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Date: 31 Aug 2012 10:24:19 -0000
From: “Bhavanath Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Research Report: Harmful for Brain Development



As many in Ananda Marga know, intoxicants of all kinds are not good for body or mind. If you know anybody who is indulged in this please try to save them.

Baba says, “Intoxicated by opium, people sit idle and doze off. Hemp (cannabis) destroys general intelligence and the faculty of understanding. None of these intoxicants are good for human beings…It is desirable that people keep themselves free from intoxicants and stimulants and move steadily towards the higher realms of physical, mental and spiritual development through all possible ways.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 21, Intoxicants)

The below research article from the BBC reports evidence how cannabis (marijuana) harms one’s ability to think and hinders their mental development, especially in youths.

This research is new to some parts of the world but already this is widely known in India where fake yogis smoke cannabis and lose their ability to think and ultimately die prematurely due to lung disease.

Unfortunately this type of drug use is becoming more widely available in parts of Europe and certainly in the US where some political leaders & libertarians are supporting the right to use cannabis etc. Furthermore with the rise of medical use of marijuana becoming a more common phenomenon, there are marijuana stores opening in the US as well. But all this is bad for social development.

Some think if a doctor gives his approval, then using cannabis (marijuana) is ok and that it will not cause any harm. We must properly educate such persons who suffer from this type of outlook. Then of course when parents use drugs or alcohol but bar the children then the children are even more tempted. So all in all, the use of intoxicants should be discouraged both by the state and the social order.

Baba says, “State control alone over the preparation and distribution of alcohol [and other intoxicants like drugs] is not enough. Strict social controls are also required. In fact, both the state and the society will have to work hard in this regard.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 21, Intoxicants)

So Baba wants that the legal and social bodies to have strict controls over the use of intoxicants. And indeed, by Baba’s grace this is an eventuality as many in the general society feel that alcohol and drugs are not good.

With regards to the below article, this type of critical research & intellectual analysis is good as it substantiates claims that many may have already made in day to day life, and it will discourage those who are not in the know.


Young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ, report claims

28 August 2012 Last updated at 08:35 ET By Dominic Hughes Health correspondent, BBC News

Young people who smoke cannabis for years run the risk of a significant and irreversible reduction in their IQ, research suggests.

The findings come from a study of around 1,000 people in New Zealand.

An international team found those who started using cannabis below the age of 18 – while their brains were still developing – suffered a drop in IQ.

A UK expert said the research might explain why people who use the drug often seem to under-achieve.

For more than 20 years researchers have followed the lives of a group of people from Dunedin in New Zealand.

They assessed them as children – before any of them had started using cannabis – and then re-interviewed them repeatedly, up to the age of 38.

Having taken into account other factors such as alcohol or tobacco dependency or other drug use, as well the number of years spent in education, they found that those who persistently used cannabis – smoking it at least four times a week year after year through their teens, 20s and, in some cases, their 30s – suffered a decline in their IQ.

The more that people smoked, the greater the loss in IQ…

Researchers found that individuals who started using cannabis in adolescence and then carried on using it for years showed an average eight-point IQ decline.

Stopping or reducing cannabis use failed to fully restore the lost IQ.

The researchers, writing in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that: “Persistent cannabis use over 20 years was associated with neuropsychological decline, and greater decline was evident for more persistent users.”

“Collectively, these findings are consistent with speculation that cannabis use in adolescence, when the brain is undergoing critical development, may have neurotoxic effects.”

One member of the team, Prof Terrie Moffitt of King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, said this study could have a significant impact on our understanding of the dangers posed by cannabis use.

“This work took an amazing scientific effort. We followed almost 1,000 participants, we tested their mental abilities as kids before they ever tried cannabis, and we tested them again 25 years later after some participants became chronic users.

“Participants were frank about their substance abuse habits because they trust our confidentiality guarantee, and 96% of the original participants stuck with the study from 1972 to today….

Robin Murray, professor of psychiatric research, also at the King’s College London Institute of Psychiatry but not involved in the study, said this was an impressive piece of research.

“The Dunedin sample is probably the most intensively studied cohort in the world and therefore the data are very good.

“Although one should never be convinced by a single study, I take the findings very seriously.

“There are a lot of clinical and educational anecdotal reports that cannabis users tend to be less successful in their educational achievement, marriages and occupations.

“It is of course part of folk-lore among young people that some heavy users of cannabis – my daughter calls them stoners – seem to gradually lose their abilities and end up achieving much less than one would have anticipated. This study provides one explanation as to why this might be the case.

“I suspect that the findings are true. If and when they are replicated then it will be very important and public education campaigns should be initiated to let people know the risks.”

Prof Val Curran, from the British Association for Psychopharmacology and University College London, said: “What it shows is if you are a really heavy stoner there are going to be consequences, which I think most people would accept…

She also cautioned that there may be another explanation, such as depression, which could result in lower IQ and cannabis use.

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, said: “In a significant minority of people who are vulnerable the drug can act as a trigger to illnesses like schizophrenia which may last a lifetime.”

Illicit drug use by young people has been decreasing since the mid 1990s, but the rate of decline in cannabis use throughout most of the last decade has been slow, official statistics show. (Here is a link to the article on the BBC website.)


Here is more about our AM way of life and why we do not support the use of cannabis in any way, shape or form.



“Toma’ri deoya’ sure toma’ri bha’s’a’ bhare…” – P.S. 3192


Baba, O’ my lord, I go on singing Prabhat Samgiita for You. You have blessed me by teachings me the tune, melody, and rhythm as well as the language. By that way, I go on singing the divine song, it is Your grace.

Baba, I do not have anything to say; only this much I feel: Each and every thing in my life is just Your gift – nothing else. Due to the bondage of the ego, my mind gets stained. And when I forget You, then I drown in the staticity and bondage of crudity.

Baba, You came to me and You told me that I should not bother about anything because You will be taking care of everything. Baba, You have filled my life with good things. It is all like a flower garland of Your love divine. You have taught me 16 Points and so much more. This brings new melody and resonance in my life.

Baba You also told me that I should search for You within, not without. You also told me that Your grace is always showering on me. Baba, by Your grace I go on singing Prabhat Samgiita with the tune, melody, and language given by You. Baba, You are ever-gracious….

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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 21:22:19 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Rudreshvar Deva cosmicentity@verizon…
Subject: Health Guideline: Food In-take


“Bujhi va’ a’ma’r diirgha ja’minii eto dine halo bhor…” (P.S. 1216)


It is very clear and visible that the grace of the Divine Entity, the long span of my dark days have gone. The long dark night has passed. After waiting for so long, the golden dawn has finally come. This new dawn is intoxicating my entire existence with its new color, and crimson rays.

The long, terrifying and dark night, which was covering everyone since ages, has veritably vanished. That very dark night has gone, with its loud laughter and roaring noise. That time, everyone’s heart was shaking in fear. But now those creatures of darkness have disappeared. Hearing the chirping of the birds, and the songs of awakened human beings at the time of dawn, then in fear and paranoia the creatures of darkness fled and vanished. Now, after a long span, golden days have come. The era of neohumanism has ultimately arrived.

No longer is the poisonous hood of the monster cobra polluting the air with its poison, and creating havoc in the atmosphere. No longer is that very cobra swallowing the lives of living creatures with its ferocious bite. By the grace of Parama Purusa, all the living beings of this entire world are dancing with happiness and adorning the new dawn. Everyone’s face is glowing, in new hope and vigour. Now, after waiting so long, good days have come. Those dark days have passed, when all kinds of dogma, fissiparous tendencies, groupism, and negative theories were dominating the society.

By the grace of the Supreme, the era of neohumanism with its rainbow color, has come…



Here Baba has given us one very practical health guideline for us all to consider and indeed follow.

Baba says, “Dyspepsia originates from unbalanced food habits. Eating when one is not hungry or only half-hungry is harmful in this disease. So is eating rich food for days together, using intoxicants, eating tasty food out of greed alone, not taking rest after the meal before running off to the office, or taking a bellyful of food…” (Yogic Treatments, p.3)


1. In the life it often happens that when one feels hungry food is not ready; and when one is not hungry then one gets food to eat. This is the common problem.

This is especially the case with most of our respected Wts. Because of their busy schedule and travel routine they depend on others’ or they face various inconveniences. That makes it extremely difficult to maintain a consistent routine. Because either they eat according to others’ schedule whereby it becomes very challenging to take food in a timely way – at the proper time food – or due to their own itinerary and programs they cannot take time to eat. That is the tragedy why the major percentage of our dedicated Wts are suffering from one or more diseases.

Unfortunately they end up leaving this world prematurely. Or they end up passing their last days in a diseased and crippled condition, totally feeble and bed-ridden. These are the common outcomes. So we should take lesson from all this and follow Baba’s teachings and guide others to do the same.


2. Some innocent persons are thinking that since they are not drinking liquor or doing drugs then it means that they are not using intoxicants. But we should remember that tea and coffee are also intoxicants. One can also become intoxicated by taking an excessive amount of sugar. Indeed, every sadhaka should exercise maximum restraint with regards to sweets.


3. To properly follow this above rule Baba has given the code that one should not take more than 4 times per day, but the general society is moving in a completely negative way. Many persons have the bad habit of snack or chewing gum all day long etc.

Earlier I thought only a few kids were involved in this dirty habit, but now it can be seen that this problem has become more pervasive – even a few of our workers are involved.

Sometimes at retreats and seminars even a few Dadas and some Didis – certainly not all – are also chewing gum or eating lots of snack foods in between meals etc. By this unhealthy habit, whereby one is producing and swallowing saliva all day long, the salivary glands become dry. And when the real need arises to digest a meal, those glands cannot secrete saliva.

That is why people suffer from various diseases. Because without saliva food cannot be properly digested and undigested food causes so many toxic effects in the body. So we should follow Baba point of maximum 4 times and four items.


4. ‘Rich food’ means the food which one cannot digest such as high fat, oily food– rich in fatty oily contents. Here ‘rich’ does not mean costly or not. It may be that rich foods are very cheap. The point is that eating rich, oily food invites the disease of obesity & mnore. This problem is quite common in the general public and also in our vast margii family. Everyone knows that obesity is the root cause of many kinds of diseases and that nowadays it is an epidemic.


5. In this modern era when everyone is feeling a shortage of time and people are just rushing from one work to another, then they do not care to take rest after food. And that becomes the root cause of various diseases related with indigestion. The first of which is hyper-acidity. This can develop into a chronic health disorder that adversely affects one’s entire existence.

Sometimes this type of problem causes serious damage when one growth or side stomach or side pocket gets created. Then food sits there and rots and people die from this.


6. When one takes rest after food then they can moderate their right nostril and ensure that it is open. But if after food they are just running to work they cannot manage to keep the right nostril open and their digestion is impaired. This is terribly detrimental to one’s health.


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Date: 02 Aug 2012 21:43:04 -0000
From: “Acintya Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: We Should Open Their Eyes




Baba says, “According to the laws of nature, human beings are not carnivorous. So, if they eat meat they will catch numerous diseases. Vegetarians generally suffer from fewer diseases than non-vegetarians because they are more habituated to following natural laws.” (Prout Nutshell – 16, p.10)

As we can all see, in His above teaching Baba is telling that animal flesh is not at all good for human consumption. Rather, eating meat invites numerous diseases. And nowadays after long research, western scientists and various researchers also have come to this same conclusion. Even then, this commonly agreed upon fact is not openly shared with the general public. So in their blind way the common public continues to eat all those meats & flesh foods. And in turn they fall prey to numerous diseases. This is the common phenomenon happening in our so-called more advanced countries – much more than in our so-called poorer nations.

And there seems to be no end to this downward spiral. Because capitalist pharmaceutical companies and various medical institutions do not want to reveal the truth that a meat-centered diet is the cause of numerous diseases. Reason being that they are not geared towards public education and the prevention of disease. Their main agenda item is to treat the horrifying symptoms which crop up from those diseases. That is their crude style of doing business. So their selfish agenda is to ensure that diseases multiply around the globe and become widespread. Failing that, they will find themselves jobless and without a big bankroll. Because a disease-free society means that the common mass will not be depending upon crude allopathic medicines, and no sales of crude medicines translates into a zero-dollar paycheck for those crooked pharmaceutical giants. So those drug companies are very anxious for people to become ill and stricken with disease.

And not just those capitalist exploitative drug companies, but even some low-minded, crude doctors operate in the same selfish way. Because the large majority of present-day doctors are well aware about the research and data how animal flesh foods is harmful for human health. Yet they keep these established facts from the innocent public and instead tell the people to eat more meat etc.

In result, because of this massive misinformation campaign by the capitalistic medical industry, the public health is being jeopardized. Despite living in this ultra-modern, scientific era, diet related diseases are multiplying. And people are passing most of their lives on medication and spending a huge portion of their income purchasing drugs to “treat” these diseases. All this has become commonplace, especially in so-called first world nations like the USA. This all stems from the deceitful policy of misinformation by the so-called doctors. Where they do not want to tell what is proper and what is improper regarding dietary habits, i.e. the dangers of eating meat.

And this terrible scenario is not unprecedented either. As a case in point, it took more than one century to significantly hault the tobacco industry from mauling the American society. For years the public was in the dark and getting more and more addicted to nicotine and smoking. Only now in the recent years has there been a more forceful campaign against those large tobacco firms in so-called advanced countries. Thus it has taken such a long time to release the public from the the tight clutch of the those greedy tobacco barons. Even then many people still smoke in the USA– but certainly far less than before.

But one horrendous outcome is that now those money-grubbing tobacco companies have set their sights on the poorer countries where they continue their aggressive cigarette smoking campaign. And the general public is getting stuck in their cloudy net of chain-smoking cigarettes. So now awful diseases like lung cancer are taking root in those economically exploited areas. Tragically the simple, common people are suffering a lot in those places.

As A’nanda Ma’rgiis, it is our sacred duty to inform and educate the public about Baba’s meaningful teachings concerning the natural laws of human health and hygiene. Baba’s divine guideline is the panacea to serve all – they are our kith and kin.

Acinta Deva


PS Intro: This following song is for teaching to non-margiis because it is a song in reverence to Lord Krsna. Baba has written this particular Prabhat Samgiita for devotees of Sri Krsna. Our duty then with this song is to learn it so we can teaching it to those bhaktas who take Lord Krsna as their Ista.

In contrast, we Ananda Margiis are fully devoted to Baba, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. So when we sing with our devotional heart, we sing to Baba – not Lord Krsna. In that case we select one of the innumerable dhyana songs related with Baba. The point being that for true devotees Ista is one and only one. For more about pointed devotion and strictness in Ista refer to Baba’s colorful explanation of the shloka, ‘Shriinathe…’, from Ananda Vacanamrtam – 23, p.118.

“Ka’nu binu tha’ka’ na’hi ja’y…” (P.S. 3355)


Without Lord Krsna, life is very miserable – surviving itself is very difficult. Lord Krsna is that glittering Personality of my heart so when He is not present then I suffer terribly from the pain of restlessly longing for Him.

Day and night every moment I hear His flute in my heart. With the sound of that flute, Lord Krsna is telling me that He loves me. He tells me, ‘I love you, that is why I am calling you’.

The flow of my life is ensconced in His ideation and it goes on fighting strongly against the deep fog and it is rushing with the high tide in a hundred directions, by His grace.

My life is very painful in the absence of Lord Krsna…

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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 21:54:33 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Nataraj Deva” N_deva.deva@Millenia.net…>”
Subject: Possible Scam by GS




I have heard this news which I am writing below. If any reader has more information, please write.

Current GS Dada (Ranchi), Ac. Citsvarupananda Avt, recently collected a huge sum of money (25 – 30 lakhs of rupees) from various Wts and margiis as a loan.

GS Dada promised to return back the money many-fold to lenders. But now he is not willing to return any of the money back to margiis and WTs.

Rather, GS Dada is abusing and scolding those workers and margiis who ask for their money back.

Dada Citsvarupananda is trying to convince everyone that he lost that huge sum of money, i.e. 25 – 30 lakhs. Dadaji’s claim is that he already lost all the money which he borrowed; all that loan money is gone.

So Citsvarupanandji is telling everyone that he cannot return the money to them; all those margiis and workers who lent him money have now lost their money. Dadaji says: Margiis & workers should console thus themselves that they donated to the organization. That is what Dadaji is telling everyone. He is also requesting everyone not to remind him of this matter because he cannot return the money since he lost it all.

Hearing this reply from Dada Citsvarupanandaji, WTs and margiis are frustrated and furious.

If any margii has come to know more about this incident please write.



Most probably know that one lakh is equal to 100,000. So 25 – 30 lakhs is the equivalent of 2.5 – 3 million rupees. Thus GS Dada borrowed nearly 3 million rupees from margiis and workers; and now he is claiming that he lost all that money and people cannot get their money back.


“Tumi eso pra’n’e o pradiipe…” (PS no. 2535)


Baba, please come in my heart, in the deep core of my mind. You are my everything– You are my dhya’na, You are my jinana, You are my Ista. You are most sacred, holy, and sweetness Personified. Baba, You are the controller of my entire existence. Keeping Your love and divine guidance in my heart I am moving on path which You have graciously shown me. By Your grace I go on remembering Your name constantly. That is my strength of forward movement. Baba, please grace me by coming in my heart…

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From: “Satyaki”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: 15 Jun 2012 19:56:21 -0000
Subject: Question of Longevity


“A’mi toma’y bha’loba’si, ja’na’i kii kare…” (PS 3837)


Baba, by Your grace I love You. For me, You are everything; I love You so much. You know my eyes ceaselessly shower tears of love for You. Baba, please tell me how I can express this feeling of my heart: I love You. O’ my Dearmost, the love of my heart resonates in Your heart. By that way You understand. Beyond that I do not have any words to express my feeling of love towards You. [1]

Baba, You are so gracious. When the new dawn comes, then in that crimson sunrise, I can see You emanating Your divine effulgence. Baba, You are so beautiful; You shower Your effulgence everywhere. In the form of innumerable flowers and also in the fragrance of niipa blossom, You grace everyone by pouring Your divine sweetness. Baba, in the eastern crimson horizon through the sweet, gentle breeze, You tenderly call me and graciously embrace me in Your bosom.

Baba, in the auspicious and charming moment of the colourful evening sunset, with Your infinite love You always radiate Your sweet smile. That very time You reassuringly tell me again and again that, ‘Now is the time for you to take rest, tomorrow I will come calling for you’. These are the sweet words You whisper to me in that tender moment. Baba You are so gracious; You are always with me. Baba, Your charming tales and love stories always float throughout this entire universe and also in my mind, in my heart.

Baba, You are my everything; I love You so much…


[1] First Stanza: The first stanza reflects the idea that the love between bhakta and Parama Purusa is bi-lateral, and not one-sided.

Baba says, “Human beings love Parama Purus’a and He loves human beings: this love is always mutual, not unilateral.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 11, ‘What is the Way’)

Baba says love (prema) is not unilateral or one-sided. When the devotee loves Parama Purusa, then already Parama Purusa is loving the bhakta. Love for the Supreme is always mutual or bi-lateral and never exists in isolation. The inner equation is that because Parama Purusa loves the devotee so much, that is why the devotee also loves Parama Purusa. Divine love or prema is always mutual – not unilateral.

In so many discourses Baba has revealed this fact about the inner secret of love between devotee and Parama Purusa. Here we should remember that prema means divine love – not attachment (ks’ama) for worldly things etc. And it is specifically in this devotional relation between bhakta and Parama Purusa where love is always mutual and never one sided.

Baba says, “Your meeting with God is not a unilateral affair, it is a mutual thing.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 23,


Here is a key teaching about human human health and longevity and how it relates with our Marga.

Baba says. “Some people like Vivekananda did not live long; but the cause of their early death was excessive labour. Extreme physical labour definitely reduces one’s longevity. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu lived [less than
fifty] years; he could perhaps have lived longer, but due to excessive labour, he could not survive. He undertook long tours throughout India on foot. Shankaracharya did not live long, either, because he also toured India on foot; he walked from Cape Comorin to the Himalayas. This extreme physical labour took a toll upon his health; otherwise he could perhaps have lived longer.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 33)

In His above teaching Baba guides us that those wts and margiis expending a lot of energy in arduous social work should be extremely vigilant about following a balanced lifestyle. To maintain their health they should be fastidious about taking proper food at the proper time, doing asanas and sadhana regularly, and keeping a strict routine based on the dharmic guidelines of 16 Points.

Unfortunately many margiis and wts are not able to follow this – for whatever reason. The result being that we are losing a number of our very hard-working activists, i.e many margiis and wts etc. Therefore, it is our bounden duty to be more aware about propagating this above idea. Because good people should live longer – that will be better for everyone.

Satyaki Deva

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Subject: Re: This WT is Worse than Ravana the Mahapataki
Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 23:04:11 +0530
From: tr sukul



Respected Dadaji,

Shocked to know about Dada Mukundananda’s shameful act. The ideas expressed in this letter are the ideas not only of my mind but also the other thousands and thousands margiis of the globe. Mukundananda should not be pardoned in any way. He has done a heinous crime that too in the ever respectful form of a Sannyasi. By this act every one would suspect to sannyasis even if they may be real devotee to the ideal.

Everyone in AM knows that Rev.Baba has reiterated in his discourses ” Human society would know me by your conduct” means every follower of the AM philosophy should be a man of character for the sake of their GURUDEV. Moreover the acharyas and avadhutas are meant to show their character as an ideal one which may be followed by others, but this dada has painted black stains on respectable uniform of all the sanyasis by his character. There is no guarantee that his reactive momenta would cease to function after undergoing training again and changing the name.

I would request the concerned authorities of the organisation to publish this dada’s photo in web so that others may be alert in future. My humble request to Mukundanada is that he should come back in ordinary society and try to become a true Anandamargi as he has no courage to lead the restraint and difficult life of a sannyasi. He should try to lead his life as a SADGRAHASTH (ideal family man) which is a shelter of not only the Sannyasis but also the other needy people of the society. We express deep sorrow to the affected family; Rev. Baba is ever-gracious and may He console them.

Dr. T.R. Shukla

On 05/07/2012 09:45 PM, AM-GLOBAL wrote:
Date: Mon, 07 May 2012 21:29:38 -0000 (GMT)
From: Liila M.22578@z-connections…>
Subject: This WT is Worse than Ravana the Mahapataki


Note: In our Ananda Marga, conduct is of utmost importance. This letter is related with the recent case of one Dada.


Everyone knows that the demon Ravana is a mahapataki, i.e. the worst category of sinner.

Why is he the worst sinner?

While posing as a sannyasi in saffron garb, Ravana abducted Ram’s wife, Sita. Ravana did not harm Sita sexually; his crime was abduction. He kept Sita under the care and custody of his female guards in a special cell of his palace. After this incident, females became fearful of monks. They started thinking that any monk must be Ravana in sannyasi dress. That is why he is classified as a mahapataki, or terrible sinner….


In the case of Mukunda’nanda, he committed his crime in saffron garb, while working as an avadhuta of Ananda Marga. By this ways, he has sown the seeds of suspicion and fear in the mind of every margii. They will think that any avadhuta could do a similar sort of crime. The sweet and respectful relation between wt’s and family margiis has been tainted forever. Thus, Mukunda’nanda’s sin is of recurring nature.

By seeing someone in saffron dress, margii girls and sisters of all ages will immediately become terrified. Even sincere and dedicated avadhutas will automatically be looked upon as cheaters and criminals. Girls will think that these male avadhutas are going to attack them. The sin Mukundananda has committed has long-lasting, recurring, negative effects. But, tragically, that is not all. Mukunda’nanda is worse than a mahapataki – he is worse than Ravana.

Why worse?

Ravana kidnapped Sita while in saffron dress, but he did not do more than that. Whereas Mukunda’nanda crossed the line and went beyond. That is why he is worse than Ravana. Because of this crime, by seeing the saffron dress, margii girls and sisters will always be nervous, distrustful, suspicious, and fearful of the character of our male wts.



In the aftermath of the aforementioned incident with Mukunda’nanda that took place in April 2012, top Dadas in Ranchi have been plotting the course and deciding to how to proceed.

Rudrananda wanted to simply overlook the matter entirely and just give Mukunda’nanda a new posting and call it a done deal, i.e. no punishment whatsoever. That was his initial plan.

But due to mounting pressure from margiis all over the globe, Rudrananda’s hand was forced. Against his desire, Rudrananda had to give Mukunda’nanda the order to go for re-training at Benares / Varanasi Wholetimer TC. Otherwise there would have been an uproar for letting this Dada roam free. So that is where Dada is now – in Varanasi TC. But, it has already been decided by Rudrananda and Co that Mukunda’nanda will not have to stay there long. Rudrananda has the plan to rescue him quickly.

Actually it is looking like Mukunda’nanda will only be there in TC for a few more days, and then come out clean: New name, new dress, and a new overseas posting as an acarya. That is what we see happening. As we speak, Mukunda’nanda is doing SPT training which is the final segment of his stay in TC. He is almost done and will soon be out on the prowl again. Everyone should be careful. Keep sharp eyes all around – especially those in overseas sectors.

The only way to reverse this course of action is for there to be maximum pressure applied by margiis. If margiis around the globe continue to call, write and give pressure to (a) Mantracetananand ji, SG (Secretary General) of VSS, (b) Rudranand ji, and (c) Ragamayanand ji (WT trainer Varanasi), etc. Then they will be forced to follow Baba’s rule and not alter justice.

Whatever may be, the main thing is: Do not lose sight of this case. Otherwise, Mukunda’nanda may be in your unit soon with a new name and a new dress. So watch out!


(#1) http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/04/news-sexual-crime.html

(#2) http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/04/re-news-sexual-crime.html

(#3) http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/04/re-news-sexual-crime_23.html

(#4) http://am-global-01.blogspot.com/2012/04/re-news-sexual-crime_27.html

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From: Mahendra
Date: Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 21:06
Subject: Re: Homosexuality and Ananda Marga



I appreciate the views expressed in the first letter and feel that the stand of our Ananda Marga on homosexuality is very clear.

>So homosexuality runs contrary to the aim of human life, according to our
>AM perspective. When sex is supposed to be only for procreation – that is
>the only time that sex is supported in our AM way of life – then there is
>no logical support whatsoever for the ways of homosexuality / lesbianism,
>where sex is just an “animalistic pleasure-seeking” tool. Ultimately, such
>relations will just lead to one’s degeneration and degradation.


1. SCIENCE OF VRTTIS: We have various propensities such as greed, sleep, hunger, and so many more. If a person increases the number of hours they sleep to the point of indulgence, then their desire for more sleep escalates.

For instance, if a person sleeps 8 hours and increases that to 10 hours, then their desire for sleep will grow more. They may desire to sleep 12 hours. In one discourse, Baba states that a person might increase their sleep so much that they sleep all 24 hrs. The same is the case with food, fear, drinking and all propensities. The more any vritti is encouraged then the more active that vrtti becomes. That is the science of vrttis in Ananda Marga. That is why we must control and channelise lowly propensities like fear and sleep – otherwise those vrittis will envelop us and we will be scared of our own shadow and sleep 24 hrs a day.

Similarly, with regards to sex, one must never encourage this base propensity. That will lead to one’s utter degradation. So when homosexuals again and again give way to their crude animalistic, sexual desires, then that sex vrtti will multiply more and more until it totally consumes one’s entire existence and mental framework. To indulge in this way is to only increase one’s crude desires and degrade the mind.

This applies to heterosexuals as well. If anyone indulges in sex it will bring about their degradation and their mind will be sunk in crudity. That is why Baba guides us that everyone should practice restraint. With that viewpoint in mind, married persons should only engage for society building purposes; while there is no logic or reason for anyone to ever indulge in homosexual behaviours. Rather their glandular system should be rectified through asanas, sadhana and other treatment as needed

2. HOMOSEXUAL LUST CANNOT FULFILL HUMAN DESIRE: Human desires are infinite and they can only be truly satiated through sadhana and reaching Parama Purusa. So even if one indulges in sex 24 hrs a day, then they cannot satisfy their inner human longing. Rather they will smother it and become frustrated and crude. If one wants bliss then sex is the wrong path because you cannot satisfy your infinite desire for spiritual bliss through crude, mundane indulgence like sex.

That is why only fake Ananda Margiis indulge in the sex-centered ways of homosexuality. And it is good that true Ananda Margiis do not at all appreciate homosexuality. Here it should be perfectly clear that sexual indulgence is never the solution – neither for homosexuals nor heterosexuals. All should be encouraged to follow Sixteen Points and strive for spiritual bliss.

3. SUB-HUMANS: Please excuse me for saying this but only those sub-humans who are dominated by animal propensities can lead the life of a homosexual.

4. STRAIGHT FROM ANIMAL LIFE: By viewing the activities, of any human being, you can get an idea how subtle and refined they are and even surmise if they have been through multiple human lives and been on the path of sadhana.

In the case of homosexuality, where one is indulged in sexual indulgence just for satisfying animalistic desires, without the responsibility of society building, we can also make a calculation. Such homosexuals are worse than animals since animals only indulge for purposes of procreation, not due to crude lust. Whereas homosexuals have sex only for carnal pleasure.

For theses reasons and more, this could be their first time in human form. Hence they misutilise the opportunity. Instead of focusing on morality and the Divine, they fall prey to the baser propensities. That is the unfortunate circumstance. We should work hard to help such persons onto the path of true spirituality.

5. NOT APPRECIATED IN AM: There are some homosexuals and lesbians hiding in AMPS, yet in our Ananda Marga the way of life which leads to negative pratisaincara is not accepted. No true Ananda Margii appreciates this lifestyle rather it is totally discouraged.

Here is one of Baba’s all-important teachings on this critical matter.

Baba says, “The essence of blood, when transformed, becomes shukra, and this shukra is food for the brain. In the absence of shukra, or in case of its impaired functioning, the entire constitution may be impaired, the body may become susceptible to disease, and mental and spiritual sa’dhana’ may be impaired. Therefore, [sexual] restraint is a must for every man and woman, because only self-control helps achieve the maximum preservation of shukra.” (Caryacarya-3)

Mahendra Deva


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“Tumi esecho, bha’lo besecho, bhola’ye sakal vyatha’ sab ha’ha’ka’r…” (PS 980)


Baba, O’ Parama Purusa, my heart was sunk in sorrow and woe; I was forlorn and had lost all hope. I was crying, thinking I am all alone and that in this world no one is mine. Baba, You have graced me by coming and blessed me with Your love. You have made my heart and mind overflowing in Your divine bliss. By Your causeless grace, all my pains, lamentations, and tragedies have been wiped away. You have filled my life with bliss.

O’ my Lord, You are so gracious. You have responded and come to me with Your sweet smile. Baba, with Your infinite beauty and charm You have won over everyone’s heart. Baba, my love knows only You. You are everything for me. There is no one else; nothing else can attract me; I only love You. Baba, it is Your grace: I am always ensconced in Your tune, melody, and Your divine attraction – in pleasure, in pain, and also when my pride is wounded. Baba, You belong to everyone, even then in my heart I know that You are only mine. You belong to me and me alone.

Baba, Your presence is everywhere. The mark of Your love is found on the flower and the leaves – on every spot in this panoramic world. Even then the black bee of my mind wants You alone. Baba on my worst days, when all hope was gone, when I had lost everything, in that desperate circumstance when no one else was there to help me, You always came and resolved all my troubles, pains, and problems. Baba, You are the sweetest of the sweet. You are only mine; You are only mine.

Baba, You have graced me by coming. It is Your grace; it is Your grace…

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