joy due to the rejuvenating spirit of Neo-Humanism.

The world which was sleeping in the past is getting awakened. New leaves

and flowers are beautifying the green vegetation and trees. Everything has

been filled with the colours of flowers & fruits– ensconced in the feeling

of service to one and all.

Now there are no narrow sentiments or dogmatic thoughts which can hinder

our forward movement. Now there is no one to create obstacles on our path

towards our cherished Goal.

The time has come that, under this free sky and beautiful environment, I

should go on marching forward undauntedly towards You. O’ Parama Purusa…




Need of the Day


Baba says, “The newly awakened humanity of today is anxious to herald the

advent of one universal society under the vast blue sky. The noble and

righteous persons of all countries, bound by fraternal ties, are eager to

assert in one voice, with one mind, and in the same tune that human society

is one and indivisible.” (AFPS, pt 2 p.25)


Note: Nowadays in our Marga society, a few are forgetting this truth. They

should understand that this is not in the favour of dharma. Rather the call

of dharma is to form one human society.



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Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 12:57:41 +0530

To: am-global@earthlink.net


Subject: For Optimal Health IV







Each and every Ananda Margii understands that Baba has blessed us with all

the gifts for a fruitful life. He has graciously bestowed upon us the

needed tools, guidelines, and “know-how” for a pristine and sweet

existence. And while so many of His teachings lead us in this direction,

certainly His divine guidelines about fasting are also an essential

ingredient. For it is by this wonderful process of regular fasting that our

whole entire being gets cleansed and purified– in all the realms of life:

physical, mental, and spiritual. And that propels us forward towards our

cherished Goal.





On the physical plane, fasting plays a direct and significant role. Because

the whole health and balance of the physical body revolves around the

stomach. Non-sadhakas may raise their eyebrows about such a statement, but

those with just a little inner understanding about their bodily systems and

functions recognise that the stomach is the nucleus and the most integral

organ for maintaining human health on a day to day basis.


Because only in the case of the stomach does something from the external

environment actually enter inside the body. And that “something” which

enters is of course food which gets deposited directly into the stomach;

and then in turn the various nutritional (and not-so-nutritional)

components get distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream. But the

stomach is the starting point.


So if the stomach is not in good working order and if it cannot do its job

properly, then the immediate effect is that the limbs and the various body

parts and organs get adversely affected and diseased.


And what results are problems like: Acidity, gout, rheumatism, obesity,

skin diseases, and ultimately cancer, heart disease, and more. All of this

starts with the initial onset of difficulties in the stomach. And in

numerous chapter of Yogic Treatment book, Baba clearly describes this.

Yet, as we may have experienced, the practice of regular fasting naturally

controls all these problems. Because before any real difficulty develops

the health of the human body is restored. That is why most sadhakas do not

suffer from the aforementioned physical ailments and diseases. Instead we

enjoy a strong state of health.


And if per chance any problem does arise, then in numerous chapters of His

Yogic Treatment book, Baba prescribes fasting as a cure. Hence fasting is

an excellent resource and remedy for various physical ailments and diseases

as it helps purify the entire body.


Baba says, “Fasting is also included in the scope of Pramitaha’r, because

it gives rest to the digestive organs and frees the body from so many

ailments.” (AV-14)


Baba says, “During fasting the body’s organs get a good rest, and the

healing process is more rapid.” (YT, p.95)


Thus those who fast regularly maintain a healthy and vibrant existence and

find that the body becomes completely habituated and adjusted to this cycle

of fasting. Such that the body is anxious and ready for the next fasting as

the day approaches. This is the common experience of many sadhakas. And by

this way the body keeps itself neat and clean.





In addition, on the mental plane also fasting has a tremendous effect.

Because we have all experienced that after a big meal we tend to feel

sleepy, tired, and even a bit dull. This is the common problem and the

reason behind this is that when we ingest food then that blood has to race

to the stomach to help in digestion. And in that way less fresh oxygenated

blood goes to the brain.


So during fasting none of the body’s crucial resources get diverted towards

the stomach. In which case the body can better support one’s mental



That is why on fasting day sadhakas experience a distinct clarity of

thought and mental freshness. The mind is flexible and sharp as it is not

dragged down by the comparatively crude bodily functions such as digestion.


Another everyday example of this phenomenon is that just before an exam or

important meeting or debate, then no student or professional person will

eat a large meal. Otherwise their mental faculties will be significantly



That is why in numerous traditions people proclaim that a light stomach

equals a light mind. And fasting is an exceptional method for enhancing

mental concentration and energy.





And of course the benefits of fasting in spiritual life are well known to

all. No doubt initially at the very beginning one may feel that it is

difficult to do sadhana on fasting days. But with just a little effort many

sadhakas experience very good sadhana on those days since all of the body’s

energy can be utilised for spiritual pursuits. And Baba’s guideline below

is pointing in this same direction.


Baba says, “As a result of fasting, the poisonous and unproductive waste of

the body gets destroyed and expelled. Moreover, the energy that is not

expended in digesting food can be utilised for other purposes. Therefore, a

fast day is an excellent time for sadhana.” (CC-3)





Here below Baba colorfully describes how we are to spend our fasting days.


BABA says, “‘Upa’ means proximity. And va’sa means to live, to reside. So

the upava’sa word means to live near the Lord. In these days of fasting,

what the aspirants are to do? Mentally they should live near their Lord. On

all other days there remains a balance between external objective

adjustment, and subjective approach. An adjustment between objective

adjustment and subjective approach. But on these fasting, or upava’sa, the

aspirant remains more in proximity to the Lord than in other mundane

duties. That’s why these days are known as “upava’sa”. The word ‘fasting’

doesn’t carry the proper sense or the proper spirit of the term ‘upava’sa’.

To go without food, for this the proper word is anasan. ‘An’ means not,

‘asan’ means eating. And not upava’sa. So these ekadashii, amava’sya, and

purnima they are, upava’sa. Do you follow?” (BABA)


And Baba’s next guideline further details how fasting days are perfect for

an enhanced spiritual routine.


Baba says, “These fixed [fasting] days are called upavasa since during

these days people keeping their minds engaged in spiritual matters ‘live

closer’ to God, and any possibility of mental degradation is averted: their

humanity is not endangered by the lengthening shadows of annihilation.”

(NSS, p.188)


By all this we an understand that on fasting days one can enjoy heightened

spiritual awareness and thus deepen their devotional link with Parama

Purusa– Baba.





We have all experienced how our AM practices produce a beneficial effect.

Thus when fasting itself has such a direct link with one’s physical,

mental, spiritual development, then others are encouraged to share some of

the things they have experienced by this important practice. It will be

inspiring to hear other’s stories and reflections.















Note 2: Here following Baba says more about the process of upavasa.

Baba says, “Upavasa in the sense of fasting is also useless…if one does

real upavasa that can do a lot. The scriptural meaning of uspavasa is– by

derivation– upa which means “near”, and va’sa, which means “to stay”.

Upa’vasa therefore means “to make the mind stay near Parama’tma'”. In other

words, it means to withdraw the mind from thoughts of physicalities and

keep it near Parama’tama’. The sanskrit word for fasting as such is

anashana [remaining hungry / starving].” (AVM 23, p. 36-7)





This is the fourth part of this series on the benefits and importance of

fasting and how to break fast. Because as we know fasting itself is not

enough; as sadhakas it is essential that fast be broken in a complete yet

gentle manner. Otherwise the health benefits of the fasting will be lost.

Thus for a complete view of fasting please also reference the other

postings on this topic noted above





“Toma’y khunje khunje priyo, din je ket’e ja’y…” (P.S. 3982)




Baba, my most adorable One, with deep longing in search of You my days

are passing in vain. In the absence of getting You my whole life is

gradually getting wasted. O’ my dearmost, where have I not looked for You.

I have wandered around and searched in the seven oceans, on the mountain

peaks, as well as on the earth, and also in the caves– in every nook and

corner of this world, but alas I could not get You.


Baba, day and night, secretly I also searched You in the flower garden

and in various holy lands and tiirthas– all done in hopes of getting a

glance at You. Baba I searched everywhere with the hope that one day I will

find You. But, in the end, all my efforts were for naught.


Baba, with deep longing in my heart, I have also searched You in the

galaxies, meteors, nebulae, and in the stars– all around & everywhere.

Also I searched for You in the dark, black coloured clouds on the rainy

days, in the scorching heat of the summer season, as well as in the shade

of the tree in springtime. Baba, I have searched for You with a deep

yearning and longing in my heart; I have looked for You everywhere.


Baba, by Your grace on one colourful golden dawn saturated in the

effulgence & aroma of a newly blossoming flower, You advented in my heart.

Your grand arrival came after a long, deep, dark, & painful night of

searching for You. But in the end You graced me and advented in my mind.

Baba, You are so gracious…




Life is For Baba


“This life is for Him…”

“… His universe we will serve in coordination team…”

(PS 5009)


Note: In Baba’s above divine teaching, He is guiding us that we should work

unitedly. However, demonic groupist leaders are trying to ruin this. To

please Baba, our collective duty is to save this situation in a united way.



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