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Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 22:34:55 -0600
From: “Punya’tman Deva”
Subject: Marry or Not Marry


“A’lo jhariye madhu ks’ariye a’ndha’r sa’riye tumi esecho…” (P.S. 1233)


Baba, You have come and by Your divine advent You are showering effulgence, exuding nectar, and wiping away all darkness. Baba, You have come – making the flowers blossom & graciously spreading happiness and bliss to one and all. Baba, by Your august arrival, everyone’s hopes and longings have been fulfilled.

Baba, O my Lord, living beings were awakened by the deep yearning and melancholic longing in their heart. In the anticipation & hope of Your arrival, they awakened and began watching for Your arrival – constantly looking towards Your path. Baba, the painful longing of devotees resonated in Your heart and You could no longer remain distant. Baba, You
have come and You are graciously pouring the basket of love – satisfying everyone’s heart. The sleeping humanity has gotten new life by Your grace.

Baba, that river which dried up and evaporated, and that song which was lost in the oblivion, the current of that very river and the tune of those songs You have graciously brought along with You. [1]

Baba due to Your august advent You have inundated each and every heart with the nectar of devotion. This is Your causeless grace…


[1] The inner idea is that when Parama Purusa comes and saturates the heart with deep devotion, then all those feelings of love, which had dried up, start to blossom. In the above song, the river signifies the flow of devotion and the song and melody refers to that subtler expression of devotional feeling.



Baba says, “In the opinion of Ananda Marga every individual has complete freedom in matters of marriage… Those who are constantly engaged in the fulfillment of an ideal, or those who have to spend the greater part of their day in…some mental occupation should not marry, because they will not find it possible to fulfill their family commitments properly. The marriage of such people is harmful to the society in many cases.” (Guide to Human Conduct, ’91 Edn, p.19)

In our Marga there is a dogma that either one should become a wt or get married. Yet in the practical sense everyone knows that just wearing the saffron dress does not mean dedication. There are many wts who are exclusively “dedicated” for their own stomach – or for power, post, and their groupist agenda.

Only those workers dedicated for the propagation of Ananda Marga ideology are true wts.

In contrast, on other side, there are many margiis who are completely focused on ideology and dedicated to our holy AM adarsha. That is why after getting married they are unable to properly look after their marital and family responsibilities. In result their children end up not liking or even blaming Ananda Marga.

About such cases, Baba has given the clear mandate that it would have been best if such ideologically-minded margiis would have remained single, and not married.

Punya’tman Deva


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Marriage and Problem

From: “Satiish K Bhatia”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Marriage and Problem
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 21:24:52 +0530


“Ga’n geye ja’bo…” P.S. 2305


Baba, O’ Supreme Entity, I will go on singing Your song – Your glory. It’s up to You whether You grace me by listening to these songs or not. But with these songs, in the depths of my contemplation, I will generate divine vibrations, by Your grace – and go on serving You.

Baba, with my deep yearning, I am calling You again and again without getting any response – You are not paying heed to my call. By avoiding me maybe You are thinking that I will not sing Your song anymore and that I will remain quiet. And that in frustration, I will give up the hope of getting You. And that I will no longer engage in the flow of those divine tunes and melodies, which is inundating the vast sky, by Your grace. And that I will not utilize these melodious treasures in my practical life to go closer to You.

Baba, with the strength of knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and worldly attributions, Your depth cannot be measured – nobody can realise You. By surrendering that very unit “I” which already belongs to You, and with the divine sweetness of singing Your name, I will surely get You, by Your grace.

Baba, I sing my songs only for You. Please, listen to these heart-felt loving melodie – and be gracious…

Note: In the above song, the sadhaka has deep love and a strong yearning for Parama Purusa. So when Parama Purusa does not respond to his call in the way that he desires, then the sadhaka makes one loving accusation towards Parama Purusa. So actually that is not an accusation per se, but rather an intimate type of loving expression. And Baba is approving that devotees have the right to do like this and that this loving way of communication is quite natural.


Here Baba has given a few guidelines about marriage eligibility.

Baba says, “At the time of marriage the bride and bridegroom should not have any direct relationship three generations above and three generations below. If this condition is not met, the marriage should not be solemnised.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-7, p.57)

In the above quotation Baba has given strict guidelines for members of the general society regarding marriage. The idea of no direct relation three generations up means that there must not be any blood relation between the parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents of the bride and the groom. That is the meaning of three generations up. And three generations down means no blood relation between the families of the bride and groom from their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

For instance, suppose the young boy of one family wants to marry the grand-daughter of his uncle then such a marriage could not be condoned. Similarly if the bride and bridegroom are planning to marry but if the great grandfather of the groom was the cousin of the great grandfather of the bride then such a marriage must not be permitted. So in AM for a marriage to be approved one of the distinct conditions is no direct relation three generations up and three generations down.


Around the globe there are various clans, countries and religions which do not follow the above mentioned rule. Instead they arrange marriages where the bridge and bridegroom have direct blood relation and that outcome of this is disastrous. It causes brain disorders, genetic abnormalities, onset of chronic diseases like cancer, and so many other problems and difficulties. This the well-documented fact. Everyone knows that Baba’s guidelines are deeply meaningful, whether He has opted to give a full explanation or not. On this point of marriage, these serious health issues are the main reason why this rule has been given. As margiis our duty is to convince members of the general society not to commit such blunder because that will only invited disastrous diseases into their family. On this point everyone should cooperate to make this a happy and healthy universe.


In the dogmatic religion of Islam their only restriction on the point of marriage is that the mother’s milk must be different between the bridge and the bridegroom. If this requirement is met then they can marry. But this creates huge problems. Because many Muslim men have 4 wives. In this way the male and female offspring of the same father often marry each other. In such marriages birth defects and diseases like cerebral palsy are rampant. This is not only the case with Muslims but also with orthodox Jews, Mormons, indigenous people, tribal communities, Bible believers, and various other sections of the population around the globe.

Satiish Deva

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Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2012 19:36:04
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Pradiip Deva
Subject: WT Profit: New Way Money is Made



A new trend is on the rise that we should all be aware of; it is related with our Ananda Marga ceremonies.

As we all know, our Wt’s (wholetimers) are meant to be the luminaries and ideal examples in society. By this way all will trust and revere our acarya cadre. Baba has talked about this again and again.

Kindly read the following about how our wts are conducting ceremonies and share your thoughts.


First we should review Baba’s special teaching. Here following, Baba is openly mocking certain vipras and pointedly revealing how the priest class (i.e. vipras) exploits society.

Baba says, “Even if one undergoes austerities, practises ritualistic fasting, undertakes pilgrimages, bathes in holy rivers and springs, worships a sacred fire or studies the scriptures, one will not be blessed unless one also offers sacerdotal fees to the vipras (priests). Only the vipras are authorized to recite even ordinary páncálii [long folk poems] about laokik gods and goddesses – and needless to say, a vipra would never visit anybody to recite such poems without remuneration…every intelligent person knows that a vipra (priests) will never act as an agent of God without some remuneration.” (Human Society – 2, The Vipra Age)

In His above guideline, Baba is colourfully describing how the vipras (priests) operate: How they dominate and exploit the society. They charge the common people for all kinds of “holy” arrangements and ceremonies. This is the ongoing approach by such vipras / priests to make more money.


But the story does not end here.

Tragically, in our own organisation, Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, similar types of things seem to be occurring. Here are points for your consideration.

1. As we know, Baba created the system that no one should pay anyone for conducting marriage ceremonies, baby naming ceremonies, death ceremonies and all such occasions etc. In Caryacarya it has been declared that all such functions and ceremonies are free. That is Baba’s stated mandate.

2. Unfortunately, nowadays, various dadas are charging big money for arranging marriages, conducting marriages, and even conducting death ceremonies etc. This has become big business for certain dadas. For marriages they are accepting cash and kind (gifts).

3. Some dadas are also charging money for initiations and other ceremonies. This creates problems in multiple directions. Baba teachings are not being followed; margiis are being subjected to unjust fees; and lastly such actions reflect poorly on the many dedicated and honest wts in our Marga. Thus it is a triple-loss.

4. One key example is Ac Sharanananda Avt. who is involved in society building. Our Dadaji charges as much as 10,000 rupees for Indian couples and approximately 10,000 dollars for overseas margiis just to sign one simple piece of paper indicating that a marriage has been performed. Here we are not talking about court fees or any other expense. Dadaji is charging the families that much just to sign his name on the paper.

However Sharananandji is not alone in this endeavour. Other dadas charging big-time fees for marriage ceremonies include Madhuvratananda, Nabhatiitananda, Raganugananda, and Satyashreyananda etc.

5. In their heart of hearts, such Wts know it is wrong so they ward off any guilt with the justification that, “This is the easiest way to get some money from margiis.” This is their mentality.

6. The question of virtue and vice does not arise for these types of wts. Such workers feel that virtue and vice are for margiis or non-margiis. They console themselves by thinking that, “For me, as a wt, there is no question of virtue or vice; I am beyond all that.” More and more dadas are resorting to such justifications and negative thinking. Unfortunately that will only lead to their downfall and create problems in society.


7. Here in India there is a strong dogma that Ananda Marga ceremonies must be led by wts. That is the demand and feeling of many margiis of Delhi sector. All because of the prevailing Indian dogmatic belief: some have have an inherent preference for the saffron cloth – not margii cloth. For instance, even in those places where family acaryas are prevalent, the margiis think that it will be very auspicious if the ceremony is conducted by a wt. This dogma is reinforced by wts; that is unfortunate. Because an acarya is an acarya, irrespective of whether they are a wt of family margii.


8. Who can forget that our organisation lost so many good wts because they were overly involved in arranging others’ marriages. In that course they arranged a marriage for themselves as well. Still today this is going on.

9. The standard system is that wts should not be involved in marriage ceremonies and preparations etc. That is the work of our family acaryas. If any wt is doing this job then we must conclude that he has that type of weakness: To remain around the opposite sex. That may lead to his final decay. So best is for family acaryas to oversee and conduct all marriage ceremonies etc.


10. By the looks of it, these workers, who are charging big money to perform marriage ceremonies, are exploitative vipras – not sadvipras. Here again is Baba’s teaching where He exposes how the priest class exploits society. Actually in this below teaching Baba is mocking the dealings of such priests. Thus in Ananda Marga, we do not at all support this type of mentality where the priest class uses their status and position to take advantage of the people.

Baba says, “Even if one undergoes austerities, practises ritualistic fasting, undertakes pilgrimages, bathes in holy rivers and springs, worships a sacred fire or studies the scriptures, one will not be blessed unless one also offers sacerdotal fees to the vipras (priests). Only the vipras are authorized to recite even ordinary páncálii [long folk poems] about laokik gods and goddesses – and needless to say, a vipra would never visit anybody to recite such poems without remuneration…every intelligent person knows that a vipra (priests) will never act as an agent of God without some remuneration.” (Human Society – 2, The Vipra Age)

11. In the next letter, we will share how Wts from other factions, such as B group and EC, are also involved in charging for marriage ceremonies etc.

12. Finally, I invite you to write in with your comments and reflections on this topic, especially from those who also have been personally affected by this.

Pradiip Deva


“An’ur vyatha’, etodine bujhale priyo, anuma’ne…” (Prabhata Samgiita 4593)


Baba, O’ my Dearest, now by Your guessing You have understood the feeling of this unit being. How You do not have time to come close to me; rather, You remain sitting on the divine throne of Your devotees. On that throne which is studded with jewels. So You do not have time to look towards this little being.

People are demanding of me, “Why do you go on crying, and why do you call that Divine Entity who will not come and who will never pay heed to your calling.” People also tell me, “Don’t you know, His heart is very hard like a stone. He does not care. He knows all the scriptures, all the shlokas, all the mantras and bhajans, so there is no need to tell anything to Him. He will not pay heed to your call.”

In spite of what they say, I never get frustrated or feel hopeless. By Your grace I know that I must get You. I know for certain that at some point in this life of mine, up to my death even – I know that You will come to me. O’ Baba, I am hopeful that You will grace me by coming in the lotus of my heart, and that You will make my life successful…

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To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 07:00:36
From: “Hitendra Deva”
Subject: Are You Concerned About Beauty?


“Ba’dha’ eseche bheunegeche toma’r…hoyeche…” (PS 2647)


Baba, by Your grace all those obstacles which have come on the path have been pulverized. They got completely destroyed. Whatever horrifying things were there – fog, dilemma, confusion – all disappeared into thin air. This happened only because of Your divine grace.

In a ghastly attempt, the bad days – the foggy weather – wanted to swallow everything. They tried to submerge everything into cimmerian darkness. However the demons’ dances, and the days of hellish creatures and their kingdom of doom, are gone forever by Your grace, by Your karuna.

O’ Parama Purusa, the Charioteer of the chariot of effulgence, You have come. All the confusion, illusion, and dilemmas have been wiped away from everyone’s mind. It is Your grace.

Baba due to Your holy advent the bondage of ignorance and staticity, and the serpentine noose of maya have been destroyed. With the presence of Your august advent, Your arrival, all the sins have gotten destroyed. Now everything is saturated with divine effulgence. Baba, You are ever-gracious…



This is one big trend all around the globe these days – now more than ever. All want to become stunningly beautiful.

And there is nothing wrong with that…

…except that people are looking for beauty in all the wrong places – i.e. externally – and it is wrecking their lives. Their misguided search for beauty leads to anxiety, depression, divorce, trauma, frivolous expenses, financial debt and all kinds of psychic complexes and afflictions.

We may even find traces of this ill-conceived quest for beauty in our Marga, though in the general society it is much more rampant, exponentially so.

We should all be aware, lest we fall into a similar pattern. Also with awareness comes the ability to help others and convince them of the truth in a compassionate way through logic and reasoning.


The trends about what is beautiful vary from place to place, but now in this materialistic era, all parameters of beauty are based on the most superficial aspect of the human experience.

In the US and Europe, white-skinned people generally think that “having a tan” makes them more beautiful. Thus most everyone in those areas wants a tan, or brown skin. To get that, they may lie in the sun, lie on a tanning bed, or even have it sprayed on like paint.

In India, now it is more fashionable or beautiful to have light or white skin. For this reason ladies may not even go outside in the sun for fear that their skin will get too dark.

Yet these trends come and go like the wind. One day one wishes to look dark, and the next white. It can flip-flop anytime. Yet on these whimsical and fleeting styles, people form their crude judgments of a person and formulate their own look as well.

Baba says, “The notion of what is beautiful or ugly, or good or bad in human beings changes from age to age, and in different environments. Those who are black-complexioned will say, “How beautiful black is. Why is that man so white? Has he contracted leucoderma (white leprosy)? How repulsive, how utterly repulsive!” That is, human judgement is relative; it changes according to time, place and person.” (AV-8)

And not just skin colour, but each and every aspect of the physical body has a trend, or look, or way that is deemed as beautiful. And people go bonkers trying to achieve that.

They may spike their hair, expand their lips, paint their face, tattoo their body, pluck their eyebrows, squeeze their feet into small shoes, whiten their teeth, grow their nails, paint their toes, and the list goes on and on.

We have all seen it.

They may even visit plastic surgeons to make their nose or other parts “absolutely ideal”, i.e. beautiful. They may body pierce themselves all over thinking that this makes them attractive. Or they may get a liposuction or tummy tuck in order to make themselves look skinny.

In the past in India and other poor countries, being fat was a sign of wealth and prosperity – they all wanted to be fat. That was desired and beautiful. Now in those same places, all that has changed. Especially where the internet is big – like in the Indian cities – all want to be thin now, because that is the rage in the west.

No matter where one resides, to gain that look – of being beautiful – people are willing to do anything.

Even in these tough economic times – when cash is sparse – people are spending thousands and millions even billions of dollars on various cosmetic medical procedures or beauty supplies in order to enhance their look. It is a mega industry at present.

And the one who suffers most is the individual – they become a victim of the times. They ruin their peace and composure by indulging in this quest for beauty externally, which in truth is destined for failure.


1. Although beauty varies from place to place and era to ear, people in the same place and in the same era chase after the same look. They all want to be thin, or have their hair in a particular way, and dress according to the day’s fashion etc. In essence, they become mirror images of one another – when in truth diversity is the spice of life. Mother nature makes us all different, even if our parents are the same. By this way the gene pool of our human society gets stronger and more developed. To chase after the same look is to going against nature.

2. The beauty business corrupts people’s mind into thinking that beauty only resides on the outside. They have so many tricks for brainwashing people, especially young women and teenagers. This is their big market and they spend huge money convincing them. In turn, the beauty industry takes in billions. The entire situation is most unfortunate.

3. People naively think that by becoming more beautiful then all their problems will be solved and everything will be alright – i.e. they will be happy and all will adore them. This is their day-dream fantasy as well as the reason why they chase relentlessly after external beauty.

4. Now more and more people are goaded toward external beauty at a younger age. This imposes a terrible inferiority complex that “I am not beautiful enough.” Generally self-conscious feelings about one’s looks occur when one is going through adolescence. But today, in countries like Brazil and India, girls of 3 or 4 years of age are being dressed up like
dolls and the children get the teaching early on that external beauty is everything. This is a terrible tragedy and brings about the demise of the human condition.

5. And there are more points, write us with your thoughts.


All in all, chasing after external beauty is a no-win situation for anyone, neither for materialists nor for spiritual aspirants.

Materialists, or common people, bank all their happiness on external beauty and allurements, which is itself fleeting. Most of the time people are too self-conscious to delight in what beauty they do have, and even if they do enjoy their “beauty” what they fail to realise is that their beauty will not last. It is impermanent, temporary. It will wane, wane, wane with the passage of tiem. Seeing this, people get distressed and depressed. They worry about thinner hair, flabby thighs, droopy skin, and so many other things. To make matters worse, people are living longer now than ever before so while their “beauty” may begin to decrease after the age of 30, 35, 40, or 45, they now live longer, up to 80, 90, or 100 and in that case they merely extend their days living in that depressed state. Such is the fate of materialists.

And spiritual-minded people also run into trouble by chasing after external beauty. They may have lived a most dharmic life and helped others but because of their lust for external beauty all their good efforts get wasted and instead of progressing on the path, at the time of death they get turned into bodyless microvita. Such a horrible fate.

Baba says, “Though siddhas are elevated human beings, those who have some aesthetic attraction for physical objects like money, ornaments, etc., become kinnaras after their demise. As spiritual aspirants they are elevated to some extent, and as human beings they are decent, but they prayed to Parama Purus’a for beauty instead of for Parama Purus’a Himself. Such people, after their demise, attain the status of kinnara devayonis.” (MVNS)

So neither the common materialist nor the advanced sadhaka benefits by chasing after external beauty – yet so many engage in this way.


The next – or obvious – question then is why do they do it. Why do people chase after external beauty?

The answer we all know.

When people do not seek peace within then their mind turns to the external sphere for happiness, acceptance, and approval. And one of the closest external qualities we have is our bodies. Thus people seek attention and respect based on their external looks, i.e. “beauty”. Their figure, hair, shape, softness etc.

But this leads them nowhere other than their demise.

And tragically the trend is only growing. Now more than ever people are mentally imbalanced due to materialism, and in that precarious state they invariably look more and more for external beauty as their great value in life.

This then makes them more insecure and worried and ultimately sets them up for “the big fall” when their beauty invariably wanes as the body decays.

So it is a vicious cycle.

In contrast, if one is able to find peace within, then they are not so concerned about their superficial looks. Already they have found beauty and value in life. And that is the real beauty that will bring peace and happiness.


Here Baba graciously guides us where our real beauty lies.

Baba says, “Perhaps you know that mental beauty exercises some degree of influence on the human body. A woman who is unattractive but is mentally elevated or has a loving nature will look beautiful to others. You must have heard that to a child, the most beautiful woman in the world is his or her mother.” (MVNS)

Thus beauty – ie lasting beauty and attraction – lies in the benevolence and sentientness of mind.

As a person gets to know your mind, then they will find you to be more and more beautiful, so long as your mind is spiritually inclined. That is why people who come close to you and become your friend value you for your behaviour and conduct, not for your looks. So long as one’s mind is vibrated, one’s conduct will be proper, and others will be attracted to you. So the point of allurement is the mind not the body. That is where lasting beauty exists. That is Baba’s guideline.

Proof of this is that these days so many marriages are made based on purely external beauty and sexual attraction. But then, as they get to know one another and see how the other thinks and behaves, then they develop distaste for one another until finally they fight, beat each other, and ultimately divorce. Countless high-profile, glamorous marriages have destructed in this way. And it happens to common people as well.

The point is that if you do not like the way a person thinks and behaves, then they will not be beautiful to you, irregardless of how physically attractive they are. And vice-versa.

Whereas, if one’s behavior and dealing are benevolent and charming, then everyone will be attracted to you and find you to be beautiful.

That is Baba’s magic formula.

Thus if one is concerned about beauty – they should ensure they are concerned about their psychic beauty, not the physical one. Only the beauty of the mind can bring about happiness and welfare to oneself and others. Only then can on be truly beautiful in the eyes of others.


By His grace here again is His divine teaching. By adhering go 16 Points, doing sadhana, singing kiirtan, and being strict in yama and niyama, then one’s beauty will increase more and more.

Baba says, “Perhaps you know that mental beauty exercises some degree of influence on the human body. A woman who is unattractive but is mentally elevated or has a loving nature will look beautiful to others. You must have heard that to a child, the most beautiful woman in the world is his or her mother.” (MVNS)




Baba says, ” Just imagine the situation that will arise in the future as a result of humanity’s ever increasing thirst for knowledge. To meet these developments the nerve cells and nerve fibres will have to become more complex. Consequently, the human cranium will become larger and the size of the head will increase. The hands and feet will become weaker and weaker and human beings may even lose the ability to walk…Today we think that such people will look very strange, but in the future one may hear people commenting, “Oh, how handsome he looks with eyes as small as little peas and arms as thin as jute sticks. He can’t hear anything with his ears. In fact, he hasn’t got any ears at all! What an attractive man.” Although it seems slightly repulsive to us, this will become the standard of beauty in future. People will judge beauty according to the standards of the day, saying, “Oh, those stick-like arms of his make him look so handsome. The fellow can’t walk properly. How wonderful.” And if someone can walk, people will say, “How indecent that fellow looks hobbling around on two legs!” But if he crawls along the ground they will say, “How wonderful, how beautiful!” If we were to see this sort of scene today, however, we would say, “How unsightly. That fellow is uglier than an owl.”” (AV-8)

Samaj is Based on Neo-Humanism, not Groupism

Parama Purusa BABA says, “If each samaj [socio-economic unit] is inspired by a comprehensive ideology and a universal outlook, human society will move ahead with accelerating speed towards a sublime ideal.” (PNS-13, p. 23)

Note: Nowadays some group leaders are singing the song of samaj as they try to forge ahead with their narrow-minded agendas. But margiis can smell this from a mile away and are keeping distance from such talk. Means other than a select few, no one is falling into the trap that the spectacle of such and such WT group is part of samaj theory.

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Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 19:39:47 -0000
From: J.Deva
Subject: How You Can Save Money



In this day and age, people waste a lot of time trying to earn more and more money – laboring anywhere from 8 – 10 hours daily, or even 18 hours in a single day.

Plus most people are totally worried about money – so they think about earning money even when they are not working. They eat, sleep, and dream about it.

In this way their entire psyche and days are consumed.

The general psychology is to earn more and spend more. That becomes their entire life – that is the unfortunate truth. The tragedy is that this human life is about so much more than just collecting money. Human life is far larger than this.

To resolve this critical issue, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji has given a beautiful way of living that is very easy for everyone to do. And by following His guidelines, you are sure to save huge amounts of money.

So if you are suffering from any sort of financial worry or fiscal need, then read this following letter.


The guidelines in this letter are for everyone. If you are already an Ananda Margii or a sympathizer of the Marga, you will readily see how much you are saving by following AM practices. Plus you may get some new tips as well.

And if you are not yet an Ananda Margii, then by reading the below you will get a clear-cut vision how following our AM way of life will benefit you financially.

Hence this letter is for absolutely anyone and everyone who wishes to save money and live a financially secure life.


In Ananda Marga, as we all know, or as new people will soon learn, we do not use any intoxicants – none. This is the first great way of saving money by leading life as an Ananda Margii.

Cigarettes, beer, wine, and hard alcohol are all getting taxed verily heavily by the city, state, provincial and federal government. So the prices of these substances is skyrocketing.

Indeed recently the tax on cigarettes in NY state went up $1.60 to a total of $4.35 on taxes alone, so a pack of cigarettes now costs $9.20 (on average) in NY, and more than that in New York City. Smoking a pack a day over the course of a year would add up to more than $3,650.00 at a minimum. And this type of increase is happening everywhere. The same thing is going on with regards to alcohol.

Since in Ananda Marga we have no interest in or use for cigarettes, or any of these other legal intoxicants like alcohol etc, we are saving a huge amount of money. Just ask any ex-smoker or ex-drinker and they will most assuredly tell you about all the money they are saving by quitting their dirty habit.


Then of course there are the illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroine etc. These all cost a huge amount of money – it is big business – but for Ananda Margiis this is a non-issue entirely. Hence big $aving$.

Included in this topic are other health costs and legal fees. If one is using intoxicants of any kind they will certainly have to spend more money on doctors fees, health concerns, insurance premiums, hospital care and other medications etc, since those intoxicants will ruin their health.

In addition, drinking and driving is illegal so if one gets caught by the police they will incur big legal fees in order to clear their name and stay out of jail, if possible. Same is the case if they are caught using illegal drugs. Not only are the drugs expensive and addicting, but one have to spend huge money on attorney fees to clear their name in a
court of law.

So from multiple angles, our clean way of living that is free of any and all intoxicants saves us a lot of money. That is the first great savings for being an Ananda Margii.


Our style of eating, i.e. our vegetarian diet, is also a big money saver. In most places, fresh fruit and vegetables are far less costly than meat – both on our wallet and our health. Our daily or weekly shopping is less expensive plus we will not face all the health issues that hinders meat-eaters. So we will not have to pay those big medical bills either.

Various studied show how eating home-prepared vegetarian meals foods is cheaper (and healthier!) than a meat-based diet. Also always look into buying foods in bulk – one can save huge money this way.

There is much more involved in this point of food, but I think most of us are aware about them. And already there is a lot of information out there about the extreme financial and health costs of a meat-based diet.

The only further point that is worth raising on the point of food is that as Ananda Margiis we do not dine in restaurants or hotels. Of course the reason we do not do this is because those places are not sentient: The dishes themselves are dirty, the ingredients are unknown, and the cooks are non-sadhakas. So that is why we do not dine in such establishments. But, on the top, eating in these restaurants is an expensive habit. By not frequenting such restaurants we save a lot of money. What average people spend on a single meal in a restaurant is enough funds for wise, vegetarian shoppers to eat for 1 or 2 weeks at home.


So much of the world indulges in gambling – either in casinos, or on-line, or at sporting events, or in lotteries, etc. The tragedy with gambling is the the “house” always wins. People waste their time and hard-earned money and come home empty handed. Not only do they lose their money, but they lose their mental balance as well as gambling is
an addition. People go so far as to sell their most valued possessions in order to support their gambling habit. Indeed, even the great King Yudhisthira lost his entire wealth and property in a game of dice. Such are the ill effects of gaming and gambling.

Our Ananda Marga does not allow for this at all.

Baba says, “The habit of making wagers is extremely undesirable. You must avoid lotteries and gambling.” (CC-2, Society, pt#38)

When there is no gambling then there is no question of losing money or wasting away one’s time. This is an absolute money-saver.


In our present era, this is a big, big point. So many people around the world, especially in the materialistic western nations, make it a hobby or even career in life to spend money which they do not have.

People incur debt by taking big loans to pay for things that they cannot afford: clothes, fancy meals, i-Phones, sports cars, gadgets, and so much more. By this way they lose money in two ways: Firstly by purchasing a costly item which they do not really need; secondly by having to pay the interest on the loan for that item. Hence it is a double loss.

Yet all “modern economies” around the globe are based on this faulty precept. Not only do individuals and families indulge in this, but entire cities, counties, states and even whole nations embark on this defective manner of taking loans to pay for things they cannot afford.

From beginning to end this is a totally costly and mentally taxing affair. People stay awake at night wondering and worrying about how they are going to pay back their loan. And countries even go totally bankrupt – that we are seeing today.

In Ananda Marga, Baba is entirely against the idea of taking a loan or incurring debt for superfluous items.

Baba says, “To purchase, by incurring debt, serge where tweed will do, or gaberdine where serge will do, is surely against the principle of aparigraha.” (GHC)

Indeed the entire spirit of aparigraha is to live in a simple manner, within one’s means. This is only possible if oe can to cultivate the requisite santosa (mental ease), such that a person will not senselessly run after material goods. As Baba points out in many discourses, the practices of aparigraha and santosa are closely linked.

Baba says, “Human desire knows no end. Millionaires want to become multimillionaires, because they are not satisfied with their million. Ask the millionaires if they are happy with their money. They will say, “Where is the money? I am somehow pulling on.” This answer indicates their ignorance of aparigraha. But such feelings have another adverse effect on body and mind.”

Here Baba continues His discourse.

Baba says, “Out of excessive fondness for physical or mental pleasures people become mad to earn money and amass wealth. As money becomes the be-all and end-all of life, the mind gets crudified. Constant hankering after money results in negligence of one’s health, and this makes the body unfit. Therefore, santos’a sa’dhana’ lies in being contented with the earnings of normal labour, without any undue pressure on the body and mind. To remain contented, one has to make a special type of mental effort to keep aloof from external allurements.” (GHC)

Hence by following yama and niyama and doing sadhana, one can easily become adept at the points of aparigraha and santosa. And this will lead to saving so much money – huge amounts.

Because without aparigraha and santosa, one will become a prisoner to the consumer mentality of “buy this” & “buy that” which is so infested within capitalism.

Hence this topic of loans in highly linked without our mental state and yama and niyama. When the mind is balanced one will steer clear of all kinds of unneeded purchases as well as unnecessary loans, thereby saving tremendous amounts of money.



Here is a brief list of other ways any sadhaka of the Marga will certainly save money. Again, anyone can follow this approach and get the financial benefits. I invite others to comment and elaborate on these below points.

– Fasting: By fasting 2 or 4 times monthly, we save 1 – 2 months worth of food over the course of the entire year. Plus fasting purifies the body and keeps us disease-free, and away from expensive medical visits.

– Marriage: In some traditions huge money or dowries are paid to get one’s children married. We do not subscribe to such dogmas. Our social ceremonies are free.

– Tiirtha / Pilgrimage: Traveling to so-called holy lands like Mecca, Jerusalem or Varanasi each year is an expensive proposition. In AM, we do not have such destinations – the only tiirtha in AM is Guru cakra.

– Birth & Death: Here again these entail social ceremonies that do not cost any money in AM, whereas in the dogmatic churches and temples, moderate to large sums of money need to be paid. Plus without a large payment, one will not even find a spot in the cemetery or get a good casket, whereas in AM the body is burned at no expense to the deceased or their family.

– Hobbies: In AM, our only hobby is social service and helping others whereas in the so-called first-world nations average citizens spend enormous amounts of money on hobbies and recreational activities. Thus we save a lot in this department as well.

– Psychic Disease: Sadhana keeps the mind balanced and without sadhana people encounter so many mental problems: frustration, depression, angst, phobias etc. In that case they have to spend huge money on psychiatrists and psychologists.

– Inferiority Complex: Anyone with an inferiority is bound to be exploited. Sadhana will free the mind from such complexes.

– Religious Taxes: In most of the religions, the tax for the average member is 10% or so of their total income. In Ananda Marga it is only 2%. Thus we save 8%.

And there are a multitude of other ways in which we save money. Everyone should write in with their experience of how they save money by being an Ananda Margii


By Baba’s grace He has given us the perfect system for living in this era of economic struggle and strife. By following His life principles we are bound to save large sums of money and feel relaxed about our financial picture.

So if anyone is suffering from economic turmoil, just become an Ananda Margii or redouble one’s efforts in following 16 Pts. Then one will be worry-free and unencumbered by economic problems.

Let us remember that human life is short and it is meant for sadhana, not getting caught up in financial concerns.

Baba says, “One should not forget that human life is short. From the moment of birth one slowly and steadily advances towards death with every passing second. This short period of time from birth to death is human life. Human beings have come from the world of invisibility and at the end of this short span of time will return to the world of invisibility. Those people can be called intelligent who utilize every moment of their short life engaged in spiritual practice.” (APH-4)



Here furthermore is another of Baba’s special guideline about taking loans.

Baba says, “I am also giving one more advice in regard to aparigraha. If any Margis have to spend on anything in addition to the fixed expenditure (for example, expensive clothing, ornaments, articles of furniture, marriage, building, etc.), they should, before incurring such expenditure, obtain a clear order from their a’ca’rya, unit secretary or district secretary, or any other person of responsible rank. Similarly, permission is to be obtained before taking loan from any businessman or money-lender.” (GHC)


In this materialistic era, the mass of people weigh most of their decisions on money. People want to know what is most economical. This plays into our favour as this entire letter aims to show the innumerable ways how living life as an Ananda Margii is the best bank for your buck. So this is a good pracara strategy: Save money by becoming an Ananda Margii.

In addition, challenging or severe economic times are mounting, so as Ananda Margiis we need not worry so much since in a multitude of ways our way of life is the most economical. It is a better deal fiscally.

By the above listing of points, it is easy to see how and why our AM ways of life is great in all realms of life, including financially.


“Ajuta chande esechile tumi nacite nacite ha’site ha’site…” (PS #146)


O’ Baba, with the resonance of melody and in the manana [1] of my heart, and the jingling of the ankle bell [2], You came in countless rhythms, dancing and smiling, smiling and dancing.

You came with the resonance of melody; You came with the manana of my heart, You came with the jingling of the angel bell. O’ Lord you came, You came with the resonance of melody, O’ Lord You came.

You came with the manana of my heart, O’ Lord. You came with the jingling of the ankle bell. O’ Lord, with the resonance of melody, and in the manana of my heart, O’ Lord You came. In the manana of my heart, and the jingling of the ankle bell, O’ Lord You came.

If I blossom as a flower on the branch, then You become fragrance and fill me always. If I become the distant sky, then You become blue and fill me always. [3] O’ Lord, You fill me always. As a blue color You always envelop me.

If I become the distant sky, then You become blue and fill me always. O’ Lord, You fill me always. You surround me from all the directions, You came in countless rhythms, dancing and smiling, smiling and dancing.

O’ Baba, I am never alone. You are always with me, no matter what. You are ever gracious, I surrender at Your lotus feet…


[1] Manana: The contemplation or ideation of the Supreme Entity by repeating the Lord’s name in the mind. This special process Baba has described in-depthly in His various teachings of AM devotional and spiritual life.

[2] Jingling of the Ankle Bell: This song carries great symbolic and is the poetic expression of what the sadhaka feels in dhyana. So the “ankle bell” is not a physical bell attached to one’s ankle nor does it refer to some type of bell that Parama Purusa is wearing around His foot. Rather when the sadhaka realises and feels the proximity of Parama Purusa in deep dhyana, then one hears this ankle bell sound within. That is the meaning of this metaphor in the song. One hears this ankle bell sound when in His close proximity. The phrase – Parama Purusa has come with His ankle bell – is just a poetic expression that holds greater symbolic meaning.

[3] Two More Metaphors: The metaphor of the sky and its blue color indicates how they are inseparable. The sky and blueness cannot be made distinct from one another. The two are inextricably inter-linked. In the same way the devotee and Parama Purusa are inseparable. Similarly, the flower cannot be separated from its fragrance; where there is a the flower there is fragrance and where there is flower fragrance there is the flower. The two are completely part and parcel of each other. Here again this refers to the inherent link between the Lord and the bhakta. Parama Purusa is always with the devotee – one cannot remain separate from the other. Parama Purusa comes with His omnkara dhvani (eternal sound) the bhakta gets attracted and merges in Him.

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From: “Gagan Deva”
Subject: In AM Sex is For What
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 10:35:43 -0000



In the general society, especially in the west, sex is for enjoyment. People commonly think the material world is only for their selfish enjoyment. And of all the worldly pleasures, sex is the top. This is the common outlook and way of life.

This is evidenced by the movies, dress, advertisements, values, products and activities of those living in materialistic countries.

But in Ananda Marga, our approach is totally different. AM is the path of bliss – i.e. spiritual bliss. For us, worldly dealings are for adjustment only to proceed on the path of spirituality. Our food habits, lifestyle, and thinking are to be controlled in order to advance pointedly towards our Goal, Supreme Consciousness. Indulgence of the various motor and sensory organs is not appropriate for one’s physical, psychic and spiritual progress.

A few of the various religions hold somewhat similar beliefs while other religions are more indulgent.

In our Marga however, our stance is very straight and clear. Ours is that path of bliss where the mind is goaded towards Parama Purusa and sex is merely for society building (i.e. procreation), not for sensual pleasure etc. Baba’s teachings about this are very straightforward.

Here following are Baba’s guidelines on this subject. We must reflect on them in a deeper way; a knee-jerk reaction is not at all helpful. If anyone reads Baba’s teachings with a dogmatic or stagnant state of mind, they will not be able to understand. An open mind is needed. Baba’s following guidelines are life changing.


[1] In this first teaching Baba warns us that often males are more prone towards indulgence and this leads to female diseases as well as the degeneration of those males. Best is to exercise restraint and goad one’s energy to higher cakras. In the following quote Baba is clearly stating that males are the cause of female disease.

Baba says, “In most cases, if not all, lack of self-control by the male is one of the causes of female disease. It is certainly not desirable for women to go to their graves prematurely due to the intemperance of men. Sexual over-indulgence is also harmful to the men, because it causes excessive wastage of shukra, which in the lymph stage nourishes the brain. Remember that self-control is the greatest thing in life.” (Yogic Treatment, Females Diseases)

[2] Here again in this next teaching Baba warns us that lack of restraint leads to a whole host of illnesses and diseases.

Baba says, “People should not taint their lives by sexual over-indulgence. Everyone should remember that shukra is the ultimate element of the body, and if it is absent or somehow impaired, all the elements of the body may become impaired and invite attacks of various diseases.” (Yogic Treatment, Appendix)

[3] Baba’s final guideline is that one should exercise more and more restraint.

Baba says, “When it comes down to a choice between restraint and lack of restraint…the more restraint the better.” (Yogic Treatment, Sex)

We should all be aware of Baba’s guidelines and follow accordingly. We should not get caught up or swayed by the crude ways of materialism where sex is everything. Ours is the path of bliss where we goad all our energies towards serving and pleasing Parama Purusa.


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Subject: Re: Goenka: I Have No Interest in Revolutionary Marriages
Date: Sat 25 Jun 2011 17:29:36 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Deva



One of the key points of building one human society is our revolutionary marriage system which was specially given by Baba. This is an essential way for bringing people together and creating a harmonious society.

As has been clearly detailed in earlier postings (see links below), the Goenka clan has resisted Baba’s divine guideline of revolutionary marriages. Instead they have glued themselves to their own caste and community. This has been going on from generation to generation.

Yet, by His below teachings, Baba guides us that revolutionary marriages are needed in order to do AM pracara and build a healthy social order. Without revolutionary marriages, these two aims cannot be achieved. We see then how important they are.

You can decide for yourself the quality of the person who intentionally rejects Baba’s teaching and instead arranges caste marriages.

One margii has contributed the following teachings by writing a summary in English of Baba’s below quotes from Hindi discourses. (Note: If you are unable to read the Hindi font in this email, kindly refer to the attached PDF file.)


Baba says, “You will have to struggle against dogma. And not just by saying dogma is bad, no. By your own actions, you will have to show you reject dogma. I will tell all that we need to create a human society as soon as possible.
Everywhere in the world A’nandama’rga praca’ra will have to be done even more strongly. And for this, two things are needed. For creating a society more and more revolutionary marriages are needed. … And those who are guardians, mothers and fathers, have your sons and daughters do revolutionary marriage and thereby show that you are against dogma. You should fear no one. If your duty is not accomplished by individual effort, then move ahead collectively. There is no cause for fear. I am with you.” (Summary of the below Hindi)

तुम लोग dogma के ख़िलाफ़ सङ्ग्राम करते रहोगे | और केवल—मुँह से बोलोगे कि dogma ख़राब है—सो नहीं | अपने करके दिखला दोगे कि—तुम dogma को नापसन्द करते हो |

हम तो सबसे कहेंगे कि हम लोगों को जल्द से जल्द समाज बना लेना है | और, दुनिया में सर्वत्र आनन्दमार्ग का प्रचार और ज़ोरदार करना है | इसके लिए चाहिए दो | समाज बनाना है, इसलिए अधिक से अ&
#2343;िक revolutionary marriage चाहिए | …

और, जो लोग guardian हो, माता-पिता हो, अपने बटे-बेटी को revolutionary marriage करके दिखला दो कि—तुम dogma के ख़िलाफ़ हो | घबड़ाओ नहीं, किसी से डरो नहीं | अपने वैयष्टिक प्रयास से अगर नहीं हुआ, सामूहिक प्रयास से करो
; | घबड़ाने की कोई बात नहीं है | और हम तोरा सिनी रो साथ छियो |

क्रान्तिकारी विवाह
(Kra’ntika’rii Viva’ha, Deoghar, 08 Jan 84 General Darshan)

Here is another of Baba’s divine teachings on this key point.

Baba says, “Get more and more revolutionary marriages done. And, what should brave youths and their parents do? Put an ending to casteism, pulverize it to dust with the force of their blows. Build one human society, and deliver the message of Ananda Marga to all the corners of the world. And for this, maximum whole timer workers are also needed. So create more and more whole timer workers. And by creating more and more revolutionary marriages, make the society strong.” (Summary of the below Hindi)

अधिक से अधिक revolutionary marriage करा लो | और जो हिम्मतवार लड़के हैं, वे, उनके guardian, उनके माता; वे लोग क्या करें ? जात-पाँत को लात से ख़त्म कर दो, चूर-चूर कर दो | एक समाज, एक दल, एक मज़बूत समाज बना लो और हम लो& #2327;ों को दुनिया के कोने-कोने में आनन्दमार्ग का पैगाम पहुँचा देना है | इसलिए अधिक से अधिक सङ्ख्या में whole timer worker की भी जरूरत है | कोई whole timer worker बनो | कोई revolutionary marriage करके समाज को मज़बूत बना दो |

(14 Jan 1984, Patna)
Ram Sahay





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