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Unfortunately, in certain circles, some are lax in practicing asanas – this is especially true of some of our acaryas. More specifically, we can say that there are three groups of wts in this regard:

1. There are some Wts who are extremely sincere and regular in doing yoga asanas. They do their asanas in all circumstances – when alone, while in camps and at DMS, when traveling, always. This is the small minority of workers.

2. Next there are some workers who do their asanas only when they are around others. That means they do yoga asanas only for show, i.e. to impress others. They want those around them to think they are very sincere in following Sixteen Points etc. But, when there is no one around, then these same workers skip their asanas etc. Such types of workers suffer from hypocrisy.

3. Then there are those Wts who never do yoga asanas – neither when they are alone, nor when they are with others. Always they skip. Not only that, if they see others – especially Wts – sincerely practicing asanas, then they will ridicule them and make jokes. They will say things like, “Oh, look, here is such great yogi”, “You are going to get moksa anyway, so why are you doing these practices”, “Look at the mahayogi – he is going to get moksa this very moment”, etc. Such workers who mock others in this way move around together in a group. Their chief intent is to deter others from doing the asanas so that they themselves are not looked upon unfavourably for not doing them. Such types of workers suffer from double hypocrisy.

Tragically, this is the state of affairs in our Wt cadre.

In comparison, around the globe some non-margiis, although they may be deficient in various arenas, are very keen on practicing yoga asanas nowadays. Their intent is to retain their youthfulness and beauty, and age in a graceful manner. They often pay for yoga classes. They may or may not do the asanas correctly, and they may or may not follow a sattvika (sentient) diet, but they are eager to gain the physical benefits of the practice.

Strikingly, even this much interest some of our workers do not have. They are not even interested in doing asanas for their own physical health – yet these same workers want to be good-looking & shining etc. That is why we see a growing number of wholetimer Didis and Dadas going to beauty salons for cosmetic treatments etc, unfortunately. This is the trade-off they have made. This is their short-cut appproach. They want the benefits of yoga without practicing, so they go to the beauty parlor. Certain workers fall in this category, shockingly.

All told the situation is quite sad. The only way to bring about the needed change is to inspire others to practice, as well as create the requisite circumstantial pressure.


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From: “Liila / Leslie”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: What Do You Think of These Universal Issues
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2013 21:31:28 (00:00)



~ Part 1 ~

Note: Please understand this letter is related with our human emotions and sense of rationality. So do not read this in an emotive or sentimental manner. Read the following with a rational mind.

Humans are emotional, yet this tendency of sentimentality is not a great quality. It has its demerits. According to Ananda Marga philosophy, humans should be rational; the intellect should be guided by rationality. Keeping this in mind, here are some examples to consider.


(A) Across India, people look upon and revere cows as mothers. There are organisations, welfare institutions, NGOs, and various plans and programs wholly dedicated to protecting the sanctity and status of cows. They associate and worship cows with Gopal, i.e. Lord Krsna (see note 1). In India, cows are held in special regard. Side by side, other animals like buffaloes and street dogs are not given the same care; rather people abuse them. In particular, Indian street dogs are just kicked around and ill-treated. yet, these are all animals: Cows, buffaloes, and street dogs. The rational approach would be to respect the lives of each as living beings. But due to their deep emotional attachment with cows, they regard cows as divine beings and harass and mistreat street dogs. This is the work of human emotion, not rationality.

Unfortunately the general populace is not rational and that is why this dichotomy is occurring. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.


Here Baba point out how those who revere cows – but not other animals like buffaloes – are caught in the net of their own hypocrisy.

Baba says, “So blind were their sentiments that they refused to listen to rationality. Take the case of cows: Hindus worship cows as something holy, apparently because they give us milk. But if cows are revered as mothers for giving us milk, shouldn’t buffaloes be given a similar status? Actually, buffaloes give more milk than cows. Unfortunately, the blind religious followers refuse to listed to logic as their religious sentiment for cows has taken root deep in their minds.” (A Few Problems Solved – 2, Human Society Is One and Indivisible – 2)


(B) In the United States, people are enamoured with dogs. They pamper their dogs by giving them special cow meat and bones, fancy beds, toys, dog houses, and pay a lot of money for doggie massages, dog walks, and upscale therapies to keep their dog happy and well. They also spend tens of thousands of dollars on surgical procedures for their pets. Moreover, there are many laws that protect dogs from abuse and maltreatment. Yet, the US is primarily a meat-eating population. They slaughter and butcher cows on a mass-level to fill their bellies with the meat of those cows. Here again we see a dichotomy; both are animals yet they are treated much differently. With their emotion, humans treat their dogs as family members; that is positive as all animals should be treated well. That same regard should be extended to cows also. That would be rational.

Unfortunately the general populace is not rational; that is why this scene is taking place. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.

Baba’s following teaching is related with both points A and B:

“If you have great compassion for the world of living creatures (this is a very good quality and is indicative of tenderness of heart, it is very positive), then you can take a firm stand for the non-killing of every creature, ábramhastamba from the elephant to the ant. In this way you can encourage and inspire your fellow human beings. But if you persuade and exert pressure on people by saying that only cows should not be killed, then you will be guilty of one-sidedness. It means there is partiality in you. Why should you invite the criticism that you do not have as much love for the buffalo and goat, as you have for cows? This is certainly not correct.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 10, Chapter 10)

In India the cows are treated well while other animals are left to suffer whereas in the US dogs are treated lavishly while other animals are abused, tortured and butchered. So Baba’s teaching is applicable to both the US and India as both express favouritism towards a particular animal due to their emotional attachment.

The rational approach is to respect and honour the existential value of all beings, including all animals, not just dogs etc.

Most of the population, however, follows their own emotions, i.e. whim. See how one wealthy woman even bequeathed her entire estate – i.e. billions of dollars – to agencies caring for dogs, http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/02/us/02gift.html?_r=1& ; She did not leave even one dollar for suffering humanity.


(C) Recently in the US, there was a ghastly massacre in Newtown, CT. A gunman entered a school and killed 26 people – kids and school officials. The whole country mourned this horrific tragedy for days. Flags were put to half-mast, President Obama visited and spoke with families, and huge attention and energy was directed towards Newtown. And that was most appropriate for the nation and world to rally around the Newtown tragedy.

Yet side by side, in the US, upwards of 520+ people (reference Slate magazine) have been gunned down since the Newtown tragedy on 14 Dec 2012. In the US, the population is 310 million (three hundred and ten million), and there are 350 million (three hundred and fifty million) registered guns, including military assault rifles like the AK-47, in the hands of common citizens. Plus there are countless other unregistered guns floating around the US population. (Note: here we are not counting guns owned and operated by police and military personnel.) And with this vast number of guns, innocent people are killed everyday.

Here the point is that so many nameless, faceless persons are gunned down on daily basis, yet those incidents often go unreported, flags are not dropped to half-mast, there are no presidential visits, and people never hear of such events. Hundreds have been gunned down in the US since the Newtown tragedy. It would be rational to extend the same supportive and respectful measures to all homicide victims of gunfire, and other crimes.

Unfortunately the general populace is not rational and that is why such dichotomies are in vogue. If the people were guided by rationality the situation would be much different.


(D) If one gender enters an official public building like a government office, then they are allowed to wear clothing that puts them in compromised positions, both on the upper and middle portions of their body. It may be that when they wear a sleeveless dress or skirt their underwear and / or undergarment is showing when they sit or stand in a particular way. Or, when they have a lower-than-usual neckline, then aspects of their xxxxx are visible when they lean this way or that. It has become common for their arms, and even armpit, to be completely bare for show. With this gender, it is fully accepted, and even encouraged and applauded to wear such attire.

In stark contrast, if the other gender enters those same offices with a sleeveless shirt, their armpits exposed, or part of their underwear showing, then they will be ostracized, and maybe even arrested and put in jail for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. Such is the stark double-standard that exists across gender with regards to dress. That is not rational. The rational approach is that one’s dress in public spaces and official places should reflect a sense of decency and dignity – irrespective of one’s gender.

Again, let me emphasize that here we are not talking about how one dresses while walking casually down the street or in their own backyard; but, rather, how one presents oneself in important meetings, formal and official settings, and even on serious news broadcasts via TV and internet. In these venues, there is a wide gap of acceptable dress between genders.

Unfortunately the general populace is not rational and that is why such dichotomies are going on. If they had been rational the situation would have been different.

This same issue is expressed in this article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-13362586


In day to day life, many incidents happen and numerous decisions are made based on sentiment / emotional manner. That approach is not at all laudable. Rather, it is an open invitation for inequality and dogma. In contrast, if we apply our sense of rationality then we can make heaven come on this earth.



“If someone moves along the path of sentiment instead of the path of rationality, there is a hundred percent probability of great danger. Those who move along the path of sentiment do not discriminate between the proper and the improper, but merely silently accept all superstitions surrounding the goal towards which they have been running. Even the least question regarding propriety or impropriety does not arise in their minds, because they are moving along the path of sentiment.” (The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism)

“When it [the mind] does not follow a particular method, when it moves haphazardly, swept away by whim, it is called “emotion”.” (Yoga Psychology)

“Sentimentality based on rationality is the strongest force in the universe. And sentimentality without rationality takes the form of, or rather the distortion of, dogma.” (Subháśita Saḿgraha Part 12)

About supporting communal ideas: “Those who are motivated by sentiment may earn temporary applause, but ultimately people realize, “No, they committed a mistake, they did not follow the path of rationality. They themselves were caught in the current of sentiment, and they drifted the society also in that current. As a result society has been destroyed.” (The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism)

“Dogma is fast being replaced by rationality and reason. Human beings with their developed brains, developed nerve systems and developed nerve-cells started thinking that we are not to do something for a particular tribe or a particular clan or a particular nationality; we are to do whatever we are to do, whatever we must do, for the entire humanity of the Cosmos.” (Humanity Is at the Threshold of a New Era)

“As a human being, what should one do? One should follow the path of rationality. Rationality is a treasure of humanity that no animal possesses. And those who possess the inner asset of devotion within their hearts and follow the path of rationality in dealing with the external world, must be victorious. They alone can accomplish worthy deeds in this world.” (The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism)


“In the case of developed animals, sentiment exceeds inborn instinct. And more-developed beings, such as human beings, possess sentiment and rationality and the faculty of discrimination as well.” (The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism)

Before the division of India: “The policy was divide and rule. One party said “Jai Hind” and another party said “Takasime Hind.” One party said “Victory to India;” another party said “Divide India.” These were the slogans of the time. It was not a healthy atmosphere. This sentiment was not even geo-sentiment. It was based on emotion and mean selfishness.” (The Dangers of Communalism)

“To counteract the malevolent effect of dogma-centred philosophies, the two most important factors are the development of rationality and the spread of education. Merely attending school and university classes will not necessarily have the desired effect. Stress should be placed on education which produces a high degree of rationality in the human mind, and this type of education should be spread amongst the people.” Prout in a Nutshell Part 18)

“What is required now is the elevation of human existence, the elevation of human mind and human spirit. We require no dogma – we require more reasoning, more rationality – rationality moving unto the terminus of Parama Puruśa; the Supreme Desideratum is that Universal Nave.” (Humanity Is at the Threshold of a New Era)

“As a human being, what should one do? One should follow the path of rationality. Rationality is a treasure of humanity which no animal possesses. And those who possess the inner asset of devotion within their hearts and follow the path of rationality in dealing with the external world, must be victorious. They alone can accomplish worthy deeds in this world.”(The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism)

“The speciality of human beings is rationality.” (The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism)

Surrender to Baba,


The term Gopal is one of the names of Parama Purusa which denotes that aspect of His personality which controls the mind. So Gopal is one of the appellations or names of Parama Purusa. It does not merely mean cowherd.

“What is gopála? There are so many tánmátrika [inferential] expressions, and the apparent controller of all these inferential expressions is the human mind. Suppose you hear something: it is an expression related to the sound tanmátra; suppose you touch something – touch is another tanmátra; you see something or you think something – these are all tanmátras. The apparent controller of all these inferential expressions is your mind. But there is another entity hidden behind your mind, not in front of your mind, but behind your mind. For instance, when you watch a puppet show, you feel delighted to see how the puppets move their hands and feet, but you do not see the person who manages the beautiful show by pulling the strings from behind. Similarly, we notice the inferential expressions of microcosms – we come to know how one person sings melodious songs, how another dances beautiful rhythmic dances, how another delivers wonderful discourses, etc. But we cannot see the entity who pulls the strings from behind and runs the show. And the funniest thing is this: the speaker, the singer, the dancer thinks that he or she is the agent, the doer, and takes the entire credit for the performance. People do not care to think of the entity that pulls the strings from behind, or if they are even more foolish, they think that others see them alone, not the entity who pulls the strings from behind, so the credit should come to them. There are people who think in this way. However, you move and dance under His control. He makes you dance from behind.”
“The perspective or background against which all the inferential expressions, as well as the expressions of sensory and motor organs, are perceived, is termed go in Sanskrit. And the entity that controls that go from behind is called gopála. So who is “Vrajagopála”? Vrajagopála is that Entity who takes people forward through joy, amidst various expressions of bliss. He is Vraja Krśńa.” (Namami Krsnasundaram, Disc: 21)

NOTE: The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic, completely unrelated to the above letter. It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Physical Food and Future

Baba says, “Future generations will spend more of their time and energy on subtle psychic and psycho-spiritual activities, so their demand for physical food will decrease.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 13, p.47)


“Esecho, esecho, tumi esecho, mamata’ uja’r’ kore esecho…” (PS 1215)


Baba, You have blessed me by coming – with Your abundant love You have come close. It is Your grace. Baba, You have come, You have come, because of Your infinite love towards me You have come. Baba, Your divine Presence enhances everything. By Your august arrival the dry desert and dead trees have been transformed into a lush, green forest. Baba, Your smile is expressing through their happiness. This is all nothing but Your causeless grace.

O’ my Dearmost, You have graciously filled this earth with Your sweet & divine flow. You have brought smiles onto the faces of those who were depressed, sunken, and sad. Now, by Your grace, they are radiant with joy. And to those weeping hearts that were engulfed in sorrow, sadness, and misery, You have brought sweetness and bliss into their life. Now they are filled with optimism and humming in happiness. It is Your grace. Baba, the flowers which were filled with nectar, You blessed them with Your tender touch.

Baba, the whole entire creation is drenched in Your bliss. The heavenly aroma of the blossoming flowers from the bountiful garden is floating and permeating all around. The melodious chirping of the dancing birds is filling the air with song. The full moon’s smile is pouring its radiant light: It comes floating in all the directions. The whole universe is getting bathed in that effulgence. Baba, You have filled everything with Your love and inundated this entire cosmos with Your divine nectar.

Baba, You are ever merciful; Your beauty is beyond words. Baba, You have come to me – in my mind, in my heart…

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From: “Praviira Matel”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: Some Questions and Answers Related with Prevailing Dogma in Ananda Marga #2
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 12:33:44 +0000



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series. A link to the first letter is appended below. – Eds)


“He [Sarvatmanandji] invented mahaprayan and glued it into Caryacarya Part 1 as the appendix.

Sarvatmanandji gave the justification that:

‘It is our duty to include the mahaprayan program of annual remembrance in Caryacarya – because Baba does not want to discuss this sensitive issue in front of devotees.’

But all this is wrong. Baba has discussed His physical departure in various places such as in Senior Acarya Diary (Guru Puja section) and in other places as well. In those instances, He clearly guides us how to proceed and how to do guru puja when He is not physically manifest as Mahasambhuti on this earth.

So it is not that He is too shy or too hesitant to include so-called mahaprayan in Caryacarya.

Rather deliberately He has not put mahaprayan into Caryacarya because this type of false notion is not part of Ananda Marga ideology. He is along with us always – He has not left and He is not gone.” (From Some Questions and Answers Related with Prevailing Dogma)

The above is well stated. Ananda Marga ideology is based on rationality and spirituality. Moreover, Baba, as the Supreme Sadguru, always give perfect, complete, and flawless teachings. No instruction – big or small – has been left out or forgotten, not for any reason. To harbour any doubts in this regard reveals one’s own lack of devotion.

The reason so-called mahaprayan was not given by Him is because it is irrational and unideological. Now here is more about why some are attached with this bogus program.



Why are some people in AM in favor of observing so-called mahaprayan?

Firstly, when the human mind is overpowered by avidya maya then it plunges into dogma. And that is what mahaprayan is: A dogma. Parama Purusa is eternal; He never leaves. Baba as the Mahasambhuti is not gone – rather He resides within every human heart, and in every pore of this vast cosmos. He maintains a personal connection with every unit being through His ota yoga, and keeps a link with this entire cosmos through His prota yoga. By this dual and unique approach, He remains with every entity, always.

Secondly, Baba describes in His teachings on bio-psychology if a person’s svadhisthana cakra – and related glands and sub-glands – is not properly developed, then that person is more prone to dogma. (Reference: Yoga Psychology, Aspects of Bio-Psychology)

Thirdly, here’s yet another cause of this dogmatic program: Those who started so-called mahaprayan are so involved in their own geo-sentiment. They want to highlight that day to wrongly heighten the prestige of their land. They will do anything and everything for this lowly sentiment. That is, perhaps, the chief real cause behind the invention of so-called mahaprayan.


As true Ananda Margiis, we should put our mind beyond all narrow barriers and think rationally. We must not fall prey to the tendencies of the small individual ego, rather serve the divine will of Guru Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, who is within us.

Remember, this petty ego will not remain. Nothing of this world lasts forever; this entire world is ephemeral. Kings too become one with the dust. So we should only surrender to Parama Purusa and let His will be established. Concocting fake programs like mahaprayan is not the way.


When any irrational idea or dogma is left unhindered, it grows like cancerous wounds and swallows everything.

Consequently, in the past two decades, this mahaprayan dogma has created off-shoots. Just see the trend that has recently sprouted up, especially amongst a few margiis of India: When any family member dies, then those surviving margiis annually observe the anniversary of their death. This happens with a few margiis families across Delhi sector.

With their mouths, those involved wrongly justify that, “As this is happening with Guru in the form of mahaprayan, so I to should make a yearly day of remembrance for the death of my laukik father, or mother etc.”

That is what they say.

Internally though, they are pleased to use this as an opportunity to follow the Hindu dogma of observing the anniversary of the death of dear family members. By this, they are able to convince their neighbors that they are good Hindus.

That is the hypocrisy going on: Internally those margiis are happy to be wedded to the Hindu dogma, yet externally they tell other margiis that they are doing this in order to emulate the mahaprayan program.

The situation is not at all good. We never celebrate the anniversary of the death. Baba has given the strict rule of a 12-day period of mourning. Thus with the invention of the so-called mahaprayan program, so many other dogmas have taken root. That is why Baba always warns us about the insidious nature of dogmas – they multiply.


So, we should all think. Do we want to be part of problem or the solution? What do you want? Think carefully.

Baba intentionally did not include so-called mahaprayan in Caryacarya, then who are we to do such a thing. Those behind the insertion of the dogmatic mahaprayan program into Caryacarya are deliberate sinners. We should save them from their complete annihilation. The first step of their recovery is that they themselves should remove the wrong they did. They should publicly announce the removal of so-called mahaprayan from Caryacarya. Once this is done, we can think what further rectification is needed.

Baba is the Divine Entity – to impose a so-called mahaprayan program that dictates that Baba is gone is sinful. All our Ananda Marga programs and festivals should enhance one’s inherent and inner link with Him.

Baba says, “The Supreme Father, the Supreme noumenal entity is always with you. And that link with the individual is known as Ota-yoga. In the case of the collectivity it is Prota-Yoga; in the case of the individual it is Ota-Yoga. You are never alone. And your goal is that noumenal entity, that Parama Puruśa.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 12, The Noumenal Cause and the Personal God)




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Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2012 22:05:16
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Prakash Deva
Subject: Not A Saint But A Hypocrite


“Tumi esecho bha’lobesecho phule hesecho…” (PS 2778)


Baba, by Your divine grace You have come and loved me and You are smiling like the flowers. Baba, by Your grace You have brought the message of hope along with You, and infused the feeling of optimism in my heart. My mind which was clouded with hopelessness has now gotten new light by Your august arrival. Baba, You are gracing me by singing Your divine songs.

Baba, You have inundated this entire universe with the nectar of immortality. With the sweet and gentle breeze and with the warmth of the heart, You have graciously infused devotion within each and every created being of this expressed universe – by this way You go on divinely dancing [1]. From the
mountain peaks down to the ocean depths up to the deep blue sky, everywhere You have saturated everything in Your divine love.

Baba, You have divinely vibrated the great sky with the eternal sonorous sound of Your nu’pur [2]. Hearing the attractive melody of Your divine flute, my heart and mind sways in bliss. Baba, You have graciously lit the lamp of devotion in my heart; my entire existence– my every atom and molecule – is ensconced in the bliss of Your supreme ideation.

Baba, with Your sweet and charming smile, You have come in my heart and loved me. Baba, You have showered causeless grace…


[1] Divinely Dancing: This entire universe is His divine dance; all the flora, fauna, everything is His expression and moving according to His rhythm. That is why Baba has given the title of one book as, “The Eternal Dance of the Macrocosm”.

[2] Nu’pur: The literal meaning of Nupur is ankle bell but here it does not mean that Baba is dancing on the stage in a large performance hall with an ankle bell on His foot, just like other dancers do. Rather His divine ankle bell represents the expression of that eternal sound: Omnkara. So ankle bell means one of the sounds of divine realisation. For Baba’s descriptive discourse about the sounds of realisation please refer to His famous discourse titled, ‘The Six Stages of Realisation’, which is the third chapter of His book, “Nama’mi Krs’n’a Sundaram”.



Baba says, “During the struggle for independence, a great blunder was committed by Mahatma Gandhi. In order to show his innocence, he said that he would not support the communal award, but nor would he vote against it. That is, indirectly he supported it. At that time he should have said, ‘No. I do not support the communal award’…But Mahatma Gandhi neither supported it nor opposed it. He committed a great blunder. At that time he should have said that we can neither split the country nor disintegrate it. What happened to the country after this was due to the Himalayan blunder committed by Mahatma Gandhi. As a result of the communal award, the country was trifurcated into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. This was the result of the blunder of Mahatma Gandhi.” (20 Oct 1990)

In His above teaching Baba is exposing the hypocritical ways of Gandhiji. Due to Gandhi’s coward-like and duplicitous ways, India got chopped into three pieces. In the west however, Gandhi is given regal if not saintly status. Means capitalists praise Gandhi up to the sky because Gandhi’s theories are conducive to the growth of capitalist exploitation.

So the capitalists support Gandhi and proclaim him to be one saint.

On this point a few margiis are also confused; they think Gandhiji is divine. From time to time, simple margiis raise Gandhiji’s flag and praise his greatness. However, putting forth a vote for Gandhi and supporting his theories only means delaying revolution.

Gandhi made a pact with the Britishers. The conniving Britishers were pushing hard to divide India and Gandhiji supported Britain’s negative approach. So Gandhiji just became the tool of British exploitative machinery.


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From: “Marc Pele”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Refined Form of Hypocrisy
Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 19:57:32 +0000



For Ananda Margiis, spiritual progress is the aim of life. That is the main thing: To reach the Goal – Parama Purusa.

In spirituality, simplicity is the key quality. In Ananda Vanii #54, Baba guides us to keep all our dealings in life straight like sastaunga pranam. There must not be an ounce of duplicity or hypocrisy.

Yet in today’s materialistic era, hypocrisy has become an essential aspect of daily life.

Here are some examples of how hypocrisy works in day to day life in this present era. We should be aware and keep our distance from this dark element of materialism.



Nowadays – in the last 5- 6 decades – when advertising etc has increased multi-fold and people in the west began
suffering more on the mental plane, it has become the custom “to smile for the camera” in order to show others that they are really happy, regardless of how they feel internally. This is all one superficial display – sheer hypocrisy. Yet this became the norm.

Not just in front of the camera, but in standard conversations this started happening as well. People feel the need to smile in order to show their happiness, when in fact they are really feeling empty inside. This is the sad state of affairs.



Here is another example to note.

Those doing business want to promote & masquerade themselves as the well-wishers of society. Toward that end they say they are “serving the community”, when in fact their each and every action is aimed toward satisfying their private business interests – i.e. personal profit. So this is another form of unbridled hypocrisy these days.

Likewise, when you go to the ‘customer service desk’ of any large or small business, then the attendants there always put on a big smile and “promise” to help you. But their smile and their help is limited up to the extent that they feel it is profitable for their business – nothing more than that.


Straightaway, it can be said that hypocrites started this negative trend. It began when individuals, who want to present themselves as something that they are not, adopted this way of dealing. They were the first ones.

As we know, when any trend gets started then simple, innocent members of the general public get pulled in that same direction. The general people are not malicious or mal-intended; just they become habituated to that tradition or dogma.

So many dogmas get introduced in this way. One person started the matter and then it becomes common.

Regarding the dogma of smiling into the camera, we cannot say that all Europeans / westerners are like that, but most got carried into that flow. Even then, it is not limited up to the Americas and Europe or the USA. As western pseudo-culture spreads more and more, this dogma of smiling in front of the camera is also spreading to various parts of the globe. And not just this trend, but numerous others like it. So alertness and smartness is needed.


Baba Himself deals very strongly with those following the path of hypocrisy. Everyone surely remembers how during dharma samiiksa hypocrites were pointed out strongly and cured by Baba. In contrast, simple people who committed innocent errors were not dealt with in that way – rather, quite mildly in comparison to those hypocrites.

To ensure that hypocrisy did not take root or thrive in our Marga, from 1955-90, the first thing Baba did in any reporting session was to expose any and all hypocrisy. Those who did wrongs but were not hypocrites were often pardoned mentally, while those who were hypocrites were dealt with more fiercely. This was Baba’s normal mode of doing. This set the tone that no one should resort to hypocrisy in any form as it erodes the entire human personality.


The tricky part is that hypocrisy spreads like wildfire. To invent it is one thing – but once invented then invariably others start doing it, consciously or unconsciously. That is why we should all be alert because these habits and trends can easily get latched onto one’s personae. And that destroys the whole personality.

So although this “smile at the camera” epidemic is primarily a disease of our west, this hypocritical approach can and is leap-frogging all around this globe. So everyone should be aware as this is spreading all over. And this is but one of many aspects of pseudo-culture that is getting exported to all corners of this earth.


When people become introduced to new fads, right or wrong, quickly they become habituated. They like that new fad. This happens in each and every era. In particular, in this era, people have become habituated with hypocrisy. This has become the norm, unfortunately.

In contrast, a few hundred years ago in the US, it was different. In that era, the slavery was well accepted. People became habituated with slavery. This was a terrible crime against humanity, yet even good people accepted it as a normal part of everyday life.

Also in that era, only males could get top jobs and earn money and only males could vote. Even though that was unjust and wrong, the general society was comfortable with those standards.

Now people think quite differently.


In this present era, people think hypocrisy is a part of life. Hearing this assertion about hypocrisy, some may feel reacted and contend: “What is the need to raise this point – hypocrisy is OK.”

The main concern is that if we embrace hypocrisy then our spiritual life will be hampered. Simplicity will disappear; yet that quality of simplicity is needed in order to lead a proper spiritual life. In its place, hypocrisy will rear its head; but hypocrisy is poison. If hypocrisy makes its nest, our spiritual life will suffer. That is Baba’s teaching.


Hypocrisy and true spirituality cannot co-habitat. Where there is one, the other cannot remain. Hypocrisy means being self-engrossed and only thinking about one’s own little existence. This is the well-known fact: Hypocrisy itself entails presenting oneself in a false manner in order to get some “self-glory”. In that case God is distant; because then one’s own unit mind is only absorbed in one’s own selfish thoughts – not Parama Purusa.


Here are more of Baba’s teachings & warnings about hypocrisy.

Baba says, “Some people wear a mask of culture [of civility] in public, but in private pursue personal or class interests. This hypocrisy has no place in the human society.” (A Few Problems Solved – 6, ‘Spirit of Society’)

Baba says, “Hypocrisy in the human mind is also increased as a result of the influence of negative microvita.” (Microvita in a Nutshell)

Baba says, “Such people attempt to cover their harmful or defective sentiments under a veil of hypocrisy. This concealing mentality is one aspect of hypocrisy.” (Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect, ‘Awakened Conscience’)

So indulging in hypocrisy is not at all good – rather harmful and negative.


By Baba’s grace, our Ananda Marga society will again get going on the right path – free from all defects and contradictions etc. We will not get caught in the widening net of hypocrisy – like senselessly smiling into the camera – that is spreading around the world.

Baba says, “…This Goal provides inspiration, supplies the means for forward movement and makes the little lamps infinitely effulgent…it will make the earth ever full of sweetness…” (Ananda Vanii #67)

Mahendra Deva


Now in this age of blatant capitalism, superficiality and kapat’ata’ [hypocrisy] is a normal aspect of daily living. Indeed such
expression is rampant in society. Here following Baba Himself comments how the problem has become epidemic & an everyday affair in this crude modern era.

Baba says, “Apologizing with ‘Oh, sorry!’, after knowingly or unknowingly bumping into a person, without inquiring to what extent the person is hurt, is considered enough refinement, and this is the Law of so-called Good Manners. But this does not reflect a really sincere expression of heart.” (Human Society-1, ’87, p. 37)

The point being that with the onset of uncontrolled capitalism, it is commonplace for people to hypocritically say something that they do not really mean. And that gets accepted also. Unfortunately this is the way things have “developed”.

Here the situation is not that the entire society is at fault. But step by step a few have sown the seeds of hypocrisy and goaded millions into adopting it. Gradually over time innocent, naive, and well-intentioned people have gotten caught in this web.

By looking around we can easily see that this “oh sorry” expression is not the only case; so many such common phrases exist such as: “excuse me”, “pardon me”, etc and even non-verbal trends like “smiling for the camera”. All these are regularly used in materialistic society.


Baba says, “Generally we see that the human thinking capacity becomes somewhat dull in the wake of a major catastrophe. This accounts for the present psychic state of the human race which, as a result of two major wars which took place within a short period of time, is suffering from various miseries and tribulations. Humanity is at present unable to think, read or comprehend anything serious. Even artists and sáhityikas who are capable of thinking or discussing serious matters do not feel any urge to do so, thinking that if they do, they will not get any encouragement or patronage from the public.” (Prout in a Nutshell – 10, Art and Literature)

These days most people cannot think deeply on any given subject. Due to a lack of critical thinking skills, when a fad comes into existence then mindlessly people start following that fad. That is what happened with hypocrisy and other superficial displays in day to day modern life, including smiling in the camera. If you talk with anyone about this they may become irritated and think this is fine. That shows their shallow way of thinking. Because in reality mindlessly smiling into the camera is not fine; no form of hypocrisy should be tolerated.

So some people, who are habituated to smiling superficially, may get overwhelmed by hearing that we should not follow this type of hypocrisy. About this we should be clear. I do not say if anyone is attending a jovial function and they are smiling and someone takes a picture then that is bad. That is not the point. Smiling in and of itself is not the problem. Rather senselessly smiling into the camera is not good as that is a superficial display and undermines one’s real happiness.

This brings up a related matter: In certain geographical areas, people hug and kiss when they see each other. That is fine if they have true affection for one another – such as how a mother kisses her baby; but doing this hypocritically – just for show – is repulsive.

Due to a lack of critical thinking, the general population gets latched on to these types of dogmas. We should be careful.


Here Baba explains how weakness & imbalance in the ana’hata cakra is the cause of hypocrisy.

Baba says, “The ana’hata cakra, situated in the centre of the chest, which controls twelve propensities: [including] kapat’ata’ [hypocrisy].” (Yoga Psychology)


Baba says, “Do not forgive [a hypocrite] till his / her nature is reformed.” (Caryacarya-2, Society, Pt #6)


“Bha’loba’si toma’y a’mi, keno ta’ ja’ni na’…” P.S. 2329


Baba, O’ Supreme One, I love You; but, I do not know why I love You. You go on pulling my heart – but what is the mystery behind this, how and why You are attracting me, that I cannot say. Baba, all I know is that You are the divine effulgence of my dark heart. By Your grace, I will never allow that effulgence to get extinguished. Baba, I will always keep Your love in my heart. By Your grace, I will always hold Your divine image in my mind.

Baba, O’ Divine Entity, all the love I have in the deep core of my heart, and all the hopes and longings I have in my mind, all these desires and aspirations of mine are revolving around You. By Your grace, they get expressed through Your songs, dance, melody, and rhythms. Baba, You are the focal point of my life; You are my everything.

Baba, by Your divine grace, I feel that You are guiding each and every aspect of my existence. There is not even a single ounce of confusion in my mind. Everything is totally clear. Where am I, where will I go, and from where have I come: All these types of useless questions never creep into my mind. Baba, by Your grace, I do not even want to know these things. Just I am fully depending upon You: You know everything and that everything is in Your control. For me that is enough. Baba, You are my shelter, You are my anchor, and You are the Supreme Controller of this vast universe.

Baba, You are always ever gracious on me. I love You with all my heart; my whole existence is Yours…

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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 13:08:45 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: “Raviindra Deva”
Subject: Re: News Sexual Crime



I cannot forget how in 1970, one of the monks in the Ramakrishna Mission committed this type of devious sexual crime in rural Jaipur. The outraged villagers took matters into their own hands.

Villagers caught the monk and removed his saffron robe and put him in civil dress. Then they painted his face black, forced him to sit on a donkey, and paraded him through the town with a placard hanging from his neck which read, “I am a child molester.”

But it did not stop there.

More and more villagers joined in and they physically detained that monk and forcibly removed his reproductive organ in such a manner that the monk had to be hospitalized. News of this spread around the whole of India. The monk was shamed by his criminal dealing and will remember his misdeed his entire life.

The sexual crime by Mukunda’nanda must also be taken seriously and addressed accordingly. Thus far the villagers of Daltonganj in 2012 have not dealt with the aggressor the way those villagers of Jaipur did in 1970. How and what the villagers do is for them to decide. But allowing the crime to go unpunished is not acceptable. The culprit must be taken to task.

Raviindra Deva


Below are the links to the first two letters from this series. In these letters you can get the details of the case.

News: Sexual Crime, Letter #1

News: Sexual Crime, Letter #2

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Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2011 20:44:57 -0000
From: NJK Majumdar
Subject: Myths of Jinanis About AM Discourses



These days there are a few prevalent myths surrounding the printing and misprinting of Baba’s discourses. Generally, such myths are started by certain jinanis who have their own self-serving agenda in mind.

Such incidents happened in the past also in all the major religions– causing them to become steeped in dogma. Priests, monks, dalai lamas, and various other religious heads committed such wrong doings– leading the followers astray. Our Marga should not fall prey to this type of debacle as well.

Thus, as a Marga community, step by step, all these myths & falsehoods about the (mis)printing of our AM scriptures shall be addressed and clarified so we can fulfill our blessed duty of properly preserving all of Baba’s divine discourses. That will be the only way to ensure His dharmic guidelines live on and on.

MYTH #1:


Some fateful jinanis are putting forth the false notion that not all of Baba’s words are meant to be printed, even if the discourse was recorded in full. This is one common excuse they are giving to justify why the printed discourses do not match the original cassette. They even say that Baba Himself would edit those recorded discourses and select what should be printed. But it is not at all like that.

When Baba Himself ordered or allowed for the discourse to be recorded– as was the case with the annual DMC discourses printed in Subhsita Samgraha and the general darshans printed in Ananda Vacanamrtam etc– then His wish was for each and every word to be made public and put in printed form. What He spoke on those occasions was for one and all, to be saved and preserved for the whole humanity.

Proof being that He would scold and punish the various Dadas if His recorded discourses were not quickly being printed. Their job was to immediately transcribe and print those talks– or face severe punishment. Baba was quite adamant and serious on this point.

Plus, in those open-aired venues like DMC etc, Baba was projecting His voice through loudspeakers for everyone to hear– even those who could not get a gate pass for the event. Baba had the loudspeakers set-up that even those in the street could listen. And those days people were curious about what Baba was saying because AM was very controversial, so people wanted to know what the Marga Guru was telling. Plus the CBI and local police were present recording every word also. And Baba had full knowledge about this.

Here the point is that those open-aired discourses where Baba was granting permission or ordering for the discourse to be recorded, then it is quite obvious that He wanted each and every word properly preserved. It was not that various paragraphs or words He was going to later delete, after so many people in the audience had already recorded their own personal copy of what He spoke.

Plus in the case of the recorded Hindi discourse ‘Sambhuti & Mahasambhuti’, Baba is telling on the cassette itself that He gave this same discourse a few days ago but since it could not get recorded properly He was going to address the matter again so that it should be recorded in full.

Hence, there are so many indicators, points of logic, and proofs that all point to the fact that if Baba allowed or ordered for a discourse to be recorded ahead of time, then it was certain that He intended for every word to be published.

About this there should not be any question or misunderstanding. Thus in all these cases, the printed discourse should match the original audio recording– word for word.


Unfortunately, nowadays various jinanis put forth the convoluted and loose reply that not all the words and sentences which Baba recorded in those discourses should be printed.

In general they say this for three reasons:

(1) Because these days many are listening to Baba’s original audio recordings and realising that the printed version often does not match up at all. So various senior jinanis and top Dadas tell ‘not all of Baba’s words were supposed to get printed’. And they say like this because they do not like to admit their mistake and error prone ways. So telling that ‘not all the words and paragraphs were meant to be printed’ is just their silly alibi nothing more, in order to cover up their wrongdoing.

(2) The second reason they tell like that is because since 1990 they wanted to print the books quickly in order to promoted sales and make money. For that end, any sloppy or error-filled rendition of the discourse was accepted. The basic trend was just to print it fast, irregardless of the accuracy and quality, in order to make a buck– in order to earn a dollar.

(3) And the third major reason why some top Dadas and jinanis are telling that ‘Baba did not want every recorded word printed’ is because they want to be able to control the situation and print or not print what best suits their interest. But this way they could and can best manipulate things for their own agenda. This has come up in any number of ways.

That is why they deleted lines such as where Baba tells that ‘The yoga philosophy was first propounded by Ananda Marga’. Specifically, in His morning general darshan delivered in English on 26 September 1979 in Caracas, Venezuela, Baba clearly says this, but later on when this discourse, ‘Be Free From All Complexes’, was printed in the book Ananda Vacanamrtam part 34, that very special sentence was not printed. If you check on page 79 you will see that it is missing. For reasons best known to them, this line was carefully deleted from the printed discourse.

So these above are the three major reasons why jinanis like to justify that not all Baba’s recorded words should be published or printed. But none should be tricked or duped by that false logic.


In their heart of hearts, such jinanis know that the only way to make Baba’s discourses truly proper is to have them mirror exactly the recorded discourse. This they know well and understand. That is why the Bengali version of Namami Krsnasundaram has been printed three times. Each time it more closely resembles Baba’s original recording. And the last Bengali edition of this book was published after 1990 and it is nearly perfect in its rendition of Baba’s historic discourses about Lord Krsna and His teachings.

So when those jinanis like to make something proper they follow the approach of printing all of Baba’s recorded words, yet at the same time they also like to keep the phrase– ‘not all His recorded words should be printed’– in their pocket to use when they like, either to hide their laziness or selfishness.

Thus by this example of the Bengali version of Namami Krsnasundaram, such fateful jinanis are caught in their own net of hypocrisy. They know all the words should be printed and they follow this on some occasions yet also they like the ‘freedom’ of telling, not all recorded words should be printed. This is a clear-cut case of hypocrisy and selfish convenience.


Then of course there were select instances when Baba’s every word was not meant to be printed, but this only applies to those discourses that were NOT recorded and NOT given in a large open-air, public forum like DMC.

So on those occasions where Baba has particular disciples around Him such as in reporting etc, and when He was talking behind closed doors and ordered that no one should record, then those discourses were printed in a totally different manner– from notes of those present based on what things Baba wanted published.

Here we are not talking about those early publications like Ananda Sutram which was done way before recoding devices were available.

Instead, this applies to discourses in the 1980’s. Books like Prout Nutshell Series, Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect (NH-LOI), Shabda Cayanika, Varna Victra, and Varna Vijiana were done in this way.

Why? In the case of certain Prout discourses and Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect, Baba was clearly saying many controversial points about the various rulers and leaders of day, and He did not want everything printed. The reasons were obvious and on the top it was His expressed desire. So those books were made from various notes by those in attendance.

And with regards to Shabda Cayanika, Varna Vijinana, & Varna Vicitra, these were all given in the style of a grammar class, so printing them word for word would be tedious for the reader– and without any flow. So for this reason, Baba did not allow those sessions to be recorded and instead the books were made based on the notes.

Of course, in all such circumstances, Baba had His designated way of checking and approving these publications.

So it is only those discourses that Baba purposely did not want recorded that His every word might not get printed.

Whereas if in a public venue He told that recording should be done then it is quite clear that every word was to appear in print.


Unfortunately a few top Dadas are not adhering to Baba’s ideal and are just printing certain sections of Baba’s recorded discourses. And in this way many important teachings get left behind.

In the past, various Dalai Lamas and Buddhist priests doctored Buddha’s original teaching such that while Buddha himself was doing sadhana and meditation, now around the globe the followers of Buddha are doing idol worship.

This is all due to priests and Dalai Lamas not properly presenting Buddha’s teachings to the people.

We must not allow such things to happen in AM.


So we have to be careful because there is not just one myth floating around about the (mis)printing of Baba’s discourses– there are many.

Here then is very brief synopsis of some other myths that need to be addressed. I hereby request others to come forward and elaborate on these below issues.

Some give the false claim that all Baba’s discourses should be printed from the “Original Bengali” when Baba Himself ordered for Hindi and English discourses to be printed as is. This happened innumerable times. Only in the case of SS-2 where the subject matter was so abstruse and Baba did not want to explain such highly intellectual topics to the villagers present, only in that circumstance did Baba later fill in the gaps via talks with certain Dadas and then order for the book (SS-2) to be printed from those Bengali notes. Besides this sole example– where Baba Himself openly talks about this technique– all other occasions Baba wants His discourses to be printed as is in the language in which they were given.

Then there are others who put forth the myth that Baba did not want to openly criticise Hindusim or Rama etc. And therefore those things should not be printed. But this is also empty talk. Because in so many books like Namah Shiva Shantaya and AV-11 and so many discourses Baba openly exposes the ills of Hinduism and Vedic dogmas etc. Thus no one should pay heed to the myth that Baba does not want to openly publish the pitfalls of Hinduism. Furthermore, Baba openly told and put in print that Rama is not real– just an imaginary character. So who can say that we are not to print Baba’s views on Rama either.

So these are but some of the many myths circulating around these days regarding the (mis)printing of Baba’s discourses. And certainly, as other members of the Marga come forward, all these other myths will be addressed and corrected in detail. I kindly ask others to elaborate on these above points.


Our duty is to keep Baba’s given teachings in proper form and that includes printing each and every word of His recorded discourses. None should be led to believe otherwise. Doing so means falling into dogma. What Baba spoke and what He ordered to be recorded should be printed as is. There is no doubt about this; the point is crystal clear. And this should be our way, lest we invite a whole truckload of dogma to be infested into our AM scriptures.

Baba says, “There must be an excellent and all-embracing philosophy, in which there should be no loophole in any sphere of mind as far as possible.” (NSS ’95 ed., p.196)


By Baba’s grace the day will soon come when our Publications Department will print and publish all Baba’s discourses properly and that will be one very special endeavour that will guide the humanity now and forever into the future.

Baba says, “Go forward…Advancement and progress must come your way. Victory shall be yours.” (AV-23, p.11)



In this era of extreme groupism, then we must not let the powers that be change even one word of Guru’s discourses. First the original must be printed as is. And then, thereafter, if some intelligent and dharmic oriented people want to improve on the punctuation, phrasing, and word choice, then that is a possibility. But not without there first being an original by which we may all confer. If we allow changes from the outset then groupists will continue to jump into the soup & ruin things according to their own selfish liking. That is why in this present era, Baba’s discourses should be printed as is– as He spoke.


Here in this following guideline Baba is emphasizing the importance of scripture.

Baba says, “The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless.” (NSS, Disc 14)


“Eso tumi a’ma’r ghare, baso hiya’r a’sane…” (P.S. 906)


O’ my dearmost Baba, please come to my humble abode and sit in the inner core of my heart. For ages and ages, I have been longing for You. Baba, in one lonely place in my mind I have prepared a thousand petal lotus for You to sit– and I have decorated it with the love of my heart.

Baba, by Your grace for such a long time I have been coming and going onto this dusty earth. In Your system of brahmacakra there is no leisure time for taking rest– because those who have come they will have to go, and those who have gone they will have to come. So there is no period of rest in Your ongoing cycle of brahmacakra. Always one is either coming or going.

Baba, by Your grace, in one golden dawn, my spiritual journey started– in my mind, in my mind. Baba, while moving towards You on this spiritual path, from time to time I go astray and I lose the way. I am incapable of walking properly, & that is why I go off the path. Please forgive me; and please bless me by showering a wee-bit of Your cosmic grace & bring me back onto the right path.

Baba, please come in my heart. In my Guru cakra I have prepared a one-thousand petal lotus for You in my mind. Please grace me by coming…

Health Guideline

Baba says, “Everyone may perform the practices below if they wish.”

“Utksepa Mudra: This Mudra should be practised in bed immediately upon waking. While lying on the back, one should flex both the arms and legs, bringing them over the chest, and then return them immediately to the extended position. After doing this three or four times, sit up in bed and drink a glass of cold water without allowing the water to touch the
teeth. After this you should expose the navel area to the air, and walk up and down in this way for some time in the open air.” (CC-3, ‘Different Yoga Practices’, Point #1)

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