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You Are Bound?

Date: 23 Oct 2012 21:48:59 -0000
From: “Divyacaksu”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: You Are Bound?


In this created universe, everyone wants mukti: Liberation. Nobody wants to remain in bondage, even animals want liberation.

The proof is that if you put an animal in a cage, they will try to open the cage and escape. They do not want to remain in bondage. When that is the case with animals, it is even more so the case with humans. With a more developed intellect and reflective consciousness, certainly no human being wants to remain in bondage.


Yet human beings are bound in three spheres of life: Physical, psychic, and spiritual. To eliminate the bondages in the physical realm, humans have invented so many structures and machines to shield them from the trials, tribulations, and hardships, and make life easy and facile on the physical plane. And everyday more and more new discoveries are made, bringing more comfort and ease.

Even then, no matter how much humans advance in the physical stratum, the physical bondages will never be eliminated completely. So long as one has a physical body, they will be held in physical bondage.

Similarly, in the psychic realm also, humans try to overcome all kinds of bondages. But just when one problem is solved, then ten more problems emerge. From fears to anxieties, from despair to temptation, it is not possible to eliminate all problems and bondages in the psychic realm. New problems are constantly manifesting.

For example, nobody wants to grow old, yet it happens to everyone. There is no escape. Verily there are so many things in life that are beyond one’s control. That is what is meant by bondage. People are also bound by their own reactive momenta (samskaras) and they must face the consequences. Without the complete exhaustion of one’s samskaras, liberation is not possible.


Interestingly, most do not realise that they are in bondage; they think they are free. Yet, they are completely bound by so many limitations and inabilities. But they think they are free, just as a frog in a well does not think it is bound by any bondage. Only when humans develop a little bit in the psycho-spiritual realm, do they come to understand how they are inextricably bound. And at that point one can start to extricate oneself from bondage, by His grace. Without the understanding that one is in bondage, there is absolutely no hope or possibility of becoming free. Just one wallows in the ignorance of that bondage, falsely dreaming that they are free. Such is the liila of Parama Purusa.


Only in the spiritual realm can all obstacles be eliminated, by His grace. Through sadhana the aspirant can achieve oneness with Parama Purusa; then all bondages will be eliminated.

The culminating idea is that the concept of liberation is not some utopian dreamland. It is a practical and attainable end.

Again, both animals and humans want liberation. But animals remain in bondage; and, humans are unsure of how to proceed – thereby leading to more and more bondage. In that way, their whole life passes in vain.

Those who want a real solution to this problem should learn and practice sadhana and get liberation. To remove all bondages, one must get initiated, do sadhana sincerely, and attain mukti (liberation) / moksa (salvation), by His grace. This is the birthright of all humans. Without that, one will never find mental peace – always there will be tension.


Remember, those who are bound cannot do what they want. And maya itself is that binding force. Humans have to live according to those limitations and bondages imposed by maya. Everyone has to follow those rules, whether they like it or not. Everyone wishes to be healthy, but invariably sickness comes. This is a bondage. Nobody wants to die but invariably they have to leave this earth. Why? Because they are bound by maya. Regardless of their liking they have to go because they are bound.

So no matter how much you like or are attached to your worldly possessions and relations like property and family, one day you too will have to leave here and go. You have to give up your post, power, status, relations, even your physical body etc, and undergo death – and leave this earth. Death itself is one critical bondage. You may want to stay here forever, but one day you must leave. That is the bondage imposed by maya.



Until one realises that they are in bondage, how can they break this shackle and attain liberation. A bondage cannot be removed until one understands that they are bound. Only then can one truly embark on the spiritual path. By Guru’s grace alone can one become truly free. Sadhana and surrendering to the sweet will of the Supreme is the only way to become free.

Baba says, “O human beings, you are fortunate. The clarion call of the Universal Entity has reached you. Not only has the call come, but you are hearing it and it is vibrating in every cell of your body. Will you now lie in the corner of your house as an inert being and waste your time by clinging to old skeletons and bemoaning them? The Supreme Being is calling you in the roar of the ocean, in the thunder of the clouds, in the speed of lightning, in the meteor’s flaming fires. Nothing good will come from idleness. Get up and awake the clouded chivalry of your dormant youth. It may be that the path is not strewn with flowers and that inferiority complex will be attempting to hold fast your each advancing step, but even then you have to proceed onwards tearing the shroud of darkness. You will tear the thick darkness of despair as you advance in the racing chariot radiant with the Sun’s brilliance towards the attainment of the Supreme state.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 1, The Call of the Supreme)

Baba says, “The worship of Brahma should be done scrupulously, or else you will later regret and bemoan the futility of your life with the last drop of your tears at your last hour. You should make your life worthwhile through your sádhaná. How much can your worldly friends and relations do for you? After your death your relatives may perhaps ask, “How much money has he left behind?” Your friends may go to the crematorium and indulge in flattering reminiscences about you. Your husband or wife may cry for you for about ten or twelve days and then regain their normal composure. Your lot will be only a profound sigh – a record of the futility and frustration of your life. So do not waste your time lest you later have to repent.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 3, Vibration, Form and Colour)



“Ke boleche kat’hor tumi, phuler matai komal go, a’mi bhulo bujechi…” (1810)


Baba, You are so sweet and beautiful – who is telling that You are harsh and tough. Only those who are ignorant blame You when they face their samskara. They foolishly claim that You are tough and that You make them cry. But they do not understand that everyone has to face their samskaras for their own growth and development. By facing their samskaras and obstacles, their path of progress will be open and free.

Baba, in the true sense, You are soft like the lotus – very loving and sweet inside. You have graciously blessed me to realise this truth. In the past, I too was thinking in a different way; I was also thinking You were harsh. That was my blindness.

Baba, if I see Your external facade from the outside, then it looks like You are hard; but that is not Your true Self. By Your grace, I understand that behind that external harshness there is so much softness inside – hidden within. This situation is like the coconut fruit. Baba, however You may be presenting Yourself externally, but internally You are the most loving, gracious, & charming Entity.

Baba You are my everything…

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From: “Phanindra Deva”
Date: Sun, 13 May 2012 21:02:37 -0700
Subject: Baba’s Discourse on Moha Vrtti


“Keu a’lokei mishe ja’y, keu ha’ra’y va’ a’ndha’re…” (1278)


Baba, O’ Supreme One, Your divine creation is very colorful. All kinds of people are there. Some get human life, do sadhana, and ultimately become one with divinity. And some people do various misdeeds and move along the path of negative pratisaincara until finally they get lost in oblivion – cimmerian darkness. Some want only You; while others do not want You, instead they want some boon or some gift from You. So this world is colorful.

Baba, some are rushing towards the allurements of glittering objects, shining stars, or superficial worldly attractions. And some are absorbed in crying over their old outdated memories, deserted flower gardens, and skeletons of the past. In that way they waste their time. While those who are great devotees have accepted You as the Supreme quintessence and they want only You.

Baba, O’ Divine Entity, some are busy in intellectualizing about Your karuna and grace – and they never get the real sweetness. Just they are jinanis involved in their own extravaganza. And some are dancing in the joy and happiness. Such devotees cannot be satiated by anything except You. You are everything for them. Those who surrendered at Your lotus feet they are the ones who pass their whole life dancing in the ecstasy of Your divine love.

Baba, Your entire creation has so many types of people and various colours. Only the life of the devotee is filled with happiness and bliss…


Here below is Baba’s original passage about blind attachment, or moha vrtti. The below is an excerpt from His discourse, ‘The Acoustic Roots of the Indo-Aryan Alphabet’.

Baba says, “Na is the acoustic root of moha vrtti [blind attachment or infatuation]. This propensity of blind attachment is usually divided into the four categories of time, space, idea and individuality. When one loses one’s rationality out of blind attachment for one’s country, it is called deshagata moha, “geo-sentiment”. People who live in a country where not even a blade of grass grows, where people die of starvation, and which imports huge quantities of food grains from other countries, become so infatuated with their country that they say it has an abundance of water, has a bountiful fruit harvest, and is a net exporter of food to other countries.”

“Ka’lagata moha is blind attachment for a particular period of time. One becomes so attached to a certain period of time that one is unable to discern its positive or negative aspects. Some people complain that the behaviour of the present generation of children is disappointing. They say that when they were young they could easily digest iron pans, but the present generation has trouble digesting even water! They lament the great misfortune that has befallen the present age.”

“When a particular idea has a strong impact on mind, the mind rushes towards it again and again. Thieves, in the shock of the moment, always make a quick getaway from the scene of the crime. Later, however, they brood repeatedly about the place, and often return, straight into the hands of the police! A person who uses an object for a long time develops a fascination for that object. This is called a’dha’ragata moha [fascination for an object]. There are many rich people who have a strange weakness for some old, battered object such as a rickety chair with one arm broken off. I know a story about how a pretty pot made of bell-metal was the cause of a bitter quarrel among the daughters-in-law of a certain family, so bitter that it led to the eventual break-up of the family. Na is the acoustic root of moha vrtti.”

“The only way to free oneself from the clutches of infatuation is to superimpose the ideation of indifference and divert one’s mental thoughts towards Parama Purus’a. It may be possible to control this propensity of wild fascination temporarily by intimidation or by enacting laws, but only temporarily. Those who believe in the equal distribution of the world’s wealth, naively underestimate the power of moha vrtti. The human mind can be sublimated only by spiritual ideation, not by any high-sounding philosophy. This utopian idea has proved ineffective in the past and in the present and will continue to prove so in the future.” (Ananda Marga Philosophy – 8)

Phanindra Deva

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Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 22:58:43 -0400
From: Parama’tma.Devan
Subject: …Karmic Reaction


“A’mi toma’y bhule kiser chale ka’l ka’t’a’lum dhara’r buke…” (PS 2140)


Baba, remaining forgetful about You, because of one excuse or another, I wasted my time on this earth. I became completely captivated by one magical display: maya. And because of that, I did not hear the call of my supreme well-wisher: Parama Purusa.

O’ Baba, when those dark days descended in my life, then nobody was there to give me hope; I was shelterless. Baba, then I started asking You to please come and save me. In that very terrible situation, I started calling to You, ‘Baba, please come, and save me! O’ Prabhu, save me from this ghastly danger’.

Earlier, when the proper opportune moment was there, then I was intoxicated in the magical display of maya. In those days I was in a deep slumber; I was not able to understand. So I did not call You until the situation became disastrous. Baba, even then, now I know in my heart that, ‘O Parama Purusa, You belong to everyone, You belong to me’. Baba, please attract me & make me Your own. Please remain with me always, in my pleasure and my pain– all the time.

Baba, I wasted the long span of my life by indulging in negative deeds and remaining oblivious of You. Remaining distant, I wasted my life. But now in the end, You have lovingly lifted me from the dust and gently placed me on Your divine lap. Baba, You are so gracious. You are love Personified…


Sometimes when looking at the present day world, the crude thought may come into the mind to have what those materialists have – and to do what they do. This type of desire can befall anyone, if they are not careful.

As Ananda Margiis though we should be vigilant not to fall into such a trap. Because these materialists have not a clue what type of serious harm & destruction they are inviting for themselves by running senselessly after material allurements. They do not understand how the ways of karma will strike them down. But such is their fate.

So no Ananda Margii should become spell-bound by the ways of materialism– not even temporarily so.


Because we all know that there is a great law of cause & effect which governs this vast cosmological order, i.e. the law of karma: Where for every action (karma) there is a reaction (karmaphala). In this principle, good actions beget positive reactions and bad actions bring negative reactions. This is Baba’s stated teaching and everyone in AM is well aware about this.

Baba says, “Human beings themselves are answerable for their fate as it is their actions alone which create it. They alone will have to bear the consequences of all their actions. No one else can substitute for them. Their good deeds beget good results, while bad ones beget bad results, and they will have to experience both without any exception. This is the law of Prakrti and no one can change this law.” (AMEP)


But materialists are utterly clueless about this. They do not know or understand about the workings of karma; nor are they aware that good actions are those deeds which decrease the distance between oneself and Parama Purusa. This entire outlook totally escapes them.

Rather they think that material things are the be-all and end-all of life. Their life revolves around material attachment, sexual lust, and crude desires. This is what motivates them.

Hence all day long they are running after one or another mundane allurement. And internally they think that this is fine and acceptable. Even they will openly state that making money itself justifies a particular action, no matter what hell it creates in the lives of others. This is their selfish and harmful attitude. And such materialists think that it is all fine and well.

However, little do they know what their terrible fate will be.


Because in countless discourses, Baba warns us that those who blindly chase after crude materials pleasures will become one with the dust. Their future is totally bleak. They will be converted into stone or iron or end up trapped as some kind of negative microvita like prakrtiliina for crores & crores of years.

Here following is Baba’s very strict warning about what will befall those who rampantly chase after the lustful ways of materialism.

Baba says, “If a person continually gloats over crude material things, his entire existence will be converted into crude matter. In mythology the story goes that Ahalya’ was converted into a stone due to his constant crude ideation. So people who accept matter as their goal, totally denying the existence of Parama Purus’a, tread the path of degeneration and become prakrtiliina devayonis after death.” (APH-6, ‘Ekendriya-1’)


So those materialists have a very grim and dark future. They will not be able to escape the karmic reaction of their selfish and crude desires and their fate is sealed. They are sure to become seriously degenerated in the near future. This is Baba’s warning, because no one can escape the cycle of karma.

Baba says, “Reactions of actions (karmaphala) have to be experienced. No one is spared from experiencing them; the reactions of all one’s actions will have to be borne by oneself alone.” (AMEP)

Therefore, in the case of materialists who greedily chase after crude allurements and harm others in that process, they will surely have to undergo piles and piles of negative reactions. Because their only so-called ethic is material gain, and they do not care one iota about the welfare of others. Thus each and every day they create mounds & mounds of negative samskaras by indulging in selfish misdeeds and those negative samskaras will certainly take shape in the form of unenviable & harsh reactions. Thus from top to bottom and inside and out the fate of such materialists is sealed.


In AM, we follow the path of balance.

Baba guides us that neither are we to headlong rush after material objects nor are we to reject the world as mere illusion by adopting the ways of Shankaracarya. Neither of these approaches will bring welfare to oneself nor to the world around them. Rather it will just invite trouble.

That is why Baba has given us that pathway of perfect prama. In AM we recognise the existence of this material world yet goad all our mental longings toward Parama Purusa. So ours is the path of perfect balance. Because in AM we realise that we need the material sphere in order to maintain our physical existence and then we goad our psychic yearning toward the spiritual realm. By this way we can utilise this human life to reach up to God.

Such is the perfectness of our path of ‘Subjective Approach & Objective Adjustment’. In thus dual formula, we keep our mental eye & vision focused toward Parama Purusa and utilise the physical world as a platform for meeting our existential needs or basic living requirements.

By this way we can create a healthy human society and ensure the spiritual emancipation of all, by Baba’s grace.


So none should get allured or attracted by the clutches of materialism. There is no redeeming factor in this crude pathway. Just it will lead one into the depths of despair and degeneration.

Here below is Baba’s very severe warning about the ills of materialism.

Baba says, “This type of crude material knowledge concerned with the crude materialism has done much harm to human society during the last one century. It has misguided the entire human society, it has converted human beings into animals.” (AV-2)

So those who base their lives solely on material objects will be reborn as pashus (animals) or even spend countless time trapped as negative microvita. In either case it is a hellish fate.


By Baba’s grace we should all remember our internal link with Baba and goad all our thoughts and actions unto Him. Then by living in this material world, our lives will be fruitful. Those who get allured by the ways of materialism will only experience pain and misery– nothing more. By Baba’s grace He was bestowed upon us all the ingredients for a happy and blissful life and a bright future.

Baba says, “You should always remember that you do not belong to an ordinary family, to an ordinary lineage. Those who are the sons and daughters of Parama Purus´a certainly cannot belong to an ordinary lineage. You have a personal relationship with Parama Purus´a, and because of that intimate relation you can say to Him, “Oh Parama Purus´a, you know me very well; so if You think it proper, You may bestow Your grace upon me. But it depends on You.” Parama Purus´a certainly has great love and affection for His children; He will certainly want His sons and daughters to reach their ultimate goal. And whatever bliss human beings may attain by reaching that Supreme Stance, I know that in Parama Purus´a’s mind the happiness will be even more. Victory to you all.” (SS-18. ‘Propensities and Prama’)



Each and every day in the world around us or by looking in the newspaper we can practically see the karmic reactions that happen to some many people due to their constant involvement in materialistic ways of living. So many things happen: Either their misdeeds get exposed in front of all, or they lose their psychic balance and have to become hospitalized, or who knows what. Day in and day out everyday people and pop stars undergo such things. It happens to the neighbor next door as well as to so many pop-cultures icons. In any event, persons lead a miserable life and experience a terrible fate. All because they got sucked into the dark hole of materialism. This should not befall any Ananda Margii.


Here Baba clearly outlines how we are to live in this world– by maintining perfect balance or adjustment and ultimately reach up to Him. This is His divine formula.

Baba says, “Subjective approach through objective adjustment. Movement is towards Parama Purus´a, but at the same time maintaining objective adjustment. You have to move giving proper treatment to the objects of the external world. There must be subjective approach, but at the same time objective adjustment; that is, adjustment with the objective world is essential though one’s movement is towards supreme subjectivity.” (AV-30)


The interesting thing is that in material societies there is a distinct dearth of material things. That is, most do not get what they need to survive due to extreme greed. This is the regular occurance.

That is why in places like the US there is a huge number of homeless people as well as tens of millions of people without access to proper health care. So it is not that in materialistic countries people get their physical needs met. It never works out this way and on the top the people are depressed and miserable and suffer from so many psychic afflictions.

In contrast in our Proutistic society, everyone will get exactly what they need through the magical formula of subjective approach and objective adjustment. All will have plenty of material goods to live comfortably on this earth and in addition all will get the opportunity to advance in the psycho-spiritual realms of life.

So our Proutistic approach is a win-win situation. There is no question of any loss. Whereas in the materialistic model, everyone loses always. There is no winner.

By Baba’s grace may we create that Proutistic society at the earliest. Parama Pita Baba Ki-Jai!!

WT Conduct Rule: Dealings

Baba says, “Supervisory workers will have to take proper care of each of their supervised staff in all respects.” (Pt #2 of ‘Six Additional Rules’)

Note: This is a very significant rule but these days supervisory bosses are more focused on emptying the pockets of their subordinates. This is the only “care” they do. In future when standard of devotion in supervisory workers is higher, these rules are likely to be followed in which case the situation will be better.

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From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Story of The Three Thieves
Date: Tue 29 Nov 2011 22:57:21 +0000


“Sakal bha’ver a’dha’r tumi, toma’r na’me ja’i go mete…” – P.S. no. 787


Baba, You are the base of all ideations. By Your grace I am divinely intoxicated in Your name and song. Within my lonely eyelids I have an incessant desire to get You. Baba, the whole universe is filled with Your form. My mind is resonating in Your tune and melody. In fact, all the rhythms and all the songs have come on this earth to sing Your glory. Baba, the whole sky is filled with Your effulgence. Your august arrival has changed darkness into effulgence. And the iron door of the jail is pulverized into dust. All the dogma has disappeared. The whole universe is filled with Your divine effulgence. Baba, everyone is ensconced in singing Your name…


As we all know, Baba uses many stories and analogies to bring His yoga teachings to light. The more familiarity we have with these analogies, the greater understanding we will have of AM ideology.

Here is one of Baba analogies: the three thieves.

Baba says, “An interesting illustration is afforded by the following story. Three thieves, Mr. Sattvagun’a, Mr. Rajogun’a and Mr. Tamagun’a once waylaid [accosted] a man with some money in a dark forest. Though all agreed to pocket the money, Mr. Tamogun’a also desired to murder the man. The other two, however, would not agree to this. Mr. Rajogun’a declared that the man be left alone to fend for himself in the dark. Mr. Sattvagun’a was more charitable. He led the unfortunate man all the way to the outskirts of the city. But after a point on the road he bade farewell and would not go into the lighted street for fear of being caught by the police. Therefore we arrive at the paradox that mukti (i.e. freedom from the bondage of ma’ya’) can be achieved not by a fight against [vidya’] ma’ya’, but rather through its help.” (SS-19)

Note: There are multiple versions of this story. In one of His Hindi discourses, Baba describes how when Mr. Tamogun’a does his job, the other two gun’as keep silent and watch. Why? Because Mr Tamogun’a is more dominant than the other two, at least in that particular case. So the other gun’as are forced to passively observe. And similar is the case when either sattvagun’a or rajogun’a is dominant, then the other two less dominant gun’as primarily watch.

Baba says, “Every object of the world is dominated by one of the three principles – sentient (sattvagun’a), mutative (rajogun’a), and static (tamogun’a).” (YP)

Everything in the manifested universe then is a combination of the three gun’as and whichever gun’a is dominant, i.e. more than 50%, will govern the other two – most of the time.


Now let’s take a look at this topic and this story from the very beginning.

Parama Prakrti or maya is composed of three binding forces: sattva, rajah, and tamah. This we all know from Baba’s various discourses. And those three gun’as, or binding elements, differ drastically in how they affect our human growth and development.

As Baba states in His above story, Mr. Tamogun’a wants to murder and kill us. Here the idea is that when one gets bound by tamogun’a, then one’s future is bleak. At that point one is essentially dead due to being so lost in the whirlwind of avidya’ ma’ya’.

Baba says, “Viks’epa shakti [an aspect of avidya’ maya] means a repulsive force, the force repelling the jiiva from its Nucleus. That is, a jiiva is darted away, is drifted away, from its Nucleus by propensities, by depraving ideas, by depraving propensities.” (AV-33)

Thus, we can liken tamogun’a – that aspect of maya that leads one to utter degeneration – to things like drinking liquor, harming others, eating meat, torturing animals, etc. When one is dominated by tamoguna, their degradation is sure.

Many, many non-margiis fall in this category as they are quite satisfied with mundane allurements and lesser tendencies, and altogether oblivious about spiritual life. Within this camp, there are definite degrees. Some are just animals in human form gorged in primal instincts whereas others might be demons in human form as they wish to undermine the welfare of others. That is why Baba paints such a gruesome picture of Mr Tamogun’a in his above story. Because those dominated by tamogun’a get ruined, even destroyed.


The middle principle or binding force is rajogun’a. In the above analogy, Mr Rajoguna is not quite as nasty or mean-minded as Mr. Tamogun’a, but we cannot think that rajogun’a is very helpful either. Basically rajogun’a leaves that human being in the dark, left to wallow in his own ignorance.

In the practical sphere, we can think of human beings dominated by rajogun’a as those who chase after name and fame, are bound largely by their ego, and are mostly living for their own self-indulgence. They are neither service-oriented nor interested in higher ideals. Nor though are they plotting another’s destruction. Actually, those dominated by rajoguna may do many decent works in life, but those works will still keep one in bondage.

Then we come to Mr. Sattvagun’a. In the above story, Mr. Sattvagun’a is basically portrayed as the hero. He helps the human being get out of the dark jungle and march towards the city. He helps people out of the shadows of avidya maya and with the help of samvit shakti brings one onto the path of self-knowledge.

However, one should not then think that sattvagun’a can then liberate us from all bondages. It cannot. Sattvagun’a itself is a binding principle – it keeps us in bondage.

That said, sattvagun’a will bring us onto the right path. Those dominated by this binding principle will find the Guru, get initiation, have an appreciation for spiritual life, and live a sentient, God-centered life.

Even then a sadhaka who is 65% sentient, 20% mutative, and 15% tamasik may fall prey, on occasion, to the ways of tamogun’a.

So being dominated by sattva’guna is not liberation. Still one is bound and prone to downfall.

Only if one is totally immersed in the thought of Parama Purusa – day and night, i.e. 99% sattvaguna – are they not prone to degrading activities. Then they are still in bondage to some degree (food, death etc), but they have almost zero chance of falling into the muck of tamogun’a.


So Baba’s story of the three thieves shows us how there are three binding principles that are related with one of the two types of ma’ya’.

Baba says, “In ma’ya’ you know there are two things, vidya’ma’ya’ and avidya’ma’ya’, the centripetal force and the centrifugal force, one helping aspirants in their movement towards the Nucleus and the other driving them away from the Nucleus, increasing the radius from Him. And there are certain functions, certain actional expressions of avidya’ma’ya’ as well as vidya’ma’ya’.” (AV-3)

Vidya’ma’ya’ then is associated with sattvaguna while avidya’ma’ya’ is attached with tamogun’a. Rajogun’a is basically a mix of the two.


So the three binding principles – sattvagun’a, rajogun’a, and tamo’guna – each have their own agendas and function and keep the jiiva bound to the cycle of life and death. We must not forget that even good and noble actions are binding. Good actions reap good samskaras that then have to be exhausted.

Here Baba describes how maya can deliver one to the doorstep of the kingdom of Parama Purusa, but it cannot grant liberation. For that, one must cross one last hurdle, and to cross that devotion is needed.

Baba says, “Ma’ya’ has three gun’as – operative principles through which it works – viz., sattvagun’a (sentient principle), rajogun’a (mutative principle) and tamogun’a (static principle). They work and lie in an ascending order on the road to the Absolute. The sentient principle (Sattvagun’a) has the capacity to take the sa’dhaka very near Him (Nira’ka’ra Brahma) by making the mind more and more subtle. But there still lies a gap between this point and Nira’ka’ra Brahma. This gap is known as bha’va or bha’vasa’gar. This gap can only be bridged with the help of devotion. Thus we see that ma’ya’, channelized properly (in its sentient operating principle) can take the sa’dhaka to a point very near Ishvara, from which point the domain of devotion begins.” (SS-19)

So there is only one way to free oneself from the three thieves or three binding principles. And that is to develop a link with the Supreme Entity, for only He is beyond the binding faculties. That is what Buddha understood when he sat for his final session of meditation before achieving true realisation. Only by ideating on Parama Purusa can one cross the ocean – bha’vasa’gar – and reach unto Him.

Baba says, ““Your gun’as are countless.” “Gun’ahiina” – an object is called “attributional” when it comes within the noose of the gun’as. But “Since You are beyond the realm of the gun’as, You are not within the serpentine noose the gun’as.” But since You are beyond the realm of the gun’as, You are not within their serpentine noose. So you are gun’ahiina.” (AV-4)

Baba says, “The word gun’ahiina means “devoid of gun’as or binding principles”; He is gun’ahiina because how can the Entity who is binding all the creatures in the universe by His own binding faculties, be bound by anything else? Hence He is called gun’ahiina. He is not concerned with the binding faculties, for they all originate from Him.” (AFPS-3)

Thus only Parama Purusa is nirgun’a i.e. no gun’as. When we establish a link or relation with Him and think of Him and fall in love with Him, then by His grace we can cross the ocean and reach unto His divine lap. Only He can rescue us from all the three binding principles and grant us liberation. Nothing else in this universe can free us from sattvagun’a, rajogun’a, or tamogun’a.


Baba says, “So one must remember that one may or may not attain salvation by dint of one’s own spiritual practices: one will have to depend on His Grace. And because He is one with each and every expressed entity through His ota and prota yoga, He is your nearest and dearest one. You may depend on Him completely, and your dependence on Him is called sharan’a’gati. This sharan’a’gati is the only reply to all spiritual questions. Thus He clearly says,

Api cet sudura’ca’ro bhajate ma’mananyabha’k So’pi pa’pavinirmukto mucyate bhavabandhana’t. Daevii hyes’a’ gun’amayii mama Ma’ya’ duratyaya’ Ma’meva ye prapadyante Ma’ya’meta’m’ taranti te.

“This Ma’ya’ is a dangerous force. The dexterous hands of Ma’ya’ create so many problems, and these problems are dangerous: Aghat’ana ghatana pat’iiyasii Ma’ya’. It is very difficult for human beings to surmount the effect of Ma’ya’. But I am there. Those who have resorted to sharan’a’gati, who have taken shelter in me, will easily surmount these waves of difficulties, of worries and anxieties in life. Even sinners should depend upon me – I am here to help them.” U’ta’mrtasyesha’no: He is not only the Lord of heaven, He is the Lord of hell also. U’ta’ means hell. So even a sinner of hell should not become mentally disturbed because the Lord of hell is with him. Api cet sudura’ca’ro bhajate ma’mananyabha’k. “Even if the sinner of sinners resorts to sharan’a’gati, to complete surrender, then so’pi pa’pavinirmukta – they will be freed from all kinds of sins”: mucyate bhavabandhana’t. “They must attain salvation, for I am the granter of salvation.” (SS-11)

Karma Rasa


Baba says, “These three gun’as are like three thieves who lived in a jungle. They once met a gentleman who had lost his way and strayed into the jungle. One thief bound up this gentleman. “Who are you?” asked the gentleman. “I am tamogun’a,” replied the thief. The second man accosted the gentleman and found him writhing in pain. He untied his bonds. The gentleman asked him who he was. He said he was rajogun’a. The third thief [sattvagun’a] met the gentleman and was moved by his plight. “If you go in that direction, you will reach the city, the city of light, of Bha’gavata dharma. We are thieves and cannot go to the city of light, of Bha’gavata dharma.”” (AV-1)


Baba says, “We arrive at the paradox that mukti (i.e. freedom from the bondage of ma’ya’) can be achieved not by a fight against ma’ya’, but rather through its help.” (SS-19)

Although ma’ya’ is the force that is binding us, at the same time certain aspects of ma’ya’ like samvit shakti lead us toward the path of liberation. Still it has to be noted that by worshiping then one becomes prakrtiliina (a form of negative microvita where the aspirant becomes one with nature. So in the above teaching Baba is guiding us that maya helps us up to a certain point, but it is not the object of ideation that will free us entirely. We must ideate on Parama Purusa.


Baba says, “Now regarding the vidya’ shakti, the concentric force, the centripetal force, the force moving towards the hub of the wave: A man following the path of vidya’ shakti naturally will be decreasing the length of his radius, the radius of this Brahma Cakra. The radius will go on decreasing in length. But this vidya’ shakti has also got two influences on the minds of individuals, on microcosms.”

“Of these two expressions, the first one is called samvit shakti. Samvit means spiritual consciousness, spiritual awakening. A man engaged in bad things all of a sudden feels that “No, I shouldn’t do all these things. No, I should be a good man henceforward.” Such an idea all of a sudden comes in his mind. And this thing, this change of mental tendency, is brought about by samvit shakti of Vidya’ma’ya’. Do you follow? This is what is called samvit shakti. “No, henceforward I must be a good man. No, henceforward I must be a spiritualist. I must not encourage any depraving idea.” Samvit shakti.”

“And the second expression of Vidya’ma’ya’ is hla’dinii shakti. After a man decides that “Henceforward I will be a good man, henceforward I will be a sa’dhaka [spiritual practitioner],” he gets the krpa’ of that Almighty Lord. And after getting His krpa’ through some medium he gets initiation. After being initiated he is to move along that spiritual path. That movement along the spiritual path is brought about by hla’dinii shakti.” (AV-33)

We Should Know & Correct

Baba says, “In algebra the formula (a+b) squared= a2 + b2 + 2ab. This is a well known formula and originally it was invented by Mahars’i Kapil.” (SC-8, disc 1, 5 Oct 86 Kolkata)

Note: It is well known that Mahars’i Kapil was born in India several thousand years ago. People commonly think the above formula was first propounded by a western mathematician, but in the above teaching Baba eveals the real fact. This gives the idea those mathematics was highly evolved in that early history of India. Here below Baba tells another important fact regarding Kapil:

Baba says, “The first philosopher was Mahars’i Kapil, who will be remembered and respected for all time.” (AFPS-9, ‘Geology & Human Civilisation’)

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Check Your Log Book

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Subject: Check Your Log Book
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 19:04:06 -0700 (PDT)



When a cab driver wants to know how his day went, he checks his log book. Then he is able to review and see where he drove.

When a company needs to calculate their output, they view their log book so they can understand their position.

In that way, each and every person or institution consults their log book (electronic or otherwise) to find out their true status.

As sadhakas, our approach should not be any different. We too should have our “log book” – be it a diary, journal, or psychic memory – so we can understand our course in life.

Here below Baba guides us how to do it.


There are so many beings in this cosmological order and each has their own manner of operation.

Small bugs, beetles, worms, crabs, and lizards just function by their own instinct. They have no higher faculty of mind by which to direct their life. Such beings just walk or slide along engrossed by their own inborn desires.

Baba says, “In certain undeveloped creatures, instinct means only inborn instincts, and in such creatures the psychic waves cannot move beyond the arena of corporality.” (YP)

Then there are some higher animals like dogs, monkeys, cows, and horses etc. They are guided by instinct as well as by psychic urge and emotion. Such animals can be tamed and trained & by that way they develop bonding relationships with their masters. Instinct does not totally dominate their life, they also have higher functioning minds that allow them to act according to their psychic or sentimental feeling.

For instance, your dog may not defend your neighbor from an intruder but certainly if you are attacked then your dog will defend you with all its might. That is because your dog is emotionally attached with you – it has that psychic connection.

Likewise your horse or cattle will not respond to others but it will obey your direction. All higher animals have that capacity or psychic urge. They are not exclusively guided by instinct. They are a bit more developed.

Baba says, “Animals who have developed themselves to some extent, mentally, spiritually, just like monkeys, just like dogs, have got some intellect. Although they are also guided by instinct, [but] because of close association with human beings that intellect has been a bit developed. A dog can carry a hurricane lantern like this, can carry a stick like this. It can feel the pains and pleasures of its master.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-14)

So there is a world of difference between undeveloped and developed creatures.

Finally we come to human beings. We have instinct, psychic urge (sentiment and emotion) and ideology. However, we are only to be guided by ideology, not by instinct or emotion. That is Baba’s strict directive.

Baba says, “Human life, unlike animal life, is an ideological flow. Where there is no ideological flow, in that case, even if the physical structure is just like a man, he is not a man, but is an animal. So each and every human being must try his best to maintain the special status of humans. It is our first duty. It is our fundamental duty. This ideological flow must be maintained at any cost.”


Thus it is our bounden duty to check our log book daily. This human body is a machine. It was not designed for carnal pleasures or sentimental delights. Ours is the path of ideology. Our minds are to be trained in that way and our bodies are to be used for that course of movement – not any other.

So we have to be vigilant and ensure that our every action is according to AM ideology. Failing that we will be involved in misusing our bodies and minds, in which case either in this life or the next, we will get a body that is only usable for more crude pursuits. We will become an animal or even worse.

The situation is serious and the best way to keep abreast of the matter is to consult your log book and review your course of actions. With an unbiased mind, one is to critically analyse their modus operendi in life. We should ask ourselves: Was that action guided by ideology?

If the answer is a “no” or partial no, then that is the degree to which we are going against our human dharma and becoming transformed into a beast.

So multiple times through the course of every day we should consult our log book and see how we are doing. When with co-workers, when with our family, when making decisions, when at the dinner table, and throughout all our movements in life, we should readily consult our logbook and ensure we are heading in the right direction. Because if we are not, then our fate it not good – we will become a beast.

That is the very serious matter at hand. That is one way to think of it.


The other way to think of it is to view this life as an opportunity to reach Parama Purusa. In the former manner we are trying to refrain from being dragged into animality and in this outlook we clearly have our sights set on divinity.

In this approach we are to wholeheartedly embrace ideology and cross the ocean of maya. We are most fortunate to have such an opportunity. That is the proper use of this human machine or human body.

Baba says, “Then who can get Him? They say it is very, very easy. What to do? “O Lord, I am Your creation. I am Yours, I am at Your disposal. This body is a machine. Utilize it.”” (AV-14)

By surrendering one’s mind to Him and using this body to do His work, then one is sure to cross the ocean of maya and reach up to Him. That is what happens when one leads a life based on ideology, by His grace.

That is the best use of this human life.


Furthermore, in His discourse, “Utilize All Your Potentialities” (21 April 1969 morning, Manila) Baba clearly tells us that if we have a tractor and a big lot of land then we are foolish and ignorant if we do not use the tractor and just let the land become totally wild and unusable. Our job is to use the tractor to make the land arable – that is the proper use of the tractor. That is what that machine (i.e. tractor) is for.

Similarly, this human body is a tool or a machine for attaining Him.

Yet all too often people misuse their bodies for other crude pursuits. Some get diverted towards sex and others towards all kinds of emotional cum sentimental attachments. In that case not only are they going to degenerate, but they are losing out on a great opportunity to attain godhood and sit on the divine lap of Parama Purusa.

So as sadhakas we should regularly review our code of conduct and ensure we are moving on the path of ideology. We should be swift to use our machine for attaining Him. Just sitting back and letting life go by is not enough. We are to utilise this life for reaching His divine lap, by His grace. And the way to do that is to check your log book. We are to see how far our intentions and actions are ideological or not. Are we doing what we should be doing or not. Then we can ensure our human machine is being used properly – then we will reach the Goal (Baba).


By Baba’s grace, He has blessed us with a wonderful opportunity. We should not waste it and degrade back into animal life wherein we are just goaded by crude instincts. Ours is a human life that is meant for the expression of ideology. By consulting out log books on regular basis we can keep ourselves on track. That is the best utilisation of this human life. Then we will cross the noose of maya and get Him.

Baba says, “You have got a human body. Make the best utilization of it. Forget everything of the past from this very moment…Go on working in such a way that you give your proper worth to society, and you bring about the actual evolution of humanity. Be a devotee of humanity as well as a devotee of Parama Purus’a. Let victory be with you.” (YP)



This below letter is related with the topic discussed above.



“Tumi na’ bale esechile, a’j na’ bale cale gele…” (P.S. 1327)


Baba, without saying anything You came and appeared in my dhya’na, and now today without telling You just left– disappeared. Baba, I was lying in the dust on the path, but You just lifted me up and put me on Your lap. It is Your grace, O’ Parama Purus’a.

Baba, my dwelling was old and tattered– broken down. And not only that, I was also without intellect and conscience. Indeed, my condition was so pitiful that I did not have even one morsel to put into my mouth. But, by Your grace, You bestowed everything upon me and You taught me all the things. Baba, I was not understanding the dharma of human life– what human beings should do, what are the do’s and don’ts– about all these things I was not at all aware. To get You I did not do any sadhana. But even then by Your grace You have taught me sadhana and You have blessed me with perfection to move ahead on the path.

O’ my dearmost Baba, previously in my life I was not even getting the status of a human being. All the teachings I had been given were full of dogma. Baba, by Your grace You have poured the sweetness and given me a voice and lifted me onto Your Divine lap. Baba, You have done everything. Secretly You came and secretly You left– even then You have arranged everything for me. Baba, Your grace is unforgettable…

Avoiding Junk

Baba says, “Now everywhere, in cent per cent of the cases, there is wastage of human psychic potentiality. The psychic potentialities of human beings are immense, but people do not utilize them because most of their valuable time is wasted in undesirable thoughts, in psychic extravaganza…wasted in petty or useless activities. How much time do people really get to devote to worthwhile tasks?”

“This psychic extravaganza should be checked either by physical approach, or psychic approach, or by spirituo-psychic approach…”

“I have already said that the scope of rationality and rationalization should be increased more and more, and for this, unnecessary waves should be removed from the plane of physicality. From the psychic sphere also, unnecessary waves are to be removed. This will remove many burdens from the mind. ‘I must not bother about petty things, because that will waste my time’ — people should remember this. This removal or rather withdrawal of unnecessary and undesirable thoughts emanated from the mind will help you in rationalizing the major portion of your mental faculty, so this must also be practised.” (Yoga Psychology, ’91, p.134-35)

Note: This wastage of mental potential which Baba is describing above is the common problem these days. Even contemporary researchers and scientists have also come to realise this. That is why nowadays such professionals advise people not to overburden the mind with mundane news broadcasts etc since these programs only invite tension. Various studies have been undertaken about the effect of the news media on people’s mental well-being. And they’ve come to the conclusion that these news broadcasts and movies just burden the mind– making people feel worried and hopeless etc.

That is why such researchers and sociologists recommend that people take a few days’ break from watching those various news broadcasts and popular movies etc. Because these things create multiple problems in people’s psyche. Not only are they not useful in our practical lives but the scenes are horrifying and terrible. Just sensationalistic reporting– nothing more.

Hence Baba’s above guideline is that we should think positive thoughts and not indulge or expose our minds to that type of junk. If one can avoid such things altogether then that is very good; that is the best solution. Otherwise minimizing one’s exposure to those negative elements will prove helpful. Along those lines, certainly do not waste those delicate early morning hours exposed to such radio, TV, and crude things. If one really wants to watch these programs then one should only schedule a specific amount of time after noon and then watch with a clear notion of when you will finish.

But of course better is to eliminate it totally and immerse oneself more in Baba’s dharmic teachings like Ananda Vacanamrtam or Subhasita Samgraha. His unique discourses will provide a soothing touch and fill the mind with inspiration. So we should be extremely careful and wise how we engage our psychic faculty as this has a profound effect on our overall well-being and health– as well as how useful and purposeful our lives become. On this topic all Marga brothers and sisters are encouraged to share their views and experiences.

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Subject: You Can’t Fight Alone
From: Manomohan Sanyal


“Tumi ga’n go ka’ha’r tare badhir kare rekhe dhara’re…” (P.S. 1972)


Baba, in this cosmic play of Yours, You go on singing Your divine songs
to attract devotees. Even then I do not know for whom You are singing.
Baba, Your divine songs are pervading throughout this entire vast
cosmos; Your songs are permeating each and every loka. Baba, nothing
else is audible except Your divine song. O’ Baba, by Your melodious call
You have made everyone deaf. Baba, You come and go; and You smile and
lovingly look upon one and all with Your infinite compassion. But
unfortunately nobody can see You.

Baba, because of Your songs, the whole world is melodic. With Your tune,
rhythm, & melody, You saturate this entire universe with divine nectar.
Everyone is immersed in Your music. Baba, when You come close then You
shower Your grace abundantly. In spite of that it is impossible for me
to become one with You– because of my own faults & shortcomings.

Baba, You are completely captivating: Your coming and going in dhyana,
Your sweet smile, and Your charming look– all this deeply touches my
heart. Baba, You are most attractive. O’ Parama Purusa You are the
universal mind (Vishvama’nas); You destroy and wipe away all cimmerian
darkness and staticity; and You shower Your divine effulgence. Baba, You
lovingly hold each and every atom and molecule in Your heart. Baba,
everything resides within You.

Baba, with Your divine song You have captivated this entire universe. It
is Your causeless grace…

Note: Parama Purusa attracts devotees in various ways– such as through the
song of His divine flute, His Cosmic Grace and Sweet Charm. And that is
what has been expressed in the above song.


Our march on the path of dharma entails overcoming all obstacles. This
we all know.

However Baba Himself proclaims that there are some obstacles that we
just cannot overcome. No matter how hard we try we cannot. We may use
all our intellect and every bit of our might – all the force we have –
yet as human beings we just will not attain victory, so long as we stand

Such is the predicament, limitation, and frailty of human life.

What is the obstacle that will defeat us time and time again, and how
are we to ultimately prevail. All this Baba has revealed in a few
special discourses.


As sadhakas, we encounter jaevii maya day in and day out. Always she is
there and it is well within our abilities and strength to get victory.
She is not our arch enemy that is beyond our abilities to overcome. No
doubt, jaevii maya can be tricky, but we regularly defeat this type of

Consider the following.

We are walking down the street and a certain type of food entices us –
it is dinner time. Yet we know it is our duty to first attend to our
sadhana before eating. With a little bit of iccha shakti (will power),
we are able to keep our crude desire at bay and first attend to our
practice of dharma sadhana – thereby winning the battle against jaevii maya.

A sensual picture pops us in our web browser, we might desire to take a
quick look, but then we realise its futility, close the pop-up, and move
on with our dharmic work, unaffected by the distraction. Here again, we
are not bound by jaevii maya.

It is fasting day, we are tired, we want to skip our dances and asanas.
Lethargy and fatigue are calling. Even then we put forth the needed
effort and valiantly attend to our tandava, kaoshikii and asanas. Once
again we gain victory over jaevii maya.

In short, jaevii maya is the collection of all those types of
attractions, allurements, and samskaras that we are able to overcome
with our own unit strength. There are countless example in human life:
sexual allurement, compromising with dogma, self-glorification, post,
prestige, money, and the list goes on and on.

They come at us from all angles, but they are small enough that we are
able to vanquish those forces of jaevii maya.


In today’s materialistic and capitalistic society, all delights of
jaevii maya dance before our eyes 24hrs a day.

Unfortunately, most of the common people – i.e. non-sadhakas – get
burned every day by such allurements. We read of politicians ensnared in
sex stings and drug scandals, as well as the guy next door who cannot
give up his habit of eating at McDonald’s and drinking wine. Most
everyone gets caught. By everyone, I mean the common type of citizens
that we see on the street.

As sadhakas, however, we are able to extricate ourselves from jaevii
maya and see her for the pauper that she really is. She has nothing good
to offer us and with our pointed intellect, we are not taken in by her
glitz and glamour.

Each and everyone one of us on this tantric path achieves this each and
every day, to some or more degree. No one can enter onto or move forward
one inch on the path of Ananda Marga without having the determination,
strength, and stamina to surmount the callings of jaevii maya.

And, of course, the more sadhana we do, the easier we are able to gain
victory over jaevii maya.


Daevii maya, however is a horse of a different colour, a different breed
entirely. This we cannot overcome. Call it what you will: Maya, reactive
momenta, fate, or samskara, but the callings of this one utterly lead to
our demise. There is nothing we can do about it.

Daevii maya is also known as Shaevii maya becomes it comes from
Shiva or Brahma or Parama Purusa directly.

We have a business engagement in London. We have to fly there – there is
no choice. We are eager to make the deal. Our plane tragically goes down
in the English Channel. We had no chance of survival. Our life ends in
this way. That is daevii maya.

We could not see her coming and we had no answer for her ways.

Earthquakes, incurable illnesses, bomb blasts, economic depressions,
birth defects, car accidents, social upheaval – all these things are
beyond our control. We may take special care and preparedness in life,
but any or all of the above – as well many other types of things – can
bind us and change the course of our life at any moment. We have no
chance to predict these events, nor avoid them. We are just their
victims, as slaves to daevii maya.

Such is the gargantuan strength and challenge of daevii maya. Humans
have not a chance in the world of gaining victory by themselves. Always
we will lose.

And indeed if you talk to any aged person, they will recount so many
examples in life where despite their most intense efforts they could not
prevail. Youths always think they are invincible and capable of doing
anything. Yet as one lives on this earth and undergoes the toils of
life, we invariably discover how overcoming daevii maya is beyond our
limited means. With deavii maya, we have met our match.

Only there is one single way out.


Here Baba graciously supplies us with the one and only recipe for
gaining victory over daevii maya.

Daevii hyes’a’ gun’amayii mama Ma’ya’ duratyaya’;
Ma’meva ye prapadyante Ma’ya’meta’m’ taranti te.

Baba says, “This Ma’ya’ of Mine is of the nature of three principles,
and is almost insurmountable. Only those who take refuge in Me can
overcome this Ma’ya’…Ma’ya’, the force that creates confusion and
distinctions, is very powerful, it is insurmountable by jiivas [living
beings]. “But those who surrender unto Me transcend these forces of Mine
with My help.”

“If Ma’ya’ is more powerful than jiivas, will the children of God remain
forever slaves of this force? Is there no hope? No, such a situation is
becoming neither of God nor of His children.” (AV-30)

So the only way to overcome daevii maya is to surrender at His lotus
feet. Then, by His magnificent grace, we will cent-per-cent safe in all
circumstances as He will protect us in all ways at all times. When He is
the Controller of daevii maya, then it is impossible for her to bind or
ruin us – so long as we take shelter in Him.


One might casually say, “Oh just surrender to Parama Purusa and
everything will be alright.” This is a true statement, but not so easily

After all this is the culminating point of all yogas. By His grace, we
have a tantric Guru who has given us all the tools to learn the art of
surrender, as well as warned us about how the human mind forgets this
spiritual art as well.

The main sticking point is our ego, of I-feeling. It always wants to
poke its nose and take credit for all we do.

Baba says, “I did this, I did that – I built this road when I was a
minister I constructed this bridge when I was in the Public Works
Department” – this is how people become mad for their little “I”.”

Baba says, “My ego says that my mind belongs to me.” In the practical
field this is the case. “I come from Switzerland. I have to get a
passport, I have to get a visa. I have to extend the date” – so many
thoughts. But all these thoughts are connected with the individual ego,
the individual mind. And you never think that this mind also belongs to
Him. You think, “It is my mind.” Everybody thinks like this. This is all
talk of the ego.” (AV-3)

So this I-felling and ego are always in the way of surrender. And
surrender is not something that can be done halfway. It is either all or
nothing. Just as one cannot be a little bit pregnant, one cannot
surrender just a little bit.

The unit ego and the feeling of surrender cannot coexist. It is not
possible just like it is not possible for a man to both drink and smoke
at the same time. One can do one or the other, but not both simultaneously.

So the moment the unit ego gets involved, surrender becomes
non-existent. In that case, we are all alone and we may fall prey to
daevii maya at any moment. On our own we cannot fight this type of maya.
The help, guidance, and grace of Parama Purusa is needed – yet is
unavailable to us only when we hold the umbrella of vanity – i.e. the
arrogant feeling that, “I did it and it at all happened because of me etc.”


In one of His many discourses, Baba gently asks, so then what is a
person to do. All want to become dagdhabiija – free of all limitations
and reactive momenta. This is our destiny.

Baba says, “Every human being must be a dagdhabiija [burnt seed], that
is, one whose samskaras are totally burnt up.” (AV-23)

Yet in the process of facing all those samskaras and reactive momenta,
we are bound to get swallowed up by daevii maya. Is there then no hope –
are human beings really helpless?

All these questions Baba poses and replies in His sacred discourses and
He lovingly gives this final reply. Why not surrender today- from this
very moment? Why not focus the mind and free oneself right now. Lay your
tired self at My Feet and be free from all the trappings of maya.

Baba says, “When people get fatigued, be they jinanis, karmis or
bhaktas, they say, “There is nothing more I can do.” In such a situation
they can only take shelter in Parama Purus’a. This is called
sharan’a’gati.” Here shelter means one hundred percent dependence on
Parama Purus’a to the exclusion of all other objects. “A” means “coming”
and “gati” means “mobility”. When all mobility terminates in Parama
Purus’a, it is called sharan’a’gati. When sharan’a’gati occurs, one is
said to have accomplished the final attainment. You should remember this
supreme truth.” (AV-8)

By His grace, this moment comes in the life of every sadhaka, then we
can truly receive His grace and blessing – and can surrender at His feet
– and that is enough to be victorious.

Baba says, “Only a wee bit of the omniscient grace, will be enough. Just
a small bit of the Cosmic grace will suffice. A huge quantity is not at
all required.” (AV-6)


By Baba’s grace we will surrender unto Him and gain victory over daevii
maya. Alone, by ourselves, we have no chance of winning this battle. But
in surrendering to Him, then we are bound to get victory and cross the
ocean of samskaras and sit upon His lap.

Baba says, “So one must remember that one may or may not attain
salvation by dint of one’s own spiritual practices: one will have to
depend on His Grace. And because He is one with each and every expressed
entity through His ota and prota yoga, He is your nearest and dearest
one. You may depend on Him completely, and your dependence on Him is
called sharan’a’gati. This sharan’a’gati is the only reply to all
spiritual questions.” (SS-11)



Only as humans beings can we think about why or how a certain event may
have happened in our life. Animals cannot analyse the past nor plan for
the future. Only human beings have this ability. We only can think about
how to get rid from our problems – animals have no such capacity. And
the way to get rid of all problems and difficulties – from every trap of
mahamaya – is to do sadhana and surrender unto Him.

The Place of Occult Powers in AM

Baba says, “In spiritual life as well as in ordinary life, if one
retains simplicity it is helpful for the attainment of God; through this
one’s life and mind become filled with the effulgence of Parama Purusa.
This is the supreme attainment. Spying out every nook and cranny of the
eight occult powers is another name for stupidity.” (SC-2, p.149)

Note: Unfortunately in the general society people think that occult powers
themselves are the essence of spirituality. Indeed, devoid of occult
powers, such persons do not have any concept of spirituality. In AM
however it is different; it is not like that. In our Marga devotion gets
utmost importance.


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